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<janneke>ACTION -> zZzz
<OriansJ>janneke: I'll be playing with that shortly. It looks like you are making good progress with your hex3 route :D
<reepca>woohoo, register-path now passes the one test now that it honors environment variables! \\o/
<janneke>reepca: \\o/
<reepca>Now I just need to figure out how to reply to my own post... I don't seem to have received it, so how can I reply to it?
<janneke>reepca: post to a mailing list?
<reepca>ah never mind, turns out I did get it but the gmail reader wasn't showing it (in any category!). Gnus does though, when I tell it to.
<reepca>janneke: yeah, to guix-devel specifically
<reepca>I suppose I should double-check... should a second patch on the same topic be posted as a reply to the first patch, or as another top-level post?
<epronk>janneke: I found a clue here about boot process.
<janneke>hey - good morning, epronk!
<epronk>yes, good evening janneke!
<epronk>17:00pm in my cloud. :-)
<epronk>janneke: In grub it says: --load=/gnu/store/abcd123-system/boot Which is a guile program.
<epronk>janneke: and a bunch of thing happen before shepherd starts.
<epronk>janneke: At the bottom of that post is says ""My initial intent for the potluck was actually quite different: I wanted to push Guile in the init process, via the nice dmd released some time ago [6,7]. Something for the next few weeks/months."
<janneke>epronk: arg, sorry i thought i showed you that boot script -- and now i read mkdir-p /var/run...forgot about that too :-(
<janneke>epronk: yeah, nice post to read :-)
<janneke>dmd is what the shepherd was used to be called before
<epronk>janneke: When shepherd starts it complains about missing users and groups.
<epronk>janneke: when I boot the usb-installer in qemu a lot of things happen before shepherd starts. I wonder what creates those users.
<epronk>janneke: .../boot also has (primitive-load "/gnu/store/abcd123-activate")
<epronk>janneke: I guess what is required is an binary that calls /gnu/store/abcd123-system/boot
<epronk>prep dinner
<janneke>epronk looks like it, nice to see this btw, lat0r!
<catonano>Good morning, Guix
<janneke>good morning catonano!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>rekado_: thoughts on with your former-haskeller glasses on? :-0
<janneke>hi civodul!
<civodul>heya janneke!
<civodul>congrats on the recent Mes release BTW!
<janneke>civodul: thanks! OriansJ and i are now working to connect stage0->mes, very exciting
<janneke>also, two friends of mine (epronk and Rutger) are now deeply looking into Guix; which makes me very happy
<quigonjinn>I have installed guixsd with encrypted root and the system fails to boot (i'm getting thrown in repl) most of the times. One out of probably 10 tries to boot didn't fail, and asked me for luks passphrase as normal. The same configuration (with different luks uuids) has worked on other machines. Any ideas?
<quigonjinn>backtrace suggests the error is happening in the boot-system procedure, but I don't know how to look for more info
<rekado_>civodul: are finalizations ordered? There can be more than one, right?
<quigonjinn>actually, the last line of ,bt is: '(scm-error misc-error #f "~A ~S" ("LUKS partition n*" *) *)' , where * a filled square
<rekado_>oh, there’s more…
<Wysteriary[m]>Is the "GNU Distribution" section of the manual primarily aimed at users of GuixSD?
<Wysteriary[m]>as opposed to users who just have Guix on top of another distro
<Sleep_Walker>Is there armhf image of GuixSD somewhere?
<efraim>Sleep_Walker: not yet
<Sleep_Walker>efraim: not even some alpha stage?
<Sleep_Walker>something, which could live in container
<quigonjinn>that error seems to occur in the open-luks-device procedure, because the partition can't be found by luks uuid. But the same system configuration did boot once, so i suspect it's some bug in the procedure.
<quiliro>Hello...I have a dilema. I only have one USB port and I don't have an onboard working libre WiFi. (I currently have Guix on Debian on the machine.) How can I install GuixSD in this case?
<sneek>Welcome back quiliro, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>quiliro, rekado says: Re mirror: Have my previous hints about how to set it up not been helpful? Is there something specific you need help with?
<sneek>quiliro, rekado says: Re python/Qt: You have to make sure that you’re using Python from Guix and that the PYTHONPATH variable only lists module paths from Guix.
<quiliro>rekado: regarding python, I will not need the python path any more. I will install GuixSD so the only python will be from Guix.
<quiliro>rekado_: i will try what you have suggested on this machine i will install GuixSD on
<davidl>guix refresh gives me a 502 Bad Gateway error from
<davidl>and same with guix pull.
<quigonjinn>is there any way to view the boot log when i am thrown into repl due to boot failure?
<quiliro>rekado_: regarding python, I will not need the python path any more. I will install GuixSD so the only python will be from Guix.
<quiliro>sneek: tell rekado: regarding python, I will not need the python path any more. I will install GuixSD so the only python will be from Guix.
<sneek>rekado:, quiliro says: regarding python, I will not need the python path any more. I will install GuixSD so the only python will be from Guix.
<efraim>Sleep_Walker: I'm working on putting together an aarch64 install image, I image if I get it working most of it will apply to armhf also
<efraim>I should also try just an OS config file and see how that goes
<Sleep_Walker>efraim: good
<Sleep_Walker>efraim: I was thinking that I could use the same way as I do on my laptop - `guix system init' - and see the result
<efraim>Sleep_Walker: I was going to try just building it first, and if that worked throwing it in a vm
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<efraim>Ruby-concurrent was failing on aarch64 last time I checked, so not just arm
<quiliro>how can i prepare an offline installation USB for the desktop.scm
<davidl>quiliro: if you have a running GuixSD system you could clone the hd (booting from a usb) with dd and then clone again to target disk (given that target hd is at least as big).
<davidl>or if your harddrive is huge you could repartition target to be same as source and then use partclone which only copies necessary data (not empty blocks).
<quiliro>davidl: i do not have a working guixsd installation...i want this to make an installation offline
<quiliro>i have a 120 GB disk
<quiliro>about 100GB free
<quiliro>how can i make a hydra mirror?
<quiliro>that will solve part of my problem
<davidl>ok. I don't know then. I have however seen some detailed guide somewhere about how to make your own linux distribution which possibly contains information about how to create an installation image which might be helpful in figuring out how to prepare an install media.
<quiliro>possibly if i can make a hydra mirror on debian of this laptop
<quiliro>and then make the installation offline on another machine which i could guix publish
<quiliro>or could make it a hydra mirror itself (mirror of the mirror)
<davidl>quiliro: didn't you just spend a week trying to install GuixSD and then finally succeded?
<quiliro>davidl: yes...but i didn't bring that machine.....i didn't know how to lift a hydra mirror that day either
<quiliro>i could bring that machine another day too
<quiliro>if i could find how to build a hydra mirror
<quiliro>is there some howto?
<quiliro>or could someone guide me?
<davidl>quiliro: here's a list of people who are already hosting hydra:
<davidl>you might wanna ask in fsf-members or something unless someone here is gonna help you.
<quiliro>davidl: chatroom or forum?
<davidl>irc chatroom #fsf-members is what I meant, dunno if any of the staff are there and responsive. the guixsd donate page has a list of people who are hosting mirrors right now and fsf is one of them.
<quiliro>davidl: i sent a message...will wait
<quiliro>davidl: guix publish will not will not host the guixsd packages if done from guix on debian
<davidl>oops ^^ didn't think about that.
<quiliro>plus i i
<quiliro>will not be able to insert two usb devices
<quiliro>how long would it take for a core 2 duo processor and 1MB/s connection install guixsd with desktop?
<Gamayun>I have light-desktop on a core 2 duo... Think it took a bit over an hour with our previous internet connection.
<quiliro>Gamayun: cool
<quiliro>what packages did you install?
<Gamayun>Dunno, that was a while ago... Last time I installed bare-bones.scm first, and then reconfigured afterwards.
<quiliro>Gamayun: what config did you use on reconfigure?
<quiliro>it took me 45 minutes on a celeron d for bare-bones.scm
<Gamayun>Just a slightly modified light-desktop.scm - don't have it handy here atm.
<quiliro>i would like to learn to use emacs for everything
<quiliro>how much extra did the reconfigure take?
<quiliro>how much the bare-bones part?
<Gamayun>Fairly long ;)
<Gamayun>We have pretty 100MB/s connection here now (hydra doesn't keep up with that). So the bare-bones bit doesn't take long. But reconfiguring takes a good bit though - I've just left it to install though and found it finished some time later :P
<quiliro>Gamayun: ok...thank you
<quiliro>Gamayun: so 10 minutes to bare-bones and 50 to light-desktop?
<quiliro>if there are not other sugestions, will try to find a powered usb hub now
<reepca>quiliro: Regarding the issue of no wifi and needing to guix system init, you could add another partition to your hard drive for the GuixSD install, then guix system init straight from debian to there (if there are issues with this I'm not aware of, others let me know!). If you want extra packages you can't get online afterwards, you can get them using guix archive to export from a store with internet access and to import into guixsd.
<quiliro>reepca: so i still need another machine with guixsd?
<reepca>quiliro: if you can't get internet access on it, yeah - but after it's installed that one USB port should be open for use, so it shouldn't be an issue.
<Gamayun>quiliro: More like 30 minutes bare-bones, and 80 for my desktop config. ;b
<reepca>basically you can get around the issue of "preparing an offline installation image" by installing straight from debian
<quiliro>reepca: i can get the other machine here. i can even leave it here for a few days. that machine has ethernet. so i can connect it and download the packages needed for guix publish.
<quiliro>reepca: what i ask is if i can do it in this machine without needing that machine. this machine has only one usb port which is busy with wifi card and has debian with guix installed in it
<quiliro>i can reboot on a live and resize partition
<quiliro>Gamayun: thank you for the info
<quiliro>the partition is ext4
<reepca>quiliro: that's exactly what I'm suggesting - reboot to live, ensure a partition for GuixSD of sufficient size exists, then boot to Debian and "guix system init" from there while the wifi stick is plugged in.
<civodul>rekado_: no, finalizations are not ordered, which is not so great
<civodul>finalizations aside, each service type with its 'extend' operation is a monoid
<quiliro>reepca: i will do that now. will you guide me? because i am not sure if i understood correctly. i think i did though!
<civodul>rekado_: 'extend' is not necessarily commutative though
<quiliro>reepca: when i reeboot will you guide me?
<reepca>quiliro: sure, there are some steps in the normal install process you can (should) skip when installing from a hosted guix
<quiliro>reepca: great...will be right back
<quiliro>in about 15 minutes
<dTal>So judging from the channel history you can probably guess the issue I'm having
<dTal>I too have a single functioning USB port and a wifi card that requires proprietary firmware
<reepca>dTal: are you also planning to install GuixSD on that system?
<dTal>be a bit off-topic to mention it in here if I weren't :)
<dTal>I'll be honest I didn't really think it through, I just had a spare laptop that needed something on it and I'm most intruiged by GuixSD
<reepca>Just wondering - it's a bit of a pain to keep up-to-date without internet accesss. I'm guessing you have a USB wifi thingy though?
<dTal>I don't have a USB wifi thing actually
<dTal>nor would that be a good solution for me as it would consume the single USB port
<dTal>I understand, from reading channel logs, that this community is fairly ironclad on not supporting proprietary firmware
<reepca>that's the idea, aye
<rekado_>dTal: do you have ethernet?
<dTal>rekado_: yes, I can at least get the thing online during an install
<adamvy>dTal: what model of laptop do you have?
<dTal>Oh so many :) This particular laptop is a Thinkpad W500
<dTal>(which also wants various proprietary things for full GPU functionality - I'm prepared to give that up, but wifi is a dealbreaker)
<adamvy>can you change the internal wifi chip to something like this?
<adamvy>although I think most lenovo bios restrict which wifi chips you can actually use
<reepca>and the odds of coreboot or libreboot supporting it seem rather slim... situations like this make me wish I knew more about reverse-engineering.
<adamvy>hmm libreboot actually has a guide on flashing the T500 and suggest the W500 should be mostly compatible
<reepca>Did not know that. Cool!
<dTal>I'm a tad nervous about "mostly compatible"
<dTal>also it looks like LibreBoot doesn't support the ATI card at all
<civodul>reepca, rekado_: i just commented on the register-path patch, pretty cool!
<civodul>hey cbaines
<civodul>cbaines: you don't have commit access, do you?
<dTal>oh jeez and I need an EEPROM programmer too?
<adamvy>yeah libreboot won't support the ATI card
<adamvy>you'd have to use coreboot, which includes the bios blobs for initializing the panel
<adamvy>but yeah, it would be an adventure
<adamvy>not for the faint of heart
<reepca>quiliro: I have to go for a couple hours in about 15 minutes, so if you have any questions, ask them now
<quiliro>i could not reboot debian in rEFInd after repartitioning for creating the GuixSD partition
<quiliro>i don't know what to do now
<reepca>well that's problematic. What was your disk layout like before?
<quiliro>could i install from a debian usb?
<quiliro>or parabola usb?
<quiliro>the layout is ok
<quiliro>just efi won't find debian sda1
<quiliro>sda1 is the efi partition
<quiliro>sda3 is swap
<quiliro>and the new disk space freed from sda2 is now sda4
<quiliro>i booted in guixsd usb again and i can see the partitions
<reepca>what exactly did you change from the live usb?
<reepca>I'm guessing shrunk sda2 and created sda4?
<reepca>which partition table type are you using (parted --list)?
<Gamayun>If UEFI you could posb. make a boot entry and boot the kernel directly... But some firmwares are a bit funny about that...
<reepca>sorry quiliro, I need to go now - I'll be back in a couple hours, hopefully the others here can help you
<catonano>debbugs-gnu suddenly doesn't work anymore
<catonano>url-expand-file-name confused - no deffault?
<quiliro>Gamayun: i cannot mount the shunk partition
<quiliro>perhaps i can recover the old partitioning scheme
<quiliro>i used parted to resize
<quiliro>can i rescue ?