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<baconicsynergy>when I try to run tmux, it spits out "invalid LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE or LANG"... im lost here
<baconicsynergy>LANG is set to en_US.UTF-8
<buenouanq>I can't get Claws-mail to find the dictionaries or uses spellcheck - Possibly related.
<baconicsynergy>im reading the manual on locales at the moment
<buenouanq>Though Icecat doesn't seem to have this problem.
<ng0>no, spellcheck is a different problem.
<baconicsynergy>I believe I might have to install my own user locale data
<baconicsynergy>and reset GUIX_LOCPATH
<baconicsynergy>I want it to function properly system-wide
<baconicsynergy>From what the manual is telling me, I could specify additional libc packages in my system configuration
<baconicsynergy>but I wouldn't know what ones I needed!
<baconicsynergy>Also... this is my first install, I've never reconfigured an already install guix system before
<ng0>guixsd or guix?
<baconicsynergy>Would I lose all of the programs I installed with 'guix package'? Would I need to specify them in my config.scm?
<ng0>did you do guix pull as root before trying reconfigure?
<baconicsynergy>I haven't tried to reconfigure yet
<baconicsynergy>and yes, i did guix pull as root
<ng0>for a current system, i have this in my config.scm: (locale-libcs (list glibc-2.23 (canonical-package glibc)))
<baconicsynergy>so, what exactly happens when i invoke guix reconfigure?
<baconicsynergy>im scared ahhahaha
<baconicsynergy>this os is a hell of a ride...
<ng0>no, you won't loose the packages in your users profile
<baconicsynergy>good news
<ng0>however you need to do guix pull as user before updating the packages in the users profile after you reconfigured (and rebooted into the system).
<baconicsynergy>should i modify /etc/config.scm in place, or make a copy to modify in my home directory?
<ng0>you can have that file anywhere
<ng0>/etc/config.scm is just a suggestion.
<baconicsynergy>okay, here goes nothing
<ng0>it could be $HOME/my-system-is-bananas.scm
<ng0>then you'd run guix system reconfigure /home/user/my-system-is-bananas.scm
<ng0>*sudo reconfigure
<baconicsynergy>this is so cool
<baconicsynergy>i run it with sudo?
<ng0>you can run guix build system /etc/config.scm , which does not require root, to build the system and reconfigure with sudo or root
<baconicsynergy>the manual doesn't say much about the build action. how would i make use of it?
<ng0>what do you mean?
<baconicsynergy>It builds the derivation, but doesn't install it.
<ng0>and guix system reconfigure "installs" it
<baconicsynergy>after using build, would i just run 'sudo guix system reconfigure', and it will automatically install the build system from the previous command?
<ng0>in short, yes
<baconicsynergy>okay lets do this thang
<baconicsynergy>cue intense classical music
<jje>how doea one start bluetooth on guixsd
<baconicsynergy>in your services declaration in your config.scm file, at the scheme procedure bluetooth-service [#:bluez bluez]
<baconicsynergy>you need to add your user to the lp group
<jje>baconicsynergy: thank you
<baconicsynergy>no problemo
<jin>hi guix
<albertoefg>hi :)
<jin>it seems desolate
<jin>i'm playing with desktop services
<jin>but, how can i tes a new service?
<atw>I mean, you could try it out. I presume you've read ?
<jin>i have read this part
<jin>atw: ok i'm going the right way, thanks
<baconicsynergy>so, it seems like my guix reconfigure went well
<baconicsynergy>except, the display manager wont boot up and im stuck in tty world
<baconicsynergy>startx wont work either
<baconicsynergy>tmux works now, however
<jje>so i added bluetooth-service [#:bluez bluez] to my services declaration, but now i get the error unbound variable bluez. what am i missing here?
<jin>jje: try only 'bluetooth-service'
<jje>jin: thanks that worked!
<jin>really? :-)
<jje>absolutely thanks again
<ZombieChicken>hrm. Is there a way to have guix use a proxy? It seems that it bypasses the https_proxy env variable
<marusich>ZombieChicken, the Guix manual says explicitly that the http_proxy environment variable is respected. But it doesn't mention https_proxy.
<marusich>I don't know how the http_proxy environment variable is commonly used by other programs. Perhaps Guix uses the http_proxy to proxy HTTP connections over TLS, also? I don't know.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jmd>Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
<snape>whatever guix command I run, I get: "X.509 certificate of '' could not be verified". Does anyone get this too?
<snape>signer-not-found, invalid
<civodul>snape: are you on GuixSD?
<snape>found that
<snape>yes civodul
<civodul>you just found the answer :-)
<civodul>so you need to reconfigure without substitutes
<snape>yep, I'll do that
<civodul>or to run guix-daemon in an environment where SSL_CERT_DIR points to the certificates
<civodul>the bug was there for maybe 24h, but that was enough to annoy a lot of people
<civodul>sorry about that!
<baconicsynergy>Good news: the rollback functionality is incredibly beautiful
<baconicsynergy>Bad news: guix reconfigure borks my system
<baconicsynergy>When I log in after a fresh reconfigure, the display manager wont display, alt-f7 won't switch to it
<baconicsynergy>all I get is a tty :(
<baconicsynergy>startx wont do anything either
<catern>finally I got guix working
<catern>is guix incompatible with guile 2.0.13? it seems to be to me!
<catern>i had to use guile 2.0.11
<catern>it's also possible that guix isn't quite incompatible, but that guile 2.0.13 has some bug in its build which causes it to build broken in certain circumstances
<civodul>catern: there's no incompatibility that i know of
<civodul>could you explain what breakage you experienced?
<civodul>FWIW i used 2.0.13+ for my daily Guix work
<catern>so, I could not get guix to build with guile 2.0.13; I encountered a bunch of strange errors that I've mentioned yesterday, like "no such language: tree-il"
<catern>(I'd copy and paste the errors but the computer I'm working on is different from the one I'm on IRC, and is behind a work firewall...)
<civodul>ah yes, that could relate to multithreaded builds
<catern>orly, interesting!
<civodul>but the weird thing is that i don't see it here
<catern>maybe it's not present in .13+?
<catern>i didn't try building from guile git
<civodul>.13 doesn't change anything in this area
<civodul>how did you build it?
<catern>downloaded a tarball, ran ./configure --prefix=$HOME/gnu && make && make install
<civodul>well, dunno
<catern>how do I disable multithreaded builds?
<civodul>you don't!
<civodul>how many cores on your machine?
<civodul>and 'make' would never succeed with 2.0.13?
<civodul>could it be a misinstallation, or search path interference, something like that?
<catern>it could, but I put some effort into making sure my installation was correct, and I didn't change anything when I installed .11
<catern>hmm, now another problem, I'm behind a proxy which is described in http[s]_proxy. wget works fine, but when I run the daemon, it suffers "ERROR: In procedure connect: Network is unreachable"
<civodul>'https_proxy' isn't honored yet, but 'http_proxy' is
<civodul>it has to be set in the daemon's environment
<catern>i'm just running the daemon from bash directly
<catern> http_proxy= guix-daemon
<civodul>+ --build-users-group...
<civodul>otherwise warranty void :-)
<catern>(well, I'm actually trying to run it in "single-user-mode" without root... but that shouldn't affect the use of proxies right?)
<civodul>you're not running the daemon as root?
<civodul>warranty void as well i'm afraid ;-)
<catern>i'll recompile with gnutls, maybe that could help?
<civodul>GnuTLS is highly recommended, see
<civodul>re daemon as non-root, see the last paragraph at
<catern>i'm just doing this to check that things work before doing the work of getting a root machine at my highly oversecured work
<catern>guix download works though
<catern>what does this mean??
<wingo>$ ping
<wingo>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
<wingo>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=45.1 ms
<wingo>excellent work peoples :)
<jmd>Is going to become the new url for substitutes?
<catern>hmm, okay, running strace on the daemon, it's directly connecting to the HTTP server rather than going through the proxy
<catern>any ideas why?
<catern>running "cat /proc/$(guix-daemon)/environ | tr '\\0' '\\n' | grep http_proxy" I see that http_proxy is definitely set
<catern>$(pgrep guix-daemon)
<wingo>catern: if you are using the new guix daemon this could be recently introduced
<wingo>with the new out-of-band download features
<catern>i'm using guix-0.11.0 from tarball
<catern>but maybe if I used the new guix daemon things would work? :)
<wingo>hmm, i don't know, probably not :)
<cbaines>Afternoon all :) Is there any prior art for running shepherd just for user level services (I'd like to run offlineimap with it for starters)?
<wingo>no idea then, just was putting out a possibility
<wingo>cbaines: i think people have done it with dmd, maybe davexunit did?
<rekado>I'm using shepherd to start and stop jackd.
<rekado>you just need to install it as a user and modify its ~/.config/shepherd/init.scm
<cbaines>Hmm, ok, I guess that would work
<cbaines>The first solution that jumped to my mind was actually writing all the config to the store
***contrapumpkin is now known as copumpkin
<cbaines>and then having a package that contains a start script
<catern>wait, is it possible that I need to put http_proxy into leaked-env-vars??
<janneke>what's needed to get tramp mode working?
<janneke>`tramp-file-name-handler: Couldn’t find a proper ‘ls’ command'
<davexunit>wingo, cbaines: yes, I do this.
<davexunit>and offlineimap is one of things I manage with it
<davexunit>it also handles gpg-agent and emacs --daemon
<baconicsynergy>so, i just installed i3 and I want to switch to it, but the slim display manager only gives me access to the gnome and xfce sessions i declared in my config. whats the proper way to handle this?
<davexunit>i3 provides no xsession file
<davexunit>so you'd either have to create one and put it in the right place, or make the right .xinitrc or whatever that file is in your home directory
<catern>so, I'm again trying to build guix
<civodul>wingo: that machine is idle right now but hopefully it'll be super busy soon :-)
<catern>and I'm wonder what the heck is this [[noreturn]] syntax on line 87 of nix/libstore/sqlite.hh
<catern>my compiler fails on it...
<civodul>you need a C++11 compiler
<catern>my compiler is gcc 4.7.2, I think that's C++11?
<catern>i guess i'll compile a more recent gcc too
<wingo>gcc 4.7.2 is pretty old yo
<catern>hmm i think the build from git is broken
<catern>it seems to run graphviz/DOT phase to compile graphics, *after* running makeinfo to make the docs that use those graphics
<catern>which fails
<baconicsynergy>oh joy :) i fixed my tmux problem
<iyzsong>hello #guix :-)
<baconicsynergy>I had to install glibc-locales and export GUIX_LOCPATH appropriately
<Petter>Hello iyzsong :)
<iyzsong>i'd write a service for opensmtpd in few days. I have test it manually by send mail from local, and receive on my VPS.
<iyzsong>catern: do you have 'dot' installed? I delete some files under doc/images, and 'make' rebuild them fine.
<catern>iyzsong: yes
<iyzsong>did it come more error messages?
<catern>buiding guix from git, http_proxy works!
<iyzsong>yeah, cool.
<civodul>hey, iyzsong! re opensmtpd service, sounds cool
<ng0>iyzsong is writting one?
<iyzsong>plan to, not yet.
<iyzsong>i'm little shocked when I can send email by local smtp relay with arbitrarly from address though ..
<ng0>it'll be rejected by most mail hosts though
<ng0>like dynamic ip range blocklist etc
<iyzsong>ah, ok.
<ng0>ideally this would work
<ng0>and I'd welcome it
<ng0>like no need for static ip, etc
<rekado>looking at gnu-prog-discuss I'm surprised to see how "controversial" the recommendation to make software build reproducibly is among GNU folk.
<civodul>a couple of people is enought to make it look controversial
<davexunit>rekado: same.
<rekado>"religious zeal" --- wow, really?
<ng0>what's to loose in progress? weird.
<civodul>yeah, weird
<davexunit>I replied that this feels like "teach the controversy", a slogan used to justify teaching creationism alongside evolution in US schools.
<ng0>there's always those who will move with progress, and those who are hesistant against it
<davexunit>because eli wants the GNU standards to list the disadvantages of deterministic builds
<civodul>i think Eli is a bit lost here
<civodul>there's a misunderstanding
<davexunit>I haven't yet seen a single disadvantage. the things eli has cited as disadvantages are all fine.
<civodul>anyone knows what happened to ox-bibtex.el? i can't find it anywhere
<davexunit>civodul explained this, but eli seems to still think they are problems.
<davexunit>ACTION goes afk
<catern>I wish gnu-prog-discuss was usable through gmane/gnus :( (and moreover readable by non-subscribers like me)
<ng0>is gmane restored yet
<catern>the NNTP interface is
<catern>it never went down
<catern>wait a second, if I install guix with guix into a nonstandard store, will things work?
<catern>or will the guix-installed-with-guix have its store as /gnu/store?
<cbaines>catern, if I remember correctly, substitutes from hydra.gnu won't work, but that might be the only issue
<bavier>catern: you'll also want to make sure the store prefix isn't too long, or you'll hit shebang length limits
<janneke>reading g-p-d helps me to see how difficult or foreign the concept of reproducible builds and pure functions are
<ng0>how backwards compatible is openssh? normally 6_6.1 on server and 7_7.1 or whatever guix has shouldn#t be a problem right
<Acou_Bass>guix doesnt use openssh by default but usually openssh versions are fairly compatable
<ng0>that is not what I asked, but thanks :)
<Acou_Bass>sorry my second bit meant to say openssh versions are compatable *with each other* xD
<ng0>problem right now: 7_7.1 on guix, (also 7_* on every other host I connect to) and the problematic server has 6_*, connection with pubkey fails and we are debugging it. I was wondering if 6 and 7 could be incompatible
<Acou_Bass>oohh, hmm maybe i suppose, might be a too-new key type?
<ng0>ssh2 type
<ng0>on server
<ng0>even when I move the config above my restrictive defaults (and therefore use default client values) it fails
<ng0>rsa or ed25519 doesn't matter
<ng0>maybe gitlab-ce is a bit special.
<ng0>or the old ubuntu version is
<Acou_Bass>0,o that is odd, presumably youve done the obvious and set permissions on .ssh and stuf
<ng0>it's not my server
<ng0>but as the admin can connect with key i suppose so
<catern>sigh, accursed https
<catern>why doesn't the daemon support https_proxy?
<janneke>catern: https traffic is commonly routed through http_proxy
<catern>but, when it encounters a https url, it says "https_proxy is not supported", and it doesn't work
<catern>if I unset https_proxy would it start using http_proxy?
<janneke>i don't know, possibly
<civodul>catern: 'http_proxy' is used only for 'http' URLs
<catern>so how do I get https urls routed through a proxy?
<civodul>that's not supported yet, as i wrote before
<catern>ah, sorry, right
<catern>I meant to ask why
<catern>is there something fundamentally hard about it?
<civodul>it "just needs to be done" :-)
<davexunit>janneke: ams strikes again.
<davexunit>were you in this channel when he muted all core devs because he didn't like our answers to his questions?
<davexunit>that was a real hoot.
<janneke>davexunit: *lol*
<ng0>is this normal for "controversial" discussion in gnu?
<jje>adding network-manager-service to my services declaration yeilds unbound variable: network-manager-service. what did i do wrong?
<janneke>davexunit: i replied...but could possibly do with some advice next time ;-/
<davexunit>my advice: ignore ams.
<alezost>janneke: re tramp: you need to do something like this: (with-eval-after-load 'tramp-sh (push 'tramp-own-remote-path tramp-remote-path)) see also <>
<janneke>alezost: wow, thanks!
<janneke>alezost: could this be packaged in some way...that's quite hard to discover?
<alezost>yeah, that's what should be done :-) I think everybody agreed that our emacs should be patched for this
<janneke>ah, I see. `someone should do this!'
<civodul>someone *will* do this! :-)
<civodul>jje: you need to add a 'use-modules' or 'use-service-modules' clause for the module that defined that variable
<civodul>(use-service-modules networking)
<alezost>I've noticed that 'm17n-db' and 'm17n-lib' packages were added to (gnu packages emacs). Why this module?
<davexunit>ugh, Eli.
<jje>civodul thanks!
<janneke>hmm, with alezost's tramp hint i now get:
<janneke>Tramp: Inserting ‘/sudo:root@dundal:/root/wifi’...failed
<janneke>Wrong method specification for ‘sudo’
<janneke>i'm entering: /sudo::/root/wifi
<sneek>lfam, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lfam, efraim says: try out qsyncthingtray I don't have a system tray ATM to try it out
<lfam>efraim: Cool, I hope that i3's "i3status" bar works as a system tray in this case
<lfam>efraim: It works, very nice :)
<lfam>I'm using the i3 window manager on Debian testing
<lfam>Syncthing comes from my Guix package
<paroneayea>really need to update "herd status" to make its output human readable
<paroneayea>big inline sexp isn't really nice to look at, and I'm pro-sexp!
<lfam>paroneayea: +1
<lfam>I always pipe it through `tr ' ' '\\n'`
<lfam>A crude solution :)
<[df]>paroneayea: I think the term is "sexp-positive"
<paroneayea>yes I'd consider myself sexp-positive :)
<cbaines>Quick question, can the store contain symlinks? And if so, can these symlinks point in to other directories in the store?
<bavier>cbaines: yes
<cbaines>Great, thanks :)
<Sleep_Walker>what file is proper place for uget (GTK+ based download manager)?
<ng0>idk.. aria2 is in bittorent.scm and it can certainly do more than torrents
<ng0>so if you don't want to create a new module, throw it into bittorrent.scm
<Sleep_Walker>good idea
<Sleep_Walker>uget can work as GTK+ frontend for aria2 as well
<Sleep_Walker>and BitTorrent is among supported protocols
<lfam>Cache invalidation and naming things...