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<mvb>RIP hydra
<Apteryx>seaword: I'm not surprised it's broken. I was trying to fix udisksctl to use cryptsetup as an input but failed so far.
<Apteryx>seaword: One work around so far (not fun) is to use the command line: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /you/device mapped-name-of-your-choosing
<Apteryx>And then you should be able to mount the mapped-name-of-your-choosing from your file browser or if you want to use command line: udisksctl mount -b /dev/mapper/mapped-name-of-your-choosing.
<Apteryx>mvb: RIP hydra?
<rekado>Apteryx: is currently giving errors.
<seaword>@Apteryx: ok cool, thanks for the help.
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<jmd>I see hydra is still down. Does anyone know what the status is?
<rekado>jmd: we're trying to reach people who can fix this.
<rekado>jmd: re the installer patches: are you planning to rebase your changes on top of current master?
<rekado>something isn't quite right with guix-patches, I think.
<rekado>I received an email from guix-patches-owner today saying that "Guix-patches post from rekado@... requires approval"
<rekado>does anyone else actually see my comments on debbugs?
<jmd>rekado: I've been merging master into wip-installer. That seems to work ok.
<rekado>(I'll check the archives later)
<rekado>jmd: okay
<jmd>rekado: What did you have to contribute?
<rekado>jmd: I don't remember!
<rekado>I'll have to take a look at my patches later when I have some time
<rekado>FOSDEM wiped my memory of the past few weeks
<rekado>ACTION goes afk
<sirgazil>Hi! I'm getting this error when I try to install any package after a guix pull:
<sirgazil>I'm using the binary installation of Guix on Debian 8.
<rekado>sirgazil: I don't recognise this error.
<rekado>if you were using a git checkout I'd suggest running "make clean-go", but this won't help with guix pull.
<lfam>sirgazil: Do you have any extra packages on GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH?
<sirgazil>rekado: Hmm, yeah, it's weird. The guix pull aparently went alright and I have guix (GNU Guix) 20170216.20, but I can't install anything.
<sirgazil>lfam: no, I haven't modified that variable.
<lfam>I wonder if the guix-daemon is very old
<lfam>I don't see why that would cause this, but my first hypothesis was debunked :)
<lfam>The error seems to be where a package is expected, but instead #f is received:
<sirgazil>lfam: maybe... How would I update the daemon?
<amz3`>sirgazil: I have the same issue on my machine since I did guix pull
<lfam>sirgazil: As root: `guix pull && guix package --upgrade && $restart guix-daemon`
<sirgazil>amz3`: at least I'm not alone :)
<sirgazil>lfam: I'll do that.
<lfam>Oh, I think I see the problem.
<lfam>Well, I have a hunch. I've never seen this construction in a home-page field:
<lfam>ACTION tries it
<sirgazil>ACTION waits
<lfam>I'll have to leave in ~15 minutes though.
<sirgazil>lfam: but that home-page value would result in, right?
<lfam>Yeah, it's a mistake whether it breaks other things or not
<sirgazil>lfam: I'll wait until you have time then (before I try updating the daemon) :)
<lfam>sirgazil: When you did `guix pull`, did you also do it for root?
<sirgazil>no, just my user
<amz3`>me too
<lfam>Can you give me an example of a package that causes the error?
<lfam>A package installation command?
<lfam>(I can't reproduce after running `guix pull`)
<sirgazil>guile or haunt
<sirgazil>guix package -i guile
<lfam>What architecture are you using sirgazil and amz3`?
<sirgazil>32 bit
<lfam>ARM or Intel?
<lfam>Okay, that must be why I can't reproduce. I'm on 64 bit Intel
<amz3`>lfam: amd64
<lfam>Any idea how long its been since you updated your daemon?
<amz3`>I don't have the machine with me right now, but i think that all packages fail with 'guix package -i'
<amz3`>lfam: I don't remember, but my install is recent-ish last month or so, but I did not update the daemon since then
<sirgazil>As for me, I can't remember if the daemon is untouched from the binary installation of Guix 0.9 or 0.10
<amz3`>FYI, on my side it's guix on top of ubuntu 16.10
<sirgazil>Actually, I haven't updated the daemon, what I don't remember is since when.
<lfam>sirgazil: Wow, you should really update root's packages, or you are exposed to many severe security vulnerabilities!
<sirgazil>lfam: bad sysadmin :D
<sirgazil>I'll do it right now then
<sirgazil>I wonder if this is in the manual (the daemon update thing)
<sirgazil>ACTION goes look
<jmi2k>What does GuixSD needs before a stable release?
<amz3`>jmi2k: a better 'guix pull' afaik
<lfam>jmi2k: See here:
<lfam>`guix pull` is the big one, IMO
<lfam>sirgazil, amz3`: I'm sorry, I can't reproduce your problem on x86_64 Guix on Debian, and I have to go AFK
<lfam>Please send a message to <>
<sirgazil>lfam: thanks for the help :)
<sirgazil>lfam: My message to that list did not passed :(
<lfam>jmi2k: There was a recent update on that subject on a mailing list somewhere, but I don't have time to search for it
<sirgazil>I sent it yesterday
<lfam>What was the subject of the message?
<sirgazil>lfam: Ah no, it was to help-guix list, not the bugs one.
<sirgazil>The message was: Can't install packages after guix pull
<lfam>Argh. rekado, can you file a bug for this issue, since sirgazil's messages aren't going through for some reason?
<lfam>Try updating root's packages and restarting your daemon. You should do that anyways, in my opinion :)
<sirgazil>lfam: I'm on it, thanks :)
<lfam>Although I guess it might be impossible due to this bug :/
<lfam>I have to go. Good luck!
<sirgazil>Ha ha. Let's see...
<sirgazil>lfam was right. If I run "guix package --upgrade" I get the same error.
<sirgazil>So, how do I uninstall a binary installation of Guix cleanly :)
<sirgazil>ACTION can't find instructions in the manual
<amz3`>sirgazil: AFAIK it's a 'rm -rf /gnu'
<thomasd>sirgazil: and perhaps remove /var/guix as well
<sirgazil>amz3`: thomasd: thanks. I'll reread the installation instructions to see what else was created.
<shurdeek>hello. I'm trying to install a python package using pip2 and I'm getting an error from ld about not being able to locate crti.o. For other builds I just sylinked it but with pip it's more of a challenge because it creates a temporary directory during the build and changes to it.
<shurdeek>export LDFLAGS= has no effect
<jmi2k>shurdeek: Do you have gcc-toolchain installed?
<jmi2k>shurdeek: installing it helped me with a similar problem
<gnu_guix>How can I install Japanese characters support on Guix?
<shurdeek>you know what, it looks like it's working
<rekado>gnu_guix: I left a message for you using sneek. You should get it when you say something as "root_guix" again.
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<sneek>Welcome back root_guix, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>root_guix, rekado_ says: To display Japanese characters you'll need to install a font that includes glyphs for them.
<sneek>root_guix, rekado_ says: For typing Japanese you need an input method. For Chinese I use ibus with ibus-libpinyin. I don't know which would be used for Japanese.
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<janneke>hey phant0mas, i've compiled `hello' on guix hurd! :-)
<mekeor>congrats :)
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<braunr>janneke: eh :)
<braunr>i still haven't tried guix on hurd :/
<braunr>too busy
<shurdeek>jmi2k: thank you again, it worked
<janneke>mekeor, braunr: thanks
<janneke>still need some not-so-nice patches
<methalo>janneke: could you solver the proble with guile ?
<janneke>methalo: i used tests? #f for at least gawk, i guess no
<methalo>i see
<janneke>i haven't looked yet, wanted to get `hello' to build first to get a feel for the current status
<methalo>i applied all the patches for guile, but still apper one error
<janneke>yes i guess we'll have to work clean-up any patches and work from there
<braunr>janneke: what kind of no-so-nice patches ?
<janneke>braunr: tests? #f
<braunr>ah, ok
<janneke>i have one HOST_NAME_MAX patch for procps-ng that is possibly okay
<methalo>janneke: will you continue todo test with hurd?
<methalo>i remmber , in the procps-ng was fixed in upstream
<janneke>methalo: probably...phant0mas encouraged us to help
<janneke>he said a lot of work needs to be done, but most is simple and needs a lot of i'm looking into that
<phant0mas>Hello janneke, well done :)
<sneek>phant0mas, you have 1 message.
<sneek>phant0mas, efraim_ says: does hurd in guix (or guix on hurd) use glibc or a hurdish glibc? I found this patch in glibc-2.25 that's messing with my bootstrap
<phant0mas>efraim: hurd is using glibc-hurd
<braunr>efraim: it's a heavily patched glibc, yes
<phant0mas>hello braunr :)
<braunr>hey :)
<phant0mas>janneke: did you apply the guile patches and still had issues on the Hurd?
<janneke>phant0mas: i used your latest wip-hurd-native
<methalo>hi phant0mas
<phant0mas>hello methalo
<methalo>i apply all patches for guile
<methalo>and still one error
<phant0mas>what error do you have now?
<janneke>one test failed in guile
<phant0mas>methalo janneke which one?
<janneke>also: help2man, coreutils, gawk, gettext tests
<methalo>let me post
<phant0mas>yes, janneke all expected
<janneke>i did not record that, but can easily rerun/recompile -- methalo already has that info so it seems
<janneke>phant0mas: okay, good to know!
<phant0mas>janneke methalo could you take the time and send bug-reports to and cc me on every test failure you find?
<phant0mas>this way more people can look at them
<janneke>phant0mas: sure, happy to do so!
<sirgazil>sneek: later tell lfam I reported the bug about installing packages after guix pull:
<sneek>Got it.
<sirgazil>amz3`: ↑
<methalo>phant0mas: janneke :
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<phant0mas>methalo: this is a new one
<phant0mas>methalo: which version of guile is it trying to build?
<gnu_guix_1>My package installation was stopped because GNOME was crashed.
<gnu_guix_1>Can something be broken?
<mekeor>gnu_guix_1: could you maybe paste the log/output?
<methalo>phant0mas: guile-2.0.13
<methalo>after apply this: this error appear!
<gnu_guix_1>I think it was crashed when "grafting FILE".
<phant0mas>methalo: interesting, this patch is directly from debian, and I don't have this problem
<phant0mas>let me check my version of guile on Hurd
<gnu_guix_1>I think it was crashed when "grafting FILE".
<phant0mas>methalo: I have the same version, which other patches do you apply?
<methalo>phant0mas: guile-repl-server-test.patch and guile-statprof-test.patch
<gnu_guix_1>I will try to reinstall my profile.
<methalo>and for glibc/hurd:
<phant0mas>methalo: I think it's time I update the github branch
<methalo>sure, i have time to build again!
<janneke>phant0mas: i pushed a wip-hurd-native branch too:
<janneke>need to collapse some commits, but there it is...
<phant0mas>janneke: is it rebased on the latest master?
<phant0mas>or at least a more recent than mine?
<janneke>phant0mas: no, only your wip-hurd-native + tests? #f bits and one half-sensible procps-ng patch
<janneke>phant0mas: i haven't looked how core-updates/wip-hurd-native/master relate to eachother at the moment
<phant0mas>ideally we want everything finished in master
<phant0mas>janneke methalo try the new wip-hurd-native
<phant0mas>I deleted the old branch, and pushed the rebased one
<janneke>great, thanks phant0mas -- will try
<root_fix_guix>I deleted my /home/username.
<root_fix_guix>Can I log in now?
<root_fix_guix>I cannot boot even with backup.
<methalo>phant0mas: i need guile-2.0.13.tar.gz tarball to build properly? inside i586-gnu directory
<phant0mas>methalo: yes
<phant0mas>guile is one of the bootstrap-binaries
<gnu_guix>Can I remove ALL packages (my guix profile)? I need to reset it.
<methalo>may be is my problem, currently i have guile-2.0.12
<jmi2k>gnu_guix: You could do guix package -r in a for loop
<phant0mas>methalo: wait I just check the gnu/packages/boostrap.scm file and i586-gnu expects 2.0.12
<phant0mas>methalo: what does it say?
<gnu_guix>I need to delete ALL changes.
<janneke>ACTION built bootstrap guile from core-updates and put it in gnu/packages/bootstrap/i586-gnu/guile-static-stripped-2.0.13-i586-pc-gnu.tar.xz
<gnu_guix>Can I delete my Guix profile?
<gnu_guix>Will it be restored?
<phant0mas>gnu_guix: on your previous question your system crashing could not break anything guix related
<janneke>and edited git...i'll post a recipe of all that i did
<phant0mas>gnu_guix: guix installing a package is an atomic transaction
<phant0mas>ie changing the symlink
<phant0mas>to point to the new package in your profile
<methalo>phant0mas: guile-static-stripped-2.0.13-i586-pc-gnu.tar.xz will be rename to guile-2.0.13.tar.gz ?
<gnu_guix>My package installation was crashed when copying files.
<phant0mas>a yes
<phant0mas>gnu_guix: what command where you running?
<gnu_guix>guix package -i libreoffice
<phant0mas>just rerun it
<gnu_guix>I think it will just skip this copying.
<phant0mas>gnu_guix: guix drops all unfinished builds and starts again
<phant0mas>so even though the build crashed, guix will not be affected at all
<gnu_guix>What about failed "grafting"?
<phant0mas>still part of the building procedure
<phant0mas>please retry
<phant0mas>and you will see
<gnu_guix>What about SIGKILL?
<gnu_guix>SIGKILL while building.
<phant0mas>I do it all the time, when I am testing things
<phant0mas>gnu_guix: guix only uses builds that have finished successfully
<phant0mas>everything else is dropped
<gnu_guix>(almost) crashed GNOME now.
<gnu_guix>There is a bug.
<phant0mas>gnu_guix: which distro are you using
<gnu_guix>Which I'm using instead of missing "log out".
<phant0mas>hm, does it only happen when you try to install libreoffice?
<phant0mas>or with every big build?
<gnu_guix>It is GNOME bug.
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<Apteryx>Is there any builtin CSV parsing support in Guile?
<jmd>Apteryx: Not that I'm aware of, but it is trivial to write (I have done so myself a couple of times).
<Apteryx>Yeah... The problem is usually the quoting. If you have double quotes in the field itself, it gets enclosed in an extra pair of double quotes IIRC --> some entry, another one, "some """quoted text""""
<Apteryx>Or something equally ugly.
<Apteryx>OK, it's not as bad as I remembered, but here's an example for emacs lisp:
<Apteryx>I'll try it tonight, sounds like a fun small thing to code to learn Guile.
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<jmd>Apteryx: The real problem is, there is no universally agreed definition of what valid CSV is.
<OrangeShark>Apteryx: there is guile-csv library
<amz3>sirgazil: any luck with your guix install?
<sirgazil>amz3: I removed Guix, and I probably will reinstall tomorrow.
<amz3>catonano_: Î see I am not the only to have issues with guix ^^
<catonano_>amz3: well, that's withh GixSD. Guix on top of Fedora iis running well
<catonano_>amz3: maybe you were referring to other people's problems ?
<catonano_>I am gonna try again tomorrow. I will use a Fadora Live from a USB pen to see whhhhat exactly the GuixSD installer writes on the disk
<catonano_>sorry for mistypings, my keyboard hates me
<catonano_>amz3: what does ^^ mean ?
<amz3>it's smile
<amz3>like ^_^
<amz3>a smile
<amz3>my typing is broken too
<catonano_>ah I see :-)
<catonano_>amz3: I understand sirgazil is having issues with the installation too. Do you know which issues ? They might be siilar to mine ?
<Walakea>does pulseaudio not depend on systemd?
<Walakea>Debian version does
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<janneke>Guix has no systemd
<janneke>Walakea: ^
<Walakea>janneke, that is why i got scared, that Guix will have no pulseaudio
<Walakea>janneke, i found pulseaudio in guix packages so it is ok
<janneke>Walakea: ;-) yes, Guix has pulseaudio
<mekeor>instead of preparing for a tomorrow's exam, i just implemented my first own XMonad-prompt: a calculator. and it made me much happier than preparing for the test would have made me. thank you XMonad. you are god. you make me happy. long live XMonad! i love you <3
<amz3>o k
<catonano_>mekeor: what was the test about, anyway ? ;-)
<mekeor>catonano_: the exam? it's gonna be on statistics
<catonano_>ah I see. Good luck !
<mekeor>oh, btw, i actually meant to the message above to #xmonad, sorry. but thanks, for your support (:
<rekado>paroneayea: new patch for mu4e support in debbugs-gnu.el:
<rekado>this doesn't assume that you already have the email in your maildir
<rekado>it downloads the bug's mbox, breaks it into a maildir, then runs "mu index" over the maildir (with the index stored in a separate mu home), and shows all the mails that belong to the bug.
<rekado>it *almost* works well enough for me
<rekado>for bug 25723 the mbox doesn't seem to include my latest message, so it cannot be shown.
<rekado>but I think the rmail backend would have the same problem.
<rekado>gnus does show my mail, but I don't know how it got it.
<paroneayea>rekado: \\o/
<paroneayea>rekado: oh wow
<paroneayea>adding it to a maildir...!
<paroneayea>rekado: so does it show a completely differen mu4e headers view?
<rekado>yes, it's completely separate
<rekado>a disadvantage is that you must make sure that mu4e isn't running
<paroneayea>yes that seems like a significant disadvantage...
<rekado>maybe I should just add the maildir folder to the user's existing mu4e-mailder
<paroneayea>mostly I expected a solution that would open the reply interface in mu4e's compose mode
<rekado>but I don't want to break things
<rekado>that works already
<paroneayea>it seems like the interface for browsing currently works ok
<paroneayea>rekado: hm does it? I noticed it didn't save the mails I sent into the replies folder
<rekado>I haven't tested actually sending emails because I don't want to spam guix-patches.
<paroneayea>I wonder what djcb would think
<paroneayea>(the mu[4e] main author)
<rekado>they would probably be shocked to see this dirty hack
<paroneayea>rekado: admittedly I think this might be a bit more hacky than I'd like. I think the interface for me is fine mostly, I just want the mails I send to end up in my sent directory, and I want the R key to do what I expect
<paroneayea>which is to say, reply-all
<paroneayea>as opposed to just reply to the author
<paroneayea>rekado: it's an impressive hack though ;)
<lfam>Hydra appears to be coming back online
<sneek>lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, sirgazil says: I reported the bug about installing packages after guix pull:
<rekado>I just sent an email using a slightly modified version of my debbugs-gnu hack. The mail appears in my Sent directory and on debbugs.
<rekado>I'll send the patch upstream once I figured out how to make it work when mu4e is already running.