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<reepca>... I just realized something. How am I supposed to copy the output from a build using call-with-container to the store? I can't copy it from outside because I have no way of knowing where the temp directory is, and even if I did, it would be automatically deleted by the time control returned. And I can't copy it from inside because it's inside the container.
<Ivanhercaz>Hi everyone :)
<Ivanhercaz>I am trying to install Guix for the first time in a laptop
<Ivanhercaz>But I get an timeout waiting for hardware cmd interrupt
<Ivanhercaz>I am researching what it is happening and how can I solve it
<Ivanhercaz>Any doubts?
<Ivanhercaz>I use Debian but I am very interested in Guix
<buenouanq>what's the actual error?
<Ivanhercaz>The rest of the message is a Register dump (mmc0)
<Ivanhercaz>I saw several codes that I sense are errors
<Ivanhercaz>For example, caps: 0x176ec8b0
<Ivanhercaz>I found it:
<Ivanhercaz>It is similar to what I see
<Ivanhercaz>at the beginning it shows different inputs errors
<Ivanhercaz>If I try to configure the network (wireless) with ifconfig nameoftheinterface up
<Ivanhercaz>I get "link is not ready"
<Ivanhercaz>Excuse, I was wrong, I follow the instructions for "Wired connection"
<Ivanhercaz>well, I have to abandoned it for today, if anyone could explain what I can do, I will be grateful.
<Ivanhercaz>My main problem is that I haven't installed a distro via commands
<Ivanhercaz>I will read the logs of the channel tomorrow, thank you in advance.
<reepca>It's always a happy problem to get far enough in building derivations to make emacs use 8GB of memory for the shell buffer
<janneke>reepca: yeah, great
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<catonano_>hi civodul !
<civodul>Open-MPI records the Fortran compiler name in an OMPI_FC_ABSOLUTE cpp macro
<civodul>i wonder if we can avoid that or if that would break something
<civodul>bavier`, rekado_: thoughts?
<rekado_>is this a problem?
<rekado_>does this increase the closure size?
<temp_trisquel>I have accidentally did "guix system init" with non-existing config file. I have ^C it after ~1s.
<temp_trisquel>Do I need to remove all data from partition?
<buenouanq>I doubt it did anything.
<buenouanq>If you let it run it prolly would have exited nicely saying that you need to supply a config file.
<temp_trisquel>I didn't saw any output.
<temp_trisquel>It looks like downloading is frozen.
<temp_trisquel>What can I do with frozen download?
<temp_trisquel>while guix system init
<temp_trisquel>dhclient is not working; what can I do?
<reepca>temp_trisquel: Could you describe what you mean by "not working"? You ran "dhclient <some-iface>" and what happened?
<reepca>error message?
<temp_trisquel>dhclient -v wlp6s0
<temp_trisquel>Many DHCPDISCOVER
<reepca>Question... when testing stuff with test-env and such, should I be using --no-grafts? If so, why?
<rekado_>reepca: testing what for example?
<rekado_>reepca: I only disable grafts when I want to be sure to build the actual package, not the graft itself.
<reepca>in my particular example I'm trying to build hello
<jlicht>hello guix!
<wigust>jlicht: Hello!
<rekado_>reepca: has an ungrafted version of “hello” been built already? Or is the test store empty?
<reepca>rekado_: sort of in between. The test store isn't empty, but hello hasn't been built - I've been running ./test-env guix build --dry-run hello and then trying to build hello using my own code
<jonsger>ACTION hopes guix pull don't freeze his laptop...
<ng0>civodul: closed… because it has been fixed in offloading? Otherwise I don't consider this closed.
<temp_trisquel>I have forgot LUKS password because of long installation.
<temp_trisquel>^C, reboot, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda
<civodul>ng0: "Ignore the second message in this thread." maybe?
<civodul>it could be that i was confused, dunno
<civodul>i'm just trying to do some triage
<jonsger>is it intended that "guix package -u --fallback" doesn't work?
<civodul>jonsger: try "guix package -u . --fallback"
<civodul>"-u" takes a regexp as its argument
<jonsger>oke, guix package --fallback --upgrade works
<ng0>sigh. should I just open a new bug without confusing messages attached to it?
<ng0>this was closed for the second time already ;)
<jlicht>ng0: A bit unrelated, but lots of your bug reports keep ending up in my spam folder
<civodul>second time really? oh :-)
<ng0>jlicht: not my problem, that's a problem of your email provider^^
<ng0>civodul: yeah.. but it's okay. I'll just write a new message
<ng0>jlicht: or you could whitelist as point of origin
<ng0>I never had any problems with runbox and others since I started using it around 2000
<jlicht>ng0: I recall you changing email accounts (or just aliases?) semi-often, maybe that upset my spam filter. But thanks for the pointer even though it is most definitely Not Your Problem ;-)
<ng0>it should be just one address now.. or what's not expired in my gpg key
<jlicht>If I have an updated version of patch, should I just send it in the same ML thread, or start a new thread prefixed by `[PATCH v2]'
<rekado_>I have a preference to sending it to the same thread, optionally with an updated subject.
<jlicht>rekado_: as it is not a really groundbreaking change compared to the earlier patch, that is what I will do as well.
<jlicht>I have GuixSD installed on my T400 now (yay!)
<jlicht>but when I switch to any TTY while running X, my laptop keeps suspending every ~20 seconds XD
<jlicht>on the plus side: suspend seems to work ;-)
<jlicht>not sure if this is an issue with any guix config, or some subtle libreboot's doing
<buenouanq>seems bizarre, never head of anything like that
<rekado_>it also could be elogind
<jlicht>I am currently in the process of `guix system reconfigure'-ing to a default gnome install, trying to see if it also happens there.
<ng0>a question from another room: does Guix on top of Debian and Asus C201 work already?
<rekado_>what’s special about the Asus C201 that it wouldn’t work?
<ng0>I don't know, is this "armhf"? I never had any arm laptop/desktop
<ng0>I was just asked this
<ng0>I should fix my coreboot... had to turn my computer off
<ng0>so it should work I take from your comment
<rekado_>that’s not what I said. I only asked a question.
<rekado_>ACTION has to leave
<solene>how can I find services in guix ? I would like to add openssh-server in my system configuration, but I have no idea how to achieve that
<solene>or, does the manual contains every services available in guix ?
<ng0>and the services are in gnu/services/ of the source
<ng0>and their documentation in the documentation
<solene>I hope that the manual is generated from the packages definitions so it's always up-to-date ? (with skribilo ?)
<solene>I don't have a /gnu/services/
<ng0>not /gnu , gnu/services
<buenouanq>solene: simple as in your os config
<ng0>as in (gnu services)
<solene>buenouanq: I am looking for a more general way to find how to configure a service
<solene>ng0 : is it possible to get the list from guix command ? or from guile with a one-liner. I don't know how to browse (gnu services)
<ng0>you could get the source checkout, that what I refered to with the directory
<solene>ng0: doesn't "guix pull" actually fetch the sources somewhere ?
<ng0>I don't use guix pull anywhere, which is why I can't tell if this will include an updated documentation aswell
<civodul>interesting article on Flatpak + Fedora:
<wigust>How can I return a keyword like “#:user "rsyncd"” from “if”? Quasiquote doesn't works.
<solene>wigust: can't you cons them ?
<solene>or in list
<ng0>solene: cd `guix build guix` would get the current guix directory in the store
<ng0>but that's wrong
<ng0>could work.. but I don't have the time to check
<ng0>using direct source checkout is faster
<wigust>solene: I cannot list as I see. This is shepherd service I get
<wigust>I think I need to get just “#user: "rsyncd"” from “if” as if I did it without “if”.
<wigust>Not “(list #user: "rsyncd")”
<wigust>Is it actually possible?
<solene>wigust: I don't know scheme a lot, in common lisp maybe multiples values could be returned but I'm not sure that would even work in that case
<solene>can't you use (quote )
<solene>hmm, guile doesn't like that
<wigust>Quote (as quasiquote) doesn't work.
<solene>wigust: maybe you could put your if a bit upper ?
<solene>#:stop would mean the same as not declared ?
<wigust>Doesn't return anything too (for-each (lambda (thing) (if (< 1024 12000) thing)) '(#:user "rsyncd"))
<wigust>This is does but “#:userrsyncd” (for-each (lambda (thing) (if (< 1024 12000) (display thing))) '(#:user "rsyncd"))
<solene>wigust: ask on #scheme
<wigust>solene: ok, thanks
<solene>or I do, but I want to know the answer ! :D
<solene>wigust: (cons 'data1 (cons 'data2 (if #t (list 'data3 'data4) '())))
<solene>I am trying to produce an iso of guix, is it the right way to produce it ? guix system disk-image -M4 --file-system-type=iso9660 -r guix.iso /etc/config.scm
<solene>I see it uses QEMU, I don't understand why
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<wigust>solene: it will return (data1 data2 data3 data4) or (data1 data2) which both fails in make-forkexec-constructor.
<wigust>one second
<wigust>ah, too hard
<wigust>I read a #scheme and think that (append) is a way to go.
<solene>wigust: isn't what you were looking for ?
<wigust>solene: the problem is that if I pass something not valid (like empty list) to make-forkexec-constructor it will fail.
<wigust>so it must be something valid or nothing at all
<solene>wigust: if it's not true instead of giving '() you want to give #:stop I think ?
<solene>but you need to modify your code to use cons for every element up to where you use (list ) to make it work ! :(
<solene>I can't build an iso, it fails
<solene>is it broken or did I make a mistake ?
<wigust>solene: I build only img (as I remember) and successfuly wrote it on usb via dd.
<wigust>solene: I cannot give make-forkexec-constructor #:stop, because VS without #:stop
<wigust>and service startup fails ofcourse. *_*
<wigust>(start #~(make-forkexec-constructor #$rsync-command #:pid-file #$pid-file #:stop))
<solene>this packages tells to use the following commands to get the sources : git clone
<solene>fatal: repository '' not found
<solene> links at the bottom of the page here works :)
<nckx>solene: on GuixSD? :-)
<solene>nckx: yes
<nckx>What worked?
<solene>I have a T400 which is compatible. I tried this morning to install guix on my work laptop with the ISO you provided me, it boot, I can type commands but guix system init fails in the middle of the process and can't be started again, I trid with differents config, removing things up to have the same config as bare-bone without success.
<lfam>Thanks solene, I'll work on fixing those links
<wigust>OK, I did this another way But I think there is also a way with (append) or (cons) and I also think they are more... ugly :-)
<solene>now that I made "./bootstrap && ./configure --localstatedir=/var && make" is it safe to use sudo make install ?
<lfam>I would do `make check` before installing, but otherwise it should be fine.
<solene>if I want to create new packages, do I need to recompile everything each time I modify the definitions ?
<lfam>If you don't run `make` to recompile, Guile will recompile on the fly, but not store the result of the build on disk.
<lfam>But, the Guix you install is not the Guix that is consulted for package definitions, if I understand correctly.
<solene>maybe I doing it wrong. I would like to learn to make packages for guix, so I assume I need to work from the git repo ?
<solene>can't I merge the guix of guixSD with the one of the git repo ?
<lfam>The Guix you install is what you run when you do `guix build` or `guix package`, and it contains the guix-daemon you typically use. But, the Guix that provides package definitions and related things is normally found through a symlink at '~/.config/guix/latest'. That is what is updated by `guix pull`.
<lfam>If you just want to use your changes to the Guix source, I recommend using the 'pre-inst-env' script that is created when you build Guix from source.
<lfam>For example, you update the version and hash of a package and want to try it out. Use `./pre-inst-env guix environment --ad-hoc foo`
<lfam>Mentioned here:
<solene>that's über complicated
<lfam>It's not complicated to use, I promise :)
<lfam>That 'pre-inst-env' script sets everything up for you
<solene>and after typing pre-inst-env, I can do "guix package -i mypackage" ?
<lfam>It's a single command. The pre-inst-env script changes some environment variables for `guix package`
<lfam>I don't recommend using `guix package` for testing changes, though. All the testing versions of the packages will end up in your profile history. That's why I recommend `guix environment --ad-hoc` for this use case
<solene>lfam: how do I try a package I'm adding if I don't install it ?
<lfam>With `guix environment --ad-hoc`
<solene>--ad-hoc will let me use a package compiled on the fly ?
<lfam>It creates a temporary profile with your new package, but doesn't permanently protect it from the garbage collector.
<lfam>I recommend reading the manual on this subject :)
<solene>"on the fly"
<lfam>And trying it out
<solene>I already learned a lot about guix today, I'll make a break, not going too fast
<lfam>Okay. I think that `guix environment --ad-hoc` will do exactly the right thing if you are testing changes to a package
<solene>lfam: last question, which package definition should I modify ? The one from the git or the one installed on the system ?
<davexunit>yup, that will do it.
<davexunit>you can only modify the one in git
<lfam>solene: The one in your Git checkout. I recommend reading the 'pre-inst-env' script to learn what it does. Basically, it makes Guix use the packages in your Git checkout
<lfam>As dave said, the Guix code "on the system" is read-only
<solene>nice, that works !
<lfam>Awesome :)
<solene>I'm not sure to understand what the base32 is related to the sha256 sums ?
<davexunit>the encoding is base32
<solene>davexunit: how to you compute that ? I know how to use openssl to encode/decode in base64 but I never heard of base32
<lfam>`guix hash foo.tar.gz` can be used
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<davexunit>^ that's the one
<solene>that's working \\o/
<Ivanhercaz>Hi everyone
<Ivanhercaz>I am preparing the installation of Guix via USB stick
<Ivanhercaz>I am trying to configure my network
<Ivanhercaz>I have create the conf file with zile
<Ivanhercaz>But when I use wpa_supplicant as the documentations says
<Ivanhercaz>It deauth automatically by reason 3 = deauth leaving
<pmikkelsen>hi guix
<catonano>hi pmikkelsen
<pmikkelsen>does anyone in here use erlang? I have no idea why, but I cant access all the erlang man pages.
<lfam>I don't use it, but I've worked on the package
<lfam>What do you mean by "can't access"?
<lfam>Are they built?
<pmikkelsen>erl -man lists for example does not find the manual page for the lists module
<pmikkelsen>how can i check if they are built
<lfam>Look at the directory in /gnu/store that contains the Erlang package
<pmikkelsen>yes they seem to be build, there are alot of them in /gnu/store/...erlang-19.3/share/man/
<lfam>Okay, then you should figure out how `erl -man` is looking and if there is a way to make it look in the right place
<pmikkelsen>allright, ill investigate, thank you for the help :)
<lfam>Good luck!
<Ivanhercaz>I have install GuixSD 0.13 but when the process finished I get an error installing grub. I restarted and when it init it didn't load any grub (and in the boot only appears the entry for "ubuntu", because the last operative system was Elementary, but now it is broken and appear a console with GNU Grub version 2.02
<Ivanhercaz>Any idea to solve it?
<Ivanhercaz>It is very strange because I follow step by step the instructions for that
<lfam>Ivanhercaz: Do you remember what the error message said?
<Ivanhercaz>Exactly no lfam :(
<Ivanhercaz>oh fine... I tried to change to legacy boot and it didn't works but now it doesn't allow me to acces to boot to change, flash the screen and shutdown the computer
<Ivanhercaz>Well, I can acces again to BIOS and I changed again to UEFI
<Ivanhercaz>Any idea lfam? I am going to contact with the mailing list, maybe there knows how can I solve it
<lfam>Ivanhercaz: Sorry, I don't have much knowledge about boot problems. I recommend asking on <> if nobody else has advice here
<Ivanhercaz>Thank you lfam :)