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<boq>weird errors I've never seen before
<boq>hydra is throwing 404s
<adfeno>Indeed.... there is adiscussion about this in the mailing lists,
<boq>so I should stop trying to install for now?
<boq>eta on fix?
<boq>being desktopless kind of sucks (;-___-)
<boq>I assume that it not being able to install grub is related then and I shouldn't be worried about that.
<boq>404 is on curl-7.54.0-doc
<boq>need the full hash?
<adfeno>boq: I just saw the discussion in the mailing lists: According to what I read, one option would be to wait a bit.
<adfeno>(because the server were just fixed)
<adfeno>And the other option is to use `--substitute-urls=`, however, ludo advises us to take care with using this one, because the poor machine behind is overloaded.
<boq>how long is a bit?
<boq>Like, an hour, or a week?
<adfeno>boq: Eh... that depends on how patient you are :)
<boq>anyone have a link to the mailing list adfeno mentioned?
<boq>I can't find the particular thread.
<boq>found it
<boq>ok, after all that, the bootloader error did not go away
<boq>guix system: error: failed to install bootloader on device /gnu/store/...bootloader-installer '/dev/sda'
<boq>/gnu/store/...grub-2.02/sbin/grub-installer: error: /gnu/store/...grub-2.02/lib/grub/x86_64-efi/ doesn't exist. Please specify --target or --directory.
<boq>Why on earth is it trying to do efi something?
<boq>/dev/sda1 is a BIOS Boot partition
<boq>do I need to further flag it as something? the partition itself
<boq>ok, so it looks like something has gotten mixed up, and I've no idea where or how
<boq>this file it wants is in .../lib/grub/i386-pc/ not .../lib/grub/x86_64-efi/
<boq>is this my end or you guys?
<Juesto>hello how i can install guixsd on alternative methods not covered by the manual?
<boq>the manual say BIOS-based GRUB is the default
<boq>I'm using GPT with a BIOS boot partition, same as I have before
<Juesto>i want to convert the usb image to a cd
<Juesto>or install it on a VM that's not qemu
<boq>but for some reason, guix system init is choosing the target to be x86_64-efi rather than i386-pc
<boq>any ideas?
<boq>Juesto: extracting the download (with xz as per the manual), you should be able to burn it to anything and boot from it
<boq>assuming your machine can boot from whatever you burn it to
<boq>the installation image is just a minimal live guixsd
<Juesto>boq: I'm trying to make it usable with something like virtualbox
<boq>you can't just throw it the decompressed downloaded image?
<Juesto>it's img
<Juesto>wants iso or floppy image
<Juesto>Guess I'll try adding extension img to the file in the archive
<boq>Any devs around - This bios boot thing is ruining my life.
<Juesto>scratch my negation also
<rekado>Hi boq
<rekado>I can’t help right now, but you may get more help by writing email to
<boq>rekado: sent
<boq> someone seems to have had the reverse of my problem just a few days ago
<boq>something is awry in grub
<boq>still waiting for help if anyone's here
<boq>have started over from the very beginning, building everything now
<boq>maybe it'll fix itself
<Juesto>hey :p
<rekado>Juesto: about your question on #gnu: the GuixSD image you can download is just a bootable disk image.
<rekado>Juesto: we don’t have instructions on how to do this with Virtual Box, because it is not entirely free software and qemu is usually adequate.
<Juesto>i don't mind through but okay
<rekado>Juesto: are you trying to install it on a system where qemu is unavaialable?
<Juesto>and qemu is famous for being slow afaik
<rekado>I don’t think so.
<rekado>qemu uses KVM on systems with the Linux kernel, which makes it very fast.
<boq>I prolly can't just link these two dirs and expect it to work, can I?
<rekado>boq: unfortunately, I’m not at all familiar with EFI and how Guix detects it.
<rekado>boq: is it possible that you have an EFI partition that gets picked up?
<Juesto>doesn't guix use efi grub?
<boq>/dev/sda is GPT
<Juesto>guixsd comes with three partitions
<rekado>it can use legacy BIOS or EFI.
<boq>/dv/sda1 is BIOS boot
<boq>everytime I've installed GuixSD, I've done this exact thing
<rekado>boq: I’m not using GPT, but I seem to remember that when I had /dev/sda set to GPT it would fail to install GRUB.
<boq>That someone else is having similar (yet strangly, opposite) problems this week leads me to believe that something has gone weird dev side.
<rekado>boq: that was a couple of months ago, though.
<Juesto>wrong grub perhaps?
<Juesto>are you booted to uefi when you try to update grub?
<Juesto>tried manually?
<boq>nothing is installed
<boq>rekado: I guess I can try DOS/MBR or whatever.
<rekado>yeah, that’s what I would recommend.
<rekado>still, it seems like GuixSD should be able to detect this and do the right thing anyway.
<boq>I agree, that's why I don't want to give up.
<boq>But I need my desktop back asap - I was not prepared to be out of commission like this.
<boq>when will europe wake up and read my email?
<Juesto>boq: it's morning there
<rekado>It’s 9:42am here.
<boq>k rekado
<boq>in the install guide when it says
<boq>This partition should be mounted at /boot/efi
<boq>this is something I have to do manually for the install?
<Juesto>yes ESP
<boq>do I also have to change my config.scm to mount this here afterwords, or will it take care of all that?
<Juesto>must be formatted fat16 or 32
<Juesto>Windows only uses 32, 16 is efficient
<boq>wait, will this mean I can't have files bigger than 2GB on my / drive?
<boq>this is awful, why is this happening ;_;
<rekado>boq: this is only about the EFI partition!
<rekado>you shouldn’t use FAT for your root partition
<Juesto>boq: only for EFI you need
<Juesto>It's because since it's based on ARC it can only read fat partitions
<Juesto>Please split your boot and you'll be fine
<Juesto>partition like this: one for /boot formatted fat32, your rootfs formatted whatever file system you want as long its supported
<Juesto>then optionally make your /home separate
<ng0>hi! there are some trivial updates of mine which would've been merged if I had push access. Not that I really want it, my style has improved but I still see errors I make. Should I ask for access at savannah or is the opinion of the majority with commit access still "no"?
<boq>ng0: you involved with grub on here at all?
<boq>> grub-install: error: /gnu/store/..grub-2.02/lib/grub/x86_64-efi/ doesn't exist. Please specify --target or --directory.
<boq>> guix system: error: failed to install GRUB on device '/dev/sda'
<ng0>that's a random reply from my view... why?
<boq>I decided to reinstall yesterday and it's completely ruined my life since.
<ng0>I can't help with grub at the moment… if no one can help you here, there's still the help mailinglist
<boq>I sent out a help mail a few hours ago.
<boq>Waiting for Europe to wake up I guess.
<ng0>boq: have you used sourceforge before? I'm trying to contact a maintainer, but all I see is person @ .. is this an address which will forward mail to their real mail address?
<ng0>I guess so.. I'll try it
<boq>no idea
<boq>seems reasonable
<rekado>boq: your message may not yet have made it to The first message is always delayed.
<rekado>boq: I don’t see your message yet.
<boq>well, that's lame
<boq>how long will it take?
***Zungo is now known as Juesto
<rekado>cuirass now runs on
<rekado>and we can install conda with guix, just in time for the talk in front of many conda fans.
<ng0>I'd really like to submit cadaver, but all my attempts to unbundle neon failed.
<jlicht>hello guix
<ng0>emacs 26 will have auth-source with password-store support I'll try and submit the emacs package 'auth-password-store' soon (
<rain1>woah cool
<jlicht>ng0: There are still some serious issues with the auth-password-store
<jlicht>not actually show-stoppers, or anything that takes years to fix though ;-)
<ng0>besides the one open ticket, which ones?
<jlicht>ng0: that ticket is my ticket, so that one indeed
<ng0>I have just discovered this, 5 minutes ago
<jlicht>the implementation does not adhere to the documentation of auth-source, and it seems a bit of a hassle to make it fit
<jlicht>but still great news! I love password-store/unix pass/whatever it is called, and it is always good to have more support for it
<jlicht>that reminds me, I still have a passmenu package, which is basically a dmenu-based integration for password-store..
<ng0> <- does this work for someone? I mean, is my GnuPG key too long for savannah now? I got a positive confirmation but an empty "downloda gnupg key"
<nckx>ng0: empty :-(
<ng0>my key became terrible long.
<ng0> like that long
<nckx>ng0: my key is almost as big as yours & that page above returns empty for my UID as well.
<nckx>I didn't realise that was ‘terribly long’...
<ng0>I used to use ed25519, but people got in the way
<nckx>Heh. I'm still *waiting* to move to ED25519 for that reason.
<ng0>I think the graphical glitches I get to see here are really caused by something in chromium when it runs for too long watching videos. another computer, not a laptop, just froze on that
<rekado>talk is over. The session chair person indicated the time for 5 minutes (rather than 10 minutes), so I was in high speed mode unnecessarily :)
<rekado>one question was about whether Guix can build software for Windows or macOS.
<rekado>comment from twitter: “I'm thinking that Ricardo is losing his audience a bit here talking about Emacs all the time. I'm sure GNU Guix also works for vim #BOSC2017” <– oops.
<rekado>next time I’ll use “foo” more often.
<quiliro>rekado: i cannot install openmolar....has it been commited yet?
<quiliro>is there a difference between 'git checkout' inside guix directory and 'guix pull'?
<quiliro>may there be a package in the guix git directory and not be available in 'guix package -A'?
<nckx>quiliro: ‘git checkout’ won't fetch from remote servers. ‘git pull’ will, I think (I never use it).
<nckx>git fetch --all && git rebase … ftw.
<quiliro>nckx: is openmolar on the repository?
<nckx>quiliro: Er, why ask me specifally? I don't even know what openmolar is. Sounds extremely painful. And grep says no.
<quiliro>you are right, it was rude
<nckx>No problem. Just wanted to know.
<nckx>Maybe I reviewed something a very long time ago that I completely forgot about (that... happens) etc. :-)
<quiliro>i saw a message in the bug list with some diffs with opemolar
<quiliro>what does that mean?
<nckx>What does what mean?
<quiliro>i will search for the bug report
<quiliro>bug 27755
<nckx>That means those patches were posted for review (the term ‘bug’ is a bit of a misnomer for guix-patches), but not committed (hence the ‘bug’ ist still open).
<nckx>I'm sure rekado will merge them soonish :-)
<nckx>*is. I suddenly went all German.
<nckx>The convention is to wait roughly a week to give everyone a chance to respond.
<nckx>Almost there.
<nckx>quiliro: You know that you can always apply these patches locally, right?
<quiliro>nckx: oh! :-) how?
<quiliro>how ist that? :-)
<quiliro>my first word in german!
<nckx>I'm leaving for dinner, I'm afraid. The quickest way & how I do it: save the mail (or download it from the web interface), then, in your local guix repository, ‘git am’ each in order.
<nckx>ACTION → food. Good luck.
<nckx>(Oh: I presume you *have* a guix repository. Otherwise ./bootstrap && configure --localstatedir=/var && make && ./pre-inst-env guix package -i openmolar. Or something like that. Bye!)
<rain1>how did the ncurses installer project go?
<cbaines>rain1, looks like its still going, you can see the recent activity here
<boq>rekado: it was that the usb installer had booted in uefi
<boq>this is apparently where/how detection takes place, not in anything you declare
<quiliro>nckx: thank you...
<quiliro>i just don't know how to 'git am' those files...i will read the docs
<quiliro>good luck to everyone.....thank you for guix
<Digit>momentary enthusiastic "we should...". watching the 2016 libreplanet talk (again), n is mentioned off the back of the "gentoo for adults" comment hinting at the unecessary complexity, could be simple interfaced. i'm wondering, ... how's that going? and also... thinking from other talks watched... more pedagogy in the interfaces, such that it gets easier, to use, and effortless, to learn more as you use. so that just doing your
<Digit>one simple thing, you'll be exposed to how to do more advanced things, and learn more of how to use it. but without impeding the simplicity, so that difficulty is never offputing any users that deserve freedom but maybe just arent so inclined to pick up puzzles. ~ that's less rambly in my head.
<Digit>is there a guix interface for my computer iliterate grandparent, or grandchild, to pick up and use effortlessly, and will become an expert via that use, in development? :)
<catonano>rekado: ?
<sneek>Welcome back catonano, you have 1 message.
<sneek>catonano, daviid says: thank you!
<catonano>rekado: what is that ?
<catonano>daviid: I don't remember about what, but you're welcome anyway ! :-)
<amz3`>Digit: you have GNOME available
<amz3`>Digit: guix is nothing like gentoo IMO
<amz3`>much simpler than gentoo
<amz3`>Digit: can you paste the link to the video saying guix is like gentoo please?
<Digit>yeah, as a gentoo user, (and been a guix user too) i dont really get that line. maybe it's supposed to imply guix is hard? or something about the features? idk. i think it was in this talk: in passing. probably not the point to get hung up on.
<catonano>Digit: no, in fact it was emant as a joke
<catonano>I think
<amz3`>Digit: guix use to look like gentoo in the way it's installed, tho it massively more easy to install guix than gentoo
<Digit>but anyway, there's greatly appreciated emacs interface for guix. is there a similarly great guix interface for the newbies? gnome was mentioned. is the gnome interface to guix suitably feature complete?
<nckx>Digit: If by ‘for the newbies’ you mean anything close to a GUI: nope.
<Digit>nckx: thnx.
<nckx>I was going to write ‘This is GNU! Newbies are expected to learn Lisp!’ but don't want to get slapped with a large trout.
<nckx>Though I agree with the underlying sentiment.
<nckx>sneek: later tell quiliro: Just ‘git am <patch.eml>’. That's the easy part.
<Digit>yep, that would be ideal. ;D if newbies were taught lisp just via use (of the gui) alone.
<nckx>sneek: botsnack for you my friend.
<ng0>is someone interested in testing a bspwm update? I can't test it properly in just qemu here. it builds alright and I'll send the patch in a few minutes
<boq>404 thing is stall happening
<boq>what sort of server problem was this that the fix takes so long to work it"s way out to the mirrors?
<lfam>boq: Are you able to share the URLs that return 404?
<boq>no, sorry, I didn't see what it was this time
<boq>yesterday the main one was curl
<boq>There should be a line in the bootloader section of the install guide like `UEFI/BIOS detection is based on how the installation USB was booted'
<boq>Would have saved me a huge headache yesterday.
<joshuaBPMan_>hello, anyone know how to boot UEFI guixSD from grub via a usbstick? I'm at the normal grub prompt, but I can't figure out how to tell grub to boot UEFI guixSD....
<rekado>boq: could you please send this suggestion to It’s really unfortunate that you’ve had so much trouble with it, and I think it’s worth changing it.
<reepca>build-derivations-from-guile process finally is continuing long enough without an error for me to switch buffers and comment on it :D it's working on commencement right now
<lfam>rekado: Did you give the talk? How'd it go?
<rekado>lfam: it was very well received
<rekado>lfam: I even made it in under 10 minutes because I was shown the time for a 5 minute slot, not for my full 10 minutes.
<rekado>the audience followed along really well, and I had a feeling that Guix was no longer considered “weird”.
<lfam>Wonderful :)
<rekado>other talks even recommended Guix
<rekado>it was a very strange experience.
<rekado>they said something like “if you need 90% reproducibility then use our tool. If you need 100% go with Guix.”
<rekado>I wouldn’t ever claim 100%, but that was a nice endorsement.
<lfam>Yes, I was going to say, "Don't tell them it's more like 99.9% at best ;)"
<rekado>talked to many interested people after the talk, chatted about the relationship between reproducibility and bootstrapping… it was quite successful.
<rekado>and bavier`: I met one of your colleagues
<rekado>(I think)