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<slyfox>another mysterious core-updates failure: "ice-9/psyntax.scm:1534:32: Syntax error: source expression failed to match any pattern ...":
<slyfox>it looks like guile-2.2 has different syntax checking rules which causes 'syntax-error failures on "((#:phases phases) `(modify-phases ,phases (delete 'move-development-files)))"
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<SovereignBleak>Has anyone tried to package mastodon yet?
<SovereignBleak>Otherwise this is about to be my first crash course on nix packaging
<SovereignBleak>I mean guix.
<SovereignBleak>Bad habits.
<brendyn>SovereignBleak: Do it!
<ng0> this has been last modified 229 days ago. is the bug no lonegr relevant or solved then?
<ng0>when I want to walk one level up with a defined sourcedir, and I have (define %source-dir (dirname (current-filename))), how is this achieved? (dirname) takes no ".."
<ng0>or could it just be local-file ".."?
<ng0>I have to change a rather generic guix build file so that it fits within a contrib folder, for neomutt
<ng0>ACTION should print out the guile manual and decorate the walls with it
<ng0>why don't we have "texi2html"? Christian told me it's available as an extra package on his distro.. is it not included in texinfo / texwhatever?
<slyfox>[sf] ~:fquery b `which texi2html`
<slyfox>app-text/texi2html-5.0-r1 (/usr/bin/texi2html)
<slyfox>looks like a separate package
<ng0>hu,ph. ok, thanks
<ng0>will package that soon
<slyfox>loks like guix has that as well
<ng0>good news
<methalo_>hi phant0mas, i've the error when i use 'hurd-triplet?'
<ng0>is it (cons) when I want to re-use the previous string in a later define?
<ng0>this is currently failing for apparent reasons:
<ng0>but it expresses where I want to go with this. in guile repl I'm making no progress
<ng0>i think i should pring this and see what I acutally got and where I am
<silverbeard>Hello everyone, was just wondering if anyone uses quicklisp on guixsd
<silverbeard>seems to need a work around or something cause it's not working out of the box
<catonano>Silverbeard: thomasd uses quicklisp
<silverbeard>looks like it's having trouble finding even though it's in my .guix_profile
<silverbeard>Does guix set enviromental variables so those paths are (.guix-profile) are searched instead of it trying to find it in a non-existant /lib/
<catonano>I don't know. But you can ask him
<catonano>He managed to run McCLIM
<silverbeard>might have to try the mailing list so he can see it then
<catonano>But he mentioned that asdf bundled with sbcl is too old
<silverbeard>Oh he made that issue
<silverbeard>I have a feeling if I just set the right enviromental variable it'll work
<silverbeard>gonna have to look around
<catonano>Np !
<silverbeard>Ok solved it just putting it here incase some other random person has the issue and does a search
<silverbeard>all you gotta do is export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/home/*user*/.guix-profile/lib"
<silverbeard>and it'll find it
<silverbeard>Hmm is there any reason guix edit won't let me actually edit the file as user or root
<silverbeard>keeps opening them as read-only
<silverbeard>oh my bad that's in the documentation
<ng0>does it make sense to describe colorforth much in detail when we have ?
<ng0>I see I have corrected and added some tiny details
<ng0>is the video about the services from fosdem this year recorded with some difficulty?
<ng0>it runs with like 2 fps here
<OriansJ>ng0: I'd say colorforth is pretty well known to people interested in forth. As for the fosdem video, I haven't run across any of those videos with issues yet.
<adfeno>Hi #guix! :)
<adfeno>Have any of you tried to install GNU Artanis and GNU Guile through GNU Guix?
<slyfox>'guix environment --ad-hoc artanis' did work
<adfeno>What about the usual `guix package -i guile artanis', and then setting GUILE_LOAD_PATH and GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH so as to include ".guix-profile/share/guile/site/2.0", and then, inside guile, do `,use (artanis artanis)' ?
<adfeno>I'm just curious because doing what I just said, although it does load Artanis, it also displays bunch of errors like "WARNING load compiled file [Some path inside profile pointing to .go files] failed: ERROR in procedure load-thunk-from-memory: File or directory not found".
<slyfox>'guix package -i guile' installs guile-2.2, not 2.0.
<slyfox>i believe it's laod path is .guix-profile/share/guile/2.2/
<adfeno>OK, so perhaps I need to check the GNU Artanis recipe. :)
<slyfox>or you can run 'guix size artanis' to check which version it pulls in. for me it says guile-2.0.14
<slyfox>'guix package -i guile@2.0.14' might work, but i'm not sure if it's intended to be used like that
<slyfox>ACTION <- noob
<adfeno>The recipe for GNU Artanis does "force" guile-2.0
<adfeno>I'll see if GNU Artanis can be used with latest GNU Guile.
<adfeno>OK, it appears to be possible to do so.
<adfeno>I'll try making an updated package recipe.
<phant0mas>sneek: later tell methalo_ can I see the code you are using?
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