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<buenouanq>Anyone here use a Think Penguin USB wireless dongle with GuixSD?
<buenouanq>How/where am I supposed to install the firmware?
<buenouanq>name: ath9k-htc-firmware
<buenouanq>looks like it's just a normal package?
<buenouanq>based guix
<lfam>buenouanq: On GuixSD, the atheros firmware is provided by default. See 'firmware' in the manual section "operating-system Reference"
<ng0>mu/mu4e and notmuch.. does mu4e offer/can be extended to display the message-id in the list of headers? that's one feature I haven't seen in any client so far.
<ng0>it reads as if this is possible
<ng0>I'll give mu a second chance
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<enderby>anyone know what's up with the #emacs channel requiring identification
<buenouanq>too many vim users stirin up trouble
<ZombieChicken>You mean emacs isn't just for old tymers to troll new users?
<ZombieChicken>er, #emacs
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<alezost>roptat: civodul fixed that bug: <>, so after "# guix pull", "# guix system reconfigure" should make a working system; at least, it does for me :-)
<civodul>ACTION filed a bug for R packages non-reproducibility
<civodul>the 20% at is no good! :-)
<rekado>civodul: I'll test some fixes for R
<civodul>rekado: cool
<civodul>apparently there are already patches for the 2 issues
<rekado>looks like R 3.3.2 already includes them
<rekado>I'm trying a change to the r-build-system to pass the required value.
<rekado>I'm trying to dump my profile so that I can restore it after reinstalling GuixSD
<rekado>guix archive --export -r $(readlink -f ~/.guix-profile) | gzip - > profile-$(date +%F).nar
<rekado>this runs for a long time and produces 4.7GB but then fails with this error:
<rekado>corrupt input while restoring archive from #<closed: file 0>
<rekado>what does this indicate?
<efraim>Out of space?
<rekado>looks like I still have space
<civodul>rekado: dunno, could be anything :-/
<civodul>is it reproducible?
<efraim>i'm having a problem with my new bootstrap binaries, fgrep has `exec /gnu/store/eee...-grep-2.27/bin/grep -F "$@"' and fgrep from grep@2.25 was just `exec grep -F "$@"'
<efraim>so it looks like i'll need to patch something and regenerate the bootstrap binaries
<civodul>efraim: bah, indeed
<civodul>wasn't there a fix around fgrep already?
<efraim>Yeah, with the 2.25 fgrep I just had to replicate it to my bootstrap one
<EvilPython>How to install GRUB on EFI system?
<EvilPython>I tried guix system init but it failed at GRUB.
<jmd>EvilPython: NOT "how to install ... ?" it's "How do I install ... ?
<EvilPython>How do I install GRUB on EFI on Guix?
<EvilPython>Where is config?
<jmd>I think EFI is something that is not yet supported.
<EvilPython>I have 512M partition.
<EvilPython>It is EFI partition.
<EvilPython>Can I do something?
<jmd>EvilPython: If you are familiar with Grub and EFI then you could find out why it isn't working and send a patch to fix it.
<EvilPython>How to install GRUB?
<jmd>EvilPython: "How do I install Grub?"!!!
<EvilPython>Can I run guix system init again?
<jmd>You type guix package -i grub
<EvilPython>chroot is broken.
<jmd>You can run guix system init again, but normally it is better and faster to run guix system reconfigure.
<EvilPython>No GRUB config. :(
<jmd>The grub config file is normally in /boot/grub/grub.cfg
<EvilPython>I have LUKS partition.
<EvilPython>There is no GRUB config!
<Amynka>then make one
<EvilPython>But I SHOULD add one line to it.
<EvilPython>Can I change partition size without defrag required?
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<jmd>EvilPython: Do you mean the partition size of the filesystem size?
<EvilPython>Yes, partition size.
<jmd>Then fragmentation has nothing to do with it.
<snape>sneek: later tell ng0: it is possible with mu4e, by appending :message-id to 'mu4e-view-fields'.
<sneek>Got it.
<rekado>wow, a guix question on SO:
<jmd>rekado: FYI: I've been asked to deliver a talk on Guix to the Nix guys!!
<civodul>jmd: very cool!
<civodul>bavier`: isn't WordStar a proprietary thing?
<ryanwatkins>Hey guys, does anybody know if I can mount arbitrary USB sticks on GuixSD?
<mog>you cant mount /dev/sdblah /mnt ?
<ryanwatkins>How do I know which would be the USB device?
<ryanwatkins>I know it's a nooby question :D
<ryanwatkins>wow, I had no idea about dmesg
<ryanwatkins>Amynka: Even so I cannot see the /dev/ID part from dmesg
<Amynka>ryanwatkins: and what you see?
<ryanwatkins>sd x.x.x.x: [sdX] Attached ..
<ryanwatkins>Amynka: I presume sdX refers to what I desire
<snape>ryanwatkins: lsblk might help you
<snape>and sdX probably does not refer to what you desire, since it is a device and you need to mount a partition
<Amynka>would be probably sdX1
<Exagone313>what about polkit?
<Amynka>ryanwatkins: there would be more in dmesgg
<Exagone313>and udisks2
<ryanwatkins>I managed to do it, thanks guys. I have another question. Does GuixSD posess enough LaTeX packages to be productive with it?
<EvilPython>Is GPT supported in GuixSD?
<thomasd>EvilPython: yes
<thomasd>ryanwatkins: it contains a full texlive package, should contain most packages
<ng0>hm. I wonder if mu is more relaxed than notmuch about mail files. or maybe the first 250k emails contain none of the broken formated emails
<EvilPython>Is EFI (not UEFI) supported?
<EvilPython>I tried to install GRUB EFI. It said EFI variables are not supported.
<EvilPython>Is gptfdisk package updated today?
<ng0>ah, less complains from mu than from notmuch, but still complains about some emails.
<EvilPython>Too many drvs.
<bavier`>civodul: oh, good question, idk
<bavier`>civodul: it is. is the joe description too suggestive?
<snape>does sneek actually work?
<snape>it didn't forward my message to ng0 it seems
<snape>anyway, here it is:
<ng0>sometimes sneek is high on botsnacks and is slow
<snape>it is possible with mu4e, by appending :message-id to 'mu4e-view-fields'.
<ng0>it's still indexing
<ng0>I have not notmuch mail
<ng0>or alternatively, that would be in the list for (mu4e-header-fields)
<ng0>hmmm... spamassasin. someone should package that. all the spam filtering again on another database.
<snape>it depends what you want
<ng0>I want to see the message-id when I read (view) the message
<snape>I want message-id to be displayed in *mu4e-view*, not in *mu4e-headers*
<ng0>that's what I had in my frankenmutt
<snape>then it's 'mu4e-view-fields'
<ng0>what's the difference?
<snape>*mu4e-headers* is a buffer where you see all your messages
<snape>*mu4e-view* is a buffer where you see one message
<ng0>oh, the list of messages. okay :)
<civodul>bavier`: yeah if it's proprietary, it's best to avoid naming it
<civodul>OTOH maybe it no longer exists anyway
<snape>ng0, btw, I advise to use mbsync instead of offlineimap. The former is much faster, being written in C.
<ng0>i don't use any of that
<snape>oh how do you fetch your mails?
<snape>ok :)
<ng0>it's still syncing: 1.4 mio mails
<ng0>mu4e-view-fields is a list, so (add-to-list 'mu4e-view-fields ":message-id"), correct?
<snape>without the quotes
<snape>the double quotes around :message-id
<bavier`>civodul: it looks like there might be copies in the wild. I'll adjust the description. thanks for noting it
<ng0>I think I will test neomutt too, seeing that I somehow should test it beyond starting and exiting
<ng0>works for me, but I don't use mutt anymore
<snape>ng0: you may add 't' as the fourth argument of 'add-to-list', so :message-id is appended at the end, and then displayed last
<ng0>71m55s for 1339480 messages, not bad :)
<nliadm>would software under be allowed into guix proper?
<nliadm>I'm thinking about packaging plan9port
<shefla>Hello everybody, I am trying to install GuixSD in a qemu VM. I am able to start the network interface and to acquire an IP address but unfortunately the netword is not operationnal (ping with 100% lost packets). Any idea where I can found some help ?
<civodul>nliadm: it's a free software license so it's ok
<civodul>shefla: what does "ifconfig -a" report?
<ng0>mu4e view reminds me a bit of mutt, cool
<shefla>civodul: I am not able to copy the output (don't know how to copy text from qemu to the outside). the interface name is ens3 and everything is fine.
<shefla>inet addr is
<civodul>shefla: ICMP traffic (ping) doesn't go through in QEMU
<civodul>that's expecte
<shefla>ok thanks I will try to move forward with install
<ng0>freeciv, cool :)
<ng0>building it now to review :)
<catonano_>ng0: out of curiosity: building what ?
<ng0>context above
<ng0>just one line
<catonano_>I though freeciv was a user, sorry
<ng0>funny. some thread on reads as if Guix was an alternative implementation of the nix language... ~.~ okaythen.
<ng0>and as if Guile was just a lisp used for Guix..
<ng0>I should get myself off that list
<ng0>*developed for
<bavier`>ng0: haha
<efraim>have we figured out which arm build slave has the clock set wrong?
<dale>Can someone give a quick instruction how to remove the slim service from %desktop-services in the system config.scm?
<alezost>dale: like this: (remove (lambda (service) (eq? (service-kind service) slim-service-type)) %desktop-services)
<alezost>you need (srfi srfi-1) module for 'remove'
<dale>Ah, thanks.
<alezost>also (gnu services xorg) for 'slim-service-type' and (gnu services) for 'service-kind'
<dale>Yep, that works, thank you very much.
<ng0> it is /
<ng0>not \\
<dale>Bah, sorry *duh*
<jmd>So what's the command to leave all channels?
<taylan>jmd: which IRC client?
<root_guix>I cannot compile "Hello world".
<root_guix>There is no .guix-profile.
<root_guix>My username is root.
<ng0>assuming our username is really root, you have to do an initial "guix pull" iirc
<alezost>root_guix: what do you mean? Do you want to compile .c program with gcc or what?
<root_guix>I want to compile .cpp
<root_guix>Ok. I will try C.
<alezost>root_guix: at first you need to install "gcc-toolchain" package in your profile like this: "guix package -i gcc-toolchain"
<ng0>you will need "gcc-toolchain"
<root_guix>No binutils?
<ng0>waht alezost said
<root_guix>How to save $PATH?
<root_guix>(Or other variables).
<alezost>what do you mean by "save"?
<root_guix>I will close my terminal.
<root_guix>*terminal emulator
<root_guix>I want to save variables.
<alezost>you don't need binutils if you want only gcc. I still don't understand what you mean saying "save variables"
<root_guix>I don't want to run "export VARIABLE="DATA" every time.
<root_guix>ld: cannot find crt1.o: No such file or directory
<root_guix>ld: cannot find crti.o: No such file or directory
<root_guix>collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
<root_guix>Wait. No GLibc?
<alezost>root_guix: you can put 'source "$HOME/.guix-profile/etc/profile"' into your ~/.bash-profile
<root_guix>No .guix-profile
<alezost>root_guix: did you install gcc-toolchain?
<davexunit>then you haven't installed anything
<root_guix>Note: My UID is 0. I'm root.
<root_guix>11 packages in profile
<alezost>you probably installed in your user profile but not the root profile
<rekado>civodul: I cannot reproduce the “guix archive --export“ problem anymore, so no need to worry about it.
<ng0>anyone ran murmurd before? It is very likely that it needs the /lib of mumble too.. I should update the patch I've sent
<ng0>When the version string of an application you can query (for example (binary --version) includes the date and time, will this always lead to non-determinism?
<ng0>ng0@wasp /g/s/z/bin> ./murmurd -version
<ng0><F>2017-02-01 21:09:06.371 ./murmurd -- 1.2.19
<ng0>Okay, seems like murmur works
<ng0>I'm locally connected to myself
<Walakea>was Guile a good choice for an extension language?
<rekado>Walakea: ‘extension language’ in what context?
<Walakea>it is in the name
<Walakea>i mean is that language used by anyone else outside GnU?
<rekado>Guile (and not Python, for example) is the GNU extension language, but that’s not its only purpose
<rekado>it’s a general purpose language.
<Walakea>i know
<civodul>rekado: ok
<ng0>I think I prefer mu4e over notmuch
<rekado>I’m a little confused: ‘guix environment --ad-hoc guile guile-ncurses’ doesn’t make guile ncurses appear on the GUILE_LOAD_PATH.
<rekado>guile-json appears, though
<rekado>argh, don’t mind me.
<root_guix>My man cannot display UTF-8.
<root_guix>It is displayed incorrectly.
<civodul>rekado: your .bash_profile interferes maybe? :-)
<rekado>nah, I was just assumed (for whatever reason) that I should be able to see the string ‘ncurses’ on GUILE_LOAD_PATH, but with ‘guix environment’ I get /gnu/store/…-profile.
<rekado>sneek: later tell jmd I have a patch for the installer branch to make guile-ncurses optional. I also rebased the branch onto latest master.
<root_guix>How to run Emacs Guix GUI?
<root_guix>I am new to Emacs.
<rekado>sneek: later tell jmd I haven’t pushed this, because I don’t know if you are okay with rebasing at this point.
<sneek>Got it.
<root_guix>*How can I run Emacs Guix GUI?
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<GNUlope>How can I run Emacs Guix GUI?
<enderby>you have to install the emacs-guix package
<rekado>GNUlope: you need to install Emacs and the ‘emacs-guix’ package, then load the module, and then start it with M-x guix
<GNUlope>Where is this menu?
<rekado>GNUlope: you get this when running M-x guix-all-available-packages
<ng0>if you can attend, this could be an interesting talk at fosdem: just saw vesna mentioning it on the unciv mailinglist
<rekado>Seen on HN: ‘Stop Filing Bugs, File a Container (’
<buenouanq>how did guixsd get pulseaudio to actually work? my whole life, every distro I've ever tired up until now, it was always, `why is there no audio? oh, just purge pulse and everything works'
<lfam>We don't cobble the operating system together by a thousand scripts scattered to the winds...
<lfam>Drifting through the dark corners of the filesystem, forgotten by distro maintainers and sysadmins...
<slyfox>best way to fix a problem is to understand why it happens and file a bug
<erliphant>Hi - how does guix track transitive dependencies to prevent garbage collection?
<lfam>erliphant: Build outputs are scanned for store references, and these references are recorded in a database kept in $localstatedir (typicall /var/guix)
<rekado>buenouanq: I’m not sure it actually works reliably.
<erliphant>What happens with things like python that may not have path references?
<rekado>buenouanq: I’m sometimes surprised that I have sound in the browser; but mostly I don’t have sound there.
<rekado>(not sure if icecat actually uses pulseaudio in both cases)
<rekado>erliphant: for those cases we use propagation.
<rekado>i.e. Guix installs the dependencies into the same profile.
<erliphant>@rekado - I understand that propogation is only a build time thing right? Is that stored anywhere?
<rekado>erliphant: in other cases we create a wrapper file to set the PYTHONPATH; this again is a list of store references.
<erliphant>@rekado - I see .. so guix knows to read those references and parse them out of the wrappers?
<buenouanq>rekado: I've had no problems with audio at all anywhere yet.
<rekado>buenouanq: cool!
<rekado>erliphant: the wrapper is part of the build output, so references therein are caught like references in any other build artifact.
<erliphant>@rekado - we do a scan for strings containing $localstatedir? Sorry about all these questions - thanks for answering. @lfam too.
<rekado>erliphant: no, we scan for store references
<rekado>localstatedir is something like /var
<rekado>that’s the location of the database
<erliphant>@rekado - sorry.. that's what I meant
<rekado>where all this stuff is recorded as an optimisation.
<erliphant>@rekado - that makes sense.
<rekado>(otherwise we’d have to scan for references all the time)
<erliphant>@rekado - I notice that guix archive doesn't always capture the complete closure with packages I've built. I guess that's because nothing in my output references other things in the store.
<lfam>erliphant: Try using `guix gc --references /gnu/store/...`
<lfam>It will show you the store object's references
<erliphant>@rekado - wouldn't it be better to populate the store with information contained in the package definition and preserve the high level information? This is a more general design question...
<erliphant>@lfam - will do.. thanks
<rekado>erliphant: are you using ‘guix archive --export -r’?
<rekado>erliphant: only with ‘-r’ does it export the closure
<rekado>otherwise it’s just a single store item.
<erliphant>@rekado - yes. The packages were erlang packages that I defined myself. The package definition defined propagated inputs but I suspect there are no actual references in the generated artifacts
<erliphant>@rekado - these were library packages
<rekado>that’s right, propagation does not necessitate references.
<rekado>what I’d do in that case is export a profile item recursively
<rekado>i.e. create a profile where the package is installed (along with the propagated inputs) and then export that
<rekado>e.g. using guix environment --ad-hoc …
<rekado>and then accessing $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT
<rekado>sorry for being terse; I have to go now
<rekado>trying to reinstall GuixSD in time for FOSDEM
<erliphant>@rekado - that makes sense. Could I just create some metadata with the strings and install it inside the package?
<rekado>ACTION o/
<erliphant>@rekado - no problem - thanks for your help
<skaria>are there any problems with running guixsd on an ssd?
<lfam>skaria: Is there anything you're worried about? I don't think there are problems running any system on an SSD. In fact, it's a big improvement over a spinning disk.
<skaria>lfam: nothing specifically
<skaria>just a precaution
<ng0>oh. neomutt was applied before I could test more than starting and closing.
<ng0>well, people will complain if the highly unlikely case of segfaulting happens
<ng0>thanks civodul
<civodul>i assumed it had received some testing
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<erliphant>another question - non-executable stuff get's activated into people's profiles. Is this a convenience thing? Nothing should ever reference anything (other than executables) from a user profile - right?
<ng0>start, close. last time it crashed on adding an pre-existing inbox, which *might* have leaked in configuration settings which only existed in mutt (frankenmutt) from gentoo
<ng0>I will test it tomorrow