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<rekado>the database file was actually corrupted
<rekado>so I dumped the database to SQL statements and created a new one
<rekado>i.e.: sudo sqlite3 /var/guix/db/db.sqlite
<rekado>.mode insert
<rekado>.output dump.sql
<rekado>then: sqlite newdb.sqlite < dump.sql
<rekado>then I swapped the files (and made sure the permissions are correct).
<rekado>Seems to work fine now.
<civodul>rekado: good to hear
<civodul>so it was corrupt as in "not writable", but it was still entirely readable, right?
<jmd>When I run guix lint I get: guix lint: warning: TLS certificate error: ERROR: X.509 certificate of '' could not be verified:
<jmd> signer-not-found
<jmd> invalid
<jmd>How do I fix this?
<civodul>jmd: by setting SSL_CERT_DIR:
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<roptat>hi :)
<roptat>is anyone working on packaging maven?
<jmd>I'm not.
<Apteryx>Has the git repo URL changed recently? I can't fetch anymore: fatal: repository '' not found
<taylan>civodul: is it fine to push a change to the guix-0.12.0 package to master, or should it go in core-updates?
<jmd>Apteryx: That's not the address to fetch.
<jmd>That's the web interface I think.
<Apteryx>I had been fetching from it without a problem for a while ;)
<Apteryx>What URL should I use?
<jmd>For a read-only fetch I use git://
<catonano>roptat: here there are some hints about Maven
<civodul>taylan: it's ok for master
<jmd>If you want to be able to push as well, then use ssh://<yourname>
<civodul>roptat: i think rekado_ and others discussed Maven on the list a while back
<civodul>oh right, what catonano wrote :-)
<Apteryx>jmd: I confirm that fetching using the native git protocole works. Git over http (seems it was upgraded to https judging from the bottow of should work as it used to, though. Maybe something got broken in the move from http --> https?
<jmd>That could be the case.
<jmd>The information at should work.
<jmd>If it doesn't then report it, either to guix-devel or to the savannah-hackers.
<Apteryx>Oh. git clone works.
<Apteryx>The information at the bottow of the page is confusing though.
<Apteryx>Nevermind. It seems I'm the one confused :) Information on that page is correct.
<Apteryx>I guess my only problem was that my old http URL stopped working. " git remote set-url origin" fixed it.
<Apteryx>Doing "guix environment guix" and then trying to "make" the latest master, I get: "No Guile development packages were found."
<Apteryx>Ah. Always get bitten by this. Probably just need to reconfigure since I ran the garbage collector.
<jmd>Apteryx: Yes.
<rd161616>Hello , I run guixsd barebones and want to run windows with qemu on a virtual machine, do you know if I have to install xorg server please ?
<rd161616>Do you know how to run a windows virtual machines in guixsd please ?
<catonano>rd161616: maybe in quemu ?
<rd161616>Yes but it needs X no
<catonano>I guess it does, yes
<rd161616>I installed the package xorgserver but cannot start
<roptat>in there is a "desktop" example you can use to configure X properly on your system
<snape>rd161616: starting Xorg as normal user is not supported in Guix
<rd161616> Iam root :x
<snape>because it requires startx to have the setuid bit, I think
<rd161616>Maybe qemu to a BBC server
<rd161616>But I still need to be able to view the vnc server from the terminal
<roptat>I'm trying to run guix-publish on my guixsd, but adding (guix-publish-service) doesn't work, "herd status guix-publish" says it is stopped. I can run "guix publish" correctly though
<snape>rd161616: did you try to use a display manager?
<snape>there's slim, it is packaged, it works
<snape>it is in %desktop-services, see the link given by roptat above
<snape>Correction: setuid my be needed for Xorg binary, not startx
<rd161616>Lol IAM having a hard time don't worry
<snape>and if you are root, then I don't understand why it does not work
<rd161616>Haven't installed the service only the xorgserver package
<lfam>sneek: later tell Apteryx: The Savannah admins recently disabled cloning via cgit:
<sneek>Got it.
<roptat>how could I check the logs of (guix-publish-service)?
<rd161616>Maybe there is a way I can run a windows virtual machines with qemu without the service X11 ?
<snape>roptat: did you generate a signing key-pair?
<snape>rd161616: maybe, I don't know, but the easiest way to me, is the display manager
<roptat>yes, but it was installed in /usr/local/etc/guix somehow (I copied the pair to /etc/guix)
<lfam>rd161616: Did you try invoking QEMU with the option '-nographic'
<rd161616>Yes i tried but I need the graphics for a windows virtual machine no
<rd161616>It asks for sdl
<paroneayea>hello #guix friends
<jmd>paroneayea: Hello
<jmd>How can I inherit from a package and add an extra configure-flag without overriding the inherited ones?
<efraim>You have to use substitute-package-arguments and there's a couple examples in the source code if you search for ',cf'
<efraim>Examples for configure-flags specifically
<slyfox>avr toolchain does something similar:
<quiliro>i still don't understand grafts or substitutes....are they binaries as the distributed by other distros?
<alezost>jmd: with 'substitute-keyword-arguments'; see 'xorg-server-xwayland' for example
<alezost>oops, I didn't notice the efraim's answer :-)
<jmd>ok. Thanks to both of you.
<jmd>Everytime I touch gnu/package/gtk+ I have to then "rm -f gnu/package/gtk+.go gnu/package/pdf.go gnu/package/cups.go" Otherwise I get strange guile errors. Could this indicate some underlying problem?
<snape>quiliro: substitutes are pre-built things.
<snape>It could be sources as well as binaries
<snape>"grafting" is a mechanism that allows to patch security updates to a package, without rebuilding all its dependencies
<quiliro>why is it not necessary to rebuild its dependencies? Isn't that a violation of the unique build process?
<quiliro>how can Substitutes can be source tarballs which result from derivation builds
<quiliro>i am very confused
<quiliro>perhaps i should understand derivations first
<jmd>quiliro: Your confusion is understandable.
<jmd>(is that an oxymoron?)
<snape>quiliro: rebuilding everything takes a lot of time
<snape>and there is another way to make a program use a patched library
<snape>that is: to change its link to the library
<quiliro>snape: so that is a graft
<snape>yes :)
<quiliro>jmd: :-D
<jmd>A "derivation" is basically anything that is derived from something else.
<jmd>Often it is a compiled package, but there are other kinds of derivations too.
<quiliro>Derivations are "Low-level build actions and the environment in which they are performed"?
<quiliro>i don't understand that
<jmd>Yeah it's not a very clear explanation.
<jmd>Was that from the manual?
<quiliro>jmd: yes
<jmd>In other circumstances I would venture to offer some clearer wording, but I fear that I would be accused or rudeness or sexism.
<quiliro>so substitutes can be binaries but can also be anything else that comes from a derivation
<jmd>I'm not sure, but I think that is correct in principle.
<jmd>But so far as I'm aware there are no substitute servers which offer any kind of substitutes other than package outputs.
<snape>jmd: I think souces are substitutes
<snape>and they are not packages
<jmd>snape: Yes, you are right.
<snape>and there are derivations for sources as well
<snape>so what quiliro says makes sense to me
<jmd>quiliro: There you are! You seem to have got it.
<jmd>snape: I don't think there are any substitute servers for gexps are there?
<jmd>Although technically there could be.
<snape>I don't know, but my understanding is that Cuirass needs a list of derivations
<snape>so I think that indeed those derivations could be something else than packages and sources
<jmd>quiliro: I think it's more enlightening to read the list of what a derivation contains, rather than that introductory clause "Low-level build actions ...".
<snape>or: cat /gnu/store/...whatever derivation... .drv
<jmd>In other words, a derivation has the following properties: inputs, outputs, system type, ...
<adfeno>Hi #guix ! :)
<adfeno>I'm working on the Ring package, as you might already know, and I want to know how to tell the builder to start from certain place that is inside the tree that comes from the tarball, and discard everything else?
<roptat>adfeno, you could add a phase before 'configure to execute (chdir "subdir")
<quiliro>how can i download all necesary data to install guixsd offline?
<adfeno>roptat: Thank you very much :)
<adfeno>What if, in my case, for example: the same tarball will be used by other packages?
<adfeno>Do I need to use something like (file-name ...) to distinguish the tarballs?
<efraim>to create a custom tarball you'd have to download the original one anyway so there's not really any optimization to removing the rest of it in a snippet in this case
<adfeno>I see...