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<OriansJ>reepca: hidden flag check should be done shortly
<OriansJ>done and patches are up
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<mekeor>ACTION is installing GuixSD on yet another device
<mekeor>and i'm still a nooby in matters of Grub, BIOS, partitioning etc...
<mekeor>i wonder if i need a GPT partition table or if a DOS partition table is fine, too
<mekeor>i think DOS is fine because i've got an old device which doesn't have EFI
<mekeor>i think
<buenouanq>I got it up and running on an EFI MacBook if you need help with that.
<mekeor>so, i encrypted my root-partition.
<mekeor>doesn't the string-value of the `target`-field of my `mapped-device`-field have to be equal to the string-value of the `device`-field of my `file-system`-field?
<mekeor>i guess not.
<epronk>Hello guix!
<OriansJ>looks like we are going to have a new stage0 release this weekend indeed. I'm tempted to nickname it the revenge of the FORTH
<epronk>The manual says "cp /etc/configuration/desktop.scm /mnt/etc/config.scm". I'm using the VM image. It doesn't have /etc/configuration
<OriansJ>reepca rain1 bavier: patches are up more improvements will be coming tomorrow
<lfam>epronk: The VM release image isn't an installation image. It's basically just a plain GuixSD VM image.
<lfam>So, the installation instructions won't apply
<janneke>morning guix!
<epronk>lfam: So, are these just example files that the installation image has? Maybe include them on the vm image since they are small.
<epronk>lfam: There is quite a bit of documentation, but I find it hard to get started.
<lfam>epronk: They should be accessible at ~/.config/guix/latest/gnu/system/examples and also in the manual (info guix)
<lfam>And then replicated in the manual section Using the Configuration System
<lfam>If you are getting started with GuixSD, I'd focus on the GNU Distribution chapter of the manueal
<epronk>I also tried the installation image. It recommends a 5Gb image file for qemu. Then the first system it uses as an example is desktop.scm. After 4 hours download packages it ran out of diskspace.
<epronk>lfam: I'll have a close look at that chapter. Thanks.
<lfam>Which section recommends 5 GB? That's not great advice
<lfam>You can pass a very large value to --image-size but by default QEMU will only use the space it needs
<lfam>We should adjust that and mention the QEMU "balloon"
<epronk>I mentions the 5G twice in that section. Once in the command and once in the text.
<lfam>I do think it's hard to pick a number that will always be right.
<epronk>lfam: As long as there is enough space to perform all steps of installation manual. This is what people do when they give it a try.
<lfam>janneke: Yes, but what question are we trying to answer? ;)
<janneke>lfam: indeed, if we don't know 42 is always right.
<janneke>possibly we can give a bit more information and have the user answer their question
<janneke>something like: bare-bones.scm needs a ~2GB /gnu/store, 5GB when not using substitutes [note; i'm guessing here]
<janneke>still guessing: desktop.scm needs 6GB /gnu/store, 15GB without substitutes
<janneke>...but too much information is also not great -- possibly suggesting 32GB and talking/warning about the balloon is good enough
<lfam>I think people should always allocate a huge volume and worry about it later ;)
<lfam>Yeah, we should not duplicate QEMU's manual
<janneke>lfam: i tried to ask advice here about a year ago and i got: make / as big as you can
<janneke>somehow that didn't seem helpful at the time, today i think it's great advise
<epronk>janneke: I'll do a run to install desktop.scm and post here how much I'm using.
<janneke>epronk: wondering, what are you installing to from within the VM, isnt't the VM a good enough install in itself?
<epronk>janneke: The disk full was with the 5GB recommendation and the install image. My friend had the same issue and will wait for the next release before he tries again. :)
<lfam>I pushed a clarification of the comment "This will create a 5GB file."
<lfam>The resulting file will typically be ~200 KB
<janneke>lfam: thanks that helps...i still think we should increase that number to, say 32GB -- but that may need discussing with rekado/civodul?
<lfam>I sent a patch to guix-patches so we can bikeshed the number
<lfam>And then we can maybe update the online manual.
<janneke>lfam: beautiful!
<reepca>OriansJ: I think it might be more useful if EXECUTE took a pointer to a pointer to the assembly instead of a pointer to the assembly. That way R12 can be set prior to jumping, which will let colon definitions be EXECUTEd as well as primitives. It also provides some nice consistency since the same pointers can be compiled into a definition or executed directly.
<tumashu>feng@tumashu:~/project/guix $ ./pre-inst-env guix build emacs-switch-window
<tumashu>guix build: error: opendir*: opendir*: 没有那个文件或目录
<tumashu>feng@tumashu:~/project/guix $ ./pre-inst-env guix build hello
<tumashu>guix build: error: opendir*: opendir*: 没有那个文件或目录
<tumashu>How to deal with opendir* missing?
<rekado_>tumashu: you may have to run “make clean-go && make”
<rekado_>I’m getting the same error
<rekado_>after clean-go.
<rekado_>seems to have been caused by fa73c1937364872560c509f02b3d7648a5bed006 and/or d27cc3bfaafe6b5b0831e88afb1c46311d382a0b
<tumashu>rekado_: I have try clean-go, but have same error...
<rekado_>yeah, I just did the same :-/
<rekado_>wrote an email to guix-devel
<rekado_>for now you may need to locally revert fa73c1937364872560c509f02b3d7648a5bed006 and d27cc3bfaafe6b5b0831e88afb1c46311d382a0b.
<epronk>I created an Ubuntu vm with lxd and guixsd in a contrainer. I can give anyone access who wants to have a play.
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<OriansJ`>good morning guix
<quiliro>i can connect on wpa with wpa_supplicant as the guix info page says but not on an unencrypted network
<quiliro>how can i connect to wireless when i know the ssid but the network is not encrypted
<quiliro>i see iwconfig can be used
<quiliro>does guix usb installer contain it?
<quiliro>how can i know what package has iwconfig?
<quiliro>will check
<quiliro>be right back if it does not work