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<civodul>dejavu89: someone started working on GuixSD on ARM
<civodul>Guix itself already works on ARMv7
<civodul>i agree that it'd be nice
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<Jookia>re hunspell DICPATH usage agreementing:
<NUT>I have trisquel_source.img is it compatible with guixsd package ? if it is,how to paste it to "instaling guixsd process" , i don't want to download 3rd time all files from servers
<rekado>NUT: GuixSD is completely separate from trisquel.
<NUT>ok,so how can i download repost to "/mnt" and then install whole system from it,my lasy instalation crashed
<rekado>NUT: sorry, I don’t understand. What is “repost”?
<NUT>How to download whole source files,to my local hard drive, when i try instaling guixsd on my machine..instead to download from https
<rekado>I don’t think this works.
<NUT>because my last instalation broke and i have to download whole files again,how to protect from it,and download only once
<rekado>BTW you don’t have to build everything from source
<rekado>we offer binary substitutes
<rekado>could you tell us how the installation failed?
<NUT>I download usb-instalation(32bit)...set all thinks with instructions...start installing...then waiting 16h to all complete....when i look at my's sed that is some errors during i get made and shutdown i download again files...and hope,that this time will be all good
<rekado>did it compile anything from source?
<rekado>because that usually indicates a problem
<rekado>16h is a long time and it’s not supposed to take that long for a base system
<NUT>have slow pc core duo
<rekado>me too
<NUT>all tests make so many time
<rekado>we also suggest to use a simple system configuration for the initial installation
<rekado>there shouldn’t be any tests
<rekado>this only happens when things are built from source
<rekado>and that will take a very long time
<NUT>i se test making 1/254 mayby and when i go back it say 253/254 don't remeber actual numbers
<rekado>instead of building from source it should download pre-built binaries from hydra
<NUT>so i must change "config.scm" right ?
<rekado>(our build farm)
<rekado>not necessarily, but I suggest using a simple config.scm for the initial installation
<rekado>once GuixSD is installed things you can deal with errors much more easily
<NUT>hmmmm instalation complete...hmmm
<NUT>that was quick
<NUT>i don't know why it's not run tests
<NUT>anyway thanks
<rekado>ACTION has to go now
<htgoebel1>In a build phase how can I easiest do a "mv balala/* ."? find-file is recursive :-(
<htgoebel1>some kind of simple "glob" would be usefull
<df_>getting a strange error from guix pull
<df_>ERROR: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: #{\\x0;\\x0;\\x0;\\x0;\\x0;\\x0; ... (followed by lots more zeroes)
<paroneayea>recovered my system
<paroneayea>new hard drive and everything. Thank goodness for backups.
<paroneayea>I think I might want to update my bios install. I'm on an old libreboot install, one of the ones that still has the hardware clock bug
<paroneayea>it turns out, that made installing guix really hard.
<paroneayea>a bunch of things wouldn't compile! I had to install the most minimal system that was substitutes only, install the old 4.1 version, and then install the rest of the system
<paroneayea>I guess I could have made a custom usb stick with linux-libre-4.1 on it, but I was already pretty frazzled
<paroneayea>anyway, things are back up again. Yay!
<Petter>ACTION sprinkles dust of longevity on paroneayea's new hard drive.
<Petter>I'm glad you were able to recover.
<civodul>oh indeed
<civodul>ACTION gets occasional kernel messages suggesting that their SSD is not a very good shape
<civodul>maybe i shouldn't wait for too long...
<Petter>I should update Libreboot as well, though I'm a bit afraid I'll brick my computer or something.
<rekado>paroneayea: I also have a system affected by this bug. Before compiling I’d just set the date manually as root.
<paroneayea>rekado: yeah I guess I coudl have done that :)
<paroneayea>btw do you know you can use the linux-libre-4.1 kernel?
<rekado>I’m using it.
<paroneayea>Petter: thanks for the longevity dust! And I have the same fear of updating.
<rekado>but it still has this issue once in a while after a cold boot
<rekado>I haven’t upgraded Libreboot yet because I hear that my chipset is affected by a regression that breaks suspend.
<paroneayea>rekado: I guess I would have that same regression probably!
<paroneayea>I'm also on an x200.
<civodul>wingo: i'd like to apply the cups-filter patch to core-updates now, so that we group big rebuilds
<civodul>wingo: fine with you?
<htgoebel1>ACTION sees a light at the end of the tunnel called "new python-build-system".
<amz3`>civodul: regarding, git bindings, silly question, what should be the license? as a reminder you started with GPLv3+
<civodul>amz3`: that would be my preference, but we can discuss (davexunit had a different preference :-))
<amz3`>tbh I don't have any preference
<amz3`>at least regarding this software
<amz3`>also right now the code is at
<amz3`>we should move this somewhere else at some point
<df_>any ideas about this error?
<jmd>How can I find out which substitution servers I have currently got configured?
<civodul>df_: aren't you mixing Guile 2.0 and 2.2?
<civodul>jmd: "ps aux| grep guix-daemon" :-)
<jmd>Is there a more elegent way?
<df_>civodul: not intentially... I did have 2.2 installed at one point but I removed it because it was causing issues
<civodul>jmd: not really
<df_>and I *think* that was only in my user profile
<civodul>df_: it looks like you still have .go files from 2.2
<df_>where will they be?
<civodul>maybe i'm mistaken because it's the derivation that builds Guix that's failing, apparently
<civodul>is this reproducible?
<df_>in the sense that it happens whenever I run guix pull as root or normal user on this system, yes
<civodul>bah :-/
<civodul>i have to go afk for a while
<civodul>maybe you can report it to bug-guix with as many relevant details as possible
<ng0>so shepherd is really the most weird init/service system I have written services for. started fixing the gnunet service.. thing writes to /.config/ now, no joke.
<ng0>that's my mistake, but finding the mistake takes time
<ng0>it's a strange new world.
<rekado>ng0: what’s weird about it?
<rekado>I found it pretty straight forward.
<jmd>Well having a shepherd looking after a herd of GNUs is pretty wierd!
<ng0>too much freedom. can't handle it. that's why my first services take so long :D
<ng0>honestly, i don't know. I've set myself up to finish these 3 services and then learn more guile so I can understand more of what I did and intend to do
<ng0>It's not a difficult language, and I've already looked into it, but at the moment I feel like someone who has learned a language but doesn't get so much that the beauty poetry makes sense :)
<amz3`>ng0: you prolly should learn guile first ;)
<ng0>I am good with languages, learning while doing.. when I started with guix I had the immediate need to package the list of applications I am still throwing at you, and at the same time I had other tasks and was looking into different systems for something I am working on, so my time to learn theory was limited.
<ng0>hm.. cg is still ripping open the pavement. I wonder if 2016-11-01 is now a realistic goal for 0.10.2
<ng0>you know, I think the errors I got regarding hostlist.. that could also be because of the the fixes I need to apply and release with the next gnurl release.
<ng0>otoh it just works fine with user-gnunet. so it's probably be a qemu/protocol thing
<ng0>ah, so that is why in gentoo we ended up with setuid for the gnunet service.. is there a service using setuid in guix? at least version 0.10.1 needs this but it could be that it's fixed in HEAD. I noticed that setuid exists in guix, that's all I remember
<retroj>i booted my computer just now to a report of: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY. i have a prompt, but when i run fsck, the program is not found. what should i do?
<ng0>do you have 'which' or 'find'?
<ng0>but this should not happen in the first place.. fsck being not available.
<retroj>fsck.ext4 is there
<retroj>i have 'which' but not 'find'
<retroj>how do i find the device name for my main filesystem?
<retroj>oh, it's sda
<ng0>is this recent guixsd? if it is, i'd report this as a bug.. it should be available as fsck.
<civodul>retroj: maybe 'fsck.ext4'?
<civodul>oh right
<retroj>my laptop was accidentally cast off a desk yesterday by a friend with poor spatial awareness. i am sad.
<retroj>how do i safely reboot from this mode?
<quigonjinn>can someone manually edit the grub configuration file of a guixsd system to add a menuentry, with it being permanent after system reconfigures?
<retroj>apparently i'm at some kind of a scheme prompt in which it's possible to run some unix commands
<retroj>ACTION finds ,help all
<retroj>and.. ,quit
<retroj>fingers crossed
<retroj>crisis over - booted, stuff i care about still there, and going by fsck's report, i think the only things that were lost were parts of a few installed programs, and some other stuff that i have backed up
<civodul>retroj: cool
<civodul>i think you can type 'reboot' at the Bournish prompt, too
<retroj>it doesn't have that
<retroj>',apropos reboot' showed a procedure, but i didn't know how to call it
<rekado>I also get this prompt (because my system crashed repeatedly when playing video) and I usually just type “,q” as I have no other way to run fsck from bournish.
<civodul>apparently fsck.ext4 is available
<civodul>maybe we should make an 'fsck' symlink?
<civodul>until then, good night! :-)