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<catern>hey guix, wouldn't it be cool if we eliminated setuid binaries completely from guixsd?
<ZombieCh1cken>I think some have to be. I /think/ X has to be to work, but I'm not 100% sure
<catern>no, non-root X was worked out a couple years ago
<ZombieCh1cken>Nice. I'll have to look up how to do that
<catern>I don't know how it actually works
<catern>but distros are working on it so that's good
<catern>but other things! like su, and sudo!
<catern>what are we going to use instead of sudo?
<catern>su can be replaced with ssh to localhost but sudo has much more granular permissions
<ng0>I think, I am not 100% sure as I'm following up some own bug tickets on this, that gnunet requires some. I'm not sure about this. I can only confirm when the service is finished
<ZombieCh1cken>I don't see sudo ever being replaced, nor su
<ng0>could be that it was recently solved in gnunet.
<catern>ZombieCh1cken: well, it'll have to be done if we're to eliminate all setuid binaries! we might even gain things out of it :)
<catern>ng0: I don't know what gnunet setuid stuff there is, but maybe with gnunet it would be easy enough to restructure them into a daemon/client IPC model? since gnunet is a networking application after all
<ng0>well that's a misconception, but as I said I can't give 100% certain info about this right now
<ng0>I'll update on this when I've looked at my bugtickets.
<catern>hmm, is this one of the setuid utilies? it seems kind of sketchy that it drops root while still holding raw sockets - that means I can attach to it with ptrace then steal those raw sockets for my own application. so basically, an unprivileged user has arbitrary access to raw sockets
<ng0>too late here to have this discussion. i'm off to bed soon. just wanted to give my 2cts to setuids.
<catern>no problem, thanks :)
<ng0>i think it was something like gnswhich requires/required it to fully work. search our mantis bugtracker to see recent bugs i miught've filed on this.
<ZombieCh1cken>Is there any support for cryptsetup/LUKS yet?
<efraim>AFAIK only for encrypted /home, unless you're on a libreboot machine
<df_>I'm trying to test a cmake build in guix environment --pure but it's trying to use /usr/bin/cc rather than the gcc on my path
<df_>am I missing a flag or something? I can't see anything obvious in cmake-build-system.scm to tell it the location of the c compiler
<df_>the one on my path is gcc
<df_>cmake is explicitly looking for cc
<df_>hmm I think it must have cached something somewhere, it works now
<wingo>i am still afraid of git-send-email
<wingo>it's like a wood chipper or something
<efraim>i don't use it often, but the man page helps a lot
<efraim>git send-mail --to patches-to-send/*
<efraim>and then the man pages if I need to reply to an existing thread
<efraim>well, my aarch64 board works with the armhf binaries but not with my aarch64 patches :/
<efraim>i take it back, it doesn't support the armhf binaries
<efraim>it'll download but not build them and not run them
<wingo>lol i seem to have been bit by send-email, regardless
<wingo>ACTION uses guix lint in anger for like the first time
<paroneayea>I'd really like something like
<paroneayea>M-x guix-hydra-package-status
<paroneayea>where you can see if a single package is building correctly right now
<adfeno>Hi #guix
<paroneayea>and when it started to fail..
<paroneayea>hi adfeno !
<adfeno>I think I found another mirror with broken substitute
<adfeno>Again, the download starts, so there is a substitute, but fails half-way.
<adfeno>Found valid signature for /gnu/store/b7zi0hlyal04zhgky02xsqm5xkkg0842-openldap-2.4.44; From; Downloading b7zi0h...-openldap-2.4.44 (7.5MiB installed)...; [...]
<adfeno> 1.2MiB/s 00:02 | 2.5MiB transferred; killing process 2653; guix package: error: build failed: some substitutes for the outputs of derivation `/gnu/store/546arapirn63q1gdr45sm95714c49f0z-openldap-2.4.44.drv' failed [... "try --fallback"]
<wingo>i would like to be able to export a package and all its dependencies to a tar file containing the subset of /gnu/store needed to run the file
<wingo>i am not finding that; though of course i can make a nar
<adfeno>wingo: Yes... I think one can do `guix build -S "package"` to do that, if I'm not mistaken.
<wingo>adfeno: humm, i think that does something else, right? afaiu "guix archive --export -r foo > /tmp/foo.nar" does the trick
<adfeno>Although I don't know how to make it such that the tar.gz file can still be deterministic, and I'm not sure if there are permission issues considered important when passing that file.
<wingo>i just don't know how to extract the nar
<adfeno>wingo: Indeed. guix export is way better.
<adfeno>wingo: Also, I also have the same problem;
<adfeno>No tool to extract .nar.
<adfeno>I was looking at Guix's repository, and found nothing.
<wingo>build-aux/make-binary-tarball.scm looks about right :)
<adfeno>wingo: ... interesting....
<adfeno>How to use it?
<adfeno>I wish Guix mirrors would have a mechanism to check for hash matches and automatically redirect downloaders to the file from main server if there is a hash mismatch.
<iyzsong>i think it should be (guix serialization restore-file). but I tried `guix archive --extract', which reports corrupt input..
<wingo>iyzsong: yeah i tried that too. weird
<wingo>oh well, gotta do other things
<adfeno>Well... Just use the .nar file and find free/libre software to open it. :)
<adfeno>One thng that I really like about GNU IceCat is the possibility to install GNU LibreJS :)
<wingo>i know folks don't want curl-bombs but seriously there should be a no-intervention guix installer or something
<adfeno>Must go now, do some fitwalking.
<habs>If I have an FTP directory mounted via gvfs that shows up in Nautilus and when I do "gvfs-mount -l", where can I find the actual directory of that mount?
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<roptat>I'm still having trouble with the nginx service
<roptat>when the service is not loaded and I update the system with guix system reconfigure, it loads the new service automatically
<roptat>but when the service is already running, it does not load the new definition
<davexunit>roptat: correct, because it does not know how to do that.
<roptat>I would expect that services with a different definition are reloaded
<pthreat>Can anyone tell me a little bit about the kernel, I find "cleaned up linux kernel" a little bit too simplistic
<davexunit>it's not implemented.
<davexunit>it's a fair expectation, but it requires someone to implement it.
<roptat>do you mean in nginx service, or in the configuration system?
<davexunit>the general facility is needed in shepherd, but each service may need special treatment.
<davexunit>nginx is one of them.
<roptat>ok, I'll see if I can do something
<davexunit>for now, you either need to reboot or restart the service manually
<roptat>when I only restart it, it loads the old definition
<davexunit>okay so then you need a reboot
<roptat>I need to stop it, reconfigure or reconfigure, reboot
<davexunit>stopping it sounds unnecessary
<davexunit>oh nvm
<davexunit>just confused by the way you wrote that
<roptat>sorry ^^
<davexunit>yes, you'll have to do that for now
<davexunit>it's a difficult problem to determine what should be done for any given service that is already running.
<davexunit>nginx is rather unique in that it supports zero downtime upgrades
<davexunit>which we should try to take advantage of
<roptat>where should I look to try and implement that?
<davexunit>well there's 2 parts to this
<davexunit>restart running services after a 'guix system reconfigure'
<davexunit>change shepherd to allow each service to specify custom behavior in this case
<davexunit>oh and a 3rd part: implement the custom replacement hook for the nginx service
<davexunit>you're on your own to implement it. I'd start by jumping into the source code and exploring, just like you.
<roptat>I'll try that, thanks :)
<davexunit>good luck!
<davexunit>it would be a nice feature
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<efraim> looks like femtolisp only supports x86_64 and i686
<jmd>How do I add a file to /etc/pam.d ?
<adfeno>It seems debbugs didn't receive my email message.
<adfeno>I'll wait one day to see.
<dvc>is the wip openocd package available somewhere? need it soon...
<dvc>quigonjinn: did you get anywhere with openocd yet? :)
<quigonjinn>it's building and working, but i still need to make some modifications to it. would you like me to format a patch and send it to you?
<dvc>quigonjinn: that would be awesome! thanks
<dvc>do you need my email?
<alezost>paroneayea: re "M-x guix-hydra-package-status": If I understand correctly, you want "C-u M-x guix-hydra-latest-builds", but you have to specify a full job name for this, which looks like this: "guile-2.0.12.x86_64-linux"
<alezost>also note that hydra is slow (often unresponsively slow)
<alezost>paroneayea: btw this info can also be accessed from a package info: try "M-x guix-packages-by-name emacs", and press any "Supported systems" button (like x86_64-linux)
<quigonjinn>dvc: sure. if anyone else needs it i can post it here, until it is ready for guix-devel. just give me some time to make sure it's all working because i made some recent changes.
<quigonjinn>side question. what is the correct file to put an HID-Class API library package in?
<roptat>there's something I don't understand: "(make <service> ...)" where is make defined? or is it part of scheme?
<lfam>ACTION works on updating BIND and isc-dhcp's bundled BIND
<jmd>lfam: I thought bind was pretty much up-to-date
<lfam>jmd: Security release today
<lfam>I wonder if we should use bind package directly in isc-dhcp?
<jmd>It sounds like a better idea to me.
<dvc>quigonjinn: sure, take your time - my email is
<lfam>jmd: Okay, that's for later. For now I'm just doing the smallest update that will work.
<jmd>Yep. For security updates that's best.
<lfam>Are you interested in making that patch? Or, at least, suggesting the change on guix-devel?
<jmd>I will take a look.
<lfam>ACTION pushed bind updates
<thomasd>ah, the joy of seeing "my" package build on hydra...
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<alezost>roptat: it is a part of guile (used to create objects); see (info "(guile) Instance Creation")
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<quigonjinn>how can one apply a patch on a git-fetch origin? git-checkout is downloaded under gnu/store, so it's read only.
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<lfam>I wonder what is the best way to update Bash, considering how parts of the package definition are tied into %patch-series. There are 4.4 patches yet
<lfam>I mean to say, "There are no 4.4 patches yet"
<lfam>I'm also not sure how I'm supposed to use (download-patches)
<lfam>I don't know what to pass as "store". I assume that "count" is an integer.
<lfam>I guess we could just make %patch-series an empty list and update all the version strings.