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<civodul>Apteryx: re bayfront, it seems to be a DNS issue
<civodul>the machine can be reached at or 3ds7qficjf3pc37i.onion in the meantime
<pareidolia>buenouanq: I don't need refind
<pareidolia>buenouanq: Use a livecd of another distribution and install grub2
<pareidolia>buenouanq: Go look for grub.cfg in the /gnu/store and copy it to the grub dir under /boot
<buenouanq>pareidolia: I can't use the guixsd live installer grub?
<dadinn>hi all
<dadinn>quick question about the Guix binary tarball... verification of the signature fails, saying "public key not found"
<dadinn>is this expected?
<ng0>what#s the gpg fingerprint?
<dadinn>sorry it was my mistake!
<baconicsynergy>guys!! i just booted up genode on sel4 on my laptop. it works!! all it needs is guix :))
<Apteryx>sneek: later, tell civodul: Thanks! It did have an interesting side effect of showing that the guix daemon fails stops at the first invalid substite-url, without trying any other(s). Should I file a bug about that?
<Apteryx>On a non GuixSD distro, how do I go to update the guix-daemon? I guess the only thing I can do is "guix pull"?
<clacke[m]>You set up a service that runs the daemon from some profile somewhere where guix is installed, then set up a cron job or manully update that profile from time to time.
<Apteryx>OK. The default guix-daemon.conf templates is hardcoded to point to /gnu/store.../guix-0.11.0/bin. If I want to use the daemon from a git checkout, should I instead make it point to /root/.config/latest (which points to my $HOME/src/guix)?
<Apteryx>I think there is some magic in the guix/guix-daemon launchers which make it always look into ~/.config/latest but I haven't studied that yet so I'm not sure. I'm also worried the 0.11.0 version might get garbaged collected at some point (if I do a guix pull as root to update to guix 0.12.0 then `guix gc').
<clacke[m]>on non-GuixSD there is no guix-daemon.conf, at least not the way I use it. I have a runit or s6 script that runs /var/guix/profiles/per-app/guix/guix-profile/bin/guix-daemon and thats the profile I will update if I want to update the daemon
<clacke[m]>guix pull updates the guile code that the client (and daemon, for the expressions the client sends to it) will run when you call it. I suppose it's the guix binary that knows to look (hard-coded?) in ~/.config/guix/latest for code to use rather than its own.
<clacke[m]>There is some hand-waving here, and I haven't touched the code, but I'm fairly confident my model is slightly more accurate than yours. :-D
<clacke[m]>Would be great if someone who actually touch the daemon and the guix tool could chime in and set things straight. :-)
<clacke[m]>guix pull does not update the guix-daemon binary that gets run, only a guix system reconfigure will do that on GuixSD. I'm guessing that the conf file you mentioned is generated by system reconfigure and that the shepherd config points there to know which guix-daemon to run. If that is the case, it won't get collected by guix gc until you've deleted the system config that relies on it.
<clacke[m]>Somewhat related question: Is it possible (as in: trivial and accounted for) to run shepherd as a non-init service manager on a non-GuixSD system?
<efraim>I installed the guix package as root, symlinked to /usr/local/bin, and I occasionally run 'sudo guix pull && sudo guix package -u'
<cbaines>clacke[m], regarding running the shepherd as a non-init service manager, yes
<cbaines>I've got a just about working setup to only run offlineimap
<jmi2k>When I boot GuixSD in my pc with a GTX 960, the screen turns black. The system boots fine (I could log in and beep to check). If I set nomodeset it can boot, but I can't start Xorg. I have installed xf86-video-{fbdev,vesa,nouveau}. What could be the problem?
<clacke[m]>cbaines: cool! I just never considered it until just now. Is there a way to configure services with the guix DSL too?
<cbaines>clacke[m], I think so, but I haven't done that yet
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<b4wb>clacke[m]: guix pull seems hung (its 942 minutes already) while building guix-build-guile-ssh; cpus hogged down and no io whatsoever... no trace tools available, clues? :D
<clacke[m]>sorry, no insights on that level
<b4wb>what's the average expected running time for a guix pull on a fairly fresh guix deploy?
<efraim>it depends on your computer speed, on my 2007 macbook its about 7 minutes, so faster on newer machines and on desktops
<clacke[m]>definitely counted in minutes rather than seconds, even on a powerful machine
<clacke[m]>... and definitely minutes rather than hours, even on a pretty weak machine
<ng0>would it be considered "bloat" if I want to add a "ciphers?" and a "mac?" option to the openssh service which take the documented option for opensshd?
<ng0>what I meant is, is this a good idea, or is everyone happy as it is.
<ng0>the service seems a bit broken though. when I include (permit-root-login 'without-password) it works, but when I exclude it and add (password-authentication? #f), which would be the choice for pub-key only logins, it locks me out.
<ng0>that's because it isn't running at all now. woops
<ng0>okay I take the broken part back, something went wrong when I reconfigured.
<nckx>ng0: I don't see how that could be considered bloat. But those are lists, not booleans.
<ng0>i know
<ng0>was typing too fast
<nckx>Oh, OK.
<ng0>i'm searching an article/column I was translating and I have to face the fact that I still haven't achieved order in chaos (of backups).
<b4wb>clacke[m]: hum, now since its more than 1k minutes i'm running it on a dual core machine it means something wrong is goin on
<b4wb>clacke[m]: now what could it be? :)
<b4wb>clacke[m]: (...and with no disk i/o whatsoever)
<ugoday>Hi all. I'm trying to install guile-ssh 0.9.0.
<ugoday>But it failed with error
<ugoday>what can I do with that?
<GNUnymous_IRC>Is LVM boot supported in GuixSD?
<GNUnymous_IRC>*booting from LVM
<ng0>that's like the 3rd time.. if you have questions, ask. if something is not clear, ask and tell us what exactly is not clear. but don't repeat the same question over again after getting information like a broken record.
<GNUnymous_IRC><GNUnymous_IRC> Why GuixSD cannot boot from LVM?
<GNUnymous_IRC><andrss> GNUnymous_IRC: it can, look for Mapping devices section of documentation
<GNUnymous_IRC><Apteryx> nliadm: What do you mean by generated locales?
<GNUnymous_IRC><GNUnymous_IRC> Then why it cannot do it in manual?
<GNUnymous_IRC><andrss> probably outdated
<ng0>ok. I will just open a bug to point out that the documentation on lvm must be updated, but it will take ~3 hours before I can send mail again
<ng0>if a bug exists, someone will eventually fix it.
<ng0>irc is not optimal
<GNUnymous_IRC>Is LVM supported at all?
<GNUnymous_IRC>Someone said only booting is not supported.
<pareidolia>ng0: Btw is documenation in git? Pull requests?
<ng0>folder doc/
<ng0>it's just the same source for everything, and patches to the documentation also go to guix-devel as git formated patches
<ng0>should be documented in section 8, contributing
<ng0>I don't know if this is a hardware failure, system problem or GNOME problem in general. sometimes when merging (copying) folders into other places, the session just quits
<ng0>hardware is most likely
<ng0>reducing the view zoom "fixes" this
<b4wb>rerunning guix pull verbosely, let's see other details
<b4wb>same thing: cpus@100% key.scm build log shows an "exit 0", tunnel.scm should be next, but the log files are empty...
<b4wb>the test shows a nice "PASS key.scm" output
<jmd>Has anyone else experienced that a guix boot image only works on the first or second boot device?
<b4wb>...and it happens during the guix-build-guile-ssh-0.9.0.drv-0 make
<b4wb>which should successfully end with 13 "passes", that i already checked and... effectively are 13
<b4wb>jmd: i did not experience it
<jmd>b4wb: Did you ever try it?
<b4wb>jmd: you might probably want to just switch the device boot order to make it work
<jmd>b4wb: No. I don't want to do that. What I want to do it to understand why it doesn't work, and hopefully be able to fix it.
<b4wb>idealist! :)
<b4wb>if you have available boot devices on the devices list row #1 and #2, and your guix on position #3 it shouldn't work
<jmd>Why not?
<artyom-poptsov>ugoday: Hi. Have you tried to build a newer version of Guile-SSH (Guix 0.12.0 has Guile-SSH 0.10.2 in the repository, which is the latest version), or you need exactly 0.9.0?
<b4wb>uh oh: during compile channel-open-session fails
<b4wb>jmd: because it'll boot the other devices first, unless you have another way of choosing which should be first
<jmd>yes. I have a way of choosing that.
<b4wb>jmd: you're set then
<b4wb>it fails while building [number]-profile.drv...
<jmd>b4wb: Well so I thought.
<jmd>But unfortunately the kernel fails.
<b4wb>jmd: honestly i believe that, if i well remember, it was suggested in the installation manuals, that until this version it just worked this way
<b4wb>jmd: i read it a while ago though, so i might remember one thing for another
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<b4wb>jmd: you set now?
<atw>is there a build-system that lends itself well to a compilation process that involves alternating "cd"ing and running scripts?
<atw>nvm, I think I just want gnu-build-sustem
<b4wb>now mkfontdir has the same behaviour of guile-ssh :D
<jmd>b4wb: What do you mean "Am I set" ?
<b4wb>jmd: scroll back, you might find my previous answer useful
<jmd>b4wb: You merely said: <b4wb> jmd: honestly i believe that, if i well remember, it was suggested in
<jmd> the installation manuals, that until this version it just worked this
<jmd> way [17:38]
<jmd><b4wb> jmd: i read it a while ago though, so i might remember one thing for
<jmd> another [17:39]
<b4wb>jmd: right!
<jmd>... which does make grammatical, let alone any other kind of sense.
<b4wb>jmd: why?
<Apteryx>I thought I asked yesterday, but I don't see my question nor any reply anymore, so here it is: On a foreign distro (non-GnuSD), what is the canonical way to update the guix daemon?
<jmd>Well! You have 3 consecutive relative clauses, without any definite clase. The sentence did not start with upper case, so it is not clear if it is the start of a sentence or not. You refered to "it" which is a singular pronoun, but there was no preceeding singular noun. You also refered to "this" without a clear explanation of what "this" refers to. You seem to have appended sentences with commas which makes the text very hard to
<jmd>comprehend ........
<b4wb>jmd: you need to scroll back some more then :D
<b4wb>the subject is some lines before
<jmd>Before, you said: <b4wb> jmd: because it'll boot the other devices first, unless you have
<jmd> another way of choosing which should be first [17:24]
<jmd>... to which I had already responded that this was not a solution.
<Apteryx>nevermind, I found answers from clacke[m] and efraim above (thanks!). My search-foo failed me ;).
<b4wb>jmd: problem is: that if i well remember, on the installation documents themselves, it was written that it was a version known issue
<jmd>Can you give me the relevant section number?
<b4wb>well, i don't have the memory of a goldfish, but neither that of an elefant...
<jmd>ACTION is now ignoring b4wb
<b4wb>therefore the answer is... honestly not
<Apteryx>clacke[m]: The template for the guix-daemon upstart/systemd services is found after installing Guix (you don't need GuixSD) in ~/.guix-profile (what is called PREFIX in the manual): PREFIX/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf. I guess the reference to the store there is populated (substituted) at install time.
<b4wb>..well, you try to help someone out and this is what you get in return... pfff
<Apteryx>This bit of information I got from a footnote at the bottom of section 2.4.1: Build Environment Setup.
<b4wb>ACTION pats jmd 
<GNUnymous_IRC>I know that LVM is not supported in GNU GuixSD.
<GNUnymous_IRC>But what will happen if I will install lvm2 package?
<GNUnymous_IRC>Why not include it in GuixSD?
<jmd>GNUnymous_IRC: nothing bad, so far as I'm aware.
<jmd>GNUnymous_IRC: What do you mean "include it" ?
<GNUnymous_IRC>Include it in USB image.
<jmd>Possibly because it would not provide any advantages in doing so.
<GNUnymous_IRC>Can I compile Guix for Hurd without changes?
<jmd>GNUnymous_IRC: I don't know. Why don't you try it?
<GNUnymous_IRC>Why there are no GNU/Hurd packages in Guix?
<atw>GNUnymous_IRC: I believe Hurd isn't available, except in dev branches of Guix (
<alezost>sneek: later tell roptat I have reported about the system fail:
<sneek>Will do.
<atw>GNUnymous_IRC: and GLibC-for-hurd is availabe as a package (
<roptat>thank you alezost :)
<sneek>roptat, you have 1 message.
<sneek>roptat, alezost says: I have reported about the system fail:
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<alezost>roptat: btw do you use guix from git?
<alezost>oh, ok; I thought that maybe you could check if the diff I mentioned will also fix it for you, but nevermind :-)
<atw>I'm trying to make a new package and have guix run it, but I'm having problems getting guix itself to build. I did "guix environment guix" followed by bootstrapping, configuring, and "make", but I'm getting a "In procedure memoize-variable-access!: Unbound variable: gcc". What am I doing wrong?
<civodul>atw: are you building from master?
<firas>hey guys
<firas>can I ask guixSD questions here ?
<catonano_>firas: yes
<firas>ok good
<firas>I'm having some trouble installing guixsd as the configuration of the system at first isn't quite working
<firas>I'll finish making one now
<firas>and I'll let you guys see it to see where is the problem
<firas>this is the basic configuration
<firas>I want to make a configuration
<firas>for a single , single partitioned HDD with ext4 & the least amount of possible uneeded services ( i don't want sshd,system logging, crond I just want the bare bones of a functiong system) + I don't want swap and no additional packages installed but the ones that I will install manually later on on the system
<firas>so any ideas to help me with it ?
<firas>sorry for being a bother, I know that it might be easy to configure but I've tried editing the most obvious parts and removing others and the installation kept failing as this file's configuration is incorrect
<buenouanq>hold on, I'll try
<firas>k thanks a lot !
<firas>grub is at /dev/sda , device is only 1 partition so device is /dev/sda1 , I have no label or title on my partition so should I delete the line or just leave it empty ?
<firas>I don't want a comment to my user as well
<atw>civodul: yes, I've checked out commit 4bca1e749. Unfortunately I have to go now, but I'll be back on later
<firas_>wow thanks a lot !
<buenouanq>don't know if it'll work, but it should
<buenouanq>you might at the top still need some modules
<firas_>Ok I'll try it
<buenouanq>to help you learn though, how is this different from what you were trying?
<firas_>well check this
<buenouanq>is it just because you are unfamiliar with guile/scheme/lisp?
<firas_>yes indeed
<firas_>I think the installation had the gnome/xfce configuration setup
<firas_>it was so bloated for me
<firas_>so I went on deleting lines, until I think i messed something up
<firas_>I just found on the guix website about a barebones one and I've edited it here
<firas_>don't know if it's still barebones or if i could still trim it up
<firas_>by having to install additional modules what did you mean above in your minimal configuration ?
<firas_>thanks for taking time to help me , much appreciated !
<buenouanq>you might have to add something like (use-modules (gnu)) at the very beginning, I'm not sure
<firas_>ok I got you
<buenouanq>try without, it'll throw an error immediately if it's not a valid config
<AndChat234416>Hey its me firas
<AndChat234416>Can you resend the link of the barebones config
<AndChat234416>You just posted?
<buenouanq>of course
<AndChat234416>It gave me this error
<AndChat234416>In procudure module lookup unbound variable grub -configuration
<buenouanq>did a space sneak in there? should be grub-configuration not grub -configuration
<buenouanq>(bootloader (grub-configuration (device "/dev/sda")))
<AndChat234416>In the. Scm
<AndChat234416>Its fine
<AndChat234416>I just added modules gnu
<AndChat234416>And it worked perfectly
<buenouanq>oh ok, good to know
<AndChat234416>Thanks for the help
<buenouanq>(use-modules (gnu))
<buenouanq>like that?
<AndChat234416>I added that line in the beginning
<AndChat234416>It worked like a charm
<AndChat234416>Glad to have some people like you in the community
<buenouanq>this might then be the most barebones config possible
<Apteryx>civodul: Any clues why our glibc's "locale" don't pick up locales pointed by GUIX_LOCPATH? (I'm checking this with "locale -a").
<AndChat234416>How long will it take to install guix? it's building everything from source
<buenouanq>AndChat234416: with that config, not very
<buenouanq>20 minutes max
<AndChat234416>Ah i see
<buenouanq>well, depends on your hardware
<AndChat234416>What do you recommend using the source based or binary based?
<buenouanq>I do whatever the default behavior is because I'm just a poser hack.
<AndChat234416>So the source based is the default
<AndChat234416>Good to know
<AndChat234416>Ok installation finished
<AndChat234416>Working like a charm
<buenouanq>AndChat234416: welcome to the rest of your life
<CompanionCube>wouldn't the most minimal config not include a bootloader config