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<buenouanq>what is this user-homes service I've never seen before and why is it failing to start?
<buenouanq>also, how do I throw arguments/options through herd to a service?
<buenouanq>how do I make herd give me more information on why something won't start?
<lfam>Do we have minicom packaged under some other name?
<buenouanq>gnome"s file manager won't obey gnome"s tiling commands
<buenouanq>it also is sort of stuck big, it won't let me make it smaller like I want
<ponysaurus>Hi! I would like to try installing GuixSD on a raspberry pi. Has anyone here done this or could point me to a place where I can get help doing this?
<buenouanq>Because the RasPi requires nonfree bloobs to even boot, you might have trouble.
<buenouanq>There are people here who have put GuixSD on ARM chips, so that is doable - But it's the bootloader that will be a problem for you.
<ponysaurus>ok thanks .. I am looking for an arm board that I can run GuixSD on to play around with, any recomendations?
<buenouanq>ponysaurus: if you don't need it asap, I'd hold out for the new EOMA68 Libre Tea boards - Will be the first and only SoC with an FSF RYF cert.
<buenouanq>Otherwise the BeagleBone Black is as free as you can get for things like that right now.
<buenouanq>A few of us here have preordered the EOMA68s though and I will be doing everything I can to help get GuixSD working on it.
<buenouanq>super excited
<ponysaurus>ah .. i had the crowd supply page open for EOMA68s .. so I am going to go ahead and buy one :)
<ponysaurus>buenouanq: .. done. I wanted to buy the EOMA68 last November, I kept it aside, and I am glad I did it now.
<Apteryx>I've been having this problem for a long time: (gnutls-error), e.g. when issuing "guix lint". I'm on GuixSD, and I have the SSL_CERT_DIR envar set.
<Apteryx>Interestingly "guix package" never have such an issue.
<Apteryx>I'm reconfiguring my system now. Hopefully it fixes it!
<efraim>sneek: later tell catonano only the older macbooks support libreboot. x32 is a hybrid/pseudo architecture of 64 bit kernel and 32 bit memory, in general improvements across the board if you are limited to under 4 GB of RAM
<sneek>Will do.
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<Apteryx>Can I keep the tmp result of a successful build? Otherwise where is the best place to insert a #f to make the build fail at the end?
<Apteryx>I just added some #f phase after 'install.
<elc79>Hi, after a painful process of install i finally got no errors message, so i rebooted the system and i got a prompt to input ,bt o ,q ..
<elc79>if i enter ,bt i go no where and if i enter ,q i get a kernel panic...
<elc79>so, what can i do?
<elc79>in procedure scm-error
<elc79>luks partitions not found
<elc79>what the hell is this?
<Sleep_Walker>it's initrd
<Sleep_Walker>and guile repl
<buenouanq>I've never done anything luks so I'll be no help elc79 sorry.
<Sleep_Walker>,q leaves repl, ends init process and kernel panic is because init process is dead
<elc79>how can i fix it?
<wingo>i think at that point the init failed for some reason so you are dropped into a rescue shell
<wingo>any indication why it failed?
<elc79>the problems start with luks partitions
<wingo>hoo, i don't know anything about luks
<elc79>i dont touch anything in the main.scm section, only change localtime, keyboard and grub
<elc79>config.scm sorry
<wingo>you could try pastebinning your config somewhere, dunno
<elc79>I changed the string in target but i didnt rebuild the system
<snape>elc79: do you need LUKS encryption?
<elc79>no, how to disable it?
<snape>you remove the mapped-devices thing
<snape>and (dependencies mapped-devices) as well
<elc79>ok, it's need to rebuild the system or edit and reboot only?
<wingo>rebuild system
<elc79>i have to remove all the mapped-devices section?
<snape>actually, below the LUKS example in the docs, there is an example without LUKS
<elc79>i hope not be so long the process of rebuild, i'm with 512ram and only 1 core in this machine
<snape>then, maybe, using Gnome might not be the best idea ever :)
<Petter>elc79: Did you abandon LUKS? I have suggestions for your config.
<elc79>i deleted gnome line, luks, and i'm rebuilding
<snape>elc79: I suggest you use a lightwight wm (like ratpoison, i3, xmonad), there are examples of such confs in the docs
<snape>but maybe XFCE is light enough, don't know
<elc79>I like lxde but this time i'll with xfce, i dont know about ratpoison, i3 and xmonad
<elc79>why there's not an installer for this distro? i mean an installer like in debian, slackware or others
<wingo>guix is new and many things don't exist :)
<jonsger>elc79: there is an installer work in progress :)
<civodul>right, there's a wip-installer branch with a ncurses installer
<elc79>that's good
<civodul>m-o: re Cuirass & Guile-Git, i think we should have independent modules for some of the functionality
<civodul>for example, i'd need a simple module that can cache Git checkouts and update them
<civodul>(i'd use that for the code that generates for instance)
<m-o>hi civodul !
<m-o>for now I'n focusing on adding missing commands to Guile git (fetch, reset)
<civodul>oh nice!
<m-o>but then I would be better to have a simple module if we have other use-cases
<m-o>would it be in Guix then >
<civodul>i think so
<civodul>for instance, tracking a Git repo is fairly common I think
<civodul>even in a non-CI case
<civodul>so we could very much have a (guix git) module or similar
<m-o>ok it makes sense to me. I'm not sure of what the API of this module would be, but I can start by covering Cuirass needs ?
<m-o>which meens a procedure (clone-or-update repository)
<civodul>you would specify a cache directory, perhaps via a SRFI-39 parameter
<civodul>and then it'd provide an operation like 'latest-repository-commit'
<civodul>that would return the latest commit ID + the corresponding content in the store
<civodul>behind the scenes it would automatically manage, say, /var/cache/guix/checkouts
<civodul>and do clone/pull/reset as needed
<m-o>ok and what'd be 'corresponding content in the store' a snapshot of /var/cache/guix/checkouts/<repo x> ?
<civodul>yes, it'd just copy the checkout to /gnu/store, via 'add-to-store' or similar
<wingo>m-o: see also the git code in wip-potluck branch
<wingo>has some use cases anyway
<wingo>would that be able to deduplicate items shared between different checkouts?
<wingo>maybe that would be too much
<m-o>wingo: just had a quick look to potluck branch. Some of the could be adapted to use guile-git and maybe this new (guix git) module. I'll keep that in mind.
<wingo>would be happy to adapt at some point fwiw
<wingo>just wanted to point out the use cases :)
<wingo>ACTION tries to get out a 2.2.1 soonish
<civodul>ACTION fearlessly deploys the new 'guix publish' on
<methalo_>I can not find an example of an 'if condition' under configure-flags
<methalo_>i trying (arguments '(#:configure-flags '("--enable-utf" ,(if (hurd-triplet? (%current-system)) `(("--enable-jit")) '()))))
<methalo_>i'm reading this scheme guide:
<mekeor>methalo_: maybe this helps?
<methalo_>mekeor: 'replace configure', thanks i will try
<ng0>How's our OpenSMTPD and Dovecot service, are they functional or do they require some hack-a-di-hack?
<civodul>ng0: to the best of our knowledge, they work well :-)
<ng0>okay, then I have two more issues I need to discuss with others until I can settle the infrastructure down. Good to know that at least, if I pick that option, the mailserver could be GuixSD based
<ng0>hope to start hacking again soon enough
<snape>ng0: I use OpenSMTPD and Dovecot services, and they work well.
<snape>(I send mails to the list with the OpenSMTPD service)
<ng0>I have a weird behavior with xfce4 I can't find a solution to
<ng0>I think I even opened a bug about it. Like, when I use the %desktop-services, suspend etc works. With %base-services + added services (where the only diferences in my construction to %desktop-services is that ntpd-service is not running), I only get to lock screen and log out
<ng0>other systems had issues with this aswell, but we seem to have it solved at least when %desktop-services is used. Which is weird, cause there is no difference I can read
<jonsger>ng0: thx for fish-guix. it's very nice :)
<ng0>it will make its way into a guix package once guix pack is done
<ng0>this is new... on debian, with the guix 0.12 source. tar (child): xz: Cannot exec: No such file or directory
<ng0>the command I use is "tar --warning=no-timestamp -xf ~root/guix-binary-0.12.0.x86_64-linux.tar.xz"
<ng0>seems like an option for xz is missing
<ng0>i thought this was included in the minimal debian base.
<ng0>okay, xz-utils was missing.
<snape>is there anyone working on Icecat 52?
<snape>I may work on it this week-end, if I find some time. If I do, I'll send an email so to make sure someone else is doing the same thing.
<snape>s/is doing/isn't doing/
<apteryx[m]>jonsger: what is fish-guix?
<jonsger>apteryx[m]: guix command completion for fishshell
<apteryx[m]>Oh! OK :) first time I hear about that shell
<jonsger>very nice. but not POSIX compliant
<jonsger>syntax looks a bit like ruby :)
<civodul>ng0: we already have completions for bash and zsh under etc/completion
<civodul>ng0: we should add fish completion there!
<buenouanq>I was actually asking about this the other day - Some things don't complete like I want them to. It seems to be if the path is the 4th argument it doesn't complete. As in $ guix system reconfigure path/
<ng0>civodul: I'm developing it outside of guix
<ng0>it fits my chaotic commit messages better
<ng0>when it's done, at the stage where I consider it complete, you could merge it. It's cc0 anyway
<ng0>but there's also another reason: fish completion, to my knowledge, works differently than zsh or bash
<ng0>it has to be installed to a certain directory in user space
<ng0>buenouanq: for bash, zsh, or what?
<civodul>ng0: sure, as you prefer
<civodul>hopefully there won't be that many commits no? :-)
<civodul>buenouanq: with Bash?
<civodul>the bash completion needs love
<ng0>actually after I started the repository again, it is pretty clean:
<mbakke>efraim: does the jemalloc package build on aarch64?
<buenouanq>bash, yeah
<efraim>mbakke: the last time I tried it it didn't compile
<efraim>Since we don't use mariadb for much I haven't looked at it much
<mbakke>okay, maybe we should disable transparent hugepages on non-intel platforms for now.. will send a patch soonish.
<mbakke>efraim: would be good if you could try building with "--disable-thp"
<efraim>Will do soon
<civodul>buenouanq: feel free to report the issues you have or to hack it: etc/completion/bash/guix
<civodul>it's annoying when completion doesn't work right
<buenouanq>throws your whole flow off
<buenouanq>blaTAB blaTAB blaTAB .. hTABTABTAB (;-___-)
<jonsger>first time ever trying guix pack :)
<civodul>jonsger: let us know how it goes!
<jonsger>it compiles. --fallback...
<civodul>corrupt substitutes?
<jonsger>maybe. I have just an intel 4c/4t cpu so it need time
<civodul>ACTION upgrades Guile to 2.2.1
<civodul>or is anyone else already doing it? :-)
***methalo is now known as methalo_
<alezost>buenouanq: in case you use Emacs, all guix completions will work in "M-x shell" if you install emacs-guix package
<ng0>modify-services has to be the last part of (services), right?
<jonsger>:( <- guix pack --target=arm-linux-gnueabihf -S /opt/gnu/bin=bin guile --fallback
<ng0>I think I'll know once I get an error, still writing the config
<civodul>jonsger: looks like a bug in Guile's build system, maybe has to do with parallel builds
<civodul>can you try "guix pack ... guile --cores=1"?
<civodul>of course that'll take a bit of time...
<jonsger>cmake doesn't support cross build... -> try another package
<jonsger>civodul: i will try
<ng0>civodul: does some part of guix depend on nss-certs or can I leave it out on an headless system?
<jonsger>guix pack diffutils worked
<ng0>oh. I missed the release announcement for curl
<ng0>6 AM today.. okay, that is a time to miss it
<civodul>jonsger: yeah, there's a whole set of packages that do not cross-build
<civodul>cross-compilation is a lost art i'm afraid
<jonsger>and the tarball is quite huge (around 400MB I think)
<civodul>right, that's what i noticed when i tried:
<civodul>we should do something about it
<ng0>does our staic-networking-service support ipv6 numbers?
<ng0>or has it simply no opinion on formating?
<jonsger>shit. can't became root
<civodul>ng0: no IPv6 unfortunately
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<ng0>woops. we should probably mention that in the documentation for IPv6 only machines