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<skaria>whats the bot here that i can leave messages to other users?
<kevinfish>Hi, can someone tell me where actually current, accurate, up to date instructions for running guixsd in a vm are? I tried the manual and the following link and neither work:;a=blob;f=INSTALL.VirtualBox;h=f37d937177b72673539ad14fb5f1a9513c7aa7a1;hb=8181697233ddb7cba5964e0761e4b107e21c7c89
<kevinfish>the first thing it complains of in the manual page's vm install is: -net default: Invalid parameter 'default'
<mange>Try using 'user' instead of 'default'.
<kevinfish>mange: ok now it complains about no bootable devices. I hit esc to get the boot menu and then I hit 2. Unlike in the manual, it didn't require me to hit enter, it just took right off. I'm feeding it the *.xz file I downloaded (rather than uncompressing it first)
<kevinfish>I don't know how to copy that in a pastebin cuz once it scrolls off I don't know how to scroll it back and as soon as I click on it my mouse cursor disappears and the only way I can get back control again is to switch over to a text console and kill the qemu process
<mange>You have to uncompress it first. There are two patches in git to fix the docs for both of those issues (mentioning to decompress it, and changing 'default' to 'user'.
<mange>Pretend I had a ) before the period there.
<kevinfish>mange: when do you think those patches will be applied to the website?
<mange>I have no idea how the docs are updated, so I don't know.
<kevinfish>mange: ahh, well that appears to have done it. Thanks!
<mange>No worries! Let us know if you run into any other issues.
<kevinfish>mange: actually, I have another. I found out my ethernet is the typical eth0. I tried ifconfig eth0 up and it just prints the little ifconfig report for that interface but still doesn't connect it to anything (e.g. ping says network is unreachable).
<kevinfish>but is reachable from my host machine
<mange>What does ifconfig -l give you?
<kevinfish>there doesn't seem to be an inet addr assigned to the interface
<mange>I think you have to run dhclient eth0 too.
<kevinfish>eth0 lo
<mange>Yeah, try running 'dhclient eth0'. In the manual it looks a little bit like it's under the "wireless connection" section, but it's common to both network types.
<kevinfish>well, its got an ipv4 addr of but 100% packet loss on pings
<kevinfish>I did that, and it got the address, then I did the ifconfig eth0 up and now its not giving me the no network error but does 100% packet loss
<kevinfish>how do I copy and paste out of this thing?
<skaria>ok, so this keeps happening. my guix profile borks, as in guix creates a .guix-profile-1-link which .guix-profile points to. and .guix-profile-1-link points to /gnu/store/blf1hy58v46n7gyfxakgzr58n7kxizkd-profile instead of /var/guix/profiles/per-user/luser/guix-profile
<skaria>what this does is fuck up the symlinking of the binaries in packages /gnu/store directory
<skaria>they dont end up in .guix-profile/bin
<skaria>no idea whats causing this but i keep having to delete .guix-profile and guix-profile-1-link
<skaria>and rebuild .guix-profile
<kevinfish>ok, this is strange, I can ping but nothing on my local network nor anything else (that I can find) on the internet
<skaria>kevinfish: someone told me that qemu blocks pinging
<skaria>kevinfish: Note - if you are using the (default) SLiRP user networking, then ping (ICMP) will not work, though TCP and UDP will. Don't try to use ping to test your QEMU network configuration!
<kevinfish>skaria: hmm.. cuz the next step in the manual says "ping -c 3"
<skaria>well, skip that
<skaria>as long as you can see your network device via ifconfig and its up, you'll be fine
<kevinfish> skaria yes, I can.
<skaria>then continue on!
<skaria>be brave!
<kevinfish>is btrfs available yet?
<kevinfish>well, I tried to format btrfs and it said failed to open /dev/btrfs-control
<kevinfish>just as a warning tho
<cehteh>btrfs still eats your data
<kevinfish>cehteh: is that only on GuixSD? I've been using it on linux distros for a while and its been working well.
<cehteh>then you dont use it hard
<cehteh>it works somewhat, but there are still a lot bugs and problems, when you put some stress on it weird things happen
<kevinfish>cehteh: yeah, mostly only for program development.
<kevinfish>when doing the herd start cow-store /mnt I get a exception caught error in procedure mount "/.rw-store" on "/gnu-store" : invalid argument
<kevinfish>is that going to mess up the install?
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<skaria>anyone use taglib? im unsure what to do about this error: /gnu/store/qkw4zrwfybxww8f56nkb6hggxambk89b-bash-4.4.0/bin/bash: cc: command not found
<skaria>trying to run make on
<skaria>make complains about make: *** [Makefile:39: emms-print-metadata] Error 127
<efraim>sneek: later tell skaria in your package definition you need to add #:make-flags '("cc=gcc") or something like that
<sneek>Got it.
<efraim>Good morning!
<kevinfish>Ok, I'm trying to install to a VM according to the manual. I started by trying to configure the desktop with a 5G virtual drive and it tells me the disk is full, so then I went back and did a 10G with the barebones and it still says no space left on device. This is while it was trying to process binutils. I'm doing the 32 bit version. Any idea what could be wrong?
<kevinfish>on the 10G virtual drive I created two partitions, a 9.5G ext4 my-root and the rest as /dev/sda2 swap that's enabled.
<buenouanq>this seems to be a common issue with vm installs
<buenouanq>no idea how others have gotten around it though
<buenouanq>I recommend diving in head first and installing it on your real machine (-‿‿ - )
<kevinfish>buenouanq: Well, I was hoping to play with it a bit first to see if I wanted to.
<kevinfish>buenouanq: heard of anyone getting it running under VirtualBox?
<buenouanq>kevinfish: you want to I promise
<buenouanq>you won't regret it :3
<buenouanq>no one has yet
<buenouanq>most people use qemu I believe
<kevinfish>buenouanq: I found this: Trying it next
<rekado-k4601>hi from FOSDEM!
<rekado-k4601>took me much too long to get on the wifi
<Sleep_Walker>wifi can be tricky with guix ;b
<rekado-k4601>it’s fine in the hotel ;)
<rekado-k4601>manolis gave me an external thingie with antenna and after some more attempts it finally worked.
<Sleep_Walker>I'm trying to create kernel-firmware package now
<Sleep_Walker>to solve my problems
<rekado-k4601>exciting! shepherd got containers now.
<jmi2k>How is David Craven called here in IRC?
<Sleep_Walker>in which module is 'with-imported-module' syntax defined?
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<Sleep_Walker>that was educational, I think I understand better what the heck was happening with the services and why my services did not work :)
<efraim>I'm thinking a nice future talk could be "hey you, here's how you make your custom variants and run custom services using shepard as a user"
<slyfox>Sleep_Walker: guix/gexp.scm:(define-syntax-rule (with-imported-modules modules body ...)
<Sleep_Walker>I finally figured that the problem is elsewhere
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<Sleep_Walker>on GuixSD once again \\o/
<Sleep_Walker>from UEFI
<Sleep_Walker>but it really needs some care
<rekado-k4601>efraim: that’s usually what I do at trainings at the MDC.
<rekado-k4601>efraim: I think it would indeed make sense.
<ng0> if we should ever get something chrome based, I hope this can still be patched away without too much work.
<ng0>also, more fun on the rust side of things: tl;dr: at some point anything firefox based (like icecat) will require a proper working rust in our system
<dufus>are the criticisms of rust relevant?
<dufus>esr Rust severely disappoints me
<ng0>the annoyance is just that rust requires rust
<ng0>i don't read anything esr writes.
<ng0>glibc 2.25 was just published
<sneek>skaria, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>skaria, efraim says: in your package definition you need to add #:make-flags '("cc=gcc") or something like that
<sneek>skaria, alezost says: I guess you are not making a package, so I think efraim misunderstood your question. Anyway "make CC=gcc" will likely help. However, if all you need is a working EMMS package, you can simply install it with guix: "guix package -i emacs-emms".
<ng0>sneek: later tell efraim: about scheme support in vim, there is this workaround:
<sneek>Got it.
<ng0>I'm actually trying to get some vim plugins to work, see how it turns out. I'll submit them some day.
<ng0>ACTION -> zzz
<slyfox>is 'guix refresh' ever supposed to finish without errors?
<atw>If anyone's around, I would appreciate some feedback. I'm trying to package leiningen, a build tool for clojure projects. The recommended way to manually install leiningen is to use a script that will download a .jar ( This is also the recommended way to bootstrap: use an older version of leiningen to build the newer version
<atw> ( Other distributions, even Nix, use this approach for their leiningen package. Download the .jar and the "lein" script and put them in the appropriate places (
<atw>whoops, that last link should be
<atw>Anyway, I'm trying to do this right, so my plan is to make a leiningen-bootstrap package (based on an old version of leiningen) that will be built "manually", then using that to build a modern leiningen. Is this the right idea?
<atw>I'm also running into some problems with either the clojure or the icedtea packages, manifesting as "Could not find or load main class". (
<atw>slyfox: I just invoked it. I did not get an error like what you pasted, but it did end with "guix refresh: error: download failed" which seems a little unexpected.
<slyfox>does this 'guix refresh python-cram' work for you?
<slyfox>AFAIU refresher doe not like multiple URIs