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<joe42>Hello all. I was told there may be guile users here. I want to learn to program. And I would really like to begin with guile. Aside from the resources on the guile website, where might one learn programming techniques?
<catonano>joe42: it's a very perrsonal path
<catonano>you have to learn Emacs
<catonano>and then you should watch/read SICP (Structurre and Interpretation of Computer Programs)
<catonano>It's challenging (depending on your experience)
<catonano>and it's huge. You don't need to swallow it all at once
<catonano>but that's the best way to learn scheme and what it means
<joe42>catonano: Thanks. I will watch that. I am not much of a book learner, although I can make some progress with books. Are there any hands-on ways to supplement what I learn?
<catonano>joe42: what do you mean with "supplement" ?
<joe42>Learn by doing, shadow people who know how, other methods.. That's my problem. I'm not really sure
<catonano>being around smarrt people is the best way, but it can be difficult to achieve.
<catonano>If you have a hard time reading (I can relate) I would suggest to keep an eye on Clojure
<catonano>thhere arre some video tutorials
<catonano>it's not scheme, but it's still a lispy language
<catonano>oh and it's not free software, it's open source
<joe42>catonano: ok thanks
<methalo__>joe42: I use this scheme guide:
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<bavier1>did we have a discussion recently about non-free fonts in packages?
<lfam>bavier1: On the patch tracker:
<buenouanq>if that's the topic, I would like to request a font meta package that pulls in every font guix offers
<lfam>buenouanq: Meta-packages are pretty simple. For example, the GNOME package:
<lfam>One could also pass a Scheme expression that evaluated to all the packages in the fonts module as an argument `guix package --install-from-expression=EXP`
<buenouanq>that's basically what I do, only instead of guile with grep and sed (;-___-)
<Apteryx>Hello Guix! Is someone else having to build everything from source from up to date master?
<paroneayea>Apteryx: are you seeing weird issues involving .go files and elf formats and etc? :)
<Apteryx>I'm not (yet?) :)
<paroneayea>ok, then I don't know :)
<paroneayea>it's bedtime for me anyway
<paroneayea>ACTION => zzz
<Apteryx>Just trying to get my "guix environment guix", and it's now building gcc from scratch. Going to take the most of the night ;)
<paroneayea>Apteryx: oh, I misread your comment
<Apteryx>good night!
<paroneayea>ACTION goes to bed still :)
<paroneayea>thanks, take care / good luck Apteryx
<Apteryx>thanks :)
<lfam>Apteryx: I think substitutes should exist, but maybe there is a problem with your connection or with the mirror
<Apteryx>It's building GCC 5.4.0. bayfront is definitely down (can't ping it even), so I'm using `guix environment guix --substitute-urls='.
<brendyn>This is why we need GNUnet to become functional so we can use it with Guix
<Apteryx>brendyn: Is GNUnet not functional already?
<brendyn>Apteryx: Well, we aren't using it are we
<Apteryx>Oh, I thought you meant GNUnet on its own. I know that the integration of GNUnet with Guix is not done yet.
<brendyn>I have played with GNUnet and it didn't work very well. It took a couple of hours for a small text file to transfer
<CharlieBrown>Yeah, can't DL anything on GNUnet.
<CharlieBrown>Also, some guy who works with GNUnet a lot is a mean person.
<brendyn>0.o who?
<Apteryx>Is it a known issue or simply that it requires people to be using it more before it becomes usable (I'm quite ignorant about GNUnet ;)
<Apteryx>Hydra gives me 504 all the time (Gateway Time-out). It must be maxed out.
<thomasd>hi #guix
<efraim>i'm disabling shibboleth support in our owncloud-client package so we don't have to build it with webkit
<rekado_>I’m testing a change to glibc that applies a patch only when building for i686.
<rekado_>However, I can’t use “guix build glibc” to test that it doesn’t have an effect on x86_64 builds, because the debug output is unavailable on hydra.
<rekado_>“guix package”, on the other hand, doesn’t support the “--system” option, so I cannot test if it’s fine with i686.
<brendyn>I need to mirror a 300MiB source file for a Guix package. where can I put it?
<snape>brendyn: can't you use the upstream source link?
<brendyn>I can I guess. It's just slow and they update the file unannounced every few months
<brendyn>One font has no license notice anywhere to be found, but is based of a 2000 year old book. I suppose it is public domain?
<snape>but for a package, it does not matter, once the source is downloaded by a guix mirror (hydra), it is downloaded from there by its guix users.
<ng0>hi, for those who happen to be using fish-guix (at least one person does as far as I know), I did a proper release today. patch is up to be review :)
<ng0>Also CharlieBrown there are reasons and your perception of "mean person" is a twisted view of reality. Ignoring people is my default when I get yelled at in emails, fyi. I think I even have you blocked here so I won't see your reply.
<jonsger>ng0: :)
<ng0>we should form a group to bother gpg keyservers for so long they all update to the version which supports at least EC keys. Or maybe all these people who tell me "I can't get your key from the keyservers" are using gpg versions below gpg 2 :/
<ng0>X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.3273) well okay then. Apple, please keep up to date. thanks.
<CcxWrk>I'm getting a build failure upon a `guix pull' from clean install.
<CcxWrk>builder for `/gnu/store/vy48q3a6hf1g69vy6g5vdg658dr03yca-serf-1.3.8.drv' failed with exit code 1
<CcxWrk>cannot build derivation `/gnu/store/rbbjwhv53hz3da9lwp1dras9y0knlfgf-subversion-1.8.17.drv': 1 dependencies couldn't be built
<CcxWrk>It fails on running tests. Runs: 65 Passes: 51 Fails: 14
<CcxWrk>Installed on top of Void/amd64/glibc.
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<methalo__>hi, the process to compile guile-2.2.0 is delayed, some functions are not implemented, however the message appears to me repeatedly: madvise failed: "Function not implemented"
<methalo__>In GNU/Hurd
<paroneayea>guess it's time for me to spin up a digital ocean droplet with guixsd
<paroneayea>I need to get something deployed fast
<paroneayea>I wonder if the $5/mo machine is good enough or if I need to do the $10/mo one
<paroneayea>oh man
<paroneayea>is doing a guix deployment using the main image going to be super awkward right now?
<arunisaac>What is the accepted practice for adding copyright headers? If I'm only updating a package (just a version and hash change), should I put a copyright header for myself in that file?
<paroneayea>uhoh, guix pull is broken right now right?
<paroneayea>this might have been a bad time to tell someone to join a project and don't worry it'll be easy just install guix...
<Petter>arunisaac: Yes. See,
<paroneayea>oh, guix pull isn't broken yet :)
<paroneayea>just soon ;)
<davexunit>guix pull is going to break soon?
<sneek>Got it.
<efraim>sneek: forget it
<efraim>sneek: what is the cake
<sneek>the cake is a lie
<davexunit>sneek: what is love
<davexunit>sneek: what is the love
<davexunit>damn it, sneek. you're embarassing me here.
<davexunit>ACTION awkwardly exits room quietly
<Petter>sneek: what did efraim ask you to forget?
<CharlieBrown>I did not yell at ng0. I yelled at the situation I was in. ng0 said nothing about my rudeness, just some arbitrary qualms with my vocabulary, because it's not upper-class enough.
<davexunit>paroneayea: thanks
<arunisaac>Petter: Thanks!
<paroneayea>Apteryx: hm, yeah I am finding that a lot of things are compiling here
<paroneayea>not sure why.
<paroneayea>on this new server at least
<blu_>Howdy fellas. I'm new to Guix and have had some fun installing GuixSD and playing around with it. And now I have some newbie questions that I haven't been able to find answers to. Basically, I don't want a login manager, and just want to call my xinit script manually.
<blu_>But there's no /etc/X11 directory, so no xorg.conf, and so X can't find the modules it needs from xf86-video-intel. I can see there's a xorg-configuration-file defined in xorg.scm that does what I need, but I don't know the correct way to leverage this from my operating system config. Should I create a custom service?
<DoublePlusGood23>Hello. I'm currently using guix from the Parabola repos and seem to be running into issues with it
<bavier>DoublePlusGood23: what sorts of issues?
<DoublePlusGood23>I've been trying to get it functioning off and on for the past couple weeks.
<DoublePlusGood23>This is using the copy from the offical Parabola repos
<bavier>DoublePlusGood23: do the indicated files indeed exist?
<DoublePlusGood23>bavier: seem so
<bavier>DoublePlusGood23: have you tried using the binary package from ?
<bavier>DoublePlusGood23: you'd probably have more success with that
<bavier>it seems like the parabola package hasn't got much attention
<DoublePlusGood23>bavier: I haven't yet. I had tried multiple AUR versions but they each had their own problems
<CharlieBrown>Do I still have to manually partition during install, or will the installer automatically do it by looking at the system declaration?
<rekado_>CharlieBrown: you still have to do it manually.
<rekado_>CharlieBrown: the installer starts cfdisk for you, but you still have to use it yourself.
<rekado_>CharlieBrown: I suppose it would be nice if one could do this automatically
<CharlieBrown>I don't see the advantages in Guix, thne.
<CharlieBrown>Partitioning is the most annoying part.
<DoublePlusGood23>Meh. it's not that big of a deal
<rekado_>you don’t see advantages in Guix because it doesn’t partition disks?
<buenouanq>The advantages of Guix have nothing to do with disk partitioning.
<buenouanq>It is a package manager.
<CharlieBrown>DoublePlusGood23: Manually setting up LVM and LUKS encryption is a pain.
<Petter>It's interesting.
<CharlieBrown>I wanted everything to be completely automated.
<CharlieBrown>In plain text.
<DoublePlusGood23>CharlieBrown: Is there any way for you to submit a PR for it?
<CharlieBrown>DoublePlusGood23: For what? The system decl. already shows the disk configuration. I thought that meant it would create said configuration.
<blu_>It doesn't know everything you'd need to successfully partition the disk though. It doesn't even know the sizes of the partitions.
<CharlieBrown>I guess I'll just shell-script it.
<CharlieBrown>But, at this point, why not just script my whole Parabola setup?
<CharlieBrown>I guess GuixSD saves SOME effort.
<CharlieBrown>And allows me to roll back.
<rekado_>GuixSD instantiates a new operating system on each boot. It checks out the OS from the store so you always have a clean system.
<rekado_>It even creates user accounts on boot.
<rekado_>I don’t want to go back to traditional systems with mutable /etc
<blu_>rekado_: does that mean the `skeletons` function in the operating-system definition actually regenerates those files on each boot? Or does it just not touch non-empty /home dirs?
<rekado_>blu_: it doesn’t touch user data. /home dirs are not modified.
<blu_>rekado_: Ah, thanks. If it did that'd be an easy solution to my current predicament. But would probably not be a good thing otherwise, heh.
<DoublePlusGood23>anyone using GuixSD with libreboot?
<Petter>DoublePlusGood23: I am.
<blu_>DoublePlusGood23: Me too
<DoublePlusGood23>Is it worth switching from parabola?
<DoublePlusGood23>real FDE and whatnot?
<Petter>Sure. GuixSD is awesome! :)
<DoublePlusGood23>Does GNOME3 work yet?
<blu_>If you use desktop.scm as your base config you'll have gnome out of the box
<DoublePlusGood23>might try that instead of fiddling with parabola
<blu_>It's worth trying. :) I'm just a newbie but I've been having a lot of fun at least.
<rekado_>DoublePlusGood23: I’m using GuixSD with libreboot (on an X200)
<rekado_>with FDE
<Petter>I think functional packaging is the future. GuixSD isn't "just another distro".
<Petter>Better use and be good at this sooner than later :)
<DoublePlusGood23>rekado_: no unencrypted /boot?
<rekado_>DoublePlusGood23: no.
<rekado_>DoublePlusGood23: I unlock the disk with the GRUB that’s on my BIOS chip
<rekado_>DoublePlusGood23: this means I have to unlock the disk twice, though
<DoublePlusGood23>Ok. that's what I'm currently doing.
<rekado_>DoublePlusGood23: once with GRUB and then a second time when Linux boots.
<DoublePlusGood23>The FAQ has a way to only need to do it once
<blu_>You could provide the GRUB on your libreboot payload with the key so it can just decrypt it immediately, and then you just have to type once, to decrypt your / IIRC
<DoublePlusGood23> "Bonus" at the bottom
<blu_>Yup, that's the one. And you can do the same thing in GuixSD, just have to configure your initrd declaratively
<blu_>Can I transform a computed-file to a string?
<CharlieBrown>DoublePlusGood23: I am wanting to use GuixSD with Libreboot.
<CharlieBrown>blu_: Does GNOME even run on the X200?
<rekado_>sure it does
<blu_>CharlieBrown: Don't have an X200 (on a W520) but I would imagine it'd be fine. I ran GNOME on a T60, though that was a while back.
<rekado_>I used to use GNOME on the X200 (when I was still using Fedora)
<CharlieBrown>I ran GNOME on an X60 and it was horribly slow, and I couldn't attach a second monitor unless I wanted my system to freeze.
<CharlieBrown>Xfce works, though.
<hyperreal>I'm trying to install GuixSD on another machine, and I get the "invalid compressed data--crc error" when running guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt.
<hyperreal>it happens during install of gmp
<rekado_>hyperreal: try with “--fallback”
<hyperreal>I'm using the --fallback option now, as was suggested. But it's compiling slowly.
<CharlieBrown>rekado_: Can I just keep the same LVM+LUKS volumes I'm using right now for Parabola, and installl GuixSD on that?
<CharlieBrown>I really don't wanna repartition.
<rekado_>LVM+LUKS isn’t supported by the initrd, IIUC
<blu_>rekado is right, you can't describe LVM volumes yet
<CharlieBrown>rekado_: Then how do I FDE?
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: It's only possible from libreboot right now iirc; you have to do the decryption from there first
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: so it would actually not be doing LVM
<CharlieBrown>This is confusing. Is there a howto?
<paroneayea>it would be encrypting it as a single volume
<DoublePlusGood23>CharlieBrown: It stutters sometimes, but that's about it
<paroneayea>ACTION is not speaking from experience, is only encrypting /home for now unfortunately
<paroneayea>(I think having an encrypted LVM would be better though)
<DoublePlusGood23>Wait. No LVM?
<DoublePlusGood23>Now I'm confused lol