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<adfeno>civodul: Found the error in my ring.scm :)
<rekado>I have a couple of patches ready for separating the recommended packages from R itself and to fix the remaining reproducibility problems.
<rekado>just need to test one variant of a fix that I think goes a bit too far.
<civodul>slyfox: no
<rekado>ACTION —> zzZ
<civodul>rekado: sounds cool
<civodul>guten nacht!
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<efraim>Mesa is failing to build on aarch64 on core-updates, says it cant find libdrm_intel
<jmd> takes too long to load.
<efraim>Luajit also FTBFS, arch unsupported?
<efraim>Openblas also needs loving
<efraim>Luajit beta looks like it has aarch64 support
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>How can I change a build flag in the cmake-build-system ?
<jmd>janneke: Hello.
<janneke>civodul: my build whoes yesterday were, *again*, caused by a broken .bashrc of mine
<efraim>that's the worst
<janneke>i'm wondering, am i the only one who ignorantly/wrongly overrides PATH, GUILE_LOAD_PATH etc in his (ubuntu/debian) .bashrc?
<janneke>would there be a way to flag such errors?
<jmd>janneke: I also override them, but I don't think I'm doing it wrong or in ignorance.
<janneke>jmd: hmm...I had on a ubuntu box: #export GUILE_LOAD_PATH=/usr/share/guile/site
<janneke>that breaks `guix environment guix -- make', for example
<efraim>Can someone restart Python-minimal on core-updates on Hydra?
<civodul>janneke: ooh, ok
<efraim>I think I'm going to bump luajit to the latest beta release on core-updates, its supposed to have aarch64 support
<civodul>janneke: you mean .bashrc vs. .bash_profile?
<janneke>civodul: yes...and esp. when using a guix .deb package on a foreign distro
<civodul>the manual warns about this, but i don't know what else could be done
<janneke>ACTION feels kinda dumb about this, davexunit has helped me several times with things like this, where i modified PATH
<civodul>heh, that happens :-)
<janneke>yes, think i've started to learn, but am just wondering about other newcomers
<janneke>oh well :-)
<catonano>I messed up my last patch submission. I apologize.
<jmd>It looks like aarch64 is still causing grief for core-updates
<catonano>I wanted to use git-send-mail but I have no smtp server available for now
<catonano>gmail is clunky and awkward and I have to jump through the loops in order to make git-send-mail to rely on that
<jmd>catonano: Guix has several MTAs packaged.
<catonano>jmd: ok, I'll take a look
<efraim>I use msmtp, and I have it call gpg to decrypt the passsword from password.gpg
<jmd>Some packages in their wisdom put their shared objects in a library called lib64 or something wierd. Should we change it to lib or what?
<rekado>jmd: yes
<slyfox>packages should be fixed upstream to respect $(libdir) (or expose a knob)
<jmd>slyfox: Please - we have a code of conduct against such imagery.
<slyfox>can you elaborate?
<slyfox>which word should i grep for?
<jmd>imagery ?
<slyfox>"The use of sexualized language or imagery" this one?
<jmd>Yeah - you were advising people to expose their knobs.
<slyfox>i don't think i did
<catonano>considered that I have never run an MTA in my life, do you suggest me exim or opensmtpd ?
<efraim>I'd go with opensmtpd and forward all my mail to another box. In my /etc/aliases on Debian I have 'efraim: efraim@mailhost.tld'
<jmd>Personally I use sendmail - but that is a personal choice.
<catonano>efraim: my default mail provider is gmail. I couldn't forward mail traffic trough them, for the same reason tat git-send-mail can't easily rely on them.
<catonano>Do you think it could be feasible to rouute mails directly ?
<catonano>it would be guix patches only
<catonano>or maybe bugs too
<efraim>Even with an app-specific password?
<catonano>efraim: in order to access to app specific passwords I'd have to move rom swipe based verification to numeri code 2 pass verification
<catonano>and I prefer swiping
<catonano>so I uunderstand, anyway, their interface is a mess
<efraim>AFAIK most mail prociders do a reverse DNS lookup which you'd fail from a standard isp
<catonano>Ok, I'll look or a third party service
<efraim>I think I tried openmailbox in the past, don't remember if they allowed sending as a gmail alias
<slyfox>locally i've set up postfix to send outbound email trough gmail (and a few other mail services) but postfix is not in guix packages for some reason
<efraim>I use postfix and dovecot on my mail server
<catonano>slyfox: a few other mail services ?
<slyfox> and
<slyfox>i have emails on all of them and postfix choses for me which of them to use as outbound mased on sender email
<slyfox> looks similar to my setup
<catonano>thanks again
<jmd>efraim: WHy would it fail?
<efraim> isn't the reverse DNS to AAA.BBB.CCC.ddd
<jmd>isn't it?
<jmd>Then use the correct one.
<jmd>I have a test failure during guix build, but not when I run it manually. Any tips on how I can debug it?
<methalo>jmd: may be you can see error detail in the log files
<methalo>with -K
<jmd>methalo: Unfortunately I cannot.
<jmd>At least not enough detail.
<methalo>sometimes i compare the config.log files
<methalo>to see differences!
<jmd>I don't think in this case there is anything in the log file to help me. But which 2 log files would I compare anyway?
<methalo>one is the generated by guix, and the other generated manually, or misunderstand the question :)
<jmd>???So what you are suggesting is that I manually create log file using some unconcous knowledge of what the pertinent difference is, then use diff to compare with the guix geneated logfile to expose that knowlegdge ?
<methalo>Sometimes I check the value of the variables and find differences
<snape>wingo: do you mind if I push
<jmd>I'll have to just patch the test with lots of diagnostics and rerun :(
<snape>Well, I push them, nevermind.
<efraim>Mysql is terrible for building on aarch64, it wants 4GB of ram
<wingo>sneek: later tell snape please do!
<wingo>ah if clement is snape then yes, all the better
<jamesrichardson>Hello Guix! I'm trying to setup a build server with guix on a foreign distro (Debian in this case).
<jamesrichardson>guix offload test fails with a message error: Failed to use Guix module on '' (test returned #<unspecified>)
<jamesrichardson>I run ssh -i identity-for-guix guile -c "'(usde-modules (guix config))'"" and I get a 0 return code.
<jamesrichardson>I suspect an environment variable is not getting set properly over ssh, but I don't really know.
<jmd>roptat: ho
<roptat>can you make a package that needs a tarball and an extra file?
<roptat>or do you need to make a package for that extra file first?
<efraim>You can,specify it as an input
<janneke>ACTION looks at resurrecting kodi as a possible replacement for my troublesome mythbuntu box
<roptat>efraim, that means having an extra package for that extra file, correct?
<janneke>tarball with non-conforming name, over 60 bundled libraries...
<janneke>what are some people thinking?
<efraim>roptat: not necessarily, you can define the input in a package style rather than refering to an actual package
<roptat>ok, thanks
<jmd>Is there a way to tell the daemon that the standard input must be a terminal?
<jamesrichardson>I have the offload bits working ;)
<civodul>jamesrichardson: cool, glad that it works :-)
<jamesrichardson>I had to do some rather nasty things to /etc/environment... I'll try to clean it up, reproduce and write somethgin.