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<Petter>Guess not :(
<emas>but why though
<Petter>I assume those that can answer you are not here right now.
<Petter>I would suggest trying again later, or writing an e-mail.
<emas>it's does not matter much tbh, but i thought that it will be easier to get answers from here instead of having to read reading some stupid long manuals
<emas>stupid manuals!
<Petter>Yeah, manuals are lame!
<emas>lame indeed
<ZombieChicken>So there is no way to install GuixSD onto a LUKS-encrypted partition? I can't figure out how to get GRUB to install in this VM, and it's using a drive in /dev/mapper/disk
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<pksadiq>is it safe to install guixSD 0.11 on bare metal? I wish to try it out (I don't care grub rescues, I care about data loss and bricking hardware pieces)
<phant0mas>hello everyone :-)
<rekado>Hi Guix!
<phant0mas>Hello rekado :-)
<pksadiq>OK. proceeding to install
<pksadiq>can't guix be installed on extended partitions?
<pksadik>I'm currently trying to install guixSD. By 'device' in 'file-system' does it mean something like /dev/sda3 (the device which my root dir shall reside)
<jmd>pksadik: I'm not sure that I understand your question.
<pksadik>in the installation notes I see a text "my-root". What should I replace with it?
<pksadik>Sorry, its a bit hard typing on phone. Wish I have emacs in the live guixSD boot
<jmd>Wait while I pull up the installation instructions.
<jmd>I don't think you can install GuixSD on a phone.
<pksadik>I mean, I'm using irc on phone
<jmd>So you have partitioned the disk and created a file-system and mounted it under /mnt ?
<iyzsong>pksadik: depends on the 'title' field, which can be 'label or 'device, your device field should be the label or path for the partition. See "File systems" in the manual.
<jmd>and you have copied the template config.scm into /mnt/etc/config.scm ?
<pksadik>i copied desktop.scm as said in manual
<jmd>ok. Now you have two options: 1) you can set the title field to 'label and put the label of the filesystem in the device field; OR 2) set title to 'device and put the device name in the device field.
<pksadik>k. i got it. i'm going for 2
<jmd>Note that depending on how you created the filesystem, it may or may not have a label.
<jmd>I think most people prefer option 1, because that way the system remains bootable if the device enumeration changes.
<jmd>civodul: Hi Ludo.
<jmd>pksadik: So to answer your earlier question, you can replace "my-root" with anything you like.
<jmd>(well almost anything)
<pksadik>got that. beginning installation :)
<jmd>The System Installation Instructions don't mention how much disk space is needed. I wonder what the minimum is?
<ng0>less than 12 GB I suspect
<civodul>hi jmd, hello Guix!
<jmd>We ought to gather some ballpark figures.
<civodul>"guix size $(guix system build bare-bones.tmpl)"
<civodul>but yeah, we should put figures in the manual
<janneke>jmd: my ballpark would be: twice of what you use for your debian system
<janneke>my current advice would be: use your whole disk :-)
<jmd>I've started work on a curses-based installer. So it would be good if it could suggest test for filesystem size.
<jmd>janneke: I have a machine with a 30MB disk.
<janneke>jmd: wow, I once had a machine with a 5MB disk, long ago that was *very* large
<jmd>My first machine didn't have a hard disk. just 2 floppies.
<ng0>static linking and musl / uclibc could be of help. I'm workingon uclibc-ng but this is paused for other items preference now, will pick it uo though
<ng0>but static will not be possible afaik
<ng0>barebones: total: 676.2 MiB
<iyzsong>yeah, it requires more disk space than Debian, ArchLinux, etc. and it grow fast without gc :-)
<janneke>jmd: but indeed, you'll have a challenge there...
<janneke>$ guix size linux-libre
<janneke>store item total self
<janneke>/gnu/store/dpnl9m7d7ylrrp3si6x19lwqcbgms9gz-linux-libre-4.7.3 201.6 201.6 100.0%
<janneke>total: 201.6 MiB
<jmd>iyzsong: Sadly even with a gc.
<jmd>Currently there is no way to remove old configurations.
<ng0>it will be a challenge to reduce the size for the live-system i work on
<ng0>i think 4GB is probably okay these days
<iyzsong>jmd: system generations? it can be remove manually by root, then a run of gc will free that.
<ng0>the smallest usb disks you can buy are 16 and 32GB anyway
<jmd>iyzsong: Possibly. how does one remove them manually?
<iyzsong>jmd: delete old 'system-xx-link' in /var/guix/profiles, be careful not delete the current one.
<jmd>"disks" are soon going to be found only in museams.
<jmd>iyzsong: which is the "current one" ?
<iyzsong>there is a 'system' which point to the current 'system-xxx-link'.
<janneke>iyzsong: yes, also i think current users of GuixSD will want to contribute and build quite some packages that do not have substitutes yet
<ng0>jmd: disks for a reason
<ng0>jmd: there'll be other mediums it will be used on though i think
<janneke>does anyone have a working setup of guile-wm yet?
<ng0>can someone review the new net-lib-psyc series next week, but don't do the psyced packaged. I'm testing on package and service currently and made a mistake in license etc
<ng0>everything is very low in priority for me, but everything psyced and gnunet related is important to move on with what I'm working towards
<iyzsong>janneke: agree, and I feel see so many (and growing) patches in guix-devel waiting for treating :-)
<jmd>We should use aegis for developing Guix.
<jmd>Great for managing reviews.
<ng0>if we get to the go-build-system and rust one, we can package gitlab. i ncase that drowned somehow.
<ng0>and with cargo, I can finally get to work on our projects new prototype version, and also package panopticon, a reverse engineering software which got me on this rusted mission earlier this year :)
<ng0>i think the criteria for switching was whatever we switch to it has to be packaged for guix?
<ng0>or one of them
<rekado>speaking of aegis: I think it fails to build on Hydra (at least for some architectures)
<ng0>ah, it is already there. good :)
<janneke>jmd: i prefer email
<iyzsong>um, aegis look too professional, a bit scare for me :x
<rekado>rebuilt all Haskell packages without errors. Yay
<ng0>did you take over updating ghc?
<rekado>I haven’t touched any versions.
<rekado>just removed all propagation from all packages.
<rekado>added inputs where needed.
<rekado>one thing to note: the importer should refuse to add packages to inputs that come with GHC.
<rekado>seems that bytestrings are provided by GHC already
<rekado>adding ghc-bytestrings to package inputs explicitly will lead to problems
<rekado>now that all haskell packages are clear about their inputs updating should be a little more straight-forward.
<ng0>yes, I've seen that while working on darcs. confusing.
<civodul>rekado: congrats :-)
<rekado>the hardest part is writing the git commit message…
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<civodul>i think we'll be ready to freeze core-updates
<pksadik2>ok. installation complete
<iyzsong>it boot fine?
<pksadik2>I can't umount /mnt. is there any bg process running? may I just restart?
<pksadik2>i'm still on live boot
<pksadik2>lsof shows many unionfs instances
<iyzsong>yeah, iirc, the cow-store service uses /mnt, it will be unmount by shepherd when reboot. It's safe.
<pksadik2>oops... I did herd stop cow-store, and the partition usage has now reduced by 2 GiB.
<pksadik2>will I have to install again?
<iyzsong>run the 'reboot' command, if it doesn't boot.. then install again :-
<pksadik2>hm.. booting
<pksadik2>hm.. isn't gnome session working?
<ng0>gnunet test suite could be fixed in latest commit.. I'll test either today or on sunday. I was just slow with getting a core dump, but someone else had the exact smae problem :)
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<pksadiq`>Installing GuixSD was pretty easy.
<pksadiq`>Though I ran into a few issues, mostly my mistakes.
<pksadiq`>So now, How can I get gnome-shell up and running?
<ng0>i think it was as easy as including gnome-desktop-service in your config.scm of the system and running guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm .. i think, because I'm not focused on this channel at the moment :)
<ng0> search for 'gnome' on the page
<catonano>ng0: if someone else had the exact same problem, then the Guix machinery wasn't at fault. Was it ?
<ng0>In all the time i do gnunet for gentoo, i never enabled the test suite there... i assume that the problem was not exclusive to guix ;)
<ng0>i mean.. even without any build system, building as user, this problem appeared.
<ng0>currently building the latest revision
<ng0>so far everythingf passes
<catonano>ng0: wonderful
<ng0>i'm working on a guix.scm for gnunet svn.. so that you can just use the latest svn head, included in the source.
<catonano>ng0: I hope they will include it upstream.
<ng0>I include it upstream.
<catonano>Wonderful. I can't wait for exploring Gnunet
<ng0>sometimes it's diffcult to understand when I say 'for' when it can be understood in many ways.. I work primarily as part of Secushare and GNUnet, Guix just happened as a part of a subproject I run on my own for Secushare
<ng0>damn, 1 test is still failing
<ng0>nope.. didn't fix it. back to mantis.
<ng0>catonao, 0.10.2 is now scheduled for 2016-11-01 if everything goes well.. at least the roadmap got updated to this date :)
<snape>There seems to be a bug with emacs 25 and geiser. When I do geiser-repl-import-module in a Geiser REPL, and then <TAB> to auto-complete, I get "No Geiser REPL for this buffer (try M-x run-geiser)".
<snape>have anyone seen this?
<snape>well, actually, it is not guix related, sorry for the noise :)
<pksadiq>how can I do grub-mkconfig?
<snape>guix system reconfigure <your-config.scm> does it
<pksadiq>snape: it warns me that I may be downgrading my system? my guix is working fine. I need to make grub find other installed OSs
<snape>maybe you did not run "guix pull"?
<snape>that would be why it warns you about downgrading your system
<snape>and... I don't know how to make grub find about other OSs
<adfeno>Hi all! :)
<adfeno>How are you this Saturday?
<pksadiq>snape: Hm.. I copied grub config from my old grub.cfg. Let me try if it's working.
<snape>Hi adfeno :)
<adfeno>Do any of you use Haunt to provide a website?
<adfeno>Hi snape :)
<adfeno>davexunit: Are you around?
<adfeno>Strange, I'll make a quick test.
<adfeno>ERROR: no code for module (system reader) ... when running `haunt build`.
<adfeno>Or even when simply openning `guile` and doing `(use-modules (system reader))`.
<davexunit>adfeno: hello
<adfeno>Hi davexunit :)
<davexunit>(system reader) is provided by guile-reader
<adfeno>I'll try `guix environment --pure "haunt" "which"` to see what is happening.
<ng0>dat commit message for ghc :O
<davexunit>adfeno: there's a patch of the mailing list about this issue
<davexunit>GUILE_LOAD_PATH and GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH needs to be set appropriately
<davexunit>this is a flaw in haunt's build system that I'm not sure how to fix. the binary should ensure that the dependencies are on the load path
<adfeno>Actully I'll try replacing "haunt" for "guile" instead.
<adfeno>Let's see if I can help a little
<adfeno>davexunit: I don't know how to do it, but: Can't we use wrap-program to do that?
<adfeno>As I can see, wrap-program comes from "guix build utils" module.
<adfeno>Of course, we could also set the variable to the user profile itself, but this would also probably require a change in documentation.
<OrangeShark>adfeno: are you trying to build haunt or use it?
<adfeno>OrangeShark: Using it.
<OrangeShark>`guix environment --ad-hoc haunt` is what you want then
<adfeno>OrangeShark: Yep.
<catonano>ng0: re Gnunet roadmap: ok, thanks
<ng0>what's the context?
<ng0>guix.scm could be done any minute.. i'll push an not very polished version to svn later today.
<adfeno>Hm... interesting, I can talk to you all now, but my browsers can't seem to access the Internet.
<ng0>catonano: what do you mean?
<adfeno>Oh, now it's back. :)
<catonano>I mean I didn't know that the roadmap had been updated and I acknowledge that
<ng0> <- I meant that page, get's updated constantly.
<ng0>catonano: Revision 38060 adds a very first rough undocument, with tests enabled, guix.scm to
<catonano>ng0: wow :-)
<ng0>ideally there'll be more documentation (see mediagoblin) and the ability to launch a guix-env.
<ng0>thanks to christopher webber ;)
<catonano>ng0, thanks, Christopher Webber ;-)
<catonano>what do you mean qith "see mediagoblin" ?
<ng0>source of mediagoblin.
<ng0>i had something like this in work when I ran into the hash problem.. this is now solved, just need to make my file cleaner etc
<adfeno>davexunit: I managed to set GUILE_LOAD_PATH and the _COMPILED_ counterpart in my .bashrc (because I don't feel confortable doing to in .profile yet).
<adfeno>davexunit: And it did work.
<adfeno>I just did `haunt serve` and visited the site, and it's working, but... How do I stop the server now?
<adfeno>The terninal is busy, but I can't do Ctrl +D, nor Ctrl + C.
<adfeno>I guess only sending SIGTERM through a task manager is possible for now.
<adfeno>Sounds good to me anyways, avoids accidents. :)
<catonano>ng0: ah I see
<catonano>nice ;-)
<rekado>does anyone know the status of our Python upgrade to 3.5?
<rekado>The latest version of Blender can only be built with Python 3.5 now.
<rekado>adfeno: have you tried hitting Ctrl-C twice?
<adfeno>rekado: I didn't, will try now.
<adfeno>Why does it work???
<rekado>adfeno: it’s a common problem with the web server in Guile.
<rekado>the first Ctrl-C appears to be swallowed
<rekado>I only know this because I have the same problem in my application using the Guile web server :)
<adfeno>rekado: Interesting...
<efraim>rekado: python-3.5 is in core-updates
<rekado>efraim: oh, thanks. I didn’t find it…
<rekado>oh, I looked in my outdated local branch
<adfeno>rekado: I did some research, and mostly, the interpretation of double-SIGINT (Ctrl + C twice) is application-dependent.
<adfeno>But most cases, the first one is traped by the usual trap set in the application, and if the post-trap code is really messed up, a second SIGINT exits the trap.
<adfeno>Hi again! :)
<adfeno>Found a bug on artanis.
<adfeno>In the recipe actually, not artanis itself.
<adfeno>It's already reported.
<adfeno>What's the difference between "%outputs" and "outputs"?
<rekado>adfeno: “outputs” is a regular variable that is bound in (lambda* (#:key outputs #:allow-other-keys) …)
<rekado>“%output” is special, which is indicated by the leading %
<drakonis>so it appears that all the guix non free repos might have went the way of the dodo and i can't seem to get the install image maker to work
<drakonis>something something unbound variable login-service
<ng0>image maker?
<ng0>ah, i think i remember this, some software
<drakonis>the scheme that writes the usb install binaries
<drakonis>the libre kernel doesn't function here
<drakonis>and aren't you the gentoo dev person that was talking about transitioning some gentoo things to scheme or guix?
<ng0>i'm just stuck with gentoo for package maintenance reasons, that's all.. I would like to see something like pfl in guix, probably easy doable as we already have something similar.
<ng0>actually i have pfl working here, but without portage it is much less functional
<drakonis>oh i see.
<ng0>you can query some results, but not all the files.
<ng0>which is weird.
<drakonis>i'm trying to replace the libre kernel in the install image, as it doesn't load here
<ng0>i use gentoo to build gnurl in addition to guixsd, and i maintain an overlay, though the offer in gentoo direction still stands to get conversation going to include the software in portage.. but i like the collaborative maintainance i do in the overlay
<drakonis>a overlay you say?
<ng0>if you succeed with that, do you mind sharing your results off-list or some place? I might need to consider this for the system i am working towards.
<drakonis>of course.
<ng0>youbroketheinternet-overlay, located at
<drakonis>oh i see
<drakonis>i'd actually like a alternative to guix's libre kernel, as it limits the available hardware way too much right now
<drakonis>and i run hardware too new for it
<ZombieChicken>ng0: That overlay has guix and gnunet in it for Gentoo?
<ng0>I need to build a system which is targeting the sad reality which does not take hardware freedom in respect always.. i have to think globally, on a very large scale of audience i need to reach
<drakonis>very much yes
<drakonis>i want to do that as well
<drakonis>as guix is damn fantastic
<drakonis>have a alternative to guix's freedom
<ng0>ZombieChicken: yes. although guix is functional the service needs to be fixed.
<ng0>otherwise expect 30 minutes shutdown :D
<drakonis>a opposite to what fsf's endorsed distros usually represent
<ng0>it's the worst openrc i ever wrote
<ZombieChicken>ng0: I don't shutdown my desktop.
<ng0>lynX has improved my failing package, so it's also his effort. collaborative.
<drakonis>i found a scheme that produces a linux kernel
<ng0>haven't tried nix, but we also have that now.
<drakonis>nix is the "predecessor" to guix, in a manner of speaking
<drakonis>but both still run along
<ng0>I mean, i haven't tried the ebuild.
<drakonis>and nix is different from guix in ways.
<drakonis>oh i see
<ng0>I use nixos, slowly getting into it.
<drakonis>i'm going to install nixos if i can't replace the kernel
<drakonis>but i figure that shouldn't be a hard task, as i found someone else's scheme for this
<drakonis>all it takes is some modifications
<ng0>where did you find it? github?
<drakonis>there was a git for it, but it is dead
<drakonis> here's one
<ng0>okay.. it's further down the road for me if i need to consider this at all. i have multiple options :)
<drakonis>multiple options you say?
<drakonis>mind share?
<ng0>I'm working on a live-system for a project.. there's a roadmap etc but the tl;dr is that most of it will end up in their upstreams, currently that is guix
<drakonis>i see.
<drakonis>gentoo has been lacking in that department for some time now