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<buenouanq>where is this room logged that I can search?
<cbaines>buenouanq, the link in the topic is
<buenouanq>oh, silly me - thank you
<buenouanq>wait, this is gnunet, what on earth
<buenouanq>this doesn't help me though because I have no idea what day it would have been
<wigust>buenouanq: I use it with <PHRASE> via Not very happy with it though. Any better ways? :-)
<buenouanq>guix package -s should have an optional alias of the full guix package search
<buenouanq>same with -i:install, -r:remove, -u:update
<cbaines>buenouanq, that sounds reasonable enough, at least to me
<cbaines>maybe you could write the patch?
<buenouanq>you faith in me is misplaced ;3
<oriansj>buenouanq: But I believe that you could achieve anything you want to achieve :D
<buenouanq>right now I can't even find what happened to guix"s php-fpm
<buenouanq>I was using it just last week and now there's no trace of it.
<oriansj>well one place to look is at the guix git history
<oriansj>If it existed on day x and is gone on day y, it had to be removed in a commit between those two values
<buenouanq>is Julien Lepiller in here?
<oriansj>I think guix build --rounds= is broken
<oriansj>Either that or my computer is so impressive it can build MESCC_Tools in 102400000 rounds in approximately the same time as 2 times (within 0.1 seconds)
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<Apteryx>oriansj: eh, very impressive indeed :D
<oriansj>Apteryx: also unlikely as MESCC_Tools has a build time of 0.37 seconds on a Core2Duo
<wigust>Hello Guix
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<catonano>sneek later tell rekado thanks for your update about the new build farm. So it's about remote deployment now. I'll keep watching this
<solene>hello, I tried to install artanis yesterday but starting "art" was throwing an error (while doing art create project was working). Could someone install it and tells me if it encounter an error too ?
<cbaines>solene, I think I'm encountering a problem, I've tried: guix environment --ad-hoc guile artanis -- art help
<cbaines>and I get a backtrace and, ERROR: In procedure map: Wrong type argument: #f
<solene>I got the same error
<solene>but it seems that art command is working. I don't know much about it, I was discovering artanis but at least some commands to create project works
<cbaines>Looking at the artanis code, it might be something to do with its use of (current-filename)
<cbaines>solene, it would be good to file a bug with Guix about this, is that something you are ok to do?
<solene>that would be my first time and currently I don't have any trace. Could you paste me the error so I can file a bug ?
<cbaines>interesting, could you paste the whole output of "art help" to and share the link?
<cbaines>also, is it the "art help" command that you are seeing problems with?
<solene>cbaines: I don't have a guix system available now
<solene>"art" and "art help"
<cbaines>solene, ah, ok, no problem, and is the output I get for those commands
<cbaines>if you could file the bug, that would be awesome :)
<solene>I see that you use the command "guix environment --ad-hoc guile artanis -- art help", is it bad to just run "art help" ?
<cbaines>solene, not at all, I was just using guix environnment to easily run it without having to install it to my profile
<solene>also, that reminds me a question I had yesterday using guix
<solene>why do I have to do "guix pull" as root and as my user ? I find this a bit weird
<solene>It takes 45 minutes to run guix pull on this computer
<cbaines>solene, quite a few operations in Guix only affect one user, guix pull is one of them
<cbaines>running guix pull as your user, doesn't affect root, so if you want to get the updated package definitions when running as root also, you need to run guix pull as root as well
<solene>is it possible to get package updates with guix packages -u if we never run guix pull ?
<cbaines>solene, kind of, but only by managing the package definitions in a different way than guix pull
<cbaines>so, not really, you'll be working with the exact same set of packages, until you run guix pull and update that set
<solene>ok, guix pull get the package list
<cbaines>better to say the package definitions, but yes
<cbaines>the key thing it changes is ~/.config/guix/latest
<rekado>solene: Guix can be understood as a big graph of packages encoded in software. Every version of Guix only offers a single configuration of that graph. Running “guix pull” updates Guix and thus updates the shape of that big graph. Running “guix package -u” then instantiates parts of the new graph.
<sneek>Welcome back rekado, you have 1 message.
<sneek>rekado, catonano says: thanks for your update about the new build farm. So it's about remote deployment now. I'll keep watching this
<rekado>If you never change the way the graph looks you’ll always get the same thing, so “guix package -u” would have no effect.
<solene>thanks for the explanation rekado
<solene>also I've read on the mailing list guix-devel that a lot of people use guix from git ? Should I use guix from git or continue to use git pull ?
<rekado>solene: unless you want to hack on Guix I’d suggest to stay with “guix pull”
<rekado>solene: I also recommend hacking on Guix, though :)
<solene>I plan to hack on guix
<cbaines>yay \\o/
<solene>I just struggle understand how to use guix commands. The manual has too much informations when you are new to guix, and the commands aren't very self explanatory in my opinion
<cbaines>solene, what specific commands do you find the most difficult?
<rekado>solene: do you think it would help to add a birds-eye overview section to the introduction?
<rekado>solene: I agree that the manual is depth first, as it contains a lot of reference material right along the introductory stuff.
<rekado>I believe it would be helpful to have an overview first before plunging into all the details of individual commands and concepts.
<solene>cbaines: I don't have the guix utility right now, I could speak about this after my work when I have my guix laptop
<cbaines>solene, that would be good, either on IRC, the mailing lists, on on the bug tracker. Following up on these issues is valuable.
<solene>rekado: I think a "Guix survival manual" should be done, I could try to work on it as I'm a newbie with guix. Containing the very basics to do a daily use of the system
<solene>installing packages, searching packages, updating, adding new packages when reconfiguring system
<solene>I already found this :
<jsierles>hey guix
<jsierles>has anyone recently built julia 0.6.0 for x86_64? It always hangs for me on a specific test.
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<rekado>sneek: later tell jsierles “phase `check' succeeded after 577.9 seconds” – I just built julia on my x200s laptop.
<lvo>on the site it says "only hardware for which free software drivers and firmware exist is supported." might be a stupid question but does it work on any intel i serie cpus? or do I have to look into getting it on a librebootable machine
<efraim>Guixsd will work on non-librebooted computers but if you don't have peripherals that are supported by libre drivers you may have a hard time with those, such ad WiFi
<lvo>I see, well thank you'
<solene>does someone know a laptop model compatible with guix and which weight less than 1 kg ?
<cbaines>solene, hardware compatibility will mostly depend on support in Linux-libre
<cbaines>there are sites like h-node that will give information on support for devices
<cbaines>do you have a specific device in mind?
<solene>cbaines: No, I just need a light laptop
<solene>which cost less than 1000€ if possible...
<solene>I can still buy a wifi card compatible with linux libre to put in on a laptop which would lack this by default
<wigust>solene: Be aware that not all non-libre laptops can accept third party wireless card
<wigust>just hello to thinkpad x200
<solene>wigust: it weights 1.5 kg and seems very old, isn't it ?
<wigust>solene: I mean x200 in context of wireless card locked until librebooted.
<solene>oh, okay
<wigust>solene: It's not too old to say it's not usable. Performance is good for me.
<solene>this may be the best option to have a libre laptop and lightweight
<solene>the price doesn't include RAM or SSD, this increase the base price
<jonsger>but for 400 Euro you should get a system which isn't that "outdated"
<solene>400€ seems reasonnable. I bought a new laptop for 250€ but it isn't well supported by anything except windows. Ubuntu boots on it but no sound, trackpad works bad, no brightness support... and everything is soldered on the computer.
<rekado>you can also get a librebooted T400 from minifree
<solene>rekado: I already have a T400 but it weight 2.5 kg, it's too heavy :(
<rekado>another possibility is to order through technoethical
<rekado>oh, I see
<rekado>The zerocat project also sells X200 laptops with libreboot
<rekado>they are in Berlin (and my laptop was used as a test device to make their flasher work)
<solene>does guix supports raspberry pi3 ?
<gamba[m]>@solene: from, the answer is no … for the moment :-)
<solene>that would have made a nice laptop with pitop ^^
<efraim>You can probably run guix on the pi3 but it's low on RAM
<solene>efraim: that would depend what you do with it
<janneke>ACTION released mes-0.9
<jonsger>rekado: I only see X60 there (zerocat)
<civodul>solene: GuixSD cannot be used on ARM, but Guix itself definitely works (ARMv7 and ARMv8)
<sneek>civodul, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>civodul, taylan says: I'm almost sure that was fixed upstream
<sneek>civodul, taylan says: see the comment explaining the workaround at the start of $repo_root/bytestructures/guile.scm: if you have this version but still have problems, please notify.
<civodul>taylan: oh ok, i ended up fixing it differently:
<brendos>solene: 1.7 KG
<brendos>Seems pretty difficult to build a laptop less than 1kg
<solene>I could afford to support < 1.2 kg but I will be moving a lot soon
<solene>I don't need much power
<brendos>If you just use it with the power cable and no battery it'd be lighter
<solene>x200 with a 4-cell batt may do the job
<efraim>'guix package -A ^perl- | wc -l' 523. 'guix package -A ^perl- | xargs guix refresh -l' ~1500 packages
<rekado>jonsger: you may have to chat with Kai of Zerocat directly to place an order for an X200.
<rekado>they are currently in the process of applying for RYF certification for their chip flasher.
<ng0>sneek: later tell civodul: I'll work on the 3 patches for [bug#27790] text-editor: mg and afterwards we can close it.
<ng0>sneek: bot cake
<rekado>bleh, a server crashed twice today; submitting a support request and other bureaucratic work took up all my time today.
<rekado>sometimes you’ve got to run fast just to stay in the same place.
<rekado>about remote installation: these servers have some version of Ubuntu installed on them. If I just boot Ubuntu, fetch Guix and then run “guix system init config.scm /” will I still need to clean up the root file system after installing GuixSD?
<rekado>I don’t want to leave too much garbage on these servers. I guess I can just remove /bin, /lib, /var, and some contents of /etc once GuixSD has been booted.
<rekado>or do I need to remove some of the stuff *before* installing?
<rekado>that would be a little inconvenient as I have to get the installation just right on the first attempt.
<cbaines>rekado, I think you have to remove something before rebooting after the installation, otherwise the GuixSD boot process fails
<cbaines>I'll try and remember what...
<rekado>cbaines: thanks
<rekado>ACTION has to go
<cbaines>rekado, I was discussing it on IRC back when I installed GuixSD over Debian
<cbaines>in the logs, I say I encountered problems with /etc existing
<efraim>/etc/passwd maybe, or shadow
<efraim>Someone said since it was all loaded in RAM already they just moved /etc to /etc-old
<efraim>Or you could dd the image to the swap partition and change grub to boot that partition first
<efraim>According to #debian-arm they're going to announce EOL for armel at DebConf next month
<jsierles>every time I run 'guix package -i', i see some packages are scheduled to be built like: /gnu/store/ny82w2vpa27lbgjbs0nl9d7yivjd7alr-ca-certificate-bundle
<jsierles>derivations i mean
<jsierles>why do these show up every time?
<jsierles>also, often i see 'these package will be upgraded'. but then it says 'nothing to be done'.
<efraim>Some of them are part of the profile generation process, but if there's no new generation then it doesn't need to happen
<janneke>guix substitute: error: download from '' failed: 504, "Gateway Time-out"
<jsierles>anyone up for trying to build julia from guix master? or fairly recent guix that has julia 0.6.0
<jsierles>i continue to have issues with a particular test hanging indefinitely
<cbaines>jsierles, I think rekado said he built it successfully yesterday, I'll give it a go now
<jsierles>I get to this test line and it hangs, every time: linalg/triangular (3) | 533.31 | 14.13 | 2.6 | 9086.70 | 706.46
<jsierles>strace suggests it's stuck on epoll_wait
<nckx>Weird: guix substitute is stuck in a loop trying to download the same thing over and over.
<nckx>guix substitute: error: download from '' failed: 504, "Gateway Time-out"
<jsierles>nckx are you using --fallback?
<nckx>...probably? I started this command 2 days ago.
<nckx>This is going nowhere. Killed & retrying without --fallback.
<davexunit>it seems that I have a guix machine that is hopelessly out of date
<davexunit>'guix pull' doesn't work because it tries to compile subversion along the way and fails. trying to build from source with 'guix environment guix' fails for the same reason. getting right of the ~/.config/guix/latest symlink results in building the world which I don't have the resources for.
<davexunit>at this point I think the only thing I can really do is delete guix and start again with a fresh binary install.
<efraim>At 13:19:12
<efraim>Try that commit
<davexunit>efraim: thanks, trying
<davexunit>efraim: same result
<davexunit>it's that the current version of guix has a broken subversion
<davexunit>which blocks me from upgrading to a later version of guix
<davexunit>'guix pull' is sooooo broken
<efraim>I've tried a couple of times, I cant get the tests for subversion 1.9.x to pass
<davexunit>this is for 1.8.16
<davexunit>actually this for a prerequisite called "serf"
<davexunit>builder for `/gnu/store/wd7bhm92vfj29f2j9866189l9f5f2xb9-serf-1.3.8.drv' failed with exit code 1
<davexunit>14 failed tests
<nckx>jsierles: Why'd you ask?
<jsierles>nckx i have had issues with 504's sending me into loops like that. I thought --fallback would eventually trigger
<nckx>Seems like you were right.
<jsierles>i've just ended up building my own sub server to avoid those issues
<nckx>Heh. Ditto.
<nckx>Unfortunately, that's where this happened.
<jsierles>you have a 504 timeout from your server?
<nckx>No, I meant my subsitute server was sent into the loop.
<jsierles>right yeah. same here, so i just turned off substitutes and started a world build
<nckx>I don't have the resources or the patience to have it build everything all of the time, so it still tries Hydra.
<jsierles>fair enough. i found after that build though, hydra doesn't have much of anything i need, or times out, so it's the same
<nckx>Yah. I might have to re-evaluate that decision too. It wasn't based on hard measurements, and made in a time that Hydra still worked most of the time.
<jsierles>i'm hoping soon we can get cuirass, or something else setup, to get our sub server into shape for others to use
<jsierles>we're already doing 'autoscaling' for running jobs on our cloud infrastructure. so should have no trouble scaling for nightly guix
<jsierles>though i know people here don't trust 'The Cloud' :)
<nckx>Ehm, yeah, so... mine runs... ‘guix build’ in a bash loop...
<nckx>Needs moar buzzwords.
<nckx>Once Cuirass offers fancier ‘insights’ (there we go!) I'll switch.
<catonano>how hard is it to set up a tor hidden service with GuixSD ?
<ng0>catonano: not hard, very easy. it can get a tiny bit middle-weight difficult if you want your own .onion hashed named, buteven that is easy
<ng0>the very short pamphlet version is: look at (tor-service) and (tor-hidden-service) ;)
<ng0>guix-maintenance and some of the system configs within my 'system' repository show examples
<ng0>for custom onion name, you just need to generate it and copy the appropriate files into place + change the permissions
<ng0>or maybe you meant guix substitutes/offloading via onion, that's another subject where I'd be happy if anyone would take the time to test and file bugs or write a short how-to.
<ng0>at least for a system where you don't tunnel all the traffic via iptables/nftables it's not working very well (at all).
<ng0>catonano: I have to get up early again, so I'll be offline now. If you have questions, I'm sure people here will have answers, if not feel free to send ask via email and I should be able to respon tomorrow night.
<quiliro>hoiw can i start mariadb?
<quiliro>as a user...not as system
<quiliro>not in config.scm
<quiliro>i have it installed as user with guix package -i
<quiliro>now i want the same user to start the database
<quiliro>is this possible?
<alezost>quiliro: probably; but this question does not really relate to guix
<alezost>at least I know, that it is possible to start postgresql from a non-root user
<rekado>jsierles: I have built julia earlier today. “phase `check' succeeded after 577.9 seconds”; built it on my x200s laptop.
<jsierles>rekado: hmm. i'm building on a 16 core server.
<jsierles>i tried with -c 1, but no luck
<quiliro>i found how to start mariadb as normal user in ... but i don't know how to figure the mysql datadir
<quiliro>in guix
<alezost>quiliro: if you are going to use it as normal user, I'm pretty sure you can create your database dir anywhere you want
<quiliro>alezost: that must be true...thank you
<quiliro>i will investigate
<alezost>not a big help from side :-) well, I just use postgresql from my normal user, and all I did is: I created ~/.postgresql directory, initialized it with some postgresql command, and starts postgres daemon from my user
<catonano>snee later tell ng0 thanks. No, it's not about substitutes. Just plain vanilla hidden services. I'll take a look at the service definition
<catonano>sneek later tell ng0 thanks. No, it's not about substitutes. Just