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<CharlieBrown>rekado: Actually, could I just copy your config?
<CharlieBrown>rekado: paroneayea: I'm confused about full-disk encryption. Does it use my already-made encrypted volume, and ask for my password during install? How does the luksUUID not change? I might not even have a second partition when I go to install.
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: I'm not sure if we have luks encryption support
<CharlieBrown>rekado said that they used FDE with GuixSD.
<CharlieBrown>Encryption with LUKS is mentioned in the docs.
<wingo>good morning
<wingo>so, what happened re: git-send-email?
<wingo>i just sent patches and closed laptop
<wingo>on guix-patches for the potluck thing
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: Could I see your system declaration?
<efraim>wingo: did you send your patches to When I send mine there they apparently need to be (re?)assigned to guix-patches each time
<wingo>i sent a cover letter and then did git-send-email origin/master..HEAD
<wingo>i did a dry run first and it looked ok!
<wingo>but looks ok
<wingo>so dunno what happened in the end
<wingo>i.e. what ng0 was referring to
<wingo>ACTION still not on guix-patches
<efraim>i just keep a tab open to;package=guix-patches , i haven't figured out emacs yet
<buenouanq>M-x just-do-what-i-want
<wingo>M-x close-all-the-bugs-for-me-kthx
<efraim>i need to figure out building fuse on aarch64, its keeping me from building an install image
<efraim>and I need to figure out a kernel
<buenouanq>wingo: I have that as a hook in my init.
<buenouanq>s/as a hook/hooked/
<efraim>what's the non-sudo command equivelant to 'sudo fdisk -l' ?
<buenouanq>hmmm... I've never thought about that - I've just always had root/sudo.
<brendyn>`mount|grep /dev/sd' can show you your drives
<brendyn>hwinfo --block --short
<efraim>323 minutes to build python-cython on aarch64
<rekado>blkid shows you the labels
<rekado>CharlieBrown: sure, you can have my config.
<wingo>efraim: so guile has competition, is that what you are saying
<wingo>it's a race to the longest compile time
<efraim>wingo: :)
<efraim>webkitgtk was worse at 16? hours
<efraim>icecat was 10 the last time I tried
<efraim>i haven't timed qt or qtwebkit yet
<wingo>i think chromium is even more than wk
<wingo>ACTION wants to package chromium some time
<wingo>the jitsi we use at work apparently only works on chromium
<rekado>CharlieBrown: here’s my config:
<rekado>CharlieBrown: note that it loads some external files for additional configuration, but you don’t need them.
<thomasd>wingo: I believe people (mbakke ?) have already packaged chromium. There's some components that make it unsuitable for inclusion in GuixSD
<thomasd>(at least that's how I remember it)
<wingo>rly? i think it's free software
<wingo>chrome has non-free components of course
<wingo>but chromium is fully free afaiu
<wingo>or can be built in such a way
<snape>so chromium would be more free than firefox?..
<CcxWrk>What options are there for customizing installed packages? (configure options, CFLAGS, alternative backends, etc.) I've seen package-input-rewriting mentioned, but that surely doesn't cover all the cases.
<Petter>rekado: "dm-crypt.ko" is enabled by default yes? At least I don't specify it anymore; I'd expect you can remove it from your config as well.
<thomasd>wingo: something about the chromium web store which can't be removed or so.
<wingo>could be i guess
<rekado>Petter: could be. I haven’t updated that part of my config in a while.
<m_kim>Hello, I got next error during "guix pull" fetching path `/gnu/store/wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2'...
<m_kim>Downloading (2.6MiB installed)...
<m_kim> gmp-6.1.2 438KiB/s 00:00 | 192KiB transferred
<m_kim>gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc error
<m_kim>gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--length error
<m_kim>guix substitute: error: corrupt input while restoring '/gnu/store/wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2/lib/libgmp.a' from #{read pipe}#
<m_kim>fetching path `/gnu/store/wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2' failed with exit code 1
<m_kim>Is it issue with ?
<rekado>m_kim: do you get this consistently? It could be a network problem.
<m_kim>I got it several times in a row with my current connection.
<m_kim>$ wget -O wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2.gz -q
<m_kim>$ file wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2.gz
<m_kim>wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2.gz: gzip compressed data, from Unix
<m_kim>$ gunzip wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2.gz
<m_kim>gzip: wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2.gz: invalid compressed data--crc error
<m_kim>gzip: wak3m4kdkgw010qn1ksnqlggvklp4b24-gmp-6.1.2.gz: invalid compressed data--length error
<m_kim>So looks that it broken file on hydra
<rekado>yeah, it could be a corrupt cache entry
<CcxWrk>I do get errors when trying to pull or to install a package
<CcxWrk>guix pull: error: build failed: unexpected EOF reading a line
<CcxWrk>How can I debug this?
<brendyn>I think hydra might be overloaded
<m_kim>CcxWrk: I think you got same error as me. I built gmp locally with "guix build gmp --fallback" and now "guix pull" work
<CcxWrk>Hmm, I'll try updating system gmp and rebuilding all reverse dependencies then.
<snape>CharlieBrown: rekado uses Libreboot, whose GRUB does the first decryption step. And that makes things a little different than using GuixSD with a proprietary bootloader.
<snape>I don't know if someone actually has FDE + GuixSD *without* libreboot
<efraim> 96 aarch64 cores for $0.50/hour
<thomasd>snape CharlieBrown : I use luks encryption for my /home only, without libreboot. That works fine. It should be possible to encrytp / as well, as long as /boot is not encrypted (haven't tried though)?
<snape>yes, it's definitly possible (I've tried it). But FDE = full disk encryption, it includes /boot
<snape>and the question is: does GuixSD support FDE without libreboot?
<thomasd> gives one method, but I don't think GuixSD's current grub-configuration provides a way to set all the options mentioned there
<CcxWrk>Rebuilding gmp+guile didn't help. And "guix build gmp --fallback" doesn't work either as it fails with very same error.
<snape>last time I tried, it didn't work. But I'm pretty sure lots of improvments have been done since then.
<mbakke>wingo, thomasd: funny, I'm actually cleaning it up for submission now
<mbakke>you should see it in a couple of days
<mbakke>the biggest problem is the built-in web store
<mbakke>I've also been trying to prevent it from making unsolicited requests on first run, but I think I'll have to cave on that
<mbakke>three;s also things like offering to use a non-free translation service on every foreign language you encounter
<mbakke>but toggling that option should not be too difficult
<mbakke>famous last words...
<thomasd>maybe implement a replacement translation service while you're at it ;p
<wingo>mbakke: cool!
<wingo>that is the last thing i think that i use my nixos system for, is chromium
<mbakke>wingo: you can fetch it from
<mbakke>it takes 2-3 hours to build on a quad-core xeon haswell
<thomasd>that's actually not too bad, might try tomorrow (I have an 8-core something)
<mbakke>oh wait, that's an old revision
<mbakke>there, now with chromium 58
<mbakke>warning: may contain nuts
<thomasd>I have the impression that package management with Guix uses more cpu-time and/or bandwidth than classic package managers, because updated dependencies always trigger updates of their dependents as well (each time I upgrade, it feels like almost every package in my profile gets upgraded). Does anyone have a clear view on this?
<efraim>I'll see about pulling it on my aarch64 board to see how it builds
<amz3>ACTION try to build a disk image for lxc using 'guix system disk-image custom-install.scm'
<efraim>Wow that is a massive build
<efraim>The node linking could be factorized with (string-prefix (%current-target-system)) to target not just x86_6
<efraim>I found Debian's patch for fuse so I'm going to try that later to see if it helps fuse build on aarch64
<rekado>thomasd: this is true. To avoid this (for security fixes) we use grafts in some cases.
<mbakke>efraim: I checked archs' PKGBUILD for i686 and they use the "linux-x64" node path there too..
<mbakke>it would help a lot to move the unbundling stuff to a snippet, to avoid repacking those ~600MB
<rekado>does anyone here have an Active Directory to play with?
<rekado>I’ve been trying to get username lookups over AD to work, but haven’t succeeded.
<rekado>“ldapsearch -Y GSSAPI …” works fine, but nslcd from nss-pam-ldapd doesn’t seem to be able to authenticate with GSSAPI.
<mbakke>the node dependency was added in 58, so haven't looked much into it
<m_kim> /join #libreboot
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<CharlieBrown>snape`: I'm using Libreboot. I just want to get the same disk setup on GuixSD as I currently have on Parabola: encrypted root, encrypted /boot.
<snape>CharlieBrown: and it doesn't work?
<CharlieBrown>snape: I have no idea how to write it. Even reading the manuals, it's confusing.
<CharlieBrown>snape: Also, I lost my flash drives, so I can't write the installer and boot it. D:
<snape>so your current state is: parabola, without flash drive, and you want to install GuixSD.
<snape>well, maybe you should buy a flash drive :)
<CharlieBrown>I just bought those flash drives. :-(
<CharlieBrown>This is why having a large crowded house, and moving between two messy houses regularly, is a pain.
<snape>I understand that...
<CharlieBrown>My family members have so many THINGS. For crying out loud, they really need to take the 100 things challenge. I hate having stuff.
<janneke>what's up with vnc?
<bavier>I've often kept flash-drives attached to my keychain
<janneke>$ ./pre-inst-env guix package -i gtk-vnc
<janneke>guix package: error: build failed: directory `/homeless-shelter' exists; please remove it
<CharlieBrown>bavier: I should get a keychain. RN, I keep two keys in my wallet.
<CharlieBrown>And they always threaten to sneak out of my wallet.
<efraim>debian has almost as many patches for grub2 as for gcc
<efraim>good news is grub-efi builds on aarch64 even if grub doesn't
<efraim>same as armhf
<catonano> rekado: are you here ?
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