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<kyamashita>Does anyone else's update to Guix version 0.11.0-2.166b stop after "tests/scripts-build.scm" passes?
<lfam>kyamashita: Yes, but it worked when I restarted it
<lfam>Or, at least `guix package -u .` succeeded when I restarted it
<kyamashita>I'll try it out! Thanks lfam and jje.
<kyamashita>Just rebooted. Hopefully the Guix tests don't time out again.
<kyamashita>Hm, I'm not sure if anything is actually being tested, as it just passed "tests/scripts-build.scm" and CPU utilization is less than one percent.
<lfam>I noticed the same thing, it just hangs
<lfam>What command are you using to reproduce this?
<lfam>kyamashita ^
<kyamashita>lfam: "guix package -u." and "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm".
<kyamashita>lfam: I wonder if the build servers have the same issue.
<lfam>I wonder why it passed for me eventually. I saw the hang on two different machines
<lfam>I had missed this earlier discussion of HTTPS on Savannah completely:
<lfam>At least RMS agreed that it's a problem that it's impossible to get source code from Savannah anonymously and securely
<atw>lfam++, I've been annoyed by this
<buenouanq>how do I install old versions of programs that are no longer in the repos?
<buenouanq>icecat@45 isn't usable, but icecat@38 is no longer there for whatever reason
<kyamashita>buenouanq: Have you already installed icecat@38? If so you can roll back to it.
<buenouanq>I've been bouncing between debian and guixsd for a few weeks and this latest I found that it'd updated.
<buenouanq>I guess I'll be forced to learn how to roll my own local package store or whatever.
<buenouanq>prolly a good thing
<kyamashita>It seems like it. I don't know of an easier way.
<buenouanq>what is the official stance on keeping old versions in the repos?
<buenouanq>I was very surprised to see it gone - Why not have both?
<kyamashita>IceCat 38 had some dangerous bugs that couldn't be backported from FireFox 45.
<kyamashita>I'm not sure about policy on old software per se, but we try to stay away from insecure software.
<buenouanq>I should really just stop using the wob entirely.
<buenouanq>nothing of any value left ;_;
<kyamashita>I would say there are a few things worth my time. Surveillance hubs are not on my list.
<Apteryx>Anyone familiar with usenet? I'm doing my baby steps with Emacs' Gnus, and would like to try reading news from the GNU project.
<kyamashita>Apteryx: I don't think you need Usenet to access GNU project news...
<Apteryx>Granted, reading the GNU project news is not the end of it.
<Apteryx>Getting familiar with Gnus is the more practical side-effect, since I intend to make it my default mail client.
<kyamashita>Apteryx: I'm not sure about Usenet access, but I remember adding RSS feeds being simple in Gnus. I just forgotten how to do it.
<buenouanq>I'm having screentearing issues and my old Debian fix (though it does change the speed of the tear) no longer works.
<buenouanq>intel onboard graphics
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<albertoefg>if i have say inkscape already installed
<albertoefg>and then i install it with guix
<albertoefg>the first inkscape will be replaced?
<albertoefg>or I'll have 2
<jmd>albertoefg: Presumably you are talking about Guix on a foreign distro?
<albertoefg>yes sorry for "hablar al tiro"
<jmd>... in which case, the answer is yes, you will have two.
<albertoefg>Spanish for speaking before explaining
<jmd>(one from your distro and one from guix)
<albertoefg>ok and both will use the same system themes and config files on /home
<albertoefg>i am asking for in case of a backup
<alezost>albertoefg: guix does not replace anything from your system
<albertoefg>where does the guixs programs configuration goes?
<jmd>I'm not an expert in inkscape. But $HOME is $HOME.
<alezost>right, I've just wanted to say the same as jmd :-)
<albertoefg>oh well lets say emacs.. does guixs emacs uses my .emacs/init.el
<albertoefg>or it uses its own configuration
<alezost>albertoefg: I don't use inkscape, but guix's inkscape should use your /home config files if your distro's inkscape does it
<jmd>If there is global config info specific to inkscape, but not related to any user, then it'll be put in a the store so it'll not conflict with anything.
<alezost>albertoefg: it uses .emacs/init.el as usual
<alezost>no difference
<albertoefg>oh i see
<alezost>you also can install emacs packages from (M)ELPA if you want
<albertoefg>so do u guys think i can just drop my package manager and use guix
<jmd>not completely. No.
<alezost>albertoefg: (in case you didn't see my message at <>)
<alezost>you can use some packages from your distro and some from guix
<albertoefg>no well i guess guix doesn't have all the packages yet but for
<jmd>You wont be able to use a lot of ssytem applications. But it should be fine for things like inkscape and emacs.
<albertoefg>:) great
<forgetful>hello everybody
<albertoefg>alezost: thanks
<forgetful>I have a problem, can anybody help me?
<alezost>forgetful: at first you need to ask :-)
<alezost>albertoefg: np
<alezost>ACTION is going away
<forgetful>if you try to run gcc
<albertoefg>and if i do a backup of /gnu and /var/gnu i will have packages again?
<forgetful>I get this error: /gnu/store/hkwl20n5ca87bczjrlv8b8vfm26vcrxy-glibc-bootstrap-0/lib/crt1.o: In function `_start':
<forgetful>(.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'
<forgetful>collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
<albertoefg>or is just better to install again guix in that case
<jmd>forgetful: and do you have a main?
<forgetful>I just invoke like this with no input. I tried it because I was trying to compile a haskell package with cabal and I got this other error: configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.
<forgetful>but if you invoke ti with no input file it should complain about not having an input file, instead it seems some library is misconfigured
<jmd>what exactly did you type?
<jmd>I agree. I would expect an error about not having any input files.
<civodul>forgetful: Cabal is invoking gcc?
<civodul>if so, you need to install 'gcc-toolchain' and not 'gcc' in your profile
<civodul>it'll provide not just GCC but everything that's needed
<civodul>i would suggest getting the Haskell packages you want from Guix though :-)
<forgetful>I tried that, not sure I understood exactly how it works
<forgetful>guix import hackage pipes-http > pipes-http
<forgetful>I get a package definition, but how do I use then?
<civodul>'guix import' facilitates the writing of package recipes for Guix
<civodul>so in this case it gives you recipe or a template that you should be able to drop in a module
<civodul>and the 'guix build whatever' should be able to pick it up
<forgetful>ok, thanks!
<forgetful>this way I don't need cabal any more?
<civodul>forgetful: exactly; it's a bit more work though, i won't lie
<civodul>so if you want things right now, just "guix package -r gcc -i gcc-toolchain"
<civodul>but otherwise, importing Cabal packages in Guix is going to be more fruitful
<forgetful>is it possible to have the cabal sandbox equivalent?
<civodul>what's the Cabal sandbox?
<forgetful>it installs all the packages in the local directory, so that you don't have conflicts with other projects
<civodul>oh ok
<civodul>Guix is "sandbox by default", so to speak
<civodul>you can have different "profiles" that don't interfere with each other
<forgetful>on the same user?
<forgetful>that's really cool!
<civodul>also with 'guix environment', which creates them on the fly
<civodul>ACTION goes afk for a while
<efraim>gtk+-3, glib and cairo are already in the closure of libinput, I think I'm going to toss them in and enable the gui
<jmd>gtk is there.
<forgetful>civodul: everything works now, thanks
<Petter>Working on my first package and having some problems. The install phase fails when trying to copy to /gnu/store. Any help is appreciated.
<iyzsong>Petter: as `cp` reported, the $out/bin directory doesn't exist yet. You can do that by add a phase before 'install', see 'ploticus' for an example.
<Petter>iyzsong: Thanks, i will!
<iyzsong>Yeah, and since the install target of Makefile is not useful, I'd just replace install phase, using a call of 'install-file', which will create the target directory.
<Petter>Nice! It succeeded now :D
<Petter>I will look into replacing the install phase now.
<cbaines>Building guix (as in guix build guix) using current master seems to hang (the last line of output is "PASS: tests/scripts-build.scm"), is anyone else seeing this?
<civodul>cbaines: could it be ?
<civodul>can you run "ps aux" or similar to see which test is hanging?
<forgetful>Hello again, I am trying to create a module for an haskell package but I get this error: ERROR: no code for module (ghc-pipes). I had the same error while trying to use the example in guide. Can anyone help me? Thanks
<civodul>forgetful: take a look at
<civodul>in particular footnote 23
<forgetful>yes, I stored the module in ~/my-packages/ghc-pipes.scm and set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH to $HOME/my-packages
<forgetful>am I missing something else?
<OrangeShark>does ghc-pipes.scm define a module ghc-pipes?
<forgetful>this is the first line: (define-module (gnu packages ghc-pipes)
<OrangeShark>it should be (define-module (ghc-pipes) ...)
<OrangeShark>the module also describes the directory, so (gnu packages ghc-pipes) would be gnu/packages/ghc-pipes.scm
<forgetful>oh-oh, thanks!
<OrangeShark>so $HOME/my-packages/gnu/packages/ghc-pipes.scm
<forgetful>should I do it that way? or just put (ghc-pipes)?
<forgetful>or either is fine
<OrangeShark>it all up to you
<OrangeShark>however you want to organize your own packages
<forgetful>ok, thanks! :)
<cbaines>civodul, looks like it: /gnu/store/qkw4zrwfybxww8f56nkb6hggxambk89b-bash-4.4.0/bin/sh ./test-env --quiet-stderr /gnu/store/70f2l7892914g6mv0w4hwfcmnd7xg2fs-guile-2.0.12/bin/guile --no-auto-compile -e main ./build-aux/test-driver.scm --test-name tests/containers.scm --log-file tests/containers.log --trs-file tests/containers.trs --color-tests no --enable-hard-errors yes --expect-failure no --brief=yes -- ./tests/containers.scm
<civodul>cbaines: ok, tests/containers.scm
<civodul>i'm looking into it right now
<civodul>there's been another report on the ML
<cbaines>Great, thanks :)
<davexunit>has anyone noticed that the build for the new guix snapshot fails?
<davexunit>build times out during test suite
<davexunit>(throwing this out here despite doing no due diligence to see if it has been reported/fixed already.)
<cbaines>It was just under discussion, I believe Ludo is investigating
<davexunit>my computers spent most of the weekend compiling tons of stuff, one computer spent most of a day compiling webkitgtk.
<davexunit>only 1 computer was able to complete a system upgrade.
<davexunit>cbaines: okay, cool.
<davexunit>luckily, I did have one success over the weekend which was getting OpenGL 3.3 support working for my GPU, which allowed me to run the Dolphin gamecube/wii emulator.
<davexunit>I'll be sending a patch for Dolphin sometime soon. ran out of time.
<civodul>davexunit: yeah the rebuilding situation is terrible, due to lacking disk space and thus not building anything currently
<civodul>which seriously annoys me
<davexunit>civodul: ah, that explains it. well, I saw the news about the new hydra server, so it seems we won't have to be in this situation much longer.
<davexunit>which is very exciting.
<civodul>well it's not that simple either, because we won't change the front-end overnight
<davexunit>but having the hardware is a big step in the right direction ;)
<civodul>it's just not what's going to help today ;-)
<davexunit>'s poor performance is the single biggest usability issue with guix, I think.
<davexunit>I've had to use --fallback a lot lately
<civodul>yes, but that's another issue
<civodul>this is mostly due to (1) non-reproducible Guile builds, and sometimes (2) lack of disk space on
<davexunit>I guess that's the mirror, yeah.
<civodul>i'm glad janneke is working on (1)
<davexunit>yes, that is very good news.
<kmicu>ACTION checks vs (╯︵╰,)
<civodul>kmicu: is more informative :-)
<cbaines>I don't think the machine page for hydra.gnu actually means anything
<civodul>not it doesn't
<kmicu>So there is no status page to check like ? If has out–of–disk–space issue then the whole build farm is dead?
<civodul>kmicu: yes, must be able to store everything
<civodul>obviously not great design, but that's where we are today
<civodul> has the same issue, but it periodically copies results over to an Amazon server or something
<kmicu>Where is the error about disk space issue? The log on is from 2016-03-08.
<civodul>kmicu: there's no error: we preventively turned off evaluations and builds
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<jmd>Evenin' all!
<efraim>looks like our mariadb might be vulnerable to cve-2016-6664
<jmd>better patch it then.
<Petter>Eh, maybe I'm not seeing what's right in front of me, but how do you install python2?
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<jmd>Petter: The default answer would be "guix package --install=python2"
<jmd>but presumably you have tried that.
<Petter>It says "unknown package".
<jmd>Ahh that's because it's called "python-2"
<Petter>Indeed. How did you figure this out?
<jmd>I looked in python.scm
<Petter>Ah. Sneaky.
<Petter>I was looking at this for clues: guix package -s python | grep '^name: python'
<roptat>I'm trying to build geiser from current master, but the downloaded file doesn't have the expected hash
<jmd>roptat: What do you mean? Does guix build geiser not work?
<wingo>holy rebuilds batman
<bavier>hydra builds have been disabled due to disk space issues
<davexunit>wingo: yeah... discovered this over the weekend.
<davexunit>both of my computers spent the majority of the weekend compilign
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<davexunit>webkitgtk... never want to compile again
<wingo>that used to be my job lol
<davexunit>how often did you need to build from scratch?
<davexunit>I don't know how many hours it took but it was a loooong time
<davexunit>same with compiling linux. I didn't realize linux was such a monster.
<wingo>when i was working on javascriptcore? all the time
<davexunit>that must have been a hoot
<wingo>change a javascript impl header, rebuild the browser :P
<roptat>jmd: output path `/gnu/store/a3zcv0b3x8gpvw5in2l1awncp7bjx9pm-geiser-0.9.tar.gz' should have sha256hash `1n772ysl1dmn0vy3gk230ymyjm14h93zw99y6h2rqp1ixy7v43dm', instead has `0phz9d8wjk4p13vqannv0003fwh8qqrp0gfzcs2hgq1mrmv1srss'
<jmd>I guess it must have got corrupted in your store somehow.
<roptat>it downloads from, which redirects to different mirrors. They all give the same wrong hash
<wingo>could be the package was uploaded with the wrong hash, or it could be the package was updated in place
<wingo>uploaded with the wrong hash to guix i mean
<efraim>it might've been updated in place, updated in guix on oct 7th, date on savannah is oct 24th
<efraim>file says /gnu/store/a3zcv0b3x8gpvw5in2l1awncp7bjx9pm-geiser-0.9.tar.gz is from oct 6th
<wingo>bad jao :)
<alezost>indeed, it looks like he did it after this: <>
<alezost>btw fedeinthemix in that conversation is Federico
<forgetful>Evening everybody, I have a question: while defining a package dependency, how do I specify a specific version of it (e.g.: (inputs `(("ghc-text" ,ghc-text@x.y.z)? Can anybody help me please?
<bavier>forgetful: a scheme package variable is tied to a specific version already
<bavier>forgetful: if you need a version other than what ghc-text is currently at, you'll need to declare another variable with the desired version.
<forgetful>how do I do it?
<bavier>forgetful: it may also be helpful to include a comment stating the acceptable versions
<forgetful>is this a definition of a variable? (define-public ghc-pipes
<bavier>forgetful: yes
<bavier>forgetful: see e.g. the definition of ghc-transformers-
<forgetful>so I should include the version in my package name?
<bavier>forgetful: according to
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<forgetful>bavier: many thanks!
<bavier>forgetful: yw
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