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<ng0>github: yes license: no idea right now, I could look at it. I have to go
<CalAndroid> from a
<mekeor>CalAndroid: just use --fallback, if possible (i.e. your hardware is fast enough and you got time)
<CalGuixSD>mekeor: I'm on an X200.
<mekeor>is that fast? or slow? i dunno. i'm on a T400
<CalGuixSD>mekeor: Faster than X60.
<CalGuixSD>OK, doing --fallback...
<CalGuixSD>Doing bare-bones.scm.
<CalGuixSD>mekeor: Can I use Tor on the live system?
<mekeor>i don't know. but i would guess: yes.
<CalGuixSD>Can I do that during system init?
<mekeor>i guess so. but don't ask *me* how to do that :P
<mekeor>hm, maybe you could just run "guix system reconfigure ..." and thus make the tor-service run iykwim
<CalAndroid>system installed, albeit without encryption
<CalAndroid>no wpa supplicant....
<mekeor>CalAndroid: did you install some desktop environment like gnome?
<CalAndroid>no, I wanted to keep it simple because --fallback
<buenouanq>so, I have one of these
<buenouanq>but it is not being recognised by guixsd
<mekeor>buenouanq: is the wifi-dongle listed in `lsusb`?
<mekeor>buenouanq: you could check if the NNNN:NNNN numbers from `lsusb` match any of the 0xNNNN 0xNNNN numbers from
<mekeor>i think that way you would find out if the chipset of your wifi-dongle is supported by the ath9k_htc driver
<buenouanq>mekeor: Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0cf3:9271 Qualcomm Atheros Communications AR9271 802.11n
<buenouanq>so it is there and being recognised for what it is
<mekeor>buenouanq: i have the same chipset and it works on guixSD
<mekeor>buenouanq: did you reboot?
<CalAndroid>guess I gotta compile stuff and use Ethernet... :(
<mekeor>buenouanq: do you have a `firmware' field in your `operating-system' declaration of your system configuration?
<buenouanq>no, I do not
<mekeor>buenouanq: that's good because the default firmware should contain the ath9k driver
<buenouanq>I was told it was all included and it should be plug and play.
<mekeor>buenouanq: how do you know that it doesn't work?
<mekeor>buenouanq: is there a wifi-device listed by ifconfig?
<buenouanq>nor does it show up as an option in wicd
<buenouanq>is there a `wireless tools' package I need to install like on debian maybe?
<mekeor>i don't think so
<mekeor>hmmm. did you ever try the wifi-dongle out on another device? (maybe not running guixSD?)
<buenouanq>yes, it has worked for me in the past quite nicely
<buenouanq>never tried on guixsd though
<reepca>buenouanq: silly question, did you do ifconfig -a? My wireless chip didn't show up on my laptop until I did that, and I didn't realize that until after trying to track down firmware problems.
<buenouanq>not a silly question at all
<buenouanq>it is there with -a
<buenouanq>well, maybe not though, it has encap:Ethernet
<buenouanq>but the identifier does start with a w
<buenouanq>and.. it works
<mekeor>buenouanq: it has encap:Ethernet for me, too
<mekeor>congrats! :3
<buenouanq>thank you all for you help as always
<mekeor>yay (:
<buenouanq>other less important questions
<buenouanq>some things in gnome don't obey the `view split left|right' sort of functions
<buenouanq>nautilus and transmission being the main two
<buenouanq>is this a gnome thing, a gtk thing, an individual program thing, or a guixsd thing?
<buenouanq>the `primary display' setting is also being ignored (things open on my monitor that is normally off)
<az`>hi there all
<az`>im in trouble
<az`>what does this mean:
<az`>sudo guix system reconfigure ./config.scm
<az`><unknown location>: error: source expression failed to match any pattern
<buenouanq>did you try giving an explicit path to config.scm?
<az`>" sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm " - same result
<buenouanq>post the config.scm
<az`>;; This is an operating system configuration template
<az`>;; for a "bare bones" setup, with no X11 display server.
<az`>(use-modules (gnu) o(gnu packages))
<az`>(use-service-modules networking ssh desktop)
<az`>(use-package-modules admin)
<buenouanq>( ¬___¬)
<buenouanq>looks like we found the typo though
<az`>sorry, Ill try to do this
<az`>with some paste service maybe (don't do it from pure console before)
<buenouanq>az`: maybe no nee
<buenouanq>remove the o from o(gnu packages)
<az`>it works, thanks!
<buenouanq>of course
<buenouanq>beware of typos
<az`>but it can shown more verbose messages in this case
<az`>(to share text file from console I found that awesome service: curl --upload-file ./config.scm --insecure)
<az`>when I sudo guix reconfigure, I need to sudo guix pull (usewide guix pull I do before already)
<az`>I do that and it works, anyway
<buenouanq>yeah, before guix system init|reconfigure you should basically always guix pull
<DoublePlusGood23> d
<DoublePlusGood23>ahh, typo
<DoublePlusGood23>rekado_: I must be confused. I can't seem to actually test the package expression I wrote.
<buenouanq>gnome keeps turning off my display and nothing I've found that says fixes it works
<buenouanq>please help
<DoublePlusGood23>buenouanq: what do you mean by turning it off
<CharlieBrown>How do I check if subs are auth'd?
<CharlieBrown>cannot build derivation `/gnu/store/sclgbkrg55xrvn7vsa5c7g280jqdhmwl-git-2.11.0.drv': 1 dependencies couldn't be built
<buenouanq>it's literally turning off my projector
<buenouanq>I've no idea how.
<buenouanq>I have no xset command which I used to have to use for xfce.
<buenouanq>I switched to a different user and reinstalled gnome is the only change.
<DoublePlusGood23>buenouanq: huh. I have no idea
<az`>buenouanq: remove Gnome?
<CharlieBrown>I can't install emacs, with or without --fallback. O_O
<az`>many years I use Xmonad -> StumpWM -> ExWM and always be happy ...except that fact what I cant run exwm under guix now :)
<DoublePlusGood23>CharlieBrown: the apocalypse is near...
<CharlieBrown>DoublePlusGood23: I'm doing guix pull and trying again.
<buenouanq>How do I run xset commands?
<DoublePlusGood23>az`: there should be an Xmonad but guile
<buenouanq>DoublePlusGood23: guile-wm
<buenouanq>it's sort of abandonware at the moment though
<buenouanq>feel free to adopt it :3
<az`>and guile-wm code style is ugly, sad
<az`>ExWM works wery well for me under Archlinux, but I cant start it here
<buenouanq>xset it mentioned with examples in the manual, so why doesn't it exist for me?
<az`>.xsession contains "exec exwm" but
<buenouanq>I guess there's an xset package.
<DoublePlusGood23>buenouanq: I'll put it on my bucket list. I need to learn guile first :p
<buenouanq>ok, let's see if this worked
<buenouanq>I have a feeling I did this before and just didn't make a note of it
<CharlieBrown>I still can't install/build Emacs. T_T
<CharlieBrown>GNU's own distro can't get Emacs.
<buenouanq>CharlieBrown: did you say --please
<Xe>emacs is an operating system
<Xe>you can't just install an OS on top of the GNU OS
<brendyn>and Guix is one of it's packages
<CharlieBrown>buenouanq: I said --fallback.
<buenouanq>emacs is a machine man interaction paradigm, not an operating system
<az`>In GNU OS install you )))
<CharlieBrown>ERROR: In procedure getaddrinfo: Name or service not known
<buenouanq>though I patiently await the day I can run it directly on home 3d printed elisp processors
<buenouanq>CharlieBrown: is said machine connected to the internet?
<CharlieBrown>buenouanq: Yes:
<CharlieBrown>buenouanq: There it is. ^
<brendyn>How do I set keyboard layout in a operating-system definition?
<az`>brendyn: (services (cons* (console-keymap-service "ru") %desktop-services))
<buenouanq>if you want to change the layout for slim too you'll need something a little fancier
<brendyn>I'd like to setup the login manager to be able to select a keyboard layout from a dropdown list.
<CharlieBrown>Here are my attempts to install Emacs:
<buenouanq>and you can ping
<CharlieBrown>buenouanq: That's what I did in that script session.
<CharlieBrown>I'm chatting from the-
<CharlieBrown>...same box.
<CharlieBrown>buenouanq: I'm chatting from the box I'm trying to install Emacs on. Also, half the links in my browser return "host not found"
<az`>CharlieBrown: something wrong with you dhcp server (or client) I think
<CharlieBrown>I don't know what's going on there. I didn't set it up. I just plugged in my Ethernet cable.
<Apteryx>Goodday, Guix!
<CharlieBrown>TZAG, Apteryx...
<Apteryx>How are things going?
<CharlieBrown>Can't install GNU Emacs on the GNU operating system:
<DoublePlusGood23>Haha! I got it to recognize my package.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: host name or lookup error... hmm.
<Apteryx>but ping works
<buenouanq>ok, xset did not fix the problem
<Apteryx>I'm not very good at network questions unfortunately. Is there something different in the way Guix (or guile) does DNS compared to ping? I would think they would use the same underlying libraries.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: You probably don't have it installed, but you could try: nslookup
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: And remember, IRC works. (I'm on it right here.)
<Apteryx>To have that utility you need to install `bind'
<CharlieBrown>Do I need to edit my sys. decl. for that?
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: I just installed in in my user profile, using 'guix package -i bind' IIRC.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: OK, trying.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: failed. retrying.
<Apteryx>Same kind of errors?
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: IDK. It appears to be comiling stuff.
<buenouanq>this is like the most frustrating thing to ever happen to me
<buenouanq>I just want to hang out and watch cartoons but gnome keeps turning off my monitor ;~;
<CharlieBrown>buenouanq: Cartoons?
<CharlieBrown>Hang out and watch cartoonS?
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: OK. Couldn't get a substitute. Seems to happen all the time lately. We need to develop GNUnet substitute sharing system.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: Why GNUnet? GNUnet is slow.
<brendyn>Because the fast solutions have privacy problems
<Apteryx>From what I've read it's the most secure system, designed from the ground up rather than adapted on top of an existing system.
<CharlieBrown>What do I do when it says "The following env. var. defs. may be needed"? Do I change anything, or does the system do that for me?
<Apteryx>I think ng0 said it was mostly slow because not enough people are using it.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: In any case, bind was successfully installed.
<Apteryx>So what's the output of: nslookup ?
<brendyn>For me GNUnet is buggy and uses multiple GiB of ram until I have to kill it. Fair amount of CPU usage too. And can hardly manage to download one small file
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: There is no nslookup.
<Apteryx>ah, I think you might need the utils output of bind... let me check. I got bitten by that last time too.
<Apteryx>Right... you need to run 'guix package -i bind:utils'
<brendyn>What program is the login manager with the GuixSD logo?
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: ":"?
<Apteryx>colon, yes
<CharlieBrown>Whoa, it actually installed without a fuss! :D
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: Output of nslookup
<Apteryx>Looks good! Resolves to the correct IP address.
<CharlieBrown>But Emacs. :-(
<Apteryx>So I'm guessing is simply still not operating smoothly and sometimes is unavailable. People have had to use --fallback a lot recently
<Apteryx>Have you tried? You'll be building stuff for hours, but hopefully you'll get there without failure.
<DoublePlusGood23>buenouanq. try installing mpv and having it play directly to the framebuffer
<DoublePlusGood23>mpv --vo=drm [file]
<DoublePlusGood23>I guess the DRM isn't exactly the framebuffer
<DoublePlusGood23>Apteryx: how much code would need to be changed for gnunet?
<Apteryx>DoublePlusGood23: I don't know, I've read somewhere there is supposed to be some support or bits of it already in there or ready to be used, but I haven't investigated more (yet).
<Apteryx>Maybe ng0 could answer that question.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I have tried emacs with --fallback. I think I even posted the results. Still a failure.
<Apteryx>brendyn: I haven't tried it yet! I heard a new release is supposed to come; and our package is a very old release; this might explain why.
<brendyn>I'm using it from git
<brendyn>Still though, it seems like GNUnet has a lot of promise
<CharlieBrown>I'll try again.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: re: env. variables; if you're on GuixSD you don't need to worry about it, although I've experienced having to open a new terminal to get my env. vars refreshed.
<Apteryx>brendyn: OK :/
<CharlieBrown>"Name or service not known." with emacs
<CharlieBrown>still recording
<Apteryx>Have you passed the --fallback option?
<CharlieBrown>With the way I'm having to compile everything, I feel like I'm using FreeBSD.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: Yes.
<CharlieBrown>Still recording results.
<Apteryx>Yeah I've never used Gentoo but it must be a bit similar ;)
<Apteryx>What do you mean by 'recording results'?
<CharlieBrown>I've never used Gentoo. The only source-based system I've used has been FreeBSD.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: script
<CharlieBrown>What the... my sys. decl. said mDNS was available and SSH was enabled, so why can't I ssh to cal@komputilo.local? :-(
<CharlieBrown>Man, Emacs is such a bohemoth.
<CharlieBrown>Still waiting on it to compile/fail.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: emacs with --fallback failed:
<az`>chmod a+x .xsession does the thing and I'm on ExWM now!
<az`>guix I love you!
<brendyn>az`: That seems to set the layout in a TTY but not in the login manager
<az`>brendyn: yes it is
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I recorded the results with script. Emacs failed. Here are the results:
<az`>brendyn: because of ExWM I can "set-input-method", but you can use suggestion above
<brendyn>But I need to change the layout in the login manager and i3-1m
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: So you're block because the serf package is failing its tests.
<CharlieBrown>I thought Guix isn't supposed to have dep. probs.
<az`>in login manager I dont know how, but in Xorg you can use .xsession like me, and "setxkbmap"
<az`>brendyn: ^
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: So I can't get Emacs?
<brendyn>I don't understand how distros can ship login managers that can't even change the layout or language. these seem like really basic features to me.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: Are you using guix from 'guix pull' ?
<az`>brendyn: it is base feature of Xorg "setxkbmap"
<brendyn>Ok I'll use that, but the login manager should be able to use that
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I did guix pull as root but IDK if I've done it on my account.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: you have to do it for the user for whom you're running guix with.
<Apteryx>I reported a bug against serf failing its test about a week ago:
<az`>all: emacs-guix "p: pack p: package " not fixed this time
<Apteryx>And Marius said he fixed it by disabling the tests in commit decb4c26fa1c748b118e33495d5493d84a6ca6c9. That was on April 27th.
<CharlieBrown>Can't guix pull... :-(
<Apteryx>az`: I think alezost hasn't gotten around updating guix's emacs-guix package yet.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: 'guix pull' doesn't work very reliably in my experience. You might want to consider going the 'guix from git checkout' route.
<Apteryx>It's explained in the guix manual.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: What?!
<CharlieBrown>That's just wrong.
<az`>CharlieBrown: we don't seek easy ways :)
<CharlieBrown>But... the correct way of doing things is broken.
<CharlieBrown>And getting it from git will make me unable to do guix pull in the future. They're incompatible. This breaks things badly.
<Apteryx>You can still do guix pull anytime.
<az`>confirm that
<Apteryx>It will just revert your ~/.config/guix/latest link to the store item pulled by 'guix pull' instead of your git checkout.
<az`>is not so easy to broke guix!
<CharlieBrown>yeah, but all the packages installed from that...
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: And its known and agreed that 'guix pull' is suboptimal and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It's being worked on at the moment in the form of guix channels FWIU.
<CharlieBrown>How do I git it, then?
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: What do you mean? You can continue using the packages you've installed so far, and they won't be lost from using guix from git. It's just the guix executable and the 'snapshot' of packages recipes which changes (it would affect you if you ran 'guix package -u' since the packgaes would be newer than your current guix version).
<CharlieBrown>...that's what I mean. At some point, using git will clash.
<CharlieBrown>I didn't remember why, but someone said using one or the other will break something at some point.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: Well, it will not clash any differently than if you'd run 'guix pull'. Guix pull downloads a guix archive that corresponds to the newest state of the master branch.
<CharlieBrown>(This is starting to sound like when the FreeBSD people say "Don't mix ports and binaries! You'll break your system!" "No! I mix ports and binaries all the time! It's OK!"
<Apteryx>It's just less efficient than doing 'git pull' ;)
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: You want to read: info '(guix)Building from Git'
<Apteryx>And the next chapter, especially the "footnote" which explains how to "set up ‘guix’ to use your Git checkout".
<az`>CharlieBrown: In Gentoo and Arch - it's ok, and guix is made for that I think
<az`>CharlieBrown: good part is that you can test edge cases :)
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I don't care about building guix
<CharlieBrown>I get the same errors as emacs when I do guix package --fallback -i git
<CharlieBrown>How can I use git for guix when I can't get git? T_T
<Apteryx>You could always find an archive of current git master
<Apteryx>extract it locally then run "guix environment guix; ./bootstrap; ./configure --localstatedir=/var; make -j3"
<CharlieBrown>Could you please give me something to curl?
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: But you probably have git somewhere in your store already :) You could try "find /gnu/store -name '*git*'"
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: Why would I? I haven't installed it.
<Apteryx>guix depends on git, so it has to exist in the store.
<Apteryx>It's just not available in your user profile, but you can still run it by using the store reference.
<CharlieBrown>If git is already in the store, then why on Earth would guix package -i git not just use the one that's already here?
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: Because your git package definition or its dependencies have been updated, so it's trying to install that.
<CharlieBrown>Guix wasn't this painful on a foreign system.
<Apteryx>It's the same. I'm running it on another machine. I've been hitting the same issues recently (problematic substitute server).
<Apteryx>The guix experience depends a lot on good substitutes being readily available. Otherwise it's compiling festival.
<CharlieBrown>All I see are derivations... :-(
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: At least stuff actually successfully compiled on FreeBSD.
<buenouanq>how can you not love the conpairu matsuri
<CharlieBrown>There is no git binary on this machine.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: Maybe try: find /gnu/store -name '*-git-*'
<Apteryx>Less noise
<Apteryx>On mine it's at: /gnu/store/kavil4swsdmyq5d9x0nq310ixgpjajfa-git-2.12.2
<Apteryx>Which means I can run it using: /gnu/store/kavil4swsdmyq5d9x0nq310ixgpjajfa-git-2.12.2/bin/git
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: You said you can use curl?
<CharlieBrown>Why is everything so messed up... T_T
<Apteryx>I wonder if curl could download that:
<Apteryx>It's the git URL of the repo, served over https.
<DoublePlusGood23>rekado_ , ng0 I made a patch here it seems to pass all the tests build wise and lint wise. Haven't done any sprucing up yet as I do need to sleep, if you could point out flaws with it, that would be great,
<DoublePlusGood23>now I must sleep
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: I could always send you an archive from current master, I'm running out of ideas
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: How?
<Apteryx>I'll tar it, and share it on my drive account
<Apteryx>Then you can download it, untar it, and do as it says in the manual to git it running
<Apteryx>Let's try
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I can access Google Drive files from a console with curl?
<Apteryx>It should be accessible as any https URL
<CharlieBrown>Cool. The only time people have linked me to stuff with Google Drive, it's been wrapped around some nasty JavaScript-infused web UI that doesn't work in IceCat.
<Apteryx>Hold on. I have to run make clean so that it doesn't weight 136 MB
<Apteryx>Still weights 76 M. Heavier than I would have expected. Oh well. Taring it.
<buenouanq>ok so, I switched to xfce and set thing no blanking there, and switching back to gnome it works now
<buenouanq>something is wrong with the gnome settings not actually setting
<buenouanq>strange how using xset directly wouldn't override that though
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: 1 min left to upload
<brendyn>guix seems to ingore ~/.xinitrc when I login
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: The link is up at:
<Apteryx>Although I now doubt that you can download that link straight from curl.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: What on Earth! I can ping but not Google! T_T
<Apteryx>nslookup ?
<Apteryx>Hm. It pings here :/
<Apteryx>Even your first resolved IP.
<CharlieBrown>ACTION bashes head into brick wall
<Apteryx>Are you on some strange network?
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: No, just a regular home network.
<Apteryx>OK. That's annoying. I wonder why it's happenning (the ping failures). The site is totally unnaccessible from IceCat?
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I don't have a graphical interface on any computer right now. (I only have this computer.)
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I'm just saying that a lot of Google Docs links go to a web app, and I don't run web apps because they are nonfree software.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: Right. I think my link might fall in this trap. I just hadn't realized before (or maybe it worked better with Dropbox).
<CharlieBrown>Some people try to share photos on there, and it goes to a web app that's supposed to have the photo embedded in it, and... I can't see the photo, because JavaScript.
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: Dropbox has given me issues, too, but there may be a way to have a **raw** link.
<rekado>CharlieBrown: are you using i686 or x86_64?
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: one last idea; do you still have the installation medium somewhere? There should be a working git there... Might be tricky to mount the filesystem though, I have no idea how that image is organized.
<CharlieBrown>rekado: 64
<rekado>I installed the latest Emacs on x86_64 just yesterday
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I might as well reinstall at that point. :-( Glad I kept everything in that giant script. This is why.
<rekado>why why why reinstall?
<rekado>this doesn’t make sense
<rekado>let’s try to analyse the problem
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: His 'guix pull' doesn't pull. He's having connection problems downloading substitutes it seems. And using fallback fails because of serf failing its tests.
<rekado>CharlieBrown: have you tried restarting the nscd service?
<rekado>it is a Name Service Caching Daemon, and when there are network problems it might cache these failure for longer than you may want
<CharlieBrown>Service nscd has been stopped.
<CharlieBrown>Service nscd has been started.
<Apteryx>That'd be 'sudo herd restart nscd', right?
<CharlieBrown>That is what I did.
<rekado>okay, good.
<rekado>now, what network failures did you see?
<CharlieBrown>I don't know. I recorded them above, though.
<rekado>there’s no “above” for me
<rekado>I wasn’t online
<CharlieBrown>rekado: Half the resources I try to access on the Internet are not found.
<CharlieBrown>I can ping, but not google, for example.
<rekado>is that *still* the case, after restarting nscd?
<CharlieBrown>I'll see.
<CharlieBrown>le-certs - Is that a joke ludovic put in there?
<CharlieBrown>(Doing guix pull.)
<rekado>le = let’s encrypt
<CharlieBrown>I can now ping Google.
<CharlieBrown>guix pull is still messed up.
<rekado>can you explain “messed up”?
<rekado>few of us use it at this point because most of us contribute to Guix anyway, so it’s easier for us to just use our custom Guix from git
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: Your whatchamacallit downloads now.
<Apteryx>rekado: He's still blocked because he doesn't have git available. Any way to get a https archive of our master branch?
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I couldn't get the .git from the savannah because of the network issue, right? So maybe I can DL it now.
<Apteryx>I didn't know of one, so I made one myself and shared on my drive; my idea is that he can bootstrap from that to get pass this roadblock.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: It's worth trying it again :)
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: I don't want to mess with your file. I can't even test its magic numbers with 'file'. :-( But the Savannah link DLs, so I'll use that.
<Apteryx>Sounds good.
<CharlieBrown>What the... now that I record it, guix pull actually works. Why...
<Apteryx>Otherwise it was a plain tar archive, that you should be able to untar using 'tar xf guix-95011cb6a533435e298f18aa48df998aee2e6fac.tar'. But maybe the javascript thingy corrupted it, I don't know.
<CharlieBrown>alias schrodinger-pull='guix pull'
<rekado>nah, when nscd recorded a failure for some gnu domain then guix pull probably wouldn’t work
<Apteryx>Is guix pull served by
<rekado>nscd is kinda important, because it’s what applications talk to before making lookups
<Apteryx>rekado: Good to know! They talk through it through glibc, or what mechanism?
<Apteryx>*to it?
<CharlieBrown>Is Guix accepting donations for better Hydra servers? :-(
<CharlieBrown>I don't really have any money, but I'm angry and frustrated enough that I'll still do it.
<Apteryx>glib fails to build for me:
<CharlieBrown>How do you people paste to all the time?
<CharlieBrown>I'm on a console. I can't paste to that, AFAIK.
<CharlieBrown>ACTION shakes magic 8 ball
<CharlieBrown>"Will Emacs compile successfully?"
<buenouanq>you have have more trouble than any other person I've ever seen try to install this
<brendyn>I can't even figure out how to at a ~/.xinitrc that will be modified
<buenouanq>s/have have/have had/
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: I press button 1 & 2 of my "mouse" (laptop) at the same time.
<reepca>Message appears in 8ball: "Error resolving"
<Apteryx>After having selected with left click ... right click in xterm
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: Oh, I guess you meant *no browser*. Eh.
<Apteryx>Might be a plugin to do it effortlessly.
<CharlieBrown>buenouanq: It's not my fault. And I didn't do anything fancy. No full disk encryption, nothing.
<buenouanq>-boot to usb
<buenouanq>-connect to network
<rekado>CharlieBrown: oh, no full disk encryption?
<buenouanq>-partition and mount drive
<rekado>CharlieBrown: I thought we had fixed all problems in your configuration?
<buenouanq>-edit os declaration
<CharlieBrown>rekado: Yeah. I wanted to keep everything dead simple so I can't mess this up.
<buenouanq>-$ guix system init config
<rekado>hmm, but moving to FDE after installation isn’t possible. You would need to reinstall.
<rekado>the transition is easier because you can just apply the system config and instantiate your manifest, but still…
<brendyn>Since ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc are defined in default-skeletons, how can I add my own code?
<rekado>brendyn: at what point?
<rekado>Apteryx: yes, nscd is part of glibc
<CharlieBrown>rekado: I know. I'm staying on this simple config to write most of my system declaration. Later, I'll reinstall and add full disk encryption to it.
<rekado>CharlieBrown: okay.
<buenouanq>brendyn: with a text editor
<CharlieBrown>I just can't deal with FDE right now. I need my computer back.
<brendyn>I'd like to have setxkbmap -layout \\"us(colemak)\\" set when I login to a desktop, and xmodmap -e 'keycode 66 = BackSpace'
<rekado>brendyn: you can edit these files without problems
<brendyn>So when you reconfigure, it doesn't recreate your user accounts?
<rekado>brendyn: it won’t touch your home directory
<buenouanq>no no, it won't overwrite stuff that's there
<rekado>DoublePlusGood23: hey, that’s a pretty good first package expression!
<rekado>DoublePlusGood23: good job!
<buenouanq>rekado: did you see my thing about gnome settings?
<brendyn>I can't just edit by hand because the keyboard layout is wrong, so I'd like to define my system to have the right one when I load up
<rekado>DoublePlusGood23: I suggest adding it to an existing module instead of creating a new module.
<rekado>buenouanq: no, I did not.
<buenouanq>brendyn: then it should maybe be part of your os declaration
<brendyn>Yeah I'm asking how to do that
<rekado>DoublePlusGood23: you don’t need to delete the build, check and strip phases. To disable tests just add “#:tests? #f” to the arguments. Best with a comment that explains why.
<CharlieBrown>I couldn't even package MCWM, and en-jee-oh got mad at me because I hate myself so much for my incompetence.
<buenouanq>rekado: with gnome running, blanking settings would not take effect. even after installing xset and explcitly changing (and as far as I could tell with like, xset q they were how they needed to be), gnome was still shutting off my second monitor every 6 minutes (or whatever the default is)
<rekado>buenouanq: hmm, that’s weird.
<buenouanq>I fixed it by installing xfce, launching xfce, using the xfce settings to change it, and launching back to gnome
<rekado>buenouanq: unfortunately, I don’t know much about GNOME to help.
<buenouanq>so something is byorked with gnome deeply overwriting even things like xset
<rekado>buenouanq: do you know how xfce settings does this? Maybe this will give you a hint as to what GNOME should be doing.
<rekado>GNOME is a bit special
<buenouanq>no idea
<buenouanq>I just lurk here ;3
<rekado>I find that it does a couple of things that are a bit magical
<CharlieBrown>Emacs build stopped at "GUILEC ice-9/boot-9.go" for three minutes.
<rekado>and without understanding the magic it’s really hard to fix when it fails
<rekado>CharlieBrown: are you building Guile right now?
<rekado>that part of the Guile build is slow
<buenouanq>I actually have found that I really like what Gnome has become - It's super polished and coherent.
<rekado>yeah, I don’t dislike it.
<rekado>but they do things differently
<buenouanq>But there's some little things like this that just ruin it
<buenouanq>for example,
<brendyn>Since .bashrc and .bash_profile are already defined as default skeletons, setting skeletons seems to override them
<buenouanq>the `primary display' doesn't work
<CharlieBrown>rekado: Oh wow! It finally moved! :D So, Emacs brings in Guile? Emacs seems to bring in everything. Does it bring in LibreOffice, too?
<rekado>epiphany, for example, also does a few magical things and they failed for me, prompting a long debugging session, resulting in a lot of learning.
<buenouanq>windows still open on my (usually off) monitor
<rekado>Emacs does not bring in Guile.
<rekado>but Guix uses Guile and that may require building Guile first
<brendyn>CharlieBrown: git brings in subversion too, isn't it great?
<buenouanq>and nautilus and transmission won't obey some of the window manager commands (like `view split left|right')
<rekado>brendyn: only at build time, not a runtime
<CharlieBrown>brendyn: Yeah. xD
<rekado>(it’s for git-svn, which is installed into a separate output)
<buenouanq>I don't know if this is Gnome, or gtk, or guixsd or the programs themselves though.
<rekado>ACTION shrugs
<buenouanq>┐(¯ε¯ )┌
<Apteryx>Is git bisect efficient at finding guix failures? I have a feeling it would not; it will keep building stuff that guix needs for each different revision...
<brendyn>Ok I have a user declared with (password "b") but login fails, and I can't even `su' from root since apparently root needs to provide a password, even though it's root
<rekado>buenouanq: that looks kinda smug :)
<Apteryx>I mean, my bisect test command would be 'guix environment guix', which would keep building different packages for each commit of guix tree.
<rekado>Apteryx: I used it without too much rebuilding.
<CharlieBrown>root needs a passphrase to get into a user's account? O_O
<brendyn>su b
<Apteryx>rekado: OK
<rekado>reepca: I have that bound to C-x RET 1
<brendyn>sy: Authentication failure
<reepca>I have it bound to M-x shrug
<rekado>CharlieBrown: I noticed that too. Something wrong with setuid binaries maybe
<CharlieBrown>rekado: I was just commenting on brendyn's story about su.
<rekado>yeah, sorry. I’m a bit distracted.
<buenouanq>This is the first Firefox[Icecat] update in a long time that didn't make me really mad.
<CharlieBrown>Wait, IceCat finally got an update? :o
<buenouanq>52.0.2 baby
<buenouanq>They should have stopped at like 20 though - Back then it was perfect.
<brendyn>I've been letting my parabola packages go out of date so that I don't end up downgrading when I switch over the GuixSD
<buenouanq>you could instead update the packages for us
<CharlieBrown>I thought Guix was rolling release like Parabola.
<CharlieBrown>Oh yeah, but somenoe has to update the packages...
<brendyn>It is but actually a lot of packages are neglected for months
<rekado>brendyn: you can change this ;)
<CharlieBrown>I really need to learn how to package software so I can prove that I'm not a lazy bum.
<brendyn>I've been stuck on a mysterious test22 error trying to upgrade par2cmdline to 7.0
<buenouanq>I have nothing to prove, but should still learn to package things for guix.
<rekado>DoublePlusGood23: please run “guix lint neofetch” to get some automated advice about your package.
<brendyn>But yes, when I switch over to GuixSD I will find myself working more on Guix packages
<rekado>DoublePlusGood23: please also use full sentences in the description and double check for typos :)
<CharlieBrown>Emacs never took this long to build on Trisquel.
<rekado>CharlieBrown: you may not only be building Emacs.
<rekado>ACTION goes afk
<rekado>DoublePlusGood23: when you’re done please try to prepare a patch and send it to
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<m-o>Hi civodul !
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<efraim>my aarch64 board didn't build ahci.ko, is it available on other non-Intel architectures?
<buenouanq>related question, with the EOMA68s coming in July, how is u-boot and arm support coming along? has anything been done since ?
<brendyn>It looks like slim has been abandoned for a long time. Will GuixSD continue to use it?
<civodul>buenouanq: Danny & m-o made some progress on allowing support of multiple bootloaders
<civodul>which in turn should allow us to support u-boot
<civodul>brendyn: i'd be in favor of defaulting to gdm
<efraim>Lightdm isn't bad
<efraim>But also undermaintained iirc
<efraim>I commented out most of the default kernel modules for aarch64, now I have to make it pass '-machine virt' to qemu-minimal for actually building the image
<civodul>we need something that is i18n'd (slim isn't)
<civodul>efraim: if we had a working linux-libre package for aarch64, we could maybe use a GuixSD VM as a build machine?
<rekado>I have a lightdm package with broken tests
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<brendyn>civodul: I need two features in a login manager. The ability to change keyboard layout, and the ability to change language. I haven't seen a distro that has these basic features yet. last time I tested Ubuntu and Kubuntu they didn't have both
<brendyn>lightdm claims to have those features
<brendyn>gdm seems quite bloated perhaps?
<brendyn>s... Only half the size of sddm though.
<brendyn>Ok so I'm setting up another laptop on my local network, how can I share my /gnu/store with it?
<rekado>brendyn: you can use “guix publish” and then use that as a substitute server
<efraim>civodul: the current Linux-libre package builds for aarch64, haven't tried running anything with it yet
<brendyn>rekado: baahahaha! You're a genius
<brendyn>Except it doesn't seem to like guix-daemon running as root
<rekado>the lightdm test failures all seem to be related to the test environment, i.e. failure to fully start elogind.
<rekado>brendyn: what do you mean?
<rekado>do you get an error with guix publish?
<brendyn>rekado: It just said something about refusing to operate due to running as root
<brendyn>In anycase it's compiling everything on it's own now
<brendyn>Actually all I did was run guix pull and it's compiling gcc
<CharlieBrown>Apteryx: Emacs built! :D
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<rekado_>some errors in the lightdm tests are caused by the fact that the X server appears to print warnings like these:
<rekado_>setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en_US.utf8)
<rekado_>I’ve tried setting LC_ALL before running the tests, but I can’t seem to get rid of these warnings.
<rekado_>Any ideas how to resolve this?
<iyzsong>rekado_: oh, I've wip-lightdm in my tree too.. And unset LC_ALL does the trick for me. I haven't start working on its service though, anyway hope it helps:
<civodul>rekado_: it's weird because the build env contains en_US.utf8 and GUIX_LOCPATH is correctly set, AFAIK
<rekado_>iyzsong: nice!
<rekado_>iyzsong: thanks, (unsetenv "LC_ALL") fixed it
<apteryx[m]>CharlieBrown: yay :)
<rekado_>iyzsong: I’ve sent a lightdm patch to the guix-patches mailing list and added you as a co-author (although we could also switch the order and list you as the main author).
<rekado_>I left off the vala bindings, because I don’t think we need them.
<rekado_>I also disabled the tests by patching the makefile
<civodul>rekado_: sounds cool!
<civodul>should we default to it instead of slim/
<rekado_>we still need a greeter (iyzsong has one: and we need a service and test it.
<rekado_>but that should be easy
<rekado_>I hope I can find some time to try it out on my machien
<rekado_>if it works fine I think we should switch away from slim
<rekado_>does anyone know how to customise the greeter theme…?
<rekado_>it would be unforgiveable if we lost the pretty slim theme
<grillon_>hi to everyone
<Petter>[On behalf of everyone]: Hello grillon_
<rekado_>Hey, we are still looking for a masters student who would like to work on Guix + Cuirass + reproducibility.
<rekado_>here’s more info:
<rekado_>(either master’s project or internship, or both)
<rekado_>feel free to pass this information on to other people who might be interested
<joshuaBPMan_>hello, When I run guix system reconfigure, it's taking about 2 hours or more to finish. Does this seem too long?
<AndChat-217856>Joshua I attempted to build a package a whole ago. I gas already bit It a fare data ago.
<AndChat-217856>Days ago
<AndChat-217856>But today It starter compiling some exotic package related to fonts
<bavier>joshuaBPMan_: it depends on whether it needs to build any packages locally or not
<AndChat-217856>I left It compiling and i came to have a ride on a beautiful promenade
<joshuaBPMan_>hmmm. I thought I had set up it to pull from already built packages online when it was able...
<joshuaBPMan_>I guess I haven't actually done that.
<bavier>joshuaBPMan_: right, but if those packages aren't available on hydra yet, which can happen, it'll build locally
<AndChat-217856>Which is what happened to me
<joshuaBPMan_>hmmm. I just read an email where Chris Webber talked about getting certbox set up with nginx. He had he had to reconfigure 3 times. I don't know how he has time for that. That would take my machine 2-3 days to do. Not because my machine is slow, but because I normally need my machine to do stuff. I can't have it sitting around reconfiguring all the time.
<bavier>joshuaBPMan_: a reconfigure may not always require packages to be built or substitutes to be fetched.
<bavier>joshuaBPMan_: e.g. changing a service configuration, add/changing a user, etc
<joshuaBPMan_>wait a reconfigure can be told only to change the service configuration? What!?
<joshuaBPMan_>that's awesome.
<bavier>joshuaBPMan_: it'll do only what it needs to.
<joshuaBPMan_>hmmm. It's always tried to rebuilt everything for me.
<joshuaBPMan_>maybe I only reconfigure every six months and then it has lots of stuff to do.
<AndChat-217856>You Will notice that a glibc bug has been closed minutes ago
<bavier>joshuaBPMan_: yeah, if you've 'guix pull'ed lately it'll probably need to fetch/build packages
<AndChat-217856>That would invalidate lots of binaries
<AndChat-217856>As far as I understand
<bavier>AndChat-217856: not invalidate, per se. The new guix would just reference different store items.
<bavier>the previous store items would still be completely usable
<bavier>and available in case of a rollback
<AndChat-217856>Right. But a reconfigure would trigger rebuilds. Wouldn't It ?
<bavier>AndChat-217856: if the new system references different store items, yes
<bavier>and if those new store items aren't already present
<AndChat-217856>Yes thank you that's what I meant
<AndChat-217856>I'm chatting while walking
<bavier>AndChat-217856: :)
<grillon_>I took several minutes may be hours to install vim :(
<grillon_>for a lot of programs I need to use fallback
<grillon_>mbakke: I did my first succeful install yesturday
<grillon_>mbakke: on a VM not my host
<bavier>grillon_: yay!
<grillon_>bavier: :)
<grillon_>I just did a minimal install and reboot but it was in fallback so a bit long...
<AndChat-217856>Grillon: whohoo !
<AndChat-217856>Installing is hard. Especially if you have to compile too much stuff
<grillon_>thank you for encouragement AndChat-217856
<apteryx[m]>Any way to use a Guix installed WM on a foreign distro?
<apteryx[m]>Also, guix pull on a foreign distro gives me ERROR: no code for module (git)
<apteryx[m]>AFAIK it's not possible to use guix-daemon from git checkout on a foreign distro, right?
<janneke>apteryx[m]: i these things should work or be possible somehow, with various amounts of effort. `it depends'
<apteryx[m]>On that foreign distro I also get: ERROR: In procedure connect*: Connection timed out
<apteryx[m]>When trying a 'guix package -u'
<janneke>yes, of course first such basic things should work...
<janneke>is the daemon running?
<catonano>I managed to build pgmodeler
<catonano>pheeww !