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<jonjitsu>has anyone run guix on an android phone/tablet? I was looking into running it from within Termux but it would have to be run in "single-user" mode
<fr33domlover>jonjitsu, no but don't forget to set the offload settings so that package builds are done on a more powerful machine and not the weak phone itself
<fr33domlover>or idk maybe phones these days can handle builds?
<Digit>~~~~~~ just curious. since there's likely a lot of lisp love in here... ~ anyone a fan of clfswm? :) isnt it the most amazing window manager ever? a whole new paradigm beyond stacking n tiling. who knew. :) ~ if there are any clfswm fans, has there been any effort to propose clfswm as a candidate for inclusion in release media maybe? :) that'd be wild.
<temp_trisquel>After trying to install GRUB, it says EFI GRUB is unavailable.
<temp_trisquel>I don't need EFI GRUB, I need i386-pc GRUB.
<temp_trisquel>I have GPT with BIOS Boot Partition.
<temp_trisquel>I had used guix system init.
<temp_trisquel>*I used
<buenouanq>temp_trisquel: you booted the install usb using EFI
<buenouanq>reboot to your mobo"s bios (prolly holding f2) and force it to boot in legacy bios
<buenouanq>I dicovered this exact thing last week, drove me crazy cause I couldn't figure it out.
<buenouanq>The installer detects which grub it wants to use, not by the partition scheme you give it, but by how the installation media itself was booted.
<temp_trisquel>Can I check is it possible to install EFI GRUB?
<buenouanq>There really should be a note about this in the install guide.
<buenouanq>or sure, you could do that instead
<temp_trisquel>I tried to install EFI GRUB on other OS but it was failed.
<buenouanq>repartiton the drive to MBR and add the efi-grub line in the os config
<buenouanq>EFI anything has always given me nothing but problems, I try to avoid it as much as possible
<buenouanq>The easiest fix if you already have the drive partitoned how you want it (sounds correct, GPT with a BIOS Boot for GRUB) is just to reboot the installer in Legacy BIOS mode or whatever your mobo calls it.
<temp_trisquel>Oops, I forgot LUKS password again.
<temp_trisquel>Now I need dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda and reinstall.
<temp_trisquel>How can I check is EFI for GRUB supported at all?
<buenouanq>you can do efi-grub, it talks about how to in the install guide
<buenouanq>I never have though, so I will be of no help.
<temp_trisquel>How can I include grub-efi package and make EFI System Partition be mounted to /boot/efi?
<buenouanq>temp_trisquel: mounting would just be like normal
<buenouanq>$ mount /dev/sdxn /boot/efi or whatever
<buenouanq>I do not know how to specify grub-efi as mentioned in the install guide though.
<ng0>can someone with python-2.7 in their user/system-profile tell me where the binary is located?
<ng0>is it bin/python2 ?
<ng0>even with fallback I'm unable to build python2.7 atm
<ng0>I can fix ith with not offloading, but I only need the name
<ng0>though I can grep for it
<ng0>ok, solved
<brendos>Has anyone here packaged Anki?
<roptat>I'm trying to
<super-kirei>Hi, ice-9 error
<super-kirei>can someone check my config
<super-kirei>what is a good pasting website?
<roptat>brendos: I built it, but I can't run it. If you have any idea, the error is: ImportError: No module named 'PyQt5.QtWebEngineWidgets'
<brendos>roptat: I'm checking the needed dependencies. Looks like qt5-webengine is needed but it's not in Guix
<ng0>for example in the topic. | paste: |
<ng0>or guix package -i wgetpaste
<roptat>I could send you a paste with what I have
<brendos>That would be good!
<brendos>webengine may be a roadblock because it appears to be based on chromium which has licensing issues
<ng0>I think I had (have?) a wip of qt5-webengine somewhere, but I think there was something about it recently..
<brendos>I couldn't see anything on the mailing list
<ng0>about twhat?
<super-kirei>i removed personal info from the config file
<super-kirei>everything else is as is
<ng0>it was some other mailinglist
<super-kirei>procedural error /mnt/etc/config.scm:48:1: end of file
<ng0>for qtwebengine
<ng0>this was months before the discussion
<super-kirei>how is my system config supposed to end?
<ng0>"end of file" usually indicates open parens somewhere
<super-kirei>there aren't any, could you please have a quick look for me?
<ng0>I think. Haven't looked at your file
<ng0>distracted elsewhere
<ng0>look at file-system
<ng0>you forgot one closing ")" before the %base-filesystems
<ng0>instead of (type "ext4") it should read (type "ext4"))
<ng0>and adjust the line below accordingly
<efraim>that's what I got, both lines should have 2 )
<super-kirei>tried again
<super-kirei>new error
<super-kirei>unbound variable "users"
<super-kirei>afk, but if someone could help i would appreciate it!
<super-kirei>i'll check the channel when i return
<ng0>thunderbird could be much faster to package (copying source directory around takes like 5 minutes) if they wouldn't bundle all the world…
<brendos>now to wait and see if qtwebengine builds...
<ng0>speaking of big things, 0ad got an update out.
<brendos>for some reason it had which as an input
<brendos>Oh, woohoo!
<brendos>ACTION rolls out the red carpet for ng0
<ng0>it's a branch I haven't touched since the commit date
<ng0>I sdtopped with qupzilla because I like the last bits of my sanity and webbrowsers are just a pain.. I think I only finished palemoon because I felt like it has to be finished, even if it never gets into guix proper ;D
<ng0>it still builds?
<ng0>cool :)
<brendos>Not sure yet. Waiting for dependencies to download
<ng0>Whoever does the work on icedove at parabola: thanks! your patches got me a couple of build minutes further than before :)
<brendos>I'm still on parabola since I want Anki and some other bloated programs before I switch over ;/ I'll get them done eventually I guess
<ng0>make a list of things you want and work on it by priority and size.. I think I did this, to some degree
<ng0>with some added priority-chaos
<ng0>it was order, but the chaos was the mixture of personal and project related software I wanted/needed.
<brendos>Bleh, ran out of hard drive space already
<ng0>but it fails at the same file… 9:16.60 /tmp/guix-build-thunderbird-52.2.1.drv-0/thunderbird-52.2.1/mailnews/import/text/src/nsTextAddress.cpp:16:17: fatal error: mdb.h: No such file or directory
<ng0>and I have already searched for variations of this message, but I still have no idea what provides mdb.h or where it comes from
<ng0>anyone got an idea? even a shot in the dark is more than I have at the moment
<ng0>I mean I know where it comes from acording to
<ng0>whci his thunderbird itself
<roptat>does the source contain it?
<ng0>you mean I could try and change the include to reference the file in the source
<ng0>it is referenced by most files in mailnews/ and db/ directories
<ng0>find: ‘mdb.h’: No such file or directory
<roptat>oh, so it's not in the source?
<super-kirei>ok back...
<super-kirei>sorry to be a pain, but can anyone help me?
<ng0>at least according to find.. and I don't delete it before
<roptat>I'm trying "find /gnu/ -name mdb.h" just in case I have it somewhere
<ng0>roptat: I think I should search the mozilla bugtrakcer
<ng0>in case you've build all the master this doesn't really help
<ng0>another idea I had is mdb -> lMDB ?
<roptat>super-kirei: what's the issue exactly?
<super-kirei>ignore my ext4 syntax error i fixed it
<super-kirei>my new error is
<super-kirei>unbound variable:users
<ng0>roptat: but that would be "lmdb.h"
<ng0> this is the first reference I find to mdb.h
<roptat>super-kirei: (type "ext4") -> (type "ext4")) and %base-file-systems))) -> %base-file-systems))
<super-kirei>ok cheers
<wigust>Hello Guix
<roptat>otherwise users starts after operating-system is closed
<ng0>aha! db/mork/public/mdb.h
<super-kirei>roptat: now it says unbound variable: nss-certs
<roptat>I think it used to be in tls.scm, so maybe (use-package-modules certs gnome) -> (use-package-modules certs gnome tls) ?
<super-kirei>do i need that if i only plan on using xfce?
<roptat>I think you do
<super-kirei>unbound variable: use-service-package-modules
<wigust>super-kirei: I missed your talk, but here is bare bons xfce system config with user autologin
<super-kirei>oh cheers
<super-kirei>does that include wicd
<ng0>there is only use-package-modules and use-service-modules
<ng0>the one with services is for services, the one with packages for packages
<super-kirei>would barebones xfce install linked above install wicd and networking features?
<wigust>super-kirei: Yeah, there is wicd in it. I don't know much about this config, because I used it only for test in vm.
<super-kirei>will give it a go
<super-kirei>worked out which modules where missing, thanks guys
<super-kirei>bye for now
<brendos>The which symbol for the which package seems to be overshadowed by the which procedure in guix
<fr33domlover>Hello! I want to use the 'st terminal emulator but its config is compile-time, how to I make a local modified package description to have my 'st' with my preferred config?
<ng0>I could point you to an example
<ng0>I'm fairly sure I recently moved all non-free packages out to an dedicated repository, so I can post the URL here
<ng0>it basically works with inherit, GUIX_PACKAGE path and patches
<fr33domlover>ng0, I read about those package description files, but how I do get the one of 'st' do that I can edit it?
<fr33domlover>*so that
<ng0> where you could name it st instead of st-full and it takes priority over the master one
<fr33domlover>ng0, thanks
<ng0>in master it is in gnu/packages/terminals.scm afaik or gnu/packages/suckless.scm
<ng0>chromium needs to be moved into pre_packages repository.. but otherwise there's no problem with the link
<brendos>qtwebengine build fails
<fr33domlover>ng0, where do I place that file?
<ng0>you can read the top level README file and the guix documentation about "GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH" to understand how it works
<ng0>think of it like an overlay if you are familiar with Gentoo
<roptat>brendos: is pkg-config a native-input of qtwebengine?
<ng0>like an/as an
<roptat>I think error code 127 means it could not find the executable
<brendos>It didn't have it
<brendos>onto the next error now
<brendos>Missing header file errors for me now as well
<ng0>fr33domlover: basicaly in some directory which can then be used in the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH env variable. If you have open questions after reading what's on it out there, I can try and answer them
<fr33domlover>ng0, thank you!
<fr33domlover>I'll try making a modified st
<ng0>if you take a look at "packages" its part of my GPP env is: /home/user/src/packages , and the patches and module names are relative to that root
<ng0>for changing things in st source code directly (the config file for example), I'd use "substitute*" where many examples of its use can be found in the master.
<temp_trisquel>How can I use grub-efi package instead of default grub?
<wigust>temp_trisquel: Hi. There is an example in documentation (info "(guix)Using the Configuration System")
<temp_trisquel>How can I choose manual page in Alt-F2? I'm newbie.
<civodul>temp_trisquel: Alt-F2 should show you a link to instructions on how to nagivate no?
<civodul>essentially RET (return) to follow a link, 'n' for next, 'p' for previous, etc.
<civodul>you can also browse the doc at
<garlox[m]>Hi guix. Is there any way to find out which package contains a particular file/binary? In this case I am searching for the "partprobe" tool.
<garlox[m]>(i.e. without the package being installed)
<temp_trisquel>civodul: How can I change manual name (guix to grub, for example)?
<garlox[m]>Found the package by googling (it belongs to parted) but the initial question remains interesting nonetheless
<civodul>temp_trisquel: you can run "info grub" in a separate terminal, for instance
<civodul>garlox[m]: unfortunately no
<civodul>sometimes "guix package -s something" works, but there's no guarantee (it searches package descriptions)
<civodul>another option is "ls /gnu/store/*/{,s}bin/partprobe"
<civodul>though that can be quite slow
<wigust>garlox[m]: I use “!debfiles FILE” in duckduckgo sometimes to figure out how package maybe called.
<wigust>garlox[m]: could do it with “M-x eww”
<temp_trisquel>civodul: Can I open other info page without restarting info?
<garlox[m]>civodul, wigust: Thanks!
<fr33domlover>Anyone tried xmonad on Guix?
<fr33domlover>It fails to load the modules
<civodul>fr33domlover: i think a few people were actively using it
<civodul>perhaps you should email guix-devel if you have troubles
<fr33domlover>Do I need to `cabal install xmonad` in addition to `guix package -i xmonad`?
<civodul>no no, "guix package -i xmonad" should be enough
<wigust>fr33domlover: Hello, it works, but only with ghc@7
<fr33domlover>wigust, ah I see! So what do I do if I already have ghc8 installed from guix (for dev purpose)?
<fr33domlover>wigust, the error I get is that it fails to find the imported modules in xmonad.hs
<wigust>fr33domlover: I think separate profile for ghc 8 is a way to go, but i'm not sure.
<fr33domlover>wigust, civodul, if I guix package -i ghc@7 now, how do I choose which one responds to `which ghc`? I just want to build the xmonad config once,I rarely change it anyway
<fr33domlover>I could switch to ghc 7 for a moment
<fr33domlover>and then back to 8
<fr33domlover>(I hope lol)
<wigust>fr33domlover: Hm, cool idea, didn't think about it :-)
<wigust>fr33domlover: So you can try something like “guix environment ghc@7 --ad-hoc xmonad -- xmonad --recompile”, I guess
<rekado>rather “guix environment --ad-hoc ghc@7 xmonad -- xmonad --recompile”
<fr33domlover>rekado, thanks I'll try!
<fr33domlover>rekado, /home/fr33/.guix-profile/lib/ghc-8.0.2/package.conf.d/package.cache: GHC.PackageDb.readPackageDb: inappropriate type (not enough bytes)
<fr33domlover>(I didn't guix package -i ghc@7)
<wigust>fr33domlover: What about “--pure”?
<fr33domlover>wigust, it fails to find the imported modules
<fr33domlover>wigust, maybe because ghc package path is set for ghc8 in .bashrc? idk
<fr33domlover>Hmm nope doesn't help to change that
<efraim>civodul: I see the commit adding extend-openssh-authorized-keys to the openssh service, would it make sense to add something similar to guix-daemon for people with multiple machines so they can grab substitutes from their other boxes?
<wigust>fr33domlover: Could you check “guix environment --ad-hoc --pure gcc-toolchain ghc@7 xmonad ghc-xmonad-contrib -- xmonad --recompile”? It works for me, but I have ghc 8 at the moment.
<wigust>fr33domlover: “guix environment --pure --ad-hoc gcc-toolchain ghc@7 xmonad ghc-xmonad-contrib -- xmonad --recompile” actually.
<wigust>and I have ghc 7, oh my god :-)
<ng0>I think palemoon isn't that bad. And it could go into guix master once I have addressed most of its problems.
<ng0>but only as a pakcage without substitute
<ng0>or I'll be able to talk to the developer about the many many advantages of having an guix package
<ng0>you even get a free car with Guix, and a yacht.
<fr33domlover>wigust, it compiled :D
<fr33domlover>thank you!
<wigust>fr33domlover: thank you too for idea :-)
<ng0>palemoon is not a big package, on my setup which offloads to the worst computer of the last decade it builds in less than 20 minutes
<ng0>I'll be back
<wigust>fr33domlover: could also replace default shortut “myModMask + q” to recompile in “$HOME/xmonad/.xmonad/xmonad.hs” with above command.
<civodul>efraim: why not!
<civodul>efraim: BTW, i've been sharing binaries across my machines more and more lately, and i'd really really like to use Guile-Avahi to simplify that
<civodul>rekado: i've migrated the build farm configs to OpenSSH
<civodul>i'm reconfiguring bayfront now
<efraim>i have an aarch64 kernel I've built, I guess its time for `guix system vm-image --full-boot /path/to/os-config.scm' to test it out
<wigust>temp_trisquel: o/
<temp_trisquel>Can I install NetHack in Guix?
<temp_trisquel>It's unavailable as default package (from GNU website).
<temp_trisquel>I have executed guix system init.
<temp_trisquel>It has failed.
<temp_trisquel>(error when downloading adwaita)
<temp_trisquel>Will my installation be unique if I will use guix pull, then guix system init?
<temp_trisquel>I don't want my OS to be unique.
<wigust>temp_trisquel: What do you mean by unique?
<mwette>I am trying to install guix on centos 7. Running into difficulties. guix wants late versions of gnutls etc.
<temp_trisquel>wigust: Different from the same installation without guix pull as root.
<mwette>libnettle install is not clean: "make install" does not work; must use "make install-headers install-dll-nettle install-pkgconfig" but the INSTALL file does not give any hints :(
<temp_trisquel>wigust: after guix pull as root is done on installed system
<wigust>temp_trisquel: I think there is no difference to make “guix pull” before or after installation.
<mwette>then gnutls install is buggy, too: configure says "use --with-included-libtasnl"; then when I use it configure say "WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-included-libtasnl" argh.
<temp_trisquel>Being unique is bad when NSA is spying.
<temp_trisquel>And not only NSA.
<fr33domlover>wigust, great idea! i will
<efraim>after I open emacs and I `M-x load-library debbugs-gnu' and I 'M-x debbugs-gnu-search' for 'guix-patches' how do I limit to only open patches?
<efraim>or 'not done'
<jsierles>why is there a separate conda and python-conda package?
<jsierles>definition i mean, in package-management
<Ivanhercaz>Hi everyone
<Ivanhercaz>I am trying again to install GuixSD
<Ivanhercaz>Now I have to create the partitions
<Ivanhercaz>But I don't want to make something wrong because the last time was a error in the installation and the grubs wasn't installed correctly
<Ivanhercaz>I am in Disk Partitioning
<Ivanhercaz>I have exec cfdisk and I created three partitions: an EFI System, a Linux Swap and a Linux filesystem
<buenouanq>Ivanhercaz: which grub the installer decides it wants is based not on how you partition the drive, but on how the installation media is booted
<buenouanq>if you've booted the USB under UEFI, it will not install BIOS GRUB
<Ivanhercaz>Hi buenouanq! Thank you for you answer.
<buenouanq>You're like the 6th person to have problems with this this week - I wonder what exactly they changed...
<Ivanhercaz>Hummm, yes, I am under UEFI.
<buenouanq>so yeah, if you want to install GPT with BIOS Boot and BIOS GRUB, you have to re boot, get into your mobo"s BIOS settings (usually hold f2 on boot), and force it to boot with Legacy BIOS or whatever.
<Ivanhercaz>All right... I have had bad experiences with Legacy BIOS in the computer where I am trying to install GuixSD
<buenouanq>well I can't help with UEFI, never done that myself
<Ivanhercaz>I could try again to use Legacy. I will return in some minutes.
<ng0>wigust: I think my last commit fixed the package we exchanged messages about. But I'm still building, so not sure if it really did it, since it is an .in file
<ng0>where is sneek when you need sneek. So I had some exchange about Thunderbird and it seems like it isn't just Debian, and Free Software Directory was just adjusted. I will still include the Parabola patches though as some of them make sense (no webrtc, no faceboogle,..)
<Ivanhercaz>For now, I have booted the USB under Legacy and everything is perfect. I am going to try again everythin.
<buenouanq>well wait, if it's booted under bios it will want to install bios grub
<buenouanq>your drive is GPT with a BIOS Boot partition?
<ng0>what is "bounce message" in mutt? isn't it like "forward but with all the content?
<ng0>"remail a message to another user" I think I'll all good then
<Ivanhercaz>My drive is GPT
<Ivanhercaz>in the partition table there is a EFI System
<Ivanhercaz>There was installed one month ago ElementaryOS
<Ivanhercaz>buenouanq, this is my "first" time installing an operative system withouth a GUI so I want to go with caution
<buenouanq>you can't mess up
<buenouanq>to save time just use a tiny config, once it's installed and working you can build it up into what you want
<Ivanhercaz>So, when I have configurated the wireless I have to make "parted /dev/sda set 1 esp on"
<Ivanhercaz>and then continue
<Ivanhercaz>the last time I used the configuration used here:
<buenouanq>I'm unsure where/how you're supposed to specify the efi-grub package.
<ng0>buenouanq: last time I did it like this:
<buenouanq>this seems to have recently become a very common problem,
<buenouanq>the grub section in the install guide needs to be tweeked to include these sort of things
<Ivanhercaz>If I open cfdisk, I see that I have an EFI System (300MB) in /dev/sda2
<Ivanhercaz>Should I write parted /dev/sda2 set 1 esp on?
<Ivanhercaz>It is similar to what ng0 shared
<Ivanhercaz> (bootloader (grub-configuration (grub grub-efi) (device "/dev/sda2")))
<Ivanhercaz>If one of both ( buenouanq ng0 ) could clarify me that I will be grateful, I am now in this step and I want to break it :/
<buenouanq>hold Control and press c
<Ivanhercaz>hmm... to abort? what I need to abort?
<buenouanq>isn't that what you just said you wanted to do?
<buenouanq>I'm confused.
<Ivanhercaz>no... excuse me, maybe I am not explaining correctly
<Ivanhercaz>I am looking my partition scheme of /dev/sda and I have an EFI System partition in /dev/sda2
<Ivanhercaz>What I have to do now if I want to continue the installation?
<Ivanhercaz>Should I do "parted /dev/sda set 1 esp on"?
<Ivanhercaz>And then continue with the partitioning?
<buenouanq>the set in that command is the partiton number
<user___>hi! i would to try guix on my lenovo x230. at the moment i use Debian 9.1 with two proprietary kernel modules. important applications is emacs and firefox. will i lose something if i will install guix over Debian?
<buenouanq>if your efi thing is sda2, you would want to set 2 not 1
<buenouanq>parted /dev/sda set 2 esp on
<buenouanq>I believe
<buenouanq>I'm not sure, I've never done EFI stuff, I try to avoid it because it's seems awful.
<Ivanhercaz>And if I do it in Legacy mode, how could I make it?
<user___>will guix save my current system as restore point?
<buenouanq>You make a GPT drive with small BIOS Boot partition.
<buenouanq>You boot the install USB using BIOS mode, not UEFI.
<buenouanq>And everything just works.
<buenouanq>user___: under what circumstance? what do you mean?
<Ivanhercaz>without parted and nothing more? Only I have to create the BIOS Boot partition and then continuing the partitioning?
<buenouanq>user___: any system reconfigure you've run (unless you've removed them since) is saved in grub - On boot, you can roll back to any of these.
<buenouanq>but this doesn't save or change anything in your home folders
<buenouanq>Ivanhercaz: I use cfdisk not parted.
<buenouanq>/dev/sda1 100M BIOS Boot
<buenouanq>/dev/sda2 xG Linux filesystem
<user___>buenouanq: i've read that guix can run directly from linux as an daemon
<Ivanhercaz>Okay, I have created both partitions, and a swap 10GB
<user___>buenouanq: what behavior should i expect in this case?
<buenouanq>user___: I'm not sure, what do you mean?
<Ivanhercaz>hmm... I have exec herd start cow-store /mnt and I get "herd: exception caught while executing 'start' on service 'cow-store':"
<Ivanhercaz>"ERROR: In procedure rmdir: Device or resource busy"
<user___>buenouanq: i have installed Debian 9.1 on my laptop, i've read that guix can work on my distribution as daemon. this means that i will have Debian whith guix, and i'll can use both .deb and guix or i'll have guixsd whith linux kernel (not linux-libre) and debian's packages?
<buenouanq>I really don't know - I've never used Guix outside of GuixSD.
<lfam>user___: Debian will provide the kernel and other system-level software. Guix will provide packages on top of Debian. I do this and it works well.
<user___>lfam: thanks. you use guix to manage debian after install? you have all advantages of guix or just acces to guix packages?
<lfam>user___: No, I manage Debian with Debian tools, and use Guix to provide extra packages
<lfam>I have all the advantages of Guix, but not of GuixSD
<user___>if i really need only emacs and firefox (but with flash) and i have two kernel modules which i should use for wifi and graphics card can i replace Debian with guixsd?
<lfam>I don't think we offer flash in Guix
<user___>lfam: guix makes system resrore points on debian?
<lfam>user___: No, `guix system` only works on GuixSD
<buenouanq>flash is still nonfree right? now that they're [finally] killing it, there's a push to ``open source'' it or something (to keep old neat things from being lost forever), so maybe this will no longer be true in the near future
<user___>buenouanq: yes, but if i need sometime Viber or Skype this is problem in GuixSD?
<buenouanq>Freedom is more important than capability, comfort, and convenience.
<user___>lfam: can i install guix as second system?
<lfam>Yes, it's possible to dual boot
<user___>buenouanq: yes, but there is too much 'but' for me
<user___>lfam: if i really need some extra software because of my work, should i try run it on guixsd or prefer to use something like nixos for advantages of guix?
<lfam>user___: I'm not sure. I prefer Guix but Nix has more things packaged. It really depends on your use case
<user___>lfam: i mean which politics in guixsd comunity in this case? if i need some proprietary software should i use other distributions?
<lfam>user___: Guix makes no effort to restrict which software you use. But, the Guix project provides free software, and only free software
<Ivanhercaz>buenouanq, I have installed GuixSD, without any error reported
<Ivanhercaz>but now when I init the grub, I don't see the other operative system (in my case Windows), I don't worry about it because I know that it could be configurated then
<Ivanhercaz>When I choose GuixSD it doesn't init
<Ivanhercaz>I get end Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exit code 0x=00000000
<user___>lfam: i'm understand, and this is great. but if i need it, that is difficuilt whti guix to rebuild packages from .deb? and can i use proprietary kernel modules?
<lfam>user___: If you are able to package your own kernel, you'll be able to use whatever modules you prefer. As for rebuilding Debian packages, I don't think anyone has created a deb -> guix converter. Personally I'd recreate the packages by hand, without trying to use a converter.
<user___>lfam: i know how build own kernel, but i don't want do this every time, when guix will update my system.
<user___>lfam: and if there is only .deb package can i run unpacked application on guixsd?
<lfam>There is no '/usr' on GuixSD. Software compiled for platforms that keep things in /usr won't work if it doesn't exist
<user___>and kernel modules?
<user___>maybe i can use debian minian in qemu?
<user___>maybe this is not best solution but will it works?
<user___>will guixsd works on uefi?
<user___>i had try gentoo and it had works only in legacy mode
<user___>can i make recipe for static kernel? i had read that guix can make everything from sources.
<lfam>user___: GuixSD can use UEFI or legacy. I don't have time to answer more questions but maybe someone else does :)
<user___>lfam: thx a lot :)
<buenouanq>there have been a ton people having issuse with installing grub lately it seems
<buenouanq>just know user___ that if you want to install grub-efi, the installer USB must be booted under efi
<buenouanq>it detects which grub it wants to install based on how the installation media was booted
<buenouanq>and if it doesn't match the partition scheme you gave it, it will fail with no meaningful hints as to why
<buenouanq>Ivanhercaz: wow, strang
<buenouanq>I've never seen a kernel panic on anything but OSX ┐( '~')┌
<user___>buenouanq: if i have installed grub this is not problem? can i install guixsd + kernel modules + qemu/virtualbox + debian/centos + extra software?
<buenouanq>it's a free country
<buenouanq>I imagine so - But this sounds well beyond my knowledge and skill level.
<Apteryx>Hello Guix!
<user___>buenouanq: ok, thx
<Ivanhercaz>Strange, yes buenouanq
<Ivanhercaz>Yes, I am in Spain, it should be a problem
<Ivanhercaz>I will try to install GuixSD later, now I am going to rest
<Ivanhercaz>thank you for everything!
<buenouanq>the solution will certainly involve getting rid of windows ;3