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<marusich>Also, without NetworkManager in GNOME3, I wonder: is it possible to configure a proxy for Epiphany to use? Epiphany's help says "You can use a proxy server for browsing the web. To use a web proxy when browsing, you need to set it up in the GNOME Network settings panel." However, when I try to open GNOME's "All Settings > Network" panel, an error pops up saying "NetworkManager needs to be running." I was hoping to configure Epiphany to use TOR
<marusich>as a SOCKS proxy.
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<Apteryx>Typo in manual, section 8.5: "could could" -> which could could
<Apteryx>potentially break
<Apteryx>Also, in section 7.5, "Package Modules", there is a note (2) which says: "Note that the file name and module name must match". I'm not sure this is really required, as the example i'm working with (udisks from freedesktop.scm) doesn't respect this?
<Apteryx>Ooh. *Module* name. Nevermind my last message ;)
<Apteryx>I do not quite understand how the #:disallowed-references argument work.
<Apteryx>I should probably dive into the sources, but since i'm no Scheme hacker (yet), I'm trying to stay at the API level for now.
<Apteryx>Also, not sure how people iteratively tests their packages efficiently, I haven't figured out how just yet. It seems that whenever I do "guix build mypackage" it doesn't use the latest changes from my package definition.
<marusich>Apteryx, you should feel free to submit a patch to guix-devel@ to fix typos etc. in the manual. They're small but still important, so anything you can do to help improve it is useful.
<Apteryx>marusich: OK
<Apteryx>marusich: Regarding IceCat, I guess you are talking about the JavaScript blocking that the LibreJS plugin does? If so, I found out that pressing the "Whitelist all scripts on this page" button doesn't usually completely enable all the javascript on the page, as it only enables the javascript blocked so far, which once unblocked might load more unfree javascript which gets blocked... So it's an ever ending
<Apteryx>clicking on the "Whitelist all scripts on this page". If you really need to use such problematic websites, you don't have much other choice that to whitelist its domain in LibreJS' preferences.
<Apteryx>*than to
<Apteryx>marusich: Regarding patches... Is everything Guix/GuixSD related contained within the same Git repo?
<reepca> Apteryx: check the doc/ folder in the top level of the repository, I assume that's where the manual is. Presumably a patch would just be submitted for one of those files.
<Apteryx>reepca: thanks!
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<rekado>I started the build of GCJ on Thursday, now it’s finally running the tests.
<rekado>ugh, same four tests failing as last time :(
<rekado>four days of build time makes for a very slow development cycle
<efraim>wow thats a long time
<efraim>i tried scaleway, since they have armv7 VPSes, but their machines don't have NEON so they're unsupported by guix
<rekado>the problem is that while this is a virtual machine on a powerful x86_64 workstation, there’s no KVM support for ARM.
<rekado>also, the emulation doesn’t do more than 4 cores and 4GB RAM.
<efraim>jasper 1.900.21 fails 2/4 tests, not pushing it for now
<efraim>and I think my 'symbol redirection support' failure in glibc is really the grep/egrep/grep -E failure that i worked around but didn't fix
<fredmanglis>Hi there. I'm new at guix, and I'm trying to define a package for the ruby gem Mechanize
<fredmanglis>I have succeeded in writing a definition file and installing it, as long as I deactivate the tests
<fredmanglis>However, when I activate the tests, some tests fail.
<fredmanglis>I want to pass the '--trace' option to rake, but I cannot seem to find information on how to specify that, in the package definition
<fredmanglis>in the arguments section. I'd appreciate any help
<fredmanglis>All I find is how to pass arguments to gem with #:gem-flags
<ng0>all googlecode occurences are fixed now, I've just sent a series of patches addressing the last 3
<ng0>oh, no
<ng0>gnu/packages/key-mon.scm:36: ""
<ng0>i'll fix that too
<ng0>ah, that's in the email efraim sent.
<ng0>I'm not sure if I should report this as a bug, so far I can just guess where the things to scroll are... but ever since I installed this new system with the usual gnome awesome, I have no navigation element in scrollbars like the sidebar in icecat
<Apteryx>ng0: You're not alone, and yes, I do think this is a regression (to not see the scrollbar by default in IceCat after it was updated to build with GTK3).
<ng0>it's not icecat alone
<ng0>well the scrollbar is there
<Apteryx>Any scrollbar widget?
<ng0>but the element to move around is invisible
<Apteryx>Yes. That what I meant by the "scrollbar is invisible". Just seeing the scrollbar's background is not exactly useful.
<ng0>well you can still scroll
<Apteryx>At least.
<Apteryx>I'm sure it's fixable through some GTK3 css theming, but I'd rather have usable defaults :)
<Apteryx>ng0: By the way, would you happen to have a good recipe for: [start loop] 1) Edit package definition. 2) Build it to test. [loop]
<Apteryx>I mean, for the process of doing 1) and 2) while figuring out a package declaration (scm file).
<Apteryx>Many times.
<ng0>i don't really know
<Apteryx>Is this something that you tried before (building a custom/new package) ?
<Apteryx>by building I mean editing declaration and then building or installing the modified/new package to try it
<ng0>I generally just copy something I wrote before (kind of a blueprint) and then go ahead while I change things and add inputs etc
<Apteryx>ng0: OK. So far so good. And when you're done how do you test it?
<ng0>assuming I have already run my.guixbuildworld in the git: make; ./pre-inst-env guix build $package-name
<Apteryx>OK! Do you have any pointer to this "pre-inst-env" command. Maybe that's the key that I'm missing.
<ng0>this is what gets created when you "setup" the git checkout for the first time
<Apteryx>OK! I guess the "guix build $package-name" then happens in this "pre-inst-env (environment)", so that it doesn't clutters your profile?
<rekado> isn’t that a common GTK3 thing to have slim scroll bars?
<ng0>rekado: the scroll item would be visible
<rekado>Apteryx: “pre-inst-env” is just a wrapper script that sets up a couple of environment variables.
<Apteryx>rekado: I thought this was theme controlled.
<rekado>Apteryx: you use it to ensure that the Guix modules from the current directory of the git clone are used.
<rekado>ng0: what is a “scroll item”?
<ng0>this item which moves around in the scroll bar as you go up and down
<Apteryx>rekado: OK.
<rekado>it’s visible in my icecat.
<rekado>it’s very slim but get’s larger when hovering over it.
<ng0>which WM/DM do you use?
<ng0>hm, okay that involves a bit more than my awesome
<Apteryx>ng0: Emacs is using GTK3 too, rigt?
<ng0>there I have the scroll bar filling thing
<Apteryx>And there the scrollbars are displayed correctly.
<Apteryx>So it might be something particular to IceCat.
<rekado>civodul: to fix mod-host and ardour we need to build fftwf with “--enable-threads”, which will cause a rebuild of about 330 packages. Should I leave this until after merging core-updates?
<efraim>it does fall into that 300-1200 range
<efraim>what is the point of if it doesn't match the shipped tarball?
<efraim>they list several libraries as bundled with qtsvg, none of which are in our tarball
<ng0>maybe "make dist" throws them out?
<Digit>i really like all the talks @ even the ones where i cant make out what's happening on the terminal screen. anyone got more planned, coming up?
<rekado>Digit: more coming up at FOSDEM 2017
<Digit>sweet. :) nothing to keep me going until then? not even a little screen recording talking through daily use of guix? :)
<ng0>idk.. in the end it's just another system, what do you need more information for?
<Digit>it's just better than watching tv
<rekado>Digit: I’m glad you find the talks entertaining :)
<rekado>Digit: another thing that’s better than watching TV is to try to package things for Guix.
<ng0>just don't get lost in packaging.. it's a nice way to learn some parts of guile though
<efraim>What was that conference ludo went to in Japan? I watched some of those with my kids
<rekado>watching it right now
<civodul>efraim: with your kids?!
<civodul>poor kids ;-)
<civodul>rekado: yes maybe leave it for after merge, unless lfam disagrees?
<rekado>no hurry; I’d rather not delay the merge.
<paroneayea>ACTION finds out https stuff isn't so great working in all scenarios after all...
<paroneayea>oh I guess that was meant for #guile
<paroneayea>the other #gui* channel :)
<efraim>civodul: we started with the strace one. It's not too hard to get overly excited about strace magic and being a wizard :)
<efraim>qtimageformats bundles a couple of libraries, but doesn't actually use them based on the default .pro files
<jmd>Is this inpromptu meeting in Berlin still happening?
<ng0>i think so
<ng0>i'm not sure about attending reproducible builds meeting, but i have a voucher for flixbus i can still use for exactly whta berlin and back again costs
<jmd>ng0: DB have just announced a 19EUR city-city special covering those dates.
<ng0>do you have a link?
<ng0>when icecat crashes: trying to save a pdf file or any file via "save page as..."
<ng0>that's an instant-crash for me
<ng0>i'll look into it later, the only point in favor for trains is if I travel first class and have enough room for my legs, otherwise ~500 km bus or train is not that much of a difference for me
<jmd>Unless the train is very full, there is always enough leg room.
<jmd>and the only difference between first and normal class, is that in first class you get a member of staff coming every 5 mins asking if you want anything.
<ng0>you have power outlets.
<ng0>in normal class that's more difficult
<jmd>In an ICE I've never found a seat where there is not a power point.
<ng0>ah, ok. i don#t travel ice that much
<jmd>Sometimes it's hidden under the seat or in the armrest. You have to lie on the floor to see it.)
<Apteryx>Is there anything special to do to get support to debug Guix package definitions in Geiser, using GuixSD?
<Apteryx>Hi, lfam!
<lfam>Oh, the system generation switching patches landed! Awesome!
<lfam>And the bug fix for libreboot users. Very good :)
<ng0>i no longer have to be afraid to reconfigure :D
<Apteryx>I find it strange that when I compile my buffer, no errors are reported... but if I "eval" it, I get "undefined" errors. Geiser doesn't bring any of those to my attention in a debug buffer or such.
<Apteryx>Am I doing something wrong? (Emacs with Geiser, REPL started with C-c C-z, running Guile).
<alezost>Apteryx: you do it right but you have to use the package module before you can work with it (I mean to avoid those "undefined" things)
<Apteryx>alezost: Even if the file I'm working with is already supposed to load it? (#:use-module (guix packages))
<alezost>Apteryx: did you ",use" the file you are working with?
<alezost>oh, you compiled it with "C-c C-k", right?
<Apteryx>alezost: I had not
<Apteryx>I had not used ",use" on my file. I just tried it, and it printed a couple debug errors, but it's very cryptic.
<Apteryx>alezost: I tried both C-c C-k to compile the file (it only prints "Done."), and also "C-c C-b" to evaluate the buffer. This ones return => Undefined
<alezost>Apteryx: when I work with some module, I just do "C-c . u" to use it
<alezost>but "C-c C-k" should also work
<alezost>I've just checked and it works for me. What file are you working with?
<Apteryx>alezost: I've copied the definition of 'udisks' into ~/guix-stuff/my-packages/my-udisks.scm, and added the necessary use-module definitions.
<Apteryx>I've also set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=~/guix-stuff
<alezost>ok, so if you eval ",use(my-packages my-udisks)" in the REPL, do you have any errors?
<Apteryx>Hmm, I get "ERROR: no code for module (my-packages my-udisks)"
<Apteryx>Looks like it's not seeing it.
<alezost>do you have "(define-module (my-packages my-udisks)...)" there?
<Apteryx>(define-module (my-packages my-udisks)
<alezost>hm, make sure that "~" is expanded in GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<Apteryx>This is at the beggining of my "my-udisks.scm" file which is under ~/guix-stuff/my-packages
<alezost>I mean it should be /home/you/guix-stuff
<Apteryx>If I use the shell it sees it
<alezost>look at the value of GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH with "M-x getenv"
<Apteryx>nevermind my last message, it doesn't (it did at some point ;)
<Apteryx>No match! I'll redefine it. Should I use "M-x setenv", or the usual Bash form in the Emacs's *shell* buffer is good enough?
<alezost>setting it in *shell* will take effect just for this shell buffer and this shell session. For the whole emacs (thus for all shells, geisers and whatever), use "setenv" command.
<alezost>But don't you set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH in your .bash_profile?
<Apteryx>alezost: No, I don't set it in my .bash_profile (but that's a good idea).
<Apteryx>That's what it looks like right now:
<Apteryx>Maybe the "name" entry of the package is what is being used, instead of the Scheme defined symbol (udisks vs my-udisks)?
<Apteryx>alezost: OK, I got it to work. GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH must be defined (it wasn't previously, although I thought it was), and then I had to first compile my file before I could "use" it.
<Apteryx>Still no error reporting though :(
<alezost>sorry, I didn't get it: do you have errors now or not?
<Apteryx>This now goes through ",use(my-packages my-udisks)" with no apparent error.
<Apteryx>But if I "C-c C-b" (eval the buffer), I still see "=> Undefined"
<alezost>I think this is expected because (define-public ...) returns unspecified value when you evaluate it
<alezost>btw you don't have to evaluate the buffer after you "use" or "compile" it
<alezost>is it "=> Undefined" or "=> #<unspecified>"?
<Apteryx>alezost: Sorry, you are right, it is: "=> #<unspecified>"
<alezost>then this is exactly what it should be
<Apteryx>I can manually switch to a buffer "*Geiser dbg*" and see text there.
<Apteryx>alezost: Could you please elaborate on "this is exactly what it should be"?
<alezost>well, if you evaluate (list 1 2), you'll get (1 2), but if you try to evaluate "(define v 0)" you'll get this #<unspecified> value because 'define' does not return anything useful
<alezost>the last expression in you file is (define-public my-udisks ...) and when you evaluate it, you get the same unspecified value
<alezost>does that make sense?
<Apteryx>alezost: OK! That's good! Thanks for the explanation. Shouldn't I get errors when I'm missing #:use-module declarations?
<Apteryx>I purposefully commented all my "#:use-module" lines, and ran C-c C-k, or C-c C-b. Compilation doesn't report anything, eval returns same "unspecified".
<alezost>Apteryx: I have just commented only "#:use-module (guix packages)" line in your file and ran C-c C-k and I got an error "Unbound variable: package"
<alezost>did you restart the repl before that?
<alezost>if not, then you already have all the modules, so you didn't have any error
<Apteryx>alezost: Oh, that would explain it.
<Apteryx>Let me try from a fresh REPL :)
<Apteryx>Is there a way to list loaded modules in the REPL?
<alezost>also running "C-c C-b" after "C-c C-k" is useless, the module is already loaded. Actually I never use "C-c C-k", I always use "C-c . u" instead
<alezost>Apteryx: just run ",use" in the repl
<Apteryx>Nice, I could reproduce the "Unbound variable: package" after I killed every Guile REPL instances and did C-c C-z, C-c C-k.
<Apteryx>C-c . u == ,use ?
<Apteryx>(on the module the current buffer contains?)
<Apteryx>alezost: Thanks a lot for your time! That was enlightning.
<alezost>no problem, glad to help :-)
<civodul>jmd: will you be there?
<Apteryx>Hmm... Still getting the "guix build: error: my-udisks: unknown package" in my *shell* buffer. "M-x getenv RET GUIX_PYTHON_PATH" reveals "/home/maxim/guix-stuff" which is OK. (my-udisks is defined under /home/maxim/guix-stuff/my-packages/my-udisks.scm).
<alezost>Apteryx: when you build a package, you call it by name, but you didn't change the name of your variant (it's still "udisks")
<alezost>if you don't want to change the name, you can build your package like this: guix build -e '(@ (my-packages my-udisks) my-udisks)'
<Apteryx>alezost: Thanks again!
<civodul>jmd: does (gnu services nfs) have everything that's needed to export directories over NFS?
<civodul>or to mount them?
<civodul>i'm not sure how to use the services that are there
<Apteryx>When a package has multiple outputs (out, doc), is it normal that doing a "guix build" on that pacakges builds every output? The "doc" for the package under study (udisks) is not supposed to be part of the default output, FWIU.
<rekado>Apteryx: yes, that’s expected.
<Apteryx>rekado: Thanks. How does #:disallowed-references ("doc") work, exactly? Seems like it would be path based, maybe?
<civodul>Apteryx: see
<civodul>#:disallowed-references can list store items or outputs
<civodul>so #:disallowed-references ("doc") means that none of this package's outputs must refer to its "doc" output
<Apteryx>civodul: OK! That's clear, thanks :)