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<buenouanq>someone mentioned the other day and I think it's a great idea, having a bunch of example os configs
<buenouanq>I'm trying to figure out how to write a service right now and that would be really helpful.
<civodul>cbaines: there's a Special Hack for gnu/packages, see %package-module-path in (gnu packages)
<quiliro>it was guix package upgrade
<buenouanq>docs are good, real life examples make them meaningful
<quiliro>i think i have not read the whole manual...i will
<civodul>cbaines: there's currently no syntax to specify that in GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<adfeno>quiliro: If it was after an upgrade using `guix package`, then use double-dash counterparts of what I told for roll-back and switch-generations (note the S in the end now).
<quiliro>please make a hack to install guixsd offline
<quiliro>thank you. have to disconnect now. it is late and they are closing up
<quiliro>any last suggestion
<adfeno>quiliro:Take notes of what I just suggested :)
<cbaines>civodul, so if I am reading that correctly, you don't have to use GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, but just the GUILE_LOAD_PATH, and magic will happen...
<quiliro>i have a log
<quiliro>will check...thanks
<quiliro>how can i see the bugs?
<adfeno>quiliro: Hm... I think that provides a bug search page.
<civodul>cbaines: you do have to set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH if you want to be able to refer to packages by name from the user interfaces
<adfeno>Yep, does provide it.
<civodul>see 'all-package-modules', etc.
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<adfeno>quiliro: I'm sorry but I really must go now. I 'll install the file manager from Guix, and I plan to return with the results tomorrow.
<quiliro>i see there are no answers to
<quiliro>bye people and thank you for such a great system
<cbaines>quiliro, there are answers, but in the next period
<quiliro>cbaines: i cannot find any
<cbaines>quiliro, see
<adfeno>quiliro: see
<quiliro>i could not get the second link
<quiliro>the first link did not arrive to my email
<cbaines>The bug number is missing the last digit in the 2nd link, it should be
<quiliro>thank you cbaines
<quiliro>i guess i will continue another day
<quiliro>thank you everyone
<ng0>finsihed the 3rd run through the rust crates, sending them now
<ng0>if we get this merged, I can start adding this item I talked about a year ago, the reverse-engineering
<ng0>which uses rust
<kyamashita>Is the GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) functional for anyone else?
<kyamashita>I should say "not functional." GHC gives an error about a missing ncurses library.
<mange>I've got a program which I'm trying to package which uses confstr(_CS_PATH, ...), which on GuixSD gives "/bin:/usr/bin". Inside the build environment there isn't a /bin/sh, though, so the tests all fail (it works fine when installed). We have a bug about this (#23112), but it seems to have been closed as wontfix. Any thoughts on how I should proceed? (Re-open the bug? Skip the tests? Patch the source?)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>civodul: hi
<civodul>hey hey!
<civodul>ACTION tries to fix
<jlicht>hello guix!
<civodul>howdy jlicht!
<civodul>long time no see :-)
<jlicht>civodul: indeed :-)
<roelj>Err, `guix environment: error: clone: 2080505873: Invalid argument'. Any ideas? (guix-daemon is running as root).
<civodul>roelj: you're using 'guix environment --container'?
<roelj>civodul: Yes.
<civodul>presumably your kernel does not support user namespaces, then
<roelj>guix environment --container --pure guix --ad-hoc ...
<roelj>Is that needed, even when guix-daemon runs as root?
<civodul>in tests/, there's an example of how you can test that
<roelj>Ok, thanks for the pointer
<civodul>roelj: 'guix environment' does not go through the daemon to create its container
<civodul>it uses call-with-container
<roelj>Ah yes, I remember :)
<roelj>Thanks for the help!
<roelj>I'll just enable user namespaces then
<jmd>I was wondering if there is a way to use "guix environment --container" (or other command) to create a temporary enivonment where /bin, /usr/bin was populated the way that certain scripts like them. Is that feasible?
<civodul>jmd: yes, it's been proposed a few times :-)
<civodul>having a --fhs flag or something like it
<roelj>This is really nice civodul: guile -c '((@@ (guix scripts environment) assert-container-features))'
<jmd>civodul: Something like that, yes.
<civodul>roelj: i just realized that 'guix environment --container' already calls this procedure anyway
<civodul>so not sure what the problem is
<roelj>More friendly error messages probably. It could've outputted "Error: User namespaces are disabled. Please see <link to the manual>.".
<civodul>yes, that's what it normally does, with the above procedure
<civodul>but in your case it thinks user namespaces are enabled
<roelj>Oh, that's strange.. I'll try to debug it further then
<jorgesumle>I'm having problems to install Guix
<jorgesumle>I'm trying to install it in a Virtual Machine following the official guide:
<jorgesumle>But in step 3 I get this error: qemu-system-x86_64: -net default: Invalid parameter 'default'
<quigonjinn>jorgesumle: use '-net user' as in
<jorgesumle>quigonjinn: Thanks, now it works
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<ng0>Do we have a test I could run to see if curl is fixed now after the changes I applied, or should I try and rebase darcs and see if it works?
<rekado>trying to update inkscape
<rekado>they use cmake now
<civodul>bah :-/
<civodul>adding guile-bash to entertain myself a bit
<rekado>and it doesn't even build
<ng0>the fact that new tests are failing for cURL after my change shows at least that something is changed
<rekado>there are some files that seem only to be for mingw but cmake aborts the build because they don't exist
<civodul>ACTION sympathizes...
<rekado>I started writing a blog post about my Haskell bootstrapping work
<rekado>I'd like to mention at the end.
<rekado>haven't yet taken the time to fix up all the text on that site
<rekado>should do this soon and officially announce the project
<davexunit>ooh I didn't know about this development :)
<ng0>the guix builder has no knowledge of /etc/, right
<ng0>that's why this one new tests fails then
<ng0>returns curl code 77 instead of 51
<ng0>which means no access to file or file not present
<ng0>but in theory it looks good.. I would just skip the test
<rekado>civodul: what's guile-bash? Where can I find it?
<civodul>rekado: it allows you to extend Bash in Scheme
<civodul>i'll push it shortly
<civodul>it's currently retired though
<bavier`>inkscape is moving to a cmake-based build system
<bavier`>it'd be nice to know what features all these projects are looking for, and see how the autotools could be made to fit
<rekado>bavier`: I'm currently building the latest version of Inkscape.
<rekado>bavier`: I agree.
<bavier`>I know with cmake projects get "better cross-platform build support", but there's a lot of autotools features that then get left on the table
<bavier`>inkscape: "cmake build system, which builds faster and is easier for developers to work with"
<bavier`>but that's pretty hand-wavy
<rekado>they have a dedicated page for CMake on the Inkscape wiki
<rekado>but it's not very helpful in determining why they ditched autotools
<bavier`>in my experience, cmake can produce slower makefiles. maybe they're referring to ninja support from cmake
<rekado>I see that this could be useful. Inkscape is *still* building on my laptop...
<rekado>it's been an hour.
<bavier`>rekado: :)
<bavier`>but is that autotools fault? or something else?
<bavier`>e.g. missing parallelism in the makefiles, recursive make, c++ code, etc
<civodul>bavier`: using cmake is about one of (1) supporting Microsoft's proprietary compiler/IDE, (2) making things easier for developers at the expense of users
<bavier`>civodul: sounds about right
<bavier`>I'd need some examples of (2) though; in my experience things are just harder for everyone in cmake
<rekado>ha, I feel the same :)
<rekado>I have significantly more problems with cmake than with autotools
<rekado>build succeeded after 4875.2 seconds
<rekado>no rule to make target 'test'. Stop.
<roelj>rekado: lol. `guix build --continue-previous inkscape' would be nice here..
<civodul>uh uh
<civodul>rekado: it took 869.8 seconds in
<civodul>do you have a slow computer or did they have fun with template meta-programming? :-)
<rekado>I have an X200s
<rekado>I guess this counts as a slow computer
<civodul>you should offload to your workplace's cluster ;-)
<roelj>Especially in comparison to civodul's new beast ;)
<civodul>with EFI up and running, BTW :-)
<roelj>civodul: GuixSD with EFI? :O that is awesome!
<civodul>also proprietary BIOS and ME...
<civodul>roelj: yes, though it was a bit involved
<civodul>and i'm cheating by disabled fsck on the vfat partition
<roelj>civodul: Oh, tell me.. I still haven't moved to GuixSD yet..
<roelj>BTW, I have a minimal example where I can trigger "clone: <some number>: Operation not permitted". See
<rekado>I should offload to my workstation. 16 cores and 32G RAM. But I'm fresh out of Ethernet ports in my office...
<roelj>rekado: Can't you then just start the build on that machine instead of offloading it..? :)
<rekado>it's inconvenient
<rekado>my workstation is a big mess
<roelj>Especially in comparison to the tiny x200 :)
<rekado>and I don't have a GPG subkey for it, so I can't sign commits
<rekado>I thought Inkscape would build a little faster, actually
<rekado>wanted to do a real quick update and push it
<roelj>Ok :)
<dvc`>civodul: about the cheating, I still have the btrfs patches. Have we decided yet what it should look like the fschk stuff? Or shall I make another proposal when I have some time?
<sneek>dvc`, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>dvc`, ng0 says: I thought when you wrote about the toolchain, that there was a reference I did not see.
<sneek>dvc`, lfam says: Good morning! ;)
<roelj>rekado: Your socat solution is working fine here too. :)
<ZombieChicken>I just want to say now nice it is to be able to file bugs via email and not need Yet Another Account to do so.
<civodul>dvc`: i like the proposal i made :-)
<civodul>so i would suggest going in that direction
<civodul>would you be able to work on it?
<dvc`>I don't recall. I'll have to look again
<dvc`>civodul: Ah yes, I started on that
<dvc`>that was what I had in mind first too
<dvc`>or similar
<dvc`>civodul: Did you see the email I cc'd you in? I hope I'm not overstepping with making such recommendations...
<suitsmeveryfine>Hi! Is the ghc package broken or is it me who's forgotten to configure something?
<suitsmeveryfine>I get the following when running `ghc` or `ghci` from the terminal:
<dvc`>civodul: I don't have a filter I just say whatever I think =P
<jmi2k_>Anyone knows why /dev/tty1 is owned by me, while the others are owned by root? I'm logged into all ttys.
<jmi2k_>The problem I had with xorg is caused by this, because it disappears if I try to open it in another tty.
<jmd>Is there a way to have "guix environment --container" start with a uid other than 0 ?
<jmd>ok. Second question: Is there a practical way to change uid after it's started?
<davexunit>just standard unix stuff
<bavier`>always be learnin' the standard unix stuff
<jmd>But the problem is, guix environment --container gives me just a single user in /etc/passwd
<davexunit>so you can create additional users if need be
<jmi2k_>alezost: I finally solved the problem :D I removed the suid from X, used the command line parameters you said and added myself to the input group. It was something silly, but I come from a systemd distro where I didn't have to do anything of this. Really, thanks for helping me yesterday!
<alezost>jmi2k_: great! I'm glad to help :-)
<civodul>davexunit: we could add an option to map to the UID of 'nobody' instead of UID 0 maybe
<davexunit>civodul: hmm maybe
<davexunit>is nobody guaranteed to be a user on the host/
<davexunit>I'd like to create a UID 1000 with the user's current username, but then the same uid on the host would be mapped to 2 uids in the container and AFAIK that isn't possible currentlyh.
<civodul>davexunit: it's not guaranteed to exist, but it's likely to; we could error out when it's not, or use UID 0
<paroneayea><civodul> rekado: it allows you to extend Bash in Scheme
<paroneayea>i,i; bash -> guile -> bashish
<civodul>heh :-)
<lfam>I'd hate to see this work go to waste:
<lfam>The latest release of librsvg requires Rust:
<civodul>hey lfam!
<civodul>ah, too late
<civodul>dunno what to think of this Rust trend
<civodul>it's great that everyone takes memory safety seriously
<adfeno>Hi all
<adfeno>Do you know, by chance, why our recipe for GNUnet is still refering to an older version of it?
<civodul>ng0: perhaps you know the answer:
<civodul><adfeno> Do you know, by chance, why our recipe for GNUnet is still refering to an older version of it?
<ng0>Was it Mark Weaver who is responsible for most of the icecat/mozilla packaging?
<ng0>I have a question posted where I need someone with experience in mozilla packaging... Subject: Mozilla help needed - 0ad, or: how to pass the version to mozjs-38?
<ng0>adfeno: there's a short answer, and there's a long answer. The long answer will follow in some months or weeks probably, I'm discussing this with some people at the moment. Short answer: there are real issues which must be fixed first. I can post something about it this or next month
<adfeno>Hm... Interesting...
<adfeno>Are the subject of these discussions too complex or private?
<ng0>it's just lagging
<adfeno>Can you give me a summary (for a non-developer)?
<ng0>I work on many things at the same time, and so do other people, which ends up in lagged conversations.
<ng0>so far I don't want to give a summary, I need to get some answers first. I don't want to share things I only have half an answer to
<ng0>well I can look into the thread and give a very rough summary
<adfeno>Oh, I see...
<adfeno>... I asked that first question regarding the version because I'm having a bug with that version.
<adfeno>I made a bug report of it in the GNUnet bug tracking system, and I'm also currently discussing the bug with grothoff-mobile at #gnunet
<adfeno>And he just pointed out that my version is about two years old. Don't worry, I'm not here to make fun of it or criticize/be angry, I'm just trying to understand the possible reason for the delay so I can try to help
<ng0>Okay, I think I should make a post about it later this month
<lfam>Hi civodul
<adfeno>ng0: Out of curiosity, where would you make such post?
<adfeno>ng0: Also, about IceCat, as far as I can see, from, at least one of the people responsible is Mark H Weaver
<ng0>either my blog or post in post to the mailing list
<adfeno>Oh... :)
<ng0>but I think the mailing list is what it should be, as the question arose before here
<ng0>but Whonix is also interested in gnunet (gnunet-fs to be specific) now, and at the congress the gathering of the eV had some promising outcomes/reports (regarding work with pretty easy privacy /pEp foundation, etc)