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<RX14>having tried nix/nixos guix seems a lot nicer, on the commandline at least
<buenouanq>they took what they learned working with nix and went beyond
<lfam>I use both and I also think our command-line interface is easier to learn and use
<buenouanq>ignoring everything else, choosing guile is worth it by itself
<buenouanq>I'm wanting to connect a GoPro camera to a machine running GuixSD. It uses MTP though which I know nothing about.
<buenouanq>What do I need to install to get this readable?
<buenouanq>libmtp maybe, but is that all?
<lfam>buenouanq: `guix package -s mtp` suggests gmtp. On Debian I use jmtpfs on the command-line but we don't have it packaged
<lfam>The Nix expression for jmtpfs suggests that it would be easy to package
<buenouanq>libusb_open() failed!: Permission denied
<buenouanq>I don't exactly know what my question should be here...
<buenouanq>how do I give a user usb permission?
<buenouanq>I've never seen this before, it's weird.
<mekeor>buenouanq: it would be helpful to know what led to the error message.
<buenouanq>gmtp and a gopro
<buenouanq>I did the dumb thing and installed it to root now and it works.
<buenouanq>but that's dumb
<mekeor>you might want to install gmtp as user and then use sudo
<buenouanq>you know, I'm not sure why using sudo didn't even occur to me...
<buenouanq>but I don't want to have to elevate permissions for something like this
<lfam>Here's a working package for jmtpfs:
<lfam>You can use it as an unprivileged user assuming your kernel supports FUSE
<lfam>You unmount with `fusermount -u $mount-point`, which comes from the FUSE package
<lfam>Assuming there is only one MTP device connection, you mount it with `jmtpfs $mount-point`
<sneek>OriansJ``, you have 1 message.
<sneek>OriansJ``, janneke says: i'll be working to remove hex3 from mescc altogether and directly produce hex2..small steps :-)
<OriansJ``>janneke: I'm also generating some more examples for M1 for you. That way you'll see it works just fine for x86 and AMD64
<OriansJ``>janneke: also, how are you liking the test structure in MESCC_Tools?
<mekeor>i made "overlayed" ghc-xmonad-contrib with my own package-definition which uses (local-file "/path/to/my/xmonad-contrib") where i added some functions to a module. but after installing it or creating an environment using that package, those functions still aren't available :(
<mekeor>(and yes, i did export the new functions: the new functions are even listed in the /gnu/store/…-ghc-xmonad-contrib-0.13/share/doc/ghc-xmonad-contrib-0.13/html/….html documentation file)
<mekeor>$GHC_PACKAGE_PATH is holding the wrong path
<mekeor>(of ghc-xmonad-contrib)
<mekeor>aaah, maybe it's because i have installed xmonad system-wide and per-user
<mekeor>so, i have to care about the order of sourcing /etc/profile and ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile
<mekeor>ACTION can't find the bug
<janneke>OriansJ``: okay.
<janneke>wow, you're going fast there -- i am aming as a big next target mes 0.8 release with hex2 x86
<janneke>about the test setup...ime tests are very hard to get right: when you discover you need to make changes, refactoring a test-suite is not trtivial
<janneke>mescc's test "suite" is mainly scaffold/t.c--with hex2 that can be refactored into something more sensible
<eacces>have i got this right: `guix system reconfigure blah.scm` is how one normally upgrades system wide things [eg: kernel]
<reepca>eacces: aye, though you'll need root access
<eacces>cool :)
<rekado_>buenouanq: you can use nautilus
<rekado_>buenouanq: and you may need to install gvfs into the system profile
<rekado_>this works for our devices that use MTP
<rekado_>gmtp is terribly slow, so I don’t recommend using it.
<catonano>rekado_: good morning !
<rekado_>buenouanq: gmtp reads from the usb device file, which is owned by root. I suppose you could change this with a udev rule.
<rekado_>catonano: good morning!
<rekado_>mekeor: is a different version of ghc-xmonad-contrib pulled in by a different package? Or do you only have your variant in the profile?
<rekado_>does anyone here know how to build libreboot from source with Guix?
<rekado_>I’m not even trying to package it yet; I just want to create an environment with all the dependencies.
<rekado_>hmm, so many substitutes are missing.
<rekado_>I’m compiling arm-none-eabi-toolchain, qtbase, all of the icedtea packages, gtk …
<janneke>rekado_: icedtea is a dependency of libreboot?
<rekado_>no, it’s needed for f-seq, which I wanted to push.
<rekado_>I also had to build sablevm, so the complete bootstrap :-(
<rekado_>probably because sablevm-classpath needs gtk+-2
<janneke>ah, right
<reepca>anyone else getting a lot of "secure connection failed" page load errors with icecat recently? For example, this page I just tried accessing from stackexchange:
<catonano>reepca: doesn't load for me either
<rekado_>reepca: same here.
<RX14>loads for me on chromium outside guix
<rekado_>works in epiphany
<reepca>So is icecat being zealous for my safety, paranoid, or broken?
<rekado_>all of the above?
<espectalll>Hey there, long time no see!
<catonano>rekado_: all of the above
<catonano>it happens oftn that Icecat won't load some resources associated to a web page, such as styleseets or javascript sources
<espectalll>Quick question – I have downloaded and setup the GuixSD VM image onto Virtualbox, expanded to 20GB HDD and 1'5 GB of RAM
<catonano>so many sites are broken in Icecat bt they workk like a charm on oter browsers
<espectalll>I'm trying to do a task as simple as creating an user, but there is no `useradd` command
<espectalll>is it something I have to install?
<reepca>espectalll: the idea is to handle that through your config.scm
<espectalll>oh wait, the `config.scm` keeps stored after installation?
<espectalll>I thought it was just an initialization script
<reepca>espectalll: yeah, it's analogous to a .emacs file - you keep updating it and it grows to describe your system
<espectalll>actually really cool
<espectalll>where is it stored, at `/etc`?
<reepca>only this time instead of "guix system init", you use "guix system reconfigure" to enact it
<reepca>well, the install manual recommended copying it to /etc
<RX14>reepca, is there any reason why there isn't a standard location for the file?
<espectalll>But I installed my system via the precompiled image at
<rekado_>RX14: it’s because no standard location is required.
<espectalll>so, is it the one at the `guix` package?
<espectalll>ACTION uploaded an image: Captura de pantalla 2017-06-24 a las 11.22.38.png (74KB) <>
<rekado_>RX14: I keep it under /etc/config.d/config.scm so that I can put all related files under /etc/config.d/
<reepca>espectalll: no, that's actually a guile module used internally by guix for configuring stuff at compile-time
<espectalll>…then I have to create my own `config.scm`
<espectalll>hopefully the system is empty enough so creating my own won't break any previous configuration
<reepca>Err, hang on, you're using the vm image?
<reepca>ah, well the vm image if I understand it correctly is basically an installer. You followed the instructions in 6.1.6 "Installing GuixSD in a Virtual Machine"?
<espectalll>It's not an installer, actually
<espectalll>it's a working Guix image that even recommends you to set a `root` password and expand its size when booting
<espectalll>(I can use it to install a GuixSD system as it has the package manager, duh)
<reepca>Oh, I see, I was looking at "installing GuixSD in a VM", not at "running GuixSD in a Virtual Machine".
<espectalll>So, is there even a template I can use, as my system has currently no editor other than `nano`?
<espectalll>(`zile` I guess?)
<espectalll>Or do I make random guesses by copying other existing `config.scm`'s and then apply them?
<espectalll>(by importing from my machine)
<RX14>there's a good few example config.scm files in the docs
<RX14>i found them quite helpful
<reepca>In the guix repository, we've got gnu/system/examples/vm-image.tmpl, I'm not sure if that's what's used in the official vm image, but probably worth a look
<espectalll>Thanks, I'll take a look!
<reepca>have a link!
<espectalll>yup, seems like the default setup
<espectalll>If I'm successful with this, I'll try to install GuixSD natively
<espectalll>I know my hardware is compatible and have been following the project for years already, I just need to know I can use tools like IntelliJ IDEA
<rekado_>espectalll: we don’t have a package for that.
<rekado_>is that written in Java?
<espectalll>I know
<reepca>rekado_: aye
<espectalll>that's not that much of a problem tho,
<rekado_>if you have the jars for it you should be able to use our icedtea packages with it.
<espectalll>(yup, it's written with Java, and has an open-source version)
<rekado_>ACTION goes afk
<espectalll>it also comes pre-bundled with its own OpenJDK
<RX14>if I look at there don't seem to be a lot of packages, is that by design or is it just early days
<reepca>RX14: they're all hiding in gnu/packages/, and each file usually has many packages.
<RX14>yeah i saw gnu/packages
<RX14>oh yeah i see there's a lot of packages in each file
<reepca>according to it amounts to 5,657 in total
<RX14>is it easy to get a package in there?
<reepca>jamesrichardson: I finally got around to installing and starting libreoffice - the fonts look okay to me
<espectalll>RX14: Creating packages can be pretty easy thanks to Guix build systems ( Wonder how hard is to start sending commits though.
<reepca> in case you didn't find it already
<RX14>i was more asking how likely it is my patch will get accepted
<RX14>if i packaged some random thing that noone else needed would it get rejected for being obscure for example?
<RX14>i'm just trying to gauge if you want every package ever to be in the one repository or not
<reepca>that I don't really know.
<reepca>someone else probably will though
<janneke>RX14: why would you want to package something noone will ever use?
<RX14>well i meant apart from me
<janneke>sure, that's also what i meant ;-)
<RX14>so that I can install it i guess
<janneke>RX14: getting a package good enough for inclusion always takes some more work than doing the bare minimum for yourself
<janneke>RX14: it's easy to keep your own set of patches with packages on top of guix git, or you can use GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH for those
<RX14>ok thanks
<janneke>RX14: i don't think i've ever seen the 'this is too obscure' but please use your own judgement here
<RX14>ok thanks
<RX14>i'll have a go at packaging crystal-lang once I have my system set up
<espectalll>Wait, Crystal is not obscure
<espectalll>like, not famous, but not at all "obscure"
<RX14>no it's not i was just asking for the sake of asking
<espectalll>you could even do a build system for it
<RX14>yeah you could
<RX14>crystal itself uses make although it might be useful for packaging shards
<espectalll>keep in mind Guix is packaging Python modules, Rust crates and so on
<RX14>although actually this might be a lot harder than I thought given that crystal is a bootstrapped compiler
<mekeor>on GuixSD, any idea why my system (e.g. `date`) thinks it's two hours later than it is where i am?
<RX14>you might have the wrong timezone set
<reepca>mekeor: timezone not properly set in config.scm?
<mekeor>it is properly set to (Europe/Berlin)...
<RX14>is it a vm?
<RX14>got windows on it?
<RX14>not a clue then
<mekeor>maybe i have to decrease the time in BIOS
<RX14>windows sets the system clock to localtime but linux treats it as utc but if you don't have windows then thats weird
<reepca>and it's exactly two hours off?
<mekeor>yes, reepca
<RX14>just enable ntp and let it sort itself out i guess
<espectalll>probably because the system used to have Windows installed?
<espectalll>So yeah, install NTP
<rekado_>mekeor: Do not install ntp, use the ntp service.
<mekeor>cool, alright, thanks
<rekado_>mekeor: and allow it to correct the time even when it is far off.
<mekeor>i.e. #:allow-large-adjustment? #t
<mekeor>ah, i already have ntp-service in my system config.scm, i guess i only need to add #:allow-large-adjustment? #t
<RX14>anyone got a clue about this error:
<RX14>i just ran guix pull a few times and then added openssl to my services and tried to reconfigure
<mekeor>RX14: that error was reported on the mailing list
<mekeor>RX14: i think XFCE current is broken because it depends on different versions of gtk or so
<mekeor>RX14: see bug#27467 on the bug-mailing-list or on debbugs
<RX14>i'm only going to be using i3wm on my real system anyway
<RX14>so i might as well remove both and use a non-desktop config
<mekeor>both xfce and i3wm? why?
<RX14>remove xfce and gnome
<RX14>i meant
<RX14>because thats what the default desktop cfg comes with
<mekeor>ah yeah, that makes sense
<RX14>there's a lot of building going on whenever I do stuff with guix
<RX14>it seems to fail to find substitutes pretty often
<OriansJ``>reepca: SWEET, testing your patch now
<OriansJ``>reepca: also, you'll have LSHIFT and RSHIFT shortly
<janneke>morning OriansJ``
<OriansJ``>morning janneke, how are you?
<janneke>OriansJ``: finally got some progress eradicating hex3
<janneke>how are you, OriansJ``?
<OriansJ``>still waking up but this should be a good day
<espectalll>Hey, I tried to apply my new `config.scm`, but I get the following error
<espectalll>ACTION uploaded an image: Captura de pantalla 2017-06-24 a las 14.09.51.png (66KB) <>
<espectalll>ACTION uploaded an image: Captura de pantalla 2017-06-24 a las 14.11.20.png (77KB) <>
<RX14>does guix system reconfigure need to be run as root?
<catonano>RX14: yes
<RX14>is that connman-service-type doesn't have a default value of connman-configuration a bug?
<RX14>i need to include an empty (connman-configuration) where in other service types i don't
<espectalll>Can anyone spot something wrong with my config?
<catonano>RX14: I don't know. It depends on how that service is defined
<catonano>espectalll: you might prefer to use
<catonano>RX14: sorry, I don't know any more
<espectalll>catonato: Can I do a POST to upload a file via `curl` or `wget`?
<RX14>catonano, well i guess I can send a patch and see what people think?
<OriansJ``>reepca: I must say, you are doing an excellent job improving the stage0 project FORTH
<cbaines>espectalll, I think I see a problem in your configuration, the services section is a bit jumbled
<espectalll>yeah, could be
<cbaines>cons* takes a number of things, and then a list
<cbaines>the third argument (%desktop-services) is a list, so that really wants to go at the end
<cbaines>espectalll, I'd suggest replacing %base-services with %desktop-services
<espectalll>OK, I was suspicious about that, but I don't know Scheme that much
<boskovits>I am interested in lvm support for guixsd.
<cbaines>I believe %desktop-services includes %base-services
<espectalll>oh, does it?
<espectalll>one sec
<espectalll>OK, good
<boskovits>I have seen a discussion thread from 2015/04, but it seems work was not finished on this.
<cbaines>boskovits, I know nothing about LVM, apart from its still mentioned in the limitations
<cbaines>out of interest, what is interesting about LVM boskovits?
<cbaines>I've only used it when its been automatically setup by the Debian installer for a encrypted disk
<espectalll>cbaines: So this instead, for instance
<espectalll>probably could remove the asterisk?
<cbaines>espectalll, Yeah, that is looking better
<espectalll>great then :3
<cbaines>The * in cons* is essential, as cons only works when you have two arguments
<espectalll>oh I see, by default Lisp langs only accept two arguments?
<cbaines>cons returns a pair
<cbaines>(cons 1 2) => (1 . 2)
<cbaines>a list in Lisp is a linked list, made up of pairs, so to add an element to the start of a list, you can use cons. e.g. (cons 1 '(2 3)) => '(1 2 3)
<cbaines>but if you want to add more than one element, then cons* comes in useful e.g. (cons* 1 2 '(3 4))
<boskovits>I mostly use it to extend existing partitons to new physical disks.
<espectalll>so it's syntactic sugar
<espectalll>Thanks for the help!
<espectalll>let's check if it works now
<boskovits>I also use it to create lvm volumes dinamically to allocate it as block storage.
<boskovits>These are my use cases.
<cbaines>espectalll, I'm not sure what syntactic sugar exactly means in the context of scheme, but you could replace any use of cons* by multiple cons calls. e.g. (cons 1 (cons 2 '(3 4)))
<espectalll>so `cons*` seems intended to make that briefer
<espectalll>it does the same, but in a shorter, cleaner way
<cbaines>boskovits, I've heard that GuixSD supports Btrfs, which I've used to do similar things before, but I'm not sure how well tested that is, if you're brave, it may be interesting?
<espectalll>which I think fits in the definition of "syntactic sugar"
<boskovits>And anyways, I would like to help, so it can be removed from limitations:)
<boskovits>It seems that this was nearly solved once.
<boskovits>Yes, I'm definietly into btrfs, and I'm glad that it is supported now.
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<cbaines>Supporting LVM sounds great, have you used GuixSD yet?
<boskovits>Yes I am using GuixSD for a while.
<boskovits>I am currently in a debian envrionment where I use btrfs over lvm, and I would like to repoduce the setup on GuixSD.
<cbaines>Well, I don't really know much about the LVM bit, but that sounds like a great start :)
<cbaines>I guess trying to make it work in a virtual machine would probably make sense?
<boskovits>What I would like to know, why the work on lvm support stopped, so
<boskovits>I can pick up where it has been left off.
<OriansJ``>reepca: and RSHIFT & LSHIFT are implemented, patches will be up shortly
<OriansJ``>janneke: the really good news is that reepca is well towards making a rather complete ANS FORTH with all the improvements going into the stage2 and stage3 FORTHs
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<earthfail22>hello guys. I was wondering has anyone successfully installed guixsd on a pc? cause it isn't working for me
<cbaines>afternoon civodul :)
<cbaines>earthfail22, I managed to finish an installation this morning, what specifically isn't working for you?
<janneke>OriansJ``: i've seen bits of reepca's and your work there
<janneke>i have no feeling for forth or where it will be used yet
<rekado_>earthfail22: many people have installed GuixSD on many machines.
<earthfail22>cbaines: the gnu documents were some what vague and first time I tried my keyboard didn't connect the other times there was a problem with something couldn't build in the gnu/store
<rekado_>earthfail22: I have it on many x86_64 and i686 systems.
<cbaines>earthfail22, while my install over the last few days didn't go very smoothly either, I can assure you it is possible
<cbaines>are you trying to install GuixSD at the moment?
<earthfail22>yes and it would be really great it someone could guide me a bit. I've made a bootable usb drive
<OriansJ``>janneke: the best part is the people who want FORTH to be the key to the bootstrap problem are responsible for that work. Personally I prefer the lisp approach and am still formulating how to best attack it.
<cbaines>earthfail22, sounds good, I'd recommend just posting in IRC if you have questions
<rekado_>earthfail22: have you read the instructions from the manual?
<rekado_>earthfail22: which of the steps causes problems?
<rekado_>ACTION decided to sell the old IBM P70 (with Intel 80386 DX)
<earthfail22>rekado_: yes , it failed when trying guix system init and when rebooting
<rekado_>earthfail22: how did it fail?
<janneke>OriansJ``: okay, anything is possible -- good!
<janneke>fwiw, i'm quite happy to see all this bootstrap-enthusiasm
<earthfail22>rekado_: it said something about failing to build something in gnu/store and should try --fallback which I did but didn't work and could not remember what was the second message
<OriansJ``>janneke: well at this point we have rain1, reepca, myself and you all making improvements and pushing in the right direction. I call that a huge improvement
<janneke>OriansJ``: yes, my thoughts exactly!
<janneke>OriansJ``: and we have mwette doing great work with Nyacc
<earthfail22>rekado_: anyway I will try it again cause it will probably give me the same message now
<OriansJ``>janneke: very true and that work is essential for our goals
<civodul>OriansJ``: make sure reepca doesn't lose sight of the GSoC work on the daemon though :-)
<OriansJ``>civodul: will do, might even help if asked
<OriansJ``>sneek: later tell reepca that I've added a new primitive PRINT which takes a pointer and from there prints all characters until it hits a NULL and there will be a proper abort message when insufficient memory is allocated.
<OriansJ``>sneek: botsnack!
<civodul>every time i run a long verbose build in shell-mode, Emacs eventualy eats up all my memory
<civodul>and the kernel doesn't react in a timely fashion, so i end up doing a hard reboot
<civodul>does anybody else experience that?
<civodul>it used to be better, i think (like emacs would slow down until you kill the offending buffer)
<rekado_>yes, me too
<janneke>civodul: the hard reboot luckily not; but emacs eats all, lately
<rekado_>it was fine in 25.1, I think
<janneke>civodul: 32038 janneke 20 0 8787.4m 8.330g 0.0 54.5 38:58.87 S `- .emacs-25.2-rea
<cbaines>I've had similar problems... although I think my laptop just slows to a halt
<janneke>i used to live in the same emacs for weeks...
<rekado_>I now build in urxvt, which is much less fun.
<janneke>blamed it on exwm
<RX14>guixsd actually hangs on shutdown in my vm, every time
<OriansJ``>hey rain1
<civodul>hi rain1!
<civodul>janneke: yeah it really sucks that emacs has become unstable
<janneke>hey rain1!
<janneke>civodul: yeah, otoh it might mean some real developments, i'm not in touch there
<rain1>I finished the qcode based scheme compiler - it takes 51 seconds to bootstrap. a bit disappointing if you add up the time to compile each stdlib function it is slower than the previous bytecode based one
<rain1>so unless i can sort this i am not sure this stuff will be able to help accerelate mes
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<jlicht>hello guix
<rain1>good morning
<OriansJ``>rain1: but your scheme compiler is still potentially useful
<rain1>I hope so.. i will get this chaotic mess tidied up and put something online
<OriansJ``>rain1: with some work and a few enhancements in stage0 lisp, it could give us a lisp solution to the mes bootstrap.
<janneke>hi jlicht!
<janneke>OriansJ``, rain1: that's what i'm hoping for
<rain1>here's the code
<quiliro>what packages do i need to install in guixsd in order to use emacs for navigation, email and making new packages for guix?
<espectalll>quiliro: Probably Emacs, Emacs, and Emacs
<quiliro>espectalll: haha, thank there any specific config you would suggest?
<espectalll>…Emacs comes bundled with Gnus, Eww, and Guix mode, right?
<espectalll>(And Scheme mode)
<quiliro>and is there a way to watch videos, and listen to audios n emacs?
<quiliro>what are Gnus, Eww, and Guix mode?
<espectalll>To listen to audio, there's a few stuff out there, never tried it out
<espectalll>Videos… probably not
<espectalll>(but you can still browse pictures)
<espectalll>Gnus is a pre-installed e-mail client
<espectalll>Eww is a pre-installed web browser
<espectalll>and the Guix version of Emacs comes with a frontend for the package manager, so you can handle Guix stuff from Emacs
<quiliro>Scheme mode?
<espectalll>Scheme is a programming language heavily used by Guix
<quiliro>espectalll: cool!1
<espectalll>so the Scheme adds Scheme support, by default
<quiliro>espectalll: yes, i remember now...thank you for your guide
<espectalll>You're welcome! :3
<espectalll>Oh, and the Eww browser may not be enough for you
<quiliro>i will just install emacs then plus vlc
<espectalll>there's luckily now a pre-bundled way to run a full, WebKit browser
<quiliro>what is the video player for i3?
<espectalll>dunno if Guix has the compile flags enabled for it tho
<quiliro>that would be great
<espectalll>OK, the WebKit mode for Emacs is called `xwidget-webkit`
<espectalll>has anyone tried it out?
<rekado_>quiliro: for music and video I suggest emms
<rekado_>quiliro: instead of vlc I use mpv
<rekado_>there’s also an mpv player for emms
<quiliro>rekado_: so emacs with emms and mvp?
<quiliro>espectalll: how do i use all these things in emacs?
<rekado_>espectalll: yes, I’m actually working on it.
<rekado_>it’s not very usable at this point.
<rekado_>no integration with Emacs.
<espectalll>quiliro: How long have you been using Emacs?
<espectalll>If you're new, I would highly suggest going to the Emacs manual for help
<espectalll>You can find it by either searching on the web or doing C-h r (Ctrl-H followed by R)
<quiliro>espectalll: i have used emacs only once
<espectalll>OK, I see
<espectalll>I could also suggest the book "Mastering Emacs" by Mickey Petersen
<rekado_>I second the recommendation for “Mastering Emacs”
<espectalll>at first you can do most stuff just by using the menu buttons and M-x (Alt-X) followed by your command
<espectalll>But actually learning how to Emacs can be really, really valuable
<espectalll>I, at the very least, find its customability and documentation to be too valuable to ignore
<quiliro>thank you both...i will find where to download it
<quiliro>the book
<espectalll>Yeah, got it
<rekado_>the book is available here:
<OriansJ``>and patches to the stage0 lisp for proper behavior when insufficient memory is allocated are up
<espectalll>Is it normal that Guix just keeps compiling stuff?
<espectalll>I have Hydra subsitutes enable, yet Guix just keeps going for hours
<RX14>espectalll, i've noticed that, it's not all packages
<RX14>but say one in 10/20 seem to fail to find substitutes
<espectalll>So not all packages are still being precompiled by the Hydra build farm?
<espectalll>rip then
<lfam>They aren't compiled yet. But it's okay, because Guix will automatically switch between downloading the binaries from Hydra and building locally :)
<lfam>espectalll: You're using the 0.13.0 release image, right?
<lfam>Did you run `guix pull` yet or not?
<RX14>if you run guix pull aren't you on master
<RX14>not the release?
<RX14> hydra really seem slow
<lfam>espectalll: If you ran `guix pull`, then you are using the latest Guix code. It's possible we haven't finished building everything yet.
<lfam>RX14: That's correct, `guix pull`, by default, updates to the latest commit of the master branch.
<espectalll>in fact, trying to browse the queue gives me an 504 error
<RX14>wouldn't know if it was built befause the hydra queue times out
<lfam>Yes, that machine is quite overloaded
<lfam>We are working on replacing it
<espectalll>if only I could have an effective way to throw money at the screen
<RX14>what's running on it?
<espectalll>Guix I guess
<espectalll>(since you can use the package manager itself to create a repo)
<RX14>i meant which services lol
<lfam>It's not really a money issue. It's a time issue.
<RX14>also surely the builds are done on seperate machines to the master
<lfam>There's some info about the build farm here:
<espectalll>OK, my virtual machine failed to build GRUB
<espectalll>Guess I'll have to wait
<lfam>espectall: How did it fail?
<espectalll>it returned an error on a test I thing
<lfam>espectalll: Was it the grub_cmd_set_date test?
<espectalll>I think so – so it's a known problem
<lfam>Yes, that test is flaky. We thought it might be caused by a race condition in the tests but it's occuring even after we disabled parallel testing. I'm going to submit a patch to disable that test.
<civodul>lfam: i spent time on that test but i forgot what the outcome was
<espectalll>Anyway have to go, so I'll wait anyway
<espectalll>I'll check tomorrow if GuixSD can be my daily driver then
<civodul>lfam: i just disabled parallel tests <>
<koosha>rekado_: I emailed the mailing list , it's one day and no answer .
<lfam>espectalll: The test will probably pass if you run the build again.
<espectalll>`git pull` then?
<espectalll>Or just that?
<lfam>civodul: The test is still failing even with sequential testing
<civodul>lfam: oh right, just saw your message there
<lfam>We should probably disable it and report the issue to GRUB
<lfam>I can do that if you think it's safe to disable
<civodul>yeah, we can probably do that
<civodul>i should have emailed upstream
<lfam>So many upstreams to tell about so many problems :)
<lfam>Mo packages, mo problems ;)
<lfam>Hopefully more contributors too!
<civodul>i wonder what's up with core-updates
<civodul>perhaps we'll have to apply the glibc suid/LD_LIBRARY_PATH patch there?
<lfam>civodul: I remember you said you weren't sure if we were affected, due to how "_is_trusted_path" works. However, I don't know enough to evaluate it.
<lfam>So, I pushed for the patch, just in case
<civodul>lfam: cool
<civodul>lfam: i looked at the libc code because i was surprise LD_LIBRARY_PATH was honored for setuid libraries in the first place
<lfam>We could graft it on core-updates. There is at least one other graft to cherry-pick to core-updates (expat).
<civodul>what i found is that it's honored, but only entries that pass 'is_trusted_path' are taken into account
<civodul>and is_trusted_path means libc's $libdir, which is immutable in our case
<civodul>however, the way the LD_LIBRARY_PATH attack works, i'm not sure it matters
<civodul>i'd need to reread the thing
<civodul>it's quite complicated
<civodul>long story short: better apply the patch
<lfam>Indeed! I suspect we'll see more vulnerabilities from this bug class :(
<lfam>I mean, indeed it's complicated!
<civodul>what upstream did is disable LD_LIBRARY_PATH for setuid binaries altogether, right?
<lfam>The subject of the patch is "Ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH for AT_SECURE=1 programs"
<lfam>I'd have to read more code to know what AT_SECURE is
<lfam>I'm currently idle at work, so I can't really read anything carefully this week
<lfam>This environment is too distracting
<lfam>I've sent a patch to disable the unreliable GRUB test to <>.
<lfam>And I sent a bug report to GRUB
<civodul>glad you're idle at work, it's good for Guix :-)
<lfam>Heh, I can do stuff that doesn't require much focus
<lfam>"Sponsored" work on Guix ;)
<efraim>I got an email from Bruno Haible of clisp, letting me know that libffcall 1.13 was released with arm64 support :)
<lfam>Awesome :)
<rain1>OriansJ``, janneke, update it now takes 1 second
<earthfail22>hello guys, I have a bios 32bit system any suggestion how to partition my drive. I've read the manual but I'm still new and didn't understand what to do with the bios
<civodul>earthfail22: s/guys/people/ please
<civodul>earthfail22: if you're not familiar with GNU/Linux partitioning, the simplest way is to have just one partition
<earthfail22>civodul: okay thanks
***quiliro is now known as quiliro1
<quiliro>chatting from emacs!
<quiliro>ACTION congratulates himself and all the people that guided him.
<civodul>hey quiliro, congrats! :-)
<quiliro>civodul: my first step to become a guix hacker!
<quiliro>thank you
<quiliro>how can i access the guix info from emacs
<quiliro>i just need that little push
<reepca>M-x info
<sneek>Welcome back reepca, you have 1 message.
<sneek>reepca, OriansJ`` says: that I've added a new primitive PRINT which takes a pointer and from there prints all characters until it hits a NULL and there will be a proper abort message when insufficient memory is allocated.
<reepca>or C-h i
<quiliro>thank you reepca
<earthfail22>congrats quiliro
<civodul>quiliro: though of course, using an IRC client in Emacs (even if it rocks ;-)) is optional to hack on Guix :-)
<quiliro>civodul: true
<quiliro>earthfail22: thanks
<quiliro>to type commands such as guix package -i emacs-guix
<quiliro>where do i have to go in emacs_
<quiliro>or what part of the guix info covers that?
<reepca>The way I do it is M-x guix-packages-by-name and then there's an install button you can push RET on
<reepca>If you've installed emacs-guix, it should be in the top-level info directory (it's in a separate node from the info pages that come with guix)
<quiliro>reepca: it is not installed...i just guix system reconfigure lightweight-desktop.scm
<quiliro>then guix package -i emacs
<quiliro>on the user
<reepca>ah, well you'll have to guix package -i emacs-guix to install the emacs interface to guix
<quiliro>i cannot even configure the keyboard
<quiliro>installing emacs-guix on xterm then
<quiliro>chatting from erc
<quiliro>much easier
<quiliro>i am installing claws-mail now via emacs-guix...i feel so great!
<quiliro>and it is such a simple thing...haha
<quiliro>i don-t remember what dry-run is
<quiliro>but i did-t use it