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<buenouanq>questions about if anyone is around to help me
<buenouanq>refind is throwing an invalid loader file error
<buenouanq>hoping it was just a typo
<buenouanq>still doesn't work
<mekeor>Hello Geeks! =)
<buenouanq>no luck
<buenouanq>anyone here familiar with efi or refind or installing guixsd on a macbook?
<buenouanq> following this
<buenouanq>refind throws:
<buenouanq>Invalid loader file! Error: Not Found while loading bzImage
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<Apteryx>rekado: I didn't know that, thanks!
<roptat>hi, I think the documentation is broken, when I compile it I get "./doc/guix.texi:4514: unknown command `8'" this line contains "@code{coreutils@8.20}", and I think it should be "@code{coreutils@@8.20}". Correct?
<alezost>roptat: right, it's my bad, sorry; I'm fixing it
<alezost>roptat: should be fixed in master now, thanks!
<roptat>thanks alezost :)
<baconicsynergy>sup n00bzz
<baconicsynergy>Any rough guestimate on guix 0.13 release date? :D
<braunr>that's friendly
<baconicsynergy>I'm in a playful mood
<braunr>sure, calling people n00bzz is playful
<baconicsynergy>Working on anything interesting lately braunr?
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<ng0>"[00:44:55] <buenouanq> someone in the know, how hard does this look to package? " looking at the gentoo ebuild, not that hard
<ng0>but like we say around here, "the devil is in the detail" (literal translation) :)
<ng0>nckx: thanks!
<ng0>I have to look at it to see if someone already reviewed it, currently notmuch is keeping this busy here
<ng0>sneek: you are slow
<ng0>I've looked at my python book I got 7 years ago, and the positive thing about guix with guile is I picked up more than I did in the time with gentoo and their python/bash based stuff :)
<ng0>I mean, it made it easier to grasp common concepts. Not just through guix nad guile, but also through debugging more and more builds
<ng0>It also explains why 10 years ago I didn't really pick up C, I had no use for it.. and before that there was this gap between some older language and for some time loosing interest altogether
<ng0>I think this gap, between the point where you just use and where you learn and contribute, the digital selfemancipation, this can really be closed (a bit more/completely) through Guix as one tool (of many).
<cbaines>Any tips on comparing outputs across machines? I have reproducibility issues, but I'm having trouble getting the data on to one machine so that I can run diffoscope
<civodul>hey Guix!
<cbaines>good afternoon civodul :)
<adfeno>Hi civodul :D
<ng0>given this: (define packages '("fish" "zsh" "git" "git:send-email")) (use-modules (gnu packages)) (packages->manifest (map specification->package packages)) what's the correct way to select an output which isn't "out", like the git send-email one?
<rekado>specification->package takes a specification as you’d use it on the command line.
<ng0>so similar to "guix package -i git:send-email" then?
<ng0>for what I have, I get: guix package: error: git:send-email: unknown package
<cbaines>you want (specification->package+output "git" "send-email")
<ng0>but this will not work in the list of packages.. so I have to move those outside of it and add this specification?
<ng0>I think git is the only package where I use all outputs of it
<civodul>cbaines, ng0: i think it's (specification->package+output "git:send-email")
<ng0>hm. would (packages->manifest (map specification->package+output "git:send-email" "git:svn" "git:gui")) result in an error?
<civodul>ng0: specification->package+output returns two values
<civodul>i added an example in the manual recently
<civodul>close to the doc of --manifest
<civodul>the fact that it returns two values makes it a bit more cumbersome to use
<ng0>I think the example works better
<ng0>let's just pretend guile-2.0 had more than just "debug" as output, adding a (list guile-2.0 "foomagic") to this would work?
<ng0>apparently no.
<ng0>but I think I have forgotten something.
<erliphant>trying to export a profile as a test and I'm seeing this: "guix archive: error: corrupt input while restoring archive from #<closed: file 0>". Anybody have any idea what this really means?
<erliphant>The specific command is: "guix archive --export -r /gnu/store/cy7lbv9q5izik8qqna4bsidlccr2ik85-profile"
<erliphant>I have generated keys
<erliphant>I also see the following error in the guix-daemon logs: "guix-daemon: nix/libutil/ virtual nix::BufferedSink::~BufferedSink(): Assertion `!bufPos' failed."
<ng0>I'll be back :)
<erliphant>I still don't know what the cause of my issue is but interestingly the offending code was refactored out of the nix codebase: ""
<Apteryx>Hmm... I think I'm missing something. When I install glibc-locales or glibc-utf8-locales using "guix environment --container --ad-hoc glibc-locales" and issue "locale -a", only C and Posix are visible, although many mores shoud be picked up at the location defined by LOCPATH. Any idea?
<efraim>phant0mas: how did building it go?
<efraim>the aarch64 branch
<phant0mas>I have a problem with the tmp directory and the build is running out of space
<efraim>thats fun
<phant0mas>while I have increased the percentage every user can use, and the tmp dir as well
<efraim>I have a 32Gb sd card that i built on so it worked out, until I got to tar
<phant0mas>I am using a 32 Gigs as well
<phant0mas>and it does have enough space
<phant0mas>but it will stop when tmp dir gets about half the size of ram
<phant0mas>and I can't find which config file does that
<phant0mas>each user has an allowed percentage of tmp space it can use
<phant0mas>which I have increased
<efraim>I don't think I've run into that before
<efraim>my card has 2GB of ram, minus the bit I lose to video
<phant0mas>it's some kind of configuration issue with arch linux which I am using on the arm64 machine
<phant0mas>I will report back when I solve it
<efraim>i'm running on a debian base since that's what i'm more used to
<jmd>Has anyone any tips on how to find out the url for downloading from sourceforge? All their project urls are so different from each other.
<ng0>no idea who TGR here is, but I'm also reviewing the first patch in the zpaq series, it just takes some time to graft texlive
<ng0>sourceforge... what about the mirror addition I've sent?
<ng0>which would cover /projects/ in addition to /project/
<ng0>or the other way around
<ng0>there are very little applications we have with this url scheme, but it exists
<ng0>jmd: usually the download page on sourceforge, take the link and substract the beginning (the part until, including, "projects/")
<jmd>ng0: Yeah sometimes that works, but not always.
<Apteryx>Wondering if this could be my problem at using locales in a container: "The value of ‘LOCPATH’ is ignored by privileged programs for security
<Apteryx>reasons, and only the default directory is used.
<Apteryx>(from the glibc info)
<Apteryx>The --container option of the "guix environment" command says the following: "The spawned process runs as the current user outside the container, but has root privileges in the context of the container."
<Apteryx>Does the guix-daemon use containers when building packges?
<ng0>jmd: what's the project name?
<ng0>I'm away for a while
<Apteryx>Could someone explain how I'm supposed to add extra locales to my profile? I'm following the documentation but it doesn't seem to work.
<Apteryx>Here's what I'm doing: 1. guix package -i glibc-locales 2. export GUIX_LOCPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale (I'm using GuixSD) and 3. locale -a (no change compared to before installing glibc-locales)
<samplet>Hi all, I'm trying to make a package using git-fetch, but am stuck at finding the value for the sha256 checksum. The Nix docs say to use the base32 version of the commit hash, and there's a script for finding it. I could convert the commit hash to base32 myself, but I'm sure there's a simple Guix way of doing this that I'm simply overlooking. Can anyone tell me what that is?
<jmi2k>samplet: clone it, cd into it, remove the .git directory and run `guix hash -r .`
<samplet>Great. Thanks!
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<joelpet>Hi there, I'm trying to setup an operating-system definition containing a mapped-device using the lvm-mapping type. However, when running `guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt` I get the following error:
<joelpet>"guix system: error: failed to load '/mnt/etc/config.scm':
<joelpet>...config.scm:21:10: In procedure #<procedure 3bff6c0 ()>:
<joelpet>...config.scm:21:10: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: lvm-mapping"
<joelpet>What am I missing? Thanks
<joelpet>I used the /etc/configurations/desktop.scm as template and have not changed anything at the top, i.e. I have the same use-modules, use-service-modules and use-package-module as in that file.
<ng0>samplet: guix hash -x -r /path/to/folder
<ng0>samplet: take a look at guix hash --help to see what x and r are
<b4wb>guix pull seems hung while building guix-build-guile-ssh; cpus hogged down and no io whatsoever... no trace tools available, clues? :D
<rekado>joelpet: I don’t see “lvm-mapping” in the example desktop configuration.
<rekado>joelpet: it’s not defined anywhere in Guix.
<joelpet>rekado: I had tweaked the mapped-device part according to some resources online (e.g. that I thought indicated LVM support through `lvm-mapping`, but as you correctly point out, and what I've come to realize, is that none of the suggested LVM patches have been merged, seemingly because there are still open questions regarding the complexity of LVM configurations to be answered.
<joelpet>rekado: Thank you for taking your time to have a look at my problem nevertheless
<roptat>hi I just reconfigured my guix system, and it fails at boot with "./gnu/build/file-systems.scm:283:6: In procedure fport_seek: Invalid argument"
<roptat>the last working system was from the beginning of january
<roptat>then I get a guile prompt and can't go further
<alezost>roptat: hey, you are not alone! Yesterday I faced with the same problem
<buenouanq>pareidolia: you around?
<roptat>alezost, did you fix it?
<pareidolia>buenouanq: Yes for a while
<alezost>roptat: no, I'm going to bisect guix tree in a day or two to find out what commit leads to it, but I suspect <> or <>
<alezost>what makes it worse is that "guix system vm" works for me
<roptat>what is funny is that I have another computer with guix on it, and I could reconfigure it just fine
<buenouanq>pareidolia: I'm just perplexed by uefi and refind.
<alezost>roptat: yeah, I'm surprised that no one else seems to have this problem. Maybe it's something specific to our machines
<buenouanq>refind throws an invalid loader error
<roptat>alezost, maybe because we have more than one filesystem?
<alezost>roptat: it's unlikely, I think most (at least many) people have more than one filesystem
<roptat>true, I'm trying to see the difference between my two systems
<alezost>roptat: do you specify extra modules in 'initrd'? (cause I add "sata_nv" module, which is needed for my HDD)
<roptat>oh, I do
<roptat>I have this on the working machine: #:extra-modules '("pata_jmicron" "ahci")
<roptat>but nothing on the machine that doesn't boot
<roptat>filesystems are specified via label on both machines
<roptat>I have a separate boot partition on the failing one, and grub is installed on /dev/sdc
<roptat>alezost, it's probably not, because this is from 06/01, and my last working system is from 08/01
<alezost>I also use labels, but my grub is installed on the same hdd as GuixSD.
<alezost>Ah, ok, that's good (my latest working system is from 13 December)
<roptat>/dev/sdc is the same hdd as guix
<alezost>I was going to find out what commit made my system fail and then to report at <> (I doubt I can fix it myself). Anyway I'm glad that I'm not the only person who has this problem :-)
<alezost>ACTION -> Zzz
<Apteryx>Hi! Am I the only one for whom "guix size libreoffice" returns: guix size: error: no available substitute information for ...
<b4wb>hmm, don't you only need emacs? :)
<b4wb>Apteryx: it didn't happened to me (yet)
<Apteryx>haha! True... I could use one of the spreadsheet mode (maybe org-mode has something which would do the job too).
<Apteryx>Ooh. Looks like the new bayfront server is down: ping
<b4wb>never underestimate resiliency
<Apteryx>It would be great if when I have two substitutes servers, if one of them is down it just tries the next one.
<b4wb>maintaining it would requie a certain amount of effort