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<civodul>paroneayea: yeah i think it's not set up at all, but that's weird
<civodul>it has had 24h to set it up already
<paroneayea>civodul: weird!
<paroneayea>oh nooo
<Digit>aw. are none of the guix talks from going to be available?
<nand1>those videos are marked as preview
<nand1>> Preview ready, waiting for human review
<janneke>there was life before 1970!
<janneke>/gnu/store/32pfkaqs2rmd5inhgpcvfa36x71xhkzd-bootstrap-binaries-0/bin/tar: Option --mtime: Treating date '@0' as 1969-12-31 19:00:00
<roptat>hi :)
<roptat>I'm trying to package pootle, a community translation server
<roptat>I've packaged it and it seems to run fine, and now I would like to create a service for it
<roptat>the problem is that you're supposed to run "pootle initdb" once, and then "pootle migrate" on each update of pootle
<roptat>and I don't know how to integrate that in an activation service
<roptat>also there are two services, pootle and rq that must read the same config file
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<roelj>janneke: How come it went before 1970? Different timezone?
<janneke>roelj: yes, that must be it
<janneke>it was surprisingly funny for me to see that
<roelj>janneke: Yes! Hehe
<janneke>yes, timezone on this downloaded qemu image that i'm running is EST
<roelj>rekado: Are you here?
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<civodul>so, is down
<civodul>sounds like we'll have to do the human IPMI dance
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<ng0>how was fosdem? any videos already online?
<civodul>not yet
<civodul>atheia is preparing a report
<ng0>I'm back from Graz. I think that's the furthest distance I'd go by car now on one day.
<ng0>the mailinglists read as if there was some productive discussions spawned at fosdem :)
<janneke>ng0: fosdem was amazing...the guile devroom was not as packed as last year, but most talks were very good
<janneke>yes, the get-togethers were at least as fruitful
<ng0>i didn't perceive the room last year as fully packed, but maybe I'm used too more crowded "it's full of people"
<ng0>okay, some people were standing.. out of chairs is full :)
<janneke>i think fosdem staff did not allow more people in than chairs
<ng0>civodul: when does the relevant part of shepherd log beging, what is to be excluded as too verbose?
<janneke>i think this year we had > 40 people, last year it was possibly > 55
<ng0>solution: get more chairs :D
<ng0>okay, less than 50 is good
<catonano_>by jove. I could make thhe binary installation
<janneke>grrr builder for `/gnu/store/qy4p3xinr31h3mblmngfc4siny6gld62-guile-2.0.13.drv' failed with exit code 1
<ng0>civodul: I'll see what makes sense to filter out, otherwise the mail will not be very long.
<janneke>well, the good thing is that I can finally shutdown and try my new atheros wifi card
<ng0>hu.. my (operating-system) has (locale "en_US.UTF-8"), which worked always. Now I rebuild the sysem and after grafts I get "cannot open locale definition file `en_US': No such file or directory"
<ng0>did something change about the way locales are written?
<enderby>hi, i just did a guix pull. is it possible to undo the pull/reset the symlink to previous state? asking because now i'm getting an error
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<ng0>ƒgreat, same on the other system
<ng0>has kbd been updated?
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<civodul>ng0: in shepherd.log, look for things that correspond to your system startup, and to starting 'networking' and 'ssh-daemon'
<civodul>that should be a dozen of lines
<ng0>thanks. I already responded to the email :)
<ng0>it's something related to dbus, but I have no idea why dbus doesn't start
<ng0>using gentoo I constructed my own locale, I believe this is not possible with Guix? It was a combination of the utf8's of en_DK, en_US and DE
<ng0> 8555a609df0410d08f9d1a9e41d22ca7b26cb9fe did something to the locales
<ng0>at least that's the only explanation I have for my reconfigure failing at locales
<ng0>not kbd.. but something.
<Digit>anyone keeping an eye out for fosdem videos n will alert us all? :3
<paroneayea>I need to review my videos
<paroneayea>still haven't gotten around to it...
<ng0>I want to update sed to 4.4 ... but I see an hurd related patch, and I have no idea about hurd.
<ng0>so I leave this as a note to anyone who wants to.. sed update is out.
<janneke>Hmm...some weirdness when compiling (running tests of) Guile on hurd: Error while printing exception.\\nWhile reading expression:\\nERROR: In procedure fport_write: Error while printing exception.\\nWhile reading expression:\\nERROR: In procedure Error while printing exception.\\nWhile reading expression:\\nERROR: In procedure fport_write: Error while printing exception.\\nWhile reading expression:\\nERROR: In procedure Error while printing exc
<ng0>grep update on the other hand looks doable.
<slyfox>ng0: looks liek that patch went upstream as-is as 7bb8d35d0330161a5af5341471d0c183a067e8c2
<ng0>thanks! I will do sed and grep then
<methalo>janneke: the bug was reported to guile
<janneke>methalo: is there a fix?
<janneke>i'm "only" trying: ./pre-inst-env guix package -i hello
<janneke>on hurd
<methalo>for the moment i disabled 'Check' phase!
<janneke>methalo: hehe
<janneke>that would work!
<janneke>methalo: are you working on hurd?
<janneke>i'm hoping to contribute something
<janneke>building `hello' is my first target; still haven't reached it -- no idea beyond that
<ng0>Okay. I'm doing the sed+grep updates, I just need to wait on rebuilding perl and everything.
<ng0>ACTION afk
<catonano_>I see there are 2 lvm packages in guix. How come GuixSD doesn't support it ?
<janneke>methalo: well, i want to look at fixing the cross-build api
<methalo>janneke: api ?
<janneke>haha, indeed
<paroneayea>I'm surprised we haven't run into more goofy things involving grafts and like, compressed libraries
<ng0>catonano_: there's a bug/discussion on it
<paroneayea>I'm guessing if something included paths to another library but it was compressed, grafts wouldn't work
<paroneayea>but maybe thankfully it turns out that the packages we install don't do anything crazy like that :)
<paroneayea>like I'm not sure you could graft a zipped python egg in python egg zipfile form
<catonano_>ng0: thanks
<janneke>paroneayea: of course you're sure you could graft a zipped python egg
<paroneayea>janneke: of course I am?? :)
<janneke>isn't your question: are we unzipping-grafting-zipping such things?
<paroneayea>janneke: I guess so!
<janneke> seems that we are...or we have been terribly lucky
<paroneayea>janneke: I guess the answer is, when we discover new funky compressed or etc file types which block grafting, we add new unpack-graft-and-repack methods
<paroneayea>it doesn't look like grafts.scm includes any special logic for that
<janneke>well, i used to use a lot of python too, before i switched to guile
<paroneayea>janneke: I think the way we install python libs isn't in compressed eggs
<paroneayea>so it's not a problem.
<janneke>paroneayea: ah, that would make sense
<paroneayea>I was just thinking about the theoretical point at which we used something which did do such a thing
<janneke>ACTION goes afk for a bit
<jmi2k>I'm packaging SIMH, following Arch Linux PKGBUILD. It copies LICENSE to /usr/share/licenses, should I do the same?
<ng0>unless the package build-system does it
<ng0>but we don't need to keep license files around after install
<paroneayea><janneke> i think this year we had > 40 people, last year it was possibly > 55
<jmi2k>No, I'm writing the install phase manually. Thanks :)
<paroneayea>janneke: we were also on the top floor this time ;)
<paroneayea>but maybe we were last time too, I don't remember!
<paroneayea>janneke: btw, would you have time to look at the patch I sent to the list re: guile-gdbm-ffi? I already explained the context to you in #guile, so
<paroneayea>ACTION just emailed a patch
<ng0>ƒsed+grep done, I'm just waiting for the 2nd build to finish
<ng0>ACTION afk for today
<aki237>Guys I'm new here. I want to contribute to Guix
<catonano_>aki237: hi !
<catonano_>aki237: did you install it already ?
<catonano_>aki237: the manual has a section about how to contribute
<aki237>not yet... I'm on the install screen
<janneke>paroneayea: i'll have a look
<civodul>methalo: Guile commit ea3cef045a413aa1001cf13e1ea2bc150626c3ce was supposed to address the statprof.test issue
<civodul>on GNU/Hurd
<methalo>hi civodul
<methalo>i wil check it
<ng0>okay I'm still not done for today. I run into something weird now. just by adding a new phase to rxvt-unicode (fixing a bug I opened long time ago) I get "unbound variable: synopsis"
<ng0>I checked all the parens
<ng0>maybe it's something as basic as adding (guix base) or something.
<ng0>guile can have the best error messages. so helpful.
<jmi2k>ng0: paste it, maybe we can spot the error
<ng0>one moment
<ng0>or however you prefer to view it
<paroneayea>thanks janneke :)
<jmi2k>ng0: I was referring to the the package
<aki237>dhcpcd is not available for install disk right?
<ng0>jmi2k: k
<ng0>one moment
<catonano_>aki237: it is
<catonano_>aki237: there's a passage in thhe manual explicitly instruucting how to call it
<catonano_>ah the daemon
<catonano_>I was referring to the client
<efraim>ng0: first guess is a parenthesis error
<ng0>all closed
<ng0>none too much
<ng0>but I'll paste the patch now :)
<ng0>I haven't really fixed my original .desktop creation, so it's possible there's a mistake in there which throws the build off
<ng0>I'll check this now..
<ng0>yeah please don't look at the patch. i need to change things
<ng0>ah I see my mistake
<ng0>afk from the channel again
<ng0>thanks :)
<jmi2k>After some thinking, I'll send the patch for xcursor-vanilla-dmz. As the license is not in the list, what can I put instead? It's CC-BY-NC-SA
<efraim>I'm pretty sure the NC part makes it nonfree
<jmi2k>There is some debate (it's nonfree, but it's not software), but Parabola (free distro) provides it. Also, I want to send the patch and let people in the mailing list discuss if it's a good idea to include it.
<rekado>Hi Guix!
<jmi2k>Hello rekado
<ng0>has someone recently tried to reconfigure their system?
<ng0>locales are borked.
<ng0> I would see this as a blocking bug
<efraim>is it safe to delete build-aux/ar-lib?
<civodul>efraim: not really
<civodul>hey hi rekado!
<janneke>paroneayea: finally got round to look at gdbm
<paroneayea>janneke: cool thanks :)