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<janneke>paroneayea: hmm, let me update my npm branch
<janneke>ACTION pushed first commit!
<mekeor>i can suspend my laptop with a special function-key. how can i do that on command-line? (i guess this is a question related to shepherd?)
<paroneayea>hey janneke !
<paroneayea>janneke: pushed where? :)
<janneke>paroneayea: oh, i see i'm sending confusing things :-)
<janneke>just pushed mes 0.6, my first commit to guix@savannah
<paroneayea>janneke: nice :)
<janneke>...aaand updated my npm branch at gitlab:
<paroneayea>janneke: btw :)
<paroneayea>some nice words, unprompted!
<janneke>wow, great to see Mes is getting noticed
<janneke>ACTION -> zZzz
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<jlicht>yay for npm antibitrot stuff :D
<jlicht>but it seems my laptop just melted compiling some stuff
<jlicht>rip :´(
<DoublePlusGood23>weird. `guix pull` on my ubuntu server uses guile 2.2 and 2.0.1 on guixsd
<Salt>net hiccuped and I'm uncertain if my previous message went through, if so, apologies for the dup.'
<Salt>Hello, I am looking to deploy an alternative package manager on a large clustered system. However, there is the rather large limitation of not having root access. Currently reviewing Guix, Nix, and JuNest as potential options. Are there any other recommendations? And has anyone had experience running Guix without root?
<lfam>Salt: Yes, we've been experimenting with totally root-less Guix. To summarize, it's still a work-in-progress and requires a modified workflow or not-officially-supported hacks, but we are very interested in making this a supported feature.
<Salt>lfam, we are very interested in not having to install everything from scratch via hacks!
<lfam>Salt: Some options are relocatable Guix, `guix pack`, and Guix with proot
<lfam>Guix with proot:
<lfam>I think this is the right link for relocatable Guix:
<Salt>lfam, I saw the proot thread and have considered giving it a shot. We are on a large cluster running RHEL and I want to have a pretty good deployment plan before beginning.
<lfam>That is the right person, anyways. He is using it in production on HPC systems
<lfam>And `guix pack`:
<Salt>wow, pack looks like cool functionality
<lfam>guix pack *is* supported officially
<Salt>definitely sounds like pjotrp is a person to talk due to similar use cases
<lfam>But a slightly different workflow
<Salt>lfam, thanks for the links, I'll take a look but that pjotrp has it working on similar servers, gives me hope
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<DoublePlusGood23>Where should I set the $GUILE_LOAD_PATH for offloading?
<j-r>I ran guix pull on a guixsd box, offload seemds to have broken. Is this expected right now?
<rekado>DoublePlusGood23: you need to reconfigure to get GuixSD onto Guile 2.2.
<rekado>I get “Some deprecated features have been used.” all the time after running “make” in Guix.
<rekado>Should I set GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED=no or is there something we can change to avoid this?
<efraim>I ignored it
<efraim>I think it was fixed in a later commit? Something about ice 9
<janneke>does this ring a bell, GLIBCXX_3_4.21 not found? -- out/helloworld/c++03/test: /gnu/store/7k893g1r03vk2n4nkpj1a9ldchy7k9s1-gcc-4.9.4-lib/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found (required by /home/janneke/src/verum/.profile/lib/
<efraim>janneke The glibc part looks like when you run 'make clean' and still have .go files that arent removed and get referenced
<rekado>janneke: this looks like you’ve built something outside of Guix and the libraries it was linked against have been upgraded.
<pmikkelsen>hi #guix!
<janneke>rekado: yeah, it looks like that -- however this is on GuixSD
<janneke>so...something wrong with boost library's dependencies perhaps
<efraim>the upgrade to qt-5.8.0 is coming along nicely
<civodul>Hello Guix!
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<efraim>qtscript has many many tests
<civodul>howdy mbakke_!
<brendyyn>Should the manual still recommend `dd' for writing the install image instead of another tool like `cat' ?
<Tsutsukakushi>cat doesn't have status=progress
<Tsutsukakushi>(and can't be SIGUSR1'd)
<brendyyn>cat was 10 times faster for me
<b11111000000>hello guix!
<brendyyn>What do you need those for?
<Tsutsukakushi>i need them to see progress
<Tsutsukakushi>nice especially when writing to a very slow device
<brendyyn>well the manual doesn't metion use of them
<brendyyn>and you can do cat /proc/PID/fdinfo/0
<Tsutsukakushi>also the cat usage isn't as clear
<Tsutsukakushi>sudo cat > device won't work
<brendyyn>why not?
<Tsutsukakushi>sudo doesn't apply to redirections
<Tsutsukakushi>you'd have to do
<Tsutsukakushi>sudo bash -c "cat guix.iso > device"
<Tsutsukakushi>cat guix.iso | sudo tee device >/dev/null
<b11111000000>sudo tee
<Tsutsukakushi>ofc with <
<Tsutsukakushi>instead of cat
<brendyyn>What about ddrescue?
<Tsutsukakushi><guix.iso sudo tee device >/dev/null
<Tsutsukakushi>this isn't very clear anymore
<Tsutsukakushi>for many people
<Tsutsukakushi>where as dd if= of= is quite clear
<Tsutsukakushi>most people don't have ddrescue installed
<brendyyn>Does it matter when it's 10 times faster?
<brendyyn>su; cat A /dev/sdX
<brendyyn>su; cat A > /dev/sdX
<Tsutsukakushi>sure, you could tell people to do that
<brendyyn>Seems about as clear as if and of
<Tsutsukakushi>the cat will only be executed after the su exits
<Tsutsukakushi>and cat will still be executed as you and not root
<brendyyn>sudo sh -c 'cat A > /dev/sbX'
<Tsutsukakushi>that would work
<brendyyn>by ;, i just mean press enter
<Tsutsukakushi>but it's not as clear for many people
<b11111000000>you're dangrous guys
<Tsutsukakushi>not all people know what sh -c does
<Tsutsukakushi>but dd if= of= is really quite self-explanatory
<brendyyn>It's hardly any different what people copy&paste from a manual
<Tsutsukakushi>it would be better if they didn't copy paste
<brendyyn>same thing. read and type
<Tsutsukakushi>it's a bad habit
<Tsutsukakushi>when you read and type you can't be paste-jacked
<brendyyn>you're missing the point. I mean in terms of understading
<b11111000000>guix-install: error: will not preceed with blocklists
<brendyyn>It's pretty arbitrary to be insistant on dd because of some apparent difference in comprehensibility you suppose exists.
<b11111000000>it failed to install GRUB on /dev/sda
<b11111000000>there is no "boot" column in fdisk output and not possible to set any boot partition. How to install it anyway?
<b11111000000>this is the last step of the guix installation to the notebook owned by a pretty girl, who loves gnu's and freedom, please, any ideas how to finish that installation!
<b11111000000> wtf "guix-install: error: will not preceed with blocklists "
<brendyyn>b11111000000: You didn't type sda1 instead of sda?
<b11111000000>there is sda1 and sda2 , why I can't set boot flag in fdisk/cfdisk?
<slyfox>is it mbr or gpt partititoning?
<slyfox>does gpt have a notion of "boot flag"?
<b11111000000>sda1 has "Attributes: LegacyBIOSBootable", and so, why it cannot install grub? how to fix it or how to use syslinux instead?
<slyfox>yeah, found bit in th spec as well
<brendyyn>How can I export the entire /gnu/store with guix archive?
<rekado>I don’t think that’s the intended use case for guix archive.
<rekado>you can export recursively, but that requires a node that has links to all other items.
<brendyyn>Then how is it done
<rekado>ACTION goes afk
<rekado>ACTION is back
<rekado>my workstation finished building the latest JDK all the way from the bootstrap
<rekado>I guess this means it’s working :)
<rekado>I really hope that it will also work for other architectures.
<rekado>GCJ already didn’t really work well on other architectures
<rekado>let’s see how this will fare
<efraim>Gcj worked on aarch64
<janneke>rekado: fixed my boost/glibc problem: boost was missing from my profile
<janneke>do not fully understand yet: boost was not in my profile but it got linked to anyway...some old version
<rekado>oof, big problem at work
<rekado>I thought I had disabled “guix gc” for our shared installation.
<rekado>but I didn’t and someone ran “guix gc”, which deleted profiles that were not linked to the approved locations that are accessible by the daemon.
<wingo>irritating :/
<rekado>some users linked custom profiles to private locations, so when the daemon tries to trace them it cannot and concludes that the profiles are stale
<rekado>I always tell people to only create custom profiles in their home directories because they are accessible or in a shared default location, yet some ignore this and now had to pay :(
<rekado>ZFS snapshots to the rescue
<civodul>rekado: so they had profiles in a directory not accessible on the machine that runs guix-daemon, right?
<b11111000000>We solve this: guix finally installed on ACER laptop. GPT can be converted to MBR by gdisk without data loss even without umounting /dev/sda1
<rekado>civodul: right. It’s not a bug.
<rekado>Just a problem with users failing to follow instructions.
<rekado>we have daily ZFS snapshots, though, so I’ll just copy all store items and gcroots from before
<brendyyn>b11111000000: Can't gpt be installed on?
<b11111000000>brendyyn: with gpt grub fails: error: will not preceed with blocklists (but this setup works fine with archlinux before)
<brendyyn>personally I've never figured out how to boot from a gpt disk before
<civodul>rekado: when first exposed to functional package managers and rollback, many people say "why not just use ZFS?" ;-)
<b11111000000>civodul: and why?
<rekado>civodul: hah :)
<civodul>b11111000000: because ZFS supports rollback at the file system level
<civodul>why is it not enough? because the file system has no notion of what a "package" or what a "system config" is
<brendyyn>Hmm, how can I install guix onto another drive from a GuixSD installation? the install.scm seems to have this cow-store stuff but my actual desktop isstallation doesn't have that.
<civodul>brendyyn: you can use "guix system init"
<civodul>with --no-grub though
<brendyyn>no grub?
<brendyyn>Then I can't boot into it?
<brendyyn>I just want to move this installation over to a new drive I bought
<civodul>well you don't have to use --no-grub, but you have to make sure you specify the right device in 'grub-configuration' :-)
<civodul>IOW, be careful ;-)
<brendyyn>Yeah I think I did that
<brendyyn>It's ok If I break it, I'll just wait for 0.13 and start again
<brendyyn>It's been years since I used GNOME though. I sorely missed my tiling WM ;[
<ng0>there's more than just gnome :)
<ng0>oh, past tense
<brendyyn>Yeah I'm real unsure what I want. I want to have automounting drives, connecting to wifi and all that stuff, but tiling without all the junk and inefficiency
<rekado>brendyyn: for automounting you may want to install gvfs in the system profile
<brendyyn>I end up with this frankenstein's moster of a setup where I use the command line most of the time but then I have pcmanfm since it's exhausting to type directory names with tab completion all the time instead of clicking on them
<rekado>brendyyn: you might like dired in Emacs.
<rekado>dired = directory editor
<rekado>“C-x d” by default, IIRC
<brendyyn>Can I launch programs from it, like be on a .mp4 file and run a quick command to open it up in the default program, mpv?
<efraim>Cab dmenu do that
<brendyyn>dmenu? how?
<brendyyn>dmenu is just a program that lets you run commands?
<efraim>I don't actually know, never used it, but it always gets suggested for opening programs from CLI
<brendyyn>I use dmenu
<brendyyn>But it's not for opening files
<rekado>brendyyn: with dired you hit RET on the file to open it in the editor.
<rekado>brendyyn: you can also install custom actions (this is Emacs, after all)
<rekado>so you could just run xdg-open on the file
<ng0>there's interrobang...
<brendyyn>Emacs is not loading a 200MiB mp4 into a buffer...
<ng0>extensible dmenu more or less
<rekado>brendyyn: it certainly first asked you if you really want to visit a large file.
<efraim>Which package has xdg-open? that's most often how I open image files
<rekado>xdg-utils, I think
<rekado>brendyyn: in dired go to the file you want to operate on, then hit ! and input xdg-open.
<rekado>for me this plays back videos and audio files just fine
<efraim>I should see if vifm has something similar
<efraim>And I should remember to install it
<brendyyn>Nice. I need to fix that though since every gets opened up in iceweasel at the mmoment
<efraim>I sometimes wonder if our links program is missing something. works fine but most others come out ugly and misspaced
<ng0>what do you mean?
<efraim>The links website looks the same in Firefox and 'links -g'
<ng0>some websites aren't made for any browser anymore. text browsers are bit limited then with css styling etc :/
<civodul>rekado: waiting for feedback from mbakke_ regarding UEFI, so i guess the release will be for another day :-/
<efraim>If it needs testing I have another macbook with uefi that I'd love to beat up more
<efraim>I have the qt5.8.0 update on the aarch64 board, just need to split it into a couple of patches
<efraim>Qtwebkit is probably a bit much for it though :/
<ng0>was there some consensus on qtwebengine or what the long discussion was about?
<efraim>I don't think there was a consensus in the end
<efraim>I don't know how much security issues there could be from their version of chromium
<efraim>But reading their release notes it sounds like its not just taken vanilla from upstream
<Sn0wDay>Hello everyone. Guys I have a one qustion. Is is possible to install GuixSD though USB stick in UEFI (non legacy BIOS) system ?
<Sn0wDay>I'v tried to put official Guix image into the USB stick but it do not loading... blank screen....
<Sn0wDay>But ubunto or fedora are booting from the same USB stick
<ng0>you can wait one or two days and have full uefi support in the image :)
<Sn0wDay>heh ! Really ? :)
<Sn0wDay>What will be throug 2 days ? :)
<ng0>0.13 release
<Sn0wDay>Cool ! :)
<dimaursu16>I'm trying the advices and commands that Ludo gave me on the mailing list
<dimaursu16>finally I see all the packages
<dimaursu16>but, when I try to get the sources of linux-libre
<dimaursu16>with guix build --sources=transitive linux-libre
<dimaursu16>I get an error: guix susbstitute: error: download from "<long-string>-kmod-23.tar.xz
<dimaursu16>is my system out of date?
<dimaursu16>or did that package disappeared?
<rekado>civodul: okay. I’ll submit my pick for NEWS tonight; today was rough.
<rekado>civodul: May I cherry-pick to the release branch or would that screw things up?
<rekado>e.g. the glibc-hurd fixes
<efraim>dimaursu16: add --fallback after build
<efraim>If the source is gone it'll try to fetch it from upstream
<ng0>I hope that my 'laptop can only boot from bios' problem is fixed when I redo it with 0.13
<civodul>rekado: yes, we could merge almost everything but the bootloader series
<civodul>ACTION goes afk for a bit
<dimaursu16>that seemed to work :) thanks, efraim
<barreyra>Hi, everyone. I tried to give GuixSD a shot on an old Mac Pro I have, but the system didn't recognize the USB stick as a bootable device. Has anyone had experience with a similar set-up?
<brendyyn>hmm didn't work. ended up with failed to register /gnu/store/...activate-service under /root/mnt
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<paroneayea>ACTION sees zfs mentioned in scrollback
<paroneayea>I assume we still don't support zfs for licensing reasons tho?
<paroneayea>ACTION still wonders sometimes if it's time to use btrfs yet
<happy_gnu>how can I go back to a previous generation on emacs
<happy_gnu>I am on generation 5
<paroneayea>heya happy_gnu :)
<happy_gnu>but I would like to go to generation 4
<happy_gnu>hi paroneayea :)
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: if it's just one package upgrade / generation back you can use
<paroneayea>guix package --roll-back
<happy_gnu>oh great paroneayea :)
<paroneayea>there's also some "generation" arguments under "guix package --help"
<paroneayea>but I never use them
<happy_gnu>my problem is that I wanted to install mit-scheme
<paroneayea>mainly because I use the emacs guix interface
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: cool! mit-scheme is neat.
<happy_gnu>but I selected documentationd and it started an almost 2 gb download of latex i think :/
<happy_gnu>so I canceled it
<happy_gnu>but everything I do it starts the download again
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: if you cancel an upgrade mid-upgrade, it should stay at the previous version
<rekado>happy_gnu: unfortunately, our handling of texlive isn’t great.
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: guix is atomic
<rekado>happy_gnu: I’m going to work on this very soon.
<paroneayea>rekado: oooooh
<paroneayea>rekado: I'm going to have to send you chocolate or something if you get that improved :)
<rekado>heh :)
<rekado>I’ll be glad if nobody throws tomatos at me for delaying this for so long.
<happy_gnu>paroneayea: texlive-20160523b-texmf.tar.xz 1.93GiB 886KiB/s 00:12
<happy_gnu>why :(
<rekado>happy_gnu: this is the *complete* texlive distribution.
<happy_gnu>do I really need texlive for mit-scheme :/
<rekado>it includes almost *everything* from CTAN
<rekado>ACTION sends cover letter about Java bootstrap to guix-patches
<Tsutsukakushi>packages that need texlive to build documentation should ship documentation separately
<happy_gnu>Tsutsukakushi: it seems like mit-scheme has documentation apart
<happy_gnu>but I don't know why it keeps installing that
<rekado>texlive will not be a problem in the future
<rekado>it’s only problematic when downloading it all at once
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: (an aside:) what are you planning on working on with mit-scheme?
<Tsutsukakushi>it's problematic if you don't want it
<happy_gnu>paroneayea: I am just learning :)
<happy_gnu>I am learning programing with lisp
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: well, I hope you are a happy gnu indeed :)
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: ooooh! you're learning programming altogether, and lisp?
<paroneayea>or just learning lisp? :)
<happy_gnu>yes :)
<happy_gnu>both programing and lisp
<paroneayea>I learned to program by extending emacs
<happy_gnu>I am reading the book
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: which book... SICP?
<happy_gnu>yes that
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: quite an introduction
<happy_gnu>I am doing a course of MIT with classes and SICP
<happy_gnu>the videos are from 1986 or something like that
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: that's great. I've been programming for > 10 years and I only started with SICP recently
<happy_gnu>I know a little bit of python and javascript
<paroneayea>I've wished I had done it sooner
<happy_gnu>but Lisp seems soooooo much simpler
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: (btw SICP works pretty well with guile too)
<happy_gnu>by some reason I like this a lot more
<paroneayea>mit-scheme is cool though
<happy_gnu>I didn't know that!
<happy_gnu>so I can use guile :D
<paroneayea>but maybe guile would be less of a headache for you at the moment if you didn't want to go through that big download :)
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: yes, there are maybe a couple of small things but they should be obvious
<happy_gnu>wait give me a moment
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: the main thing to know is that "true" => #t and "false" => #f
<paroneayea>well minus the quotes, they don't appear as strings in the book :)
<paroneayea>I think most other things still work out of the box
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: since you are already using emacs, I also recommend using Geiser
<happy_gnu>what quotes?¡
<happy_gnu>yes I went to scratch
<paroneayea>I just meant the book doesn't put quotes around "true"
<paroneayea>and maybe smartparens (or some people like paredit, but I find smartparens more forgiving)
<happy_gnu>and I did m-x scheme-mode
<happy_gnu>and then I have to do m-x run-geiser
<happy_gnu>but it says I don't have guile :/
<happy_gnu>I thought I had
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: should be easy to install :)
<happy_gnu>so all of the things I write will work :) that is good enough for me
<happy_gnu>yeah I am installing now :)
<happy_gnu>I have parabola but I also have guix
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: cool, I wish you luck and happiness in hacking :)
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: aha guix as a userspace package manager?
<paroneayea>I did that on Debian for about a year (I'm on GuixSD now)
<happy_gnu>Guix is good because a few things break on parabola
<happy_gnu>like mit-scheme :/ which required an old package
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: well, I hope you enjoy guile and guix and sicp :)
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: btw #guile is also a delightful place to be
<happy_gnu>or Icecat broke my first on parabola so I inmediatly installed guix :)
<happy_gnu>paroneayea: you are very kind :)
<brendyyn>happy_gnu: I'm studying those too
<paroneayea>there's also #scheme but I don't spend as much time in there
<happy_gnu>I am building guile now with --fallback
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: uhoh is it compiling? :)
<happy_gnu>well, I am trying to not asking for help
<brendyyn>happy_gnu: But I use guile. You don't need to bother with some old version of scheme
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: did you set up the substitutes key for hydra btw?
<happy_gnu>I recently read that today people than learns programming don't have the patiente to fix their mistakes
<happy_gnu>so I try to fix my mistakes and make it work even if that takes hours
<happy_gnu>no paroneayea I think I did not :/ I just followed the instructions on the page
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: I don't know about that... but, learning sicp will help you learn more about what the tradeoffs and core ideas behind languages are
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: ah! You probably want to do it, it'll mean a lot less compiling :)
<happy_gnu>yeah compiling takes a really long time :/
<happy_gnu>bash: (spanish) No directory or file
<happy_gnu>i did this bash:
<happy_gnu>sorry this
<happy_gnu>guix archive --authorize <
<efraim>Looks like GHM is full
<happy_gnu>ohh I had to add hydra public key :/
<happy_gnu>paroneayea: yes I have guile now :D
<happy_gnu>thanks paroneayea :)
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: cool
<happy_gnu>paroneayea: what you must know a lot about programming
<happy_gnu>now I can evaluate with guile :) great
<rekado>efraim: really?
<efraim>rekado: just got an email from John on the GHM maillinglist
<rekado>efraim: I could free my spot
<efraim>rekado: no, its ok
<efraim>I emailed asking for clarification if its full full or first pay first serve
<rekado>efraim: I think your work on aarch64 would be very suitable for a presentation there.
<rekado>efraim: feel free to think this over and let me know if you want to go and present. I would be happy to give up my registration. Just send me an email and we’ll work it out.
<happy_gnu>paroneayea: I am really happy, thank you :)
<efraim>I'll think about it
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: :)
<happy_gnu>paroneayea: do you like to play games?
<paroneayea>happy_gnu: yes?
<happy_gnu>we have a channel #lgn is Libre Game Night
<paroneayea>ah :)
<happy_gnu>We play libre games :)
<happy_gnu>wanna join us
<paroneayea>sure, joined
<catonano>There were some "flippant" registrations. I hope that when cleaned from those, the GHM is not actually overbooked
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<janneke>rekado: what does #guix do for devops/ that currently all manually/outside of guix?
<rekado>janneke: I think so. Sadly, we still don’t have guixops.
<janneke>ACTION has some devops friends who ask about how guix could help
<rekado>I’m only using GuixSD on a single server at work at this point.
<janneke>okay...but we do have dreams, aspirations, wishes, ideas, plans...right?
<rekado>it helps in that you can have a full operating system specification per “role” and then use some other system to apply specs to roles.
<rekado>oh yes, we do!
<rekado>paroneayea and davexunit have thought more about this than I have.
<paroneayea>janneke: I think the GuixOps dream still lives in here... there have been some baby steps lately by Guix being deployed on Digital Ocean and such places
<davexunit>janneke: yes we do have dreams
<rekado>in its current state Guix can help, but it requires additional tools to manage things.
<paroneayea>janneke: putting the actual code into doing deployment stuff will take time; we still have davexunit's sketch-branch
<paroneayea>I think guile-ssh getting to be pretty good is also good news
<janneke>thanks! rekado, davexunit, paroneayea ... I'm green to large scale/datacenter stuff
<davexunit>yeah guile-ssh will be a key component
<davexunit>if I had tons of spare time I would like to make a guile interface to aws cloudformation to deploy guixsd systems
<rekado>janneke: during the FOSDEM dinners cbaines talked about ideas using Guix with Kubernetes.
<rekado>but I don’t know anything about Kubernetes to comment on this
<janneke>rekado: okay...
<rekado>sorry for not being helpful. I only know puppet and ansible, but these systems come with their own configuration language, so there’s no meaningful way to integrate them with Guix.
<rekado>maybe cbaines wil chime in and share some ideas
<janneke>rekado: no need to say you're not helpful! I've heard about puppet/ansible/chef but don't even know if any of them is functional or could work together with guix, or innspire guix...just wondering over here ;-)
<ng0>should I send the plymouth patch from around december to the guix-patches list? we need to think about how to integrate this into the system, and I think tracking it there helps. what do you think?
<ng0>plymouth is this pre-boot application which would come in right after grub and has to be in the initrd or something
<solene>hello, I bought a new netbook and it only supports boot through uefi, is there a way to install GuixSD on it ? The usb image provided doesn't seems compatible, my bios doesn't find a bootable things on my usb memory stick
<ng0>solene: with the new release which is about to happen pretty soon if all goes well, we will have uefi support.
<solene>ng0: nice ! would it be possible to generate an img from a computer running guix ?
<ng0>yes, see but I don't know how much of the uefi patches are merged right now
<rain1>what does it mean: guix system: error: copy-file: Success "/mnt/gnu/store/..."
<solene>ng0: thanks for this links, I was searching into the manual
<ng0>no problem
<ng0>wrt plymouth: it needs at least one addition to the grub config
<ng0>that would be a cross-service dependency I haven't looked in (yet)
<ng0>otherwise, the package is assumed to be working
<ng0>Gentoo advises to disable the linux logo because it caused issues on many systems with plymouth. that's another change we'd have to make (or test if it is still true)
<ng0>I think I will just post the patch and what I found out. It's on my todo list, but maybe someone wants to do it
<civodul>rain1: most likely the VM image was too small and 'copy-file' got ENOSPC but wrongfully returned ESUCCES
<rain1>I think disk space ran out, I will try with 10GB
<civodul>rekado, efraim: my understanding is that one could also sleep at a different hotel yet attend the conference
<civodul>well i don't know but that's my guess
<efraim>They do have 'no lodging' as an option
<civodul>ah good
<jackhill>hmmm, after a guix pull, I'm seeing messages like ;;; WARNING: loading compiled file /home/jackhill/.config/guix/latest/guix/discovery.go failed:
<jackhill>and ;;; ERROR: In procedure load-thunk-from-memory: No such file or directory
<jackhill>This is with Guix running on top of Debian stretch. Ideas?
<jackhill>hmmm guix pull again, seems to have gotten rid of the messages
<rekado>I have a weird bug in my git checkout.
<rekado>I run ./pre-inst-env guix build java-classpathx-servletapi for a new package I built and … nothing happens
<rekado>except that memory usage grows
<rekado>and grows
<rekado>and it consumes everything after enough time has passed
<rekado>when I attach strace I see this line over and over and over:
<rekado>[pid 22649] lstat("/home/rekado/dev/guix-cran-update/guix/build/utils.scm", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=41939, ...}) = 0
<rekado>I wish I could make it tell me why it does this.
<rekado>bleh, that’s frustrating
<rekado>if you have any hints as to why it might do that, please let me know!
<rekado>“./pre-inst-env guix environment guix” is not affected.
<rekado>hmm, maybe it’s something to do with my java bootstrap changes
<rekado>this works: ./pre-inst-env guix build -e '(@@ (gnu packages java) icedtea-6)'
<rekado>this just hangs: ./pre-inst-env guix build -e '(@@ (gnu packages java) icedtea-7)'
<apteryx[m]>civodul: re bridging this channel with (Matrix protocole) would allow matrix and it's users to interact seamlessly. I've been using matrix with the Riot client (available on F-Droid market on Android) to keep track of replies on irc and it's quite nice already. Bridging with matrix would allow matrix users in the channel to initiate file transfers or vidéoconférence between them which wouldn't work at the
<apteryx[m]>moment IIUC.
<apteryx[m]>In other words, I could simply hangout in the Guix channel on instead of freenode and be able to also see and interact with IRC #guix channel users, all at one place.
<civodul>apteryx[m]: sounds good
<civodul>do i have to do anything?
<civodul>(better if not :-))
<civodul>rekado: try to gather as much data
<civodul>rekado: like with and without --no-grafts, with --no-substitutes, etc.
<civodul>whether "rm -rf /var/guix/substitute/cache" makes a difference and so on
<rekado>I’ll investigate this further tomorrow.
<civodul>jackhill: this is a Guile 2.0/2.2 issue
<rekado>looks like a bad package is responsible. It’s unfortunate that there’s no helpful output.
<rekado>I’ll bisect and see if I can pinpoint the source.
<rekado>civodul: I just pushed an update to NEWS
<rekado>ACTION –> zzZ
<efraim>Qtwebkit-5.7.1 doesn't build on aarch64 with qt-5.8.0
<civodul>bug#26966: New Java bootstrap
<efraim>civodul: with the key finally generated on the aarch64 board I was able to turn on guix publish
<civodul>efraim: pretty cool!
<civodul>with --cache or not?
<civodul>you know that --cache is the new cool thing ;-)
<efraim>I didn't know about that
<thekyriarchy>Apteryx: hey what'd I miss haha