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<catonano>CharlieBrown: debian drove you away from human support ?
<catonano>CharlieBrown: what do you mean ?
<Gamayun>The Debian forums used to be quite unfriendly as I recall..
<CharlieBrown>catonano: The IRC says "use horribly out of date garbage, fix our bugs in the developer area, or git out."
<catonano>ah, I see
<janneke> /join #debian
<buenouanq>preordering the EOMA68 Libre Tea and Micro Desktop Housing :3
<buenouanq>y'all have until the end of May to teach me how to install GuixSD on a ARM machine
<catonano>ok, I give up on pgadmin. Lots of dependencies
<slyfox>i'd like to trace package build failure in 'guix environment'. is there an easy way to call guix build phases one by one and see how it goes?
<slyfox>mostly i'd like to build a package how guix would do it then and run test suite manually a few times
<slyfox>civodul: asked a few minutes before you've joined. hope you have something to share :)
<civodul>slyfox: you should build with "guix build foo -K"
<civodul>and then, cd /tmp/guix-build-foo* ; source environment-variables
<civodul>and from there: make check, etc.
<slyfox>or run 'guix environment' in temp dir, right?
<civodul>yes you can also do that in addition to the above steps
<civodul>but it's only useful if you use 'guix environment -C', which gives you something very close to the isolated environment
<ng0>how's the uefi support on Guix going? I've read an experience on a list which discarded guix for a specific set of hardware because it didn't support uefi. if it's not completely merged, are hacks documented on how to get it to work, or is it still a complete work in progress?
<civodul>ng0: i use it on my laptop, works like a charm :-)
<civodul>the only issue is that installation is a bit tricky
<civodul>and undocumented
<civodul>you should search the list around January for details
<civodul>but yeah, we should do something about it
<ng0>okay, so you provided all the details already in january, it's just a bit rough?
<ng0>thanks :) If I understand enough, I'll document it… I'm only writing this month, so adding more documentation to that will not be that bad.
<ng0>was this after the 0.12 release?
<civodul>i think so, yes
<jmd>Did we ever come to a conclusion about the best way to solve this issue: ??
<ng0>is it too late to sign up for GHM?
<jmd>ng0: No.
<jmd>(but be quick!)
<ng0>cool. I'll need to check some dates and deadlines
<phant0mas>do we have any eta on when we will be able to push to core-updates again?
<phant0mas>there is a patch from Rene which fixes a build issue of grep on Hurd which I forgot to push :P
<civodul>phant0mas: we don't know! but you can help get the current branch fixed :-)
<civodul>jmd: about copying texinfo.tex?
<civodul>i'd either rely on "automake -a" or copy it by hand
<civodul>not ideal, i agree
<jmd>What about the other patch?
<adfeno>Hi, how do I make a package definition inherit another, but also replace the "snippet" that is inside the "origin" definition?
<mineralka>hi, I just installed guix to try. all went ok, but when tried install emacs got error output path `/gnu/store/hg3692jqq4jmhg4qx8d7y67fspimy898-?id=3ba68f9e64fa2eb8af22d510437a0c6441feb5e0' should have sha256 hash `1dnlszhc8lihhg801i9sz896mlrgfsjfcz62636prb27k5hmixqz', instead has `1w1jfj4h22rszggzbrif15530smn1xga0dg2a6a3vlapyafsacip'
<civodul>hello mineralka!
<civodul>mineralka: did you install the 0.12.0 binary tarball?
<civodul>did you enable substitutes?
<mineralka>hi, i installed
<alezost>mineralka: 0.9.0 is very very old
<mineralka>also did subsitutes: guix archive --authorize < /root/.guix-profile/share/guix/
<mineralka>ok, old. thx, i will go install 12
<civodul>mineralka: make sure to check the instructions and links at
<mineralka>installed 12 and now all is ok, thanks.
<alezost>mineralka: great! If you have questions you are welcome to ask
<jmd>Why do packages build with gcc-4.9 by default? Why not 5.x or 6.x ?
<taylan>I wonder why guix pull is compiling libxslt... funny
<taylan>it also downloaded python-minimal
<jmd>What does the runpath-validation phase do?
<methalo>There is a way to graph the packages needed to create the image for Hurd?
<methalo>to focus on these packages!
<efraim>Is Python-cython supposed to build singlethreaded?
<methalo>i mean to create a GuixSD Hurd image
<jmd>I'm sure there is.
<adfeno>Aw... those patch series for Ring are some what messed up.
<adfeno>It's like a patched teddy bear, it's supposed to look pretty, but isn't. :(
<adfeno>It's somewhat strange because a lot of what was done there was supposed to be sent by him to upstream.
<adfeno>But so far there's no reply yet.
<adfeno>I can't even get `guix build -L ring-client-gnome` to to recognize these as a package.
<adfeno>-L [...] I mean
<adfeno>Hi all! I'm having a problem putting the series of patches about Ring together, and using the recipe with `guix build -L [Path to custom recipe's directory] ring-client-gnome`. Error is: /home/adfeno/Testes/Guix/ring.scm:404:5: aviso: invalid field specifier. guix build: error: ring-client-gnome: unknown package
<adfeno>I'll give you the source code...
<adfeno>It's here:
<adfeno>expires in 1h.
<catonano>adfeno: I wouuld suggest you to do "echo $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH" and see exactly what it points to
<catonano>adfeno: what's this line ?
<catonano>(let (("1.0.0"))
<adfeno>catonano: That line is a ... Oh...
<adfeno>I forgot that...
<catonano>adfeno: :-)
<adfeno>I was working with this for quite some hours with no result, thanks! :)
<catonano>adfeno: that's why you ask people to review youur work :-)
<adfeno>Strangely enough, it's still giving the same error on same line, but I am very thankful for your help indeed :)
<adfeno>I just replaced (("1.0.0")) with ((commit "1.0.0"))
<adfeno>But as I said, still there is something elso to it.
<catonano>adfeno: sometiimes it happens to me too. The assignment of env variables can be tricky. That's whhy i suggested you to verify what GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH exactly is
<adfeno>Hm... I see...
<adfeno>I mean: it's empty (in my profile).
<rekado>I just built R 3.3.3, twice, with the same output.
<rekado>There are a lot of sources for embedded time stamps in R.
<rekado>I also had to disable the recommended packages. Will package them separately soon.
<efraim>It looks like llvm 3.8.1 built successfully on aarch64
<catonano>adfeno: are you working on a git checkout ? If you are not, then you need to set that var
<catonano>and make it point it to thhe older containing your source file
<adfeno>catonano: I'm not working on git checkout.
<adfeno>(not using the "pre-inst-and-something" script.
<catonano>adfeno: then GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH must be set in order for your stuff to be found
<catonano>I think the manual mentions this somewhere
<adfeno>So, is it OK to set it immediately before running a Guix command?
<adfeno>Like: GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH="/home/adfeno/Tests/Guix" guix build ring-client-gnome
<adfeno>Note: No semicolomn (;).
<catonano>I think it is, but I'm no expert off env vars. I set it in my .bashrc file
<adfeno>I tried that and it gives same error.
<catonano>the file containing your source must be named the same way of your scheme namespace
<catonano>that's somethingI often let slip
<adfeno>ring.scm name-space is ring
<catonano>well then I don't know :-/
<adfeno>Don't worry, we'll soon find out :)
<catonano>buut this happens to me often, it can be confusing
<adfeno>I used Emacs to check-parens, and it didn't complain.
<adfeno>Also, autoindentation seems OK too.
<adfeno>It is stuck on the (source ...) declaration of libringclient package.
<adfeno>I don't know if it helps, but using strace tells me that the error happens somewhere after the line that ("ffmpeg" ,ffmpeg) from the *libring* declaration.
<adfeno>How do I debug the script that `guix build` evaluates when reading a package definition?
<adfeno>I tried --verbosity=5 but got same brief error message.
<jmi2k_>Hello Guix!
<adfeno>Hi jmi2k_ :)
<jmi2k_>I have rust 1.15 patch ready. I'll submit it tomorrow after a bit of testing.
<civodul>jmi2k_: i think it's already at
<adfeno>I tried inserting (debug-options 'full) in my custom-made package definition, but it's still being vague.
<civodul>adfeno: are you trying to debug a build failure or Scheme code?
<jmi2k_>Ok, at least I tried ;)
<civodul>jmi2k_: sorry about that!
<civodul>jmi2k_: hopefully you can contribute to the ongoing discussion based on your experience
<jmi2k_>I don't visit debbugs, only the mailing list
<adfeno>civodul: A package declaration that I'm picking up (I got it from patches related to Ring).
<civodul>jmi2k_: this is the guix-patches mailing list
<civodul>adfeno: right, but what's the error or behavior you're trying to debug?
<jmi2k_>Yes, I was talking about guix-devel. It's the only I check. I'll keep that in mind for future patches
<janneke>does this ring a bell? ERROR: no code for module (ssh channel)
<janneke>trying to build master
<adfeno>civodul: It says: /home/adfeno/Testes/Guix/ring.scm:406:5: warning: invalid field specifier. guix build: error: ring-client-gnome: unknown package
<janneke>ah, i need guile-ssh?
<adfeno>civodul: To clarify: I'll give you the code I'm using.
<adfeno>civodul: Paste is at
<adfeno>expires in 1h.
<adfeno>I used Emacs's check-parens and it didn't report unbalanced parentheses. Also, autoindentation seems to be doing OK.
<jmi2k_>One note: try to adopt rustbuild instead of makefiles for rust versions. IIRC, they will be removed for next release. Even if that doesn't happen, I thibk we should do it as soon as possible.
<adfeno>Also, forgive me for the messy coding style, I didn't configure my Emacs to do indentation and structure correctly yet.
<jmi2k_>I'll post the same in the mailing list tomorrow. I'm on android with 6% battery
<rekado>adfeno: we have a little script to indent code properly
<civodul>janneke: ./configure detects whether you have Guile-SSH or not, normally
<civodul>adfeno: you chose (ring) as the module name, but you probably want (gnu packages ring)
<civodul>and then stored in gnu/packages/ring.scm
<janneke>civodul: ...trying to update master from 0.10.0 on top of an ubuntu machine...must be some load path confusion :-(
<adfeno>Also, one must understand that I picked-up the patches that are related to Ring somehow (with version bumps (but keeping older version information just in case)).
<jmi2k__>Sorry, my connection isn't very good
<adfeno>civodul: Hm....
<adfeno>I'll try that...
<marusich>civodul, have you ever noticed a situation where running "guix pull" is extremely slow when offloading is enabled?
<marusich>I tried setting up offloading on my local wireless network for fun, and I found that when it was enabled, "guix pull" took so long I had to stop it and disable offloading to get it to complete in a timely fashion.
<adfeno>civodul: Now that I put "ring.scm" inside "/home/adfeno/Testes/Guix/gnu/packages", and change the module definition to "gnu packages ring", the error still exists.
<adfeno>it just changed the path.
<adfeno>... which still points to the current gnu/packages/ring.scm file
<adfeno>I'm running it like this: GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH="/home/adfeno/Testes/Guix" guix build --verbosity=5 ring-client-gnome
<jamesrichardson>Anyone loading iptables at system startup (or any sort of firewall)?
<adfeno>jamesrichardson: GuixSD, or some other distro?
<adfeno>We might have to ask or rwait around some more then....
<adfeno>I run it in Trisquel, so I'm only using Guix, not GuixSD.
<jamesrichardson>I was running debian until the box blew up a few months ago. It's replacement arived today. I was thinkg about loadking it with GuixSD, the iptables thing is well troublesome.
<jamesrichardson>I've not tried Trisquel... Hmmm.
<janneke>civodul: Hmm... this does not work for me (guix on ubuntu) in
<janneke># Unset 'GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH' altogether while compiling.
<janneke>most probably it's my problem and i have a b0rked setup again
<janneke>guix environment did not add guile-ssh to GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH, so i did that manually, and i omitted GUILE_LOAD_PATH
<janneke>*guix environment guix
<janneke>broken .bashrc, possibly
<slyfox>civodul: are containers created by 'guix build' try to limit available memory or amount of fork()s allowed, or simething like that?
<slyfox>I see 'pthread_create failed: Resource temporarily unavailable' pop up occasionally and fail to reproduce it outside
<janneke> would be nice if we could have `guix environment' detect broken .bashrc's