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<paroneayea>this HPR interview is not bad, now that I'm re-listening to it :)
<paroneayea>the audio quality is spotty in places, but kind of fun still
<paroneayea>I probably spent a little bit too long on the "what is functional programming" discussion though
<paroneayea>oh well!
<ng0>do we have enought sourceforge urls with /projects/ instead of /project/ (or the other way around) to add it to the mirror:// of sourceforge?
<ng0>but most of them in home-page
<atw>paroneayea: thanks for that, I was listening earlier
<paroneayea>atw: you're welcome... I hope you liked it :)
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<paroneayea>janneke: ping
<paroneayea>janneke: would you mind licensing the guix.scm patch you sent for 8sync's guix packaging under GPLv3+? You sent it to me originally under LGPLv3+, matching the rest of 8sync, which made sense
<paroneayea>but I'm going to pull in some other peoples' GPL hacks, and the GPL effectively applies to any guix.scm anyway :)
<davexunit>alright, looks I have a statically compiled guile 2.1.5 mess with :)
<davexunit>to mess with*
<davexunit>now to figure out qemu enough to make an ubuntu vm to test this all in
<paroneayea>davexunit: :)
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<Apteryx>Hi Guix!
<Apteryx>I was updating a package I'm working on (udisks) (with `guix package -u udisks`), and guix is now building many packages which doesn't seem to have anything to do with it, such as gtk3 (it's building it right now, taking a long time!).
<Apteryx>Do I understand from there that grafts get installed on all my installed packages even without me explicitly asking for those to be upgraded?
<lfam>No, only on this udisks you're building
<Apteryx>OK. I can't explain why udisks depend of GTK3. I've looked at the dependency graft and it doesn't show up there (although glib, dbus and co. do)
<Apteryx>It also pulled mupdf (100 MB download), which I also ignore why.
<lfam>I can't believe the mupdf executables are so lage
<Apteryx>yeah it's surprising given the name ;)
<lfam>Our mupdf-x11 is 33 MB, Debian's is 17 MB
<ZombieChicken>Why the massive difference?
<Apteryx>/gnu/store/rh6ln4brnm65qj5gncy6sc7cxkmxb32y-mupdf-1.10a 479.7 208.7 43.5%
<Apteryx>208.7 seems to indicate the installed size of mupdf alone.
<Apteryx>(guix size mupdf)
<lfam>I wonder the grafting weirdness is
<lfam>I wonder *if*
<Apteryx>I don't think this is related.
<Apteryx>That bug says that the graft would be applied to any *outputs* (out, doc, etc.) of the package I was trying to update (udisks in my case).
<Apteryx>And to do that it would fetch all the outputs even those I'm not using.
<Apteryx>In my case I got completely unrelated libraries grafted when upgrading udisks, such as gtk+-3.20.9.
<Apteryx>Unless I'm not understanding the bug description correctly, which is also possible :)
<lfam>Right, I didn't read it carefully
<lfam>You can be sure by checking the references of the packages in your profile that you don't want grafted, if you can figure out which inputs are being replaced with the graft
<Apteryx>ZombieChicken: I don't know.
<vtomole>lfam: I'm having problems logging into guix on qemu: It's hanging here:
<Apteryx>lfam: Hmm. Not sure I understand, but could it be that when any package udisks depends on is grafted, any other package (and their chain of dependencies) in my profile depending on the grafted package (say, gnome-themes-standard which depends on gtk3 which probably depends on udisks) would have their derivations rebuilt?
<Apteryx>hm gtk3 depending on udisks doesn't make much sense but let's pretend it does.
<Apteryx>Just saw that we have the sicp textbook in texinfo format packaged! That's neat.
<vtomole>I should get around to reading that book
<Apteryx>I'm planning to get started soon. I've grabbed the videos freely available online too!
<lfam>vtomole: I'm not sure, sorry. I don't have much experience with GNOME
<vtomole>What do you use?
<lfam>vtomole: Either i3 or just the console
<vtomole>Apteryx: do you hack any lisp besides scheme?
<Apteryx>Only elisp
<vtomole>lfam: Have any .img you can share that i can boot up? I'm having trouble installing it currently with a "Can't install Grub on /dev/sda/" error.
<quiliro>vtomole: maybe you are in excess of a /
<quiliro>change "/dev/sda/" to "/dev/sda"
<geemili>How do I install ``?
<vtomole>quiliro:I already did that, adding the slash was just me being desperate. I could use the os without installing it, but then everything gets lost when i restart
<quiliro>vtomole: no it doesn't...just grub
<quiliro>if you boot the os with a rescue usb, you will boot your os
<quiliro>geemili: check by using guix package -s libgcc
<geemili>quiliro: I get nothing
<quiliro>i think the manual mentions how to list what files eachpackage has
<quiliro>geemili: ^
<geemili>I'll look around
<quiliro>vtomole: i had your problem before
<quiliro>check that all data in config.scm or desktop.scm or other is correct
<quiliro>vtomole: ^
<quiliro>vtomole: my problems with grub when installing disappeared when i was more careful with that file and checked it by following the manual again and again very scrupulously on the part where is says what to put on that file
<vtomole>quiliro:All i did was: "cp /etc/configuration/bare-bones.scm /mnt/etc/config.scm"and changed 1 thing (bootloader (grub-configuration (device "/dev/sdX"))) to (bootloader (grub-configuration (device "/dev/sda")))
<lfam>vtomole: How are you starting QEMU? Did you make a blank QEMU image file to install on to?
<vtomole>lfam: Yup i followed the manual line by line.
<vtomole>and finally:
<lfam>What's the output of `fdisk -l` in the QEMU VM
<Apteryx>So your ext4 partition has the "my-root" label?
<vtomole>lfam: result of "fdisk -l":
<lfam>vtomole: /dev/sda1 doesn't appear to exist
<vtomole>lfam: but i tried to install on /dev/sda
<lfam>vtomole: The instructions assume you created /dev/sda1
<lfam>This step in section `mkfs.ext4 -L my-root /dev/sda1`
<vtomole>ahh so i should change that to 'mkfs.ext4 -L my-root /dev/sda'?
<lfam>I've never tried installing directly to the raw device. I guess you could try it. If it was me, I'd make the partition on /dev/sda1
<Apteryx>What is "%output" standing for in the package definitions (such as: (string-append "--with-udevdir=" %output "/lib/udev")) used somewhere in an 'arguments' block?
<Apteryx>I'm asking because given that the package I'm looking at (udisks) has 2 outputs (out and doc), I'm not sure what %output refers to.
<lfam>Apteryx: It's defined in (guix derivations)
<Apteryx>OK, thanks!
<Apteryx>I guess I should have loaded the module in the REPL and hit M-. :)
<lfam>It's just a little sugar
<Apteryx>lfam: This: (define %output (getenv "out")) ?
<lfam>Apteryx: Yes, that's where I think it comes from
<Apteryx>It's part of build-expression->derivation which is marked as deprecated. I won't make a habit of using it!
<lfam>%outputs is also defined there, and that's in widespread use
<Apteryx>I think the manual hints at why this is considered deprecated in 4.4: Once upon a time, ‘gexp->derivation’ did not exist and constructing
<Apteryx>derivations with build code written in Scheme was achieved with
<Apteryx>Anyway, thanks for pointing me to the right place!
<lfam>The handy `grep -rI '%output '`
<janneke>paroneayea: good moring ;-) sure!
<quiliro>how can i know what package has gkbd-keyboard-display ?
<quiliro>I tryed guix package -s gkbd-keyboard-display
<quiliro>but it did not produce any result
<lfam>quiliro: libgnomekbd
<rekado>hi Guix
<rekado>looks like qt 4 is broken on i686
<rekado>I think I’ll split up Suil into GTK and QT parts.
<rekado>the documentation for packagers also says not to add a hard dependency on all toolkits
<rekado>now a lot of simple audio stuff with a dependency on Suil also pulls in Qt 4 and that’s just not okay.
<rekado>how would you use Guix to answer a question like this: which of the packages in my profile depends on “qt@4”?
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<janneke>rekado: doesn't guix refresh help with that?
<janneke> my profile ;-)
<quiliro>lfam: how did you figure it out?
<quiliro>rekado: it looks as qt will be dependent on chromium in the future so we would need to verify freedom or exclude qt with the updates
<quiliro>check the dev mailing list in parabola
<quiliro>how can i tell if i am subscribed to the bug mailing list?
<quiliro>i am not getting any messages in my mail
<jmd>quiliro: Go to the list administration page, log in and check your subscription options.
<efraim>Qt uses chromium in webkit and webengine only I thought
<efraim>Also I locally enabled the tests for the qt modules as part of the qt module packaging I'm working on
<quiliro>jmd: Thank you. Is it ?
<quiliro>efraim: emulatorman of Parabola found webengine depends on Chromium
<efraim>quiliro: the source tarball for webengine is 157MB
<quiliro>efraim: and increasingly webengine is dependency for all of kde
<quiliro>most new packages
<efraim>yeah, it is unfortunate
<quiliro>kde becomes unfree again
<quiliro>jmd: thanks...what apps do you use in guixsd?
<quiliro>i think guix community is so close that it would be attractive to females
<quiliro>i think i am going to advocate guix to women
<jmd>quiliro: Are you female?
<quiliro>jmd: no
<quiliro>jmd: i am not very social
<quiliro>i would call myself very antisocial
<quiliro>although i feel very social, most people do not like me...haha
<jmd>Probably, then you should not make such an outreach to gnu-women - get someone more qualified to do it - preferabley a woman.
<quiliro>perhaps i do not think about how what i say affects people
<quiliro>jmd: that is a good advice
<quiliro>but i should advocate guix to that woman then
<quiliro>that same advice was given to me by a female activist
<quiliro>perhaps she could be a good candidate
<quiliro>for advocating guix
<quiliro>jmd: where do you live?
<janneke>$ *** BUG ***
<janneke>In pixman_region32_init_rect: Invalid rectangle passed
<janneke>Set a breakpoint on '_pixman_log_error' to debug
<janneke>let's see if i'm up to date...
<jmd>janneke: I have seen that message at times. I think its harmless.
<janneke>jmd: the next line on the terminal where i started emacs is
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<CharlieBrown>Cannot pacman -S emacs. :-(
<quiliro>CharlieBrown: probably because guix does not have a command named pacman
<nivlo>Hello, I got a error while ./bootstrap-ing the project. Check here:
<rekado>nivlo: you need the development headers for the Guile package
<rekado>bummer, this Haskell work is going to take even longer. Got a segfault somewhere in the nhc98 runtime :(
<nivlo>Works. A compilation error about some missing "json thing" appears:
<rekado>nivlo: this module requires guile-json (though it should only be built when configure has detected that guile-json is available)
<civodul>rekado: the problem seems to be that (guix scripts archive) always loads the docker module no?
<rekado>hmm, yeah
<efraim>if its from the 0.12 source tarball it could be the crate importer
<efraim>nivlo: what distro are you bootstrapping on top of?
<rekado>efraim: the error as shown in the paste is with (guix scripts archive)
<nivlo>efraim: debian. It worked after installing guile-json though.
<efraim>I have a copy of debian's guile-json around for when I install guix on top of debian, since its faster than downloading it each time :)
<nivlo>another question: in the docs, it's not straightforward what to do after you write a .scm "recipe". How to actually install that?
<rekado>nivlo: you can either keep it separate from the source tree (see GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH in the manual) or make your changes in your git checkout and use “./pre-inst-env guix”
<nivlo>Thanks. I guess the first option should do it with the pre-build guix.
<rekado>if you want to send the changes to us for inclusion in Guix the latter option is preferred.
<civodul>we should have a web page where you select a package and it returns a docker image with that package
<civodul>i'm sure we could be on the HN front page with such a thing :-)
<civodul>good for visibility
<rekado>good idea!
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<ng0>and also include some comment on how to achieve what has been done there in the page
<rekado>civodul: it would have to be integrated with hydra to ensure that building images is enabled only for already built store items.
<snape>is there a way to run "guix system reconfigure" in the Emacs Guix REPL, with root rights?
<civodul>rekado: either that or we use a fixed commit of Guix for which binaries are known to be available
<davexunit>wee, I have a static guile 2.1.5 built with guix that boots on ubuntu :)
<rekado>looks like nhc98 really needs to be built on an actual i686 machine.
<rekado>because the runtime assumes a 32 bit machine for its memory model.
<davexunit>guile works but segfaults when trying to open a dynamic library :)
<davexunit>a-ha, the static guile has had a reference to glibc removed
<davexunit>but the dynamic linker is trying to use that
<wingo>you could LD_PRELOAD in the meantime while you figure out the right fix
<davexunit>ooh never used that
<davexunit>ah it's actually using /gnu/store/eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-glibc-2.24/lib as a search path
<mystified>I'm a noob, I find this distro very intriguing. The only thing I'm not much of a techie. I have been using linux for a number of yrs.
<adfeno>Hi mystified :)
<mystified>I'm just confused by the install methods. I have not seen commands like this in any other linux distro. Is there any video's demonstrating the install process.
<mystified>Happy new year adfeno
<mystified>What Init is used in Guix
<civodul>snape: no, emacs-guix doesn't support that currently
<adfeno>Thank you very much! :) Happy new year for you too mystified
<adfeno>mystified: Do you want to install Guix, or GuixSD?
<mystified>Yes !
<adfeno>mystified: Which one?
<mystified>I have no problems creating the live image, but confused about how the install process takes place..
<mystified>Guix & GuixSd are different !
<jmd>Guix is a package manager. GuixSD is an operating system.
<mystified>I was looking into GuixSd listed in distrowatch
<mystified>understand the package manager I viewed the demo
<mystified>very simple to understand & use.
<mystified>I would like to install the Os.
<mystified>What init is being used ?
<mystified>How is the hurd kernel different to the linux kernel.
<jmd>Linux is a monolithic kernel wheresa Hurd is a microkernel.
<jmd>Also, Linux has proprietrary blobs whereas Hurd has none.
<mystified>In lay terms what are the pros & cons
<mystified>I wish to install Guix on Intel I7-960 (generation1) with amd radeon gpu 5450 cedar with 10 gig of ram
<mystified>will i have an issues with the Radeon display driver ie ( using Noveau MessaopenGl)
<jmd>mystified: If you're just installing the Guix (the package manager), and your display works fine with the host OS, then Guix will present no extra issues.
<mystified>Sorry refeferring to the OS GuixSD
<jmd>Then it depends if that display has a driver in the LinuxLibre kernel.
<jmi2k>mystified: you can always put GuixSD installer in a flash drive and test yourself ;)
<mystified>sorry wrong gpu, I ripped that one out of the box due to issues with Bsd.. It's actually Nvidia g210.
<adfeno>mystified: Let's se... Radeon 5450 cedar GPU...
<adfeno>Oh, ok
<mystified>sorry about that
<adfeno>Let's see again if H-node has a test report somewhere
<jmi2k>mystified: look here at the NV50 column
<adfeno>mystified: Is it really "G 210" only?
<adfeno>Isn't it G 210M?
<mystified>GeForce 210 not M for Mobile
<adfeno>Oh, so it has no "G" then. OK
<adfeno>mystified: The test results in H-node seem to be quite good, see:
<mystified>VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 210] (rev a2)
<jmi2k>I'm trying to patch xmonad sources, and I need a configure flag later in the build process. Can I get it?
<adfeno>One question to the general public of #guix: I used `guix build` to prepare a recipe someone-else gave me. The build was successful, now how do I tell guix package to install it?
<jmd>guix package -i <package-name>
<adfeno>jmd: But the recipe is not inte repositories.
<mystified>@jmd arre there any videos showing how to install guixsd
<artyom-poptsov1>Hello everybody!
<artyom-poptsov1>I have a guix-devel ML question: I'd like to post a reply to one of the messages in the ML but I'm not subscribed to it. If I send a message to the ML address and use the same "Re: ..." heading as in the original message I'd like to reply to, will the ML understand that my message is a reply to a specific message in a specific thread and show it appropriately in the ML? Thanks in advance!
<jmd>mystified: Not that I'm aware of.
<adfeno>mystified, from what I can read in the GuixSD documentation...
<LordShadowWing>I'm having an issue that makes Guix completely unusable
<adfeno>...Oh, hi quiliro, I tested Nautilus here, and couldn't reproduce the issue wit accented text displaing as squares.
<LordShadowWing>~root/.guix-profile/bin/guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild When I try this step I get cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
<jmd>mystified: If you are game enough, you can try the graphical installer which can be downloaded from - but be aware that is at pre-alpha stage.
<adfeno>quiliro: Are you sure you installed all fonts that are mentioned in the documentation (in the profile of the user who will use Nautilus, that is).
<quiliro>adfeno: that is exactly what i was going to ask!
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, any ideas?
<adfeno>mystified: You can take the route jmd suggested, or we can continue following the steps at
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Hm... let's see..
<LordShadowWing>upstart throws out start: Unknown job: guix-daemon
<jmi2k>How can I get in a recipe using the haskell build system the package-db path?
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Did you get Guix for your correct computr's archtecture?
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: For example, what is the output of `arch` command?
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, I know my system is x86_64
<adfeno>jmd: Thank you for the answer to my previous question, I just had to replace `-i` with `-f` and the package name with the path to the recipe used. :)
<adfeno>And when you downloaded guix, did you download the "x86_64-linux" file?
<LordShadowWing>but for some strange reason it's insalled as i686... Grr I'm gonna have to do a reinstall
<quiliro>gs-fonts, font-dejavu, and font-gnu-freefont-ttf
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: ... Try geting the i686-linux variant then.
<LordShadowWing>But first I have to redownload the installer
<LordShadowWing>I have 16 GB ram, I need x86_64
<quiliro>adfeno: those are the fonts i installed by recomendation of civodul
<artyom-poptsov1>Never mind, I solved my ML related question by myself. Thanks, anyway. :-)
<quiliro>adfeno: as says
<adfeno>quiliro: Indeed... It seems everything is in place.
<quiliro>how can i verify they are in fact installed
<quiliro>adfeno: ^
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, I know why it installed as i686, I used the latest official FSF membercard image and those are i868 for some reason....
<adfeno>Perhaps you can try using some program (from Guix) that can switch fonts (like Inkscape), and also install an unique font available on Guix.
<quiliro>LordShadowWing: so they work on all machines
<LordShadowWing>quiliro, I know that, but I had forgot about that fact, at least my /home is on it's own Drive
<quiliro>the guix package command must be able to tell you how to verify if some package is installed
<jmd>LordShadowWing: i868 ???
<LordShadowWing>jmd, 32 bit
<jmd>I've never heard of i868
<LordShadowWing>jmd i typed i686 not i868
<LordShadowWing>oh, yep, I just noticed my typo
<jmd>LordShadowWing: [... ]official FSF membercard image and those are i868 for some
<quiliro>jmd: how to test if a package is installed
<jmd>guix package -l
<jmd>quiliro: BTW, what is your native language?
<quiliro>for example in clawsmail i have configured (default) sans, monospace and sans bold
<adfeno>quiliro: If it provides a command, you can try calling it preffixed with `which` (if you have `which` on the host system).
<quiliro>so i have to have those fonts installed
<quiliro>jmd: spanish
<jmd>quiliro: Ok.
<quiliro>i get this character 
<adfeno>quiliro: the one you just presented is also squared for me
<adfeno>But normal accents aren't ç ã ĉ.
<quiliro>can you see something after the word "character"
<adfeno>quiliro: I get a square, as I said :)
<quiliro>adfeno: me too
<adfeno>quiliro: Try writing a c with cedilla here.
<adfeno>See if goes intact to us.
<adfeno>Also, try writing an n with accent (any accent is enough).
<quiliro>it is correct for me
<adfeno>OK, so the system is understanding accents.
<adfeno>Only Nautilus is having trouble.
<adfeno>although I'm not able to reproduce the problem.
<adfeno>Does it change if you try maximizing or minimizing Nautilus?
<adfeno>I found a rescent bug that might be related to quiliro's case
<adfeno>But still have to read it carefully.
<adfeno>It's at
<quiliro>what is the difference between the result of guix package -A name_of_package when a package is installed and when it is not?
<quiliro>what i want to know is when a package is installed and when it is not
<jmd>quiliro: Firstly, when you talk about a package being installed, it raises the question "In which profile?".
<jmd>The second question it raises is "In which generation of that profile?".
<quiliro>jmd: in thi current profile and the current generation
<jmd>"guix package -I" will tell you that.
<quiliro>jmd...but what if i removed all generations
<quiliro>i will not know which packages i installed in previous generations
<Sleep_Walker>is boot with uefi (without secureboot) supported?
<snape>civodul: ok, thx
<jmd>quiliro: I didn't think that was possible, but if you did manage to, then by definition there will be nothing installed.
<adfeno>quiliro: As far as I can tell, if you remove **all** generations there'll be no packages installed... Except if we're talking about root user's profile.
<adfeno>(for which guix is always there if I recal correctly)
<adfeno>quiliro: Do you by chance use BleachBit?
<adfeno>quiliro: Are you using Guix or GuixSD?
<adfeno>i meant to ask qhichone.
<adfeno>which one
<quiliro>adfeno: i am using guixsd
<adfeno>Oh, OK, so the possible bug with BleachBit doesn't affect you.
<quiliro>adfeno: i did not mean to remove all generations, i meant to remove all but the last....then guix package -l will not show the packages installed but just the last one
<quiliro>so what i want to have is the list of installed packages
<adfeno>quiliro: `guix package -I` (uppercase i) always shows the currently unstalled packages.
<quiliro>oh... i though it was lowercase L
<quiliro>adfeno: that provided the information i needed...thank you
<quiliro>but i cannot solve my font problem yet
<adfeno>quiliro: Indeed.
<adfeno>quiliro: Let's try something...
<adfeno>First make sure that nautilus is not running (please use a task manager to see if it's running on the background, because I know Nautilus can do so).
<adfeno>Now, try installing the strace package.
<adfeno>Then do: strace -o "strace nautilus.txt" nautilus
<adfeno>And use Nautilus up to the point where you see the bug.
<adfeno>Then close it.
<adfeno>The resulting file "strace nautilus.txt" and "$HOME/.xsession-errors" should have useful information.
<adfeno>If strace doesn't exit after closing Nautilus, try pressing Ctrl + C.
<Sleep_Walker>noone knows?
<adfeno>Sleep_Walker: Do you mean CSM? Or pure BIOS?
<adfeno>Or, do you mean: EFI?
<Sleep_Walker>not BIOS
<Sleep_Walker>and probably not CSM
<Sleep_Walker>I have system openSUSE with grub2 already installed
<Sleep_Walker>but I want to deploy guixsd on another partition
<Sleep_Walker>(same setup as I had on my previous notebook)
<Sleep_Walker>and grub should be controled by GuixSD
<Sleep_Walker>(it's far easier to setup it this way)
<Sleep_Walker>so I need system configuration with bootloader part adapted for UEFI
<Sleep_Walker>(sda1 is vfat, mounted on /boot/efi on openSUSE)
<Sleep_Walker>I'd like to have same setup for GuixSD as well but expressed as system configuration
<Sleep_Walker>I was quite surprised that it is not yet described in manual
<adfeno>Interesting... perhaps some experienced person with GuixSD can shed some light on this issue, as I 'm unable to answer...
<adfeno>I'll check the documentation and mailing lists...
<adfeno>... To see if I can find anything.
<Sleep_Walker>you're very kind
<Sleep_Walker>but I hoped that there is someone with hands-on experience already :)
<adfeno>Sleep_Walker: :) That happens sometimes...
<adfeno>IRC is good for chat, but as you have experienced, people usually do other things while waiting for the answers, and while waiting, they also try to answer to others' questions.
<efraim>iirc ludo is working on finalizing his findings, but i think he has guixsd working on a ufi machine
<adfeno>Sleep_Walker: ↑ efraim's message.
<quiliro>adfeno: why we need to test nautilus?
<adfeno>Isn't Nautilus the one which is displaying accents as squares?
<quiliro>adfeno: but it is permanent
<quiliro>invalid encoding
<adfeno>Hm... So you can't even type these characters in Nautilus?
<quiliro>let me test
<quiliro>i can name folders with characters such as ĉu
<adfeno>But they appear as squares I guess
<quiliro>but when downloading files from internet with icecat, when the files have special characters, they appear weird and add (invalid codepage or codeset) to the filename
<quiliro>let me download something with special characters
<adfeno>Can you give link also?
<adfeno>I have IceCat from Guix here.
<quiliro>put right button on video on this link
<quiliro>and saved it as "Cómo hacer limpiadora facial casera piel de ángel Lush DIY.webm"
<quiliro>so please open that link and right click on the video that appears
<quiliro>click on "save video as"
<adfeno>Do you save it using some extension?
<quiliro>and use the name i gave you
<adfeno>Will try
<quiliro>adfeno: yes the name i gave includes extension .çwebm
<adfeno>Oh... Sorry, I meant: browser add-on?
<quiliro>adfeno: oh! haha
<quiliro>no extension
<adfeno>Like LibreJS or GreaseMonkey with ViewTube, or some other video downloader for firefox.
<quiliro>just https everywhere
<adfeno>OK, so I'll start with a clean profile
<adfeno>And let only HTTPS everywhere enabled.
<quiliro>using but this problem came before installing that addon
<quiliro>please do not use any addons
<quiliro>i will test by deactivating all addons
<adfeno>Hm... It seems I'm unable to save the video itself, that is, there's no menu option to save it as something when right-clicking it.
<quiliro>adfeno: it is "HTML5 Video Everywhere" that allows the possibility to "save video as"
<adfeno>OK.... Let's see...
<quiliro>how do you download videos?
<quiliro>from youtube
<adfeno>Now... LEt's name the video after the name you gave...
<quiliro>it is considered a free addon by the fsf
<adfeno>quiliro: Indeed it is.
<adfeno>quiliro: One moment, I've got to reinstall nautilus from Guix. It's quick. :)
<adfeno>Trisquel's Nautilus doesn't reproduce the problem for me (not even the "save as" dialog)...
<adfeno>... I first thought IceCat was making some confusion but it doesn't seem so.
<ZombieChicken>fwiw, I downloaded that video via youtube-dl (on Gentoo) and things came out fine
<adfeno>ZombieChicken and quiliro: I suspect the bug must be between the moment one saves the video using Nautilus' "save as" dialog that was called by IceCat while using HTML5 Everywhere extension.
<ZombieChicken>I'm not getting involved any more in that. I just wanted to let you know I tried it and it seemed to be fine
<adfeno>I have Nautilus installed (from Guix), and already restarted its service.Now, I'm going to try reproducing it again.
<ZombieChicken>Perhaps it's a bug in how Nautilus renders the name?
<adfeno>quiliro: I couldn't reproduce the issue. I'll try restarting my computer to see if there's a leftover of my system that is interferring with it.
<adfeno>I'll be back.
<adfeno>Now... trying again.
<adfeno>quiliro: Could you give us an image showing the "save as" dialog when you are saving the video?
<adfeno>I want to be sure that we are seeing the same "save as" dialog.
<quiliro>adfeno: i cannot capture the menu
<quiliro>because it disappears when capturing
<adfeno>Not the right-click menu.... but the window that appears afterwards.
<adfeno>quiliro: If your screenshot application has a timer, set it to a reasonable time. If you're using GNOME and don't know which screenshot application you use, perhaps it's gnome-screenshot.
<quiliro>adfeno: how can you get my screenshot
<quiliro>i have it but how do i send it to you?
<adfeno>quiliro: once you haave it, perhaps you must send it by e-mail
<adfeno>adfeno at
<quiliro>adfeno: i am uploading to
<ZombieChicken>adfeno: That another email service?
<adfeno>ZombieChicken: Yes. :)
<quiliro> is not ready yet
<adfeno>quiliro: OK
<quiliro>adfeno: ready
<adfeno>Thank you very much... :)
<adfeno> It seems to be different than mine.
<adfeno>Even though I'm using Nautilus from Guix.
<adfeno>I wonder which process owns the "save as" dialog.
<ZombieChicken>adfeno: Looks like a dead project from what the forums say. The expired SSL cert isn't a good sign.
<adfeno>ZombieChicken: Indeed...
<adfeno>... This worries me.
<ZombieChicken>Do what I did and accept that there isn't a reasonable email service anywhere
<ZombieChicken>unless you run the server yourself
<quiliro>ZombieChicken: if you have your own server, how do you deal with being treated as spam and spam arriving in you mailbox too?
<ng0>ZombieChicken: and it sits in a safe. in your home. run with your own ISP. and your own internet infrastructur. and you communicate with no one.
<adfeno>ZombieChicken: And be target of spam bots? Sorry, but I'm not that experienced when running servers, besides my current network setup makes it very prone to ping of death attacks.
<ng0>me neither
<ng0>oh, I wanted to say: i haven't experienced any of what you wrote, adfeno
<adfeno>ng0: hm... that's interesting...
<ZombieChicken>If someone is blocking your emails because you aren't whitelisted, then I'd suggest people on that service change to something that doesn't censor by default. As far as dealing with spam, there is spam assassin, which is better imo than simply hoping someone else doesn't botch their spam filters
<ZombieChicken>I've had to drop email services (hushmail) because their spam system caught legit email too often
<quiliro>ZombieChicken: cool!
<quiliro>have you seen freedombone
<efraim>I host my own email, but on a VPS. don't remember any issues with gmail spam filter, but aol rejected my emails for more than a year
<ZombieChicken>efraim: Good thing AOL isn't really relevant anymore, huh?
<efraim>you'd think so, but my dad still hasn't let his aol email address go yet
<ZombieChicken>I mean in the grand scheme of things
<ZombieChicken>quiliro: What is it?
<quiliro>ZombieChicken: do your homework...i just saved you searching
<ZombieChicken>Yeah. The thing is I don't always want to start up icecat to find out if something is a Beaglebone clone or an email service
<quiliro>such it up then....i tell you that you will like it
<davexunit>civodul: I see that there is some hackery done in %guile-static to deal with libltdl. is it not possible for this static guile to use dynamic-link?
<quiliro>i wonder if guix has freedombone
<davexunit>I'm having an issue where my static guile is using a /gnu/store/eeee...-glibc-2.24 store directory to search for libraries when dynamic-link is called.
<davexunit>ltdl isn't a dependency for the static guile so the issue can't be there...
<ZombieChicken>I would not want to host a server on a Beaglebone
<ZombieChicken>That sounds like it would lead to pain and suffering
<ZombieChicken>and DDoS attacks
<adfeno>quiliro: Do you have xwininfo installed... It might be able to tell us which proccess owns the "save as" dialog.
<adfeno>Run `xwininfo -all`while the "save as" dialog is open and when the "plus" cursor appears, click in the "save as" dialog.
<adfeno>There's a line in the output, "Process id" that tells us, of course, the process ID of the window while it remains open (don't close it), then we can find out whic process is that by doing `ps -p [PID]`
<adfeno>ZombieChicken ng0 quiliro: About hosting own e-mail, I might do that, although I need to find a DNS provider that also gives me DKIM and SPF, and of course, find some work to pay for everything first.
<ng0>dkim and spf is server side
<adfeno>Oh... Interesting.
<ng0>some parts of that
<adfeno>Hm... :)
<ng0>I've stopped doing all of that because running servers if you don't have to is terribly annoiyng
<adfeno>... and also must change router and modem as they don't use iptables, and don't have packet based firewall.
<adfeno>Here at my home network, two years ago, when I had the first public Brazilian Mumble server, when there was a ping of death attack, my personal computer was able to reject the abnormal ICMP packets...
<adfeno>... but our router and modem are home-oriented, and smewhat stupid as they accept the packets on the LAN.
<adfeno>So they always ended up overheating.
<quiliro>adfeno: what did you say to do with xwininfo -all ?
<adfeno>quiliro: Use it to select the "save as" dialog (select by click when the "plus" cursor appears).
<quiliro>adfeno: i did. but what do i do with the result
<adfeno>There's a line in the output, "Process id" that tells us, of course, the process ID of the window while it remains open (don't close it), then we can find out whic process is that by doing `ps -p [PID]`
<quiliro>i don`t understand
<adfeno>`xwininfo -all` gave you a big list of information....
<quiliro>ps -p 2484
<adfeno>... There is a line there which has the following "Process id: [Some number] at [some place we don't care for now]".
<quiliro>says it is icecat
<adfeno>Did you select the "save as" dialog?
<adfeno>Hm... OK... this is strange... Perhaps we have to use `strace icecat` then.
<adfeno>strace -o "strace icecat.txt" icecat
<adfeno>and try to reproduce the issue. Once done, the "strace icecat.txt" should have a log of what was done.
<quiliro>ran strace -o "strace icecat.txt" icecat
<quiliro>but do not know what to do now
<quiliro>then I ran strace icecat.txt
<quiliro>but it responds
<quiliro>strace: Can't stat 'icecat.txt': No such file or directory
<adfeno>quiliro: We must do the following:
<adfeno>1. run strace -o "strace icecat.txt" icecat
<adfeno>This will open IceCat.
<adfeno>Now, go to the page you mentioned.
<adfeno>Save the video using the "save as" dialog.
<adfeno>When done, close IceCat.
<adfeno>After this the file "strace icecat.txt" will give us a detailed information of what was done.
<quiliro>strace: Can't stat 'icecat.txt': No such file or directory
<quiliro>did exactly what i was told and got that error
<adfeno>Please be sure to use quotes
<quiliro>did the first time you said except for saving the video and closing icecat
<adfeno>strace -o "strace icecat.txt" icecat
<quiliro>did that
<quiliro>the second time did everything
<quiliro>strace -o "strace icecat.txt" icecat
<quiliro>then strace icecat.txt
<adfeno>Hm... quiliro: The "strace icecat.txt" is a text file, so we can open it using your favorite text editor.
<quiliro>it does not exist
<quiliro>why don't you try
<adfeno>Ok... Let's try things without space
<adfeno>strace -o "log.txt" icecat
<quiliro>that did work
<quiliro>because log.txt exists
<adfeno>Great :)
<quiliro>what do i do now
<adfeno>Hm... Let's see... after trying to save the video, you can email me the contentx of "log.txt".
<quiliro>adfeno: i will send you the file
<adfeno>quiliro: Thanks :)
<quiliro>adfeno: thank you
<quiliro>i cannot copy it to pastebin
<adfeno>quiliro: You're welcome.
<quiliro>i will send the email
<adfeno>Oh... please use e-mail, or instead.
<quiliro>not possible
<quiliro>it is 28 MB
<quiliro>too heavy
<quiliro>no wonder i could not paste it
<quiliro>it would be too heavy for email too
<quiliro>you better tell me what to look for
<quiliro>it is too big
<quiliro>too much time and waste of server space
<quiliro>i can't even copy it to the clipboard....just teach will even be easier for you and more productive for me
<adfeno>OK... let's see...
<quiliro>plus the teacher learns even more ;-)
<efraim>just bought my airfare and airbnb for fosdem :)
<adfeno>We should look for messages like "No such file or directory"
<adfeno>↑ quiliro
<quiliro>adfeno: ok
<adfeno>Or look for suspicious lines after some line containing part of the file name yu used for the video.
<quiliro>21978 lines with that text
<adfeno>To deal with this last one, please choose words from the file name that have strictly characters from 0-9, a-z or A-Z
<adfeno>... that is (no accented letters, no cedillha, no dots)
<quiliro>but there are too many
<adfeno>Perhaps "webm" is a good match.
<quiliro>good idea
<adfeno>Hi LordShadowWing :)
<LordShadowWing>Hello, I can't seem to get quix working
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Can you describe the issue?
<LordShadowWing>I am on X86-64 and Followed the install guide to a tee and when I run start guix-daemon I get start: Unknown job: guix-daemon
<quiliro>10 lines with that term
<quiliro>but none say anything useful
<adfeno>quiliro: Not even some line nearby?
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Hm... let's see...
<quiliro>adfeno: open("/home/quiliro/.local/share/mime/video/webm.xml", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
<ng0>Why was tcsh-fix-autotest.patch created? I'm trying to update tcsh
<ng0>obviously some test fails
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Can yu tell me which part of documentation tells you to do `start guix-daemon`?
<LordShadowWing>If your host distro uses the Upstart init system:
<LordShadowWing>rebooting just updated kernel
<adfeno>quiliro: Is there a match that displays the fie name?
<ng0>I'm trying to just update the patch
<quiliro>adfeno: yes
<adfeno>(or the strange-file-name)
<adfeno>quiliro: Can you paste the match here?
<quiliro>perhaps it has something to do with this:
<quiliro>(totem:31718): Clutter-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
<quiliro>Using the fallback 'C' locale.
<quiliro>why is it not supported?
<adfeno>quiliro: ! ... Might be related.
<quiliro>how can i tell what locale is configured for this user? /etc/locale.conf?
<adfeno>quiliro: I would try the following command: env | less
<paroneayea>with 8sync 0.4 out, time to submit an 8sync patch to guix proper :)
<quiliro>is that correct?
<LordShadowWing>I'm now on the latest linux-libre
<quiliro>my guess is yes but i am not sure of the format
<adfeno>quiliro: Is there an "LC_"-something in the output of `env | less`?
<quiliro>adfeno: no
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, I'm still getting that error
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Did you copy "[Guix directory]/lib/systemd/system/guix-daemon.service" to "/etc/init"?
<adfeno>Wront one..
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, I linked like it said to do
<adfeno>"[Guix directory]/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf"
<efraim>davexunit: the extra qt modules are taking more time, it turns out we weren't running the tests, so now i'm going through and fixing the tests on the modules
<quiliro>adfeno: i can see many LC_ on /run/current-system/locale/2.23/es_EC.UTF-8/
<LordShadowWing>When I manually run it and start a nonroot shell and run quix I get warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: what is the output of `status guix-daemon`?
<adfeno>quiliro: That's expected.
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, unknown job
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Hm... What is the output of `service guix-daemon status` (might need to be run with sudo)?
<adfeno>quiliro: Does your system configuration/declaration file has the language (es_EC) and encoding (UTF-8)?
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, same, unknown job
<quiliro>adfeno: (locale "es_EC.UTF-8")
<quiliro>that is where it came from
<adfeno>quiliro: Hm... Indeed.
<quiliro>i put it in that file and that is why the system uses that config
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, I'm Running Trisquel 7
<quiliro>i have not specified it elsewhere
<quiliro>I think i wil go back to trisquel and run guix inside trisquel
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Previously, you said you "start Guix" and gives that locale error, with which command you "start Guix"?
<LordShadowWing>sudo ~root/.guix-profile/bin/guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild
<quiliro>how can i separate what runs from trisquel and what runs from guix in a trisquel system?
<adfeno>quiliro: Generally, to separate that, I as Trisquel user, would recommend trying to uninstall something from Trisquel if you're going to install the same from Guix package maanger.
<quiliro>what if i want to alternate
<quiliro>i know guix supports that
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: So, you would open new normal user shell and immediately do that command?
<quiliro>because you can even run several versions of the same program inside guixsd
<adfeno>quiliro: Hm... Perhaps you should keep the Trisquel package then, not remove it.
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, YEs
<adfeno>quiliro: Remember that Guix willnot touch Trisquel's packages
<adfeno>quiliro: So Guix cannot roll-back the Trisquel packages either.
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Hm...
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, Guix builds EVERYTHING from source, right?
<quiliro>LordShadowWing: no
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: By default yes, **but** you can authorize your copy of Guix to use a build substitute repository.
<quiliro>it uses the binaries if available unless you specify otherwise
<quiliro>adfeno: you mean: by default no
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Try this: open normal shell, do `sudo --login`, `cd`, then the guix-daemon command you gave me.
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Note that the simple `cd` command I gave takes you to "/root"
<LordShadowWing>I know that
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, that paste is the result of quix package -i mumble in a nonroot shell
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Did you try what I suggested earlier?
<adfeno>And what was the result?
<LordShadowWing>Exact same
<adfeno>I mean: did guix-daemon print some error?
<LordShadowWing>No errors on the daemon terminal
<adfeno>OK.... Now... lets see
<adfeno>Now, our next step is to tell Guix that you want to authorize the build/substitutes that come from official repositories...
<adfeno>Let's see...
<LordShadowWing>guix archive --authorize < ~root/.guix-profile/share/guix/
<adfeno>↑ As root (with `sudo --login`)
<LordShadowWing>I run that as root and I get warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: That is OK.
<adfeno>It's not a big issue for now.
<civodul>davexunit: the static guile can use 'dynamic-link' i think, but not with zero arguments
<adfeno>OK... So now, as root (still inside `sudo --login`), we do `guix pull`
<adfeno>then `guix package -u` in the same shell.
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, the guide doesn't mention that
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Hm... Indeed... We have to check if `ln` did the job right....
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, output of guix package -u
<civodul>LordShadowWing: that's a problem on our infrastructure that you can work around by using --fallbakc
<civodul>er, --fallback
<LordShadowWing>civodul, quix won't run as a system service
<adfeno>civodul: It seems he's facing an issue when doing the sequence `ln -s ~root/.guix-profile/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf /etc/init/; start guix-daemon` of the guide.
<adfeno>civodul: However, he is able to start guix-daemon manually (as root).
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: What is the output of `ls -al /etc/init/guix-daemon.conf`?
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 55 Jan 8 14:19 /etc/init/guix-daemon.conf -> /root/.guix-profile/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf
<quiliro>it is weird icecat shows a file with wrong codepage and nautilus show the same file without error...icecat: Cómo hacer limpiadora facial.webm .... nautilus: Cómo hacer limpiadora facial.webm
<quiliro>on another file the opposite occurs. icecat shows the filename with the correct codepage and nautilus gets it wrong....icecat: nautilus: C�mo hacer limpiadora facial casera piel de �ngel Lush DIY.webm (invalid encoding)
<quiliro>will repeat correctly the last message
<quiliro>on another file the opposite occurs. icecat shows the filename with the correct codepage and nautilus gets it wrong....icecat: Cómo hacer limpiadora facial casera piel de ángel Lush DIY.webm ... nautilus: C�mo hacer limpiadora facial casera piel de �ngel Lush DIY.webm (invalid encoding)
<quiliro>that is better
<quiliro>so the problem is not with one or the other program but with both
***atw` is now known as atw
<ng0>Hi, I've worked on some more Mailman3 packages
<ng0>They are on pagure, but if you prefer to get them as files via mail, just reply to the message and I'll send them
<quiliro>why is it that some files appear with one codepage on one program and with another codepage in another program
<quiliro>nobody knows?
<atw>while starting guixSD, I get "In execvp of fsck.ext4: No such file or directory" and then get thrown into a "Bourne-like REPL". Is there any way I can skip the fsck?
<civodul>that sounds like a bug
<civodul>you could type ",q" at that prompt, and that will skip it, i think
<civodul>but fundamentally something's wrong
<civodul>could you send your OS config file and all the details to
<civodul>atw: ↑
<Apteryx>Could anyone provide me with some guidance how how to get a backtrace from GDB?
<atw>civodul: yes. Interestingly, I was able to boot from an older generation, but after that I was still not able to boot from the most recent one
<Apteryx>I'm running the binary, then it exits with an error, and I'd like to print the backtrace that led it there, but it says "No stack."
<atw>civodul: was able to skip with ,q. Will email bug-guix shortly.
<LordShadowWing>civodul, I am back
<paroneayea>guile-8sync submitted to guix-devel :)
<adfeno>quiliro and LordShadowWing sorry for disappearing suddenly...
<adfeno>had a call I was unable to skip.
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, it's ok
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Just so that we are in the same page: how is the installation going? Did you try what was suggested by civodul (I guess it was him), that is, to use `--fallback`?
<adfeno>quiliro: Hm... Interesting....
<LordShadowWing>what does fallback do exactly
<civodul>paroneayea: woohoo! and congrats for the release!
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: As far as I understand, `--fallback` will try to build things if the authorized build/substitute repository doesn't provide the same thing.
<paroneayea>thanks civodul :)
<LordShadowWing>Ahh, fallback worked to install mumble, but quix isn't running as a service
<LordShadowWing>Just logged out and logged in, and mumble is not usable
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Are you using Trisquel 7 or 8?
<LordShadowWing>7, * isn't stable
<LordShadowWing>* isn't stable
<LordShadowWing>Stupid keyboard
<LordShadowWing>8 Isn't stable
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: My keyboard is sometimes stupid too. :)
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: What error do you see when using Mumble?
<LordShadowWing>"Command not cound"
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Did you install it as root, or as your normal user?
<LordShadowWing>normal user
<adfeno>Try this:
<adfeno>PATH="${GUIX_PROFILE}/bin:${GUIX_PROFILE}/sbin${PATH:+:}$PATH"; mumble
<LordShadowWing>mumble: Command not found
<LordShadowWing>The Guix-daemon needs to run
<LordShadowWing>and it's not running as a service like it should
<adfeno>I guess we must follow docs first not jump into usage for now.
<LordShadowWing>I'm still getting "Unknown job"
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: OK, so just forget mumble exists for now.
<LordShadowWing>I followed that to the lettter
<janneke>wow...after upgrading emacs segfaults about every hour...
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: There s more to it, see the "Next:" link in the bottom or top.
<janneke>/me is going back to /gnu/store/q1hww7qf7agvp445qpwvas8ni0pgbyak-emacs-25.1
<janneke>/e is going back to /gnu/store/q1hww7qf7agvp445qpwvas8ni0pgbyak-emacs-25.1
<LordShadowWing>ACTION is confused
<adfeno>OK.... we perhaps have to put a section in the "Binary installation" page callled "Places of interest" or something.... because half of the setup seems not to be explained there.
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: So, you foolllowed "Binary installation" to the letter. That's great indeed...
<adfeno>Now... let's see...
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Did you by chance made what is asked at step 4?
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, no
<adfeno>I see...
<quiliro>does anyone know why icecat uses one codepage and nautilus another?
<adfeno>#guix: is there a character encoding diference between the build steps for Nautilus and for IceCat?
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, It's working when running now, I just need to get it running as a service
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Indeed.
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: What is the output of `sudo id guixbuilder01`
<LordShadowWing>I have the Guix daemon running, but I can't get mumble running again... hmm
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Mumble is independent of guix-daemon.
<LordShadowWing>uid=999(guixbuilder01) gid=999(guixbuild) groups=999(guixbuild)
<adfeno>That's great! :)
<adfeno>Now lets see...
<LordShadowWing>perhaps it's the guix-daemon.conf?
<adfeno>What is the output of: sudo ls -al ~root/.guix-profile/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: That's my thought.
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, the conf
<LordShadowWing>logan@Relacore:~$ sudo ls -al ~root/.guix-profile/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf
<LordShadowWing>-r--r--r-- 2 root root 351 Dec 31 1969 /root/.guix-profile/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf
<adfeno>Got it!
<LordShadowWing>Permissions issue?
<adfeno>For people at #guix: It seems that LordShadowWing has ownership issues with the Upstart conf file...
<adfeno>... so my question to you all is: Should we do chown to change the group from root to guixbuild?
<adfeno>Because for me... it seems to be the only thing that's different from mine.
<LordShadowWing>How would I do that
<LordShadowWing>chown [user:group} ?
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Yes, however, I fear that doing so would change the modification timestamp (the date that appears in the middle when you do `ls -al`).
<adfeno>I'll see if I can clone the same timestamp so we can "reuse" it.
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: Good news: We can do the chown thing:
<adfeno>Do: sudo chown root:guixbuild ~root/.guix-profile/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf
<adfeno>Now, let's see what has changed with: ls -al ~root/.guix-profile/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf
<LordShadowWing>-r--r--r-- 2 root guixbuild 351 Dec 31 1969 /root/.guix-profile/lib/upstart/system/guix-daemon.conf
<LordShadowWing>adfeno, No help, still getting unknown job
<atw>bug filed, hope it's informative enough
<LordShadowWing>atw, bug link
<adfeno>atw: Which bug?
<adfeno>LordShadowWing: What is the output of: initctl list | grep guix
<LordShadowWing>no results
<adfeno>It seems to be a bug on your copy of Upstart or a bug on our side (guix) although Guix didn't change anything.
<adfeno>I'll search for a solution now.
<LordShadowWing>It's probably Trisquel
<adfeno>I'll see if there are other places where people correctly "installed" Upstart files, but Upstart didn't find the service file.