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<rd161616>Hi, to install guixsd, do I need to create a boot partition for the boot loader or I can use the partition I will use to install the os please ?
<quiliro>rd161616: i have all my system in 2 partitions: root and swap
<quiliro>rd161616: you do not need a boot partition unless you want to
<quiliro>what are your needs?
<rd161616>In the config.scm I mentioned Dev sda for boot loader
<rd161616>Just want to code my c programs in guixsd and use gnu libraries
<rd161616>To learn linux
<rd161616>I mean I used clear os but it's in graphical
<quiliro>rd161616: please remember it is beta software
<quiliro>you do not need graphic user interface?
<rd161616>I want to get rid of it to code my programs in ncurses
<quiliro>I like GuixSD because it is the freest GNU distro
<quiliro>rd161616: you only need bash?
<quiliro>and compiling utilities?
<quiliro>and an editor i presume
<rd161616>I want to use only the frame buffer of the console so w3m and emacs lol
<rd161616>I want to learn Linux and code for it I know
<rd161616>U know
<quiliro>rekado: no configure file, just: .h, .cpp, .ui, .html, .ico, .png files in the archive that is called source
<mekeor>afaik, rd161616, you'll need to create a boot partition.
<quiliro>rd161616: then your choice is great
<quiliro>mekeor: why
<mekeor>uhm, tbh, idk
<rd161616>Meneor of which size and type in sfdisk?
<mekeor>i don't know. i'd just read the manual if i was you. →
<mekeor>maybe i was wrong
<rd161616>Ok ty
<rd161616>Because they dont tell to create mbr partition maybe it's obvious
<quiliro>rd161616: i have not ever use sfdisk
<quiliro>i have used sata and ide drives and have not needed /boot
<quiliro>why dont you try?
<quiliro>then you will learn
<quiliro> /boot will let you boot in case there is a partition error on root
<quiliro>rd161616: do you understand?
<rd161616>Yes in that case need an USB with grub to recover right?
<quiliro>rd161616: no
<quiliro>suppose the root filesystem is damaged
<quiliro>if the boot files are in the same partition, you will only be able to boot from a live usb to try to fix the partition and boot the operating system
<quiliro>if they are on diferent partitions, you can boot even if root partition were damaged
<rd161616>Roger thx
<quiliro>but perhaps cfdisks require boot partitions...i have not tested that....i still use a 32 bit system with sata
<rd161616>The hardest part for me is the short cut in emacs becuse I can only use nano
<rd161616>We Will see I tried with only root partition and swap
<quiliro>i think everyone that uses emacs would never leave it for any other editor
<quiliro>the learning curve seems steep
<rd161616>Once you master it is seems nice
<quiliro>but you can always use the graphic version in order to learn!
<quiliro>i want to learn emacs too
<rd161616>In the terminal ?
<rd161616>Graphic version in the terminal with a mouse ?
<quiliro>sort of
<quiliro>u can use the mouse in terminal
<rd161616>In the tty
<quiliro>but there is a graphic version of emacs too
<quiliro>i think it is xemacs or something like it
<quiliro>i would enter #emacs or so
<rd161616>Lol no more graphics for me
<quiliro>will do that myself
<quiliro>why no more graphics?
<rd161616>Because I want to learn commands and I need to build a program for the tty server of a friend to monitor things so switching between X11 and tty2 to check how the program render is painfull
<rd161616>Also ncurses rocks lol
<rd161616>Sorry have to go see you soon buddy
<quiliro>hello, would someone help me follow these instructions for GuixSD?
<mekeor>quiliro: did you attempt to build it yourself? what's your status? what's your exact issue?
<quiliro>mekeor: yes i am trying to build it
<quiliro>qt4-qmake does not exist
<quiliro>i need the following packages in ubuntu:Install Qt header files, compiler, and compilation tools : sudo apt-get install build-essential qt4-qmake libqt4-dev g++ make libphonon-dev libqt4-xml-dev libqt4-opengl-dev
<quiliro>i was only able to install make
<quiliro>i cannot find the other packages
<quiliro>besides...i still cannot system reconfigure
<quiliro>a lot of errors
<quiliro>and i will not took me a week to install and a month to tweak the current GuixSD
<jamesrichardson>Hello guix! I'm working towards giving a presentation at SouthEast LinuxFest about guix. I plan on talking mostly about functional package management. Hopefully this is a reasonably thing to talk about. Pointers appreciated.
<lfam>jamesrichardson: Cool :) Where is SouthEast LinuxFest?
<sneek>lfam, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>lfam, rekado says: I categorize emails to guix-patches by matching on the list header. But actually, I prefer to use M-x debbugs-gnu instead of subscribing to guix-patches.
<sneek>lfam, mekeor says: could it be that you forgot to merge my patch for adding dzen? or did you not merge it by purpose? just wondering.
<lfam>mekeor: Nothing wrong, I just forgot :/ Doing it now
<jamesrichardson>lfam: In Charlotte, NC, US
<lfam>Very cool, I think you might be our first representative in NC :)
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<jamesrichardson>lfam: Really? That's cool. Perhaps the talk will be accepted.
<lfam>jamesrichardson: Depending on the audience, you could try to present a problem that's typical for them, and how it could be improved or solved by Guix
<lfam>I thought rekado's recent talk is a nice introduction to the idea:
<jamesrichardson>I've seen the talk. I'm also trying to push guix at $JOB as we are moving to GNU/Linux ;)
<lfam>Very cool :)
<lfam>Are you free to talk about what the use case is?
<jamesrichardson>at $JOB? not really, outside of we're migration away from AIX to GNU/Linux. Can't really speak to specifics.
<lfam>Fair enough
<lfam>If you've used a GNU / Linux distro for a while, I'm sure you've experienced some sort of breakage that wouldn't happen with Guix. I think it's a universal experience
<lfam>Functional packaging is a more reliable way to put a system together if you are doing GNU / Linux
<lfam>In my opinion, it's also much easier to effect changes to the system, and to reason about them later, than with traditional "mutate /usr" distros.
<jamesrichardson>I've personally used Debian since slink or hamm, a really long time. I've used most of the Commercial UNIXes at some point. I've seen all sorts of breakage and unmaintainable ways of doing things.
<jamesrichardson>Rollback is really cool.
<lfam>If you are pitching this at work, you should really understand some of the serious limitations and outstanding bugs. The major ones are <> and <>
<jamesrichardson>The ability to have multiple versions of perl modules installed simultaneously is cool.
<lfam>The fix for #24703 should be deployed within 2 weeks
<lfam>The `guix pull` thing require more incremental improvements, most likely
<lfam>I'd recommend cloning the repo over SSH and hosting it for `guix pull` yourself if you are worried about it
<lfam>You can generate your own binary installers from that code if you want to use them
<jamesrichardson>I'll probably have to do something similar to that to keep the compliance folks happy.
<lfam>I think it's a good idea
<jamesrichardson>We'll also have a lot of proprietary in-house stuff, that won't ever make it out the corporate walls.
<jamesrichardson>What we do now amounts to build a tarball, plopping it onto a server and hoping for the best. Anything will be an improvement.
<lfam>That doesn't always work, right?
<jamesrichardson>no it doesn't. The developers would love to have an actual package system.
<quiliro>lfam: how can i clone the guixsd rep?o
<methalo>quiliro: git clone ...
<quiliro>would someone please tell me what packages replace those in
<lfam>jamesrichardson: You could even investigate the tools for making relocatable binaries from Guix packages:
<lfam>methalo: I think that quiliro is asking about the binaries, not the Guix source code
<lfam>jamesrichardson: The idea was presented here:
<lfam>quiliro: I don't know yet, sorry :( It's something we should learn how to do
<methalo>does anyone know how to fix this error:
<quiliro>how about the packages for compiling kurso4
<quiliro>build-essential qt4-qmake libqt4-dev g++ make libphonon-dev libqt4-xml-dev libqt4-opengl-dev in ubuntu
<lfam>Apparently that error started after the computer lost power? If so, I wonder if some files are corrupted in /gnu/store. I would try `guix gc --verify=contents` to check the integrity of /gnu/store
<lfam>quiliro: I don't think we have a package for qt4-qmake. We are focusing on qt5 because qt4 is retired.
<quiliro>lfam: methalo: i sometimes have that error with guix pull and sometimes have it with system reconfigure
<lfam>quiliro: Is it true that you first saw the error after your computer lost power?
<quiliro>lfam: i did guix gc --verify=contents
<quiliro>it had no errors
<quiliro>lfam: I first saw the error after your computer lost power
<quiliro>i will test tomorrow with better network
<quiliro>but it is a bug if it works with a better network
<lfam>I agree
<lfam>I use Guix on very bad network and I've never seen that error
<lfam>I still don't know what the problem is, or how to start debugging it...
<quiliro>lfam: then it is possibly due to the capacity of my computer
<quiliro>it is 32 bits
<quiliro>intel duo
<quiliro>core duo
<lfam>quiliro: Try adding this option to the command that fails: "--substitute-urls=""
<quiliro>three double quotes
<methalo>lfam: i've problem with my card, sometimes crash
<lfam>quiliro: Sorry
<lfam> '--substitute-urls='
<methalo>may be is affects guix
<lfam>quiliro: Your computer should be able to use Guix
<methalo>now 'guix pull' works!
<lfam>methalo: What was wrong before?
<lfam>methalo: And what changed?
<methalo>'lost power'
<methalo>my videocard sometimes crash!
<lfam>methalo: You said, "now 'guix pull' works!". I was asking if it did not work beofre
<methalo>and my system stops responding
<lfam>Are methalo and quiliro the same person? I'm confused :)
<methalo>lfam: before i`ve the same error!
<lfam>Oh, really!
<lfam>methalo: Are you also using a 32-bit CPU?
<methalo>i use x86_64
<lfam>methalo: Can you send a message to <> with any information you think is relevant?
<quiliro>sometimes i cannot report to bug-guix
<quiliro>because claws-mail is selective of the messages it allows me to send
<methalo>lfam: i will send, thanks
<lfam>quiliro: Is it a bug in claws-mail?
<quiliro>if i include the text on the link, the email wont go
<lfam>methalo: That is the address for this bug: <>
<quiliro>i dont think it is a bug that has been reported
<lfam>What do you mean by "the email wont go"?
<quiliro>it will sit waiting when sending until it reports after a minute that there was an error when copying to the queue folder
<quiliro>it goes even to the DATA phase
<lfam>What if you try to send the text as an attachment?
<quiliro>lfam: let me test
<quiliro>should i have done guix pull --substitute-urls=
<quiliro>i did guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm --substitute-urls=
<lfam>Did the reconfigure work?
<quiliro>lfam: no
<lfam>Okay, at least we know it's not specific to a certain mirror
<quiliro>neither did the email attached work
<quiliro>lfam: true!
<quiliro>could it be something related to locales?
<quiliro>i think no because every time it changes
<quiliro>sometimes the problem is with guix pull and then it works but guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm will not
<quiliro>it is weird
<lfam>Something is not right :(
<quiliro>lfam: so what would that qt4 package be in qt5?
<quiliro>and the others please
<quiliro>so i can install as user
<quiliro>do i have to reconfigure before doing that?
<lfam>I don't think we have any qmake packages yet.
<quiliro>lfam: :-(
<WubTheCaptain>I was asked to mirror GNU Guix on an .onion mirror server, and I'm not sure how to feel about this
<WubTheCaptain>So far, is the only mirror for GNU Guix, is it?
<WubTheCaptain>At least a listed one
<WubTheCaptain>In response, I said Partyvan could mirror GNU Guix if there's a need for regional mirrors in Sweden/Finland, or .onion
<lfam>WubTheCaptain: A mirror of what? The Guix releases, or the binary substitutes of packages?
<WubTheCaptain>lfam: apparently
<WubTheCaptain>Though I don't see an issue with mirroring the full FTP
<quiliro># guix gc --verify=contents
<quiliro>reading the Nix store...
<quiliro>checking path existence...
<quiliro>checking hashes...
<thomasd>quiliro: qmake is part of the normal qt or qtbase packages
<thomasd>but I don't know if kurso de esperanto can be compiled with Qt5 (I'm trying out a few things right now)
<thomasd>quiliro: it doesn't compile with qt5 right now, but probably can be made to work with small adaptations. Do you know (a bit of) C++?
<thomasd>You would need these guix packages: qt, phonon, gcc-toolchain, make (I think that's all)
<Isorkin>Hi. How to enable openssh service and authorizedKeys? - (openssh-service) \\ %base-services))) - not work. Error - Unbound variable: openssh-service
<thomasd>Isorkin: maybe you need to add “ssh” to (use-service-modules ...) in your config file?
<Isorkin>use (services (cons*
<Isorkin>(use-service-modules base networking ssh) written
<thomasd>can you paste your config somewhere?
<thomasd>ah, it seems you should use (service openssh-service-type <openssh-configuration>),
<thomasd>where <openssh-configuration> is a valid config, see
<thomasd>strangely, module (gnu services ssh) exports a variable “openssh-service”, but this variable is not defined anywhere :-/ (or my limited Guile knowledge is failing me again)
<alezost>thomasd: no, you are right: 'openssh-service' is not defined there as it was removed by :-)
<thomasd>ok :)
<thomasd>so the export could be consisered a bug?
<thomasd>is it possible to use a non-capturing group in a substitute* regex?
<alezost>thomasd: yes, it was a bug, thanks for noticing! I have just removed it:
<Isorkin>thomasd: thanks, working
<alezost>thomasd: what is "non-capturing group"?
<thomasd>a group which is used to match an expression, but which is not itself part of the matched set of characters
<thomasd>i.e. I'd like to match “INSTALLDIR=.*”, but only replace the “.*” part
<thomasd>ok, seems this is not part of POSIX regular expressions
<Isorkin>how to add user ssh-rsa key? - - not found
<alezost>thomasd: oh, "substitute*" provides a functionality to do this, look at its docstring (in (guix build utils) module), or for example, at 'chez-sockets' package
<efraim>is anyone else working against core-updates? Is libepoxy or libevent failing not just on aarch64?
<alezost>Isorkin: perhaps I don't understand what you mean, but you make ssh keys the same way as you do it on any other distro; there is nothing Guix-specific here
<Isorkin>example config nixos - users.extraUsers.root = { \\ openssh.authorizedKeys.keys = [ "ssh-rsa mykey" ] \\ }; - guixsd to have a similar function?
<alezost>Isorkin: sorry, I have no idea; you may ask at <> if you won't have an answer here
<Isorkin> - on the subject who will help?
<alezost>Isorkin: I guess no one uses putty/kitty here :-) But is that a GuixSD question? I think that it's more a putty question, no?
<Isorkin>in other systems, this problem has not been
<ZombieChicken>alezost: Does anyone actually use help-guix? Any time I've sent an email there I've never received a response
<ZombieChicken>For that matter, queuries on guix-devel don't seem to receive any responses
<alezost>there are too few people to answer the questions :-)
<rekado_>ZombieChicken: our attention is spread across three different mailing lists and IRC.
<rekado_>make that four mailing lists
<rekado_>I try to answer to questions on help-guix when I can and follow up on patch submissions.
<rekado_>Recently I’ve been a little busy with other things, but luckily we have people who continue to answer and comment where possible.
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<ng0>Hi! does someone have experience with multiple mapped-devices in GuixSD?
<ng0>specifically this: and the error message I get
<phant0mas>should I push a fontconfig change now, or will it cause too many rebuilds?
<catonano>seek: what is core-updates ?
<catonano>sneek: what is core-updates ?
<sneek>I could be wrong, but core-updates is fontconfig, eudev and cups-minimal FTBFS, gnutls lacks IDN support unless it uses libidn2
<catonano>phant0mas: :)
<ng0>I'm working on a cuirass substitutes server in .onion, later additional .gnu address, and this is sort of pre-condition to that work, to fix all the server-guix config issues I run into. depending on how/where I end up hosting I'll offer this, but I'll definitely will offer as much of mirror into .onion and (later) .gnu space soon because I don't like to start a discussion with fsf/gnu sys
<ng0>administration on providing .onion access. maybe even annlounce the onion publicly depending on the place and other conditions
<jmd>ng0: It sounds interesting!
<ng0>I'm just tired of hosted software blocking me (and others) out :/
<ng0>the download locations I mean
<ng0>has someone ever build all of master for just one architecture? how big would one run/build of the substitutes be?
<ng0>I know bayfront frees space at some point
<thomasd>(catonano: I tested (built) the gspell patch. I wanted to try if I could get the tests to run, but didn't get round to it yet. Soon!)
<catonano>thomasd: thank you !!
<ng0>I mean I don't have to automount the second luks device, but I guess I will run into the same issue once I add the raid-mapped-device
<efraim>phant0mas: sneek's core-updates is having trouble
<efraim>AFAIK libepoxy is failing on aarch64 and maybe others, but I think everything else is fine, hydra still hasn't started a full build through
<ZombieChicken>ng0: What is cuirass? I've seen the term before but I'm unfamiliar with what it is
<ng0>an early-stages hydra (continous build/integration) replacment
<ZombieChicken>rekado_: Three mailing list? guix-devel, help-guix, and bugs?
<ng0>and guix-patches
<ZombieChicken>ng0: Ah, and you're looking to offer that via Tor and Gnunet?
<ng0>onion first, because I want to figure out if it's me, guix-daemon or bayfront having a problem to serve me the .onion of bayfront
<ZombieChicken>fwiw, Tor doesn't support UDP iirc, just in case that might be a factor
<ng0>.gnu will be the intermediate step until I have fixed enough to start fixing the gnunet-publish up to a current state
<ZombieChicken>Tor support would be great, especially since it's already out there and has a reasonably large user base
<ng0>I think it's internmediate
<ng0>but I can talk all day and still have the desire to kick the qemu vm for not being more flexible so I have to test the gnunet-service on bare-metal for months now
<ZombieChicken>Why doesn't gnunet work in VM?
<ZombieChicken>That makes no sense
<ng0>see mailinglist
<ng0>I'm not particular happy to bring up the topic for myself :/
<ZombieChicken>Which list? devel?
<ng0>i think it's becasue of icmpc not working in the qemu vm
<ZombieChicken>So you're using guix to generate the VM?
<ng0>in the beginning
<ZombieChicken>meaning you aren't anymore?
<ng0>like the ./pre-inst-env guix system vm foo.scm
<ng0>but then I realized this won't work because it always ends up read-only
<ng0>and can't handle the packet type
<ng0>so I'm doing bare-metal which is more annoying but works
<ng0>my hope is to fix it by april
<ZombieChicken>okay, so the obvious question here is have you talked to the gnunet devs and see if any of them have it working?
<ZombieChicken>meaning gnunet in a VM working
<ng0>I would ask questions if I knew others would be capable to answer them
<ng0>as I see it, I'm the only one in gnunet dealing with Guix
<ZombieChicken>Well, in this case asking "Hey, does anyone have gnunet working in qemu" seems like enough, and if so ask them for details on the VM
<ZombieChicken>or a copy of the image, if it is practical
<ng0>just recently I asked lynX about the config I currently use, and I changed one option
<ZombieChicken>I'd offer to test it for you, but I've recently migrated over to Guix's qemu build, so that shouldn't make a diff any longer
<ng0>but this didn't fix it.
<ZombieChicken>though I guess I /could/ reinstall from gentoo and see what happens
<ng0>I have to look at my branches again and rename the one which isn't the one I'm actively building with. I have two gnunet-service branches >.<
<ZombieChicken>I don't use git enough to comment whatsoever
<ZombieChicken>I can't even push to github
<ZombieChicken>though that is mostly because I have nothing worth publishing atm
<ZombieChicken>afk for a few
<snape>ng0: could you test the openssh patch?
<snape>the subsystem thing
<ng0>I don't have the system set up for that right now, not fully finished. When I have, I'll do it
<ng0>this is also why I asked about the mapped-devices problem
<ng0>I'll gladly test anything once that works again
<catonano>thomasd: I have the hunch that this is related with the gspell failing tests
<snape>alright, I think I'll wait before saying it's ready for push then.
<ng0>when I have two mapped-devices in the (mapped-devices (list …)) this happens: guix system: error: service 'file-system-/mnt/dg2' requires 'device-mapping-my-root', which is not provided by any service where dg2 comes after my-root
<dale>How to create a locally-edited ntp.conf ?
<dale>(... and use!)
<thomasd>catonano: seems plausible :) I assume the tests run when you build the package in your own regular environment (with X)?
<jmd>dale: That sentence doesn't have a verb.
<ng0>but it's still undrstandable
<jmd>ok. Then it doesn't have a finite verb.
<jmd>Neither does it have a subject.
<dale>I want to edit my ntp configuration. How should I go about that?
<jmd>The recomemded way is to do it in the ntp service configuration.
<jmd>It is created by the service and should not be manually edited.
<rekado_>ng0: you may need to add the “my-root” file-system to the list of dependencies.
<dale>Okay, I've found what I'm looking for. Need to edit the master system-config.scm.
<rekado_>ng0: dg2 can only be mounted after “my-root” has been mounted.
<dale>Thanks anyway.
<rekado_>ng0: so it needs to have the my-root file-system record among its dependencies
<jmd>dale: Normally it's called /etc/config.scm, but it might be different if you called it something else.
<catonano>thomasd: I didn't try to build it in a regular environment myself, but on the Polari irc channel I was told that people are building it as regular users without a glitch
<rekado_>catonano: the problem is about the X server at test time only.
<ng0>rekado_: would that be mapped-devices-my-root then?
<quiliro>thomasd: i dont know c++ but i can learn!
<rekado_>ng0: I haven’t tested this, but I suspect you need to let-bind the “my-root” “file-system” object and then refer to that.
<rekado_>“dependencies” would then look like this: (dependencies (cons my-root mapped-devices))
<rekado_>and it would be surrounded by a let binding:
<rekado_>(let ((my-root (file-system (device "my-root") …))) …)
<ng0>reads like it could work
<ng0>I'll try it, thanks
<ZombieChicken>That looks like a rather complex way of doing something I'd think should be reasonably simple...
<thomasd>quiliro: I've tested it. kurso... needs a few changes to compile with Qt5 (straightforward), I've contacted the author if they're interested.
<thomasd>And on Guix' side, the phonon package needs a small update + a phonon backend package, which I've submitted a patch for.
<dale>Sorry to bother you again, but I need to remove the ntp service from %desktop-services so that I can add a custom version in, I think? How should I go about that?
<rekado_>ZombieChicken: what do you propose? This is straight-forward Scheme.
<rekado_>dale: you probably want to use the modify-services syntax.
<quiliro>thomasd: WOW! nice
<catonano>rekado_: I'm not surre I understand. I know that the problem arrises at test time only. What consequence do you drraw rom that ?
<thomasd>ACTION wonders how many Guix people actually know esperanto
<rekado_>catonano: I just meant that this is not a contradiction. Other people can build it as regular users and so can we. It’s just a matter of providing a fake X11 server. (And that’s where the root problem comes in.)
<rekado_>catonano: it’s possible I misunderstood your conversation above, though :)
<dale>This is hard work. How do I get the ntp-service-type thingy?
<ZombieChicken>Doesn't X have a driver for a false display? I think it is/was used for a Skype plugin for bitlbee
<jmd>dale: Do you have such a service in your config.scm?
<adfeno>thomasd: I know a little.
<rekado_>dale: please show me your configuration file.
<quiliro>civodul i think speaks Esperanto
<rekado_>dale: it’s a little unusual at first.
<rekado_>ZombieChicken: yes, we use Xfvb for these cases.
<quiliro>adfeno: mi parolas Esperanton?
<quiliro>adfeno: Vi parolas Esperanton?
<ZombieChicken>rekado_: I don't guess you know anything about linking to elogind, do you?
<dale>I'm trying to write (modify-services %desktop-services (ntp-service-type %ntp-servers => (""))). More to the point, I need to specify a particular time server as I'm inside a restrictive firewall.
<ng0>you could use tlsdate
<ng0>this requires rewriting the base-services and modifying them, I can share my config later
<rekado_>dale: one moment
<ng0>okay, the let doesn#t work so well. no matter where I move it, the line with the let wants at least an type of file-system. should be implied with the device given, but I'll add it
<catonano>rekado_: it's ok :-) in fact, I share the diagnose you just gave !
<ng0>and furthermore it wants all fields needed for a (file-system)
<rekado_>dale: the pattern here is: match on a type, capture the configuration of the service as “config”, then create a new configuration inheriting from that captured config.
<rekado_>dale: I haven’t tested this, but I think this should work.
<adfeno>quiliro: Jes. :)
<rekado_>ng0: I don’t understand. How do you tell that “the let wants [a] type of file-system”?
<rekado_>ng0: I wrote above that you need to bind the file-system for “my-root” to some value.
<ng0>upon guix system build /etc/config.scm I get an error
<rekado_>you can either use a define somewhere or use a let
<ng0>so I would write the contents of it twice (unless I define it somewhere and reuse that
<dale>rekado_: Thank you very much.
<rekado_>ng0: maybe. I’d just reuse a single definition.
<jmd>compro: hi
<compro>jmd: I was looking forward to contribute to GNU guix for the Google Summer of Code. But was unable to find out how to use guix.
<jmd>I suggest that you start by installing it.
<jmd>and if you run into problems ask here or on the guix-help mailing list.
<compro>Can I do that in gnome-boxes?
<jmd>What is a "gnome-box" ?
<ng0>now I'm trying to bind the 'mapped-devices' variable outside of (operating-system) so that I can define %fs-my-root outside of (operating-system) without errors
<ng0>so far not succesful
<compro>Its can run operating system isos
<compro>Basically a virtually machine
<jmd>I've never heard of it, but GuixSD can be run in certain VMs.
<jmd>But you can install Guix without going to that trouble.
<ng0>probably I just need to use (gnu system mapped-devices)
<ZombieChicken>compro: The help mailing list is help-gux, not guix-help. Just wanted to clarify that
<ZombieChicken>er, help-guix
<ZombieChicken>Dang finicky i...
<jmd>ZombieChicken: Yeah sorry. Thanks for the correction.
<ZombieChicken>np. Why it isn't guix-help is beyond me, but it's an easy mistake to make
<compro>I found it here
<ZombieChicken>fwiw, you can also install Guix in another distro then use guix to create a VM for you
<ZombieChicken>Personally I'd suggest doing the install by hand, but if you're just wanting to get a running version going, that might be simplest
<adfeno>compro: Note: Guix is different than GuixSD
<adfeno>Guix is package manager.
<compro>Can Guix be installed on Arch Linux?
<adfeno>GuixSD is free/libre distro that uses Guix as main package manager.
<adfeno>compro: Perhaps.
<ZombieChicken>compro: More than likely. I'm using Guix on Gentoo atm
<ZombieChicken>There are some incompatabilities here and there, but nothing I've found breaking
<adfeno>Just don't go crazy on installing some essential parts of the system with Guix (e.g.: Don't try to update kernel through it, don't try to update desktop environment through it).
<ZombieChicken>Things like your browser and mail client are probably okay with it
<adfeno>↑ The above most likely needs a dedicated service using GuixSD's dedicated Shepherd definitions (a daemon/service manager) and a custom GRUB.
<adfeno>"↑" was for the message I sent previously.
<ZombieChicken>You people and your weird abuses of UTF-8...
<adfeno>ZombieChicken: Don't blame them, blame me only. :)
<adfeno>I'm the only one in this channel that is used to doing so.
<compro>Ya thats okay. But I still can't access GuixSD using qemu
<ng0>this doesn't work out with define.
<ZombieChicken>adfeno: You aren't the only one. Someone was using some weird "'s earlier
<jmd>compro: What exactly is your interest? Which aspect of Guix (or GuixSD) did you want to work on?
<compro>For now I just want to us the package manager
<adfeno>compro: Then install only Guix, not GuixSD :)
<jmd>Then you really don't need to mess around with a VM.
<rekado_>ZombieChicken: “¯\\_(ツ)_/¯”
<rekado_>ng0: could you share your configuration and the error you get?
<ng0>the error is different now that I moved to triyng let again
<ng0>I'd like to not duplicate the work, so I'll send the config after I have written the define again
<thomasd>rekado_: i've noticed you have these nice unicode ellipsis. Is there an emacs mode for that, or do you use your own elisp to do that?
<compro>how much time does it take to compile on Pentium 4 1.9GHz Dual Core processor?
<rekado_>thomasd: it’s typo-mode.
<adfeno>compro: By default, Guix will assume that you want to be paranoid and only take the recipes of the pacakges, thus leaving the compilation to be done by itself. However, you can tell Guix to trust a "substitute" server, by authorizing the key of the related server. Substitutes are pre-built packages.
<rekado_>thomasd: it gives me proper quotes, dashes, an ellipsis, and some brackets (« and ‹).
<rekado_>adfeno: is this still the default…?
<adfeno>rekado_: When I tried to install Guix 8 months ago, it was still that.
<adfeno>I don't know if it has changed since then.
<compro>adfeno: make install didn't install any binaries in my prefix location. I only have a share directory in the prefix path
<rekado_>compro: it’s probably not too late to tell you that you should configure with “--localstatedir=/var”
<rekado_>(if you’re building from source, which you don’t have to do.)
<compro>I don't want it to touch my root file system. So, can I change the value of "--localstatedir" to something in my $HOME.
<adfeno>compro: Emphassis on rekado_'s "you don't have to build Guix itself from source".
<rekado_>compro: Guix touches only /gnu, /var/guix (with localstatedir set to /var), and /etc/guix.
<adfeno>(but if you do want to build Guix itself from source, then go ahead.)
<ng0>rekado_: (or , the error right now is:
<ng0>ice-9/eval.scm:393:14: in procude eval: unbound variable: mapped-devices
<ng0>of course that's because it's not defined outside of (operating-system) but I tried and didn't get far
<rekado_>ng0: you can pull out the value of the “mapped-devices” field
<rekado_>and reference that in %fs-my-root
<ng0>I have a vague hunch of what you mean but no idea how to apply it
<rekado_>okay, give me a moment.
<rekado_>sorry, typo
<rekado_>should be “%my-mapped-devices”, not “%my-mappend-devices”
<rekado_>does this make things clearer?
<ng0>I was so close
<ng0>I just had (mapped-devices and not only the (list of (mapped-devices) thanks :)
<rekado_>ng0: glad it’s working for you
<ng0>I'll see once I have it in the config :)
<phant0mas>efraim: what kind of errors on aarch64?
<ng0>and it's not working.
<ng0>guix system: error: service 'file-system-/mnt/dg2' requires 'file-system-/', which is not provided by any service
<rekado_>ng0: ?
<ng0>I'd say it's not that important and redo the system but then I would have to look into combining raid-mapped-device with luks-mapped-device until we have lvm support, so I rather want to explore this lack of documentation for multiple mapped-devices. you're already helping :)
<ng0>i need to compare that to what I have now
<ng0>ah, leaving "/" out
<ng0>I can try that
<rekado_>the difference is in reusing %fs-my-root
<ng0>same error
<Isorkin>console produces an error - sshd_config line 8: Deprecated option RSAAuthentication. How to fix?
<ng0>there's a pending patch which removes this as far as I remember
<rekado_>Isorkin: we need more context.
<rekado_>ah, I thought it was already in.
<ng0>no, I need to review the subsystems part for sshfs, which requires that I get the system up and running which I'm setting up right now
<Isorkin>rekado_: config - (service openssh-service-type (openssh-configuration (port-number 22) (permit-root-login 'without-password) ))
<ng0>rekado_: could be a problem with the mapped-devices service
<ng0>currently I can't find a solution, so I will skip the multiple disks for now and open a bug with what we tried today. I think it was mostly Ludovic who wrote mapped-devices
<ng0>Andreas added the raid, but other than that, Ludovic
<Isorkin>even beyond this error - localhost sshd[918]: error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER
<ng0>I've never seen that
<CharlieBrown>ng0: You were and still are mean, for no good reason.
<efraim>phant0mas: I'll have to look it up again, something about loading gl and egl and kinda-sorta-maybe not being able to figure out if it was there or not
<ng0>Isorkin: I think it's easier to help if you paste the system config somewhere
<efraim>Reading through the test suite didn't inspire confidence
<erliphant>I'd like to run my own hydra server. Are there any tips/instructions for doing this? I know cuirass is on the way but it seems like it's not quite finished.
<ng0>from what Ive seen (offloading broke bc of other reasons), cuirass works for master already
<nliadm>are channels still being worked on?
<lfam>sneek: what is core-udates
<lfam>sneek: what is core-updates
<sneek>Core-updates is fontconfig, eudev and cups-minimal FTBFS
<lfam>sneek: forget core-updates
<sneek>Consider it forgotten.
<lfam>sneek: what is core-updates
<sneek>From what I understand, Core-updates is fontconfig, eudev and cups-minimal FTBFS, tcsh's test hangs
<lfam>sneek: forget core-updates
<sneek>Consider it forgotten.
<lfam>sneek: what is core-updates
<sneek>Its been said that Core-updates is fontconfig, eudev and cups-minimal FTBFS, tcsh's test hangs
<lfam>sneek: forget core-updates
<sneek>Consider it forgotten.
<lfam>sneek: what is core-updates
<sneek>I've heard Core-updates is fontconfig, eudev and cups-minimal FTBFS, tcsh's test hangs
<lfam>I think that feature is not very useful :(
<ng0> i think I have to fix this when I'll version bump PyBitmessage now.. this is why I gave the advice to Peter to not be all jobs in one person
<ng0>this basically fixes some package versions for guix which will at some point no longer exists, therefore making pybitmessage impossible to build
<ng0>just don't try to support a trillion systems at once :/
<ng0>for example line 36
<ng0> "Guix": "python2-pyqt@4.11.4",
<ng0>it also hardcoded assumes that Guix always has /etc/config.scm
<ng0>which is only the case for GuixSD
<ng0>and which is not accessible in the build chroot
<ng0>anyone here who's still on github and want to file issues?
<ng0>I will version bump, but I can't report issues upstream.
<ng0>Gentoo has an /etc/os-release? that's news to me.
<ng0>it's an improvement, but more consultation with Guix, Gentoo and whoever else is wrong in there would've been better
<lfam>ng0: Do we *need* to do anything about it?
<ng0>I will only override
<ng0>it's still an upstream bug, but I just wantd to express that I can't report
<ng0>and I had my fair share of trying to upstream changes
<lfam>I agree with the general principle that one does not have to "be all jobs in one person" :)
<lfam>When somebody has the motivation to work with the upstream maintainers on this issue, they'll do it
<ng0>I'm in the interest group of this package but the wrong person to do more than bumping.
<ng0>this .. I tried for a very long time directly with developers to get it in, not in this form, but I was assured that it will get in as a work in progress so they can improve it, back in 2015 I think. and then I gave up because it just wasn't worth it
<lfam>I remember that
<ng0>I'm not grumpy, I'm just burned out on any improvements to it. so whoever feels like this needs to be improved can fix it :)
<lfam>I think that's a good idea. It's very hard to do good work on a subject when your motivation is gone
<ng0>but there's a documentation bug for us
<ng0>we don't make it clear that it can not be detected at the moment wether a system runs Guix or GuixSD
<lfam>You could look for '/run/current-system/profile'. That might be a unique path
<lfam>How does it make a difference for bitmessage?
<ng0>but this can't be picked up in the build chroot
<ng0>pybitmessage checks for the system used and displays the dependencies in what they think is at the time the accurate name
<ng0>for Guix, /etc/config.scm is used
<lfam>Well, /etc/config.scm is not a requirement of GuixSD at all. I don't use it
<ng0>I know
<lfam>Honestly, this sounds like a bug in the bitmessage build system. It shouldn't matter for a program if it builds on Guix or GuixSD
<bavier>I don't either
<ng0>but I think their assumption is that Guix is a distribtion
<efraim>I created one for lumina when I built it, started with Gentoo's config and modified it
<ng0>that Guix == GuixSD
<efraim>All we need is relative paths for the install
<efraim>Bindir? $prefix/bin, etc
<lfam>I'm working on porting 'gcc-strmov-store-file-names.patch' to GCC 4.9
<lfam>Lsh doesn't build with GCC 5 :/
<efraim>lfam: libepoxy failed on aarch64, and I think I ran into an issue with glib-marshal(?) That it wanted gnutls to have libidn2
<lfam>efraim: I added libidn2 to gnutls a few days ago on core-updates
<lfam>Otherwise, gnutls lacked IDN support
<efraim>couldn't we start with GCC@4.9 as a native input?
<lfam>Yes, Lsh builds fine with GCC 4.9 as a native input.
<efraim>I know, ill try to take a look at it in a little bit
<ng0>efraim: I think it would be useful to document how to get the correct syntax behavior in vim for Guix. I'm still working on it, even with the plugin.
<lfam>My :/ emoji is more about Lsh in general. I really wonder if we should be recommending it as the default SSH program.
<davexunit>I think we should switch to openssh
<efraim>We only had trouble with lsh for new people with guixsd installs
<lfam>It's excellent that it's GNU software and copyleft, but I wonder if it sees the same amount of security research as OpenSSH
<lfam>It's a shame. It would be awesome if some more people got involved
<efraim>ng0: agreed, ill have to check what I put in my vimrc, it almost always does the right thing
<efraim>It doesn't get as much love as the programs it relies on
<ng0>almost always is the key. sometimes my vim just jumps where emacs would jump with the missing emacs-guix
<lfam>efraim: That may be true, but it also doesn't support the latest versions of some of those programs (like GCC and readline)
<efraim>I think its really default 2 spaces, only spaces, ''' and '`' "count as a space", and wrap your substitute* line under the 'u'
<ng0>is this the scheme 'norm'? maybe this could be addressed to the 'scheme' plugin author
<lfam>The package definition also specifies nettle-2. This branch does not appear to be maintained alongside nettle-3
<lfam>efraim: What kind of trouble? Is it just the different key format?
<ng0>lfam: for example "scp" is expect to be present, which can be done with lsh in an akward way
<efraim>The key format, yarrow-something not always working
<lfam>It also makes the common first-try of `guix system vm doc/os-config-bare-bones.texi` really annoying
<efraim>we've become used to the openssh syntax
<lfam>I don't mind any of the differences, but I'm concerned about the security situation
<ng0>that's more important, yes
<lfam>We don't have the human-power to fuzz / code review / pen-test all the core programs in GuixSD. We are still at the stage where we rely on other distros and organizations to do that work
<jamesrichardson>I've added (service openssh-service-type (openssh-configuration)) to my services list in the operating-system definition. Went through the guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm. When I reboot the ssh doesn't start. I run herd start ssh-daemon and it starts. The only thing I see in the /var/log/shepherd.log is Service ssh-daemon could not be started with no other explanation.
<jamesrichardson>Is there a way to switch on more logging for shepherd?
<jamesrichardson>There is also a service called user-homes that will not start. Don't remember that being there before.
<ng0>what's this .... "Press Return to continue"
<lfam>jamesrichardson: Maybe check in /var/log/secure, or some other log files?
<ng0>Press the Anykey
<paroneayea>beep boop hi
<jamesrichardson>lfam: I see nothing in other logs.
<ng0>I'm still learning python. what would be a not so hacky way to tell python here to ignore the "Press the Anykey" screen variant?
<ng0>simply remove the conditions and let it "pass" ?
<jeeshmee>Question: 'guix package -r xpad' doesn't seem to remove xpad from /gnu/store or 'guix package -l' is this a bug?
<ng0>from /gnu/store is expected unless you do guix gc
<ng0>but from the profile listing it should disappear
<jeeshmee>I still get 'failed to install locale' message, would that be connected?
<lfam>jeeshmee: What command did you use to install xpad?
<lfam>The locale warning should not have any impact here
<jeeshmee>'guix package -1 xpad'
<jeeshmee>'guix package -i xpad'
<lfam>jeeshmee: You said that 'guix package -r xpad' doesn't seem to remove xpad from /gnu/store or 'guix package -l'
<lfam>Do you mean `guix package -I`, or `guix package -l`?
<jeeshmee>My mistake.
<lfam>I'm sorry, but I'm very confused. Let's use long options to be clear
<jeeshmee>OK, 'guix package -i xpad'
<lfam>You can see the long options in the output of `guix package --help`. Please restate your question with the long options
<lfam>For example, you installed xpad with `guix package --install xpad`, right?
<lfam>Then, you removed it from your profile with `guix package --remove xpad`, right?
<jeeshmee>So I did not use the long option, 'guix package --install xpad' but the short option 'guix package -i xpad' and same for removal
<lfam>Okay, they are the same command. I'd like to use long options in this chat, just to be explicit
<lfam>You said that `guix package --remove xpad` did not remove xpad from 'guix package -l', which is the same command as `guix package --list-generations`. Is that correct?
<jeeshmee>Yes, I see it is the same so 'guix package --list-generations | grep xpad
<jeeshmee>guix package --list-generations | grep xpad
<jeeshmee>warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<lfam>That's expected. The "generations" are old versions of your profile. Only the most recent generation is the active one. You can view the active generation with `guix package --list-installed`
<Isorkin>section user-account support change user shell?
<jeeshmee>Yes, that shows nothing.
<lfam>jeeshmee: I recommend reading the Guix manual, section Package Management. It will help you understand how Guix uses profile generations to perform transactional package management and roll-back:
<lfam>Isorkin: Yes, see the manual, section User Accounts:
<lfam>Does anyone have an example of using a G-expression to change the user shell that they can show Isorkin?
<jeeshmee>OK, thanks for that, I'll spend some time with those pages. Appreciate the help.
<lfam>You're welcome!
<lfam>Please ask whatever questions remain after reading that :)
<jeeshmee>Will do, will leave chat after I find those two pages, almost there. Thanks again.
<jeeshmee>Hasta luego.
<lfam>Isorkin: Here is an example of how to change your user's shell to Zsh:
<Isorkin>(shell "/run/current-system/profile/bin/zsh") - so, too, will work?
<lfam>jamesrichardson: Can you file a bug?
<ng0>i think there is a bug or two with this problem
<ng0>but yes, please open a bug
<lfam>It's pretty serious is the ssh service doesn't start on boot
<ng0>I reported it a while ago, maybe not as a bug to track, and decided to just live with it
<ng0>when you have one service which slows "networking" down, other dependent services which expect it to be up to work stop
<lfam>The openssh-service should depend on those other services, so it doesn't try to to start until they are running
<ng0>so I can only debug gnunet-service and other services I test by sitting in front of the computer
<ng0>some other services start thpugh
<ng0>so far it seems to be just ssh-daemon
<lfam>It seems the problem is that dbus fails to start, right?
<ng0>iirc yes
<lfam>I also see that user-homes failed to start in your log
<ng0>I assume that service is just a one-shot thing?
<ng0>it has never started on any new system here
<ng0>I can look at the new ones, but I think it never really does
<ng0>on this system, without ssh-daemon and still with %desktop-services, dbus-system starts
<lfam>Clement has some patches on guix-devel, maybe they fix it?
<ng0>the ssh ones?
<ng0>if I can't give my review for them until saturday I'll post the patch for sshfs for someone else ca nverify if the subsystem part works
<lfam>I'm going to try switching my system from lsh to openssh later today. Hopefully I hit the bug so we can fix it
<ng0>I can post the sshfs patch. in theory it works, just not having a fully configurable openssh threw me off
<ng0>it's good to test one portion of the tests, but I can only start testing on saturday
<ng0>or late friday
<ng0>with tests i meant patches
<ng0>I have a problem with python code escaping again. I'm sure a .patch inclusion can be avoided, I'll send what I have later
<rd16rd16>hi, i successfully installed guixsd, and weechat, i enable my mouse with /mouse enable in wee chat but dont see it, help please ?
<lfam>rd16rd16: I don't have any experience with weechat, but maybe you need to enable the gpm-service:
<rd16rd16>Ifam: thx
<Isorkin>lfam: in the same way you can change the user root?
<lfam>Isorkin: I don't understand the question
<rd16rd16>i need to modify my /etc/config.csm right ?
<Isorkin>change root:x:0:0:System administrator:/root:/gnu/store/5zfzkdyami8xsa54sbv45pj729s1y62a-bash-4.4.A/bin/bash to root:x:0:0:System administrator:/root:/gnu/store/wz2kb1vlmzngy6vwdacdjgqly6p9nllf-zsh-5.2/bin/zsh
<lfam>rd16rd16: Yes, and add (gpm-service) to your (services) field
<lfam>Isorkin: Are you trying to modify /etc/passwd?
<rd16rd16>ok then reboot ? thx
<Isorkin>through (users (cons (user-account
<lfam>Isorkin: We don't modify /etc/passwd in GuixSD. Instead, we make changes in our GuixSD configuration file (often, /etc/config.scm) and then use `guix system reconfigure path/to/config.scm)
<lfam>I mean `guix system reconfigure path/to/config.scm`
<rd16rd16>i need to reconfigure too right ?
<rd16rd16>thx see you after reboot xD
<lfam>I have to go now. Good luck everyone!
<rd16rd16>no need to reboot nice system gnu i love it
<erliphant>ng0: Sorry I had to step away earlier. So cuirass is the way to go these days?
<suitsmeveryfine>Hi! I have a problem with Gnome getting stuck at "loading" (just after selecting it from the login manager). Is there someone else here with the same problem or who
<suitsmeveryfine>has been able to solve it?
<suitsmeveryfine>My system configuration contains the same packages and services as in the reference manual.
<davexunit>anyone here using an nvidia gtx 700 series card on guixsd or another fully free distro?
<davexunit>seems to be the latest GPU I can upgrade to and still use a fully free distro
<bavier>davexunit: I do believe my trisquel box is running a gtx 700 series
<davexunit>bavier: awesome.
<davexunit>I see someone on the trisquel forums also saying they use one
<davexunit>found one cheap on ebay that I will grab
<ng0>I had 8300 and 7200 and both have issues... 7200 is not as slow as the rest of ATI and NVidia cards I have, can play back video well enough
<davexunit>thought are different cards
<ng0>700 is not 7000 ?
<rd16rd16>nvidia gtx 960 but i use the motherboard port
<davexunit>those 4 digit numbers are the older geforce series
<davexunit>rd16rd16: that series requires proprietary firmware blobs
<rd16rd16>davexunit: to do some opengl or play games ?
<davexunit>rd16rd16: to work at all
<davexunit>it requires signed firmware blobs from nvidia
<davexunit>the signed firmware has been the big blocker for free distros
<rd16rd16>davexunit it wront harm my pc if i dont use it and dont install ?
<davexunit>yeah if you're not doing anything with it then it's harmless
<davexunit>I didn't realize that's what you meant by "motherboard port"
<davexunit>but I'm looking for a GPU that isn't a paperweight ;)
<rd16rd16>that guixsd system is so cool
<rd16rd16>i used clear os by intel before
<bavier>rd16rd16: were you able to get your installation working?
<rd16rd16>bavier yes =D
<bavier>cool :)
<ng0>sneek: later telll erliphant: sorry I can't help you at the moment, for questions regarding hydra or cuirass you better direct the question at the guix-devel at list
<ng0>sneek: later tell erliphant: sorry I can't help you at the moment, for questions regarding hydra or cuirass you better direct the question at the guix-devel at list
<rd16rd16>with --rollback i think
<rd16rd16>a command to use other server if gateway unreach
<rd16rd16>--fallback *
<rd16rd16>i got my weechat so no more iphone
<rd16rd16>now i install gpm server
<rd16rd16>is there any way to get w3m image mode on guix sd ?
<bavier>rd16rd16: it can work; it does for me, but I forget if I had to install something like imagemagick's "display" or if I just adjusted w3m's settings
<rd16rd16>its ok for now ill just use it that way
<rd16rd16>w3m --help
<rd16rd16>sorry wrong terminal
<rd16rd16>i need help please, i need to configure my system for the use of mouse in web browsers and emacs (terminal). i've added the gpm-service and installed gpm but i still cannot click links?
<lfam>rd16rd16: First, you don't need to install a package to add a GuixSD service.
<lfam>What is the output of `herd status gpm-service`?
<lfam>Do you see a mouse cursor?
<lfam>It usually looks like a text cursor instead of a mouse arrow, but it should move around the screen as you move the mouse
<rd16rd16>yes i see it
<rd16rd16>but the herd status says it cannot be found
<lfam>Or, `herd status gpm`
<lfam>Well, if you see the cursor, then the service is working :)
<lfam>I'd guess the problem lies with the applications (emacs and a web browser)
<rd16rd16>started: runnng value is #t,enabled,provides gpm,requires udev,conflict with(),will be respawn
<lfam>Okay, good
<lfam>Which browser are you trying to use?
<rd16rd16>w3m or links
<rd16rd16>or any other if u want to suggest
<lfam>I would try lynx with the '-use_mouse' option
<lfam>Changing the subject: This would be a good discussion for a Guix proponent to jump in: <> :)
<rd16rd16>ok thanks but i cannot click if u dont have time just tell me if it is normal please
<lfam>rd16rd16: I don't understand what you mean
<lfam>That link was not directed at you, but at the #guix channel in general
<rd16rd16>roger: well the cursor move but i canno click the search boutton of google for example
<lfam>I haven't tried using the gpm mouse with emacs or lynx in a non-graphical system. But, I have used it successfully in tmux and ncmpcpp.
<lfam>I'm currently building a test environment for something else. I'll try using lynx in there too
<lfam>You might ask about using the mouse in Emacs in the #emacs channel
<rd16rd16>good idea thx, also any suggestion for a terminal pdf reader please ?
<lfam>I'm not sure, I've never tried to view a PDF in the terminal
<rd16rd16>ok :)
<bavier>weird, people using pip to distribute shell scripts:
<Xe>bavier: when you have nails and need a hammer...
<bavier>I guess
<mekeor>Hello Guix!
<jonsger>lfam: thx for the link, interesting reading :)
<lfam>Hello mekeor
<lfam>jonsger: I thought it was a good place for someone to plug GuixSD, but I'm not in the mood right now ;)
<lfam>mekeor: I tried to add dzen on your behalf but the specified Git commit did not exist
<mekeor>lfam: whut, okay, sorry, i'll check it