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<slyfox>TIL 'guix build' does not resume download of interrupted download of a source file
<slyfox> /gnu/store/xdjl5wxdjghq85nbc9qacgyzh8d54f6y-texlive-20160523b-texmf.tar.xz is 1.93GB. was interrupted after a few hours on 66% due to flaky wifi. started anew
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<civodul>slyfox: please use --no-substitutes for texlive
<civodul>normally doesn't allow it
<civodul>but apparently there's a problem here
<CharlieBrown>rekado: So, Tor works in IceCat, but not in WeeChat or curl.
<slyfox>civodul: hm, i used './pre-inst-env guix build sbcl --no-substitutes -k'. DOes it do the right thing?
<slyfox>oh, yeas. it does:
<civodul>the real bug is on the side of, which was supposed to reject downloads of texlive
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<slyfox>(i use --no-substitutes on core-updates all the time because it does not look like there is anything to share)
<slyfox>meanwhile i've stumbled on another 'modify-phases'-related error
<civodul>i saw a patch of yours but haven't taken the time to review it yet
<slyfox>ACTION git 'send-email'-ed third patch :)
<civodul>that will come!
<CharlieBrown>So... Tor is running, I can browse the Web with Tor, I can connect to IRc services over Tor, but I cannot connect to onions.
<CharlieBrown>How do I find Tor logs?
<civodul>CharlieBrown: /var/log/messages by default (via syslogd)
<j-r>what's the best tool to draw block diagrams? dia?
<CharlieBrown>"Well something is seriously wrong with your Tor config or OS if it is trying to connect to onions via exits."
<CharlieBrown>I don't know what to do. It seems like I just can't connect to onions.
<CharlieBrown>j-r: Yeah, probably dia.
<CharlieBrown>#tor isn't much help.
<CharlieBrown>Can anybody else access .onion sites?
<CharlieBrown>I can't access .onion sites.
<OriansJ>Stage0 has finally made it to release 0.0.5 with the resolving of several outstanding issues.
<DoublePlusGood23>OriansJ: Stage0?
<OriansJ>DoublePlusGood23: Starting only with a 280 byte Hex monitor, bootstrap everything required to build GCC and the Guix framework thus solving the trusting trust attack once and for all
<OriansJ>If you were to take a look, you would see there is a working Text editor, various hex assemblers, a line Macro assembler, a Forth and a garbage collected compacting lisp and all of it can be reproduced perfectly
<DoublePlusGood23>OriansJ: damn. that's crazy
<OriansJ>DoublePlusGood23: and thanks to janneke we might actually complete the full bootstrap alot faster than I previously expected.
<OriansJ>And because I made universal duplication and verification a design requirement. Any arbitrary platform that implements a stage0 VM (which by the way is only 4,397 lines of C code total)
<OriansJ>can produce every single step so far in the exact same number of executed instructions and with every bit identical; Even if one were to use a 6502 or a custom TTL processor
<OriansJ>DoublePlusGood23: So what do you think?
<CharlieBrown>Can't access onions. :-(
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: Is the tor service running?
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: Yes.
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: I can connect to clearnet websites and IRC services through Tor.
<CharlieBrown>Although "torsocks curl" doesn't work.
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: is this related to a recent update?
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: Recent update?
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: This is the first time I've enabled Tor.
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: So, you never had tor before and now are having trouble getting it to work?
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: Yeah. I mean, it works, but not fully.
<brendyn>Can I package software which uses CC non-commercial data (not software)?
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: Are you using the tor browser or just firefox/chrome?
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: IceCat, WeeChat.
<CharlieBrown>Will TBB even run?
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: EDIT->PREFERENCES->ADVANCED->NETWORK->SETTINGS in iceCat, add port 9050 as a socks proxy and then you should be able to hit tor sites like this http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: I already did that. Like I said, Tor works. But, onion sites do not load.
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: Socks5 and remote DNS selected?
<CharlieBrown>>Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5?
<CharlieBrown>IceCat can't find the server at www.3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: Manual proxy configuration selected right?
<OriansJ>brendyn: You can always make a guix package for anything you want but acceptance into the tree generally requires software to be fully free according to the Free Software definition
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: that dark bar on the right, scroll it down to select remote DNS and socks V5
<CharlieBrown>They have been.
<brendyn>OriansJ: I know but I'm asking about data
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: They already were.
<bavier1>brendyn: it may be considered "non-functional data" by the FSDG.
<bavier1>brendyn: if it's freely redistributable it could be included in Guix, but not if there are restrictions on its redistribution
<brendyn>bavier1: If it is a human language dictionary? or offline wiki?
<bavier1>OriansJ: yay for 0.0.5 Stage)
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: and does torsocks curl 'www.3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion' produce the same output as visiting
<CharlieBrown>bavier1: NC is most likely not allowed.
<bavier1>CharlieBrown: indeed
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: curl: relocation error: /gnu/store/rmjlycdgiq8pfy5hfi42qhw3k7p6kdav-glibc-2.25/lib/ symbol _dl_catch_error, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file
<CharlieBrown>.6 with link time reference
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: loads fine in icecat, though
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: are you using guixsd?
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: Yes.
<CharlieBrown>OriansJ: I went to #tor on OTC hours ago, but they were having trouble because GuixSD. We found torrc, but it didn't seem problematic.
<bavier1>latest llvm takes a lot of RAM to build, about 6G at `make -j1`
<OriansJ>CharlieBrown: the problem can be duplicated on any linux with guix installed, hopefully that will allow those who are familiar with tor be able to better troubleshoot the issue.
<OriansJ>bavier1: please tell me that number is when one forgets to turn off runtime performance optimizations right? Because one could make the Stage0 lisp interpreter with only 256KB of RAM
<Apteryx>OriansJ: which lisp interpreter?
<Apteryx>Git worktree/GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH question: I have my main guix install under ~/src/guix; I just finished a new package in a git subtree at ~/src/guix-emacs-dvc. I want to test it; What should I do? I tried setting GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH to ~/src/guix-emacs-dvc, but it still cannot find it.
<Apteryx>I could retarget my ~/.config/guix/latest to point to ~/src/guix-emacs-guix but I'd rather not do that.
<Apteryx>maybe easiest is just to checkout ~/src/guix to my dev branch which has emacs-dvc in it, but that kinds of defeat the idea of working with git worktrees in the first place... Thoughts?
<Apteryx>s/git subtree/git worktree/
<janneke>OriansJ: wow, congrats on the release!
<brendyn>Where can I view the build status of hydra packages? gives me 504
<rekado>brendyn: it’s right there. Try again and it might give you something else other than 504 :)
<CharlieBrown>Jitsi Meet doesn't work in IceCat! T_T
<CharlieBrown>I haven't found any free browser that can use it.
<CharlieBrown>Not even Icedove.
<rekado>Apteryx: have you tried using “./pre-inst-env guix” from ~/src/guix-emacs-dvc?
<Apteryx>rekado: No! That's a good idea.
<Apteryx>Right now I brute forced my way by creating a new non-worktree branch at ~/src/guix and merged my ~/src/guix-emacs-dvc content in it, but it's an ugly solution.
<Apteryx>(I'm back to point 0 which was using branches ;). I'll try your idea next time!
<rekado>I’m using worktrees a lot
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: Isn't it just blocked by the LibreJS add-on?
<Apteryx>It works with Firefox; I don't see why it wouldn't with IceCat.
<Apteryx>rekado: Yeah seems a must to keep a pristine dir to use as my "system guix from git master"; and be able to work on many things at once in worktrees.
<Petter>CharlieBrown: I wonder if IceCat comes with some required settings turned off. In about:config, is media.peerconnection.enabled set to true?
<Petter>I'm unable to reconfigure at the moment; it fails with a backtrace,
<rekado>Petter: try “make clean; make”
<Petter>Will do.
<Petter>Ooh, make has colors now.
<janneke>rekado: worktree nice! -- is that a new command?
<janneke>ACTION wonders how magit handles those
<Petter>It fails the same way after `make clean; make` as well.
<rekado>Petter: do you happen to have files in ~/.cache/guile ?
<rekado>maybe move them out of the way or delete them
<efraim>janneke: git worktree is new as of git 2.11.0 I think
<janneke>efraim: nice
<janneke>i use dev, shadow archives+directories, bit clumsy somtimes
<CharlieBrown>Petter: default | boolean | false
<Petter>rekado: I moved ~/.cache/guile and /root/.cache/guile out of the way. But still same error.
<rekado>Petter: hmm, I did the same and it worked for me.
<Petter>I have a bunch of these earlier as well,
<Petter>But I've had these for a while, and haven't seemed to interfere.
<Apteryx>emacs-dvc packaged! I'm gonna test drive a Gnus review workflow script and then send for review with some guidance this week.
<Petter>Maybe I should remove /run/current-system/profile/lib/guile/2.0/site-ccache as well
<Petter>I'll be back!
<brendyn>What's the different between and running `autoreconf -vfi' ?
<janneke>do we have lxc images of GuixSD -- asking for a friend.
<brendyn>0.o my local guix server is getting mysterious requests: GET /scrape.php
<Petter>You'll get these with any web server. Random attacks.
<Petter>Or, hm, maybe not necessarily attacks, random phishing.
<brendyn>but im on a home lan.
<Petter>Well then, either some device in your home lan is doing random requests, or it is actually reachable from the Internet.
<brendyn>just wondering what scrape.php could possibly be
<Petter>Whatever the device, it is requesting scrape.php from your server.
<Petter>And I'd assume this isn't there.
<kkebreau>It seems that our next GNOME update will have to have wayland support.
<kkebreau>I plan on having my gnome-updates branch running smoothly on my laptop before pushing changes to gnome-updates.
<efraim>kkebreau: have you looked at wingod/elogind vs elogind/elogind on github?
<kkebreau>efraim: I have not.
<efraim>Some people have taken wingo's elogind and continued to work on it on github
<amz3>regarding the cuirass project, guix use sqlite, did you consider wiredtiger? if it has considered, it was not choosed?
<efraim>isn't wiredtiger 64 bit only?
<amz3>IIRC the initial developper nor here anymore
<amz3>efraim: yes it is
<amz3>that could explain it
<amz3>I would prefered something I can fix :)
<amz3>because the 32bit support is not on the roadmap of upstream
<amz3>IIRC they don't support Android for instance
<amz3>cross platform support is limited, tho it's free so anyone can contribute
<amz3>anwyay thx! That's one less question for the mailling list :)
<OriansJ>Apteryx: the stage0 lisp interpreter the steps required to bootstrap from a 280byte hex monitor are here:
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<dadinn>hi all
<dadinn>Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but: Is there an EDN data format reader for Guile?
<kkebreau>dadinn: Sorry, I can't say that I've seen one around.
<kkebreau>dadinn: At first glance, it looks pretty "scheme-able."
<kkebreau>dadinn: That said, you might want to bring it up on the #guile channel and see if your luck is any better.
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<grillonBNC>hi there
<grillonBNC>it's difficult to use guix because only the fallback mode works, why?
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<buenouanq>grillon: too much traffic on hydra
<buenouanq>server just can't deal
<grillon>ok I see, thank you buenouanq
<dadinn>kkebreau: indeed it is very scheme-able (Clojure itself is more Scheme than CL). The main point is any config data structure would be much more human readable if KV maps would have their own reader macro. This ignoring the extensiblity features, tagging expressions with #something. Thanks I will montion it on the #guile channel
<j-r>What's the proper way to add additional keys to to authorized-keys in (guix-configuration)? I've tried.. (guix-service-type config => (guix-configuration (inherit config) (authorized-keys (cons* (plain-file "" "(pub....)\\n") %default-authorized-guix-keys))))))
<j-r>I've tried various (cons*) (list) to try to add to the default-authorized-guix-keys, to no avail.
<j-r>If I leave off the %default-authorized-guix-keys and just add my key, that works, but I don't the default keys.
<j-r>The manual says authorized-keys should be a gexp, but I don't really understand how to create such a thing in this context.
<kkebreau>j-r: Try putting "#~" (without the quotes) before your plain-file call, like this...
<kkebreau>j-r: #~(plain-file ...)
<kkebreau>j-r: That will make the plain-file object a g-expression. You can also wrap it like (gexp (plain-file ...)).
<j-r>kkebreau: Still doesn't work.
<avoine>j-r: check that config, it looks like what you want:
<kkebreau>j-r: I also saw one at
<j-r>kkebreau: Looking at these now.
<j-r>kkebreau: still missing something...
<kkebreau>j-r: What is the error that you are getting?
<j-r>I see no errors, just only one key in /etc/guix/acl
<kkebreau>I wonder what could be going wrong here.
<j-r>yeah, me too.
<j-r>I don't know enough about the code to even start looking to find exactly where this gets set at boot.
<j-r>don't really know guile either.
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<kkebreau>If all else fails, there's always "guix archive".
<j-r>or perhaps I'm missunderstanding something fundamental to the way guixsd operates.
<j-r>perhaps /etc/guix isn't attached to a system generation.
<j-r>hmmm. I need to sort out how the initrd works here.
<j-r>or what exactly guix system init does.
<kkebreau>acl is the only file in my /etc/guix
<kkebreau>but I don't see a guix folder in my current user profile.
<kkebreau>None in my system profile either.
<avoine>j-r: check /usr/local/etc/guix/acl
<j-r>I don't have a /usr. I'm running guixsd.
<avoine>oh nvm then
<j-r>what I'm really trying to do is build in installation image, I can write to a usb stick, and have it configured to pull binaries from my mirror.
<j-r>I just didn't realize it would be a weekend project ;) seems like it should be more of an evening project...
<j-r>hmm, booted a slow laptop, caught some errors. Failed to register public key... Now to sort out why.
<j-r>Wonder if there is a way to log these messages to a file. They don't appear to be anywhere in /var/log or the dmesg buffer. They show up right after the adding user 'guixbuilderXX' ... messages
<ng0>g'evening. has someone ever experienced a frozen display of videoplayback using mpv in dwm?
<ng0>mpv's bug database gives nothing
<kkebreau>ng0: Nope, though it's been quite a while since I've used dwm.
<j-r>We are moving to Ubuntu at $WORK. One of my tasks in the coming weeks is to evaluate packaging our in-house apps as debs or snaps (and me being, well me) will throw guix into the mix ;) Does anyone use guix (or know of someone) in a large enterprise?
<j-r>I know that may be a bit off topic.
<Apteryx>Are diff & patch always going to be in the system profile? Or should I refer to the store items explicitly?
<ng0>kkebreau: it happens only with mpv, mplayer is okay
<ng0>j-r: actually it's ontopic.. and there are some, but I don't know who
<ng0>at least 1 person, and multiple institute admins
<j-r>ng0: I am trying to add another. The beta label scares management..
<j-r>I'm also preparing to give a talk on functional package management at southeast linux fest next month. Hopefully I can manage to do such a thing.
<ng0>I'm curious if someone is running GuixSD in virtualization envrionment.. the isolation of services we started is good, but does this really mean running 1 system on 1 baremetal host is a good idea now in case you have lots of computing power and different services to run
<rekado>j-r: I’m using Guix (and GuixSD) at the bioinformatics institute where I work.
<rekado>j-r: most of the scientific software that’s to be used with the big cluster is provided by Guix.
<CharlieBrown>rekado: Can you access .onion sites, unlike me?
<rekado>j-r: we’ve been using this setup since 2014 and we’re very happy with it.
<rekado>CharlieBrown: yes
<CharlieBrown>I'm frustrated.
<j-r>rekado: thanks for the info. I'm not even trying for guixsd, that has to wait until we get rid of DB2 and MQ.
<rekado>ng0: I don’t understand; services don’t run in virtual machines, they (potentially) run in containers.
<ng0>so in practice the containers we started to work on would be enough if you don't have to share the machine
<rekado>enough for what?
<j-r>It seems not to be possible to register multiple archive keys at install time.. I'll send a mail to the list later with things I've tried. Perhaps I'm missing something simple.
<ng0>reasonable isolation
<ng0>ACTION should actually read into the container model of Guix.
<davidl>rekado: are you hosting email services and so on with guix also? I'm hosting quite some stuff my self but I have yet to figure out how to write system declarations for that in Guix.
<rekado>davidl: no, I’m not hosting email services on GuixSD. Just the usual stuff like XMPP, HTTP, CGI.
<ng0>I'm getting there (email lists)… which is why I asked about the minimum requirement for the listserver, on the list. I assume that one pair is okay for the start
<davidl>ok. I would be very interested in seeing some system declaration files for hosting a little of this and that.
<ng0>my mx server running GuixSD hasn't blown up in my face yet, so for a minimal size email server GuixSD is out of beta. Would be cool to add all the OpenSMTPD files into the service as well and not just static files. but it works.
<davidl>ng0: could you please share the SD conf file for that setup?
<ng0>you're the second person asking, I guess I should put relevant parts in a repository next week.
<davidl>that would be really nice.
<ng0>university applications are open, so I have to focus on that at the moment. I'll do it as soon as I can :)
<davidl>yeah, no rush. I'll be grateful no matter when you to it :-)
<ng0>I start university at an unfortunate time. For a long period we had no fees on university, and now there are some political parties who want to change it again (or have an very ambivalent opinion) for the federate state I'm in.
<rekado>ACTION tries to package tomcat again…