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<sapientech>update: got the ssh key to work, now getting guix offload: error: failed to use Guix module on '' (test returned #<unspecif
<sapientech>however, if i ssh into the build machine and do: (use-modules (guix config)), it is found
<marusich>sapientech, could be that your module load path is not set up right depending on how you ssh in. When you ssh in as a user, the environment might get set up differently than when Guix sshes in for offloading.. you've probably already looked, but the manual describes some of the troubleshooting steps you can take. Try following them closely.
<sapientech>marusich: thanks for the response. followed how env vars are exposed on my host distro arch, but still having issues w/ guix ssh :/
<sapientech>i guess im not understanding the diff btwn: ssh server ; guile vs ssh server guile
<sapientech>one finds guile, the other doesnt
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<sapientech>marusich: thanks figured it out :)
<efraim>i'm fixing gcl now, looks like it bundles gmp
<sturm>Hi, I'm just looking at contributing my first Guix package - postgis. Would love some help getting my environment set up.
<sturm>I'm inside the latest git repository, have run `sudo ./pre-inst-env guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild` in one shell, then trying `./pre-inst-env guix build hello`in another, but I get "./pre-inst-env: /home/ben/work/ws/guix/scripts/guix: /gnu/store/vw9wlmgz2k0frcrmxi7bhc5h8sny468h-profile/bin/guile: bad interpreter: No such file or directory"
<sturm>Ah, looks like I missed the `./bootstrap` and `./configure`
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<catonano>civodul: hi civodul !
<mekeor>hi guix :)
<catonano>ACTION gotta go. Later !
<civodul>woow, i've just spent an hour reviewing patches and there are still many left :-)
<buenouanq>civodul: just think, you could have been doing something less important
<buenouanq>but no, you had to go and be awesome
<sturm>I'm making some progress on building PostGIS. Failing in the install phase though it's failing "Permission denied" trying to write to `postgresql-9.5.6/share/contrib` (as it's essentially an extension for PostgreSQL). How is this sort of thing normally handled?
<rekado>sturm: you would have to overwrite the installation directory. All installed files must end up in the current package’s prefix directory.
<sturm>rekado: thanks. I suppose then Postgres would need to me modified/configured to look for the PostGIS module, and if it exists, load it?
<sturm>(rather than just assuming everything gets dumped into contrib)
<thomasd>oops, wrong buffer ;)
<thomasd>are people here able to use Ardour with Jack (1 or 2?) on Guix? I'm unable to start jackd (missing symbol 'fast_rand')
<civodul>buenouanq: :-)
<civodul>reepca: just saw your proposal in the GSoC thing
<civodul>reepca: so how's everything going in terms of playing with Guix, discovering things, etc.?
<rekado>thomasd: hmm, I get the same problem trying to start jackd.
<thomasd>rekado: googling, I found something about GCC inlining that might cause such issues. Now that I know it's not just me, I can look into it more :)
<rekado>thomasd: yes, there was a problem also in jack-2, but I patched it in the “patch-fast_rand” phase.
<rekado>thomasd: anyway, there’s a new release for jack-1, so I’m going to update it.
<thomasd>ah, hmm, yesterday I couldn't get stuff to work with jack-2 either, so that might have been just me after all
<rekado>I’m not using jack-2.
<sturm>Is it ok to copy a synopsis and description from the Debian project?
<rekado>thomasd: version 0.125.0 of jack-1 works fine for me.
<thomasd>rekado: great, I'll try that later tonight. Obviously, I should've just tried updating yesterday evening :/
<catonano>sturm: yes, it's ok
<sturm>thanks catonano!
<catonano>np !
<thomasd>sturm, catonano: ha, I was just thinking “I've been doing that all the time but have no idea if it's ok” :)
<thomasd>just yesterday, someone filed this bug which, when fixed, will hopefully help with packaging CL libraries
<catonano>good !
<catonano>I also saw some integrations to the Guix/lisp build system, in the patches list
<civodul>oops, no substitutes for qt
<thomasd>(though, for quick experimentation, installing things using quicklisp works perfectly well on GuixSD right now)
<random-nick>is there any tutorial for guix which compares apt commands like update, upgrade, install... with their guix equivalents?
<civodul>random-nick: not that i know of, but it would be a good thing to have!
<sturm>Is there a trick to avoid all the "source file ... newer than compiled" when running guix from inside a Git repo?
<clacke[m]>Run make first?
<civodul>sturm: just run "make", but it'd admittedly annoying
<sturm>Thanks clacke, civodul. I'm getting the following error running make on GuixSD from withing `guix environment guix`.
<rekado>sturm: you may need to run “make clean-go” first.
<civodul>it's weird: on bayfront, test-lock from Gnulib (found in gettext and other packages) hangs most of the time
<civodul>i wonder if it's due to bayfront's semi-broken CPUs or if it's something else
<sturm>rekado: wonderful, thanks that fixed it
<Mathieu`>civodul: I noticed this problem on a my build server so it might not be related to your CPUs !
<Mathieu`>restarted gettext build a couple time to make it work ...
<civodul>Mathieu`: oops, that is bad news then!
<civodul>perhaps the problem only occurs on machines with enough CPUs
<civodul>my laptop has 4, and bayfront has 32
<Mathieu`>probably I got 16 * 2 cores
<Mathieu`>on my build machine
<civodul>hmm that sucks
<civodul>it didn't occur before the core-updates merge
<civodul>ACTION has to go
<Mathieu`>see u !
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<ofosos1>hi guix!
<bavier>hello ofosos1
<mekeor>wtf. something is happening to my laptop. the "1" and "2" keys of my laptop don't work anymore. instead, when i press "1", the fan starts running. when i press it again, it stops. key "2" doesn't seem to do anything.
<mekeor>also, an external keyboard just works normal
<mekeor>Mod-1 and Alt-1 also start the fan.
<mekeor>also many keys seem to give a different signal than they should. e.g. "u" acts like pressing <left>
<mekeor>unplugging the keyboard and plugging it in through a hub and unplugging it again and plugging it in again solved the problem. whut
<mekeor>i mean, the external keyboard
<mekeor>but the laptop keyboard works fine now again.
<buenouanq>that's bizarre
<mekeor>bizarre things always happen to me
<mekeor>i actually wonder if it has something to do with the nouveau driver (for nvidia graphics cards) which i'm in use of
<ofosos>is anybody interested in having guix ami's on aws?
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<mekeor>what is ami? and tbh, what is actually amazon web services for?
<ofosos>amazon machine image
<ofosos>so, kind of an image that will start up a guix system
<mekeor>oh, so you can start guix on your amazon cloud?
<mekeor>guixSD, i guess?
<ofosos>i got it running last weekend
<ofosos>but i need to do a little work, i need some kind of firstboot service that fetches the ssh public keys from the metadata server and maybe configures the hostname.
<mekeor>tbh i don't expect the official gnu guix project to put it on the official website or so because i guess aws is a proprietary service
<ofosos>i do have some hardware lying around that runs openstack, that needs a similar setup
<ofosos>it's somewhat interesting, you can pass in user data, when you start an instance and i'm contemplating, whether i should pass in a config file for system reconfigure
<ofosos>maybe run a system reconfigure on firstboot. i don't want to really mess around with users outside of the guix framework
<wingo>blah finally i implemented all the guix command-line ceremony for potluck packages and the basic web handler; just need to do the actual job of checking out potluck repos and translating to guix packages
<wingo>maybe another 5h or so. taking forever
<ofosos>*grml* user-data is limited to 16KiB, this is somewhat short for a system configuration
<mekeor>while installing guix, while running "guix system init ...", i get this error: "guix substitute: error: corrupt input while restoring '/gnu/store/...-openssl-1.0.2k/lib/engines/' from #{read pipe}#".
<mekeor>i must admit that i did "guix pull" before "guix system init..."
<bavier>mekeor: use the "--fallback" option
<bavier>there are a few known corrupt files being served by hydra atm
<mekeor>alright, thank you, bavier
<mekeor>does corrupt mean that the signature doesn't match?
<mekeor>i mean, the hash or whatever
<bavier>mekeor: in this case it means the gzip data is truncated, I believe