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<az`>warning: collision encountered: /gnu/store/brddsvi7f5s24h8qa05cx0a6qvzhpmlg-jack-0.125.0/bin/jack_iodelay /gnu/store/77j70kd6qn1kwb45iyp2d1lb1j4i0qqb-jack2-1.9.10/bin/jack_iodelay
<az`>warning: arbitrarily choosing /gnu/store/brddsvi7f5s24h8qa05cx0a6qvzhpmlg-jack-0.125.0/bin/jack_iodelay
<az`>warnivng: collision encountered: /gnu/store/brddsvi7f5s24h8qa05cx0a6qvzhpmlg-jack-0.125.0/bin/jack_wait /gnu/store/77j70kd6qn1kwb45iyp2d1lb1j4i0qqb-jack2-1.9.10/bin/jack_wait
<az`>warning: arbitrarily choosing /gnu/store/brddsvi7f5s24h8qa05cx0a6qvzhpmlg-jack-0.125.0/bin/jack_wait
<az`>warning: collision encountered: /gnu/store/brddsvi7f5s24h8qa05cx0a6qvzhpmlg-jack-0.125.0/bin/jack_disconnect /gnu/store/77j70kd6qn1kwb45iyp2d1lb1j4i0qqb-jack2-1.9.10/bin/jack_disconnect
<az`>warning: arbitrarily choosing /gnu/store/brddsvi7f5s24h8qa05cx0a6qvzhpmlg-jack-0.125.0/bin/jack_disconnect
<az`>how to fix, please?
<catonano>rekado_: the reconfiguration ended successfully :-)
<az`>(many of this warnings)
<buenouanq>az`: is that actually a problem? I get those all the time and it doesn't seem to matter for anything. An explanation as to what this actually means would be nice though maybe.
<catonano>az`: most of those warnings are harmless
<az`>but it is noise
<az`>I want to fix this anyway
<cbaines>az`, when do you see these collision error messages?
<cbaines>very recent versions of Guix have changed these warnings to errors, and give more information, so it might be worth updating guix, and seeing what the updated version does?
<rekado_>az`: don’t install both jack 1 and jack 2.
<rekado_>you only need one.
<rekado_>az`: if you do want to have both installed, install them to separate profiles. But you really only need one of these two applications. They have the same purpose.
<ng0>solene: It seems there is no doc about a service for mpd in the manual <- I wanted to create one a while ago but unless it is for special cases with icecast etc people found that there's no need for it, started by user on demand etc.. but seeing that we get more small services at the moment why don't you go ahead and give it a try for just a basic mpd?
<jlicht>hello guix
<catonano>hi jlicht !
<jlicht>hello catonano!
<jlicht>does anyone have a nice way of replacing one service in e.g. %desktop services?
<jlicht>and being a sysadmin illiterate, is calling `dmesg´ equivalent to calling `journalctl´ on a systemd machine?
<ng0>hmmmm do we have an build-system for dub?
<catonano>jlicht: as far as I understand, %desktop-services is a plain vanilla list. In fact, I use cons onto it in my coniguration. I would look for tools to manipulate lists in srfi-1
<ng0> this looks neat, but requires something to build with dub
<ng0>oh, we have a dub-build-system. cool
<jlicht>catonano: but then I would have my service on there twice. That does not lead to problems?
<catonano>jlicht: yes, it would leave to problems. I was suggesting to see if in srfi-1 there something to substitute an item of a list
<catonano>there IS something...
<catonano>ng0: you're right, that seems cool
<catonano>not stricktly related to guix but I'm still interested in the your opinions: in the Gnome Newcomers Guide there's a casual statement that IRC is outdated and inconvenient and the proposed solution is Matrix, which is a free software Slack. I read that Slack makes your productivity plunge. So I was wondering... where is this headed to ?
<catonano>Further, Gnome has Polari, which is the best irc client I've ever seen
<catonano>that leaves me puzzled
<catonano>I feel that the care for the experience is important for free software too, not only for Apple. But why reinventing the wheel instead of keep polishing irc, both the clients and the protocol ?
<catonano>I'm not sure I understand
<reepca>jlicht: see "modify-services". It's exactly what you're looking for, but most people (myself included) miss it at first glance.
<reepca>in "Service Reference" of the manual
<rekado_>catonano: slack has the same effect on productivity as any other chat software with notifications.
<temp_trisquel>I have problem installing linux-libre package.
<temp_trisquel>I'm trying to "guix system init".
<temp_trisquel>It fails with "unexcepted end of file".
<rekado_>this could be a network problem
<rekado_>you can build the package locally with “--fallback”
<temp_trisquel>guix system init /config/file /directory --fallback?
<temp_trisquel>Or guix package -i --fallback linux-libre?
<rekado_>guix system init --fallback /config/file /directory
<rekado_>you cannot use the kernel when installed into your profile with “guix package -i”
<temp_trisquel>Will guix system init --fallback /config/file /directory build all packages locally?
<rekado_>no, just those that cannot be downloaded.
<temp_trisquel>Then why isn't --fallback enabled by default?
<janneke>argh, when will emacs have a browser that works, or will firefox have emacs bindings, or will conkeror not tall for 30secs on every javascript page %-/
<temp_trisquel>janneke: I think, better channels are #gnu and #emacs. Also, there is eww in Emacs.
<janneke>temp_trisquel: thanks, just venting here
<jlicht>reepca: modify-services is very elegant ;-)
<temp_trisquel>GNU Guix and GNU GuixSD
<temp_trisquel>GNU GuixSD?
<temp_trisquel>Use HTTPS
<Gamayun>ACTION uses https
<ng0>there is https.
<temp_trisquel>But no HSTS>
<catonano>I want to express gratitude to the Guix community. I rebooted my machine affter having reconfigured it. I am now enoying the new Gnome desktop with shiny new icons and I'm so happy about that
<ng0>temp_trisquel: blame savannah, we are not in control of the server side of savannah.
<ng0>there's a mailinglist for it if you want to bring this up for discussion with savannah admis
<temp_trisquel>Also, is there a reason for GuixSD to be non-GNU?
<ng0>have you read the website?
<janneke>temp_trisquel: from the home page: GuixSD is an advanced distribution of the GNU operating system developed by the GNU Project
<temp_trisquel>rekado said GuixSD is non-GNU.
<wigust>Hello Guix
<janneke>temp_trisquel: someone must have misunderstood someone
<temp_trisquel>wigust: hello
<wigust>temp_trisquel: o/
<Gamayun>temp_trisquel: For what it's worth, I've been having the 'unexpected end of file' issue with linux-libre as well, but it finally went through normally just now...
<temp_trisquel>Gamayun: Can I cancel building to install package then?
<temp_trisquel>Gamayun: (pre-built package)
<Gamayun>You could try stopping the build process with C-z first, to check?
<temp_trisquel>I think, it's quicker to install pre-built package than build it.
<Gamayun>Much, much quicker... But if you've had it build for a while, you might not want to have to restart. ;)
<server77>Hi guys, how to install firejail in guixsd?
<wigust>server77: Hi, it's not packaged as I see. Need somebody to do it. :-)
<jlicht>hello #guix!
<jlicht>My T400 is working with gnome on GuixSD
<civodul>did you have to tweak things?
<jlicht>so I guess this is technically only a work-around
<jlicht>but it works, and it is awesome
<civodul>oh that's the one that was periodically switching to black, right?
<jlicht>it might a problem with anything between libreboot (or coreboot), dbus and elogind XD
<civodul>so an elogind problem
<jlicht>and great news (-i686 stuff) on the guile-git integration
<civodul>i686 stuff?
<Apteryx>Hello Guix! Any clues as to how I could translate this into my config file: I know I need to use plain-file, but that's it. Eh!
<cbaines>Apteryx, I'm guessing you mean your operating-system config?
<cbaines>If so, you probably want to add a service, using the extra-special-file procedure, I'm guessing something like (extra-special-file "/etc/bluetooth/main.conf" (local-file "../main.conf"))
<Apteryx>Oh, that's great.
<Apteryx>Why the "../main.conf" though? I thought I had to use (plain-file "/etc/bluetooth/main.conf" "literal content of file...")
<cbaines>So, I think you'd use local-file if you have the main.conf file, and want to put it in to the store, and then use the store address
<cbaines>I think plain-file will also work, and exactly as you said
<Apteryx>OK :) Thanks for explaining.
<Apteryx>Can I expect "\\n" to be interpreted as a newline in my plain-file content?
<cbaines>Apteryx, I think so
<Apteryx>I'm trying it :)
<jlicht>Which kernel version on GuixSD are other people using (succesfully) on a Libreboot machine?
<Apteryx>jlicht: the latest one
<ng0>efraim: Do you have a definite aarch64 guixsd building & hacking list of devices? I know of some devices but you have tested more ARMs
<jlicht>Apteryx: the 4.12.X one?
<Apteryx>I'm currently runnig 4.11.2 (it's been some time since I last reconfigured -- shame on me -- doing it now ;)
<cbaines>Apteryx, also, on your bluetooth configuration issue, if your configuration change works, it would be great to enhance the bluetooth-service-type in Guix so that you can do the same configuration just by changing that service
<Apteryx>cbaines: Yeah, I thought about that too! We'll see how it goes.
<Apteryx>I have some catchup to do... Life pulled we away from Guix for some time ;)
<ng0>efraim: the Firefly looks good, but I think you mentioned some problems? $139 is too much for me right now, but maybe I can afford it once I have saved some money (right now I don't even know if I will have money in September)
<jlicht>oh my dear, I celebrated too early XD. My T400 now shows a elogind message of "Lid opened.", "Lid closed." about every 4 seconds, with a nice black screen for about 0.5 seconds as well
<fr33domlover>jlicht, sweet!
<fr33domlover>mine has a weird boot loop with black screen
<fr33domlover>somehow after a few minutes I manage to make it boot
<jlicht>fr33domlover: also seems like fun xD
<fr33domlover>yes lol
<fr33domlover>ACTION high fives jlicht
<jlicht>ACTION enjoys his nice T400 GuixSD stroboscope 
<jsierles>python2-conda tests fail for me on x86_64. anyone else?
<jsierles>looks like it needs enum32 as a native input.
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<roptat>hi, I'm trying to write a system test for knot, but the test fails. I probably have a typo somewhere, but I can't get a backtrace
<roptat>while running, the test says: %%%% Starting test knot (Writing full log to "knot.log")
<roptat>where is this "knot.log" file?
<civodul>hey roptat
<civodul>the log is in the /gnu/store/... thing mentioned at the end of "make check-system"
<roptat>ok, thanks
<jonjitsu>how do I build/install a package I defined? I copied the hello package definition from the manual and tried a few obvious invokations of guix build unsuccessfully. What's the trick?
<civodul>jonjitsu: make sure the package can be found in GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<civodul>then "guix package -A" should show your package
<jonjitsu>civodul, ok thanks. Is there a common directory structure people use for a local package tree?
<jonjitsu>for example gentoo uses <category>/<package name>
<civodul>jonjitsu: not really; you could use (jonjitsu packages xyz) for instance
<civodul>i do something along these lines for my personal packages
<jonjitsu>seems like in the official build packages are grouped together in a single file, such as the python/pypi packages
<efraim>I keep one file per target package, and then put any new dependant packages in that file
<jonjitsu>So I added a local hello package, guix package -A shows mine and the one that comes with guix, how would I choose which one to install?
<jonjitsu>I suppose I could change the version number and select by that.