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<nee`>Hello, on guixSD cloning https git repositories always fails with 'Problem with the SSL CA cert'. I have the nss-certs package installed.
<nee`>For example: git clone
<clacke[m]>guixsd or guix on another distro?
<clacke[m]>Are your SSL_CERT_FILE, CURL_CA_BUNDLE and GIT_SSL_CAINFO environment variables set?
<clacke[m]>and if you are not on GuixSD, are they set for the guix-daemon service?
<nee`>clacke[m]: I'm on GuixSD. They are all set, except the curl one, but I tried setting it to /etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt (it links to store) and it didn't make a difference.
<nee`>clacke[m]: I just started a guix pull and saw it download certs-0, maybe it will be fixed. My last pull was like a week ago.
<nee`>clacke[m]: guix pull did not fix it.
<sapientech>hi all, trying to build guile master using `guix environment guile-next --ad-hoc autoconf automake libtool flex gettext` but getting sizeof errors
<sapientech>update: it appears make clean has solved this
<rekado_>nee`: do any of these variables contain more than one directory? There used to be a bug relating to the variables that would make them hold not one path but a colon-separated list of directories.
<nee`>rekado_: yes, GIT_SSL_CAINFO, does. Thank you, I'll try that out in the evening.
<rekado_>paroneayea: hah, you were not kidding about the mullet guy in the video! Thanks for sharing!
<wingo>what happened to ?
<wingo>moin btw :)
<wingo>also where in the manual does it tell you what you need to do to your profile to install guix on a foreign distro?
<wingo>i am not seeing that anywhere :P
<wingo>somehow i thought that installing glibc-utf8-locales would add the GUIX_LOCPATH to my profile, but apparently not
<ZombieCh1cken>Anyone having problems with getting Grub 2.02rc1 to build?
<wingo>heh apparently you can't guix pull on a machine with 512MB mem
<catonano_>wingo: binary installation ?
<wingo>i did a binary install of guix (not guixsd)
<wingo>then guix pull errors with out of memory
<rekado_>wingo: I think it’s in the section “Application Setup”
<wingo>rekado_: no mention of what you need to do to what file (e.g. add "source $HOME/.guix-profile/etc/profile" to your ~/.profile)
<wingo>i assume that's what needs to be done anyway
<wingo>and why GUIX_LOCPATH can't be automatically set somewhere, i still don't understand
<wingo>first user experience on foreign binary install has a lot of "can't install locale" warnings but the instructions to fix it aren't until a later section
<rekado_>yeah, I find that annoying too.
<brendyn>There is are a set of fonts distributed as a single .zip containing 6 ttf files, 3 of one style, 3 of another style. both chinese fonts. would it be best to have them all install as a single package?
<brendyn>The zip is 244MiB
<sturm>Under GuixSD, how do I upgrade the guix-daemon? As root, I ran `guix pull` then `guix package --upgrade`. But that didn't upgrade guix itself. Do I need to `guix system reconfigure` to do that?
<wingo>sturm: yep
<sturm>thanks wingo! Good to meet at LCA by the way. Hope you enjoyed the conference. Some superb weather in Tassie
<wingo>oh lca was lovely lovely.
<wingo>and a special relief to see summer in the heart of the northern winter :)
<snape>but will guix-daemon upgrade if it's running?
<wingo>i think if you reconfigure it should stop and start the guix service because it will notice that the service definition changed
<wingo>but i could be wrong
<wingo>ACTION attempts to migrate a digitalocean vps to guixsd
<wingo>seems a shame to have to install gtk etc on this server just for emacs
<rekado_>wingo: “emacs-no-x-toolkit” does not install gtk, or does it?
<wingo>ah i didn't see that one, guix package --search=emacs was a long list; i was thinking it would be a separate output but i see how that is wrong :P
<wingo>i will do that, tx
<rekado_>brendyn: you can have separate packages for each of the fonts that all inherit from the same base package using the same sources.
<rekado_>brendyn: I think it’s nicer to have separate packages for different fonts.
<brendyn>Ah ok. so the file won't get downloaded twice. that works
<wingo>guix system reconfigure is building qemu for some reason; weird
<wingo>apparently grub2 depends on qemu-minimal
<wingo>but now qemu-minimal just failed to build
<wingo>i wonder why guix pull does load/compile locally instead of making a (potentially substitutable) derivation to load/compile
<wingo>maybe that's what it's doing :)
<wingo>why are only armhf builds in the ?
<wingo>ACTION very ignorant today
<wingo>specifically i wonder why i have to build qemu-minimal :P
<wingo>aaaaargh after rerunning the qemu build and failing again i see it is a failure to allocate memory
<wingo>i guess i up the cpu/memory on this instance for a while, grrr
<brendyn>Never forget your memory, wingo
<OriansJ>Memory is usually traded to reduce complexity in implementation aka put more info in data structures instead of in code
<OriansJ>The old sizing rule was 1GB per 1GHz CPU core but these days, I really recommend 2-4GB
<wingo>ACTION going back down to the tiny instance once these builds finish :P
<wingo>ok i got it to boot but i forgot to set a password before doing it so i don't know if i can get in
<wingo>promising tho
<paroneayea>rekado_: :)
<wingo>ACTION has a running guixsd, whee
<paroneayea>wingo: !
<paroneayea>wingo: where are you hosting it?
<paroneayea>wingo: ah, you did the install and then convert thing?
<paroneayea>wingo: how hard was it to do? would you be interested in writing a short tutorial?
<wingo>i did!
<paroneayea>wingo: ooh!
<paroneayea>wingo: lmk where/when I can find it, I'm interested
<paroneayea>wingo: ah! must have been posted after I pulled my mail
<rekado_>static-networking-service doesn’t have a facility to add a “search” line to “/etc/resolv.conf”. Is there some other way to achieve this?
<rekado_>ACTION tries to join a GuixSD host to Active Directory
<adfeno>Do you know a free/libre software to sign PDFs according to PADES standard? Some people suggest lots of things in the Internet, but none so far is free/libre.
<rekado_>I haven’t heard of PADES before.
<adfeno>Indeed, it's somewhat new (although it's around some years).
<adfeno>It remained unknown mostly because the countries had difficulties recognizing it as valid.
<adfeno>Here in Brazil, the government (and related actions and affairs) recognize PADES-compliant PDFs as with valid signed documents.
<adfeno>and... my English is garbled today... :)
<ZombieCh1cken>Does grub boot the kernel that is in the store, or is it copied to /boot?
<lfam>ZombieCh1cken: It runs the kernel from the store
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<ZombieCh1cken>OKay, thanks
<wingo>ah this is the knife-juggling part, rm -rf sbin after mutating a debian to a guixsd ^^
<rekado_>ACTION bites nails
<rekado_>ACTION stops because they’re rusty
<wingo>seems all is fine! i have a full guixsd server, maybe some debian stuffs in /var but who cares
<civodul>wingo: did you do "guix system init /"?
<civodul>that's how i installed my first GuixSD
<civodul>probably the first GuixSD installation in the world ;-)
<civodul>a bit scary but it worked
<wingo>civodul: nope :)
<wingo>just "guix system reconfigure os-config.scm"
<davexunit>is this a physical machine or a vm?
<civodul>oh, i didn't know this would work :-)
<wingo>i wasn't really thinking, i just thought "this is how i update the system to have the current boot loader" and i went ahead :)
<wingo>ACTION lizard brain
<lfam>Hi jsierles
<jsierles>been looking at Guix here at, where we're trying to build a platform for reproducible research
<lfam>Ah, several people / institutions are using Guix for this
<jsierles>looks really great and fits with our plans. I just had a few doubts about the direction. is there an over-arching goal to add other languages along with their available packages - in other words, to replace a language's own package manager?
<jsierles>for example, i see there are a lot of python modules already packaged up
<jsierles>our main challenge now is making reproducible builds that include all the modules people are using. like in python or Julia
<bavier>jsierles: the ultimate goal is to have most packages in Guix proper, but language package managers should still work alongside Guix
<jsierles>ok. would you say that by bringing a module into the guix space, its installation becomes more reproducible than with the language's own package manager?
<bavier>jsierles: in Guix the dependency tree of a package is fixed and benefits from any reproducibility of those dependencies
<bavier>whereas with many language packagers the dependencies can shift without much notice
<jsierles>alright. it seems like it would be an uphill battle to support so many packages from different languages
<bavier>jsierles: bit-for-bit build reproducibility is a work-in-progress for many packages, but Guix has several tools for checking reproducibility
<bavier>jsierles: it can be some work, yes
<jsierles>right. is there an example where i could see how a module, for example python, handles the dependency definitions for required system libraries?
<jsierles>i checked a few files, but they are thousands of lines long. i'm assuming they aren't completely written by hand.
<lfam>jsierles: They are :)
<jsierles>for example, i'd be interested to see how to add some julia packages to the system
<bavier>jsierles: most package definitions in e.g. gnu/packages/python.scm and gnu/packages/perl.scm are generated from importers
<bavier>but they are hand-massaged
<jsierles>i see. so importers that read files like requirements.txt
<bavier>jsierles: yes
<jsierles>and that means any dependencies listed there also need to live in guix?
<bavier>jsierles: indeed
<bavier>we're working on a "recursive importer" idea that should alleviate much of that pain
<jsierles>i was just going to ask
<davexunit>recursive importing is difficult
<davexunit>there's always going to be a role for human maintainers
<jsierles>have you heard of anyone working on importing julia packages?
<davexunit>every other package manager is horrible about specifying dependencies
<jsierles>davexunit: yeah, no doubt about that
<davexunit>plenty of ruby packages require C libraries, for example
<bavier>jsierles: not many julia packages in Guix yet, and no importer
<davexunit>but there's no way we can know that with an importer
<jsierles>yeah, most packages don't explicitly list their system library requirements
<jsierles>cool, this is a good start. now I'll play with it some more
<davexunit>dmd is now free software$1ei9$
<davexunit>interesting news given our past name clash with that project
<mouldysammich>Thats v. cool
<bavier>yeah, cool
<bavier>do we not have D packaged?
<roptat>hi, I have an issue with the substitute for icedtea:
<roptat>gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated
<roptat>guix substitute: error: corrupt input while restoring '/gnu/store/x4vcisd3h1bf000bdhzxkr0yv15hpa5h-icedtea-2.6.9-jdk/jre/lib/amd64/server/' from #{read pipe}#
<bavier>roptat: some people have seen similar issues lately with other substitutes
<bavier>roptat: at this point, the easiest thing to do would probably be to use "--fallback"
<roptat>ok, that's what I was going to do anyway ;)
<wingo>good evening guixers
<bavier>hello wingo
<Petter>Hello Wingo
<civodul>rekado_: i just read
<civodul>cool stuff!
<civodul>very didactic as usual
<reggggieee>is rekado_ the reason why guix has all the best audio programs? :)
<civodul>i think so :-)
<grillon>I have just installed guix and have the message warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<grillon>what can I do?
<grillon>may be I got it :
<wingo>yep that's it
<civodul>kinda annoying indeed
<civodul>wingo: i was reading your report, notably on this locale issue
<civodul>and i think i have a solution
<civodul>"guix pack guix glibc-utf8-locales -e '(@@ (gnu packages commencement) glibc-final)'"
<grillon>wingo: it works indeed.
<grillon>how can I use prebuilt packages from
<wingo>grillon: you need to do the "guix authorize" step
<wingo>step 7 here
<wingo>civodul: neat :) we could document the rough edges better, but better still would be to fix them
<wingo>so, cool
<wingo>ACTION zzz
<grillon>wingo: I did but only with root
<grillon>wingo: do I have to do that with normal users too?
<grillon>wingo: it's not working for root too
<grillon>wingo: I mean, if I try to install neovim I have a message : unknown package
<grillon>wingo: the package is in the list
<grillon>nobody could tell me why?
<grillon>other packages seems to be there
<mekeor>wingo is sleeping, grillon
<mekeor>grillon: did you succeed in step 7 of the above link?
<mekeor>grillon: do you have a working internet connection?
<grillon>mekeor: I have finally understand thank you. that why I have asked to everybody then.
<mekeor>grillon: how did you solve your issue? :)
<grillon>mekeor: yes I did, substitute works well but neovim is unknow package
<mekeor>ah, you couldn't solve it yet, huh? i see. hmm
<grillon>mekeor: only neovim, I have tried some other packages and it works
<mekeor>grillon: hm, it works for me
<grillon>mekeor: and what command did you type?
<mekeor>guix package -i neovim
<mekeor>grillon: what's your `guix --version`? maybe you should upgrade your guix (using `guix pull`)?
<grillon>mekeor: 0.12
<grillon>mekeor: I'm trying pull
<mekeor>it could take some while
<grillon>mekeor: it's updating lots of subtitute
<mekeor>yeah, sooner or later you should pull the latest version it anyway, so let's just wait :)
<grillon>mekeor: I think you are right, I'm waiting thank you for your help
<mekeor>sure. let's see if it helps :)
<grillon>mekeor: finished and neovim works, thank you =D
<grillon>grillon: it's a new install and the install procedure don't invite to update before first use.
<grillon>mekeor: oups
<grillon>mekeor: it could help impatient newbie
<grillon>mekeor: I go to sleep to good night.
<grillon>good night
<mekeor>good night, grillon. glad it worked (: