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<mekeor>hm, i don't understand how to use `modprobe.blacklist=MODULES...' for `initrd' within an `operation-system' declaration
<mekeor>but maybe it's not a good idea to black-list pcspkr in first place? dunno
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<efraim>Good morning!
<paroneayea>hello from fosdem
<clacke[m]>hello fosdem, I miss you
<clacke[m]>maybe next year
<efraim>Just sat in with rbrown of suse, openbuildservice might be good for us for building guix installer packages
<ng0>I wonder if this will get fixed some day.. (unmaintained scheme syntax files in vim/neovim)
<ng0>or if there's a problem at all.
<ng0>efraim: cool :)
<efraim>I hope so. It was going to be my base for if I ever get around to it
<ng0>I wonder what's the best way to continue with fixing 'mc'. substitute absolutes with store paths? then we get a very huge mc. I have no idea about its graph size, but there's for example in mc referenced via absolut paths.
<ng0> do we use any of this? I only saw in kernel:// mirror one ftp url
<efraim>I understood it more as mounting their ftp server like a read-only nfs mount
<slyfox>it's a shutdown of ftp in favour of http(s)
<slyfox>nfs was an example of things people exposed to internet decades ago
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<slyfox>once 'guix build foo' built a package and placed it to /gnu/store how can i force 'guix build' to re build a package again and not reuse cache?
<ng0>would be one option
<ng0>or what do you mean?
<ng0>i don't understand the "reuse cache"
<efraim>Functionally there should be no difference no matter how many times you build, so if it was successful and no changes were made then guix wont rebuild a package, just present you with the successful one
<slyfox>--check works, thanks!
<ng0>but what did you mean with the cache?
<slyfox>without --check 'build build' does not actually build anything and just assumes result is available
<ng0>yes, read what efraim wrotew
<slyfox>s/'build build'/'guix build'/
<slyfox>i did
<ng0>i think it's easier to ask, what are you trying to achieve?
<efraim>I was spoiled by GHM in the summer, all the chairs had outlets. I havent pulled out my laptop once since getting here
<slyfox>'guix build --rounds=10 foo' compiles package 10 times if it was not present before in /gnu/store. but if i want to recheck stability 'guix build --check --rounds=10 foo' recompiles a package only once
<root_guix>Can I install any C/C++ IDE in Guix?
<efraim>I know edi, based on the enlightenment libraries, is packaged. Don't know about others
<ryanwatkins>Guys, any way I can watch FOSDEM using a guix package? I noticed that conkeror does have the capability
<ryanwatkins>does not have the capability**
<ng0>or whatever can play urls like
<ryanwatkins>oh, perfect. I did not know there was direct stream urls :D
<ryanwatkins>ng0: any idea I can directly alter system output volume, I guess via pulse, I just do not know how :D
<ng0>sorry for the one word replies :D
<ryanwatkins>ng0: no problem, thank you very much, I love guixsd so far
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<paroneayea>"deploying npm packages with the nix package manager" coming up in K.4.601
<paroneayea>wish I could go, but I'm prepping for the talk tomorrow
<efraim>You're missing it! Leo and I are here
<dmarinoj>Just installed GuixSD on my laptop! Has anyone gotten rxvt-unicode working?
<ng0>what do you mean?
<paroneayea>efraim: ah! I'm glad you made it though.
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<ng0>o.o what happened to python-dateutils-2 ? I just updated an older branch and it is there, but I can't build it
<ng0>neither -2 nor @2 work
<ng0>oh, singular
<ng0>sorry :)
<skaria>anyone using aspell for ispell/flyspell? im getting this error: (Error: No word lists can be found for the language "en_US".)
<skaria>what the hell, icecat crashed and all my addons got removed
<skaria>and my history got deleted, i guess.
<skaria>what do i have to change to again?
<ng0>skia? askia? i think skia
<ng0>just double check and search for it before taking my guess for granted
<ng0>it's a pretty common thing, gentoo switched to it by default lately i think
<skaria>ng0: i hope it becomes our default too
<skaria>ok, bookmarking link:
<skaria>its skia
<nckx>Hi! Is there a group of FOSDEM Guixers headed from campus to dinner at 18:55 that I might join up with? (efraim, lfam, ...?)
<efraim>nckx: I'd love to join up. Less chance of getting lost I hope
<nckx>efraim: Great! I'm in Janson right now (the Kuhn GPL talk).
<nckx>So I should pass almost every other building on my way to the trams.
<efraim>Ill come your way
<nckx>Did you just walk in?
<nckx>OK. I'm a few rows behind you. I'll see you after the talk.
<efraim>Oh im not actually in the talk, im just outside the door
<paroneayea>efraim: others: think you'll really make it to the location at 7:30?
<paroneayea>I wonder if I should aim for 8 instead
<paroneayea>since how hard it is to get a ride back from fosdem itself usually and sounds like quite a few are leaving bkuhn's talk
<efraim>I'm hoping to make it by 730. I dislike being late
<efraim>There's also the public transit
<paroneayea>kk :)
<paroneayea>yeah well public transit leaving fosdem
<paroneayea>not sure if you've done it before...
<paroneayea>expect it to take an hour or more :)
<nckx>efraim: Whoops. Someone walked in around the same time who, according to the internet, looks very much like you. Sorry!
<efraim>More doppledangers!
<nckx>efraim: Podium side?
<efraim>Im still just outside the hall
<nckx>There are exits at the back of the hall on a different level, hence the question. I'll take my chances.
<efraim>Ah, yes. Podium side exit
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<alezost>root_guix: FYI manaplus is not outdated, it is of the latest version (which is ""); you probably didn't run "guix pull" so you have outdated packages
<paroneayea>ok OMW to the dinner :)
<root_guix>I will check.
<root_guix>I checked it on website.
<root_guix>THX 4 UPD
<alezost>sneek: later tell mekeor I also prefer to blacklist pcspkr; you can do it like this: (kernel-arguments (list "modprobe.blacklist=pcspkr,snd_pcsp"))
<alezost>skaria: I use aspell, did you also install 'aspell-dict-en' package?
<atw>How do you find the the sha256 for a git-reference? Cloning and using guix hash?
<alezost>atw: after cloning, you need to remove ".git" directory and use "guix hash --recursive"
<alezost>actually, I have not tried this method, so I'm not sure :-)
<slyfox>guix hash also has --exclude-vcs
<alezost>oh, nice, I didn't know
<atw>ah, thanks, just got a signature failure. I think that failure is another option though; that gives me what the hash should be
<ng0>but shouldn't be, it just shows what you hashed differs from what guix downloads when building
<slyfox>how frequently does web ui for archives gets updated? i wonder if i failed to send an email of it just takes a while to process:
<ng0>it's on the page
<ng0>every 30 minutes or so
<ng0>first message takes some time
<ng0>then its no problem
<slyfox>aha. i've sent mine 1.5 hours ago
<ng0>if its your very first message to (or the list?) expect some delay :)
<ng0>what's the subject?
<slyfox>i think it's the first one
<slyfox>should be "[PATCH] gnu: new re2c package, version 0.16"
<ng0>oh bummer. I had that packaged for some time in my repository :)
<ng0>I can review it
<ng0>once it gets to the list
<ng0>or was it just an update? idk.. too many things
<slyfox>it's a new package
<ng0>good you did it, i lost it in not obviously named branches
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