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<ng0>what are safe permissions for .gnupg in $HOME? I think that's why I'm currently unable to sign a commit
<ng0>600 ?
<bill-auger>mine is 700
<bill-auger>sometimes if the x bit is unset the dir may appear invisible
<ng0>this is confusing for me, it used to work all the time
<ng0>bah.. I'll check this tomorrow
<ng0>oO just bounced my email back :/
<ng0>welll in that case the new patches I've sent to correct the old ones don't correct old ones :)
<ng0>ouch... id@debbugs.gnu@org
<ng0>it's time I finish this day off
<kyamashita>Hi everyone.
<davexunit>paroneayea: vanilla-js! hahahaha
<davexunit>thanks for the laugh
<paroneayea>davexunit: :)
<kyamashita>paroneayea: vanilla-js, as in
<kyamashita>If so, I'm loving it.
<paroneayea>kyamashita: that's the one :)
<paroneayea>to be fair to many things listed there though, esp jquery
<paroneayea>the fact that vanilla js has gotten so much nicer has been because people have iterated on abstraction layers enough that later js revisions (and "html5") got those changes added as part of core
<paroneayea>but yeah, I've been taking the approach lately of avoiding the overhead, and I think to good effect.
<kyamashita>Any idea how I can get Imagemagick's "convert" binary to be able to detect fonts while I'm in a build phase?
<Apteryx>libsoup failed on master
<Apteryx> (
<Apteryx>Nevermind, it seems to be working on further attempt.
<Apteryx>Could an expert with texinfo tell me what is incorrect in the use of @itemx in this file: ttp://, at lines 394, 464, 457, 905 and 923? (@itemx must follow @item).
<alezost>Apteryx: I looked at a couple of those lines: all of them should be "@item", not "@itemx"; as the error tells @itemx can be placed only after @item to list several items
<slyfox>send 2 patches to guix-patches@ yesterday. first went through immediately, second was dropped
<slyfox>tried to resend second today, seems it was dropped again
<slyfox>the patch is '[PATCH] gnu: libffi: apply alpha build fix' if it happens to get stuck in some moderation queue (if such exist)
<thomasd>rekado: in your NFS setup, have you experimented with making the Guix build node a virtual machine? My (naive?) intuition tells me that should not be a problem?
<rekado>It *is* a virtual machine :)
<rekado>ACTION goes for lunch
<efraim>good news! the suprise network issues I had on my aarch64 board suprise-fixed itself
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<rekado>Hi civodul!
<efraim>ar is in binutils?
<rekado>efraim: I think it is.
<efraim>i'm seeing it in binutils-cross* and gcc-cross-boot0-wrapped, so binutils it is
<rekado>in my store it’s in /gnu/store/4xxd00drj8gjcr84xdfna44qak2vhwmf-binutils-2.27/bin/ar
<efraim>all my crossbuilds to aarch64 showed up first :)
<rekado>bah, Java is giving me headaches.
<rekado>I’m now attempting to package tomcat just to satisfy a dependency on some simple webdav thing, which is a dependency for a commonly used virtual file system library, …
<rekado>oh, and I also need to package parts of hadoop for that library.
<rekado>I only need that for org.reflections, which I need for JNA, which I need for … a simple bytecode library.
<efraim>if anyone wants to play "Spot That License!" I think this is a combo of bsd-3 and expat
<yrk>efraim: it isn't really a combo. it's just that they are listing the different licenses all in one document
<yrk>efraim: with each of the licenses referring to a specific piece of software
<efraim>yrk: thanks. its all compiled into one binary
<Apteryx>sneek: later tell alezost: Thanks for your answer regarding the itemx errors; that helped!
<sneek>Will do.
<Apteryx>After days of compilation my system is back to a current master state ;)
<Apteryx>Not sure why I wasn't finding any substitutes for anything.
***propumpkin is now known as copumpkin
<Apteryx>I'm still slowly figuring out how to package dvc for emacs (I want it because it provides integration with Gnus & email patches). It uses a regular autoreconf/configure/make sequence for its build. Would it be easier to use the gnu-system-build or the emacs-system-build?
<Apteryx>Seems gnu-build-system is easy to get started, but then I'd probably have to fix the lisp files with the same processes defines within the emacs-build-system.
<efraim>Apteryx: take a look at this package definition that mixes gnu and Emacs build systems
<efraim>I forget which package I copied the syntax from
<alezost>Apteryx: for a more complex mix of emacs-build-system and gnu-build-system, you may look at 'emacs-pdf-tools' package
<sneek>alezost, you have 1 message.
<sneek>alezost, Apteryx says: Thanks for your answer regarding the itemx errors; that helped!
<alezost>no problem
<Apteryx>efraim, alezost: thanks!
<janneke>hi guix!
<efraim>not guix related, but I just did `wget image -O - | lp' and it came out full-page, not 200x200 as I exptected
<jmd>lp can call god knows what in the print driver.
<jmi2k>password-store is not passing all test, so it's not building correctly. I'll take a look to see if it can be solved trivially later...
<ng0>what happened in the last 6 hours that guix pull suddenly pulls in openssl?
<ng0>hard dependency on le-certs + openssl?
<ng0>regarding tor-browser as there is nothing to CC or forward so far, I've got in touch with their trademark team to check out some details. I don't know how much needs to be adjusted if at all, but establishing first contact is better :)
<lfam>ng0: Guix uses GnuTLS, not OpenSSL.
<ng0>then it was GnuTLS I saw, I've only seen some tls compiling
<lfam>I guess `guix pull` needs GnuTLS in order to be able to download some dependencies of Guix. But I'm not sure why you're building it now :/
<luser1>ng0: You have the tor-browser working under GuixSD?
<lfam>I wonder if my texlive update has a larger impact than I expected
<ng0>luser1: no, I am working *on* it
<luser1>Great to hear!
<ng0>lfam: idk, there was also libpng and some other things, and now guile-2.0.13
<ng0>now it looks as if the process hangs, but I'm still logged in
<ng0>the process of the pull
<lfam>I'd attach to it with strace to see if it's actually stuck or just taking a long time
<thomassgn>Is there a way of telling guix/guixsd how many jobs/parallells/cores to run in config?
<lfam>thomassgn: Like, when building packages?
<ng0>yes, for GuixSD there's an example in the config of bayfront
<lfam>thomassgn: The guix-daemon takes the argument "-M, --max-jobs=N allow at most N build jobs"
<lfam>thomassgn: Also, any time you invoke Guix with a command that can build things, you can pass the --cores and --max-jobs arguments
<lfam>See the manual, section "Common Build Options" regarding "any command that can build things"
<lfam>Note that `guix pull` can build things but does not accept that arguments. It's a bug. To affect `guix pull` in that way you have to pass arguments to the guix-daemon
<thomassgn>lfam: cool, thanks.
<lfam>The guix-daemon also takes --cores. I had to look that up ;)
<ng0>which then is used here:
<ng0>is something wrong with master? my server hangs at unpacking
<thomassgn>ng0: lfam: Awesome. exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Thanks
<lfam>ng0: I noticed some extreme slowness after the texlive update (although I'm not sure it was caused by the texlive update).
<ng0>I haven't even updated texlive.. it's just unpacking so far
<lfam>I assumed Guix was doing something with the giant texlive-texmf source without printing any messages about it
<lfam>Maybe there is a real bug, I can't tell
<lfam>It's really difficult to debug anything related to texlive because of the humongous source tarball
<lfam>I had to free 12 GB of disk space to test the texlive bug fix
<ng0>this is rather new and still not set up to use git for all profiles, so I had to use regular pull
<lfam>I'm using `guix pull` too, except for development
<thomassgn>I wonder, setting max-jobs=2 and cores=2 does that mean each of the 2 jobs will use 2 cores or does it mean 2 cores total?
<lfam>thomassgn: I interpret the docs as meaning the former.
<lfam>"-c, --cores=N use N CPU cores to build each derivation"
<ng0>lfam: at least I can see that something is working, CPUs and process is active
<ng0>well… I'll just put this to the rest of the fire and go to sleep now
<ng0>or at least disconnect for now