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<polll>Hi, does guix support linux-libre-rt?
<mekeor>polll: there is no linux-libre-rt package listed at <>, so i don't think so
<mekeor>i still have the SSL CA CERT issue with Git. it's because the GIT_SSL_CAINFO env variable is set badly.
<mekeor>by default, for me, it's set to: /run/current-system/profile/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt:/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
<mekeor>when i remove the second path, including the colon, it works fine
<mekeor>i wonder why nobody else experiences this issue
<mekeor>the responsible line even has a FIXME tag :D →
<mekeor>mekeor: there's already a bug report:
<rsiddharth>Hi, I use guix as package manager on top of Debian (testing). I'm
<rsiddharth>unable to execute any file, that has setuid/setgid set, from inside
<rsiddharth>GNU Emacs (installed with `guix package -i emacs`) --
<rsiddharth>Does anyone know why this is happening?
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<jin>janneke: i finished reconfigured my system with GNOME, and works fine!
<albertoefg1>hello :)
<albertoefg1>i am doing this
<albertoefg1>but when i do number 3
<albertoefg1>i got this
<albertoefg1>-net default: Invalid parameter 'default'
<lfam>albertoefg1: Try -net user
<albertoefg1>ohh it works :)
<albertoefg1>you are really kind lfam
<Apteryx>janneke: FWIW, I use ratpoison.
<Apteryx>Could someone give me an example of a string valued gexp?
<Apteryx>Is it possible to configure the behavior of Geiser so that it doesn't enter a new prompt every time I type something dumb in the REPL? I'm discovering and it kind of gets in the way to have to do ",q" so often.
<Apteryx>*to have to type
<Apteryx>Or maybe it doesn't matter to have nested prompt?
<efraim>rsiddharth: no item in the store can have setuid set because anyone can add and run items in the store
<jmd> /join
<jmd>civodul: Hello
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>how's everything jmd?
<rekado_>Hi Guix
<alezost>Apteryx: you can't configure Geiser for that, as this is a guile repl thing. I mean if you run "guile" and write some foo there, you'll also get a new prompt
<snape>alezost: do I have to get a github account to report guix.el bugs, or can I tell you on IRC? or is it the Guix bug tracker?
<alezost>snape: you can tell on IRC or at
<Helius>Hi Guix
<catonano>I think this post about reproducibility of results is of interest to the guix community
<snape>alezost: I did it. It's a small thing.
<snape>(I'd be happy to improve the formatting if you tell me how to.)
<ng0>I started writing something for "etc", fish completions :)
<alezost>snape: no problem, it's a great report, thanks!
<civodul>catonano: interesting
<catonano>civodul: glad you like it
<alezost>snape: I'll fix it shortly; btw it's a general emacs thing, for example if you "M-x run-guile" from a tramp buffer, geiser repl will also have the root rights!
<snape>yes, but in that case I can kill it and open a new one in the scratch buffer that will work
<snape>in Guix case, I can't because of the /tmp thing
<snape>it's like, blocked forever, unless I delete the /tmp file
<ng0>guix has so many commands when you count all the subcommands.. It's good the documentation is good :)
<sturm>I was thinking about having a play with a more interactive package list for possible use on the Guix website. Is the package data available as a JSON file from the site?
<alezost>snape: fixed, thanks!
<davexunit>sturm: no I don't think so
<davexunit>but if you have guix installed then you have everything you need
<davexunit>since a package is just a scheme object
<sturm>davexunit: thanks, I'll look into that - my scheme is still pretty basic!
<ng0>I was also asked once about something similar to what debian provides for online view or something like
<davexunit>sturm: fold-packages is most likely the procedure you'll want to use
<davexunit>that will iterate over every publicly exported package object in the (gnu packages ...) namespace
<sturm>great, thanks davexunit
<davexunit>(fold-packages cons '()) will create a list of every known package, for example
<sturm>great, ta
<ng0>can someone take a look at my lcs package? I will rebase the branch now and send it again as it seems to have been ignored since september
<civodul>sturm: and if you don't want to write the code, you can use: :-)
<davexunit>sturm: so I lied and we actually did have that.
<civodul>generated by this code:
<davexunit>had no idea.
<davexunit>I'm out of date.
<civodul>davexunit: it's actually little known because i didn't mention it before i think
<civodul>i hacked it up at the repro build summit because someone needed that
<sturm>thanks civodul, that's helpful - I might have to create something with the descriptions too though
<davexunit>easy to do
<ng0>I'm rebasing my sway branch as somehow the person who worked on this in parallel months ago seems to have forgotten it
<civodul>seen while running ./configure in ldc:
<civodul>configure: libconfig - made with pride in California
<ng0>Nix is now in Gentoo portage.. of course no mention of our overlays previous work, but I expected nothing from my previous experiences.
<divansantana>How does one go about doing this on guixsd? `apt-file find ls` or `yum whatprovides "/bin/ls"` or pkgfile "/bin/ls"
<divansantana>Would be nice to update this wiki with the guix equivelents
<ng0>or e-file "arm" .. currently no tool in guix provides this, so basic find etc would be what you want i guess
<rekado_>divansantana: Guix doesn't have a package file database.
<divansantana>Ah. Thanks. Not following ng0
<divansantana>So how to see equivelent of pandoc from arch or what provides pandoc binary
<divansantana>Must be ghc-pandoc I guess
<divansantana>rekado_: hopefully doesn't have it yet.
<rekado_>sturm: a pretty interactive package list is provided by davexunit's guix-web..
<rekado_>sturm: you can see a slightly broken and modified version here:
<rekado_>divansantana: currently you cannot answer this question with Guix tools.
<rekado_>(but yes: ghc-pandoc provides the pandoc executable)
<adfeno>mark_weaver: Sorry for answering here: About my inability to send emails to lists at Please tell the webmasters to disregard the message, I found out that it's indeed the service provider that I use that's having problems.
<ng0>Looks like sway is easier to build now than 5 months ago. I'll get this done with the help of my old patches
<adfeno>civodul: About unetbootin recipe: I might be pessimist now, but I think we must make sure that it's really free/libre.
<adfeno>civodul: I'm unable to answer any emails or mailing lists for now, due to what I just said to mark_weaver .
<adfeno>civodul: Actually, the problem is that it recommends other non-free software. although it **is** free/libre software, according to:
<adfeno>We just have to patch it in a way such that these recommendations are removed, and provide the complete corresponding source, of course.
<ng0>what are "lto object"s and why can't bin/ar deal with them without a plugin?
<rekado_>without context I'd say "lto" = Link time optimization.
<rekado_>but it's hard to say anything useful without context
<civodul>adfeno: yes, that's exactly what the "software blacklist" page says
<ng0>rekado_: probably yes
<ng0>I also have no prior experience with elogind, so that something I need to ask for when I send the patch series for sway
<civodul>ng0: you have a new email address, right?
<ng0>new old one, but new to the list
<ng0>fading out my payed domains
<civodul>you'll have to update .mailmap again :-)
<ng0>but this is just when the commit has the new email address, which so far it doesn't
<civodul>oh right
<adfeno>Will be back shortly.
<civodul>seems 'M-x guix G' no longer works for graphs other than the default type of graph
<davexunit>if only it were in the guix source tree to debug...
<ng0>how is this handle for cmake build system? I want it to be "yes":
<ng0>option(zsh-completions "Zsh shell completions" NO)
<janneke>how do i configure slim to start the X server with extra `-dpi xxx' argument?
<divansantana>can one use the config.scm guile code to git clone a repo into a directory and keep it up to date?
<civodul>ng0: -DCMAKE_OPTION_ZSH_COMPLETIONS=yes i think
<ng0>thanks :)
<divansantana>Guessing yes, but I'm still learning guile/lisp etc
<janneke>ACTION has switched from gnome to stumpwm
<ng0>I guess this will introduce non-determinism and I have to set it to some fixed date?
<rekado_>divansantana: I didn't understand the question. Could you try to rephrase?
<efraim>we now have ccmake in cmake, which brings up an ncurses interface which shows you all the configure options for that project
<ng0>I would just start an environment with cmake and run ccmake in the root of the repository?
<efraim>in the "build" directory
<ng0>thanks :)
<janneke>ah, xserver-start-command seems to be the thing to use
<rekado_>janneke: I have an executable ~/.xsession file that contains "exec stumpwm" at the end.
<divansantana>rekado_: this should explain it
<civodul>janneke: is that for a hi-dpi screen? i'm interested :-)
<janneke>civodul: yes
<janneke>i want to try X -dpi 300
<divansantana>rekado_: basically I want my config.scm file for my laptop system to manage everything system wide. Packages etc. Also to clone my laptop dotfiles in place for my home dir
<janneke>i read the manual too casually and set `xserver-arguments' and got a horrible qt-based loging thingy
<civodul>janneke: neat; so far i just set the font size in Emacs and set GDK_SCALE=2
<janneke>yeah...that could work; partly
<janneke>xrandr reports my (laptop) screen is 846mm wide
<janneke>hmm, how would i configure xorg-start-command...
<janneke>ah, slim-service has a `startx' entry
<civodul>we now have an nginx test \\o/
<roelj>civodul: Cool!
<ng0>I'm a bit stuck on asciidoc stuff with sway, but I only got 3 hours of sleep. I'll try fixing it tomorrow
<janneke>i managed to set -dpi 300; and xrandr nicely shows it -- but it seems that's being ignored?
<ng0>hm.. how do we deal with filesystems?
<ng0>static AND dynamic builds?
<ng0>I'm doing xfs
<rekado_>divansantana: the operating system configuration does not contain features for handling user data.
<rekado_>divansantana: that's the scope of what's been called guix ops
<rekado_>(which doesn't exist yet)
<rekado_>divansantana: I suppose you could run code in your config.scm that has side-effects, but that's hardly better than just running a script
<civodul>janneke: "xrandr --dpi 300/0" does nothing on my laptop
<janneke>civodul: right... amazing
<ng0>for xfsprogs i find it strange that even when included, no matter if static of dynamic, input util-linux/lib/libuuid.a is nout found
<civodul>janneke: but it's not clear whether it's supposed to do something
<civodul>"This also sets the reported physical size values of the screen"
<divansantana>rekado_: hmm ok. Cool. Maybe ill eventually just get it to call a script or git clone in guile. When I figure that out.
<divansantana>rekado_: thanks
<ng0>to me it seems as if Nix and Guix build environments differ enough to make build scripts for Nix look like they don't need to break so much expectations and find files easier.
<ng0>or they just hide it well enough
<divansantana>How can I see a list of packages installed? System wide.
<rekado_>guix package -p /run/current-system/profile -I
<rekado_>divansantana: ^
<divansantana>rekado_: bril thanks
<janneke>stumpwm does not use freetype?
<rekado_>janneke: I use (run-shell-command "xset +fp ~/.guix-profile/share/fonts/X11/100dpi") and (set-font "-adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--14-100-100-100-m-90-iso8859-1") for a more readable font.
<rekado_>I think Xft support is optional in stumpwm and requires a package we don't yet have in Guix.
<janneke>rekado_: thank you, that works and is just beyond unreadable
<janneke>now i can experiment with a bigger font
<rekado_>please let me know if you find one
<rekado_>I'd like something more readable myself
<janneke>rekado_: i have a 305dpi screen...
<rekado_>(I like big fonts even on my small lo-dpi screen)
<rekado_>when I installed stumpwm the default was some tiny italics font; incredibly hard to read
<rekado_>(that's what made me give up on stumpwm the first time I tried it; couldn't find a way to change it.0
<janneke>rekado_: okay...if it's only in guix that stumpwm has no nice fonts, that can be fixed
<ng0>gcc: error: /gnu/store/8b5ffm91zlmm1k5i4kq5qix59v7jm9ln-util-linux-2.28.1/lib/libuuid.a: No such file or directory hrm
<ng0>the file exists
<civodul>ng0: it's in the "static" output
<ng0>yes, and that's used
<ng0>I could push the current work so someone can take a look at the output. It's weird. I'm not so happy with the choice of readline, I want libedit, but first going beyond that failure would be nice
<janneke>rekado_: i'm now using: "-*-courier-*-r-*-*-34-*-*-*-*-*-*-*"
<janneke>rekado_: i'm very pleasantly surprised by stumpwm; thanks!
<ng0>maybe run autoreconf..
<adfeno>I'm back! :)
<ng0>How do I get the ^L in emacs again?
<ng0>C-m q something?
<gnu_srs1>C-q C-l
<ng0>thanks :)
<ng0>oh, regarding plymouth.. a systemd service says: After=systemd-user-sessions.service getty@tty1.service plymouth-quit.service ... so it starts after the getty
<divansantana>rekado_: about "guix ops" and guix becoming like puppet/chef etc. Is that a thing. Do you think eventually it will go in that direction?
<ng0>whoaa... maybe I just have a typo in my gnunet-service. I just read provision instead of provide
<nliadm>is there any movement on go packaging or a go build system?
<ng0>Petter started it iirc
<ng0>the build-system i mean
<ng0>Should I copy for Xsession what other distros do, or do we have an opinion of xmodmap/xkbmap ? It could make the Xsession file about ~10 lines shorter
<civodul>NixOS on IPFS ->
<civodul>ng0: ↑ might be of interest to you!
<ng0>i've been following that dicussion
<somename>hi guys, I don't want to waste your time but I want to use guixsd as a daily driver and help with it
<ng0>but I'm not convinced of ipfs, and given the cleaning up process of cadet I still prefer gnunet-fs. but I'm interested in other approaches :)
<somename>s development in whatever way I can, is anyone using it as a daily driver, what is your setup like?
<cehteh>ipfs fuse is pretty unstable, and you have no auth at all, lacks in a lot ends, not that the auth problem matters for guix, but still
<somename>first time seeing gnunet
<cehteh>having tahoe-lafs and/or bittorrent backends for guix would be nice too
<ng0>I'm not saying I'm supportive of multiple approaches, but until one thing works, multiple things would be nice as a choice
<cehteh>eventually it would be nice to have one blessed offical channel yes
<ng0>eh.. actually I had too little sleep for this sentence
<cehteh>i understand your concerns
<rekado_>somename: I'm using GuixSD for my server and my laptops.
<ng0>but, nice to see progress on Nix end
<rekado_>and for a recording workstation
<adfeno>somename: You can help the project by also installing Guix on top of your existing system.
<somename>I just found an old asus laptop that I'm going to set it up on once it finished downloading and I'm doing operating systems this semester and I figure I'll learn much more just trying to fix easy bugs and reporting the more difficult ones
<somename>also I like lisp way more than java
<somename>what wm do you use etc? is bspwm working (i saw it's packaged)
<adfeno>cehteh: About Tahoe-LAFS, I also think it's good project, but I'm leaning towards GNUnet because some dependencies of the former seem to be abandonned.
<rekado_>somename: across the different machines I use xfce and stumpwm
<somename>maybe I should actually check out stumpwm
<adfeno>cehteh: BitTorrent would only work for immutable content.
<cehteh>adfeno: if only the tahoe implementation woudnt be bloaty python :D ... every file you put into it needs its size twice in ram
<cehteh>adfeno: the guix store is immutable
<adfeno>cehteh: Also, check out the guix-devel mailing list, I posted my WIP (now dormant) recipe for Tahoe-LAFS.
<cehteh>architecturally ipfs would be a nice choice, but you want to have the store directly served, not duplicate everying twice
<somename>is gnunet as mature as ipfs?
<adfeno>GNUnet is also nice choice because it supports both mutable and immutable storage, and can take shortcuts.
<ng0>(don't delegate any questions at me today, rather use #gnunet. i had wonderful 2 hours of sleep)
<adfeno>Although I must still understand (and do, see in action) how to do so in GNUnet (because I still have to understand how to install it properly here).
<ng0>you can help debugging the service I've sent and am stuck on for a while now
<ng0>that steps 0 to get a really working one for GuixSD
<adfeno>ng0: OK :) We'll leave you be. :)
<adfeno>ng0: Well... the issue for me at least is that I don't use GuixSD, only Guix.
<adfeno>So I can't really test the service.
<ng0>noted for documentation update, I need to open bugs on the update move anyway
<ng0>"document example cases for various systems"
<adfeno>But, isn't Shepherd services only for Guix?
<rekado_>somename: I was pleasantly surprised to see that stumpwm handles windows just right. It doesn't just change the window layout automatically, which is really nice.
<civodul>adfeno: the Shepherd is not tight to Guix{,SD}, you can be use it on any GNU system
<ng0>adfeno: you need to do some systemd/upstart/openrc/whatever you use service file+conf editing but today I can answer simple question, the rest is complicated
<ng0>civodul: but wouldn't that require porting?
<somename>yeah it looks good, I remember when I initially was looking into window managers I dismissed it for some reason but I think it may be time to reevaluate
<ng0>or at least to be able to run it in addition to whatever host uses
<rekado_>ng0: what needs porting?
<rekado_>ng0: shepherd runs on GNU systems.
<civodul>ng0: maybe i misread; shepherd itself can be used anywhere, but Shepherd services produced by GuixSD are for GuixSD
<civodul>hey jlicht!
<ng0>ok, that's more clear
<adfeno>Indeed... that was my intent for the question. Sorry for ambiguity.
<adfeno>It seems it was I who made the confusion.
<rekado_>janneke: thanks for the font string. I'm using a smaller font size than 34, but the rest of the font string is the same.
<ng0>I think when I'm done with lxdm, we should switch to it. SLIM has to many problems.
<ng0>it doesn't have to be be lxdm forever, but at least as a default slim is terrible
<somename>I really like lxdm
<somename>so that sounds great!
<ng0>lightdm is also an option, but I just happened to pick lxdm
<ng0>ulmately, I agree with this comment "one display manager fitting to each WM"
<Apteryx>Hi! Could someone give me a hint regarding how to use a public-key record as a gexp? Here are my 2 attempts:
<Apteryx>Maybe I just need to escape the #s in my first string version?
<rekado_>I'll give lightdm a try now
<rekado_>note that we already have an alternative display manager
<ng0>oh, I just started with it in parallel, as it looks very easy. do you want to package it? that'd be great :)
<ng0>which one?
<rekado_>ng0: sddm
<ng0>there is no service though, or is there?
<rekado_>lightdm is really easy. Almost done.
<rekado_>just systemic test failures
<ng0>yup :) and the greeters
<civodul>Apteryx: the 'authorized-keys' field of <guix-configuration> is a list of files, not a list of actual keys
<Hermit>shit, wrong window
<rekado_>five tests still fail, but I'm out of time. I'll revisit this tomorrow.
<civodul>so you would do (guix-configuration (authorized-keys (list (plain-file "key1" "(public-key ...)"))))
<rekado_>Hermit: "cat" is too short to be a password :)
<civodul>Apteryx: ↑
<Hermit>rekado_: haha, hunter2 is way better ;)
<Apteryx>civodul: Oh, right! I was under the impression that the (file-append method which forms the %default-guix-authorized-keys from a file in the guix checkout would return its content for some reason. Thanks!
<ng0>unbundling can be tricky. I'm trying to tell cadaver that it should use our neon, but so far the fixes of other distros do not work for us
<ng0>Would it be okay to add cadaver with the bundled neon, until this is solved?
<Apteryx>Can I break long string into multilines for readability in Guile/Scheme?
<adfeno>Apteryx: Perhaps using: (string-append "First"
<adfeno> "Second
<adfeno> Third considering spaces too"
<adfeno>"Fourth and so forth"
<Apteryx>adfeno: Right! Alternatively I could use \\<newline> but this would put me back at the beginning of the line completely, which is not a big gain in readability.
<Apteryx>I'll try you idea :)
<adfeno>And you can insert text that comes from othr procedures inside the (string-append ...) one
<adfeno>Just remember that it won't break lines or insert spaces unless you tell it to.
<Apteryx>adfeno: OK!
<civodul>Apteryx: yw! i hope it works for you now
<davexunit>we need our mingw cross builds to be this easy
<adfeno>I wish twitter would have only free/liibre JS :)
<adfeno>So that I could use it.
<janneke>davexunit: how is that easier than our `guix build --target=i686-w64-mingw32 hello'
<civodul>i agree with janneke, what we have nicer/easier
<civodul>on purpose ;-)
<davexunit>janneke: nice!
<davexunit>that is news to me
<civodul>anyone who tweets should tweet this ;-)
<davexunit>I'll do it
<civodul>it was only briefly mentioned in
<civodul>but it'd deserve a post
<civodul>cross-compilation support in general would deserve a post i guess
<civodul>ACTION has to go
<janneke>civodul: yeah...i checked-out the web/artwork and cleaned-out a new page and then...postponed my blog post
<davexunit>let it be known!
<rekado_>why is the Nix version so complicated?
<rekado_>that's not something to be used on the command line, is it?
<davexunit>but I guess in nix the platform you are compiling for is part of the package
<davexunit>so you have to make a new expression fo rit
<davexunit>for it*
<davexunit>but that is just what I'm inferring from the code snippet.
<davexunit>is that actually true?
<Apteryx>I remember someone mentionning a way to load a config.scm file in the REPL for "validating" it, but cannot find it back. I think I needed to load (guix) or some module before attempting to load the file in the REPL?
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<Apteryx>I've typed ,use (guix), then ,load "/absolute/path/to/my/config.scm" and it seems to work!
<davexunit>is that build reproducibility page live that?
<davexunit>found it
<davexunit>NixOS on HN front page
<ng0>will anything break if I update shadow? Are there tests in place?
<ng0>4.4 was released
<ng0>is it used in any way though
<ng0>eh.. scratch the last question
<ng0>I should sleep
<ng0>just updating it, let's see if anything catches fire in the process
<adfeno>mark_weaver: Wow! Sending to the list works again! Thanks! :)
<davexunit>guix environment --ad-hoc wine -- wine $(guix build --target=i686-w64-mingw32 hello)/bin/hello.exe
<ng0>for the update of shadow, is it enough for functionality when I update a system with it and I can still log in?
<ng0>damn. email sending failed in between mboxes. sorry for sending twices
<civodul>ng0: BTW, re GNUnet, this is the last report with code:
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, alezost says: re "M-x guix G" what graph type and what package did you try? BTW did you check that the same "guix graph --type=..." shell command work
<civodul>hey alezost :-)
<civodul>alezost: i tried "references" and "qemu"
<civodul>i get "File ’/tmp/emacs-guix-graph-53508s.png’ does not exist."
<civodul>which is true :-)
<ng0>i'll take a look at this.. but I've sent an email yesterday, I waited some weeks as someone promised offlist to get back in touch with me but it never happened. so I was stuck with the gnunet-service since october
<cehteh>when i login as user into guix from urxvt and then sudo the TERM stuff is garbled because root doesnt have the respective termcap installed i guess (TERM=rxvt works then)
<efraim>`guix import gnu gnuastro' gave me as part: (description "null (newpkg/20150216)")
<ng0>oh, unrealted to my messages! ah, thanks civodul :)
<cehteh>dunno even if thats a bug or by design, but are there any ideas how to mitigate that except setting TERM in .profile?
<ng0>In my reading of the archives, I didn't read this message so far
<pareidolia>Does Ludovic visit the channel?
<alezost>civodul: it works for me
<alezost>pareidolia: Ludovic is civodul
<pareidolia>Ah, nice move :)
<pareidolia>civodul: Bonan vesperon!
<alezost>civodul: if you have a time for this, could you evaluate the following in the Guix repl: (pipe-guix-output '("graph" "--type=references" "qemu") '("dot" "-o/tmp/qemu-graph1.png" "-Tpng")) and check if "/tmp/qemu-graph1.png" appears
<civodul>alezost: seems like it doesn't return
<civodul>oh wait
<civodul>guix graph: error: qemu-CVE-2017-5525.patch: patch not found
<civodul>looks like a search path issue
<efraim>Did I mess it up?
<civodul>you? i don't think so
<civodul>me, probably :-)
<civodul>back in the day i had it set up so that it would look up everything in my checkout rather than ~/.config/guix/latest
<alezost>civodul: do you mean that "guix graph --type=references qemu" fails?
<efraim>I aim for "dont break things" :)
<civodul>alezost: no, but the above REPL command does
<pareidolia>civodul: I saw your localization set to EO in some presentation videos.
<civodul>yup :-)
<civodul>bonan vesperon pareidolia
<pareidolia>Ĉu aliaj samideanoj en la guix-a rondo?
<alezost>civodul: maybe the problem in your 'geiser-guile-load-path'
<alezost>I think it is placed in the top of '%load-path' so it may override everything
<alezost>btw I never set 'geiser-guile-load-path', not sure why it may be needed (I prefer GUILE_LOAD[_COMPILED]_PATH)
<pareidolia>civodul: Did you do the translation?
<ng0>catonano: wow :O
<ng0>the last email
<catonano>ng0: ;-)
<pareidolia>I get the feeling of missing context all the time
<ng0>I felt a simple "wow" as a reply to this email in an email would not be appropriate to some rfcs ;D
<pareidolia>Ah, I read about that
<pareidolia>What do the jquery devs do?
<pareidolia>catonano: grafo ?
<catonano>alian for "graph". It ust slipped ;-)
<catonano>Ok I'll retry
<catonano>"grafo" is the Italian for "graph". It just slipped
<pareidolia>catonano: Ah, Italian too. I was trying to probe Esperanto speakers
<catonano>pareidolia: I considered esperanto but I'm too old for learning new languages ;-))
<adfeno>I prefer Kurso de Esperanto, and Project Gutenberg's books about Esperanto. :)
<catonano>note taken ;-)
<adfeno>At least I know these I can share (because they have license or are in public domain).
<adfeno>I still have to learn a lot.
<adfeno>I'm only in basics of pronunciation.
<pareidolia>I've got a bookcase full of books, here in NL a lot of olduloj are dying off leaving their book collections
<pareidolia>catonano: Broccoli funnel sounds like one of those auto-suggestions Github offers when creating a new repo
<catonano>pareidolia: I didn't even kknow that github suggests names for projects
<catonano>who would let github suggest a name for their proect ?
<ng0>it's from their secrent patent catalogue
<ng0> catonano which hardware was this on?
<catonano>ng0: my laptop. A Dell xps 13 with the last ubuntu uon it. Why ?
<ng0>i686, arm, amd64?
<ng0>that's what I meant :)
<ng0>helps to determine wether the bug is closed once I can no longer reproduce it
<catonano>x86_64 ;-)
<catonano>pareidolia: are you Jelle ?
<ng0>with parallel testing false or true? I saw that my git package has it on "false" and this used to break some tests. I'm running it with parallel #f now
<ng0>*has it on true
<catonano>ng0: my git log shows the last commit was on Sat Jan 14 20:33:16 2017 +0000
<catonano>now I'm tired and I can't properly read the file to see wether the tests were parallel or not :-/
<ng0>which repository?
<pareidolia>catonano: Miko from Amsterdam
<catonano>pareidolia: ah ok :-)
<catonano>ng0: the one on pagure
<ng0>I haven't pushed the updates I think
<mekeor>ACTION wonders why there is a .guile-wm file in his $HOME
<civodul>mekeor: it's automatically added when accounts are created
<civodul>part of the default "skeletons"
<mekeor>omg. is guile-wm installed by default? ô.Ô
<mekeor>i guess not. but if it's not installed, .guile-wm is meaningless...
<buenouanq>I've brought this up before.
<mekeor>did you file a bug, buenouanq? :D
<buenouanq>someone found who had originally accidentally included it in /etc/skel, but I guess it still hasn't been removed
<buenouanq>I don't file bug reports, I just complain about things on IRC (-‿‿ - )
<buenouanq>if not for this mistake though, I would have never even known guile-wm existed
<mekeor>haha, yeah, it's good advertisement
<mekeor>maybe guile-wm should be the default DE of guixSD
<buenouanq>the ways installing it works and how it's more of a meta os you have to build up yourself, defaults like that don't really make sense
<buenouanq>but I would love to see it recieve some more attention, love, and work.
<ng0>catonano: I added a variant for parallel-tests (or build?) disabled
<catonano>ng0: ok, I'll pull now, but I won't build gnunet now. I'm tired. Tomorrow
<ng0>you will run into this:
<catonano>ng0: ah. Ok. Thanks