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<atw>sneek is down?
<lfam>atw: Lunch break
<atw>More botsnacks necessary to prevent this in the future :P
<lfam>Trying to build Guix on a system without '/etc/services', downloading the bootstrap binaries fails with 'ERROR: In procedure getaddrinfo: Servname not supported for ai_socktype'
<oriansj>atleast sneek isn't on crack
<lfam>Any thoughts about a workaround? It's not a system where I can add '/etc/services' that easily
<lfam>I'm considering downloading the binaries by hand but that's a bit annoying ;)
<lfam>I downloaded them all by hand. I wonder if it's possible to make the build process more resilient to this
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<efraim>I got wrong hash for ruby-minitar's source
<ng0>hi. how do I add automake/latest to an environment? I used just automake so far for my guix dev environment but now I got a complaint about 1.15 being too old, but I can't eben run make clean unless I get the latest / 1.15.1
<ng0>or is it just automake@1.15.1 ?
<ng0>which seems to work
<ng0>nevermind me
<ng0>it keeps happening
<ng0>even with automake 1.15.1 .. how am I supposed to clean-recursive now with an automake that complains it is too old to clean the old one
<ng0>where my environment is:
<ng0> guix environment --fallback --ad-hoc guix autoconf automake@1.15.1 make guile guile-ssh pkg-config gcc-toolchain libgcrypt gnutls guile-json zlib bzip2 sqlite help2man gettext texinfo guile-git
<thomasd>hi #guix
<ng0>I don't have time today to stick around long, I'll send an email about this
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<thomasd>hi civodul
<efraim>Almost have the new patch ready for 'guix lint -c refresh foo'
<solene>hello, I just done "guix pull" and now I get this when I use "guix system reconfigure config.scm"
<solene>guix pull doesn't work anymore too :(
<thomasd>solene: is it possible that there are different version of guile (guile 2.2. vs guile 2.0?) in play?
<solene>thomasd: how can I know ?
<thomasd>though Guix switched to guile 2.2 some months ago... how long ago was it since you last ran ‘guix pull’?
<solene>thomasd: I installed yesterday with the available image of 0.13, then I did reconfigure the system with some packages and now I ran guix pull to update it
<thomasd>hmm, I'm sorry but I can't make sense of what might have happened... Some of the more experienced people here probably have a better idea.
<thomasd>In any case, I think you can probably get back to a working guix by changing the symlink /root/.config/guix/latest, pointing to a working version of guix in your /gnu/store
<thomasd>so don't panic :)
<thomasd>what does .../guix/latest currently point to?
<efraim>try `guix pull --url='
<solene>thomasd: latest -> /gnu/store/nqfd6g3dxyp7k7nx3wznja75ljrba2kh-guix-latest
<solene>efraim: I will try :)
<solene>I was trying to recompile it from git and reinstall it but I will try guix pull with url first
<solene>I prefer this
<solene>efraim: it doesn't compile :
<solene>I think I've seen an older entry in grub, I'll try to boot on it
<efraim>hmm, looks like it's missing guile-json
<solene>I was able to boot from an older boot entry :)
<solene>and guix runs fine
<solene>maybe the actual git repo is not working
<solene>it's not that easy, I broke it again buy running guix system reconfigure
<efraim>can i run something like `guix copy --to=other-host /gnu/store/* | ssh other-host guix copy --from=other-host'
<thomasd>efraim: I think guix archive --export xyz | ssh other-host guix archive --import ?
<thomasd>(just quoting the manual though, have never tried it myself)
<thomasd>hmm, or you can use guix copy as you wrote... I think you know more than I do, so I'll just shut up now :)
<efraim>i've never used guix archive or guix copy
<thomasd>according to the manual, it should work just like you mentioned
<thomasd>except that the pipe is probably not needed with guix copy.
<thomasd>because guix copy already takes care of that.
<thomasd>anybody here use rhythmbox (or other gstreamer-based applications) on GuixSD with a Gnome desktop?
<thomasd>on my 2 desktop systems, gstreamer is not working correctly (errors and warnings about GST_OBJECT...), despite having installed all kinds of gst-plugins-... packages
<thomasd>Hmm, problem solved: somehow, all the relevant plugins were 'blacklisted'
<thomasd>which I fixed by removing the file ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/registry.x86_64.bin . No idea why/how that happened
<civodul>efraim: guix copy --to=host $(guix gc --list-live)
<civodul>sledgehammer :-)
<civodul>thomasd: maybe unrelated, but i found that Totem is unable to read DVDs for instance
<thomasd>civodul: I solved it by removing the registry
<thomasd>my only guess is that I was mixing different versions of gstreamer and/or plugins while reviewing a patch for a python media player
<thomasd>'gst-inspect-1.0 -b' can tell you if anything is blacklisted
<thomasd>I'll see if I can get Totem to read a dvd here
<civodul>oh, good to know
<efraim>metabat FTBFS on aarch64
<efraim>i'll check the log again from armhf
<efraim> I can't see what's wrong with it
<efraim>looks like inline assembly
<thomasd>efraim: rdtsc might be x86-specific
<efraim>yeah, i'm reading the gcc assembler docs
<temp_trisquel>Does EFI work on GuixSD at all?
<temp_trisquel>The same error!
<temp_trisquel>I have added bootloaders package module, grub-efi and FS to desktop.scm
<temp_trisquel>It fails Guix tests again.
<temp_trisquel>(I have done guix pull before guix system init)
<civodul>temp_trisquel: like i said the other day, we need more info
<civodul>we cannot help without having more details
<civodul>what fails exactly? is it the "guix" package build during 'guix system init'?
<civodul>what version?
<civodul>and so on.
<temp_trisquel>civodul: guix 0.13.0
<civodul>in the GuixSD 0.13 installation image?
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Yes.
<civodul>ok, lemme see
<temp_trisquel>civodul: I have changed config.
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Change FS and GRUB config like in manual example.
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Also add bootloader package module.
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Then guix pull && guix system init /this/config /mnt
<temp_trisquel>civodul: I'm using encrypted root.
<civodul>oh you did 'guix pull"/
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Before "guix system init", yes.
<civodul>when you do that, you run the risk of having to compile things from source
<civodul>which is what happened here
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Without guix pull I had other problem in previous installation.
<temp_trisquel>civodul: I was unable to download adwaita-icon-theme because unexcepted EOF.
<civodul>sounds like a genuine bug, but again it's hard to do something about it without more details
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Can you try guix system init to check is adwaita-icon-theme unavailable?
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Also, was GuixSD image here ( updated since 0.13.0?
<civodul>there hasn't been any new release, no
<civodul>hopefully soonish
<civodul>temp_trisquel: AFAICS it's available:
<solene>it is better to use guix system reconfigure or guix system build and reboot ?
<solene>hmm, it seems build just build (what a news ! :D ) but how do you "install" a build ?
<temp_trisquel>dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda AGAIN
<solene>temp_trisquel: are you sure that /dev/sda has a GPT partition table ?
<civodul>solene: use "reconfigure" to switch to the new system; "build" just builds as you noted :-)
<solene>civodul: ok. Finally I fixed my system (guix command was throwing error) by doing some rollback, trying some guix pull etc...
<solene>honestly, I don't really know what fixed the error but that seem to work
<arximboldi>anyone has experience building a guix system with the linux realtime patches enabled?
<arximboldi>i.e. PREEMPT_RT
<temp_trisquel>solene: Yes, mklabel gpt using GNU parted.
<solene>woops, I installed libreoffice and all I have are squares instead of text
<wigust>solene: Did you install “font-liberation font-dejavu”?
<civodul>arximboldi: there was discussion recently on help-guix about customizing the kernel
<civodul>that was about Reiser4, but the same reasoning should apply to the RT patches
<civodul>so in short, i don't know anybody who tried, but that seems approachable :-)
<arximboldi>cool, i should give that a try, still have lot to learn :D
<solene>wigust: no ? I'll try :)
<arximboldi>in this learning phase I am also switching back and forth a lot between nix and guix
<arximboldi>i found that nix packages can take "arguments" that are then passed from the command line or from other packages that reference it
<arximboldi>is there something similar in guix?
<solene>libreoffice should install the fonts as dependencies isn't it ?
<civodul>arximboldi: in Guix packages are plain data structures, not functions, so when we need this sort of thing we define a function that returns a packge
<civodul>there's no CLI for that
<solene>wigust: installing the fonts fixed the problem but I think I should report this as a bug
<civodul>arximboldi: however there's "package transformation options", which correspond to relatively common use cases:
<arximboldi>civodul: so if I wanted to fix an argument from the cli, I would do something like "guix environment -e 'scheme expression that invokes the function with some argument'"
<civodul>the idea is that you'd make non-trivial transformations from Scheme rather than from the CLI
<civodul>like (define my-variant (package (inherit pkg) ...))
<arximboldi>kind of makes sense
<civodul>an advantage IMO is that the CLI is expressed in terms of packages rather than in terms of internal programming constructs
<civodul>though yeah, i can also see the pros of having a quick way to feed arguments to Nix functions
<civodul>ACTION has to go
<civodul>do send email if you think of use cases that are not correctly covered!
<civodul>always interesting :-)
<wigust>solene: Dunno, is it a bug or graphical applications don't need fonts dependncies. Do you have huge CPU consumption when you run libreoffice?
<ng0>unless libreoffice depends on a specific set of fonts we shouldn't make it depend on some random fonts
<wigust>Maybe we need basic fonts in “desktop-serices”.
<wigust>Because without them it's really physically hard to use graphical applications.
<ng0>not really
<ng0>I mean I never had issues
<ng0>right now I have 8 fonts installed, of which 6 are available via master. when I install GNOME without having any fonts in my profile, I only notice it once there's diffirent charsets needed than the latin one
<ng0>It should be advised to install fonts
<ng0>and not decide for people what the best font would be
<solene>wigust: yes, libreoffice use 100% cpu
<solene>ng0: it is possible to change the font in libreoffice GUI ? if no, then we should make libreoffice works by including the font used when installing the package
<ng0>the font changes like with every other gui.. i don't get your question
<wigust>ng0: I started GuixSD with i3wm. Cannot use Emacs, Terminal without installing fonts manually. Fonts were tiny and ugly. We can have defaults fonts in “desktop-serices” and if somebody wants then he can overwrite it.
<solene>I don't know how to change libreoffice font :D
<solene>especially when every menus lookslike [][][][][][]
<ng0>well that is i3wm...
<ng0>fontcache -vf
<ng0>via "guix environment --ad-hoc fontconfig"
<ng0>no, I really think choosing default fonts is the wrong place for desktop-services. You will have a hard time getting a font which does not have some shortcoming
<ng0>with the environment I use, Libreoffice just picks the default font on top of the list. Which is a font I may not share with Guix.
<ng0>and if it wouldn't be that one, it would be another one
<ng0>(I really wished the font had a more reasonable license though…)
<efraim>any ideas for '-lve'?
<efraim>yep, no clue
<efraim>qtspeech is looking for vocalizer, so I'm guessing it might be that
<wigust>ng0: Do you use “manifest” to generate a profile with your “ng0-packages”?
<ng0>I don't use them all
<ng0>I just use package --install
<ng0>I'd like to look into that, but right now I'm way too deep in bureaucracy anti-human affairs hell to do more than I contribute publicly atm.
<ng0>well hell, or whatever is fitting, I haven't found an neutral atheist term for it yet. hell is okay. no need to talk about it though. just, it's terrible.
<ng0>music and code, and friends help to distract and keep some balance. So it's not all terrible. Just 2 more months.
<efraim>BREAKING CHANGES!!!! `guix package -u' doesn't work anymore, now it has to be `guix package -u .'
<buenouanq>oh dear
<buenouanq>that's no good
<civodul>efraim: oops
<civodul>efraim: do you want to push a fix?
<civodul>instead of (if (string-prefix? "-" arg) ...)
<civodul>write (if (and arg (string-prefix? ...)) ...)
<efraim>its a '(when' but I see it
<civodul>you get the idea ;-)
<civodul>apologies for the breakage :-/
<efraim>i figured it out quickly, not sure how long it'd take others
<civodul>we'll see
<efraim>yeah, it works
<civodul>i'm preparing the guile-git change now...
<civodul>i'm trying to be extra careful to reduce the risks
<ng0>oh, pidentd.. I already had forgotten about it.
<ng0>thanks efraim
<efraim>np :)
<ng0>submitted this on 3rd of May. Oh^^
<lfam>I'm working on building Apache Arrow:
<lfam>For ... reasons, it wants its dependencies in the form of position independent static libraries. Many of the static libraries we build are not position independent.
<lfam>Off the top of my head, zlib and snappy.
<lfam>I wonder, what do we lose when building these libraries with -fPIC?
<civodul>hey lfam
<civodul>lfam: so it's building a
<civodul>how does it "want" .a dependencies?
<lfam>Basically, yes. It's building a shared library.
<lfam>The CmakeLists.txt looks for both shared and static libraries, but then only ever uses static libraries.
<ng0>lfam: I think it should be possible
<ng0>unless there are guix specific reasons why they are build without it
<lfam>I didn't measure it yet, but my understanding is that the .a libraries will get bigger if we build them with -fPIC
<civodul>lfam: on the link command-line it explicitly lists .a files?
<lfam>But, I'm not sure if there are other drawbacks
<lfam>Yeah, for exampe:
<civodul>"real" .a files do not contain PIC
<lfam>ld: /gnu/store/dpzrp2d9x9fgymm4c05fwib09lvaa5is-snappy-1.1.3/lib/libsnappy.a(snappy.o): relocation R_X86_64_32 against `.rodata' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
<civodul>and there's no around?
<civodul>ACTION can hear a cmake rant approaching :-)
<lfam>Our snappy comes with both .so and .a
<lfam>Wait a minute, I have to reinhabit this cmake script to find my example ;)
<civodul>you should visit it rather than inhabit it, that's my suggestion :-)
<ng0>a cmake a day keeps the doctor away
<lfam>civodul: I might have misread all the scripts, but I *think* that it ends up here:
<lfam>It carefully finds both the shared and static libraries, but never chooses to use the shared libraries, and I can't find a branch where it would choose to use them
<lfam>And that pattern seems to repeat for all the other dependencies I looked at, although I didn't try them all yet
<civodul>so yeah, STATIC_LIB
<civodul>and they bundle everything and do "./configure --with-pic"
<lfam>The logic goes: If building with snappy, if you provided a path to the library, if you aren't using MSVC, if you aren't using the vendored library, use a static library
<civodul>i would remove STATIC_LIB from there
<civodul>ok but in our case we should just be using the shared libs
<civodul>so maybe we just need to adjust the logic in cmakelists.txt
<lfam>The key word is "just" ;)
<civodul>right, i write this as someone who just sits here watching :-)
<civodul>is it ok to s/STATIC_LIB// ?
<civodul>or maybe it needs to be more subtle
<lfam>I'll try that, but I'm also going to try building without all these optional and problematic dependencies so I can check if they are really needed
<civodul>sounds good
<daqfaq>i don't use starx without root, what's happend?
<civodul>hello daqfaq
<civodul>daqfaq: there's no 'startx' command on GuixSD
<civodul>instead, we currently suggest using a graphical log-in manager, as explained in the manual
<daqfaq>Hello civodul
<daqfaq>thanks, I try this
<daqfaq>I have minimal installation, with bspwm
<daqfaq>but i dont up xorg
<daqfaq>I use "bare bones" configuration template
<civodul>"bare bones" lacks Xorg, indeed
<civodul>there's a couple of examples with Xorg at
<civodul>one with GNOME/Xfce, the other one with simple window managers
<daqfaq>Yes, but I install xorg after. Really I use this template >
<civodul>the "xorg-server" package does not provide a startx command
<daqfaq>I install xinit
<civodul>so you really need to use SLiM (graphical log-in manager)
<civodul>hmm ok
<civodul>so you get 'startx' but that command fails, right?
<daqfaq>Wanted to know if it is possible to use GuixSD without a session manager