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<slyfox>ACTION tried to fix smalltalk build failure and tracked it down to libsigsegv. looks like everything depends on libsigsegv
<civodul>indeed, via gawk
<civodul>we could introduce a separate libsigsegv variant for smalltalk, if that helps
<slyfox>it's especially silly because the fix is just enable shared libs: :) still does not fix smalltalk completely, but at least gets smalltalk to tests (where it fails)
<slyfox>i'd say it's not urgent and fine to wait for a while to be integrated to libsigsegv proper
<slyfox>how frequently does hydra reevaluate master branch?
<civodul>slyfox: how about (define-public libsigsegv/shared (package (inherit libsigsegv) ...)) for now?
<civodul>that one would have --enable-shared --disable-static
<civodul>and would be used by smalltalk
<slyfox>sound good
<civodul>currently we manually trigger evaluations of master on hydra, to avoid overloading it
<slyfox>and same for core-updates, right?
<civodul>well one or the other, but probably not both branches :-)
<civodul>since they're going to get merged anyway
<slyfox>random fun fact: hydra's 504 page reports the nginx version nginx/1.11.6 that matches latest nix release :)
<davexunit>still need to submit this patch, but just for the record here's a grafx2 package that one could stick in the gnu/packages/game-development.scm file
<clacke[m]>--> Guix built with 2.0.14 is still not reproducible :-/ <-- How non-reproducible is it?
<clacke[m]>Do you mean the bootstrap binaries?
<clacke[m]>I was of the impression that like 80% of guix packages are now bit-for-bit reproducible. Did I make that up?
<rekado>clacke[m]: the sources for my talk are in the guix-maintenance git repository. There’s a directory “talks/bobkonf2017” with all the SVG files and a Makefile to build “slides.pdf”.
<baconicsynergy>hello guixians!
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<baconicsynergy>any idea when 0.13 will be released? :)
<clacke[m]>rekado: thanks!
<Wapanese>Are any hex editors with GUI available in Guix?
<Wapanese>and/or reverse engineering tools.
<janneke>Wapanese: emacs hexl-mode?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<amz3>civodul: do you remember having with me a conversation about another cli interface for guix?
<amz3>it was on the mailling list guix-devel, but I can't find the thread
<amz3>it was one or two year ago
<catonano>ehm... I already asked this, I apologize. But what's the function to cd into a subfolder ?
<amz3>I know it's a priority but I am wondering whether it would be a good thing to generalize: "guix subject action arguments"... like for instance "guix package search guile 2d"
<amz3>instead of "guix package -A guile 2d"
<alezost>catonano: if you mean inside a package recipe, usually 'with-directory-excursion' is used, but sometimes it's just 'chdir'; it depends on what the package build process needs
<catonano>alezost: thanks. I promise that I'm writing this down in my notes
<civodul>amz3: i remember a pretty concrete discussion some time ago with alezost
<civodul>amz3: -A does not mean "search" BTW; use --search instead :-)
<civodul>i agree we need to improve things somehow
<catonano>civodul: recently I was mumbling about takking some screenhots of the boot outpuut in the terminal. When I saw it for the first time I was impressed. It's neatly formatted and colored. Definitely a progress in respect to current affairs
<amz3>alezost: what are your thoughts regarding guix cli?
<catonano>with "boot" I mena the cloure based tool named "boot"
<catonano>yes, clojure
<catonano>sorry, my keyboard is deective :-/
<amz3>this clojure fame have quite a few good libraries, I wondering why there is still no clojure based distro
<amz3>ok boot's logo, is actually a boot, the shoe, not a bee x)
<alezost>amz3: I think civodul means a discussion that happened last year. A summary of my view is at the bottom of <>, but it was a long discussion and people have different thoughts on the subject
<amz3>that is massive thread indeed
<civodul>catonano: oh, cool
<civodul>amz3, alezost: at least there was consensus on the idea what "we should do something" :-)
<amz3>I think I agree with you alezost
<amz3>tho, there several things I need to learn about to be able to make something
<amz3>like how to install/remove several software at once in the same txn
<amz3>maybe we can introduce a 'guix commit' command?
<amz3>also there is another good point from ludo, which stats IIUC that some commands don't operate only packages
<amz3>there is also, an interesting point about profiles
<amz3>I need to read more about profiles
<amz3>I am wondering whether, gexps achieve network transparency...
<civodul>that's a different topic, but yeah, i have some thoughts about it :-)
<civodul>coupled with the guile-ssh support
<amz3>how one does make a profile 'current' ?
<amz3>it seems like,
<amz3>ok I get it
<amz3>mkdir xote
<catonano>amz3: as for several packages in the same transaction:
<catonano>amz3: guix pacakge -i this that -r somthingelse
<janneke>Lets just recommend GNU Guix and forget about all the others" -- Brett Smith@libreplanet
<joeyh>the qemu command line given in the manual does not work on Debian unstable; -net default is not supported
<Gamayun>janneke: Haha! What's the context of that quote?
<pxc>I'm gonna guess either hating on Docker or poking fun at Nix :-P
<janneke>Gamayun: free software purism and security -- most fully free "recommended" distributions are lagging behind on security updates, by design
<pxc>is anyone in the channel running GuixSD on physical hardware right now?
<janneke>pxc: most of us prefer physical hardware to run free software on, yes
<pxc>me, too, of course! I'm just wondering how ready it is
<pxc>I've been excited to set up a GuixSD machine ever since I first read the project's documentation, which is excellent
<janneke>it was ready for me about a year ago, but many of us have been running it for years
<janneke>and yes, i'm still very excited about Guix
<pxc>what login shells does GuixSD support?
<Gamayun>janneke: Ah, makes sense then...
<Gamayun>pxc: As am I. Away on a holiday, so relying on GuixSD for the first time...
<pxc>exciting! I recently watched some Guix talks online. Do I know any of your faces?
<pxc>also, srsly, how are the environments set up for login shells w/ GuixSD? I use fish and if Guix doesn't support it yet I'd like to add it so I can start using it
<pxc>also also, do you guys have someone working on the KDE stuff right now? packaging all of KDE seems very daunting to me but I'd like to see where those efforts are at and maybe try to help
<adfeno>I recall that we do have some recipes related to KDE.
<adfeno>Also, I saw someone mentioning fish too :)
<adfeno>Successfully packaged GNU Ring for Guix! Yay! :)
<pxc>I love fish! It's a lovely little shell, but it's a little effort to support sometimes because it's non-POSIX
<pxc>Elvish also looks very, very exciting:
<pxc>it has structured data and neat little literal syntaxes for those data structures
<pxc>and you can see that it's still getting a loooot of love from its author. it's the most active incomplete shell project I've run across. Started by a former fish dev, too
<Gamayun>KDE packages seem to have been arriving, but I haven't been keeping up with who's working on them.
<pxc>it supports lambdas and HOFs
<adfeno>And I got to remember to set immutable bit to every file I add/index in GNUnet... last week I accidentally deleted (shift + delete) all the .opus music that I myself was seeding (both via GNUnet and torrent).
<pxc>adfeno :'(
<adfeno>So now I have to redo all the transcoding, because I was the only provider of these at the time.
<civodul>adfeno: congrats, quite an achievement!
<catonano>adfeno: Re Ring: great !
<adfeno>Thanks :)
<adfeno>We still need testing :)
<adfeno>And improvements, and sending things to their upstream (FTW!).
<adfeno>The message was joke-intended, not meant to be aggressive.
<catonano>adfeno: that's ok, I was just distracted !
<sphalerite>Hi! I'm considering participating in the Summer of Code programme, and I'm a big fan of NixOS and have made quite a few contributions. Would it be worth looking into Guix's project ideas, although I haven't really worked with lispy languages before?
<fps>sphalerite: yes :)
<lfam>joeyh: That's a documentation bug that's fixed on the master branch but not yet deployed on the web-based manual:
<lfam>joeyh: We keep the web-based manual in sync with the latest release, but this is a case where that falls over. I don't think that QEMU invocation was ever valid
<lfam>pxc: On GuixSD, one sets the login shell per-user in the user-accounts field of the system configuration:
<joeyh>ok, I actually got it working in virtualbox (after switching to paravirtualized network)
<lfam>pxc: The instruction to use a G-expression is a bit obscure to a beginner. It goes like this:
<lfam>joeyh: Alright, sorry for the confusion :/
<efraim>I was reading the backlog, i changed smalltalk forever ago to use libsigsegv and not the bundled one, it might be worth checking out building it again with the bundled copy or upgrading to their not really old beta release
<catonano>sphalerite: as for the summer o code, Ludo was wondering how come no one was proposing. Please, write on the mailing list
<catonano>sphalerite: I don't think that scheme could be a problem
<amz3>is there a package similar to in guix?
<amz3>there is a asciinema package actually
<amz3>sphalerite: Look at "Guile Scheme Tutorial" @
<sphalerite>Great, thanks for the tips! I'll post in the mailing list when I'm done with this assignment that I definitely haven't been procrastinating on by looking at GSoC organisations :D
<amz3>there is also a tutorial in the official Guile manual
<sphalerite>Just out of interest, is there anything like NixOps for guix?
<atw>amz3: on the subject of scheme, I've run into a problem. I've used functional languages, so when I'm using scheme, I'm already thinking "how do I map/filter/reduce/etc". But what's that function called in scheme? Which srfi is it in? Should I just read to be ahead of myself?
<amz3>atw: you are looking for srfi-1
<amz3>atw: ^_^
<amz3>sphalerite: it's one of the thing we would like to have
<[df]_>atw: might be worth looking at
<[df]_>they're usually called what you expect them to be called
<amz3>[df]_: +1
<amz3>I get the following error in asciinema: Upload failed: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:645)>
<amz3>what package I am missing?
<atw>amz3: nss-certs? (guessing)
<atw>[df]_, amz3: thanks. Is there a channel for silly scheme questions?
<amz3>atw: #guile
<lfam>amz3: Generally, see this section of the manual:
<lfam>Err, I meant to give the link to this section:
<amz3>tx lfam
<amz3>how do you pre-compile all packages in guix git?
<amz3>I did (use-modules (gnu packages)) in my program, and now it tries to compile every single package for some reason
<amz3>never mind I will just wait and take nap
<lfam>amz3: You might need to sleep for several days!
<sphalerite>amz3: I like the donuts example on the scheme tutorial. It speaks to me on a deep emotional level.
<amz3>sphalerite: :)
<sphalerite>it also makes me want to buy donuts.
<amz3>The Grand Debug Of Xote:
<amz3>ACTION humble opinion
<catonano>atw: a procedure called "map", one called "filter" and one called "reduce" all exist
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<pxc>:-( I didn't get to thank lfam
<pxc>maybe he'll see it in the logs
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<janneke>now talking: paroneayea `The Lisp machine and GNU'
<OrangeShark>woo :)
<amz3>my cnx is too poor to follow the talk
<amz3>I hope it's released sometime soon
<OrangeShark>the stream is being poor for me too now
<amz3>hi marusich, what's up?
<marusich>amz3, trying to learn about how to make graphs using (guix graph).
<marusich>I would like to produce a graph of references from one store item to another, but I don't want to examine the entire closure of the graph of references of a store item...
<marusich>Basically, I'm curious to understand "How does reference B get referred to (perhaps transitively) by store item A?"
<amz3>Actually I started (guix graph) but it has a long time ago, the code changed a lot
<amz3>I mean I did a prototype for (guix graph)
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