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<thomassgn>buenouanq: yes, having a service enabled does not put the services files (including binaries) into the path of any user. I think.
<buenouanq>thomassgn: I was just concerned that now installing on my user will start another server under my user rather than use the service one declared in the os config.
<buenouanq>Looks like it didn't though.
<bombastus>When guix installs a guile package, what is the best way to add it to guile's load path? Do I need to manually add the store path to GUILE_LOAD_PATH?
<buenouanq>did you put something like export PATH="$HOME/.guix-profile/bin:$HOME/.guix-profile/sbin${PATH:+:}$PATH" in your .bashrc or wherever?
<Apteryx>Is there a way to use javascript enabled in icecat? I'm missing the keyboard shortcuts.
<luser1>buenouanq: I believe /etc/profile takes care of that.
<luser1>Apteryx: Look at your enabled extensions/addons.
<buenouanq>Apteryx: startpage is better and more trustworthy than ddg
<luser1>There's probably something disabling the js.
<luser1>Apteryx: Go to about:home and see what boxes you have checked.
<luser1>Under ‘Enabled privacy features’.
<Apteryx>Thank for the suggestions. I'll visit those.
<Apteryx>Actually the javascript version of works. If I set IceCat's search provider to ddg it uses html all the time though. Is there a way to change that?
<Apteryx>Is it really useful to fill a new hard drive with random data prior to encrypt it with LUKS? I guess if it contains only zeros you could see which sectors have been written to. And it might allow you to guess with better chance about where the secret key might be written to?
<rekado_>Hi Guix!
<rekado_>heh, I’m getting downvoted on HN for saying that it’s unfortunate that Scala cannot easily be bootstrapped.
<janneke>rekado_: possibly it's a feature?
<efraim>So they think its fortunate then?
<rekado_>it’s probably what real “industry users” need.
<wingo>good morning guix :) just upgrade guix, and it seems that i need to build texlive. i had the old tarball in my store and i'm used to building it
<wingo>except now it wants to download a 1.9 GB somethingorother
<wingo>an texlive-20160523b-texmf.tar.xz nar
<wingo>wasn't there a way around this at some point? didn't we remove these files from our cache?
<wingo>well i built with --no-substitutes, for some reason it had to build like fontforge and openssl; i guess for grafty reasons
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<wingo>good morning civodul :)
<wingo>ACTION just ran his first "guix gc"; it freed 61 GB :)
<civodul>hey wingo!
<civodul>my previous laptop was chronically running out of disk space, so i'd run 'guix gc' sometimes several times a day
<efraim>I really like the -F flag to only clear enough space
<snape>but one still needs to cleanup old profiles right? Otherwise, guix won't be able to gc space taken by those profiles.
<efraim>'guix package -d 1m', if something worked a month ago and doesn't work now, I haven't used it enough to notice and I can get rid of it
<catonano>is the icecat in GuixSD suupported by Medium for editing articles ?
<snape>catonano: it says Iceweasel is not supported... My guess is that Icecat is not supported either.
<catonano>snape: thanks
<efraim>trying to build qemu-minimal on aarch64 now
<civodul>efraim: 'guix gc -F' is even better IMO :-)
<civodul>oh sorry, i read -F, though you were talking about -C
<civodul>ACTION must be tired
<civodul>i have a PID namespace test where Guile hangs in stop_finalization_thread (from pre_fork)
<civodul>in libc it's stuck at lll_wait_tid (pd->tid);
<civodul>and i think the reason is that in the namespace, this tid is invalid
<efraim>I was thinking more about our 'wget | sudo dpkg -i' install option, I'll have to dive in again to how to build a deb to see if it can be done from within guix
<efraim>yet another thing to add to my idea/to-do list :)
<efraim>do we have a suggestion for building from source to add --confdir=/etc, or whatever the flag is?
<civodul>we don't make that suggestion, but it's the same as any other package
<wingo>civodul: interesting. the idea of course is to stop the thread before forking
<wingo>but do namespaces invalidate existing threads?
<wingo>civodul: of course with open-process, this problem does not arise
<civodul>wingo: the problem is because we use our own 'clone' wrapper in syscalls.scm
<civodul>libc would normally use CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID to have it's pthread 'tid' field cleared
<civodul>but here we can't do this
<civodul>so we get a bogus tid
<civodul>and pthread_join hangs
<civodul>yeah "interesting" :-)
<wingo>on 2.2, or possibly even on 2.0 as well, you could call scm_set_automatic_finalization_enabled (0)
<wingo>using the ffi
<wingo>that will stop the finalizer thread. you could restart after the fork in the parent.
<civodul>actually it's not quite what i wrote
<civodul>1. we use 'clone', so the child process has only one thread left
<civodul>2. in the child process, we use 'primitive-fork'
<civodul>3. primitive-fork calls stop_finalization_thread, but there's no finalization thread to stop
<civodul>so we have to do what you wrote around 'clone'
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<civodul>zero test failures with Guile 2.2 \\o/
<civodul>and i cheated only once!
<civodul>guile-ssh is our only (optional) dependency that's not 2.2-ready
<bavier`>rekado: re the bootstrappable banner, the text falls off the edge of the svg canvas; adjusting the canvas and background sizes seems to fix it for me
<janneke>civodul: great!
<bavier`>llvm-3.9.1 appears to have race conditions in its build; I wonder if roel encountered that too.
<efraim>I heard 4.0 is out
<bavier`>it is
<bavier`>but, as is common with llvm, I have a project that requires specifically 3.9
<determinator8899>Hello, just wanted to ask if someone is using guixsd on his/her personal computer and is stable yet ?
<bavier`>determinator8899: there are many here who use guixsd daily on one or more of their personal computers
<bavier`>determinator8899: guixsd is technically in "beta" stage, but 'guix system --roll-back' more than makes up for that to me
<efraim>civodul: looking at the commits, if i do `guix environment guix --ad-hoc guile-next -- ./configure' it'll build with guile-next
<civodul>efraim: i do: guix environment --ad-hoc guile-next guile2.2-json guile2.2-gnutls pkg-config
<civodul>pkg-config here is to make sure PKG_CONFIG_PATH is correct
<efraim>Makes sense
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<jmd>What's happened to hydra?
<joshuaBPMan_>hello, does anyone know how to swap control and caps lock on the virtual console?
<joshuaBPMan_>actually I think I figured it out. The manual says that I can specify a specific file. I'll just modify the dvorak one, and load it in.
<joshuaBPMan_>Well I guess that won't work. The dvorak file is a binary file. I've no idea how to edit that.
<jmd>keymaps 0-127
<jmd>keycode 58 = Control
<joshuaBPMan_>Well looks like I really need to real loadkeys man page.
<joshuaBPMan_>jmd: Yes, but I've got to figure out how to copy the binary file, convert it to a text file, then convert that modified file to a binary file again.
<jmd>Create a file containing "keymaps 0-127\\n"keycode 58 = Control\\n"
<jmd>then run "loadkeys name-of-that-file"
<jmd>We should make a service so that this can be done in /etc/config.scm
<joshuaBPMan_>oh, I thought loadkeys had to load in a file that specified all of the keys. I didn't realize you could load a keymap file that only specified 1 or two keys.
<joshuaBPMan_>jmd: can you give me a general idea of what would need to be done to make this into a service? Have to specify a shepherd service, then config.scm would have a variable that specifies which keys to change. Then the service would change it.
<jmd>I don't think you would use shepherd for that.
<joshuaBPMan_>oh. I figured that it was you would use.
<jmd>You could do, but it would a sledgehammer approach.
<joshuaBPMan_>well that was weird. I've turned caps into control, but now emacs seg-faults on the virtual console.
<joshuaBPMan_>emacs -q doesn't segfault
<civodul>Debian stable has Guile 2.0.11:
<civodul>would it be ok to make 2.0.11 the minimum required?
<joshuaBPMan_>jmd: Would making a service that lets people modify the virtual console be something a newbie could do? Or do you think it would be pretty hard.
<civodul>currently it's 2.0.7, released in Nov. 2012
<jmd>joshuaBPMan_: Kindof medium hard I think.
<jmd>joshuaBPMan_: But in fact, we already have a console-keymap-service
<efraim>what does centos have for guile?
<bavier`>civodul: trisquel 7.0 is at guile-2.0.9
<joshuaBPMan_>jmd: console-keymap-service is a shepherd service right?
<jmd>but so far as I'm aware you cannot use it to do custom modifications.
<jmd>... wait - perhaps it is.
<efraim>centos-6 apparently has guile-1.8.7
<efraim>centos-7 has 2.0.9
<joshuaBPMan_>jmd: the info documentation says you can load in a specific file...
<joshuaBPMan_>maybe that would do the trick.
<joshuaBPMan_>If it could load in two files....
<jmd>joshuaBPMan_: So what you would need to do is to devise a format to represent keymap files in a nice friendly scheme format.
<joshuaBPMan_>is guix environment can run properly in a virtual console?
<jmd>I don't see why not.
<jmd>In fact not having a physical console I only ever run it in a virtual one.
<joshuaBPMan_>jmd: really? That's awesome. I can only log into X as root at the moment. I'm dual booting guixSD.
<joshuaBPMan_>jmd: I'm trying to set up contributing..."guix environment guix\\n./bootstrap" is not working.
<civodul>bavier`, efraim: thanks for the feedback; i guess Trisquel 7 and CentOS 7 are still relevant, right?
<buenouanq>joshuaBPMan_: have you set your nonroot users"s passwords yet?
<efraim>I think CentOS 7 is the most recent
<joshuaBPMan_>buenouanq: Yup. I can login into a virtual console as my non-root user.
<buenouanq>how did you install X? supported way is as a service in your os config
<efraim>Wikipedia says CentOS 7, trisquel 8 isn't out yet
<joshuaBPMan_>buenouanq: I dual boot guixSD and Parabola. Both distros share the same /home partition. Both have the same uid (I think it's what it's called). So both recognize that each directory under ~/home/joshua is owned by the user "joshua".
<joshuaBPMan_>I installed gnome from my config.scm.
<buenouanq>as a service or as a package?
<joshuaBPMan_>buenouanq: I'll take a look...I think as a service. I'll check
<joshuaBPMan_>It's a service. It's got (gnome-desktop-service) is the service area.
<joshuaBPMan_>I haven't tried to reconfigure in a while. I suppose I could try that. But I should really just file a bug report and see if I did something obviously wrong.
<Digit>ACTION watching old hardened gentoo talk, n wonders, hardened guix?
<civodul>efraim: uh, ok
<joshuaBPMan_>thanks for the help guys. I've got to go. See ya'll later.
<efraim>I mean Wikipedia says those are the latest versions of those OSes released
<efraim>And I suppose they're important
<civodul>rekado: does 'docker load' need an uncompressed tarball, or can it take a tar.gz?
<civodul>tar.gz is ok per
<wingo>civodul: i uploaded the 2.2.0, may i update guile-next?
<wingo>ACTION does it :)
<civodul>sure! :-)
<civodul>you can change the 'name' field to "guile" as well
<civodul>guix pack with Docker output not ready yet and my mind is getting fuzzy
<civodul>maybe tomorrow?