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<ng0>wicked. 0ad has a short test suite
<ng0>I know I should probably get some sleep, but I'm too excited to try what I co-authored :)
<ng0>it runs more fluent on this laptop than on any computer I have.. so cool :]
<jonsger>ng0: maybe you have a really recent version of mesa :) that could help alot
<ng0>no, all other computers just had old graphic cards and slower cpu
<ng0>but I'm more the settlers 3 type of player, I've been defeated by the AI already :D
<ng0>almost defeated at least
<ng0>hm.. very demanding when more units and buildings come in, it was too slow
<marusich>Does anyone have experiencing modifying the initrd used by Guix? I'm not really sure where to begin to try and work on this:
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<Lijero>How can I runsoftware that does not have a Guix package on GuixSD?
<buenouanq>by packaging it yourself
<Lijero>Surely that's not the only way?
<buenouanq>just like any other gnu distro in this regard I think
<buenouanq>if you have something that requires deps or libs that aren't in the repos, you'll have to build and install them yourself
<Lijero>er, on most distros you can run a binary or build it yourself
<Lijero>but on guixsd, as far as I can tell, libraries are not available to non-packaged programs
<Lijero>I have a sudden feeling that I might have to use -i to make them visible externally.
<Apteryx>If I modify a phase in the gnu-build-system, does it mean that all the packages depending on gnu-build-system will require to be rebuilt?
<Apteryx>Is bayfront down? I get: "guix substitute: error: connect: No route to host" trying to download "".
<rekado>Lijero: to run a foreign dynamically linked binary probably wouldn’t work on GuixSD without containers.
<rekado>Lijero: you might be able to provision a container where the required libraries are made available at the desired locations.
<rekado>Lijero: it’s easier to just build from source.
<rekado>Lijero: building from source does not require packaging for Guix, but it’s recommended.
<Apteryx>And now I have an error when running with "guix environment guix":
<Lijero>Oh. Nasty.
<Lijero>That sure incentivizes growing the Guix repository quickly, heh.
<Apteryx>Lijero: What is the software in question?
<Lijero>Nothing in particular right now, though I was trying to use Icecat 52 before it was packaged, and I didn't actually get the update until today, because I thought guix package -u updated packages and you didn't need guix pull except for when guix itself got an update or something.
<Apteryx>Lijero: Yeah, guix & package definitions come as a whole. Can be suprising at first.
<rekado>Lijero: any version of Guix describes a single graph of packages. To update packages you must update the description of the graph (i.e. update Guix).
<rekado>Lijero: packages are exported values in the Guix library.
<Lijero>Alright, makes sense enough.
<Lijero>I actually originally figured something like that but then skimmed the manual and must have misunderstood.
<rekado>ACTION builds patched glibc on i686
<CharlieBrown>Can all settings be guixified?
<CharlieBrown>All the settings to a server, in the system declaration.
<Apteryx>CharlieBrown: They can, provided the service definition is complete enough.
<Apteryx>rekado: good luck :)
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<catonano>Apteryx: hi
<Apteryx>git am wouldn't work on messages where the patch is attached rather than inline, would it?
<Apteryx>as a test, I piped (using Gnus) a message to cat > ~/test.txt, and verified its content. The attachment was missing.
<catonano>Apteryx: I use to save the message with the save button
<Apteryx>This gives me a good justification for keeping working on emacs-dvc (package is done, I'm now at adding a uri-fetch function for bazaar.
<Apteryx>It's hard to automate though. FWIU dvc is has integration with Gnus and is smart enough to find the patch, whether it's inline or attached. This leads to nifty scripts like: Should make reviewing experience better!
<Apteryx>ACTION has to sleep a bit
<catonano>Apteryx good night !
<wingo>anyone having redisplay problems with emacs from git with latest up-to-date guix systems?
<catonano>is there Qmake in Guix ? I can't find it
<catonano>wingo: I've been haviing redislpay prblems for months, now
<wingo>catonano: any workaround?
<catonano>characters disapper and I have to hover on them with the cursor in order to make them visible
<catonano>no, no workaround
<catonano>I just use patience
<catonano>so, there's no Qmake, right ?
<efraim>qmake is in qtbase, or in qt-5/-4
<catonano>let me rephrase my question: I am looking at this project
<catonano>there are these .pro and .pri files
<catonano>I read they are to be processed with Qmake
<efraim>you can probably just replace the 'configure phase with a qmake phase
<catonano>efraim: thanks, I'll try
<efraim>union-fuse source is 404
<snape>Last login: Thu Apr 20 17:08:48 2017 from
<sneek>snape, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>snape, ng0 says: with the two font licenses applied 0ad works
<sneek>snape, ng0 says: btw, 0ad is pretty huge, I don't remember the total size after it is build but I hope it's small enough to not be as big as libreoffice.
<SovereignBleak>So the conclusion for working EFI seems to be to take-over an existing distro. After a `guix system init`, what other directories would I `rm rf` to have a perfectly clean GuixSD install and how would I boot into new generations of GuixSD if there was no mechanism to automatically add new generations to systemd-boot as NixOS does?
<rekado_>Is there a more elegant way to let glibc find libnss_* plugins than to use LD_PRELOAD?
<wingo>ACTION does not know
<wingo>LD_LIBRARY_PATH probably better, right?
<rekado_>ACTION experiments with LDAP on a GuixSD server at work.
<wingo>still terrible
<rekado_>wingo: I think LD_PRELOAD is better because it only loads one library instead of overriding the search path for all libraries
<brendyn>davexunit: You are the author of guile-sly right? guix build guile-sly fails for me with "configure: error: required guile module not found: (gl)
<brendyn>LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a mystery to me. I have export LB_LIBRARY_PATH="" in my .bash_profile because many programs fail to start mysteriously if I don't
<rekado_>brendyn: that’s good!
<rekado_>a lot of people here at work have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set and it screws up everything
<rekado_>especially when using Guix
<brendyn>What is it supposed to do?
<rekado_>LD_LIBRARY_PATH tells the runtime linker to ignore the embedded paths in Guix-built binaries and to load libraries from elsewhere.
<wingo>see "man"
<brendyn>For some reason mine gets set to some directory in ~/GNUstep even though that doesn't even exist, along with /usr/lib
<rekado_>usually these libraries are not ABI compatible so things just crash
<wingo> is the program that finds dynamically linked libraries at run-time.
<efraim>before we disabled hydra builds for mips, did libevent@2.1 build without problems?
<wingo>ACTION going to try to submit potluck patches this evening
<efraim>i'm going to mark diamond as buildable on all architectures, AFAIK it should just build fine
<brendyn>wingo: Do you know why I get "checking if (gl) is available... no" even though guile-opengl is an input?
<wingo>brendyn: prolly guile-opengl needs to be updated to use guile-2.2 maybe
<wingo>they are still separate definitions
<brendyn>Actually i just noticed guile-sly is built with guile-2.0
<wingo>could be the reverse then
<brendyn>'guix build --with-input=guile=guile@2.2 guile-sly' didn't work. guile-sdl is still packaged with 2.0
<brendyn>I guess --with-input only changes the input for the package being build, not the dependencies too
<brendyn>*sigh*, now guile-sdl doesn't build either
<brendyn>guix build guile-sdl; doesn't build guile-sdl, It just returns the derivation that exists. guix build guile-sdl --check; does the same think, except some grafts are added for who knows what reason. guix build guile-sdl --no-substitutes; tries to build the entire universe
<brendyn>What's the command for --just-build-this-package-please?
<Apteryx>Q: Does changing a build phase (gnu-build-system) implies rebuilding all the packages built with the gnu-build-system?
<Apteryx>E.g., is this the reason that "guix environment guix" goes on to build gcc, patch, gawk, etc...
<bavier>Apteryx: yes
<Apteryx>bavier: OK! Thanks :)
<bavier>if the change results in a difference in the derivation
<Apteryx>bavier: in the hash of the derivation?
<bavier>Apteryx: contents, and ultimately hash, yes
<Apteryx>bavier: Are you sure the hash is sensitive to the contents? If I recall correctly it is pre-computed based on inputs rather than contents.
<Apteryx>(store items are not content-addressed)
<bavier>Apteryx: right, the contents of the derivation, I meant
<bavier>the build recipe
<Apteryx>I see :) I hadn't realized that .drv were that.
<Apteryx>Well, I guess I'll sent my patch already then, because rebuilding the world to test this simple changes doesn't cut it on my 2011 machine. I've tested it manually at the REPL.
<Apteryx>Where's the link to register to guix-patches? The one in the doc sends us to the debbug instance.
<Apteryx>OK, got it from the Guix website:
<CharlieBrown>paroneayea: I read on Reddit that you used a Libreboot X200 with GuixSD as your daily driver. I would like to do that, too.
<efraim>i can't seem to get the hang of the guix-patches debbugs email, it seems I should be able to `msmtp -- < patch.patch' but they keep on needing to be reassigned to guix-patches
<paroneayea>CharlieBrown: yeah I'm doing so
<paroneayea>it works pretty well except for anything opengl
<paroneayea>which I miss
<paroneayea>well and hardware virtualization
<paroneayea>if you don't need those two things much it's still a great choice
<CharlieBrown>Hardware virtualization doesn't work on the X200 to begin with.
<CharlieBrown>Things I need:
<CharlieBrown>- Tor hidden service
<CharlieBrown>- sshd
<CharlieBrown>- httpd
<CharlieBrown>- full disk encryption
<paroneayea>well, you can manage all that!
<Petter>And you get to liberate the boot firmware on it.
<CharlieBrown>I'm not sure how Libreboot is going to work with the boot menu that GuixSD provides, though. I always boot my system manually at the GRUB prompt.
<Petter>I don't have any issues with this setup.
<efraim>i hear with libreboot you can have full disk encryption with GuixSD
<efraim>i know we have a tor service, we might even have a privoxy service
<Petter>If I remember correctly I have two GuixSD entries in my Libreboot GRUB prompt, one for GuixSD latest, and another which loads GuixSD boot.cfg.
<Petter>I should probably make sure the fallback still works some day :) It's been a while and I haven't had the need.
<Petter>s/GuixSD latest/GuixSD current/
<CharlieBrown>I need to know if I can do the rollback at boot like what was shown. That's a critical feature.
<Petter>I'll test rollback now; haven't done this since I installed.
<Petter>Rollback is fine, but for some reason the Libreboot GRUB rollback entry froze when the laptop was seated in the docking station.
<CharlieBrown>Petter: So I'm OK if I mess up my config?
<Petter>As I understand it, yes.
<jlicht>@wingo, I read you also experience redisplay problems /w emacs. Are you using currently using gnome? For me, switching to xfce seemed to work (and was something I already planned to do)
<rekado_>CharlieBrown: I also use a X200 with libreboot and GuixSD.
<rekado_>CharlieBrown: and with FDE.
<rekado_>I rarely ever reboot so I unlock the disk manually in the on-chip GRUB each time the computer starts.
<wingo>jlicht: yes i use gnome
<wingo>it is my happy place so i don't want to switch away :)
<jlicht>wingo: I was not trying to convert you, no worries there. I was just wondering if you also observed the same behaviour ;-)
<wingo>jlicht: are you also on intel graphics?
<wingo>could possibly be that
<wingo>also i wonder, emacs apparently has a cairo draw path these days, but it's not suggested or something...
<wingo>maybe we are going through it
<wingo>anyway dunno
<jlicht>heh, yeah. i915. I´m happy with xfce though. The biggest problems I had were with magit and its tab-able listings.
<rekado_>I don’t think we use Emacs with Cairo.
<rekado_>I remember trying to enable it some months ago, but it would crash.
<wingo>i am running a kernel 4.10.2, perhaps there is a bug there
<jlicht>4.10.12 here
<wingo>ah indeed
<wingo>i think i downloaded the wrong one :P
<Petter>The future is here, today!
<wingo>welp, should fix that
<Petter>Lesson learned: Don't delete accounts in Claws Mail, at least not the first account. Doing this will corrupt Claws, but only after rebooting the computer, not after restarting the program.
<CharlieBrown>rekado_: OK. I'm going to try to write a config and check it over with you guys.