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<alyssa>I know GuixSD is beta quality software. What does that mean in practice, in terms of stability and so on?
<CharlieBrown>alyssa: There's no Thunderbird.
<CharlieBrown>(Or rebranded variant thereof.)
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: Is there mutt, gpg, and vim? ;)
<CharlieBrown>alyssa: Yes.
<alyssa>Good enough for me! :P
<CharlieBrown>I really do need to get email out of the GUI.
<CharlieBrown>I don't think I can get full-disk encryption yet, or run Tor hidden services.
<CharlieBrown>(I use Tor to get around routers.)
<alyssa>Tor hidden services don't matter to me much. FDE is a bigger deal, though IIRC I saw someone managed to do it?
<CharlieBrown>alyssa: If you get GuixSD working well, tell me. It'd be waya better than this:
<CharlieBrown>curl | base64 --decode | tar xJfv -
<alyssa>Don't really have the hardware to test with easily
<CharlieBrown>That's why I stick to Parabola. ^^
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: I meant I run with blobs
<CharlieBrown>Ohh! I forgot that GuixSD doesn't have a supported way of using blobs. I'm so used to using linux-libre on everything that I forget that some computers don't work without blobs.
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: wi-fi
<alyssa>although in fairness, my BIOS is blobby too, so using an external card wouldn't help me much :p
<CharlieBrown>I would rather run a fully free OS on a blobby firmware. A step is a step.
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: I did that for a little while.
<CharlieBrown>Don't get me wrong; there have been cases where I've broken down and used an Ubuntu live medium.
<alyssa>The cost:benefit ratio was far too high
<CharlieBrown>But someone was very nice and ordered a USB dongle for me.
<alyssa>lost mine
<alyssa>external :p
<CharlieBrown>Mine has a gigantic antenna, and I can't get it to work anymore.
<CharlieBrown>I need to find another adapter, in case someone says "I need blob for Wi-Fi!" when they're using a system I installed.
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: For initial installations (on Debian..) I tether to an Android phone over USB
<alyssa>But now that I'm seriously considering switching to a fully free system, GuixSD is an option.
<CharlieBrown>Hm. Once I finish my auto-install script for Parabola, I'll try installing GuixSD.
<CharlieBrown>alyssa: Could you list things you would expect of the system? I could try doing them when I nuke my system and play with GuixSD.
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: Framebuffer terminal as well as urxvt, X server, firefox/icecat with uMatrix+httpseverywhere, vim, no emacs, more vim, less emacs, mutt, gpg, nginx, postfix+dovecot (or equivalent), ssh (client and server), i3-gaps, tmux, irssi, gitweb, various dev environments (gcc, python, perl, nodejs), vlc/mpv, mpd+ncmpcpp, and pandoc
<alyssa>ACTION suddenly realises how complex her working environment is ^_^
<CharlieBrown>alyssa: Very minimalist indeed.
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: :P
<alyssa>Is it so bad? Browse and post on the web, send and receive mail, watch videos, listen to music, chat on IRC, and do my homework.
<alyssa>(oh, add letsencrypt and cups to the list :P)
<CharlieBrown>Can't find postfix, i3-gaps, gitweb, pandoc. I'm sure the i3-gaps patch should be easy to add to the i3-wm package definition.
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: i3-gaps I compile custom as it is.
<CharlieBrown>Then you'd have to package it yourself.
<alyssa>I'd be happy to package pandoc, provided the hard parts (ghc and cabal) are in there.
<alyssa>gitweb is literally just a perl script lol
<alyssa>and postfix... that one I'm more concerned about
<CharlieBrown>But there's dovecot.
<alyssa>since I know nothing of how it works and it's a nightmare to configure as it is
<CharlieBrown>letsencrypt and cups are there.
<alyssa>CharlieBrown: OpenSMTP probably works well enough (just haven't tried it)
<Lijero>I'd like to use binaries not currently packaged, but they expect libraries in their locations on normal distributions (e.g. /lib64). How can I do so?
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<mbakke>Lijero: if it's an actual binary, you can set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to contain the missing libraries before invoking it
<mbakke>if you don't mind "destroying" it, the "patchelf" package can shotgun RUNPATH in place:
<rekado>alyssa: pandoc is available as “ghc-pandoc”
<rekado>alyssa: gitweb is part of the git package. (I’m using it on my server.)
<efraim>I don't remember if patchelf built on aarch64, I'll have to check it out later
<mbakke>i just pushed an nss update to try and fix the armhf build, can someone kick hydra? :)
<mbakke>efraim: there is a patchelf update that has some arm related fixes
<mbakke>I haven't dared trying to update it since we have some patches on our own for 0.8
<alyssa>rekado: Ah, okay, thanks.