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<apteryx[m]>ng0: weechat has a smart filter you can enable for annoying login/logout messages. It works very well.
<buenouanq>my irssi can't display weird symbols at the moment and I can't figure out why
<buenouanq>it's not the terminal as they display anywhere else just fine
<u0_a253>Trying to install GuixSD. guix system init keeps failing on installing m4.
<u0_a253>gzip says invalid compressed data. Is there something going on on the server?
<u0_a253>I'll just use --fallback for now I guess.
<u0_a253>Python2 wouldn't install for me. Here's a log with --verbosity=9.
<bavier1>u0_a253: --fallback is the right thing to do
<u0_a253>bavier1: Okay, but… what's going on with the binary packages that are failing?
<u0_a253>(And how can I help fix it?)
<Apteryx>Does anyone know what is happening to bayfront? It's been down for a couple days.
<buenouanq>who was the one having postgres locale issues in here a couple weeks ago?
<buenouanq>I might be having similar problems.
<quiliro>i have two problems because my network is not good grade:
<quiliro>1. i cannot send some emails from claws-mail
<quiliro>2. i cannot guix pull or guix package --install
<quiliro>i get a network error on both even if i can very slowly use other network services
<quiliro>very light email will get sent, as well as any mail is received
<quiliro>but these problems are never seen when linked to a good network connection
<CharlieBrown>Would this still be necessary in GuixSD?
***jas` is now known as serieux
<wingo>good morning rekado
<quiliro>i have two problems because my network is not good grade:
<quiliro>1. i cannot send some emails from claws-mail
<quiliro>2. i cannot guix pull or guix package --install
<quiliro>i get a network error on both even if i can very slowly use other network services nctñ xph,ocbi
<quiliro>very light email will get sent, as well as all mail is received
<brendyn>Can I have a package with a source that downloads multiple files from different locations?
<slyfox_>brendyn: ghc is one of examples to do somthing similar. not sure if there is less ugly way to do it
<quiliro>brendyn: i think you can specify different locations for packages as you can specify different mirrors for guix pull
<quiliro>brendyn: check
<wingo>has queue status & stuffs
<Petter>wingo, it says: git clone https://guix-potluck-org/git/target.git I assume this should be ;)
<wingo>ah indeed!
<quiliro>wingo: i cannot find Invoking guix potluck in the guix manual
<wingo>quiliro: still in an unmerged branch
<Sleep_Walker>so the hierarchy of the potluck packages is different?
<wingo>well they aren't really centrally categorized
<wingo>no hierarchy really, except the hierarchy defined by the space of git repository urls
<quiliro>$ guix graph coreutils | dot -Tpdf > dag.pdf
<quiliro>bash: dot: command not found
<quiliro>wingo: what does potluck do?
<quiliro>how can i find which package has the "dot" command?
<wingo>it is the graphviz package
<quiliro>wingo: how do you know? is there a command i can run? guix package -s dot....shows several packages
<wingo>dunno, i just know
<janneke>the 2.2/2.0 switch is still puzzling me
<janneke>i try to build latest master on a ~1y old machine
<wingo>of guix you mean?
<janneke>and my guix environment guix --ad-hoc <some goodies> is now compiling guile-2.0
<janneke>yep, of guix
<wingo>currently guix still depends on 2.0 in master; apparently core-updates has 2.0
<wingo>er core-updates has 2.2
<janneke>it would be nice, at least if it would fetch substitutes...
<wingo>still the default guile in guix now is 2.2
<janneke>ah yes
<wingo>but guixsd still installs guile-2.0 by default in the system (!)
<janneke>i have been using guile-2.2 for everything except guix for ~2.5 years...
<wingo>so you can end up with 2.0 load paths in your GUILE_LOAD_PATH which is badness
<janneke> to get rid of 2.0 ... otoh, we could try to improve the user experience of others using hybrid setups ;-)
<janneke>probably because i've been needing to use --fallbacks all day anyway...hmm
<rekado>Hi Guix!
<rekado>our internet connection at home was broken for almost two days.
<wingo>heya rekado :)
<rekado>hi wingo
<rekado>wingo: good progress on the guix-potluck!
<rekado>I have to take some time soon to read all the emails relating to this.
<brendyn>I've still not figured out how to get Emacs/Guix/Geiser to work yet :/
<rekado>brendyn: what’s the problem?
<rekado>ACTION goes afk for a few mins
<brendyn>rekado: Dunno, I have all the M-x Guix… commands so guix.el must be loaded? I open a Scheme file in my git repo of Guix, press ! to run all the Emacs config stuff. I type M-x run-geiser. guix-devel-mode is supposed to be on since I'm in a Scheme file, but it isn't for some reason. I load it with M-x guix-devel-mode.
<brendyn>Testing C-c . l at a package definiton. I get ERROR: no code for module (guix monad-repl)
<brendyn>But also, that seems to be from a different REPL, then one I got with run-geiser isn't doing anything
<brendyn>Then I end up with 3 REPLs, two guile 2.2 and one internal guile 2.0.14
<Petter>I ran indent-code.el on my package recipe, now guix lint turned red with way too long lines. Did indent-code.el go a little overboard or should I just add a lot of newlines everywhere?
<rekado>Petter: this looks wrong
<rekado>Petter: the indentation of the clauses under “modify-phases” is far too big.
<rekado>Petter: same for the indentation of the lambdas under “add-after”, “replace”, “add-before”.
<Petter>Good, I feel the same way.
<rekado>brendyn: sounds like your problem is with mixing Guile 2.2 with Guile 2.0.x
<brendyn>Hmm, Maybe I can run Emacs under guix environment --ad-hoc emacs guix --pure
<nee``>Petter: there is a package called emacs-guix. It provides guix-devel-mode which indents package definitions correctly.
<Petter>Emacs have been in charge of indentation while writing. So I was a bit surprised with indent-code.el changing it quite dramatically.
<rekado>the early versions of indent-code.el actually did use emacs-guix
<rekado>not sure why it’s so wrong in your case.
<Petter>Maybe someone would like to take a look at it, paving the way for contributors using non-Emacs editors :O
<Petter>I could write to guix-devel if that's interesting.
<rekado>or you could ask alezost about it :)
<Petter>alezost: I ran indent-code.el on my recipe. We think it went a little overboard with the indenting.
<alezost>Petter: I've never used "indent-code.el" but it's definitely a bug :-)
<sneek>Welcome back alezost, you have 1 message.
<sneek>alezost, civodul says: thanks for the online manual! could you update doc/htmlxref.cnf in Guix to point to it?
<Petter>Oh, I assumed you made it :)
<wingo>rekado: what do you think is the way forward for the potluck patches? something worth iterating on in master or do you think it's best to stay in review for a while?
<wingo>right now i have everything working properly i think
<wingo>i will send an update mail
<alezost>Petter: no, I recall that rekado and I wrote something to the mailing list about code indentation, but it is Ludovic who made "indent-code.el"
<CcxWrk>When can I expect hit the mirrors so guix pull is fixed? Is there a workaround in the meantime?
<wingo>i don't have preferred applications in my gnome. what could be wrong?
<wingo>like i click on a thing and it opens... the text editor :P
<wingo>when i click on a url in a chat client for example
<wingo>potluck status:
<alezost>Petter: I think I know what happened: you need to be in the top dir of the guix tree and run it like this: "./etc/indent-code.el <your-file.scm>" (as it is mentioned in the manual), otherwise it won't work. I think I know how to fix this limitation.
<brendyn>I see, so after I setup a pure environment, running emacs goes to town on my enviroment reseting PATH and stuff like that
<janneke>wingo: on potluck...would my phantomjs patch set be a good candidate for potluck?
<wingo>janneke: i don't know. what's your phantomjs patch?
<janneke>the paches need some work that i'm not going to do right now
<janneke>it's a resurrection of qt5.5 + patches + the phantomjs-package
<brendyn>I believe phantomjs is on it's deathbed
<wingo>janneke: i think not because potluck packages can only take snippets, not patches
<janneke>brendyn: all the more reason for me not to spend much more time on it ;-)
<brendyn>Sounds like libre-ifying Chromium is becoming more and more important.
<janneke>brendyn: Chromium is not evil, then?
<janneke>wingo: oh...okay. potluck feels very exciting, but i'm still figuring out what i could/should put there :-)
<wingo>janneke: :)
<janneke>wingo: if it had only tarballs, would that work?
<wingo>janneke: yes that would work
<janneke>OK, thanks
<brendyn>rekado: I've setup a pure environment, ran emacs with emacs -q, now I get ERROR: no code for module (guix utils)
<alezost>brendyn: where do you get it? In geiser or in guile repl running in shell?
<brendyn>alezost: In the REPL in the shell
<Petter>alezost: Yes, that seems to be it! I was running it from gnu/packages like this: $ ~/guix/etc/indent-code.el terminals.scm cool-retro-term
<Petter>Running it from top dir gives normal indentation.
<Petter>Nice catch! :)
<alezost>Petter: thanks for confirmation, I'll send a patch to fix it soon. BTW, the indentation is not perfect still as 'modify-phases' keywords ('replace', 'add-after') are not indented properly
<alezost>brendyn: I think the problem is you don't have to set GUILE_LOAD_PATH and GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH to include guix source tree
<alezost>*you don't set
<alezost>brendyn: if you run %load-path in the guile REPL, you'll see that it does not contain "/whatever/guix" directory, so guix modules are not found
<Petter>Ah ok, I thought these as well was indented a bit much. But I don't know what to expect really.
<efraim>bugs go to ?
<alezost>brendyn: so you can either set those environment variables or: (it's only for geiser) set 'geiser-guile-load-path' as it is mentioned at (info "(guix) The Perfect Setup")
<alezost>efraim: "guix -h" can tell you it :-)
<efraim>alezost: thanks
<brendyn>alezost: so I should't set both them?
<alezost>brendyn: you can set both (if you mean both environment variables and geiser-guile-load-path), it will do no harm
<alezost>brendyn: I set only environment variables and don't touch the geiser one. It is not needed
<brendyn>Seems to have taken effect. Emacs is now hanging wile guile burns up my CPU
<wingo>burn baby burn
<alezost>brendyn: did you set GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH?
<brendyn>I think I should run `make' again first
<brendyn>Since I git pulled and merged
<brendyn>ACTION typoed
<brendyn>ACTION didn't actually set GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH
<brendyn>Only issue is now the commit I made is buried under 50 or 100 new commits
<brendyn>Progress was made. I was able to geiser-eval-buffer, but `C-. l' still burns my CPU
<alezost>brendyn: when you do "M-x run-guile", what guile version it shows?
<brendyn>alezost: 2.2.2
<alezost>brendyn: so that's the problem - guix is still compiled with Guile 2.0
<alezost>and when you try to use guix modules with guile 2.2, the new guile compiles them
<alezost>I mean, when you do "make", guix is build with guile 2.0, so you can use guix modules without problems, as they are compiled. But when you use guix modules with guile 2.0, the modules are compiled again for another guile version
<brendyn>This may explain a significan number of my problems.
<brendyn>You mean "guile 2.2" ?
<alezost>right, currently it's a bit of a mess - the default guile version in guix is 2.2, but guix itself is compiled with 2.0. Mixing 2 versions may lead to problems
<wingo>i have run into that many times too :/
<wingo>i wonder if we can land the guix-on-guile-2.2 before releasing
<brendyn>You could say we've crafted a new kind of dependency hell.
<alezost>Petter: this message: <> contains the patch that should fix the problem you found, thanks for reporting!
<Petter>Nice! :)
<Petter>I'll try it.
<wingo>the bit where guile 2.2 ends up looking for .scm files in guile 2.0 directories is the bad part.
<Petter>alezost: It didn't work for me. But changing the patch to work on indent-code.el instead of fixed it.
<alezost>Petter: sure; ".el" is generated from "" (by "./configure" phase)
<alezost>so the original source is "" and ".el" is the derivative
<Petter>Oh, I see.
<alezost>thanks for testing it!
<Petter>Sure! :)
<CcxWrk>Reading Guix and Nix docs, I'm seeing that Nix packages are described as functions taking configuration options, whereas Guix talks of G-Expressions. Should I conclude that in Guix it's impossible to pass in such configuration options besides of creating new package/expression?
<davexunit>CcxWrk: a package in guix is a first class Scheme object and you can manipulate them to make variants of them as you wish
<CcxWrk>Can you give an example? Say, I want to switch TLS implementation from openssl to gnutls or vice versa.
<davexunit>I don't have an example in front of me, but the guix source is full of such things.
<davexunit>you can make a new package that "inherits" from another and then change some fields
<brendyn>CcxWrk: guix build foo --with-input=openssl=gnutls
<davexunit>that's the CLI and not what is being asked about
<davexunit>(package (inherit foo) (inputs (replace-openssl-with-gnutls (package-inputs foo))))
<davexunit>where replace-openssl-with-gnutls is something you'd write
<davexunit>hopefully that gives the idea
<CcxWrk>I see. Now more trickier thing, how I'd change default CFLAGS on global basis?
<davexunit>you don't.
<davexunit>there are no globals.
<davexunit>CFLAGS is not even relevant to all things
<CcxWrk>Sure. Global would probably mean environment-global in context of Guix or Nix.
<davexunit>what is "environment-global"?
<CcxWrk>I think those are called profiles in Guix, sorry.
<davexunit>if a package defined CFLAGS as a make flag or something, you could change those CFLAGS by editing the arguments field of the package.
<davexunit>which you can do progamatically.
<CcxWrk>But I assume current packages don't really expose that. How are optional dependencies handled?
<davexunit>I'm guessing that you are a gentoo user or something?
<davexunit>and are having difficulties adjusting to a non-gentoo world
<davexunit>it's hard to answer some of these questions because they are a bit fuzzy
<CcxWrk>I've dabbled with many. Gentoo, Alpine and Void are the ones I most commonly manage nowadays.
<davexunit>there's no such thing as an optional dependency in guix
<davexunit>a package describes the build precisely.
<davexunit>if it's possible to build a piece of software with or without a library "foo", there could be two different packages: one with a "foo" input, and one without.
<CcxWrk>So you need to make a package for each combination of possible configuration variables. (Or the ones you want to use at least)
<davexunit>a package describes a *precise* dependency tree and build process
<davexunit>otherwise reproducibility would be unachievable
<CcxWrk>I was talking of optional dependencies and packages in the upstream sense. Not necessarily in the Guix sense.
<CcxWrk>Hence the confusion I guess.
<davexunit>I guess my answer applies either way.
<davexunit>you either specify that dependency as an input to the package or not
<CcxWrk>Indeed, thanks for the answer.
<davexunit>like we have a full-featured emacs package, an emacs with no X support, and a minimal emacs for things that use emacs as a batch processing tool
<brendyn>Emacs has a few different builds. emacs, emacs-minimal, emacs-no-x, emacs-no-x-toolkit
<davexunit>heh :)
<brendyn>I type something, but davexunit says it first, so I backspace and type another thing, but then davexunit has said that too. repeat ad infinitum.
<brendyn>This is something I find challenging too, because I want to package goldendict along with an arbitrary number of dictionaries.
<davexunit>is it not possible to use a search path?
<brendyn>It would suck have goldendict depend on some 30MiB Chinese dictonary that will get loaded in, when the user just wants a Japanese one
<CcxWrk>Is there any way to to apply any rules or pattern matching to the dependencies without explicitly listing each and every one of them?
<davexunit>CcxWrk: no.
<davexunit>that would prevent reproducibility.
<CcxWrk>I find that rather weird.
<davexunit>remember: packages are just plain Scheme objects
<davexunit>almost all of them are assigned to variables within various modules
<davexunit>so you import the modules you want, and reference the variables that contain the package objects
<brendyn>Yeah, Goldendict has the feature to search a directory, but I'll need to have that set so it's goes to the place where the dictionaries are installed
<CcxWrk>In my eyes that's just changing how package-1.0 gets resolved into different longhash-package-1.0 due to different options, it can do the very same as the commandline option. Just by means of matching some pattern of the package definitions.
<CcxWrk>Or even how version is picked.
<davexunit>a name and a version number isn't enough to uniquely identify a package
<davexunit>2 variants of package 1.0 built with a make flag turned on/off are unique
<CcxWrk>Not "guix package", no. But I see such short names in there.
<CcxWrk>Do you mean those are variables that are exposed by the imported modules?
<CcxWrk>I see now.
<davexunit>those names point to values that are package objects
<davexunit>so we can change that variable later and the packages that reference it will be rebuilt
<paroneayea>wingo: out of curiosity, do you have a paste of what one of the potluck style package descriptions looks like handy?
<paroneayea>wingo: also I'm still working on getting the server up testing your stuff. I'm simultaneously setting up the server for my own needs, so
<amz3>is guix master using guile 2.2 or not?
<paroneayea>amz3: iirc it can be compiled with guile 2.2, but isn't necessarily
<amz3>ah ok!
<janneke>anyone using #:auto-login with slim-service?
<janneke>ACTION could do with an example
<rekado>janneke: I do on a different machine; don’t have the config handy, though.
<rekado>janneke: but maybe I can help anyway
<paroneayea>substitute: guix/ui.scm:1228:8: In procedure run-guix-command:
<paroneayea>substitute: guix/ui.scm:1228:8: Throw to key `bad-response' with args `("Bad Response-Line: ~s" (""))'.
<paroneayea>guix system: error: build failed: substituter `substitute' died unexpectedly
<paroneayea>anyone else getting this sudenly?
<paroneayea>I'm getting it on all my machines.
<janneke>rekado: i have added: (slim-service #:auto-login? #t #:default-user "janneke")
<janneke>but now i need to filter services, apparently
<janneke>rekado: (guix system: error: service 'xorg-server' provided more than once
<rekado>okay, just a sec
<janneke>and need to figure-out the name and how to filter ... ;-)
<janneke>so i was thinking, there is prolly a real easy way
<rekado>janneke: untested:
<rekado>janneke: oh, you also need to add the (default-user "janneke") thing
<janneke>rekado: modify-services! great, thanks!!
<janneke>the power of guix keeps amazing me :-D
<Petter>Me too! *takes notes*
<vivivi>hi! any ideas about this error on 'guix system reconfigure'?
<paroneayea>vivivi: looks like I'm not the only one then
<paroneayea>I just sent a message to guix-help abou tit
<paroneayea>... which I'm just remembering is the wrong address.
<janneke>paroneayea vivivi: ah...
<janneke>i had that before, now I'm getting guix package: error: build failed: getting attributes of path `/gnu/store/02426nwiy32cscm4h83729vn5ws1gs2i-bash-static-4.4.12': no such file or directory
<paroneayea>I think there's an issues with substitutes right now
<vivivi>paroneayea: thanks for letting me know. i'll keep watching on guix-help. i'll try with --no-substitutes for now
<janneke>paroneayea: i'm wondering if my store got corrupted?
<paroneayea>janneke: I hope not!
<janneke>paroneayea: haha, I hope that helps :-)
<Petter>ACTION crosses fingers
<Petter>(this may help too)
<janneke>thanks Petter
<janneke>got that error during guix system init :-( :-(
<janneke>I can reproduce it by doing: ./pre-inst-env guix package -i bash-static
<Apteryx>janneke: I haven't had time to look at the sources yet, but Mes seems an impressive feat! Congrats for the release :)
<Apteryx>Does anyone know what could cause these errors while building guix (make):
<Apteryx>It seems to not be serious enough to interrupt the build, but still has me wondering.
<Apteryx>Bayfront is back. Yay!
<catonano> Apteryx as far as I understand, the errors in carting are expected
<janneke>Apteryx: thanks!
<kyamashita>Is anyone else's copy of Guix giving a substituter error?
<janneke>kyamashita: yes...
<davexunit>paroneayea is having that problem
<davexunit>seems like things are super messed up
<kyamashita>Might this be due to something that was merged from the staging branch?
<kyamashita>Or something wrong with
<kyamashita>Using '--no-substitutes' seems to be a workaround (hasn't crashed yet).
<apteryx[m]>kyamashita: you could try using --substitute-urls=
<apteryx[m]>I got substitutes from that server this morning.
<paroneayea>apteryx[m]: oh good call
<kyamashita>apteryx[m]: Where can I get the key to authorize the bayfront server? Or is it the same as's? Because --substitute-urls= seems to have the same effect as --no-substitutes for me.
<apteryx[m]>Oh right, you'd need to authorize it first. Search the guix-devel mail list archives, Ludovic gave the key (and I posted a config.scm where I add the key declaratively)
<apteryx[m]>There's also a one liner you could use, I believe it's something like. 'guix archive --authorize < your_key'
<kyamashita>apteryx[m]: That's the one. *hunts through guix-devel*
<kyamashita>apteryx[m]: Found the key. Thanks. :)
<paroneayea>did sphinx just drop one of their files
<paroneayea>Starting download of /gnu/store/a5haw94mcpnlg7b3ch6nrwqxc4fwvifg-sphinxcontrib-programoutput-0.8.tar.gz
<paroneayea>ERROR: download failed "" 404 "Not Found"
<paroneayea>failed to download "/gnu/store/a5haw94mcpnlg7b3ch6nrwqxc4fwvifg-sphinxcontrib-programoutput-0.8.tar.gz" from ""
<paroneayea>sorry, that was more than I meant to paste
<paroneayea>they uploaded a new one and deleted the old one it seems like.
<brendyn>post new packages to guix-devel or guix-patches ?
<paroneayea>brendyn: yeah I'm working on it
<paroneayea>but it's infuriating that our old releases of guix have possibly broken because of this
<paroneayea>at least for anyone skipping substitutes
<apteryx[m]>brendyn: guix-patches
<kyamashita>paroneayea: That's not the cause of the substitute issue, is it?
<paroneayea>kyamashita: I doubt it
<paroneayea>I think it was just exposed by it
<brendyn>Why do all the emails in guix-patches have Bug #numbers?
<paroneayea>brendyn: oh I thought you were telling me to patch something ;)
<paroneayea>brendyn: because they're tracked by debbugs
<paroneayea>so we can keep track of when packages have/haven't finished
<paroneayea>being integrated
<brendyn>Ok so I don't need to add some number to my email then
<apteryx[m]>I get connection time out when Guix tries to download substitutes on my corp machine. Using the same URI I can download successfully in my browser... Firewall issues?
<paroneayea>brendyn: if it's a new package
<paroneayea>it'll be added for you
<brendyn>I get nervous about sending patches
<brendyn>Imma send this then go straight to bed
<Petter>Don't worry. The Guix people are very nice :)
<brendyn>I'm still using Thunderbird to send emails. One day I'll switch to Emacs when I can figure out how to make it work.
<CharlieBrown>Same, brendyn.
<brendyn>Hmm I've added two symbols so I made it two patches, but in one email as attachments.
<brendyn>I guess I can butcher it into something like [PATCH 1&2/2]
<brendyn>ACTION found a typo in his patch
<apteryx[m]>brendyn: I can read all my emails in Gnus by simply pressing the space bar. It's brilliant! And it's not that hard to setup. I'm using it with gmail at the moment. I updated bits of, maybe this can help you.
<brendyn>I have an account. I wanted to make it work with pop so I can have all my mail offline
<apteryx[m]>Pop should be even easier.
<brendyn>Well I'm glad my email failed to send
<brendyn>Although it could popup soon
<amz3`>how one can authorize bayfront?
<amz3`>I just ran 'sudo guix archive --authorize < ~/tmp/' with the pub key found on devel @
<amz3`>but there is no key in /etc/guix/acl
<kyamashita>amz3`: That same command worked for me...
<amz3`>kyamashita: on guixsd?
<amz3`>sorry it's really in /etc/guix/acl but it doesn't use bayfront for substitutes
<amz3`>wait hydra seems back
<kyamashita>amz3`: Yes, on GuixSD.
<amz3`>sorry for the noise everything seems to be ok actually, I don't understand
<zacts>hi guix
<kyamashita>zacts: Hi!
<zacts>hi guix
<zacts>hi kyamashita
<zacts>how's progress since 1 year ago?
<zacts>I've been out for a year
<zacts>I'm working on this other distro Dragora gnu/linux-libre
<zacts>well I'm slacking on the irc channel, but soon hope to contributer
<zacts>maybe I'll also help guix too
<CharlieBrown>I wish I could use virtual machines.
<CharlieBrown>I'd like to run all these distros and test them.
<zacts>I need to learn how to use qemu/kvm again
<kyamashita>zacts: Things have been progressing at an increasing rate.
<zacts>I want to get off of Oracle's VirtualBox as I dislike Oracle, and I want to always be able to contribute to and build my software freely
<CharlieBrown>zacts: It's not that I won't use QEMU, it's that I can't. I get a kernel panic whenever I do.
<zacts>kyamashita: nice
<zacts>CharlieBrown: what hardware are you on?
<CharlieBrown>RedHat's virt-manager is nice.
<CharlieBrown>zacts: X200
<random-nick>CharlieBrown: was that with or without kvm?
<zacts>kyamashita: Have any new problems surfaced at all (especially with regard to optimization or performance issues)?
<zacts>CharlieBrown: ah yeah
<zacts>X200 can cause issues likely with virtualization, I have one of those as well
<CharlieBrown>random-nick: I don't know? I thought QEMU always used kvm.
<zacts>and depedning on what distro you have on the X200
<zacts>I need to try guix out on mine
<kyamashita>CharlieBrown: I use (kernel-arguments '("modprobe.blacklist=kvm,kvm_intel")) in my config.scm.
<CharlieBrown>I just used virt-manager like normal after doing what Libreboot said to do to make my computer not crash. It didn't crash, but every VM I span up was so slow I couldn't use it.
<random-nick>CharlieBrown: QEMU also has a mode where it software virtualisation with some kind of instruction translator
<CharlieBrown>I was using Trisquel at the time.
<random-nick>not sure which one is the default mode
<CharlieBrown>random-nick: X200 requires software virtualization.
<CharlieBrown>It crashes otherwise.
<kyamashita>CharlieBrown: I think random-nick means that QEMU has the normal "virtual machine" mode, and then it has the instruction translation mode (e.g. running powerpc binaries on x86).
<CharlieBrown>I don't know.
<CharlieBrown>I only messed with it enough to get it to not make my machine crashed, like I said.
<kyamashita>zacts: No optimization or performance problems that I've noticed.
<zacts>does mark_weaver still hang out here?
<zacts>he was really knowledgable from what I recall. He also recommended some cool books to me on mathematics.
<Petter>I haven't seen Mark here for many months.
<zacts>Calculus on Manifolds
<zacts>ah that sucks
<Petter>Yeah, I miss having him around here.
<zacts>did he quit, or is he just away due to life logistics?
<Petter>Think he just put IRC aside.
<kyamashita>CharlieBrown: Then you probably just had the kernel argument tweak that I posted. I know that without KVM, QEMU as a virtual machine can be slow.
<zacts>yeah I don't think that the X200 CPU supports the speed extensions for kvm
<zacts>so it will probably only run at full slow virtualized speed
<kyamashita>zacts: It does, just not with the current versions of Libreboot.
<CharlieBrown>I miss VirtualBox.
<zacts>ah ok
<CharlieBrown>VirtualBox was when I was able to actually do VMs.
<brendyn>is it any different from qemu fundamentally?
<apteryx[m]>Could someone remind me of how to update the guix-daemon on a foreign sister?
<CharlieBrown>kyamashita: You mean VMs work on the X200 with the most recent stable release of Libreboot?
<CharlieBrown>brendyn: I'm just used to VirtualBox's interface, that's all.
<kyamashita>CharlieBrown: No. I'm fairly sure the most recent stable version of Libreboot is from September 2016, and it didn't work then.
<kyamashita>Not KVM-accelerated VMs, that is.
<lfam>ACTION works on ghostscript update
<kyamashita>brendyn: IIRC it (VirtualBox) also requires some proprietary software to build.
<paroneayea>mark_weaver is still making contributions to guix but yeah, haven't seen as much irc engagement
<paroneayea>we <3 you though mark!
<brendyn>kyamashita: Yeah something to do with vector math stuff
<apteryx[m]>amz3`: I have the same problem! I think the Guix binary downloaded over Guix pull puts it under /usr/local/etc/guix/acl. That'd be a bug I guess!
<lfam>apteryx[m]: Update root's copy of Guix, update the installed Guix package, and restart the daemon (`guix pull && guix package -u guix && $service-manager restart guix-daemon`)
<lfam>apteryx[m]: Regarding '/usr/local/etc/guix/acl', are you using Guix from a Git checkout? That path is the default value of $localstatedir; it's why our instructions suggest building Guix with './configure --localstatedir=/var'
<lfam>amz3` ^
<apteryx[m]>lfam: It might have been at some point but I've now fixed it. I'll try restarting the daemon
***kelsoo1 is now known as kelsoo
<apteryx[m]>lfam: thanks. I'm usually on GuixSD where I only need to reconfigure the system so I keep forgetting about how it works on a foreign distro!
<lfam>apteryx[m]: I understand :) And the story on a foreign distro, where root's copy of Guix is available system-wide in /usr/local/bin is a bit strange and easy to forget about! Especially since your user also has a Guix at ~/.config/guix/latest
<paroneayea>wingo: yo
<lfam>Adapting Artifex's ghostscript patches for the GNU fork... time to get resettled in my cold uninsulated office with the second monitor!
<apteryx[m]>lfam: sounds good! (except for the uninsulated part)
<lfam>Heh, it's perfect in the summer :)
<apteryx[m]>ACTION lost track of the seasons
<lfam>ACTION sends ghostscript CVE-2017-8291 patch for review
<lfam>bavier, bavier1: Since I had to adapt some C patches from upstream, can you review it if you have time? <>
<bavier>lfam: sure
<lfam>It didn't require many changes. Basically, our ghostcript uses a different set of error reporting macros from the Artifex ghostscript
<lfam>For example, we use e_stackunderflow instead of gs_error_stackunderflow
<bavier>lfam: lgtm
<lfam>Thanks bavier, I'm going to push
<amz3`>I am giving up, I can compile nothing :(
<paroneayea>amz3`: because of the substitute things?
<amz3`>bayfront doesn't have substitutes and compiling doesn't work because it fails tests
<paroneayea> the patch here might help, Tobias pointed it out on help-guix
<paroneayea>I need to see
<paroneayea>looks like it is
<paroneayea>trying another test
<apteryx[m]>lfam: even after running ./configure --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc in my git checkout, and doing 'sudo -s; guix pull; guix package -u guix --fallback; restart guix-daemon&, 'guix archive --authorize <' still only writes to /usr/local/etc/guix/acl :/
<janneke>amz3`: i tried to pick today to convert two boxes from +guix to GuixSD...bad timing
<brendyn>Hmm, so we have individual files for the likes of inkscape
<rekado>apteryx[m]: you may need to set “--prefix=/”
<rekado>I’m bisecting to figure out the cause of the substitute error
<nckx>paroneayea: Hm, maybe this isn't the same bug after all. I'm having trouble reproducing it myself (doesn't help that I'm working from a different checkout...)
<rekado>git bisect gives me a really harmless commit as the culprit.
<rekado>so maybe it’s not a problem with the code but with the substitute server
<rekado>(it’s a problem that the code crashes when a substitute server fails, of course)
<apteryx[m]>rekado: still no way; as 'sudo -s; guix archive --authorize <'. If I use my git checkout guix though, as a simple user, I get: ...permission denied: "/etc/guix/acl" so at least as my user it is OK.
<apteryx[m]>Where/how is the system guix loading (guix config) ?