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<OriansJ>hey rekado what ever happened to adding stage0 to
<sturm>Hi folks :)
<sturm>Is there a trick to making hyperlinks in QT apps open a web browser? For instance, clicking a hyperlink in Pumpa on Trisquel opens my browser, but on GuixSD it doesn't. I'm assuming there's just some config I'm missing. GTK apps seem to work ok.
<sturm>Actually, I lied. Looks as though GTK apps aren't working either. Emacs works, but that's probably because it has its own config.
<rekado_>CharlieBrown: the Guix stuff is completely separate from the Parabola things.
<rekado_>CharlieBrown: they don’t share anything except for the kernel at runtime.
<rekado_>CharlieBrown: that is unless you force the runtime linker to use different libraries e.g. with the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
<rekado_>OriansJ: it’s on my list. I’ve just been very busy these weeks.
<rekado_>OriansJ: actually, if you want you could send me a patch. The sources for the website are right here:
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<Apteryx>Hi civodul :)
<civodul>hey Apteryx!
<civodul>Apteryx: so there was something wrong with the attachment
<civodul>i've never seen this "external-body" MIME type before
<Apteryx>civodul: Oh! Hmm. Probably I attached it the wrong way with Gnus... FWIR there was an inline text/x-patch MIME + external text/x-patch MIME but I might have screwed something. Let me resend.
<Apteryx>civodul: Interestingly the man-db works in pure environments (uses index.db from $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT/share/man/) but not in impure environments (uses index.db from $HOME/.guix-profile/share/man).
<Apteryx>*the man-db database works
<thomasd>hi Guix!
<thomasd>linux-libre i686 and x86_64 failed to build in the latest hydra evaluation. Looks like some time-out issue, so perhaps they can be restarted?
<rekado_>I find it disturbing that sometimes mu4e doesn’t render an email but contents of the ERC buffer.
<snape>rekado_: I've never experienced this.
<rekado_>it’s rare, but it just happened twice
<rekado_>same email.
<rekado_>one with many attachments
<rekado_>after I wrote here it didn’t happen again
<Apteryx>Do we have an example of merging things from environment with main profile (use case: non-pure guix environment with --ad-hoc; needs to generate/merge man-db index for all combined packages)
<Apteryx>i.e., the $HOME/.guix-profile/share/man/index.db should be merged/combined with $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT/share/man/index.db when not using --pure mode.
<Apteryx>Any way to get speedbar to display in an Emacs window rather than a frame? It's unusable in ratpoison.
<wingo>ACTION has a "guix potluck init" that generates a potluck-package for the current git repo, with correct sha256sums and all
<wingo>getting closer
<clacke[m]>ooh. potluck is for community-provided packages outside the git repo?
<clacke[m]>outside the guix git repo
<snape>Apteryx: there's sr-speedbar :)
<daviid>what does #+ mean/do in guix, like (copy-file #+(file-append foo bar) baz)?
<rekado_>daviid: this syntax belongs to Gexps.
<rekado_>daviid: #~EXP is syntax for (gexp EXP)
<daviid>rekado_: i was trying to find it in guix manual, but did not
<rekado_>inside of a gexp you can use “ungexp” (#$), “ungexp-native” (#+), and a bunch of other things.
<rekado_>daviid: it’s described in section “4.6 G-Expressions”.
<daviid>rekado_: ok will read, thank
<Apteryx>snape: I'll check it out. Thanks!
<civodul>Apteryx: re mandb, you mean "man -k" doesn't work with ~/.guix-profile, but it works inside 'guix environment'?
<mekeor>what about guixSD on qubesOS? ô.Ô
<mekeor>is that possible?
<Sleep_Walker>that's one crazy approach to compartmentalization
<Sleep_Walker>there shouldn't be any reason why GuixSD is not working there but may require some glue
<Sleep_Walker>(as GuixSD is not FHS friendly)
<mekeor>what's FHS?
<Sleep_Walker>filesystem hierarchy standard
<mekeor>ah, i see
<Sleep_Walker>well, good luck :)
<ZombieCh1cken>Anyone here know how to setup chainloading with GRUB? I think I'm going to setup a guixSD liveUSB to replace an old Gentoo LiveUSB I'm using, but I'm using extlinux for the primary bootloader.
<wingo>civodul: can i push to a wip-potluck?
<civodul>wingo: sure!
<wingo>cool :)
<rekado_>ZombieCh1cken: I don’t know how to configure this. I always do this manually on my libreboot machine, i.e. enter GRUB console, unlock encrypted disk, “configfile (crypto0)/boot/grub/grub.cfg”
<ZombieCh1cken>rekado_: Yeah. I might just have to see about tweaking some things. Really, I think I just need to get extlinux to call GRUB and install grub in, say, /dev/sda2 instead of /dev/sda
<jlicht>hello guix
<catonano>hi jlicht !
<grillon>hi there
<jlicht>hey grillon
<grillon>hi jlicht
<grillon>I never used guix but I'm searching for a package manager or a port manager to facilitate installation on any gnu/linux environment. Is guix a good candidate?
<jlicht>grillon: that depends on what you want to achieve. I guess me and some people around here like guix for most jobs ;-)
<jlicht>are you talking about software deploys, or rather the package management on any random machine?
<grillon>jlicht: I think about any random machine
<jlicht>grillon: I suggest you try out the binary installtion on top of whichever distro you are using right now. It allows you to make use of guix without interfering with your existing software
<grillon>jlicht: I would like to reproduce easily my environnement, install neovim+ plugins, tmux+plugins, compilators...
<grillon>jlicht: ok I will try thank you
<grillon>jlicht: what is your usage or guix?
<jlicht>I mostly use GuixSD on my laptop for studies and work. Especially when looking into new technologies for projects, it is really nice to be able to experiment using `guix environment` without any worries ;-)
<jlicht>I am not quite sure if guix has all of your software packaged though, but it is very doable to do this yourself. If the package has a normal build system, it usually involves copying an existing package definition, properly specifying its dependencies and filling in some meta-data for the package
<mekeor>does tor work for you? i get an error saying something like “which: no getcap”
<bavier>mekeor: that message is a warning I think
<bavier>mekeor: you might be able to get around it by installing the libcap package
<bavier>I think that's the right one
<grillon>jlicht: I have about the same aim
<bavier>grillon: if you find a package that's missing for you, feel free to mention it here
<grillon>jlicht: I was using linux brew(a port manager) it's nice but takes lots of time to install something and that's not easy so easy to transport.
<grillon>bavier: thank you
<mekeor>bavier: i installed libcap, it still doesn't work. i get this now, it's different:
<bavier>mekeor: have you tried using "torsocks" instead?
<mekeor>bavier: instead of torify?
<grillon>jlicht: have you ever tried to install and use docker with guix?
<bavier>IFAIK torsocks is preferred now?
<mekeor>bavier: okay, same error anyway
<jlicht>grillon: I have not, but AFAIK, you can even generate docker images using guix nowadays (?)
<bavier>mekeor: I haven't seen that error before, but I can look into it more when I have some more time
<mekeor>bavier: so torsocks works fine for you?
<bavier>mekeor: yeah, usually. But I've not tried using it for git, and I haven't 'guix pull'ed recently
<rekado_>jlicht: it’s true!
<rekado_>mekeor: I used torsocks and it asked me for a username, so I haven’t tried any further.
<mekeor>rekado_: do you have some tor-configuration in your config.scm or just (tor-service) ?
<rekado_>mekeor: just (tor-service)
<mekeor>does "torsocks icecat" work for you?
<mekeor>for me, icecat doesn't start like that
<rekado_>for me icecat doesn’t start at all :)
<mekeor>is there any web-browser you can torify on guixSD with the default config?
<bavier>mekeor: I've had success with 'torsocks netsurf-gtk'
<mekeor>'torify wget' works for me but browsers show the error i pasted above...
<rekado_>mekeor: I had mixed results with epiphany. It would crash sometimes, mostly when playing back video.
<rekado_>it’s fine without torsocks
<mekeor>i need to torify a webbrowser... ;(
<mekeor>ACTION cries
<quiliro>how can I install the appropriate fonts? what are the names of the packages? i need a font that shows utf8 and iso8859-1
<sneek>quiliro, you have 1 message.
<sneek>quiliro, snape says: rekado said "This sounds like an encoding problem."
<quiliro>how to solve it?
<bavier>quiliro: guix's font package start with "font-"
<bavier>quiliro: "font-google-noto" might be a good place to start
<bavier>I'm not very experienced in configuring fonts though
<rekado_>mekeor: previously I used icecat with tor
<quiliro>bavier: why? better than font-liberation ?
<rekado_>mekeor: i.e. configuring icecat to use tor as a SOCKS proxy (and to forward DNS requests through the proxy)
<bavier>quiliro: google-noto has good language coverage
<quiliro>font-google-noto is installed
<quiliro>bavier: ^
<quiliro>but it would not show certain iso8859-1 characters
<quiliro>maybe it is not the font that is being used?
<bavier>quiliro: have you configured your applications to use the font?
<rekado_>quiliro: as I wrote before it may be an encoding problem.
<mekeor>rekado_: the thing is, it's not just icecat. git also doesn't work.
<rekado_>quiliro: e.g. that your application interprets the bytes as iso8859-1 when actually it is not.
<rekado_>mekeor: are you on GuixSD?
<rekado_>mekeor: do you get the same error with torsocks and git?
<quiliro>rekado_: what do you suggest then?
<mekeor>yes, rekado_
<rekado_>quiliro: that depends on the application
<rekado_>quiliro: some applications have a default fallback encoding that you can configure.
<rekado_>quiliro: I’m not familiar with claws.
<quiliro>bavier: what google noto- font replaces monospace?
<rekado_>mekeor: I cannot reproduce this. When I do “torsocks git clone http://7ywdkxkpi7kk55by.onion:6666/secushare/” it starts cloning and then asks for a username.
<bavier>mekeor: what's your `guix --version`?
<mekeor>{ "sudo guix --version": "20170404.22", "guix --version": "20170405.00" }
<rekado_>I wonder how I can get a version like that.
<rekado_>“./pre-inst-env guix --version” shows me “guix (GNU Guix) 0.12.0”
<buenouanq>>ads in the middle of the board
<buenouanq>holy shit hiro kill yourself
<rekado_>mekeor: I’m using a git checkout.
<rekado_>mekeor: “git describe” says “v0.12.0-2732-g5ae63362a”
<mekeor>i don't understand why "torsocks wget" works but "torsocks git clone" doesn't...
<mekeor>even querying google for the error only points to the code of torsocks...
<buenouanq>wow, wrong room
<jlicht>it seems that bc 1.07 fails to build the linux-libre kernel atm
<jlicht>can anyone else reproduce this?
<mekeor>jlicht: what exactly?
<jlicht>mekeor: this behaviour exactly:
<jlicht>it has basically been stuck for 90 minutes in the build phase, and normally I can rebuild a kernel in ~25 minutes.
<jlicht>I´ll make a bug report ;-)
<jlicht>oh lol, I´m a bit slow, this was all reported and fixed hours ago. Sorry for the noise
<civodul>hey jlicht!
<jlicht>hello civodul :-)
<jlicht>is guix having any students this year for GSoC? I think I saw one last-minute proposal flying by
<grillon>my vm has crashed following instructions on I'll try another time. good night.
<grillon>may be it's just the be continue
<mampir>Hello, Everyone! :) Where can I find the scripts for building the guixsd-install image? How is this thing built?
<mekeor>mampir: maybe ?
<mampir>mekeor: That's probably it, thank you! :)
<civodul>jlicht: there was one proposal indeed, but i don't think it landed
<efraim>Last year was it around 25?
<civodul>not that many :-)
<civodul>maybe 6-8
<jlicht>How do people here generally configure their non-{xfce,gnome} desktops? I´d love to actually have e.g. xmonad availabe as an option at the Slim login manager, but I am not sure how to achieve this
<efraim>Does xmonad have a .desktop file? When I just toss in enlightenment its available just fine
<buenouanq>I'd love to have support for bypassing Slim altogether.
<efraim>doesn't work the setuid binaries correctly by default though
<buenouanq>i know ( ._.)
<mekeor>jlicht: i use xmonad on guixsd by using an .xsession
<mekeor>jlicht: you can find my whole user config here →
<jlicht>thanks efraim, mekeor :-)
<jlicht>buenouanq, what is wrong with Slim?
<buenouanq>nothing, I just like more minimality for certain things
<buenouanq>a graphic login seems unnecessary and undesirable for most of my personal use cases
<jlicht>so you´d rather just use `startx`, or maybe even a shepherd-managed x session?
<buenouanq>doing it through herd sounds interesting and nice
<buenouanq>might make switching things to wayland easier too
<jlicht>since [some recent commit], my slim gives me the options ´Gnome´ and ´Gnome on Xorg´
<jlicht>what is up with that?
<buenouanq>I think Gnome is using Wayland now, but you can fall back to X if you want.
<jlicht>ah that would mean GuixSD´s gnome is using wayland already? I hadn´t even noticed (except for the options in slim)
<buenouanq>I vote that all Wayland init commands be aliased to `startw' btw.
<buenouanq>All in favor?