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<jonsger>when wget the actuall .sig for guixsd I'll get: No such file ‘guixsd-usb-install-0.12.0.x86_64.xz.sig’.
<jonsger>but the file is actually in this location. I could download it through firefox
<jonsger>oh x86_64 != x86_64-linux :)
<baconicsynergy>hello guix
<baconicsynergy>My clock is 5 hours behind :( I can't seem to figure out why
<baconicsynergy>I'd rather find the cause than just set the time with 'date -s'
<baconicsynergy>Here's the weird thing though. My bios gives the correct time, but when I try to read the system time with 'hwclock --show' it gives a reading 5 hours behind
<baconicsynergy>im EST, I set 'America/Detroit' in my config.scm
<baconicsynergy>wait a sec... maybe my bios time is utc... oh my god
<baconicsynergy>est offset is -5 hours. im a fool...
<baconicsynergy>wow okay
<mange>I used to have problems with that when I was running GuixSD. I had to run some ntp commands to fix it but I think the #:allow-large-adjustment? flag in ntp-service can be used to fix it these days.
<baconicsynergy>success :)))
<baconicsynergy>noted mange, thanks :)
<baconicsynergy>ah im so happy with my setup right now!
<baconicsynergy>im getting a strange error when using 'M-x guix-all-available-packages' - "wrong type argument, arrayp, nil"
<ng0>Hi, new cURL update is out
<ng0>If someone notices here, otherwise I'll post to the list
<ng0>I'll make the release for gnurl much later today and rebase the patchseries as written yesterday
<ng0>the big issue was this:
<ng0>As I'm soon offline again, I'll post the same message in the curl thread
<baconicsynergy>whoever wrote the emacs guix interface did an astounding job
<mbuf>baconicsynergy, is there a demo available?
<baconicsynergy>i believe there is
<baconicsynergy>im just starting to learn it myself so i cant help out much
<baconicsynergy>besides linux-libre and the hurd, is support for the k*bsd kernels, illumos, a possibility for the far future?
<baconicsynergy>I can definitely see kFreeBSD being within the realm of possibility, seeing how successful the respective Debian port was
<espectalll[m]>Hello! Anyone there?
<espectalll[m]>First of all, congrats on Guix 0.12, the release is huge!
<espectalll[m]>I don't know if any of you is in the team, but I am surprised by the huge amount of new packages and the LUKS support, as well as I noticed the progress on Hurd support
<espectalll[m]>I'll be staying here for a while, hopefully I can make of GuixSD my new home :3
<espectalll[m]>Second, a quick question: as I'm installing my GuixSD demo on VirtualBox, I noticed all packages are being loaded by compiling the sources
<espectalll[m]>I used `guix archive --authorize`, which allowed me to install `curl` and `wget` on the live session as pre-compiled, but that has no effect on the `guix system init` command
<espectalll[m]>Is it possible to create a new system with pre-compiled packages, then?
<ng0>you mean re-creating the disk-image?
<espectalll[m]>No, no – I mean downloading and installing packages with pre-compiled binaries
<espectalll[m]>and using them straight into a new system
<espectalll[m]>Right now, I have to download the sources, configure them, compile them, run the tests and then I can install them
<espectalll[m]>It's fine for me right now, but I bet other people would find it too slow and resource-consuming
<ng0>I seem to miss lots of context before I joined, so I can't help
<espectalll[m]>Context: I'm installing GuixSD, each package is being compiled
<espectalll[m]>Is it possible to make a GuixSD installation without compiling?
<ng0>depending on what's available on hydra you will get binary substitutes (binaries)
<baconicsynergy>Welcome :) I have GuixSD as my main laptop driver and couldn't be happier. Once you figure out the system it'll feel intuitive
<ng0>but as the 0.12 release just happened, the amount of available substitutes should be high
<espectalll[m]>@baconicsynergy Thank you! I've been trying out Guix from time to time since – late 2014 I think? So I already have an idea
<espectalll[m]>@ng0 OK, so by default it does load pre-compiled packages whenever possible, right?
<espectalll[m]>I wonder what is actually compiling, then…
<espectalll[m]>…oh, OK
<ng0>yes, and if you don't pass --fallback to guix system init it will complain on first binary substitute not found
<espectalll[m]>I just notices it's looking for the list of substitutes
<ng0>and for some we don't keep substitutes around (yet) because they are just too big
<espectalll[m]>Oh, how about desktop environments? How many substitutes are available? Any place where I can check?
<ng0>after a guix pull, "guix package -n -u" works when you already have guix available, otherwise
<espectalll[m]>baconicsynergy: I know, right? Hoverboards, Maglevs, and Donald Trump!
<ng0>ACTION afk
<espectalll[m]>(also I forgot mentioning in IRC was done without @… it's been quite some time, huh)
<espectalll[m]>ng0: Checking it out, thanks!
<espectalll[m]>I just installed GuixSD
***jonsger_ is now known as jonsger
<janneke>espectalll[m]: Yay!...oh...
<espectalll[m]>Quick question: can `guix system reconfigure` let me fix that?
<espectalll[m]>Is there some other way, like a `chroot`? Or is reinstall mandatory?
<jmd>espectalll[m]: I've never have that problem but I think "guix system reconfigure" should fix it.
<jmd>If not then "guix system init"
<espectalll[m]>It's my fault, BTW
<espectalll[m]>Basically, I didn't allocate any space for the boot sector
<espectalll[m]>I just thought it would install directly to the virtual HDD without complaints x3
<espectalll[m]>(please note, I chose the disk partition label to be GPT)
<jmd>So far as I'm aware, the partition label is irrelevant.
<jmd>(I could be wrong though)
<lfam>Is anyone else having trouble downloaded the source of the newest curl package?
<sneek>Welcome back lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, efraim says: I saw the build failure with s390x and I saw it used host-cc so I put that in and it just worked
<lfam>And now it worked. I guess it helps to complain :)
<espectalll[m]>jmd: Apparently, there's a "post-MBR gap" where tools like Parted can allocate ~1 MB of storage exclusively for the boot sector. GPT requires users to create a partition on BIOS, however.
<espectalll[m]>I'll try out a slightly modified version of my `config.scm` where I've also set `console-keymap-service`, let's see how it works
<jmd>Is hydra down at the moment?
<espectalll[m]>Apparently not?
<lfam>It seems to be working for me
<espectalll[m]>My region is southwestern Europe, if that helps
<espectalll[m]> - Captura de pantalla 2016-12-23 a las 17.45.54.png (77KB)
<espectalll[m]>(…also sorry for using macOS?)
<espectalll[m]>also this is my first time ever using LUKS – feels amazing!
<espectalll[m]>(probably needs a more graphical way to ask for a password, but I guess that's relatively easy to do?)
<lfam><espectalll[m]: I haven't tried it, but I think that Plymouth can do that. We don't have it in GuixSD yet
<espectalll[m]>I just noticed the localization is a bit glitchy on the TTY
<espectalll[m]>I cannot use regional characters like `ñ`, and they are displayed incorrectly by those programs which display them
<espectalll[m]>I configured the locale and the console keymap service – so why is it?
<lfam>espectalll[m]: I'm not sure, and many of the developers are AFK for a few days. If you can't figure it out, please send a message to describing the problem and showing how you've tried configuring the locales
<ng0>sneek: later tell lfam: plymouth shouldn't be that hard, I'm trying it right now. system integration will be another task then.
<sneek>Will do.
<Tsutsukakushi>are there any plans for adding bridge stuff into the networking service?
<espectalll[m]>Hmm, this is the first time that I'm trying to install packages from outside Hydra
<espectalll[m]>I noticed that Guix offers a ton of compatibility via `guix import`, even with hackages and crates!
<ng0>when did we drop automake-1.14?
<ng0>I need it
<espectalll[m]>…as I was saying, I'm taking a look on how to use `import`. It returns a Scheme script which I have no idea how to use to create a package – for now I'll try to learn by myself. Hopefully it's OK if I ask later for help?
<espectalll[m]>also I wonder if Nixpkgs can be used directly?
<ng0>seems like aebb05b09502be00fb121f9c6cd74a190fb12a1c updated automake
<ng0>espectalll[m]: yes, don't ask to ask just ask :)
<espectalll[m]>Great, thanks!
<espectalll[m]>From what I can tell here (, I have to create the script and then do `guix environment -l package.scm`
<espectalll[m]>at that step, however, I get an error of "unexpected syntax"
<espectalll[m]>so I'll try to modify it until I get it to work
<espectalll[m]>Here's what I'm trying to do: `guix import crate urdict | tail -n +2 > package.scm`
<espectalll[m]>…apparently, it generated `(home-page ())`, which would be incorrect?
<espectalll[m]>still fails, tho
<espectalll[m]>…apparently ever package I generate returns the following error:
<espectalll[m]>`package.scm:1:0: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: package`
<espectalll[m]>Am I doing something wrong?
<OrangeShark>ohh, we have rust now?
<espectalll[m]>apparently so
<espectalll[m]>I just wish `guix environment` could work
<espectalll[m]>and maybe I could even become a package maintainer for Rust goodies
<OrangeShark>it could be the scheme generated is missing the imports of the modules
<espectalll[m]>maybe (?)
<espectalll[m]>which imports?
<OrangeShark>does it have any imports at the top?
<OrangeShark>(use-modules ...)
<espectalll[m]>None of the importers seem to generate them
<espectalll[m]>…OK, that's it
<espectalll[m]>now I have to guess which modules need to be imported (why isn't this generated automatically!?)
<OrangeShark>I think the importers just help create packages, you might have to modify it a bit
<OrangeShark>espectalll[m]: you will need at least (guix licenses) (guix packages) (guix download)
<OrangeShark>hmm, I wonder if there is a build system for rust packages yet
<espectalll[m]>there is
<espectalll[m]>`cargo-build-system` was included in my script
<OrangeShark>oh yes (guix build-system cargo)
<OrangeShark>at the top you can do (use-modules ... ) with those above
<espectalll[m]>yes, I already wrote them all
<espectalll[m]>Alright, now it does a thing!
<espectalll[m]>I just have to package the missing packages first (?)
<OrangeShark>have to package all the dependencies
<espectalll[m]>OK, found a package with no dependencies
<espectalll[m]>good starting point
<espectalll[m]>now I imported the licenses but says that `license:expat` is an unbound variable
<OrangeShark>you can just write expat
<espectalll[m]>Doing that
<espectalll[m]>good to go!
<espectalll[m]>it BUILDS!
<OrangeShark>for module imports, there is a way to prefix stuff to prevent collisions
<espectalll[m]>Now that my script is correct and the environment works, what would I do next? Manually compile the package?
<espectalll[m]>…OK, so in theory, Guix wants to find a `Cargo.toml` and build it?
<OrangeShark>espectalll[m]: you can save the package in a variable (define package-name (package ... )) then you can refer to the package in other packages with that variable
<espectalll[m]>Saw that, thanks for the confirmation
<espectalll[m]>but then that's all?
<OrangeShark>pretty much. If you are just making the packages to be used for yourself
<OrangeShark>There is other ways you can save your own personal packages. You can also submit them as patches to guix
<OrangeShark>espectalll[m]: there is an environment variable you can add to allow it to search additional locations for packages
<OrangeShark>Would need to define it as a module like that
<OrangeShark>so if you make a module named (my-packages rust) You would need to put it in the directory $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH/my-packages/rust.scm
<jmd>rekado: I suggest that you add a DNS record for
<ng0>hrm.... plymouth could've been too easy. Now with the docbook rewrite it needs automake-1.14 and a simple inherit fails. so I'll make this plymouth 2017'ish
<lfam>Debian has cherry-picked most of the changes to libxml2 since the latest release:
<sneek>Welcome back lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, ng0 says: plymouth shouldn't be that hard, I'm trying it right now. system integration will be another task then.
<adfeno>I might have found the source code of Abbaye that is out from the to-be-ended Google Code repository.
<adfeno>I was searching for some more info (hints, because I find the game to be surprisingly hard) and then I came accross another repository (not the one in Google Code).
<adfeno>Now, I just have to check if these two relate to some extent.
<ng0>does someone have an idea if there's any upstream contact list/channel other than the not at all responsive freenode channel for libmp4v2 ?
<ng0>I packaged it and it's still on
<lfam>ng0: Can you find any email address in the code?
<ng0>I mean addresses of individual commiters
<lfam>If you can figure out who are the primary committers, you could contact them directly.
<lfam>I found a github repo but I don't know if it's "official":
<ng0>there are hundreds of repos, which is why I prefer to ask
<lfam>I see; that's the first one that showed up in the search engine. And the owner has made a few commits, so it's not just a clone
<ng0>there's even
<lfam>You could also try contacting package maintainers for bigger distros like Debian and Fedora
<ng0>they all use
<ng0>it's not like I've searched only 10 minutes :)
<ng0>I'm looking at 0ad right now, one of the two issues now is that the bundled mozjs needs to be build, which we must replicate because otherwise there's a buildsystem running in our build of the build
<ng0>not mozjs
<ng0>I guess no one really likes packaging games, so I'm stuck with doing this until i'm done
<lfam>People love playing games!
<ng0>I don't think packaging it is complicated, but it's distracting me from my other packaging tasks
<ng0>I'll just send my rebased patchseries and hope at some point someone will get interested in it
<adfeno>Now, I'm trying to find a relation between Abbaye from Code Google and the one from GitHub.
<adfeno>So far only one contributor's name in common.
<ng0>for those who are interested,
<ng0>I'm very tired... good night
<lfam>Good night!
<adfeno>OK, so far only two correlations between abbaye (Google Code) and the same from GitHub: (1) The name of a contributor; (2) A small paragraph in the changelog that has a link to the repository on Google Code.
<adfeno>Oh... Wait, actually... most of the changelog is the same... So I guess I can consider the one in GitHub to be the new repository.
<lfam>If you're concerned, just ask the GitHub repo owners for advice
<adfeno>lfam: Oh... That's better. :)
<adfeno>Oh my.... out of the possible three contributors (including the repository owner in GitHub) I found out that only one of them leaves their e-mail in their profile (no email inside source code).
<adfeno>... and it's not the repository owner.
<adfeno>I guess the email found will have to be contacted instead.