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<mekeor>hmm. i'm also having some locale issues... in my terminal emulator `st` (simple terminal), the öäü keys result in question marks
<mekeor>oh, i fixed it. i was using a custom modification of st which used a more recent git-version... sorry for the noise
<mekeor>i got a locale-problem with the asciinema package though: when i run asciinema, i get “asciinema needs a UTF-8 native locale to run. Check the output of `locale` command.”
<mekeor>although LANG=de_DE.UTF-8
<bucketunw>Is there any plan to made Geary available as binary?
<theunkn>Hello everyone,
<theunkn>I logged out for some reason, if someone responded this I'm sorry but I asked a question about packaging Geary, is there any plan about that?
<snape>theunkn: you can see the chat history here:
<theunkn>Yeah, I saw that a second ago, thanks. There is no answer. :-)
<snape>I don't know Geary but I think a package would be welcome :)
<snape>theunkn: why don't you start working on it?
<theunkn>snape: It is a modern e-mail client, developed by GNOME.
<theunkn>snape: I don't know where to start :-)
<snape>you could have a look at other gnome packages
<snape>they are in gnu/packages/gnome.scm
<snape>add a definition for yours, test it, debug it :) and ask help here, of course
<snape>*ask for help
<theunkn>Okay, I'll note that. :-) I'm new to Guix, now I'm setting up GuixSD. I'll test out for some week.
<theunkn>Geary is my daily e-mail client. So as I understand I need to compile it by myself. :-)
<buenouanq>I've found Claws-mail to be perfectly nice.
<snape>welcome then! you should read the documentation though, download the sources, and then you'll find Guix pretty easily hackable.
<theunkn>beunouanq: To be honest, I didn't try Claws-mail but I tried other apps like Thunderbird, Sylpheed etc. Geary has a killer feature that always watch for emails.
<theunkn>snape: Thank you! :-)
<ofosos1>hi guix!
<amz3`>hello ofosos1
<ofosos1>great, i've guix running on ec2
<theunkn>are there any plan for gnome 3.24 release?
<mekeor>hello. how can i setfont? where can i find the path to a font-file for setfont?
<grillon>hi there
<grillon>I have tried to do pip install something and I have that message : error: could not create '/gnu/store/q5kdj7gpawi94pqd15x3wizjq0nx4zhx-python-2.7.13/lib/python2.7/site-packages/neovim': Permission denied
<grillon>do I have to do something special to use pip?
<grillon>I have installed pip & pip2 with guix as a user
<grillon>I'm not using virtualenv
<iyzsong>grillon: In Guix, the system-wide python directory is read-only. You can make pip install into user-wide python directory (~/.local/lib/python-x.x) by 'pip install --user ...'
<grillon>iyzsong: ok let's try thank you
<grillon>iyzsong: it works but I have problems with dependencies. it's seems I have to uninstall them from root be be able to install them for my user
<grillon>iyzsong: I did not install python2.7 and it seems I have to choose between python2.7 and 3.5. Could not use both?
<grillon>iyzsong: to stay simple I just need to pass neovim healthcheck and python2 and 3 are needed
<iyzsong>grillon: um, I'm not sure. Are you adding python support to the guix neovim package or build it locally?
<grillon>iyzsong: I'm just using guix for the first time and try to install a complete neovim(taken from guix packages source). for that I need python2-neovim; python3-neovim and rubygem neovim.
<kyamashita>Is anyone here able to build GNU Common Lisp?
<jlicht>hi guix!
<kyamashita>jlicht: Hi!
<amz3`>GNU Common Lisp? is there a thing like that?
<[df]_>there are two gnu common lisps, clisp and gcl
<ng0>hiya, I'm not trying to be pushy but is on someones radar? it's basically approved since I submitted it
<[df]_>I think gcl may be dead though
<ng0>harmut won't push it I believe as harmut is otherwise busy
<kyamashita>GCL specifically is used for Maxima, so when GCL fails to build, so does Maxima.
<kyamashita>ng0: I can push them if they still apply.
<ng0>I hope they still apply, i haven't visited the branch in a while
<kyamashita>ng0: I can take care of rebasing them as long as the difference isn't huge.
<ng0>i switched to the branch, I'm fixing the rebase myself. I'll send an updated email with all patches appended to the bug ticket
<kyamashita>You should have said something! I already rebased the first patch. :-P
<ng0>okay, that was the only patch which needed (locally here) a fix
<ng0>the rest applies
<kyamashita>Patch five doesn't apply for me, but I'll likely fix it before your email appears on the list.
<ng0>five? hm I have to look at this again.. I had no problems
<kyamashita>Yes, python-django-mailman3.
<kyamashita>It looks like things were just shifted a few lines down since the patch was made.
<ng0>i think you will be faster than I am for I have no "apply *.patch" in my client browser :D
<kyamashita>Pushing your changes to master now!
<ng0>much appreciated :)
<kyamashita>ng0: Done. You're welcome.
<ng0>I hope to run mailman3 on a server I'll get this year
<kyamashita>While I'm at it, do you have any other patches that need reviewing/pushing?
<ng0>probably.. easy ones?
<ng0>i think alpine is ready
<ng0>i mean, i know
<ng0>i just need another opinion
<kyamashita>I see. Neither of us are alpine users, so I guess it can wait.
<ng0>it was mostly about the reprodublice fix, I have no idea if it is fixed now with what I did. and there's darcs where I think lfam and myself agreed that it can be pushed as the https blocking factor lies in curl and is therefore non-blocking for darcs
<kyamashita>I'll try out the new patch you submitted and take a look at darcs.
<ng0>thanks :)
<ng0>does someone have an idea why vim is failing?
<ng0>I think we now have 2/3 of mailman3 if I'm not wrong
<ng0>no, more like 1/3
<ng0>core is missing and hyperkitty
<ng0>personal interest etc yadaya I'll continue with mailman3 packaging
<ng0>thanks for the work, kyamashita :)
<ng0>I'm away again
<kyamashita>ACTION is afk
<grillon>does someone ever tried to install neovim via guix?
<grillon>neovim + tmux : because I have more problems if I use both. I have no problem with linuxbrew.
<ng0>neovim works, vim is just borked at the moment.
<ng0>neovim+tmux in combination.. i can try
<grillon>here my CheckHealth result :
<ng0>no problems with tmux+nvim here
<grillon>ng0: have you tried :CheckHealth inside it?
<grillon>ng0: try please
<ng0>i have
<ng0>my guess is that it lacks interest of people
<ng0>feel free to fix :)
<ng0>I fixed vim into vim-full because I needed it
<ng0>maybe references to python are wrong
<grillon>ng0: I have just install guix yeasturday
<grillon>ng0: yes my first try was nvim :p
<ng0>okay.. maybe stick around and wait for someone else to help t oget started, i'm busy atm :)
<grillon>ng0: you did a vim-full? what does it mean exactly? you did references to lua, perl, ruby, python etc...?
<ng0>i don't know if it was just me but i worked on it
<ng0>vim-full inherits from the package vim and adds all the available options
<ng0>which actually can be cut down to that one switch they have to configure-with-all-the-bloat-boat as I seem to have read some weeks ago
<grillon>ng0: have you some documentation about what you did, may be it could help me?
<ng0>but I think we needed the references to store-paths, that's why I chose it
<ng0>i hope that the gnu/packages/vim.scm vim package is self-explanatory
<ng0>busy right now means I'm in an irc meeting somewhere else :) I'll be back
<ng0>i can definitely help you beyond the undocumented stuff if necessary, but I'm not always using irc
<grillon>ng0: thank you it's nice, good meeting
<ng0>I started with hyperkitty. lots of dependencies again. Well, we're getting there :)
<grillon>ng0: good luck :)
<quiliro>i am worried by the discussions in parabola
<grillon>hello quiliro
<quiliro>i hope we avoid such anger in guix
<quiliro>grillon: saluton!
<quiliro>anyone know how to fix grub?
<quiliro> it will not work on all entries except one which i am using now
<quiliro>grub breaks on most entries every time i run 'guix pull && guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm'
<quiliro>why is this?
<quiliro>guix package -I grub
<quiliro>shows nothing as root
<quiliro>why is it not installed and despite this it is my bootloader?
<quiliro>how can i eliminate entries?
<quiliro>do i have to 'guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /' ?
<quiliro>guix system init /etc/config.scm /
<ng0>quiliro: grub doesn't work through package install directly in GuixSD
<quiliro>ng0: so what should i do?
<ng0>i don't know what your problem is. but I'm away now. someone else should be able to help :)
<quiliro>and why can't i boot from the latest kernel in grub without getting a 'kernel panic'?
<kyamashita>quiliro: I'm not sure about the kernel issue, but I think system generations have to be manually removed.
<kyamashita>quiliro: e.g. "sudo rm -r /var/guix/profiles/system-<number>-link", replacing <number> with the generation you want to remove. Be careful that you don't remove the generation that you are currently using.
<quiliro>guix package --delete-generations
<quiliro>guix gc --collect-garbage
<quiliro>after that is my problem with grub every time
<quiliro>but i cannot recover by
<quiliro>guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm
<quiliro>so my question is should I:
<quiliro>guix system init /etc/config.scm /
<quiliro>to recover my correct grub as is specified in the guixsd manual?
<kyamashita>If "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" isn't working, "guix system init /etc/config.scm /" shouldn't work either. That, and I'm not sure if that command is safe on a running GuixSD system.
<kyamashita>quiliro: Is there anything weird in your /etc/config.scm that would cause this problem? Are you running "guix pull" and "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" as root?
<quiliro>no, just the second command
<kyamashita>guix package --delete-generations only deletes old user-controlled generations.
<quiliro>as root of course
<quiliro>i did that as root too
<kyamashita>So if root had any old package generations, you've just deleted them and garbage collected them. Nothing bad should happen though. Root normally has an empty profile by default on GuixSD.
<quiliro>so this garbage collection perhaps destroyed some package needed by the new grub entries?
<kyamashita>quiliro: No. guix package --delete-generations does nothing because root has an empty profile by default on GuixSD (this time I checked). guix gc just runs a normal garbage collection cycle.
<kyamashita>Any GRUB packages still used by any of your system generations cannot be deleted when using guix gc.
<kyamashita>Let me check something...
<kyamashita>quiliro: Try "guix pull" as root and then "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm"
<quiliro>kyamashita: doing it now
<quiliro>it would be great that trisquel based on debian lts
<kyamashita>I realized that I have /root/.config/guix/latest linked to my main user's .config/guix/latest. That means that when I run "guix pull" as my main user, it also updates the guix code for root.
<quiliro>nice to know
<kyamashita>So for a normal GuixSD setup, upgrading should be "sudo guix pull && sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm"
<kyamashita>Otherwise you mix old and new Guix code/packages, which can have weird effects. We'll see how this goes.
<buenouanq>does it work with sudo? I've only even just sued to root.
<buenouanq>for reconfiguring
<kyamashita>buenouanq: Yes. "sudo" works for reconfiguring as long as you use "sudo guix pull".
<quiliro>i have no sudo
<kyamashita>quiliro: Uh, that should be on your system unconditionally... The file /run/setuid-programs/sudo doesn't exist?
<kyamashita>Do you have su?
<quiliro>kyamashita: i do have su
<quiliro>and /run/setuid-programs/sudo
<kyamashita>And is /run/setuid-programs in your $PATH variable?
<quiliro>sudo works
<quiliro>i never knew
<kyamashita>I thought we were in some serious trouble there!
<quiliro>i though i had to add it and configure sudoers
<buenouanq>quiliro: you have to add your user to the wheel group in your config.scm
<quiliro>buenouanq: it is in that group. but i never tested su because i thought it had to be done manually...desktop.scm in /etc does that
<quiliro>loading finished
<quiliro>compilinig 43%
<quiliro>it takes a long time
<quiliro>because it is i686
<kyamashita>quiliro: Nice. I lost my last i686 machine last year.
<quiliro>$ uname -a
<quiliro>Linux portatil 4.9.9-gnu #1 SMP 1 i686 GNU/Linux
<quiliro>why is /gnu/store/2calz19abdqcn3md4ckrhxmi1yd99hwf-grub.cfg.drv being built if grub is not installed?
<kyamashita>quiliro: It is installed by the system. Users don't need to explicitly install it.
<quiliro>kyamashita: but root is a user too...isn't it so?
<quiliro>i am trying to understand how i have grub in my system and the grub package is not installed
<kyamashita>quiliro: Yes, but grub isn't installed by root either. It's one of the packages installed automatically because it's referenced by your config file.
<kyamashita>It's part of the system profile that gets set up when you use guix system init.
<kyamashita>At least, that's my understanding of it.
<quiliro>kyamashita: thank you very much for the information
<kyamashita>quiliro: You're welcome. :-)
<OriansJ>You know, improving stage0's documentation, I realized today: it is easier to write a garbage collected lisp in assembly than it is to write a forth.
<kyamashita>OriansJ: Really? Sounds cool.
<OriansJ>kyamashita: yep, here are both if you wanted to read them
<OriansJ>a tight 3KB forth and a 6KB garbage collected lisp
<quiliro>e2fsck-static keeps breaking my guix system reconfigure
<quiliro>i had to add --fallback
<quiliro>but with this old machine......