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<pareidolia>I'm trying to build guix standalone, but it can't find guile-json. It's supposed to be optional?
<pareidolia>When I do make I get ERROR: no code for module (json)
<pareidolia>The sources are guix-0.12.0
<davexunit>pareidolia: it's a bug with that release.
<davexunit>if it's for the crate importer, I fixed that in master.
<efraim>Sneek later tell ng0 I'm almost ready to push the next batch of qt modules. Qtwebengine isn't one of them, sorry
<sneek>Will do.
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<Apteryx>When I'm in an environment, is it kosher to add new packages with new calls to "guix environment --ad-hoc some-package-i-had-forgotten" ?
<Apteryx>Also, is there a page to search the irc #guix log archives? There is this one: but it doesn't seem like I can search through it.
<Apteryx>Oh, nevermind. Google site: search helps.
<efraim>Apteryx: it should work to add more packages
<Apteryx>efraim: OK! It was working indeed, but was wondering if I was not somehow abusing it ;)
<Apteryx>How do I go to create a profile from nothing? "guix environment --ad-hoc ..." ? And then I could reuse it (supposing I don't run the gc) by doing "bash; source /path/to/the/created/profile" ?
<jmd>Apteryx: Well a profile is nothing other than a directory.
<efraim>--ad-hoc adds to your current environment, --pure starts from nothing
<jmd>So mkdir will do it :/
<Apteryx>I thought that --ad-hoc adds the package itself compared to != ad-hoc which adds the package inputs.
<Apteryx>efraim: aren't --ad-hoc & --pure orthogonal options?
<Apteryx>jmd: interesting. Although by "profile" I meant something I can activate.
<Apteryx>IIUC guix uses a bash "profile" file to remember what to put in the PATH and other environment variables to set?
<jmd>--ad-hoc and --pure are orthogonal. (orthogonal does not mean mutually exclusive)
<Apteryx>So the only thing defining a "profile" when I use "guix environment" is a "profile" file which contains references to store items?
<jmd>guix environment creates a profile and populates it. It then starts a shell with the environment set to use that profile.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>civodul: Hi ludo
<efraim>day 8 of qt modules & tests, the end is in sight for the initial enabling of the tests
<efraim>not building the tests for qtcanvas3d means it also skipped the required examples to run the tests against, which cut build time by about 60%
<civodul>congrats efraim, you're courageous! :-)
<civodul>it's the kind of task that is thankless but benefits everyone
<pareidolia>I can't get guix-0.12.0.tar.gz to compile on my Gentoo system. It complains about missing json. Can I get a hint?
<rekado>pareidolia: you need guile-json
<pareidolia>rekado: It's not optional?
<rekado>pareidolia: that’s a bug in the release (it should have been optional)
<pareidolia>rekado: Can I patch it?
<alezost>pareidolia: try to patch it with this: <>
<pareidolia>Thanks! I did unpack, make and set GUILE_LOAD_PATH so I'm getting progress
<pareidolia>I'm hoping guix standalone bootstraps itself into the store like nix does (I'm doing single-user standalone)
<civodul>pareidolia: you can read about this here:
<pareidolia>I get a lot of test suites that fail. Is that normal at this time?
<pareidolia>civodul: That requires a workig guix. I only have a compiled source dir now
<pareidolia>Do I have to install into /usr/local... after compiling ?
<pareidolia>Since I'm working with ./configure --with-store-dir=/nix/store --localstatedir=/nix/var --disable-daemon
<pareidolia>Can I upgrade later on with guix pull?
<rekado>pareidolia: you don’t have to install
<rekado>note that using /nix/store means that you cannot use substitutes from our build farm.
<pareidolia>rekado: That's ok! I'm running Gentoo :)
<rekado>pareidolia: what do you mean by “that requires a working guix”? After compiling the source dir is Guix not working?
<pareidolia>ERROR: no code for module (guix ui)
<pareidolia>When I run ./scripts/guix
<rekado>why would you run that?
<pareidolia>To run it without installing?
<rekado>have you read the manual?
<rekado>then you should have seen this:
<pareidolia>Ahh an other section
<pareidolia>I thought was all
<pareidolia>rekado: I built with --disable-daemon and still guix build: error: failed to connect to `/nix/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket': No such file or directory
<jmd>guix system reconfigure is taking a rediculously long time.
<jmd>Oh wow! just finished!
<jmd>About 15 minutes. How long does it take other people?
<rekado>pareidolia: you cannot use Guix without a daemon.
<civodul>jmd: depends; did it it have a lot to build?
<jmd>there was nothing to build.
<pareidolia>rekado: Thanks so far. I prolly misunderstood the docs
<rekado>pareidolia: the error tells you that it cannot connect to the daemon via the socket at $localstatedir/guix/daemon-socket/socket.
<civodul>jmd: and networking? (substitutes, etc.)
<civodul>it's definitely not optimal, but not unbearable either here
<civodul>4.3 seconds on a hot cache, with "-n"
<civodul>and on an SSD
<jmd>that machine is off-line - I had just changed /etc/config.scm
<civodul>(surely much slower on a spinning disk)
<jmd>I have an SSD.
<jmd>What is "hot cache" ?
<pareidolia>rekado: Is it true that guix differs from in this respect? My standalone nix doesn't run nix-daemon
<civodul>pareidolia: right, Guix requires a running daemon
<civodul>it's really the only way to have multi-user machines and build isolation
<civodul>jmd: i mean i measured the second run
<jmd>.. and -n ? what did you pass that to?
<pareidolia>civodul: At the moment I'm at the single-user standalone usecase
<jmd>When I type "tail -f /dev/zero" after about 3 seconds the OOM killer kills it. It that normal?
<pareidolia>jmd: It eats ram here (Gentoo)
<rekado>pareidolia: even as a single user the daemon is used.
<pareidolia>jmd: Zero doesn't contain any linebreaks :)
<jmd>Maybe that's the reason.
<ng0>efraim: actually I'm already working on qtwebengine as a dependency for qupzilla
<sneek>Welcome back ng0, you have 1 message.
<sneek>ng0, efraim says: I'm almost ready to push the next batch of qt modules. Qtwebengine isn't one of them, sorry
<ng0>thanks for the reply :)
<pareidolia>If I want to make a user profile, can I just mkdir in /var/guix/profiles/per-user ?
<jmd>pareidolia: Normally it gets created automatically for you.
<pareidolia>jmd: I see it now, thanks
<pareidolia>jmd: /var/guix/profiles/per-user/pareidolia/guix-profile doesn't exist though
<jmd>I think it gets created when you install a package.
<pareidolia>I'm installing locales now
<pareidolia>Hmmm. When I do guix package -i guix on a fresh install, it downgrades to 0.11
<cehteh>did you guix pull?
<pareidolia>Good one
<cehteh>and installing guixsd here, it starts to build things from source on a slow netbook
<cehteh>whats the problem there, hydra dint build recent things or thrown away cached stuff?
<pareidolia>cehteh: You might have to trust the gpg key from hydra
<cehteh>isnt that implicit in guixsd installing from usb image
<cehteh>also it doesnt build all
<cehteh>i know that
<ng0>cehteh: is there amessage about --fallback ?
<cehteh>scrolled through, cant see, will check next, or does this get logged somewhere?
<cehteh>small screen netbook
<cehteh>methinks that guix needs some staging selectable by the user and master (or maybe stable) should only be updated when all packages are build and available on hydra and prevented frm gc there
<cehteh>same goes for install image releases
<cehteh>its quite rarely that i installed guix and it didnt need to build anything, most often there are some bits not available
<pareidolia>Sounds like a great idea
<efraim>ng0: if qtwebengine inherits from qtsvg then i've changed the 'configure stage. The remaining qt modules after my batch are qtwebengine, qt3d, qtvirtualkeyboard and qtwebview(?)
<pareidolia>I'm still getting complaints about locales
<efraim>and the android/mac/windows/activeqt ones
<ng0>efraim: no idea.. that's my first big qt module and I need to change lots of things which are in the (arguments) of qtbase, the inherit is mostly pointless now.
<ng0>withpout going through all the emails about this, why the inherits?
<ng0>*the chain of inherits
<pareidolia>I did everything in the documentation in section and Guix still complains about locales
<pareidolia>Restart the build daemon
<pareidolia>Scratch that, still complaining
<pareidolia>On every invocation of guix
<pareidolia>I get warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<cehteh>thats guix on some other distro, not guixsd?
<pareidolia>On a gentoo host yes
<cehteh>never done that
<cehteh>the locales are installed w/o error in your profile?
<cehteh>i suppose the GUIX_LOCPATH should be rather on ones .profile than ad-hoc
<cehteh>from that on you should able to debug what happens, at worst strace it
<cehteh>does the error come from guix or from the guix daemon?
<pareidolia>I don't see such messages from the daemon
<pareidolia>Only "spurious SIGPOLL
<cehteh>no idea, i'd have to debug it too, so far i am way too inexperienced with guix too
<pareidolia>It's a work in progress
<pareidolia>My toplevel goal is to get ao-guile running since it's been somewhat unstable in Gentoo
<pareidolia>Package ao-cad
<pareidolia>Presently ao from Nix segfaults, and here it gets Illegal instruction
<cehteh>huh dont know that
<cehteh>looks nice
<cehteh>illegal instruction .. mhm perhaps optimized for the wrong cpu flavor
<pareidolia>I'll try a forced rebuild
<cehteh>check the cflags
<cehteh>using some odd cpu there?
<cehteh>amd, atom, old, ...
<pareidolia>Intel 3320M i5
<cehteh>sounds pretty standard
<cehteh>the netbook i am installing guix now is an old atom
<cehteh>apropos has the linux-libre kernel zswap enabled? anyone knows?
<cehteh>grr guix system init failed
<cehteh>after hours
<cehteh>with no space left on device .. but i dont know which one, df -h shows all ok
<pareidolia>I know
<pareidolia>have done herd start cow-store /mnt ?
<pareidolia>You're in a livecd environment, it tries to write to ramdisk
<cehteh>yes, but i saied yesterday already that gives an error
<cehteh>i now try without, bindmoint /tmp to a hdd
<pareidolia>What error
<pareidolia>I got an error at first too, but a reboot solved that
<cehteh>tried many times
<cehteh>fogot now what error, trying w/o,
<pareidolia>Grrr. I can't install grub. It doesn't want to install on ext4 or fat. What else
<cehteh>not partitioned?
<pareidolia>GPT, sda1 64m sda2 8gb ext4
<cehteh>sounds right
<snape>pareidolia: grub does not install on a partition if I remember well
<cehteh>ah yes you need to give the device
<snape>it installs at the beginning of the disk
<cehteh>then /boot or whatever for aux data wich live on some filesystem
<pareidolia>snape: I tried that, didn't work either
<snape>what is the error?
<pareidolia>I'll need to rerun it
<efraim>ng0: I used the inherits so I could keep my qmake substitution across all the qtmodules without writing a qmake-build-system
<ng0>so nothing really necessary if my package would not apply to this layout
<ng0>haha. I just tried to save a download in the compiled chromium and it crashed
<ng0>there's indeed still something missing :)
<ng0>but browsing works
<rekado>cehteh: make sure that /tmp didn’t run out of space.
<rekado>rust + emacs
<rekado>but: no copyright assignment required so none of this will ever be upstreamed.
<ng0>this just got released: :)
<ng0>in 1.0 under GPL3+ and MLPv2+
<civodul>rekado: Rust is everywhere these days, that's impressive
<civodul>even in librsvg
<civodul>it seems they've managed to seduce the C/C++ free software crowd
<ng0>ntpsec is being rewritten in rust
<OrangeShark>ng0: I think they were exploring the possibility of using rust or go
<ng0>with all the movement and attention, I hope it stabilizes at some part
<ng0>and they chose rust
<ng0>recent blogpost said so i think
<OrangeShark>the recent one was about moving past C
<civodul>looks like the Mozilla PR has been more successful than the Google PR on Go
<civodul>well Rust also seems to be less boring than Go
<OrangeShark>civodul: Go is being used a lot too
<OrangeShark>though I don't think they have seduced enough of the C/C++ crowd
<civodul>yeah that's my impression
<OrangeShark>Seems more like an alternative for Java or .NET
<ng0>xfsprogs distributor has a weird way to do signatures... uploads .tar.xz files but the signature is .tar.sign
<ng0>and even then I get bad signature :/
<ng0>just download again
<civodul> <- Hydra in Haskell + Elm
<cehteh>oops .. you know, hercules is already another open source project, ibm mainframe emulator
<cehteh>too much free software, finding names getting hard, we should switch to uuid's :D
<ng0>names are bloat
<cehteh>yes we should remove then all .. for guix, make things callable by their hash only would be a consequence
<ng0>or the post rock way of naming things, release software named like 'par-économie-pendant-la-crise-on-éteint-la-lumière-au-bout-du-tunnel'-0.0.2
<ng0>but don't use that name, or you'll come up with a year of no light track, whci hisn't post rock, but serves as a good length example :D
<ng0>if you make it long enough you can even ensure that it will never run on windows
<cehteh>you prolly dont even need to care about length old-style windows hater things are using .c for C and .C for C++ for example :)
<cehteh>or : in filenames
<cehteh>how does windows like newline chars in filenames?
<davexunit>civodul: interesting
<davexunit>can't say I love the choice of languages, but interesting nonetheless ;)
<ng0>Is my assumption correct that I can not write an guix system test which simulates a machine wherein an application erases ram and/or the drive?
<ng0>ah... you only live once. I'm trying it on bare metal :)
<pareidolia>Is there a specific reason why the Mate desktop is not packaged on Guix nor on Nix?
<davexunit>lack of interest is the only thing I can think of
<davexunit>we'd gladly accept patches that add mate packages
<pareidolia>Ok, new hobby for me!
<pareidolia>It's funny, Nix does contain some low level libs and themes for Mate
<pareidolia>Same for Guix
<davexunit>someone may have been interested but just didn't get far yet
<efraim>There's another 7 or so Mate packages from about a year back on the mailinglist
<efraim>They're a good starting point to get them packaged up
<pareidolia>I read in the manual that debug outputs are only enabled for about 50 packages now not to stress the build servers. Can I get debug outputs for all packages if I am willing to compile locally?
<mark_weaver>sneek: later tell lfam: the nss build from nss-updates failed on armhf. it failed just one test: DamageYStream/TlsDamageDHYTest.DamageClientY/27, where GetParam() = ("TLS", 771, 1, false)
<sneek>Welcome back lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, mark_weaver says: the nss build from nss-updates failed on armhf. it failed just one test: DamageYStream/TlsDamageDHYTest.DamageClientY/27, where GetParam() = ("TLS", 771, 1, false)
<efraim>is ed really only used by ~200 packages, or is it deep in the base?
<lfam>efraim: You're right, it seems to be in the base. With an ed 1.14.1 update patch, building bash or guile requires rebuilding lots of base packages.
<lfam>We should be able to graft that bug fix
<efraim>my qt changes are almost ready, just have to apply another patch to fix some tests and then rebase and test one last time
<lfam>Nice! Thanks for working on this!
<efraim>I didn't add cmake as an optional test dependancy, so there's still more to do later :)
<lfam>mark_weaver: Is there any valuable information about the test failure? Maybe a build log with some error messages?
<lfam>mark_weaver: This seems to be the file with the relevant tests, and it has some recent changes. But, I'm a little hampered by my ignorance of mercurial.
<ng0>how do I instruct mirror sourceforge to download something with an space in the url (or %20) ?
<lfam>ng0: Does it not "just work"?
<ng0>I can try if that url is correct
<ng0>I guessed from the webinterface
<jmd>Can anyone tell me which package will provide the font '-misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso10646-1' or how I can find out?
<lfam>ng0: Which url?
<lfam>jmd: It looks like the name of the font itself is missing, as if those are just the "options" of the typeface
<ng0>I was wrong, I have the url now
<lfam>What's the context?
<jmd>lfam: I want xterm to work properly.
<lfam>Okay, but where is that string coming from?
<ng0>argh. okay, I really think that we need to add the sourceforge projects case in addition to the project
<cehteh>how can i import a package from a usb flash mounted /gnu/store into the running store?
<lfam>jmd: I googled the numerical part of the string and the first result is promising:
<ng0>it is frequent enough to be added. I will prepare a patch tomorrow
<jmd>lfam: xterm gives an error when it starts up, saying it can't find that font.
<lfam>mark_weaver: If I understand Mercurial correctly, that test is new in the 3.28.1 NSS release
<jmd>lfam: I can use google too. Unfortunately, guix doesn't have a package called xorg-x11-fonts
<lfam>Yes, but it's a promising lead, right?
<jmd>Not really. How does it help?
<jmd>I suppose I could take the fedora package apart and see what they do ...
<lfam>Yeah, exactly
<lfam>Or take a look at our xorg packages to see if there is anything related to fonts...
<jmd>lfam: There are lots of them. But they all have rather unhelpful descriptions.
<cehteh>hups ... there is nothing to confiigure sysfs entries on boot yet sysfs-service or something like that?
<cehteh>sysfsutils is packaged
<efraim>only 8 packages still use our monolithic qt5
<alezost>sneek: later tell jmd that font is from 'font-misc-misc' package: look at "/gnu/store/...-font-misc-misc-1.1.2/share/fonts/X11/misc/fonts.dir" - it should be listed there
<adfeno>Hi #guix! :)
<adfeno>Is there a repository for work-in-progress recipes/packages?
<davexunit>adfeno: no. patches are posted to our guix-devel mailing list, though.
<efraim>I keep mine in my GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH in a wip folder
<adfeno>Oh, OK. I asked because this WIP repository could perhaps be useful for more colaborative development. And, sorry if I sound "too open source" now.
<adfeno>It was just a suggestion that came to mind.
<adfeno>This idea came to me when I saw the recipes for Ring, and for Tahoe-LAFS freeze.
<ng0>I have some on onion servers, some local, some on
<ng0>is elogind the reason why we don't have consolekit, or did I ask this before?
<ng0>I am doing some personal QA on a login manager I packaged
<pareidolia>Mi rimarkis ke Ludivoic parolas Esperanton. Ĉu aliaj samideanoj?
<bldtg>I'm getting "/gnu/store/qkw4zrwfybxww8f56nkb6hggxambk89b-bash-4.4.0/bin/bash: ./configure: No such file or directory" when building my package.
<bldtg>I'm thinking it's because the INSTALL file doesn't mention using ./configure. But I don't know how to make it do something else.
<bavier`>bldtg: replace the configure phase with something that's appropriate for your package
<bldtg>bavier`: I think I figured out that I should use cmake-build-system, not gnu-build-system
<pareidolia>Is there a command to prettyprint derivations in Guix?
<civodul>hehe, saluton pareidolia :-)
<civodul>pareidolia: there's no command to pretty-print .drv content, if that's what you mean
<civodul>but you usually don't need to look at them
<pareidolia>civodul: I'm interested in Guix internals. Suggestions for a nice presentation/screencast on that topic are appreciated btw.
<pareidolia>civodul: E.g. I know how Nix emits bash to execute for builds
<pareidolia>Some reading on internal differences between Nix and Guix would also be nice
<pareidolia>I'm consuming slides and talks right now
<bldtg>bavier`: How do I replace/modify phases? cmake-build-system didn't work either, it completed the build phase but failed the check phase.
<civodul>pareidolia: i'd suggest
<civodul>pareidolia: the CUFP and Scheme Workshop videos are available on YouTube
<civodul>i'd recommend starting with the CUFP one
<civodul> is a bit old but has the main info on how derivations are produced
<pareidolia>It's on the list, thanks
<bavier`>bldtg: depends on what failed. did the tests fail? or are there no tests?
<bldtg>bavier`: I got: "make: *** No rule to make target 'test'. Stop."
<civodul>ACTION listens to
<civodul>nice & fun to be listening to you, paroneayea :-)
<paroneayea>civodul: :)
<paroneayea>thanks :)
<paroneayea>ACTION about to add tests for and then to make a 0.1 release and package for guix :)
<civodul>really cool!
<civodul>ACTION looks
<paroneayea>civodul: it's davexunit's (ice-9 json) lib
<paroneayea>with some extra utilities
<paroneayea>since that never got into guile :)
<paroneayea>I needed it for multiple projects
<civodul>that is nice too!
<civodul>more convenient than the hash tables of guile-json
<civodul>"a bunch of Haskell people running around and shouting 'monads'" :-)
<paroneayea>civodul: haha
<bavier`>bldtg: you can simply add "#:tests? #f" to arguments then
<ng0>hm.. 120+ branches, I should add something to git which adds to outgoing emails a short note which branch I was on when the name isn't very obvious >.<
<civodul>davexunit: the HPR interviews shows the influence that your Sly demo had!
<ng0>like "BRANCHINFO: hi human, this is bot. you are currently on branch $branchname"
<paroneayea>civodul: davexunit: indeed, having the video of live hacking on davexunit's blog probably is what brought me into the gui[le|x] universe :)
<paroneayea>showing both the value of live hacking and videos ;)
<ng0>I found my scsh branch.. I hope to finish this one day
<paroneayea>and cool projects!
<civodul>paroneayea: yup! lesson is, we should do more of that
<paroneayea>ng0: ooh scsh
<paroneayea>still seems so cool
<paroneayea>would like to try it one day
<ng0>it has a new home
<paroneayea>ng0: oh really?
<ng0>but the problem was/is getting rx to build.. I left it for some months and will check now again
<ng0>one moment
<ng0>well at least it's not anymore in the location which is mentioned in the guile documentation, or this is a parallel development picking up the pieces. I forgot.
<ng0>s/anymorenot only/
<rekado>ng0: be sure to check the license!
<rekado>there’s a version out there which is not actually free software
<ng0>iirc rx is free. that's where I'm at right now
<ng0> that's some expat, bsd 3 clause or whatever, right?`I've only looked for a moment at it
<ng0>recently issue #5 was closed, which I opened some time last year so it's more or less still maintained
<ng0>ah.. breaks are nice
<ng0>I think rx is supposed to be just added as an folder into the build
<ng0>scheme48 is bytecode and does not compile stuff, right?
<ng0>it's like the lpc languages.. yeah?
<ng0>I mean only in that regard that you don't have any files other than the modules
<ZombieChicken>Anyone know of any good documentation for textinfo?
<ZombieChicken>I'm running into places where the documentation for guix is kind of lacking, and I'd rather try and submit a patch than file a bug that may or may not ever get fixed
<rekado>ZombieChicken: the info manual for texinfo is great.
<rekado>very comprehensive.
<rekado>it’s mostly just plain text
<ZombieChicken>Yeah, but still need to find docs for it somewhere to get started. I think I found it, though
<ng0>where would you move "rx" for scheme48? looking at the strucutre of scheme48, I'd create an $out/share/scheme48-$version/rx
<civodul>paroneayea: so the HPR person interviewing you uses Guix?
<rekado>ZombieChicken: if you’re using Emacs you can read the docs in the info viewer there.
<rekado>ZombieChicken: using the index (“i”) is a really good way to access information quickly.
<ZombieChicken>I think I'd rather step on a nail than use emacs for long
<rekado>ACTION —> zzZZ
<paroneayea>civodul: yes, that's clacke, or
<paroneayea>aka Claes Wallin
<paroneayea>they've shown up in here before I'm pretty sure
<paroneayea>maybe not, I don't really know :)
<civodul>paroneayea: and you were right, i did hack on Nix* before
<civodul> says 9 years ago, woow
<ZombieChicken>Anyone here use vim?
<paroneayea>civodul: :)
<ng0>The scsh in guile sources uses guile I assume, so maybe resurecting this at some point would be nice too
<bldtg>bavier`: thanks, that seemed to work.