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<quiliro>i get this error upon update
<quiliro>guix package: error: build failed: build of `/gnu/store/bbshivfkfl1h3pyi5alcpvmlzbya9a45-gst-plugins-good-1.10.3.drv' failed
<adfeno>quiliro: Something more... ?
<adfeno>quiliro: I mean, does it say cause of failure?
<quiliro>adfeno: Testsuite summary for GStreamer Good Plug-ins 1.10.3
<quiliro># FAIL: 1
<quiliro>make[4]: *** [Makefile:3544: test-suite.log] Error 1
<quiliro>make[4]: Leaving directory '/tmp/guix-build-gst-plugins-good-1.10.3.drv-0/gst-plugins-good-1.10.3/tests/check'
<quiliro>phase `check' failed after 158.8 seconds
<quiliro>builder for `/gnu/store/bbshivfkfl1h3pyi5alcpvmlzbya9a45-gst-plugins-good-1.10.3.drv' failed with exit code 1
<dadinn>hi all
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<dadinn>hi all
<dadinn>facing some issues with the download of the binary package, i am getting a signature verification error, for version 0.12.0... interestingly it was working before
<skaria>is it standard to have to manually go to ~/.guix-profile/share/fonts and run fc-cache to update my fonts?
<skaria>or is there some other way you guys like to do?
<skaria>i just installed the font-dejavu package and didnt have my fontconfig updated.
<ryanwatkins>How would I go about setting up ssh, I have it enabled in my config but I still have issues
<dadinn>hmm, it must have been some temporary issue, tried it now and it worked the second time
<skaria>dadinn: maybe a network issue
<dadinn>skaria: possible. I am writing some scripts to set up Guix on a host system (following the manual on binary install)
<dadinn>Is there anyone who have done something to achieve that?
<dadinn>I mean any scripts doing that...
<dadinn>I have asked before if there is deb/rpm package to achieve that, but I was told that is not possible due to the non-standard paths Guix is placed to.
<skaria>im impressed by the amount of packages guix has
<dadinn>skaria: Which are the packages you use the most, and which you would need the most, but missing yet?
<Digit>:) ^ <3 guix packagers.
<skaria>i just installed guix yesterday so im not sure
<skaria>i mean the #1 package i use the most is emacs of course
<Digit>i imagine it can seem like a bit of a treat, to lispers, to write packages for guix. :)
<skaria>but ive found everything i typically need; i3-wm, xrandr, libnotify, dunst, feh
<skaria>those are probably the most important to my environment flow
<skaria>oh, and youtube-dl and mpv :) highly recommend
<bavier>dadinn: someone made a guix deb; I don't know its current status, but it is not something that debian would accept because of nonstandard paths, as you said
<dadinn>I am currently writing this ugly bash thing:
<dadinn>just to get the setup reasonably right
<dadinn>but it seems there are things which are not working 100% yet, especially the configuration part
<dadinn>the install is fairly reliable, downloads the binary package, verifies, and places the stuff under /gnu and /var/guix
<dadinn>but it is not too new-comer friendly, which would be my main aim
<skaria>anyone here use dunst?
<skaria>trying to run dunst but i get Name Lost. Is Another notification daemon running?
<ryanwatkins>I have a question, what is the user pass if not specified in system config?
<skaria>ryanwatkins: set it with sudo passwd?
<skaria>sudo passwd user-name
<ryanwatkins>oh, thanks :D
<skaria>ah, solved my own problem: i needed to install dbus
<skaria>hmm, i wonder why that wasnt automatically pulled as a dependency
<skaria>oh, nvm
<skaria>why is guix suggesting this?:
<skaria>i already have export PATH="$HOME/.guix-profile/bin:$HOME/.guix-profile/sbin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
<skaria>and i have export GIT_SSL_CAINFO="$SSL_CERT_FILE"
<Digit>orbea: why does your guix pull get stuck on 389 of 390 no matter what test that is?
<orbea>still happens, yep
<skaria>how do i kill a process?
<skaria>typically i'd do sudo killall emacs
<skaria>nvm :)
<skaria>i installed sbcl but its not appearing in ~/.guix-profile/bin, why?
<skaria>i can see it under /gnu/store
<skaria>also, if ive removed the package dunst, why is it still in ~/.guix-profile/bin
<skaria>i can still use it...
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<alezost>skaria: it is save to run "fc-cache -fv" (btw it is not needed to go to "~/.guix-profile/share/fonts" - it doesn't change anything)
<alezost>skaria: I use dunst btw
<alezost>skaria: instead of exporting PATH and other env vars manually, you can put 'source "$HOME/.guix-profile/etc/profile"' in your ~/.bash_profile
<alezost>skaria: re "I removed ... why it is still in ~/.guix-profile/bin": check that "~/.guix-profile" is the symlink to /var/guix/profiles/per-user/...
<iyzsong>hello guix!
<catonano>good morning guix
<ng0>2.9.6 kernel fixed most problems on all computers. But Gnome still crashes on one
<ng0>an improvement in kernel in the last 12 months is nice though
<ng0>and it's cool to know you can simply upgrade a computer which has been offline for 3-8 months
<iyzsong>sound cool, i gonna upgrade my system too :>
<ng0>at least the laptop was fixed, the two computers are : 1 is crashing gnome on random now, 2 is terrible slow (requires blobs most likely)
<ng0>I'm waiting for fish 2.5.0 to become available on (and not just github). Unless someone else wants to do fish?
<ng0>it was released today
<ng0>I will check back this evening
<rekado>ryanwatkins: you don’t need to do anything fancy to install pdf-tools. Just install emacs-pdf-tools
<rekado>no need to compile it manually from source
<rekado>skaria: are you removing and installing software as the same user?
<rekado>skaria: profile management is per user, so doing things as root won’t affect the profiles of other users.
<efraim>if anyone wants to fix zpaq (in compression.scm) on armhf it looks like it needs -mtune=generic-armv7-a and not just -mtune=generic
<efraim>I'd do it myself but i'm on core-updates ATM
<paroneayea>sneek: later tell civodul I'm a-ok with sending to list for feedback ahead of time if you would like
<lfam>efraim: I think we can use `git work-tree` to make it less expensive to switch between branches, but I haven't taken the time to learn it yet
<skaria>lrwxrwxrwx 1 luser users 32 Feb 3 00:23 .guix-profile -> /home/luser/.guix-profile-2-link
<skaria>this isnt normal, is it?
<skaria>and i have:
<skaria>lrwxrwxrwx 1 luser users 51 Feb 2 19:47 .guix-profile-1-link -> /gnu/store/jnf6ccrx44xp7wniqnm1bygqg1hg5jpc-profile
<skaria>lrwxrwxrwx 1 luser users 51 Feb 3 00:23 .guix-profile-2-link -> /gnu/store/31v5lccr9iniaxxcmbciwpcq2vv63inb-profile
<efraim>i saw that was added in 2.9.x (?) but i haven't tried it out yet
<lfam>skaria: For me, ~/.guix-profile is a link to /var/guix/profiles/per-user/leo/guix-profile
<lfam>But, it ends up resolving to /gnu/store anyways
<skaria>yes, someone said it should be
<lfam>Is something not working?
<skaria>well, yes
<skaria>removing a package
<skaria>its not being removed
<lfam>How did you install the package, how are you trying to remove, and what happens when you try?
<skaria>and i dont have some packages i installed in guix-profile/bin
<lfam>Not all packages include a 'bin/' directory
<skaria>lfam: no, what i mean is it not in my guix profile bin
<skaria>i install packages as a user, using guix package -i $package and remove packages via guix package -r $package
<lfam>I understand, but the ~/.guix-profile/bin is basically a union of the 'bin/' directories of all the packages in your profile. So if some package only provides, for example 'sbin/', you'll instead see it in ~/.guix-profile/sbin
<efraim>i've only ever used 1 profile, so i have .guix-profile -> /var/guix/..../guix-profiles
<skaria>what do you mean 1 profile?
<efraim>i've only ever done guix -i foo or -r bar, never fed it a manifest or done anything fancy
<skaria>lfam: right, but what im telling you is that a package i installed is not AT ALL in my guix profile dir
<skaria>even though it has a bin dir of its own
<skaria>this is sbcl
<lfam>Okay, that's a new development :)
<skaria>efraim: same
<skaria>the craziest thing ive done in guix so far has been reverting a package generation (i believe thats what its called)
<rekado_>lfam: I find git worktree really confusing.
<lfam>Ugh, I'm trying install sbcl to reproduce, but the wifi here may be too slow for this package
<lfam>rekado_: Oh yeah?
<rekado_>I usually leave files open in Emacs and I usually notice much too late that I’m working on the wrong branch.
<lfam>Hm, I might make similar mistakes.
<efraim>i have screen open in a tab, and each screen tab has its own vim
<efraim>so i have one for guix and one for 'my-guix'
<lfam>Is it very costly to end up on the wrong branch with `git work-tree`? More costly than rebuilding Guix often? :)
<skaria>lfam: would using --fallback affect things?
<efraim>i'm worried how it'd work out if I build something on core-updates and also on master
<lfam>skaria: No, --fallback should not have any effect on the profile. All that it should do is gracefully degrade in the presence of substitution errors, instead building from source.
<skaria>when i tried to install it the first time i tried to install another package at the same time and the guile repl in emacs barfed up and borked on me
<lfam>efraim: I guess the worse case is you do `git clean`
<efraim>sometimes i'm happy we have things, other times its software like pomodo that i've never heard of that we have and have CVEs
<skaria>then i was unable to install it
<skaria>untill i used --fallback
<lfam>efraim: Yeah!
<rekado_>skaria: are you just doing this? –> “guix package -i sbcl”?
<lfam>efraim: I hope to see more package maintenance in the future.
<skaria>rekado_: yes
<lfam>I did `guix package -i sbcl` and I the package's bits do show up in ~/.guix-profile
<rekado_>same here
<skaria>what the hell did i do >.>
<rekado_>guix package -i sbcl -p .bleh-test
<rekado_>ls .bleh-test/bin/sbcl
<lfam>efraim: I keep those emails in my mailbox as a to-do list, for if they ever get fixed. Some of them are quite old :(
<skaria>could i try removing it and installing it again?
<lfam>skaria: Unless one of us has a hunch, you might as well. And there should be any cost to that
<rekado_>“installing” only creates a new profile in /gnu/store and then updates the links.
<rekado_>you said it’s in the store, right?
<skaria>its in the store, yes
<rekado_>does the store item have a bin/sbcl file?
<lfam>I meant to say, there should not be any cost to that.
<rekado_>okay, what does “readlink -f ~/.guix-profile” say?
<rekado_>and does that directory contain bin/sbcl?
<rekado_>what does “guix package -l” say?
<skaria>rekado_: it does not
<skaria>rekado_: do you want all of the output from that command? i see the generation where i added sbcl
<efraim>First attempt at modified-grep bootstrap-binaries failed, time for second attempt
<ng0>I only get the ssh-daemon service directly *after* I reconfigured a system. When I reboot, it's gone. this feels wrong
<ng0>the problem to debug is, the whole machine is one hardware bug
<ng0>the config is alright.. just the machinery is breaking down I think
<ng0>did someone else run into this before?
<ng0>bulletproof way to crash this machine: start GNOME, start gnome-terminal, and poof, gnome-session dies
<skaria>ok, so even installing another package, dvtm in this case, it doesn't land in ~/.guix-profile/bin
<cbaines>skaria, are you using GuixSD, or Guix on another OS?
<cbaines>So, .guix-profile is normally a symlink to /var/guix/profiles/per-user/chris/guix-profile
<cbaines>where chris is your account username
<skaria>i have source $HOME/.guix-profile/etc/profile
<skaria>in my bashrc
<cbaines>other things to check are, does the package show up in the list that guix package -I prints out
<cbaines>also, see what guix package --list-generations says
<lfam>Hm, something is wrong :(
<lfam>skaria: How did you install Guix, and what system are you using it on?
<skaria>i installed guix by following the manual
<skaria>im using guix on guixsd
<skaria>lfam, cbaines: do you see anything wrong here?:
<ng0>yep, rebooted and ssh is gone again
<skaria>could it be GUIX_PROFILE ?
<lfam>ng0: Does it show up in the list of all services from `herd status`?
<lfam>skaria: That's the auto-generated Guix profile file, right?
<ng0>stopped: ssh-daemon \\n user-homes \\n ntpd
<cbaines>skaria, if the file is not in ~/.guix-profile/bin then I don't then that is a problem to solve before checking the paths
<lfam>ng0: Then I bet something is wrong with the SSH daemon's configuration. Can you check its logs?
<ng0>what do I set to produce logs? the service itself doesn't, at least not under /var/log/
<lfam>skaria: Do you know when you last updated GuixSD?
<skaria>i never have
<lfam>ng0: I don't have fast access to a GuixSD system right now, but you can check if there is a /var/log/shepherd.log? Or even /var/log/messages?
<lfam>ng0: You could even grep recursively for ssh in /var/log
<ng0>ah yeah in messaegs and shepherd
<lfam>skaria: Okay, so this is the 0.12.0 release?
<ng0>dbus can't be started
<ng0>that's the problem
<lfam>skaria: Can you file a bug report by sending a message to <>? Please include a full description of the problem, the system configuration file that you are running from (sanitized as necessary), any whatever else you think is relevant.
<ng0>wicd. shouldn't gnome-desktop-service and %desktop-services provide dbus?
<skaria>lfam: do i need to subscribe to the list?
<ng0>i mean they do. I have no time to fix this now, but knowing that it's dbus helps
<lfam>skaria: No, you'll get replies to your bug report
<ng0>it might even explain the gnome crashing
<efraim>Alright, got my bootstrap binaries producing fgrep with just 'grep -F' and not '/Gnu/store/eeee.../grep -F'
<lfam>ng0: Yeah, dbus should be there
<lfam>It should get pulled in
<skaria>hmm, at some point this started but i dont know when.
<skaria>installing packages was working fine until i installed sbcl. i must've did something before that.
<ng0>when in doubt, use minimal-services. i hope this "fixes" my problem
<ng0>bye o/
<skaria>lfam: well, one thing is for sure; my $PATH is a *MESS*
<lfam>What's your $PATH?
<lfam>That is indeed a mess
<skaria>i want to clean that up, what should $PATH typically be?
<lfam>You should source the ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile in ~/.bash_profile instead of ~/.bashrc
<lfam>The former gets sourced when you log in, the latter for each invocation of the shell
<lfam>Doing it for each shell will break `guix environment`, at least
<lfam>You can simulate the change without logging out back in with `bash -l`
<lfam>I'm not sure if this is why your $PATH has so many redundant entries, but I think it should improve things generally
<skaria>okay, path is now squeaky clean /gnu/store/31v5lccr9iniaxxcmbciwpcq2vv63inb-profile/bin:/home/luser/.guix-profile/bin:/run/setuid-programs:/run/current-system/profile/bin:/run/current-system/profile/sbin
<skaria>lfam: should i attempt at "removing" and "reinstalling" sbcl?
<skaria>from my understanding that should update symlinks?
<lfam>You might as well try.
<lfam>I'm not sure why `guix package` would break because of a funky $PATH but it would valuable to know if it does
<skaria>darn, it still doesnt appear in $HOME/.guix-profile/bin
<lfam>It's a weird problem that I haven't heard of before
<skaria>sbcl is listed as installed
<lfam>skaria: Did you happen to try building Guix from source on this system?
<skaria>what do you mean? i attempted to update guix but it failed
<skaria>lfam: my installation method was via the usb install
<lfam>That's not what I meant, but how did it fail when you tried updating?
<skaria>sadly i didnt save what happened
<skaria>i can try updating again and see if it happens
<skaria>do you want me to?
<lfam>Not yet
<skaria>heh, now that ive cleaned up my path, im unable to use sbcl
<skaria>its not in $PATH, apparently
<lfam>Does $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH have a value?
<skaria>lfam: it doesn't
<lfam>Hm, this internet connection is unstable and I'm missing messages from the chat. I think I'll have to stop trying to debug this :/ Please send the bug report :)
<skaria>thanks for the help so far lfam
<efraim>ok, pushing my core-updates-aarch64 branch to gitlab, now to pull it down on my aarch64 machine and pray :)
<lfam>ACTION fingers crossed
<efraim>hmm, I forgot the ip of my aarch64 board, time to run nmap from my pi
<lfam>You should give a friendly name :)
<efraim>odroid-jessie isn't friendly enough? ;)
<efraim>one of these days when I get enough usb cables and actually set up my home network and hook up all the machines i'll have to give them real names
<efraim>actually, for when I get really annoyed and hammer out the ssh commands I've actually enabled tor->ssh on most of my machines and I 'torify ssh' right in
<efraim>i decided to run make first since we merged master into core-updates
<efraim>maybe something to follow-up on: ./doc/guix.texi:7547: warning: `.' or `,' must follow @xref, not a
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<alezost>skaria: I have not read the full backlog but I see you say your "~/.guix-profile" is a symlink to "/ home/luser/.guix-profile-2-link" - this is the PROBLEM. it should be a link to "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/..."
<skaria>alezost: I'm writing up a bug report, I can send you my draft so you get the full/current story, would you like that?
<alezost>skaria: so when you do "guix package -i" the packages are installed in that "var/guix/..." thing while you still use some other profile
<skaria>do i need to fix the symlink myself and what caused this?
<alezost>skaria: I don't need it, you can simply remove (or rename) ~/.guix-profile and try "guix package -i ..." again
<alezost>it should be recreated properly
<skaria>what about the -2-link dirs?
<alezost>remove them
<alezost>they are not needed and should not have been created
<skaria>alezost: that worked!
<skaria>alezost: much appreciated
<alezost>no problem
<skaria>no idea what the hell i did
<alezost>I recall someone had a similar problem, but it's also left unknown how this problem was initiated :-)
<root_guix>How can I install GCC Multilib?
<davexunit>there is no multilib in guix
<skaria>alezost: im trying to remove dvtm via guix package -r dvtm
<skaria>but its still in ~/.guix-profile/bin
<davexunit>you can use the --system flag to get an i686 toolchain if that's what you are after
<alezost>skaria: what is the output of "file ~/.guix-profile" now?
<efraim>20 minutes to run make on my aarch64 board
<skaria>i dont have that command, alezost
<efraim>so about 1/3 the speed for make compared to my 2007 macbook with a core 2 duo T8300
<alezost>skaria: you mean don't have "file"? do you do it as root?
<skaria>let me see if i have it as root
<skaria>no, i dont have it as root either
<efraim>whoops, forgot to copy my bootstrap tarballs over
<alezost>you can install it with "guix package -i file"; anyway can you check what ~/.guix-profile symlink points to?
<skaria>alezost: .guix-profile -> /var/guix/profiles/per-user/luser/guix-profile
<skaria>ok, alezost, now dvtm is gone from the bin dir..
<skaria>i guess it takes some time? lol
<alezost>well, it should have been disapperead right after you did "guix package -r dvtm" :-)
<skaria>i noticed it disappeared after i installed file
<ng0>Okay, I now know that ssh-daemon is started before networking-service but depends on this, and therefore has to be manually restarted
<ng0>this is odd, and even if it's a one in 100 situation of my config, it should not happen imo. I will open a bug later today with the relevant parts of my config.
<ng0>(i don't think my torrc is relevant to the issue at hand)
<efraim>isn't there some sort of 'depends on %networking-service' field for the ssh service?
<ng0>yes, it depends on it. but it doesn't wait until network-service is up
<ng0>I think I didn't have this problem with lsh
<efraim>oh, almost a problem. we had better not run GC on hydra, its the only source of linux-libre-4.4.18 we have
<ng0>there is no depends in the ssh.scm
<ng0>ah, requirement it is called
<ng0>openSSH has: (requirement '(networking syslogd))
<ng0>but the problem is openssh not waiting for networking. there's some delay until networking comes up
<ng0>in this some seconds window of delay, ssh gives up
<efraim>sneek: later tell civodul hydra has the only copy of linux-libre-4.4.18, upstream switched from tar.xz to tar.lz (i think), this could quickly become a big problem
<sneek>Will do.
<root_guix>I need to build 32-bit binaries.
<efraim>aarch64 is building, looks like my grep fix worked
<efraim>ng0: is it different in some relevant section from the lsh service?
<ng0>i have no idea. I will take a look tomorrow or later today, have to go now
<efraim>root_guix: if you're looking to build for 32-bit, there's `guix build --system=i686-linux foo'
<efraim>ng0: fair enough
<ng0>i'll be back in an hour or so
<efraim>root_guix: if you're writing a package definition, wine has an example of the `#:system' flag
<efraim>mmm, forgot again about adding '-T 0' to our xz unpack/pack command
<efraim>and i'm still having trouble finding information online about whether its reproducable or not
<root_guix>I want to build package to install it in non-Guix environment.
<root_guix>Can I use "-m32" GCC flag in GuixSD?
<root_guix>How can I build 32-bit binaries in 64-bit GNU GuixSD?
<rekado>root_guix: as I wrote yesterday you can install the 32-bit gcc-toolchain with the “system” option.
<root_guix># guix build --system=i686-linux gcc-toolchain
<root_guix># guix build --system=x86_64-linux gcc-toolchain
<root_guix>Can I build 32-bit GCC using 64-bit GCC?
<methalo>root_guix: to install is 'guix package -i mypkg'
<root_guix>Can I install both 32-bit and 64-bit package?
<root_guix>Nothing to be done. How to fix it?
<root_guix>s/How to/How can I
<methalo>root_guix: do i know what is the purpose?
<root_guix>I need GCC Multilib.
<methalo>you need compile something?
<root_guix>I need to build GNU/Linux distribution and I want to include Multilib.
<root_guix>I need to compile EVERYTHING from source code.
<davexunit>as we've said, you need to compile gcc for i686
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<efraim>bavier: python-pypeg2 seems to have slipped into your python-cssutils patch
<skaria>does anyone run the tor browser?
<root_guix>skaria: Is it free?
<skaria>root_guix: Yes.
<root_guix>skaria: Firefox data/DRM is not removed.
<root_guix>skaria: DRM is just disabled I think.
<ng0>I think I know why so many applications for the same purpose exist.. I am not 100% happy with mu4e. but notmuch has its downsides too. the best would be something in between Gnus, neomutt, mu4e and notmuch :/
<catonano_>ng0: and if a fifth option existed, you wold cherry pick some aspect from that too, to be included in your ideal solution ;-)
<ng0>I'm just not happy with all of them
<ng0>for example mu4e gives up on listing "" while emacs-notmuch just hangs for a really long time and displays results. you have to notice though that "*" is 1.3+ million here
<ng0>at this scale, some of the searchable archive solutions are better i think, i don't interact with all of it
<ng0>but wouldn't it be great if this were possible in a mail reader which is not too terrible?
<nliadm>and if that mail reader exported a filesystem interface
<catonano_>ng0: I'm not sure I understand: listing "" ? Listing ... what ?
<ng0>"show / view mode"
<ng0>have you used notmuch or mu4e before?
<ng0>what I meant in notmuch is, an "inbox", a colleciton of tagged or otherwise a search matching messages
<catonano_>I see
<catonano_>I've been dreaming of this on files. As if they were records in a db and folders were "views" generated by a query. I was young and naive
<catonano_>and what are these searchable archive solutions you are referring to ?
<catonano_>Iff you mind to chat
<catonano_>otherwise I'll leave you alone ;-)
<ng0>one moment, I have to remember names
<ng0>for example lurker (, blists, etc
<ng0>but that's not commandline anymore
<ng0>95% of my inbox are mailinglists archives. so having a local, offline equivalent of those online-archives which collect all the emails of some lists is convinient when you've given up on trying to fix the sorting email problem
<ng0>I have this question.. maybe someone had a solution back in 2015, or even 1995
<ng0>so of 1.3million, 90% is just searchable content
<ng0>blists is what openwall uses, it's very small. I've packaged it this week
<ng0>but maybe I even missed the point in the native email format Gnus uses, and the sheer complexity/freedom of configuration was too much in-your-face.. there was wsomething I liked about Gnus until I had to come up with smarter tagging and filtering.
<catonano_>oh I didn't know about those
<catonano_>never seen GNUs
<nliadm>the only local search tool I've really used is mu
<catonano_>I see what you mean with "sheer complexity" of cinfiguration
<Gamayun>I'm quite happy with Gnus/imap...
<ng0>my gnus was working. it just wasn't enough anymore at some point
<nliadm>the mail stack I keep coming back to is mutt/isync/mstmp/mu
<catonano_>could you please provide a link to mu ? I can't find anything meaningful
<ng0>guix package --search mu
<ng0>guix package --show=mu
<ng0>or what it was
<nliadm>oh, also w3m and pdftotext to deal with bad emails
<nliadm>hm, guix download has broken for me on https sites
<nliadm>complains about signer-not-found
<nliadm>I assume this is my distro not having the cert bundle where gnutls wants it
<root_guix>LibreOffice in Guix is outdated!
<root_guix>Latest version is 5.2 or even 5.3.
<ng0>i can imagine this is because updating such a huge piece of bloat takes time
<ng0>thanks for pointing it out. I hope someone with a sufficient fast machine will update it.
<root_guix>Also, Mana World is outdated.
<catonano_>root_guix: many packages are outdated
<ng0>as a community project, contributing updates is welcome by anyone :)
<catonano_>I updated 2 not so long ago
<catonano_>root_guix: it's a voluntary effort. If you want, you can try to update some of the outdated pacages you are interested in
<nliadm>I started with plan9port last night, the install script is broken :(