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<paroneayea>rekado: pretty sure it's the server, though guix itself could certainly reply better to it
<paroneayea>I rolled back both my system and my local git checkout to a while ago and was still having the same problems
<paroneayea>so any bug in guix has been there for a long time, and it's definitly whatever code we've had + the state of hydra as it is now
<u0_a253>So, I tried to install, but I get kernel panic on boot. I'll share my configuration in a minute.
<brendyn>How do I specify --fallback from within ,run-in-store (build-package ...) ?
<u0_a253>Here's my configuration file.
<u0_a253>Do I need to specify my /boot partition or something
<janneke>u0_a253: did you set the label of your root partition to `my-root'?
<janneke>and is your boot device /dev/sda?
<janneke>those things need to be correct
<u0_a253>janneke: Yes.
<janneke>ah but you get a kernel panic...hmm
<janneke>u0_a253: have you any idea if there's information scrolled off the screen about what caused the panic?
<u0_a253>janneke: Maybe there is, but you can't scroll up during a panic afaik. I could record it I guess.
<janneke>u0_a253: yeah...ugh
<janneke>good luck!
<janneke>ACTION -> zZzzz
<u0_a253>Hmm… why is it complaining about mtab? I thought fstab was supposed to be used for filesystem stuff.
<u0_a253>Also, "John" is an invalid username apparently. I wish guix warned me of that.
<u0_a253>I could maybe get it to work by using a proper user name, and making sure mtab is good.
<u0_a253>An invalid username shouldn't cause a kernel panic though should it?
<u0_a253>Ugh, after changing a small detail in the configuration guix is downloading and installing *everything* again.
<u0_a253>It ran out of space when I ran guix init this time. Weird.
<amz3`>seems like hydra is back
<amz3`>and it's quite fast
<amz3`>ACTION compiling chickadee
<amz3`>I am not sure it will work since my system is not guixsd
<amz3`>I tried the first example nine-patch.scm it failed
<amz3`>I tried to re-enter the environment, and now it compiles a bunch of stuff again...
<amz3`>for some reason
<amz3`>except it already should have compiled everything the first time
<amz3`>meh... now it compiles libtool
<amz3`>while true; do guix environment -l guix.scm done;
<amz3`>so I got chickadee running using the following incantation: LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/nvidia-375" ../pre-inst-env guile lines.scm
<amz3`>where nvidia-375 is the used nvidia driver
<amz3`>like reported by glxinfo
<amz3`>I AM HAPPY!
<amz3`>now I can go sleep peacefully
<amz3`>for the record, here is the error i get while running chickadee without the LD_LIBRARY_PATH magic
<amz3`>libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found
<amz3`>libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
<amz3`>on Ubuntu 17.04
<serieux>guix package: error: build failed: build of /gnu/store/*-profile.drv failed
<serieux>I ran guix package -u
<paroneayea>ACTION pokes head in
<serieux>hi paroneayea
<Apteryx>u0_a253: You are not using encrypted partitions? IIRC mtab is used at boot to know about the encrypted partitions that should be mounted or something like that.
<Apteryx>I had a `substitute' died unexpectedly error:
<Apteryx>Do we have metrics on the amount of bandwith used by
<Petter>Anyone else having problems wit CPAN mirrors? One of them seemed to hang forever during guix build.
<Petter>How to get CPAN mirror URL from here?
<Petter>To this form: (uri (string-append "mirror://cpan/authors/id/M/MA/MATEU/MooX-Types-MooseLike-" version ".tar.gz"))
<Petter>Hm, walked the tree of one of the mirrors and found it.
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<drtan>Hi! I am trying to install Guix SD in a virtual machine and I can see a strange thing. My partition layout by default contains a 'gnu-system-image' partition. Now I am confused should I leave this and it should be part of an installed system later on.
<drtan>Sorry, 'gnu-disk-image' is the name.
<Petter>I think this is the default label.
<drtan>Well, I assumed I can layout the partitions from scratch, yet I cannot format /dev/sda1 as it contains the filesystem and is in use.
<Petter>Have you cd'ed into /dev/sda1 perhaps?
<drtan>I guess that Guix SD needs this partition to run the installer image.
<drtan>I am at /root as my working directory while trying to format.
<Petter>What is your installer mounted as?
<drtan>How can I check this?
<Petter>lsblk maybe.
<Petter>Not sure if it's available in the installer.
<drtan>The 'lsblk' output doesn't list any mountpoints.
<drtan>I can see sda and two partitions I've created.
<drtan>None of them mounted.
<Petter>I don't know, I've never installed in a virtual machine :/
<Petter>Maybe someone else can help you.
<drtan>Maybe I'll try to append my partitions as sda2 and sda3 and see what will happen.
<drtan>Thank you for trying.
<drtan>Trying to help.
<Petter>I'd say go for it. Just make sure you're not messing up your real system.
<Petter>Or host system I should say.
<drtan>Yeah, I'm pretty safe.
<Petter>drtan, maybe you find this interesting,;a=blob;f=gnu/system/vm.scm;h=4f915c4f9581a0d5849537c9054c48484a43326b;hb=HEAD#l259
<drtan>Thank you. I'll look into what's there.
<Petter>These are the two occurrences of 'gnu-disk-image' grep could find.
<paroneayea>hey wingo
<paroneayea>running with the certbot branch stuff :)
<paroneayea>wingo: I ran into some workflow issues but I'll document them after I shower. happy to have it going though!
<drtan>Petter: I know what I've done. My bad. I mounted the installation image as a single device to my virtual machine to begin with.
<drtan>There is no ISO, so I just renamed the image to be .img file and mounted.
<grillon_>hi there
<grillon_>is there someone who has uefi activated?
<grillon_>(and installed guixsd)
<buenouanq>I am \\emph{very} interested in that question as well.
<buenouanq>I have tried to install GuixSD on a Macbook, and was never able to get it to boot.
<janneke>grillon_: i removed uefi
<grillon_>janneke: does your answer and Petter link mean it's quite difficult to do?
<grillon_>ok thank you :-/
<grillon_>sometimes I cannot see any advantage of efi
<grillon_>it was done too late to be useful
<Petter>Seems like it's almost there then. (I didn't know it had been removed.)
<buenouanq> this made it sound so easy too, but I never got it working
<Petter>buenouanq: How far did you get?
<buenouanq>Through the whole thing, a couple different times - On boot it would just give me a blinking question mark.
<lfam>The mirror never seems to have i686-linux substitutes. Even coreutils is not cached :/
<Petter>buenouanq: :/
<buenouanq>I'll try it again this week.
<buenouanq>I'm leaving on a trip, and systemdebian has stopped playing nice on that machine, I need something I can rely on.
<Petter>Hope it works out this time!
<buenouanq>And while we're on the subject of different architectures, what is the status of GuixSD and ARM? The EOMA68s are now set to ship in July - I really want to be able to put GuixSD on one.
<Petter>THIS I want too.
<grillon_>is EOMA68s powerfull?
<Petter>Hopefully powerful enough for normal use.
<grillon_>as powerful as a coreduo?
<Petter>I have no idea.
<grillon_>I could plug it in any laptop with pcmcia and boot on it? or I need the special pc housing?
<buenouanq>the laptop would be expecting it to be a drive or something and isn't set up for that unfortunately
<buenouanq>you would need a special housing
<buenouanq>but upon acquiring said special housing, all future EOMA68s would be compatible
<mbuf>is there a concept of a meta-package in GNU Guix? if we install that, it should install all the packages listed in it.
<buenouanq>yes, and apparently it's pretty simple
<buenouanq>I want one for all the fonts.
<efraim>See xfce or GNOME for an example
<grillon_>buenouanq: ok I regret that because I have a laptop of 17" gigaEth but a celeron as processor so absolutely unusable...
<mbuf>efraim, buenouanq thanks!
<buenouanq>grillon_: maybe you can take it apart and make it compatible with the EOMA68 - hack the planet!
<efraim>I found an ssd makes just about any computer useable
<mbuf>Is it possible to create a meta-package from list of packages in another meta-package?
<buenouanq>that would be a really interesting thing to do and I'm sure you'd find some interest from people in the same boat.
<mbuf>the context is that if I want a custom set of packages alone installed in an instance
<thekyriarchy_>mark_weaver: hey, any interest in briding this channel with a matrix room?
<Petter>thekyriarchy_: Mark isn't active here on IRC anymore.
<thekyriarchy_>Petter: oh, ok. what about civodul?
<Petter>He's active here.
<Sleep_Walker>is there reason why it requires civodul's consent?
<janneke>trying to install via usb from master i get: "gnu/build/svg.scm" could not be found
<janneke>trying to revert `960887b29 build: Stop building gnu/build/svg.scm.' and see what happens
<paroneayea>damn, wish we could make --localstatedir=/var the default for configure
<janneke>paroneayea: we can't?
<paroneayea>janneke: I think it's a gnu standards reason that it points elsewhere
<paroneayea>but it's dumb because iirc there's no other reason
<paroneayea>having gnu standards is great, but when they don't make sense...
<janneke>ah yes
<paroneayea>like, in general that path standard makes sense, but we should have an exception here
<thekyriarchy_>Sleep_Walker: requires channel ops to enable the bridge
<janneke>snape, i'm trying exwm and very much like the idea but i'm kinda stuck
<janneke>i think you mentioned exwm?
<janneke>can you help me figure out how to start and manage an X program (icecat, conkeror) in exwm?
<janneke>whatever i do, they keep floating above emacs
<snape>hi janneke, did you start exwm with the script provided by the package (exwm), and put (exwm-enable) in your emacs conf file?
<janneke>snape: no...put those commands in .xsession and in emacs conf: (require 'exwm) (require 'exwm-config) (exwm-config-default)
<janneke>so, possibly oops over here ;-)
<snape>maybe :) I'm not sure the latter, but starting with the script is necessary
<janneke>snape: but if you simply start, say conkeror& in a shell, then it appears in an emacs buffer?
<snape>just 'exec exwm'
<Apteryx>I'm still getting "no route to host" errors with mirror.hydra... Am I the only one?
<snape>janneke: yes, and if you want to switch to, say, Xterm, you do: C-x b 'Xterm'.
<janneke>snape: okay...yes I hoped for something like that
<snape>me too :) and ofc you can rename buffers
<snape>there is a config to write so that the buffer name is the classe name... it's on the wiki
<janneke>ACTION goes to install xinit and do exactly as exwm says
<snape>janneke: no... if you use GuixSD, it's fine to put 'exec exwm' in your .xsession
<snape>no need to use xinit. And actually I'm unsure GuixSD supports xinit
<janneke>snape: OK...
<janneke>snape: YES! it works... exec exwm in my .xsession
<janneke>snape: thanks!
<snape>you're welcome :)
<snape>do not hesitate if you have other questions, I already spent a few hours improving my exwm config :)
<Sleep_Walker>thekyriarchy_: I see
<janneke>snape: great...have you looked at the exwm-x extension?
<snape>no, but I've seen an email about it
<janneke>i really like the `run-or-raise' function in stumpwm, had something like that in sawfish too
<snape>what is it?
<janneke>i have this in my .stumpwmrc:
<janneke>(defcommand browser () ()
<janneke> "Run a browser instance or if already running, switch to it."
<janneke> (run-or-raise "conkeror" '(:class "Conkeror")))
<janneke>and that's bound to `C-t b'
<janneke>which then always gives me my browser
<janneke>i'm looking for something like that :-)
<janneke>should be real easy with exwm, i figure -- there's no info docs right?
<snape>I don't think there is an info doc
<janneke>snape: is your exwm config online? what kind of things did you add?
<snape>janneke: it's not, because it
<snape>because it's on gitolite
<snape>when I find a solution to expose it, I'll put it online
<janneke>snape, great
<snape>(gitolite doesn't allow public access, as far as I know)
<janneke>i'm reading the default config...trying to make sense of workspaces, simulation keys...
<snape>but I can still give you my conf :)
<snape>wait a minute
<rekado>I’d like to play with exwm too!
<rekado>ACTION waits for janneke’s report first )
<snape>janneke: for example, I added something that synchronize Xterm and default-directory, which I find very useful
<snape>I mean, when I 'cd' into xterm, it changes the buffer-local default-directory
<snape>since Xterm is in an emacs buffer, it works
<janneke>rekado: okay, i'll be sure to mention how it's going for me
<janneke>snape: that sounds nice!
<snape>do we have git-service working with Guix?
<janneke>i'm not much of an xterm user, but a good friend of my is and he's waiting for my report on exwm too :-)
<snape>I prefer eshell and shell too, but sometimes I have no choice...
<Apteryx>How can I get rid of: guix substitute: error: connect: No route to host. I tried "sudo herd restart networking" but that didn't seem to help.
<rekado>I use a real terminal only when I have to use screen.
<Apteryx>rekado: What do you mean by "real terminal"?
<rekado>Apteryx: something like xterm
<rekado>M-x shell is a dumb terminal
<rekado>I have a broken command here for attaching to a remote dtach session, but I’d like to also have buffer playback, which dtach doesn’t support.
<Apteryx>xterm is pretty full fledged (but I admit it doesn't look like it if you've only tried it for a short while)
<snape>rekado, yes, screen, and things (like builds) with very long outputs that would otherwise memory overflow emacs...
<rekado>dtach is simple, so maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to extend it
<rekado>snape: I have configured emacs to truncate long lines
<rekado>Emacs has frozen too often because of long lines…
<snape>oh really? would it be because of long lines? good to know
<Apteryx>Yeah, emacs seems to be optimized for a lot of lines rather than too long lines.
<Apteryx>It stutters for me too when it encounters very long lines.
<janneke>rekado: `I have configured emacs to truncate long lines' -- I want that!
<janneke>Mes has frozen my emacs too often, attempting to display circular lists and stuff
<paroneayea>rekado: have you ever used ansi-term?
<CharlieBrown>janneke: What's Mes?
<paroneayea>rekado: it's so close to being something I want to use but there's a big missing feature from it
<CharlieBrown>Emacs terminal emulators are never good enough, IMO.
<paroneayea>it doesn't convey information about when resizing happens
<paroneayea>other than that, it's pretty great
<paroneayea>it can even run vim or emacs inside emacs :)
<snape>I didn't need that to run vim inside emacs :) (evil-mode)
<paroneayea>snape: but one does need a way to run roguelikes :0
<janneke>CharlieBrown: Mes is full source bootstrapping --
<snape>paroneayea: could you explain why is it a Big missing feature?
<snape>I mean, I didn't understand well what it should do when resizing happens
<paroneayea>snape: oh the resizing isusue?
<snape>yes, not the vim one :)
<paroneayea>snape: yep can explain
<paroneayea>so, try opening a terminal and running vim or emacs inside it, or a roguelike, or anything else "curses" like
<paroneayea>then resize it
<paroneayea>like, window resizing
<paroneayea>in a normal terminal
<paroneayea>the information is conveyed so that the curses-type-foo can adapt
<paroneayea>in ansi-term, if you start out an ansi-term in maybe a fullscreen "window" (using emacs' definition of window)
<paroneayea>but then you do say, a vertical split
<paroneayea>suddenly whatever was running inside the ansi-term will wrap really awfully at the corner
<paroneayea>it doesn't send the information so it just exceeds the bounds of the current size
<paroneayea>and wraps around
<paroneayea>which ruins anything curses-like
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: In my experience, it would resize once you update anything on the screen. For example, I would connect to my tmux session and to C-b n C-b p to refresh.
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: really? I should try again
<paroneayea>it does
<paroneayea>this must be newer?
<paroneayea>it didn't about 3 years ago
<paroneayea>wow I guess you can use ansi-term for everything now :D
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: IDK when it was there.
<paroneayea>nothing like complaining about a missing feature to prove yourself wrong :D
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: I still find it clunky. Ever tried running cmatrix in it? Not fun.
<paroneayea>well! glad to be wrong then.
<snape>nice :)
<paroneayea>oh god
<paroneayea>you're not kidding CharlieBrown
<paroneayea>CPU -> 100%
<CharlieBrown>Huh. Never looked at that. I just know that it didn't run smoothly.
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: I am on a pretty old machine tho
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: running emacs in emacs and running M-x tetris seems fine tho
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: Are you on the X200? I don't consider it old.
<paroneayea>I am on it
<paroneayea>well, it's old as in, nearly a decade old :)
<paroneayea>it does pretty well for my needs however
<CharlieBrown>I usu. expect everyone to be running these old things, because it's Libertyland.
<paroneayea>except when my needs include opengl
<paroneayea>ACTION misses doing artwork in blender
<CharlieBrown>I feel like I need a book as big as the Bible to learn Blender.
<snape>janneke: this is my exwm conf:
<paroneayea>it's about as much work as learning to program, but so is learning any 3d artwork stuff
<rekado>paroneayea: I also miss Blender!
<janneke>snape: thanks!
<rekado>I also had just gotten started with graphics programming right before I got the X200
<paroneayea>rekado: yeah
<paroneayea>well I also miss working on game programming stuff :)
<paroneayea>well, non-MUD game programming :)
<snape>I heard x220 is WIP
<paroneayea>the next time I get a machine it may actually be one of the new Purism machines, I'm nearly surprised to say
<paroneayea>they goofed things up on the first iterations but now are heading in the right direction
<paroneayea>their work to render Intel ME inert is pretty great for instance
<paroneayea>plus they hired Nekohayo to interface with the FOSS community... a smart move
<janneke>snape: so what's the workspaces feature about, i do not really understand it with a tiling wm like emacs? don't you/can't you just switch buffers to whatever you want to see?
<Gamayun>paroneayea: that's good to hear :)
<snape>janneke: I don't use it. But I think it's kind of a multi-frames emacs.
<snape>one frame per workspace
<janneke>hmm...still "gnu/build/svg.scm" could not be found
<janneke>snape: okay :-)
<snape>you could have a split setup on workspace 1 with your emails, and something fullscreen on workspace 2 e.g.
<snape>not sure
<janneke>snape: ah yes, emails--i was wondering if and how you run Gnus with exwm
<snape>I run mu4e with exwm
<snape>but my workflow about it didn't change
<janneke>ACTION tries againg with adding svg.scm manually to the stick
<Gamayun>Hm... I'm tempted to try out exwm as well.
<paroneayea>I'm documenting my experience getting up the certbot stuff
<paroneayea>should I reply to the certbot thread on guix-patches
<paroneayea>or send it to guix-devel?
<paroneayea>it has some feedback on process stuff
<paroneayea>I'm anticipating the former but I'm a bit unsure.
<Petter>Gaaah... Perl dependencies - do they ever run out!? x_x
<kyamashita>Is exwm what all the cool kids are using these days?
<Petter>No, I'm using Xfce!
<janneke>kyamashita: no idea...but it looks awesome until now
<kyamashita>janneke: Why until now?
<snape>paroneayea: maybe that would be easier to follow if you answer the certbot thread?
<rekado>How can I install a cross compiler for Windows?
<rekado>I have a binary I’d like to build for Windows for testing purposes
<kyamashita>guix package -i mingw-w64?
<rekado>I did that, I guess I just don’t know how to use it :)
<kyamashita>ACTION sets up a mingw-w64 env
<rekado>because that package doesn’t provide any binaries
<rekado>erm, I mean executables
<kyamashita>Oh really? That's interesting.
<rekado>maybe I just need to install gcc-toolchain and then set the target
<janneke>rekado: easiest is to create a package spec and say --target=
<kyamashita>Yup, I see no executables.
<rekado>janneke: okay, thanks
<janneke>like in: guix build --target=i686-w64-mingw32 hello
<efraim>ok, I don't know when it happened or how, but I have a gccgo-5.4.0/bin/go in my store on aarch64
<kyamashita>janneke & rekado: I can also see /gnu/store/...-gcc-cross-sans-libc-i686-w64-mingw32-5.4.0/bin/i686-w64-mingw32-gcc in my store as some sort of dependency of mingw-w64.
<kyamashita>I don't know how to invoke *just* that package though.
<kyamashita>The compiler seems to require the static libs in the mingw-w64 package...
<rekado>I just pushed a potential fix for glibc on i686
<rekado>the patch is applied conditionally, so it should not cause a rebuild of glibc on other architectures
<rekado>just in case something went wrong and it did cause a rebuild: please let me know